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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 16, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news". there's so much hatred in the world and it is just increasing. let's just put that aside, try all of us to spread goodness and spread good to the humanity. >> right now it is sunday night in christchurch, new zealand. mourners have spent the weekend paying tribute to the 50 people killed in terror attacks at two mosques on friday. in the past few hours the country's prime minister gave an update on the investigation. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm di jacinda ardern gave an update. along with the 50 killed, 34 others are being treated at hospital.
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>> she said the bodies of victims are being returned to families and said the suspect would face further charges and she said two others arrested friday appear not to be connected to the attack. >> the suspect in the attacks, 28-year-old brenton tarrant mate his first court appearance. authorities say he is a self-proclaimed terrorist with a deep hatred for immigrants. one man was playing with his four sons at the second mosque when he heard shots on friday. he grabbed the first thing he could find, a credit card machine and threw it at the suspect. he says when the suspect dropped one of his guns he picked it up but it was empty. >> that shotgun i had in my hands, i draw like an arrow on him. >> authorities say tarrant was armed with five guns, including semi automatics. in her most recent press conference, the prime minister promised to discuss gun laws with lawmakers on monday. >> we cannot be deterred from the work we need to do on our
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gun laws in new zealand. they need to change regardless of what activity may or may not have happened with gun retailers. they will change. >> meantime, here in the bay area religious leaders are also making promises to show support to one another, especially the muslim community. here is "abc 7 news" reporter lus pena. >> that's right. there were several vigils held in the bay area for the muslim community. the common sentiment was not fear but a unity across different religious groups. ♪ >> in a room with muslims, christians, jewish people and more, faith and prayer united them all. >> our the people of christchurch but muslims and everyone. >> reporter: the muslim community across the world have been mourning the death of 50 people killed in a shooting at two mosques in new zealand on friday.
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>> when this happens, you think that you're alone. but when the whole congregation comes in and supports you, you feel stronger. >> we thank you you for all of you today here. >> reporter: this muslim leader in sunnyvale said the outpouring of support and love from multiple religious groups helped them to feel safe. >> hate against a certain community is unthinkable, and, you know, that's why we all came together. >> reporter: this envelope full of letters is part of that kindness. >> a lot of very supportive letters, around 35 letters we have here from the jewish and christian brothers and sisters. >> reporter: have you read them? what do they say. >> i read them. most of them, they are saying that we are with you, we are here for you. >> we're going to continue to be muslim. >> reporter: in san jose outside martin luther king's library, dozens lit candles and praised for those killed. >> the fbi stands ready to
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assist. >> reporter: the fbi in the bay area made themselves accessible for the local mosque goes. >> obviously with the threats out there it is important for us to be there to offer support and assistance and for them to know who to contact in times of need. >> reporter: another vigil is also scheduled for sunday in pleasanton and monday at santa clara university. in the newsroom. >> thank you very much. also in her latest news conference,ness's prime minister talked about the shooter's livestreaming of the attack. some of the streaming appeared on facebook. >> she said certainly i have had contact from sheryl sandberg. i have not spoken to her directly but she reached out in acknowledgement of what occurred here inness. sandberg is facebook's chief operating officer. she says the livestreaming and responsibility of tech companies to monitor contact is something she hopes to discuss directly with facebook. here at abc 7 we've looked into how the livestream of the attacks got passed social media platforms. you can watch our complete story
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on meantime, other news, chp is investigating a deadly freeway shooting near concord in contra costa bt. a silver honda crashed into a guardrail on eastbound my way 4 near the willow pass off ram. the dwriefr, a woman from antioch, was found dead in the scene and bullet holes were found on the driver's side door. the honda was towed from the scene around 10:30. the off ramp reopened a few minutes ago. detectives are searching for possible witnesses. a 40-year-old vallejo snowboarder who died has been identified. the plaser county sheriff's office said he went snowboarding by himself on monday. his body was discovered at north star resort by a ski patrol wednesday, the same day he was reported missing by his family. teams searched the mountain after finding his car still in the parking lot covered in snow. especially high snow levels created hazards for skiers and snowboarders this year.
