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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning! it's sunday, march 17th, st. patrick's day. i'm matt keller. let's start with a quick look at your weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan. good morning, frances. >> good morning, matt. good morning, everyone. expect another gorgeous day with temperatures well above average today, but we're dealing with a few more high clouds this morning as you can see over live doppler 7 and the satellite image. in fact, limited visibility in petaluma, down to a fourth of a mile. seven miles at sfo and half moon bay, elsewhere it's clear. here's the 12-hour planner for st. patrick's day, sunrise at 7:17, temperatures in the 40s. mostly sunny and mild by lunchtime we'll be in the mid-60s in many areas and still a warm afternoon above average, so mid-70s in the inland areas, low 70s around the bay and
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mid-to-upper 60s at the coast. we'll see some increasing clouds tonight. sun sets at 7:18. and some changes with some rain in the forecast in the accuweather seven-day forecast, and that's coming up soon. matt? >> thanks, frances. developing news on the deadly mosque attack in new zealand. the death toll from the largest terror attack in the country's history is now up to 50. along with those killed, 34 others are still being treated at hospitals. prime minister jacinda aftrdern said the bodies are being returned to the families. she says others will face charges. two others arrested friday appear to not be connected to the attack. the suspect, a 28-year-old, made his first court appearance. his face is blurred due to new zealand law. authorities say he is a self-proclaimed racist with a deep hatred for immigrants. he was arrested just 36 minutes after the first call for help friday. one victim was praying at the second mosque when he heard shots and took a credit card
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machine and threw it at the suspect. he says when he picked up the shotgun, it was empty. >> the shotgun i had in my hands, i threw like an arrow on him. >> authorities say the shooter was armed with five guns, including semiautomatics. in her recent press conference, prime minister ardern promised to discuss gun laws with lawmakers on monday. >> we cannot be deterred from the work we need to do on gun laws in new zealand. they need to change, regardless of what activity may or may not have happened with gun retailers. they will change. >> here in the bay area, religious leaders are also making promises to show support to one another, especially the muslim community. there were several vigils with a common sentiment, unity from across religious groups. abc7 news reporter luz pena has more. ♪ >> reporter: in a room with muslims, christians, jewish people, and more, faith and prayer united them all. >> our condolences to not only
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the people of christchurch in new zealand, muslims and everyone. >> reporter: the muslim community across the world has been mourning the death of 50 people who were killed in a shooting at two mosques in new zealand on friday. >> when this happened, you think that you are alone, but when the congregation is coming and giving support to you, you feel stronger. >> we thank you to all of you today here. >> reporter: this muslim leader in sunnyvale said the outpouring of support and love from multiple religious groups has helped them to feel safe. >> hate against a certain community is unthinkable. and you know, that's why we all came together. >> reporter: this envelope full of letters is part of that kindness. >> a lot of very supportive letter, around 35 letters we have here from the jewish and christian brothers and sisters. >> reporter: have you read them? and what do they say? >> i read them. most of them, they are saying that we are with you, we are
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here for you. >> we're going to continue to be muslim. >> reporter: in san jose, outside of martin luther king jr.'s library, dozens of people lit candles and prayed for those who were killed. >> the fbi stands ready to assist. >> reporter: the fbi in the bay area has made themselves accessible for local mosques. >> obviously, with the threats that are out there, it's important for us to be there to offer support and assistance and for them to know who to contact in times of need. >> reporter: luz pena, abc7 news. >> there will be a remembrance today at the muslim community center east bay in pleasanton starting at 3:30 this afternoon. then at 5:30, santa clara university will hold a candlelight vigil. it will be held in the multifaith sanctuary in st. joseph's hall. also in our latest news conference, new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern talked about the shooter's live streaming of the attacks. some of the stream appeared on facebook. ardern said "certainly, i have had contact from sheryl
