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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  March 16, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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to describe this.
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especially our children and kids. when they saw the pouring of love in the community for them, they really felt part of the american fabric. >> the center is still remaining vigilant. there's extra security and
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police, but leaders here tell us oakland makes them feel safe. organizers here want to make sure everyone knows this event is going until 7:00. there's plenty of time to get going here and also mayor libby schaaf will be speaking here tonight. >> good to see the turnout thanks. a video out today shows a senator in australia getting into a scuffle with a teenager over the comment the senator made about friday's attack. the 17-year-old boy smashes an egg on frasier anning's head. anning hits the teen. you hear it before the two are pulled apart. the far right senator blames the attack on quote muslim fanatics. many are condemning the mments. conservative commentator milo is banned from entering australia. the ban comes after
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he planned to visit australia as part of a speaking tour. after his original appearance was cancelled when the protests turned violent. abc 7 news delves deeper into the new zealand mosque attack, including this story, a man who is hailed as a hero for fighting back. new developments on the first mob bus murder in new york in 30 years. the december of franky boy cali may not have been a mob hit after all. the boss of the gambino crime family was shot after someone crashed a car outside of his mansion. investigators link that shooting to anthony camello. several agencies said he had made conflicting statements. a leading theory is that calorie cold camello to stop dating one of his residents. the sacramento bee reports the suspect joseph deangelo was
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arrested in 1996 by sacramento police but later let go. deangelo was a suspect in a gas station robbery but the charges were dismissed. he was arrested last april when investigators used dna evidence to link him to a crime scene. deangelo is accused of at least 13 murders and numerous sexual assaults dating back to the 70s. a huge illegal gun stash has been found in the east bay. antioch police sent abc 7 this photo of what officers found in the bedroom of a home. detectives say the suspect was making fully automatic handguns and rifles on his own and selling them. he is on parole for robbery and was arrested on weapons charges. some coast guard families are paying it forward this weekend. several showed up to sort food. you may recall during the government shut down, the same food bank helped the families. organizers from the coast guard say it's their way of giving back. a local high school baseball
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team takes over the diamond at oracle park. that story ahead. got to help the kids. >> people are making a small sacrifice to help defeat childhood cancer and our own spencer christian came out for the cause. i'm mindy bach in oklahoma city where the warriors are getting ready to take on another western conference rival. you're going to hear from stephan curry why getting away is a good thing. low to mid-60s at the coast. low 70s
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter
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your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit happening now, a special high school baseball game is underway at san francisco's oracle park.
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the giants are hosting the game between paradise high school and corning union high school. it's free and open to the public and fans are getting a limited addition paradise strong. killed 85 people in players say it was a dream come true to play where the pros do. >> it's amazing and like never thought i would be here besides watching a game, but it's coming true now. >> the giants hope today's experience will help lift the spirits of everyone in paradise as they rebuild. in the east bay people were lose their hair in the name of charity. abc 7 news was at brave the shave fundraiser. people shaved their heads to raise money for the st. baldrick's foundation which helps children fighting cancer. we found people who came from all over to get a trim and donate. >> it's a great cause out here. we came out here with our jeep crew. we raised about $3,000 for this
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cause. and happy to be a part of it. >> that's pretty awesome. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian mc'd the event. organizers say this is the biggest fundraiser for childhood cancer raising $35 million a year. you can donate by going to the st. baldrick's web site. people today enjoyed a tradition in the san francisco that dates back to the gold rush days. green with envy, we'll have highlights of this year's st. patrick's day parade. >> i love your green, dion, i can't do that in front of the chrome screen. 70 in san jose, a beautiful afternoon, high clouds are out there. we
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happening now, people are getting their powerball tickets. tonight's jackpot stands at nearly half a billion dollars and growing. the $495 million jackpot will
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climb once final ticket sales are tallied. right now it is the 8th largest jackpot in the game's history. odds of winning, though, kind of slim. 1 in 292 million. >> is that tall? >> so sorry. san francisco turned into a sea of green today for the annual st. patrick's day parade. it's billed as the celebration on the west coast. and it featured irish dancers and a little bit of everything. there were marching bands, floats, police departments, firefighters and just part of the lineup. san francisco mayor london breed served as the grand marshal. an estimated is thousand people attended as it snaked its way down market street. this is the 168th year the parade has been held and i have been watching it growing since then. >> and hey, green with envy over the weather for the parade. >> let's check your weather. >> i see your irish eyes smiling