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check it out. abc 7 hit the streets as crowds disbursed from the st. patrick's day parade earlier. jackets were off as the sunbeamed down, making all of that rain a distant memory, at least for the few days. >> abc 7 weather anchor lisa argen joins us with a look at the forecast. >> low 70s in san francisco and san jose felt like 80s, right? 72 in oakland, five to nine degrees above average. right now sitting in the 50s for most of us, except 40s at the coast. half moon bay. 49 in santa rosa. still warmer than yesterday at this hour. overnight lows not quite as cool and we will be looking at more sunshine tomorrow. a few high clouds with sun coming up at 7:17. more low 70s by 4:00, the sunsetting at 7:18. check out the first 11 days of the month. rainy. this nice break of five days will extend into about seven, eight, possibly nine, and then we will fill in the rest of the
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week with some spring-like showers. i will fill you in with my accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. you can check the conditions where you live with the "abc 7 news" app. it is free to download in the app store. you can enable push alerts so we can notify you with any hazards or warning related to the weather. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for kids who have been through a once-in-a-lifetime tragedy. >> baseball players from paradise high school where last year's campfire destroyed most of the city played a special game of baseball at oracle park. >> abc news reportereportereporr >> reporter: this is no ordinary day and no ordinary baseball game. >> number 11, tanner smith. >> reporter: the paradise high school bobcats are playing at oracle park. the campfire took their field. many of the players homes and much of their town. that's what makes this day so
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special. >> very emotional. i started to cry here today, seeing them out on the field. >> reporter: he is number 17, trevor rickson. he calls baseball his new home since moving into a hotel after the fire. >> just keeps all of us busy. it keeps us going. after school we get to go there and play baseball instead of doing nothing. >> it is a very important, like, thing for my heart because i lost a lot. >> reporter: these are survivors. even the strongest shed tears at times. >> kind of just want to go home, spend my own time on >> reporter: that's why the daunte benedetti foundation is stepping in with a bag full of cash to help them rebuild. even though paradise high school is still standing, the water is contaminated and there's a lot of damage, and that's where the foundation money comes in. it will pay for new equipment and new fields. new fields should be ready by the fall. in san francisco, lisa amin
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guligian, "abc 7 news." >> they lost the baseball game but they're winners. still ahead on "abc 7 news" at 11:00. a shootout turns deadly. the single item that kept a police officer alive. and thousands of lives are claimed each year by this silent killer. a new study by apple saying its smart watches could save those lives. thousands went all out to celebrate the luck of the irish. a look at the sights and sounds from the city's st. patrick's day parade.
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a robbery and shootout outside the bellagio casino in las vegas has turned deadly. a robbery suspect that was wounded has died. he was confronted by four officers while trying to carjack a police officer. a police officer was shot but was wearing a bullet-proof vest. >> this way, we're going to transport an officer. >> the officer had his bullet-proof vest on which probably saved his life.
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>> police did not say how much money the suspect got before he was taken down by officers. a new study by apple says its watches could potentially save lives by detecting irregular heartbeats. stanford researchers looked at pulse data collected from a 400,000 participants. those with irregular heartbeats were sent patches for further monitoring. one-third of the group turned out to have atrialatrialatrialal it had a high rate of false positives, but researchers say it could be promising for the future of health software. san francisco turned into a sea of green for the annual st. patrick's day parade. it is billed as the biggest celebration on the west coast. as you can see, it featured irish dancers and a little bit of everything. there were marching bands and floats along with police
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departments and firefighters, and that was just part of the line-up. san francisco mayor london breed served as the grand marshal. an estimated 100,000 people attended as the parade snaked its way down market street. this is the 168th year the parade has been held. in the east bay people were losing their hair today, but it was all in the name of charity. "abc 7 news" was in oakland for the 12th annual braid the shave fundraiser at ucs benioff children's hospital. it raised money for a foundation fighting children's cancer. we found people that came from all over to get a trim and to donate. >> it is a great cause out here. we came out here with our jeep crew. we raised about $3,000 for this cause, and happy to be a part of it. >> "abc 7 news" weather anchor spencer christian was there to emcee the event. organizers say it is the biggest fundraiser for childhood cancer, raising $35 million per year.