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sandberg. i haven't spoken to her directly, but she has reached out in acknowledgement of what happened here in new zealand." sandberg is facebook's chief operating officer. she says this is something she hopes to discuss directly with facebook. here at abc7, we've looked into how the live stream of the attacks got past social media platforms. you can watch the complete story on the chp is investigating a deadly freeway shooting near concord in contra costa county. a silver honda crashed into a guardrail on eastbound highway 4 near the willow pass road off-ramp. the driver, a woman from antioch, was found dead at the scene. bullet holes were found on the driver's side door. the silver honda was towed from the scene around 10:30 last night. detectives are searching for possible witnesses. new details about a deadly crash involving a bicyclist in san francisco. the "examiner" reports the driver who opened a car door, causing the bicyclist to swerve into traffic, will likely not face criminal charges. a truck hit and killed 30-year-old tess rothstein earlier this month. attorneys who work in the field
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do not expect prosecutors to file charges against the driver. that's because the state statute for vehicular manslaughter requires a person to be driving a vehicle. in this case, the driver was parked. that driver spoke exclusively to abc7 news. she says she has been heartbroken since the accident. a 40-year-old vallejo snowboarder who died in north lake tahoe has been identified. placer county sheriff's office said danieson crowder went snowboarding by himself on monday. his body was discovered at north star resort ski patrol on wednesday. his car was found in the parking lot covered in snow. especially high snow levels have created hazards for skiers and snowboarders this year. a once in a lifetime opportunity for kids who have been through a tragedy. baseball players from paradise high school, where last year's camp fire destroyed most of the city, played a special game of baseball at oracle park. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more on how the sport is helping them cope. >> you got it, buddy. >> reporter: this is no ordinary
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day. and no ordinary baseball game. >> number 11, tanner smith. [ applause ] >> reporter: the paradise high school bobcats are playing at oracle park. the camp fire took their field. many of the players' homes and much of their town. that's what makes this day so special. >> very emotional. i started to cry here today seeing them out on the field. >> reporter: he is number 17, trevor rickson. he calls baseball his new home since moving into a hotel after the fire. >> just keeps all of us busy and keeps us going. after school we get to go there and play baseball instead of doing nothing. >> it's a very important, like, thing for my heart, because i lost a lot. >> reporter: these are survivors. even the strongest shed tears at times. >> kind of just want to go home, spend my own time with family. >> reporter: that's why the
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dante benedetti foundation is stepping in with a bang full of cash to epp had them rebuild. even though paradise high school is still standing, the water is contaminated and there is a lot of damage, and that's where the foundation money comes in. it will pay for new equipment and new fields. new fields should be ready by the fall. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> great to see those kids out there. and we've got a lot of people who will be outside today. the weather's going to be nice. >> yeah, the weather's going to cooperate with anything you want to do outdoors today. it's even a beach day because we do have some warm temperatures, but notice the breeze picked up a little bit this morning compared to yesterday, as we look at this live shot of pier 15 and the flag blowing. we have some big changes on the way with the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're talking about much cooler temperatures and some rain. >> thanks, frances. also next, a shoot-out at the bellagio casino in las vegas turns deadly. the single item that kept a police officer alive. and thousands of lives are claimed each year by the silent killer. the new study by apple saying its smart watches could save
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those lives. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ]
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you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99. good morning. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. a nice day ahead today, but it looks like we've got more rain in the forecast. frances dinglasan will explain, coming up. new details on the golden state killer case. "the sacramento bee" reports the suspect, joseph deangelo, was arrested in 1996 by sacramento police but later let go. d'angelo was a suspect in a gas
