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tv   ABC World News Tonight with David Muir  ABC  March 16, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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4 bags for $10. the home depot. more saving. more doing. tonight. tonight. several developing stories as we come on. taking on the terrorist. the man many are calling a hero. what he did to try and stop the gunman in the new zealand mosque attacks. that suspect in court. the racist signal he gave while in handcuffs. also breaking. police say the man who gunned down that alleged mob boss is now in custody. the clue that may have helped bring in the suspect. state of emergency. some areas of the heartland seeing the worst flooding in decades. rescues and evacuations underway. highways gone, bridges collapsing. the areas still in danger. the casino shootout. an armed suspect trying to rob the bellagio when police confront him. the exchange of gunfire as
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tourists take cover. day of rage. protesters targeting a paris landmark, torching symbols of luxury. nearly 200 detained. the intensifying violence tonight. plus, the husband police are calling armed and dangerous. vanishing after his wife's murder. and new questions tonight about the death of his first wife. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin with that breaking news from new zealand and the horrific mosque shootings that left at least 50 people dead. that death toll rising tonight. the 28-year-old suspect accused in the killing spree, his face blurred by authorities. seen on camera there in christchurch courtroom. law enforcement searching his home, hunting for evidence. this, as new stories of courage and heroism emerge. and why many are now calling this man a hero tonight. people in that nation express deep grief tonight. paying tribute to victims gunned down in two houses of worship.
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the prime minister vowing that following the tragedy the country's gun laws will change. abc's will carr is there leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, harrowing new details about that hate-filled terror attack on two mosques in new zealand. abdul aziz was praying with his four sons at the linwood mosque when he heard shots crack through the air. he quickly grabbed the first thing he could find -- an electronic credit card machine. >> he got the gun out of the car, started shooting at me. >> reporter: aziz says when the suspect dropped one of his guns, he picked it up but the gun was empty. >> that shotgun i had in my hands, i threw it like an arrow at him. and it burst his window. he just swore to me and just took off. >> reporter: many crediting aziz tonight for possibly preventing more death and destruction. 36 minutes after getting the first call for help, local police arrested 28-year-old
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brenton tarrant, an australian native. authorities raiding his home over 200 miles away, using a bomb-disposal robot. tonight, he's behind bars after appearing in court. his handcuffs shackled to his waist, his face blurred under new zealand law. but his hate on full display, appearing to flash this symbol often used by white supremacists in front of the judge. >> you are brenton harrison tarrant. mr. tarrant, you are remanded without plea. >> reporter: authorities call the suspect a self-proclaimed racist with a deep hatred for immigrants. he was heavily armed with five guns, including semi-automatics, a bulletproof vest, and left ieds behind. tarrant allegedly opened fire in the al noor mosque during a packed prayer service, killing at least 41 men, women, and children in minutes, all while streaming the ghastly attack live online. authorities say the killer then drove three miles to the linwood mosque, where the killing continued.
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at least seven more worshipers were quickly slaughtered. today, one more dieing in the hospital. tonight with burials under way, this community that is unaccustomed to any violence now mourning the loss of so many, including this 3-year-old boy. >> you don't have many mass shootings in new zealand at all. >> nothing at all that i can remember. hold your loved ones close and just tell them you love them. >> and will carr joins us now from outside that first mosque that was attacked. will, investigators actively searching that area behind you. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are combing this area. going inch by inch looking for shell casings. authorities believe that the gunman targeted new zealand because it's one of the safest countries in the world. if you can pull it off here you can pull it off anywhere. >> all right, will, thank you, next to the breaking developments in a criminal investigation getting a lot of attention back home. the nypd now saying this man is
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behind the fatal shooting of an alleged mob boss. that suspect is in custody tonight. abc's kenneth moton with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, sources telling abc news the first murder of a reputed new york mob boss in more than three decades may not have been mob related. >> while we believe we have the shooter in custody for this incident, the investigation is far at this point from over. >> reporter: new york city police plan to charge anthony comello for the execution-style killing of francesco "franky boy" cali outside his staten island home this week. police say the 24-year-old and his blue truck, spotted at the scene, were tracked down in brick, new jersey. >> confirmed, male shot. >> reporter: source says nypd investigators believe the suspect had been dating a female relative of cali's when the reputed boss of the gambino family told him to stop seeing her. >> we are well aware of mr. cali's past. that will be a part of this investigation as we determine what was the motive for the incident.