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you can donate by going to the st. baldricks website. san francisco went global last night. take a look. i had the honor of hosting the event at the historic twitter building on market street. the night featured london breed also with business leaders and diplomats who celebrated our city's diverse culture. the night market featured cuisines and products from all around the world. global sf is a nonprofit that helps international businesses invest and grow in san francisco. that guy looked like mart an yan. >> oh, yes, yan can cook. >> yes, he can. lease an argen can forecast. here is a look at the weather. >> i try. hi, everyone. we are looking at a little patchy fog forming around the bay, live doppler 7 showing you some of the clouds. we also will be looking at some of the allergy sufferers getting worse over the next couple of days because we are looking at more sunshine and more things blooming out there, but, hey, we'll take it, right? we needed the break.
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what we can expect is more sunshine in the next couple of days, although we will see increasing clouds. your sunday looks good. monday, pretty good as well. but then we are looking at a spring-like weather with slightly cooler conditions on monday. but the rain returns and we're going to get much cooler the second half of the workweek in time for the beginning of spring, which is wednesday afternoon. as we look outside, nice night out here with the clear sky for the most part, but we are going to see a few higher clouds in the atmosphere tomorrow. as we look at the satellite picture, notice these clouds going up and over a big dome of high pressure that is staying around the west coast for the next several days. that bodes pretty well for us because we do need to dry out. 57 in mountain view. 56, san jose. 47, half moon bay. rainy season certainly not over. we have springtime showers in the future. sfo right now looking at numbers in the 50s, 49 in santa rosa. it has been really nice
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everywhere with 54 right now in vacaville. 57, concord. with that fog returning, it is beginning to feel like the seasons are changing just a bit. as we get into the overnight hours, notice the absence of 30s. we're in the 40s for tomorrow morning in fremont, san jose, redwood city, with a few clouds around, but overall a mostly sunny afternoon. skipping ahead to monday, more spring like weather with temperatures in the mid 70s. lots of clouds increase by tuesday. still, though, temperatures, some of them in the 70s. a little cooler, the big cooldown comes on wednesday when the showers arrive. temperatures will drop off into the 60s. average highs this time of year, low to mid 60s. as we go a little bit closer into the forecast model, you will see as we get towards wednesday, in the afternoon a chance of showers, but it looks like as we go through thursday still looking at some unsettled weather. the cooler conditions, but it is really into the end of the week, friday, that we're looking at a more organized chance of rain.
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nothing huge, but just enough to keep the springtime showers with us. even as we begin spring, temperatures will be coming down towards normal. 75 in san jose tomorrow. 74 in sunnyvale. look at the upper 60s to low 70s from redwood city to palo alto. could be flirting once again near 70, 71 in sonoma. in the east bay tomorrow, look for upper 60s to about 71 in fremont. you head inland, we have low 70s in antioch and livermore. st. patrick's day was above average. partly cloudy for monday. for wednesday you can see showers ending on thursday. you can download the accuweather app. you could see a chance on friday and tracking more rain into next saturday. we could always use a little more rain. we are around 100% of normal. santa rosa, 128%. we are doing well, but we need to get a little more. >> yes, keep it going.