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station robbery, but the charges against him were snised. he was arrested last april when investigators used dna evidence to link him to a crime scene. deangelo's accused of at least 13 murders and numerous sexual assaults dating back to the 1970s. a robbery and shoot-out outside of the bellagio hotel and casino in las vegas has turned deadly. a robbery suspect that was wounded after trading gunfire with police late friday night has died. police say the suspect robbed the packed casino and was confronted by four officers while trying to carjack a vehicle. a las vegas police officer was also shot but he was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> can you start fire department rescue out this way? we're going to have to transport an officer. >> the officer had his bulletproof vest on, which probably saved his life. [ sirens ] >> reporter: police did not say how much money the suspect got before he was taken down by officers. a new study by apple says its watches could potentially save lives by detecting irregular heart beats. stanford researchers looked at pulse data collected from
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400,000 participants. those with irregular heartbeats were sent electrocardiogram patches for further monitoring. one-third of the group turned out to have atrial defibrillation, a condition that kills 130,000 americans each year. the watch had a high rate of false positives, but researchers say it could be promising for the future of health software. the warriors and chase center are holding a reveal week starting tomorrow to announce the first slate of shows that will take place at the new arena. the performers will join warriors owner joe continue through the week. the venue is set to open in the fall in time for the warriors' 2019-2020 season. the bay area will be well represented on abc tonight. a fremont singer could be the next "american idol." here's a sneak peek at what happens when ashley hess goes before the judges. >> hold on, everybody. can we take our chairs? >> oh, my gosh! >> let's move them by the piano. >> would you do that again for
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us, please? ♪ my heart is drenched in wine >> pretty nice. ashley auditions in front of the all-star judging panel. "american idol" airs tonight followed by shark tank at 10:00 featuring an entrepreneur from oakland. then stay tuned for "abc7 news at 11:00." san francisco turned into a sea of green yesterday for the annual st. patrick's day parade, billed as the biggest celebration on the west coast. it featured irish dancers and a little bit of everything. there were marching bands, floats, police departments, firefighters, and that was just part of the lineup. mayor london breed was the grand marshal. an estimated 100,000 people attended as the parade snaked down market street. this is the 168th year the parade has been held. well, in the east bay, people are losing their hair, all in the name of charity.
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today the eighth annual bald rick's downtown shave-a-thon benefit will be held. yesterday abc7 news was in oakland for the 12th annual brave the shave fund-raiser at ucsf antioch children's hopital. people shaved their heads to raise money for the st. bald rick's foundation, which helps children fighting cancer. we found people came from all over to get a trim and donate. >> it's a great cause out here. we came out here with our jeep crew. we raised about $3,000 for this cause and happy to be a part of it. >> abc7's spencer christian was there to emcee the event. organizers say this is the biggest fund-raiser for childhood cancer, raising $35 million a year. you can donate by going to the st. baldrick's website. meteorologist frances dinglasan joins us now with your accuweather forecast. hi, frances. >> hi, matt. good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 and the satellite image showing high clouds moving through the bay area right now, through parts of the north bay and along the peninsula coast as well. here's a live shot as we check
6:16 am
out the exploratorium. winds are very light, about 3 miles per hour in san francisco. and temperatures have been coming down a little bit, mostly in the 40s right now. san francisco and oakland 49, san jose 46 degrees. and here's a live shot checking out this beautiful view from the east bay hills. you can see clear across the bay into san francisco, but there are some clouds developing along the coast right now. temperatures also coming down in the north bay, santa rosa and napa. currently 40 degrees. and livermore's also at 42 degrees. a pretty shot as well. it's really looking pretty gorgeous everywhere. this time we're checking out the downtown san francisco area. here's your forecast for today. it's going to be another warm day, so just gorgeous with a few high clouds moving in this afternoon. and overnight the clouds start to increase, so we will see cloudier conditions tomorrow, but temperatures will still be mild, well above average. then get ready for some spring showers midweek. i want to show you what we can expect in terms of chances of rain. so, it's looking good.