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>> reporter: police say the shooter slammed into cali's parked suv while he was home. the two men, seen talking on grainy surveillance video, even shaking hands before the gunman opened fire. nypd detectives say they got a big break, discovering a fingerprint on cali's bloodstained vehicle. despite the new development, police are still concerned about potential retaliation. >> the prevention of any future violence is at the utmost on our minds. >> reporter: nypd says the suspect is being held in new jersey for now and will be charged with murder in the coming days. tom. >> kenneth moton with those new developments in the investigation. kenneth, thank you. now to the major flood threat across the upper midwest. the worst flooding in decades in nebraska. officials declaring a state of emergency. several bridges washed out, the combination of melting snow and drenching rains turning deadly. residents on the roof there, on the eastern part of the state, lifted to safety. our sam champion tonight with the very latest. >> reporter: tonight, rescues and evacuations in the heartland. parts of nebraska, seeing the
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worst flooding in decades. >> there goes the canal bridge, right there, it just washed out. >> reporter: bridges collapsing, levees breeching, all triggered by rapid snowmelt and heavy rain while the ground is frozen or saturated. >> it really is very dangerous, it's moving fast. it's cold water. you do not want to get caught in it. >> reporter: this black hawk helicopter is dropping one-and-a-half ton sandbags to protect the city of lincoln's wells. northwest of omaha, the national guard rescuing four people from this home surrounded by water friday. while in waterloo, the elkhorn river topping 24 feet, breaking the record by more than five feet. the water claiming at least one life. two other people are missing in the state. dangerous flooding extending all the way to wisconsin. northeast of madison, first responders going door to door this week. >> it's just unbelievable. i just never expected it to be this bad. >> reporter: flooding so bad that in the small town of columbus,more than 40 people had to be rescued. >> sam joins us live on set. where is all this water going?
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>> this is such a large area of flooding. take a look at the states involved here. big area in green, from nebraska into iowa, also into wisconsin, the green shows us where the worst flooding is. many of these areas have crested. so, it's kansas city, st. louis -- all in missouri, also into illinois, those rivers will stay at floodstage while into next week. >> sam, thank you. next to that wild shootout in the vegas strip. a deadly exchange of gunfire at the landmark bellagio hotel and casino. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, police poring through surveillance and body cam video of a wild shootout outside of a busy las vegas hotel. >> they said they're on the north side of the bellagio fountains. >> reporter: the bellagio packed
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friday night when investigators say an armed man demanded money from a cashier in the poker section of the casino. the alleged thief then running out, making it to the valet area, attempting to carjack a driver who just pulled up. police were right there. >> the suspect was confronted by four metro police officers, at which time the suspect then turned, pointed a firearm at one of our officers and fired at least one round striking our officer in the chest area. >> can you start fire department rescue this way? we're going to transport an officer. >> reporter: another officer, returning fire, shooting the suspect. >> the officer and the suspect were transported to umc hospital. the officer had his bulletproof vest on which probably saved his life. >> reporter: and that officer's already back home tonight. the suspect however died at the hospital. investigators tell us they're now trying to determine whether he was connected to another casino robbery last year. tom. >> marci gonzalez, thank you. now to politics and the 2020 presidential race. a flood of democratic candidates all trying to pull ahead of the pack.
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abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri takes a look. >> reporter: tonight, a crowded field of 2020 democratic hopefuls hitting those key early primary states. beto o'rourke barnstorming in iowa, and already apologizing for a misstep that he made on day one of his much-anticipated entry into the race. >> my wife amy in el paso, texas, where she's raising -- sometimes with my help -- 12-year-old ulysses, 10-year-old molly, and their little brother henry who is 8 years old. not only will i not say that again, but i will be much more thoughtful going forward. >> reporter: the other candidates are elbowing to make headlines. two-time presidential candidate bernie sanders out campaigning in nevada after an accident in the shower left him with seven stitches on his head. his campaign making history by becoming the first staff to unionize. in new hampshire, cory booker already promising to name a woman as a running mate.
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>> if i have my way, there will be a woman on the ticket. >> reporter: and elizabeth warren calling donors who made donations of $25 or less. >> it's elizabeth warren. >> get out of town. >> reporter: after vowing to reject money from pacs and federal lobbyists. tom, all eyes are still on the last heavyweight hold-out, joe biden, who without even announcing is topping polls. sources tell abc news he's 90% there in deciding if he'll run. >> 90% is pretty close. all right, tara, thank you. next to that airline disaster in ethiopia, investigators in france examining black boxes from the boeing 737 max 8 jet that crashed on sunday killing all 157 people onboard. data from the flight's cockpit voice recorder has been downloaded and handed over to investigators. work continues tomorrow. but results not expected before monday, though, and regulators
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are grounding that boeing plane around the world for now. and the new violent clashes in paris tonight for the 18th straight weekend. protesters burning down luxury store fronts. mass arrests there. here's abc's julia macfarlane. >> reporter: smoke rising from the streets of paris once again. as the gilet jaunes, or yellow vest protests, entered their 18th consecutive weekend, the city was met with a resurgence of violence. the iconic champs-elysees seeing designer stores looted, windows smashed, kiosks set alight, and protesters being met with riot police. one of the demonstrators even taunting the cops to strike. watch as this paris resident hears the sound of tear gas being fired, before leaping back to safety inside their apartment. protesters say the movement has returned with renewed vigor because the government is holding fast against their demands, though some concessions have been made to help workers. today, 1400 police were deployed and dozens were arrested. as these demonstrations reach their 18th week, it's unclear if this movement is any closer toward its end.