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>> yes. >> lisa, thank you very much. well, still ahead on "abc 7 news" at 11:00, san francisco firefighters coming to the rescue of a scaredy cat today. their show of support
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you know, san francisco firefighters do a lot more than just respond to fires. >> yes, you know. every once in a while they have to come to the aid of animals who get themselves into precarious positions. >> it's all right. you're all right. climb down. >> go ahead, come on down. >> oh. >> yes, they were worried the cat could get electro cuted by nearby power lines. it was a close thing. you could see they put up a ladder and did what they could to encourage the feline to come down. eventually the cat got the idea after what you saw. it climbed down the power poland
11:24 pm
ran off. >> what do you call it, a little shimmy-shimmy? >> i don't know what you call that. i have never seen that move before. >> i can watch those moves all day. >> i have been to plenty of circuses and never saw that one. time to talk sports now. >> the shimmy is back for steph curry and the warriors. what is wrong with the warriors, many were asking after they lost last weekend. they have rebounded in a big way. what they did
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. the warriors officially got their check mark. i'm talking playoffs, not twitter. the dubs punching their ticket
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to the postseason for seventh year in a row. steph full of energy at okc, going for a mid game bike ride. he became the fifth player in franchise history to score 16,000 career points, 14 for him in the first. check out the moves. pretty good defense, but he creates space, hits the step-back three. dubs up 18 at the half. frustrating night for russell westbrook. runs right into klay and earns his 16th technical foul. third quarter, thompson doing it on offense. the flash and finish up strong! throwing it down. he had 23 in the game. another big game for boogie cousins. watch this. gets bumped, blocked, stays with it, beats the shot clock. he had a dozen points, eight rebounds and six assists. steph made five threes. he hits another one here. he had a game-high 33. the warriors win it 110-88. they're officially in the playoffs. here is mindi bach with more from okc.
11:29 pm
>> reporter: most impressive in this 22-point win, all five of the warriors' starters with positive raid ratings, plus 18, plus 19, plus 22, plus 19, but the warriors say it was far from their most complete game. >> defensively it was best game in a while, but i wouldn't call it take complete game. you know, it was two wins, two goodwin good wins, but we don't look too deep into losses or wins. >> getting everybody involved in the moments where you can celebrate each other's successes, enjoy and have fun out there. that's what it is all about. i think there's a little sense of urgency, understanding the part of the season that we're entering right now. >> losing to phoenix last week at home opened our eyes a little bit, and i think the focus the last two games, the energy, the intensity was -- has been there because that's what it takes against great teams on the road. >> the warriors may not be playing the way they would like to be at this point, but they
11:30 pm
leave for san antonio knowing they're on their way to that complete game that they're looking for before the playoffs. in oklahoma city, mindi bach, abc 7 sports. >> thanks. to the ice, sharks hosting the predators. they gave up a goal a minute in the game and tied in the second. a nice pass. it is his 27th of the year. nashville respond, just 33 seconds later. the shot goes off the leg of victor arbison. later in the third, burns with a trisk pass to thornton, the easy tap-in. 2-2 after two. but in the third, with the wrap-around off the stick of heed. the predators win it 4-2. the sharks lost two straight. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. coming up in 20 minutes, the after the game crew with the first live broadcast from the chase center earlier tonight. we will check out the highlights in about 20 minutes. >> thank you. much more to come on "abc 7 news" at 11:00.