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enjoy the weekend. wednesday we see a system move in. this is going to be a light storm on our storm impact scale, ranks one. we're talking less than half of an inch for most areas. a little unsettled into thursday and friday, and then we have another system moving in late friday into saturday, and we'll keep you posted eed that. the models keep changing a bit, but for today, enjoy the gorgeous weather. temperatures well above average. highs today in the mid-to-upper 60s to low to mid-70s. san francisco 68, oakland 69, san jose 75 and plenty of sunshine and santa rosa and napa in the low 70s. if you're headed to the beach, it's still going to be pretty mild, but we'll see more clouds today. bodega bay 64, half moon bay 66. santa cruz really nice at 73. overnight lows will be mild for tomorrow morning. we'll see a lot of 50s out there in san francisco, oakland, san mateo and san jose and cooler through parts of the north bay. so, tomorrow we'll still see springlike weather. it's going to be well above average. some of our models even saying
6:18 am
san jose will be a little bit warmer, 77 tomorrow. santa rosa 75. but it does start to drop temperatures along the coast. we'll see increasing clouds on tuesday. and then wednesday is when temperatures take a tumble and we'll see cool showers move in with light rain coming through the bay area. so, here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. enjoy st. patrick's day today. it's just going to be beautiful with some high clouds this afternoon, so mostly sunny for everyone. inland areas in the mid-70s. around the bay low 70s. and at the coast, mid-to-upper 60s. so, partly cloudier tomorrow. you'll notice temperatures hover around the same as today, and then tuesday's when it gets a little bit cooler as we see increasing clouds. spring showers for wednesday, the first day of spring. it is light, less than half of an inch, but temperatures change dramatically compared to today. we could be 15 degrees cooler for inland areas. and then the showers end thursday.
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we get a break with possibly another system moving in to next weekend. >> spring arrives, we get rain and we get cold temperatures. that's how it works. >> feels more like spring today. >> right? okay, thank you. abc's new brand localish is sharing inspiring stories in a weekly digital series called "more in common." this week, meet an unlikely group of friends making beautiful together. ♪ evolution, evolution, evolution, evolution, evolution ♪ >> this is going to sound like the start of a joke, but what do an atheist and a catholic have in common? >> music that brings us together. >> and more than just music. i mean, acceptance, humor, and participation and friendship. and it doesn't matter that she's an atheist and i'm a catholic. ♪ >> i'm katie sharp and i'm an atheist. i'm also the director of this particular choir called voices of reason. >> i'm david magee. i'm a practicing roman catholic and i sing bass with this choir.
6:20 am
>> what is an atheist choir? >> we're a group of people that likes to sing interesting songs that are not necessarily religious or choral music. this is lacking in our community and that's what this choir is trying to bring. >> how do you guys feel about catholic christians or other people who are religious? >> as a choir, we accept people from all backgrounds. we do have a catholic in the group, and he sings the solo for the song. ♪ >> you're a catholic. you're surrounded by atheists and humanists in this choir. why do you do it? >> they're nice people and good singers. it's just an opportunity to sing. i love to sing.
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whit johnson joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning. coming up, new zealand in the wake of devastation. the death toll in the mosque massacre rising to 50 as authorities continue to search the scene. and what we're learning about the moments leading up to the attack. plus, gearing up for 2020. the growing lineup of democratic hopefuls this morning. and joe biden's slip-up, hinting at a presidential run. and finally, massive flooding surging through the midwest, rivers roising from mounds of melting snow and ice as families flee the waters. that's all coming up on "gma." some coast guard families are paying it forward this weekend. yesterday several showed up at
6:24 am
the san francisco marin food bank in san rafael to sort food. you may recall during the government shutdown, the same food bank helped the families by opening its pantry and holding a food drive. organizers from the coast guard say the food bank was there when they were in need, so now it's their turn to give back. san francisco went global last night at the inaugural global sf reception. abc7 news anchor dion lim hosted the event at the historic twitter building on market street. the night featured mayor london breed along with business leadsers and diplomats, celebrated the diverse culture of the city. global sf is a non-profit that helps international businesses invest and grow in san francisco. san francisco firefighters do a lot more than just respond to fires. every once in a while they have to come to the aid of animals who get themselves into precarious positions. >> it's not right. are you all right? >> oh! climb down! >> go ahead, come on down. >> this cat made it as dramatic as possible. they were worried the cat could get electrocuted by some nearby