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you two. . good afternoon, everyone, have you enjoyed the day today? check it out, santa cruz in the mid-and upper 60s with plenty of sunshine and plenty of folks enjoying the weather there. well, we certainly have more of that to come for the next couple of days, but a current check of our numbers, very mild out there, 2there 72 santa rosa, and mid-60s in the city. we'll enjoy not only another day but how about another two days, and as we look at the sierra nevada, check it out, in the 50s right now. we will be looking at a little rain headed to the mountains the middle of the week, maybe some snow as we get towards the end of the week. so warm with a few clouds tomorrow. looking for cooler and cloudier weather on monday. actually, mild on monday. the cloudy weather with us, but the cooler weather arrives later on tuesday with some showers. live doppler 7, notice that we're looking at the clear sky, and we widen the perspective. you'll notice that the storm track pushing up and over a big
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ridge of high pressure that is maintaining this beautiful weather around the bay, so folks out on the bay enjoying it, and i think tomorrow we will peak with the temperatures. in fact, the warmest temperatures should arrive tomorrow afternoon. 72 santa rosa, 66 petaluma. 70 in livermore. numbers are warmer, 3 to 7 degrees warmer today just like we thought and as the ridge gets stronger tomorrow, the overnight lows begin to get modified as well. notice the absence of 30s as you wake up tomorrow. 46 in san francisco and oakland. 44 in vallejo, and we'll adjust a few high clouds into the mix into monday. it's still going to feel like spring. numbers above average for the afternoon. we've got more clouds on tuesday, still kind of mild. temperatures will be slipping just a little bit. look what's happening on wednesday, first day of spring and we will be looking at pring time showers. let's take a closer look at that
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system into tuesday morning, it's cloudy, tuesday night a slight chance of a shower, wednesday, scattered showers, this model wants to keep the showers on thursday. i'm going to keep it partly cloudy, and more rain looks like moving in by next weekend. this system, though, looks a little bit stronger. one on our storm impact scale but if you're betting on rainier weather, i would bet towards the end of the week. 69 in oakland, 73 in san jose. average highs, low to mid-60s for this time of year, so we are above average in the accuweather seven-day forecast. looks like another beautiful day tomorrow, and we'll look at a few more clouds wednesday, vernal equinox and we're going to look at a few afternoon showers towards the weekend. ac accuweather tracking the temperatures and showers coming back. >> finally feels like spring. >> doesn't it. >> lisa thanks. warriors in action. >> a big night for them. coming off a four win season
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like the raiders last year, they are coming for the silver and black. the silver and black parting ways with a man who protected derek's blind side. and it's game night
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now, sports from abc 7 news. the warriors tipped off a tough road trip with a big wib in -- win in houston without kevin durant. tonight they're taking on the thunder with no kd, and mindi bach is live with a preview of
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tonight's game. >> yes, when that team is struggling, you wouldn't think hitting the road to face three western conference rivals who will be in the playoffs would be a way to fix those problems, but steve kerr said a road trip is exactly what the warriors needed. he was right. we saw what happened in house ton. things -- houston. things with the warriors are clicking. >> no excuse not to have energy. when wer not playing well that's the first thing you point to. when you get on the road against teams you could face in the playoffs and the atmosphere is what they are, you got to enjoy it. >> i think, you know, winning in houston the other night got us off to a great start on the trip, and this would be a nice way to keep the momentum going tonight with a win. >> reporter: this will be the warriors only appearance in oklahoma city this year, and you can see this is like a home game for them. so many kids here to see steph curry, klay thompson, dra moymod
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green. the warriors, handed oklahoma state its worst lot in its rivalry. 15 games out of the playoffs they're mindful that needs to change tonight. reporting live from oklahoma city, mindi bach, let's go back to you anthony. after the game, join larry biel and company live from the chase center, the first ever live broadcast from inside the warriors new arena. j join larry, that tips off at 8:00. today, warriors releasing left tackle donald penn, after the raiders signed trent brown to a four year 66-million dollars contract earlier this week. he played four games last year before ending up on the injured reserve with a groin injury. he was the longest tenured player signing with the team back in 2014. penn thanked the silver and black on social media saying
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quote it was an honor to play with you. tennessee and kentucky, six minutes to go, kentucky's kelden johnson gets the hoop and the harm. cats up seven. 30 seconds to go, lamonte turner it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, kentucky fans, this is how they're feeling, blue. tennessee wins it 82-78. they're into the s.e.c. final tomorrow against auburn and in the pac 12, oregon and washington tonight at 7:30. a big night for the warriors and don't forget after the game, immediately following the action on abc 7. >> just an icy dagger from three right there. anthony, thank you. a famous
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one of the most famous giraffes has done it again. >> april gave birth to her fifth calf today. check her out. the world got to watch online as she delivered a baby boy which has yet to be named. april game a star in 2017 when more than a million people watched the arrival of her son. the animal park decided to cash in on the celebrity status. for $5 people could sign up to receive a text alert when april was in labor. hey, i mean, we're all trying to do business here. >> how do they get april to sign the release so we can all watch it. that's it for abc 7 news at
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steph curry. and the champs taking the show on the road. are the warriors still unbeaten or is the dynasty vulnerable?vu? russell westbrook and okc. two mvp candidates ready for the playoffs. >> that's kind of like normal. >> that's givenchy. ♪ ♪


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