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we continue our coverage of the terror attacks in new zealand. we will visit an islamic culture center in the east bay where there's been a strong show of community support. plus, a high school finds itself as an infamous alum as college admis
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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news" good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, new zealand's prime minister jacinda
11:35 pm
ardern gave an update. 50 people were killed, 34 people treated at nearby hospitals. the suspect in the attacks, 28-year-old brenton tarrant, made his first court appearance. authorities say he is a self-proclaimed racist with a deep hatred for immigrants. also in her latest news conference she talked about the shooter's livestreaming of the attacks. some of that stream appeared on facebook. she said she has had contact from sheryl sandberg who acknowledged what happened. sandberg is facebook's chief operating officer. the islamic cultural center in oakland is mourning tonight but found a way to celebrate today and say thank you to the people opposing hate. "abc 7 news" reporter jobina fortson with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: the shootings at two mosques in christchurch, new zealand, left much of the world shaken. >> the tolerance for hate in our society today that starts, frankly, at the top cannot be
11:36 pm
shut down fast enough in my mind. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier in millbrae saturday, championed new zealand's prime minister's vow to change the country's gun laws. >> our country has got to get a reality check about how violent we are as a society. >> reporter: at this moment, sadness and a call to action can be found all over, but at the islamic cultural center of northern california you will see prayer, food, children playing. it is a celebration of the persian new year. >> people should come and enjoy this first day of our arrival of spring. a sunny day, and plenty of food. >> reporter: this is a pre-planned event that seems to be serving as a thank you celebration for oakland. this is the chairman of the board here. he says 50 bouquets of flowers and cards from strangers filled the center friday. >> but especially touched our children and kids when they saw the outpouring of love in the community for them.
11:37 pm
they really felt part of the american fabric. >> reporter: the center is still remaining vigilant. there's extra security and police, but leaders here tell us oakland makes them feel safe. mayor libby schaaf spoke at the event tonight and organizers want to make sure people are welcome at the center any time. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson. a video out today showing a senator in australia getting in a scuffle with a teenager over a comment made about friday's attack. take a look. the teenager smashes an egg on the senator's head. it was blamed on immigration policies and, quote, muslim fanatics. many are condemning the comments including australia's prime minister. "abc 7 news" goes deeper into the new zealand mosque attacks with additional content at our website and the "abc 7 news" app. a massive multi agency
11:38 pm
search for a missing marine in the sierra nevada is reduced tonight. 24-year-old marine corps first lieutenant mathis thu craft of washington set out on a solo ski and hiking trip. he planned to complete the 195-mile route on march 5thut never returned. a manhunt began on the 5 it. his vehicle was eventually found at the graze meadow camp ground above independence, california, but no sign of craft was found. the search will continue but on a smaller scale. new developments now on the first mob boss murder in new york in 30 years. the death of francesco "franky boy" cali may not have been a mob hit at all. the boss of the gambino crime family was shot wednesday after someone crashed a car outside his mansion. investigators linked the shooting to anthony camello. several agencies said he made conflicting statements, but a leading theory is that cali told him to stop dating one of his relatives. prosecutors will now be
11:39 pm
looking into the 22 recent horse deaths at a famed southern california racetrack. they will team up with the california horse racing board to look into the deaths at santa anita. the l.a. county district attorney did not say what led to his office's involvement. meantime, santa anita officials and the thoroughbred owners of california reached an agreement that could lead to the track reopening on friday. it has been closed down since march 5th. according to "the l.a. times", both sides have agreed to new rules about limiting medication for horses, but the deal still needs to be approved by the california horse racing board. a chicago-area high school finds itself with an infamous alumnus at the college admissions scandal as it unfolds. rick singer admitted to being the architect of the multi million dollar scheme that aided the rich and powerful by buying them entry into some of the nation's elite colleges. singer went to niles west high school and graduated in 1978. current students going through the college application process are finding themselves at a loss
11:40 pm
for words. >> it was just a really weird feeling. that's really hard to be described because it is not like happy or sad. it is just sort of like, what are the odds? >> i just thought it was kind of odd and ironic that he went to niles west. >> charges against you -- >> the students say singer does not represent their school and there are other alumni who have done positive things. more than a dozen colleges were named in the indictment. some coast guard families are paying it forward this weekend. several showed up at the san francisco marin food bank in san rafael to sort food. you may remember during the government shutdown the same food bank helped the families by opening its pan try and holding a food drive. organizers from the coast guard say the bank was there when they were in need and now it is their turn to give back. tonight's jackpot stands at nearly a half billion dollars. the numbers are 30, 34, 39, 5 67, and the powerball of 11.