6:25 am
power lines, and you can see they put up the ladder, did what they could to encourage the feline to come down and eventually the cat got the idea and climbed down the power pole. as soon as it got down, let's watch him. all the way down, and he took off and ran away. well, one of the most famous giraffes in the world has done it again. april gave birth to her fifth calf yesterday. the world got to watch online as she delivered a baby boy, which is yet to be named. april became a star in 2017 when more than a million people watched the arrival of her son. this time, the animal adventure park in upstate new york decided to cash in on her celebrity status. for 5 bucks, people could sign up to receive a text alerting them when april was in labor. still to come on "abc7 mornings," we continue our coverage of the terror attacks in new zealand. we visit an islamic cultural center in the east bay where there's been a strong show of community support. and it appears racing will soon resume at santa anita park following the deaths of 22 racehorses in recent weeks. we'll ha
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it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning! we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. hi, frances. >> hi, matt. good morning, everyone. another gorgeous day in store for us for st. patrick's day. great news for all the festivities going on, but there is some increasing clouds right
6:29 am
now. you can see it here with live doppler 7 and the satellite image. some high clouds moving in through parts of the north bay, even along the peninsula coast and also some limited visibility in petaluma where some fog has developed. it's down to a fourth of a mile visibility. sfo at seven miles but no flight delays. here's your 12-hour planner forest. patrick's day. sunrise at 7:17. inland temperatures cool. around the bay and coast mid-40s. but we'll all be in the 60s by lunchtime, mostly sunny. we'll see increasing clouds in the north bay, high clouds, and then increasing tonight. but it will still be a warm afternoon inland areas, mid-70s. around the bay low 70s. and at the coast, mid-to-upper 60s. we have some changes in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we're tracking two chances of rain, and i'll tell you about that coming up. >> thank you, frances. now to the latest on the deadly terror attack in new zealand. 50 people were killed. 34 others are being treated. 12 are in the icu in critical condition. authorities say the 28-year-old
6:30 am
suspect is a self-proclaimed racist with a deep hatred for immigrants. the islamic cultural center of northern california in oakland is mourning. found a way to celebrate and say thank you to the people opposing hate. abc7 news reporter jobina fortson has more. >> reporter: the shootings at two mosques in christchurch, new zealand, have left much of the world shaken. >> the tolerance for hate in our society today that starts, frankly, at the top, cannot be shut down fast enough in my mind. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier in millbrae saturday championed new zealand's prime minister's vow to change the country's gun laws. >> our country has got to get aa reality check about how violent we are as a society. >> reporter: at this moment, sadness and a call to action can be found all over, but at the islamic cultural center of northern california, you'll also see prayer, food, children playing. it's the celebration of the
6:31 am
persian new year. >> people should come and enjoy this first day, or arrival of spring, a sunny day and plenty of food. >> reporter: this is a preplanned event that also seems to be serving as a thank you celebration for oakland. the chairman of the board here says 50 bouquets of flowers and cards from strangers filled the center friday. >> but especially touch our children and kids. when they saw the pouring of love in the community for them, they really felt part of the american fabric. >> reporter: the center is still remaining vigilant. there's extra security and police, but leaders here tell us oakland makes them feel safe. mayor libby schaaf also spoke at this event. organizers here want to make sure that people are welcome at this center any time. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, abc7 news. a new video shows a senator in australia getting into a scuffle with a teenager over a comment the senator made about friday's attack. take a look. a 17-year-old boy smashed an egg
6:32 am
on fraser anning's head. anning hit the teen before the two were pulled apart. the far-right senator blames the massacre on immigration policies and, quote, muslim fanatics." many are condemning the comments, including the australian prime minister. police say the boy was arrested but hasn't been charged pending further investigation. former obama homeland security secretary jeh johnson will appear on "this week" to talk about the rise of extremism and the president's response. you can watch the full interview at 8:00 here on abc7. new developments in the presidential race. brave winds. that's the slogan for democratic senator kirsten gillibrand, who has officially announced her run for the presidency. >> our anthem asks a question, forcing every generation to make a choice. will brave win? >> will brave win? >> will brave win? >> will brave win? >> will brave win? >> let's answer for ours.
