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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 16, 2019 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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you've got a dream and imagination, who dooull? pierre had a vision. he's a snowborder and he thought how cool to put together a ribbon section. he got a whole team of people together. over the course of two weeks of hard work, they start to build this course. >> that's amazing. >> wait until you see him ride. this is what it means. you'll see him pumping his legs to get the speed and power he needs to complete these jumps. >> that's h lesson. getimself familiar with track.
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they want to put together an amazing video. they can which out. >> he made about 40 different runs. string this edit together, but once the track is dialled in and he knows the track well, once the production team and the cameramen get in place and get the shots they need the video is is glorious. >> ls toreak o a allrk sh and in thetchen. he'sspecial. >> is he baking? >> he's baking a cake for one of the founders of the company b he works for. even though he goes to a professional office with that.
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>> it's a cigarette. >> i know it's funnier that way. >> does he work for an ashtray company? >> at his office, they said why don't you make a cake. it took a day to decorate and the trouble was get iting the smoke machine to work. bl it's clever. he came through. that's great work. >> can we appreciate it actually smokes. >> wow. >> he put a smoke machine in there. how does it taste? >> like cigarettes? like ash? >> kind of smokey. >>hilosophy is is that it's nice to see a pretty cake that lookshe justtarted making r the last few weeks. . >> you better get on it, sir. >> i eat them too quickly. >> if you still have
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grandparents around, make sure you spend as much time as you can with them. even though it can be a very interesting experience, as shown in this video. in partnership with mississippi. >> i brought you a few more blankets. let me know if you need anymore, sweetie. >> that's grandma. >> the world is cold, but grandma's house is a warm place to be. >> what about the restroom? >> yep, i'm stuck to this. >> i miss those. >> i don't know if we have soft toilet seats anymore. >> you're like do i have to wait until it's done deflating before i can actually go. >> then you use the restroom, but you're out of toilet paper.
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do you remember these toilet paper holders? >> toil et paper holder or bacteria collector. >> it's a decoration. >> what about the mattresses grandma seems to have had her entire life? >> my grandma had good mattresses, but she had the heating blankets. >> did she also have the creepy porcelain dolls looking at you while you're trying to sleep. >> don't forget the decorative soaps. >> are you allowed to use them or not? >> i never know. >> if you don't use them, it's so soap. >> y'all hurry up and eat it before it gets cold. >> and that makes it all worth it. >> when youcouch.
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>> that's okay, though. >> see if he turn this is into one mega downhill bike, coming up. and claire crosby is covering another cool classic. and she's playing unstoppable force. >> why we can't help falling in love with her again and again. ♪ but i can't help falling in love with you ♪ >> yes, we will watch anything you make. to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people
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mmmm air wick do you want freshness that lasts? with air wick scented oils you get fragrance for twice as long as febreze plug, so it's twice the value. so your home smells fresh, day after day, after day. switch to air wick or, let your neck make the statement. gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. hey, everyone. it's claire here. today i'm going to sing a song. >> we can't help falling in love
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with you. >> claire is just adorable. she's going to sing a presley classic. ♪ wise men say >> i'm glad i don't have any wallet here. >> she would be taking it and i'd be like okay, baby. ♪ but i can't help falling love with you ♪ >> she's playing too now. >> she's going to be an unstoppable force in music. >> move over, everybody. >> she's gr she's 6 years old heart ♪ likey the sea ♪
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>> i can't handle it. >> the clarity of her little voice. she's been practicing her little heart out learning the yuk lay lee. she does look like she's making sure she hits all the right notes. ♪ i can't help falling in love with you ♪ >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> yes, we will watch anything you make. >> bye. >> she's a maniac on two wheels. so what would happen if we gave sam pilgrim three. let's find out. they have this grocery getter
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style tricycle. hei he's going to modify it. he has a set of shocks. does a few small modifications and now he's ready to test this toing out. he finds the hugest staircase he can and this is a dream. it's working so well. i wonder if it could go on the downhill mountain bike course. >> it's working well on the force. can it jump? >> yes, it can. he can even trick it. >> it's working really well for him. he can even drift it. >> lean in a little.
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>> that was a dream. >> let's stitch the whole thing together and run the whole course. >> it works so aner one very important question. >> what is your favorite line from a movie? >> see if you can get all the film faves, next. >> that was to
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gadgets, you can head to our website. baby ballers balancing >> lightning round. what's your favorite line from a
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movie? >> i'm the king kong ain't got nothing on me. >> you guys are in good company. they sat down with 70 women ages 5 to 75 and asked them what's your favorite line from a movie. and let's see if you can get the movie the lines go to. >> that was totally wicked. >> "frozen." >> "the >> charity got one. how about this one? >> i have an army and iron man says we have a hulk. >> "nofrozen." >> "the hulk." >> "the avengers." >> home screaming right now. >> put some win dex on it.
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>> "my big fat greek wedding." >> this is where you're in good company. >> coming to america was a favorite. >> if you don't get this one, you're a terrible american. >> "terminator."ator."ator."ato" >> >> that looks on point. >> my favorite line. >> "frozen." >> thanks for joining us "right
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she videotaped herself to show


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