11:41 pm
there are no jackpot winners yet, but one lucky winner has reeled in $2 million in north dakota. two more winners scored a respectable $1 million a piece in new jersey and pennsylvania. the next estimated jackpot is $550 million. that drawing is on wednesday. >> don't worry. i'll share. >> oh, how much? >> we'll negotiate that later. still ahead on "abc 7 news" at 1 1:00, a couple crashes their car into the front yard of a home but stay to hang out. the entire post-crash party caught on camera. >> and this is the warmest weekend we have had in four months, so enjoy it. waking up to sunshine and a lot of little league games with temperatures climbing through the afternoon. more 70s again than 60s. i will be back with a look
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a couple crashes their car into someone's yard in los angeles thursday night, and the uninvited guests decided to hold an impromptu party there. you have to shake your head. reporter juan fernandez shows us the owner's doorbell camera captured it all. >>reporter: a security camera captured a car crashing into a wall outside an eagle rock home. the driver hit the gas and backed up and seemed to be taking off but a short time later she was back and backing into something. back and forth, back and forth, she backed up again and hit the stairs, then ended up stuck in the yard. that's when this took an even stranger turn. ♪ >> reporter: the couple cranked up the tunes. >> and out of this world. >> reporter: then sat down for a chat. >> you don't understand, i'm above the angels. i'm above everything else. >> no, you're not. >> yes, i am. you don't understand. you don't understand because you don't listen to the word.
11:46 pm
you got to listen to the word. >> reporter: two hours later the couple was back in the car when police arrived. >> hello. >> how you doing? >> my car got stuck so we can't get out. we're ee okay, we're just stuck. i don't want to stay here. the car is stuck so we can't get out. you need me to come out? i can come out. >> reporter: things kind of went downhill for her after that. might have been the part where the homeowner says she offered to take a breathalyzer test. >> that was juan fernandes reporting. the woman was arrested on suspicion of dui. well, the bay area is going to be well-represented on abc tomorrow night. a fremont singer could be the next "american idol." here is a sneak peek at what happens when ashley hess goes before the judges. >> hold on, everybody. can we take our chairs? >> oh, my gosh. >> let's move them by the piano. >> would you do that again for us, please. ♪ my heart is is is is is is iss
11:47 pm
>> ashley auditions in front of the all-star judging panel, luke bryan, katy perry and lionel richie. "american idol" airs tomorrow night here on abc 7 and followed by "shark tank" at 10:00. stay tuned for "abc 7 news" at 11:00. >> no pressure with the three of them sitting there staring at you, right? as we head into the weekend we thought we would check out the coffee. >> it has been called san francisco's most famous drink. they serve close to 3,000 cups per day, but it is about more than just the world-famous recipe. >> what we're going to do is make ten irish coffees, first putting hot water in classes, heating it up. then i'm going to empty it out. then i put two cubes of sugarn each glass. now i put the hot coffee in, about three-quarters of the way full. i will even them out and then stir up the sugar.