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tom. >> julia macfarlane, thank you. now to the deepening political and humanitarian crisis in venezuela. we'll take you inside that country once again tonight. the extreme conditions facing so many children and their parents desperate for food, water and medicine, all in very short supply. tonight, thousands taking to the streets across venezuela. interim president juan guaido rallying in the northern city of valencia, while pro-maduro groups taking over streets in caracas. the first public sign the political struggle in the fractured country rages on. this, following days of desperation. we were there during the blackout and water crisis earlier this week. long lines of people searching for clean water. children carrying jugs. and the dangerous trips underground. there are about a hundred people
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out here, all going into this well. let me show you what this is. this is an emergency pipe, and to get clean water in venezuela you have to go down there, open that pipe up, and fill up your bucket. people wait hours just to get some clean water. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: this man furious, telling me, "look at how we are living. we are garbage, kids are dying of hunger, we are an oil rich country and look us in this hole getting water." in a town west of caracas, some got this after nearly a week without water -- black sludge that reportedly smelled like oil. the crisis so severe, for several years parents have been dropping off sick children at orphanages like this one. we were there when they received a donation of milk, though all the bottles expired the next day. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: one of the children is 6-year-old crisbeili. i asked if she had a message for the united states. she said, "yes. send water. send medicine. send anything we need."
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that 6-year-old understands the needs of her country but she's still too young to understand the politics. venezuelan president nicolas maduro is refusing any help from the united states. with the military still on his side he's showing no signs of stepping down. and there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday -- the urgent manhunt under the way. panic erupting at a mall with reports of a man with a gun, smoke seen pouring from a suspicious package. armed. dangerous. and on the run. the husband vanishing just days after his wife was killed in cold blood. tonight, new questions about the death of his first wife. and lashing out. the politician caught on live television, striking a teenager. the bizarre moment when the kid hit him with an egg. we'll see it next. bizarre moment when the kid hit him with an egg. we'll see it next. isk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis.
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police say he's armed and tonight, an urgent hunt for the man that a man police say killed his wife in cold blood. >> there is definitely a killer on the laos. >> 57-year-old, lynn keel, considered armed and dangerous. wanted for the death of diana keel found dead in a wooded area 30 miles from where she disappeared. >> she was such a sweet, sweet friend. >> lynn questioned by police that day, but later released. >> do you believe your wife is okay? >> authorities say he is believed to be driving a 1998 chevy pickup like this one. >> this is a homicide investigation, but we have a 10-year-old kid without a mother now. >> suspicion now swirling around the husband whose first wife was also found dead in their home in
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2006, a medical examiner ruling it accidental, but now they are reviewing that case. >> the two were facing marital problems and she planned to file for divorce. lynn keel now faces a charge of first degree murder. thank you when we come back, want a four-day workweek? the growing company that might offer their employees a taste. and when comes home, surprising their kids. h us. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio, the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. verzenio is the only cdk4 & 6 inhibitor approved with hormonal therapy that can be taken every day for post menopausal women with hr+, her2 negative mbc. verzenio plus an ai helped women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai.
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time now for our index and the urgent manhunt under way in los angeles tonight. in the wake of the alarming scene, panic breaking out century city mall. as reports of a man with gun. finding no evidence of a shoot. releasing these photos of a suspect who may have lit a package on fire. police say he's armed and dangerous. overseas tonight in australia, a politician lashing out. five cameras rolling. a teenager smashing an egg on that senator's head. he struck back. police released that boy without charges and are investigating the incident tonight. back here at home and
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finally tonight, "america finally tonight, america strong. valentine's day is usually about hearts. but for these two friends it's another organ and a life-saving gift. police officers stanley barsch and megan ambrose hit it off from the start. >> his heart is as big as his personality. >> megan is a warrior. >> reporter: first meeting at the police academy in 2007, megan and stanley were partners for three years at the montgomery county police department. >> our friendship has been very strong over the years both on the job and off the job. >> reporter: but stanley had quietly been dealing with a growing problem -- his polycystic kidney disease. >> your kidney gets larger and larger. the size, mine are the size of about two nfl footballs, 15-20 pounds a piece. >> reporter: when his kidney
4:28 pm
function plummeted to 13% before christmas last year, stanley knew he needed help. he turned to his loved one's for help. >> it couldn't have been more clear that this was my purpose. >> reporter: megan went in for testing to see if she could be a donor and turned out to be a 100 percent match. she kept the good news a secret from stanley, waiting until this moment to present him with a handwritten card. >> turns out that we are a perfect match not only on the job but in blood and organs too! you always had my back on the road and off. now you can have my kidney. i'm honored to be able to give you the gift of life. >> reporter: you can see that reality setting in for stanley, he would have a new chance at life. the surgery now set for this may, both stanley and megan hopeful for their futures. we thank you so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. "good morning america" and "this week" tomorrow morning. have a great evening. good night. to describe
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