11:48 pm
there we go. whiskey. finish it off with a little extra. and now i get the cream whipped up. nice layer right on top. floats beautifully. there we go. >> you can check out the rest of the video and others from abc's new brand at it is on facebook and instagram and our website, >> those are so strong. now you see why. >> oh, who told you that? >> so i heard. >> yes, that's what i thought. let's check in with lisa argen for a look at the weather. >> you know if you want to check out the coast, boy, it has been so gorgeous, why not? temperatures nice and mild. mid 60s tomorrow for you at ocean beach. half moon bay. 73 in santa cruz. stinson should be in the mid 60s. as we look at livermore for the
11:49 pm
week ahead, tomorrow in the low 70s, ten degrees above average. the warmest day of the week should be monday. then we will see the temperatures begin to trail off, but you could see showers by wednesday, the first day of spring. highs tomorrow around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s for most. 75 though in san jose. 76, morgan hill. we certainly will see temperatures once again above average, but we fast forward to midweek when we see rain offshore, pushing into the bay area, perhaps light rain on wednesday. it looks like we still will keep the chance with us thursday, and then another chance into next weekend. the accuweather seven-day forecast, enjoy the next few days of the it will keep our stretch to maybe about eight days of a break and then some light rain returning. it will feel more like spring. >> i'll take it as a lucky forecast. >> i like it. >> yes. lisa, thanks. we know the rangers will be back in the coliseum for another season but the line up is different. >> when you only have four wins, they're coming off a four-win season, you have to improve. the silver and black parting
11:50 pm
waves in front of their anchors on the line. the abc sports tea
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. welcome back. what a night for the warriors. a wire-to-wire win in oklahoma city over the thunder, clenching their seventh consecutive playoff berth. after the game we were live inside the warriors' new home for the first-ever broadcast inside the chase center. the warriors will move into the san francisco arena starting next season. on any given day, 1400 workers are busy building what promises to be a state-of-the-art arena for hoops, concerts, dining and more. our toyota after the game crew spent the evening there, hard hats and all. >> so we wrapped up the first live broadcast from the chase center, which will open august 1st, they hope, and we're
11:54 pm
still wearing the hard hats because it is safety first in he here. twitter voted you rocking the hard hat best. i'm asking a challenging question. more impressive, warriors' win over okc or what you see behind you unfolding with this incredible project? >> you know how i like defense and they were amazing, but this building is spectacular. when you think about the fact you will have brand-new building and the legacy that will be unfolding behind us, to me it is really remarkable to be in the presence of such an amazing building. >> really a testament to success that goes back to o'donnell's years and everything that's grown through oracle and give the management and players a chance to make it happen. it doesn't happen, with success, the financial windfall that has happened as a result of the championships, but the basis of this being set across the bay in oracle and coming over here.
11:55 pm
i look fofrd rward to a lot of memories still to come. here is the question, opening night next season, will they drop another championship banner? >> yes! >> let's hope so. obviously we would like to see that. >> that would be fun. i think joe lake and the entire warriors avenue staff would love to see it. larry beil, that's a wrap from the chase center. the hard hats are coming off. >> back to the studio. >> thanks, guys. pac-12 title game, nike founder phil knight watching his ducks take on the huskies. turning defense into offense. the steal and the finish. husband keys down a buck but u-dub would quack under the pressure. see what i did there? pritchard is leading the way with 20 for oregon. the ducks win, 68-40. they could be the only pac-12 season that makes the big dance. the field is announced on sunday.
11:56 pm
cal had a spring game today. running back had two touchdowns, one on the ground and a 16-yarder in the air. nice spin move. mobster with the pass. all-purpose yards. collins had 35 yards on the ground and a short touchdown run. a lot of competition to replace blair. over on defense, dange will step up and pick off newman. if it were a real game it would be an 80-yard touchdown the other way. cal's first game is on august 31st. well, the raiders making another big change today, releasing left tackle penn. this move comes after the raiders signed brown to a four-year $66 million contract earlier this wean. penn played four games last season before ending up on injured reserve with a groin injury. the 35-year-old penn was the longest tenured player on the roster, first signing with the team in 2014. he thanked the silver and black on social media, saying it was an honor to play for you. third round of "the players championship", the famous island
11:57 pm
green on 17. tiger woods, even par on the day, had a quadruple bogey yesterday on this hole, finding the water twice. today, yeah, much better here. hits it within a few feet. would tap in for the birdie. leader john rahm giving him an easy birdie on 17. check this out. 8 under par 64. he is the leader at 15 under par. one shot ahead of two other players. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. looks like the warriors are back on track. >> good to hear. anthony, thank you. >> with that, that's it for tonight. have a great night. we'll see you again in the morning.
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