6:33 am
>> the new york senator is the 14th official democrat running for president and has been one of the most forceful critics of the trump administration. senator gillibrand's first major speech as a candidate will take place outside of the trump international hotel in new york city next sunday. for the first time since launching his presidential campaign, vermont senator bernie sanders will visit california this week. his first stop will be on friday for a rally in san diego, then one week from today, the senators will be here in san francisco for another rally. it's at 12:30 at great meadow park at ft. mason. it's free and open to the public. get there early because entrance is first come, first served. a chicago area high school finds itself with an infamous alumnus as the college admissions scandal unfolds. rick singer admitted being the architect of the multimillion dollar scheme that helped the rich and powerful buy entry into elite colleges. singer went to niles west high school and graduated in 1978. current students going through the college application process are finding themselves at a loss for words. >> it was just a really weird
6:34 am
feeling that's hard to be described, because it's not like happy or sad. it's just sort of like, what are the odds? >> i just thought it was kind of odd and ironic that he went to niles west. >> charges against you -- >> those students say singer doesn't represent their school and there are other alumni who have done positive things. more than a dozen colleges were named in the indictment. a search for 24-year-old u.s. marine corps first lieutenant matthew set out on a ski trip. he planned to complete the route on march 5th but never returned. a manhunt began on the fifth. kraft's vehicle was eventually found at the campground above independence, california, but no sign of kraft was found. the search will continue on a smaller scale. in southern california, racetrack officials say santa anita park is scheduled to resume horse racing on friday. the track is set to reopen after a deal was made yesterday by track officials and thoroughbred
6:35 am
owners of california. part of the deal includes a ban on the drug lasix. it is a duartic that helps prevent horses from hemorrhaging, according to the daily racing forum. racing at the park was suspended indefinitely after the number of though bred deaths started to sky roblgt in late december. a total of 22 horses have died due to injuries on the track. people and property. the u.s. geological survey says 500,000 californians and $150 billion in coastal real estate are at risk of flooding by the end of the century because of rising sea levels and erosion. abc reporter wayne freeman visited some of the homes. >> reporter: asleep on the beach in pacifica, a perfect moment in a less than perfect place based on the ocean's history here. the fronts of homes tell the stories. >> the waves break right over the sea wall and cross the street and slam into the homes. >> look at it. you can see where it literally took the concrete right off.
6:36 am
>> reporter: gia konda eagan doesn't know it yet, but her damage is already statistical and part of something frightening. a new report from the united states geological survey pringts $150 billion in california flood damage by the end of this century, blame sea rise made worse by storms. >> one foot of sea level rise in the bay area equals about $20 billion in damages and about 200,000 people exposed to flooding. >> reporter: the danger area's pretty much anywhere near sea level, san francisco and oakland airports, coastal counties north, south and east, even san francisco. in terms of cost, those $150 billion equal 15 times what we paid for the loma prieta earthquake and california wildfires. >> in fact, statewide, san francisco bay accounts for two-thirds of the impacts we project in this study. >> reporter: and pacifica's already on a leading edge. we've already watched as erosion claimed cliffside apartment houses, when storms blow in and eagan says that despite a sea wall, her house essentially
6:37 am
becomes part of the pacific ocean. >> i had sand in my pipes and i had to hire someone to get the pipe out of my water that i was drinking. >> reporter: shades of what many of us may be dealing with. in pacifica, wayne freedman, abc7 news. still ahead on "abc7 mornings," the bay area's long been involved with the space race. a look at its role and the effort to return to the moon and perhaps even beyond. and here's a live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge this morning. and yeah, beautiful weather for san francisco and the bay area today, but change is coming your way this week. frances dinglasan will have your forecast in a few minutes.
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good morning. what a beautiful look there of the bay bridge this morning. the bay is blue. the sky is blue. a lot of blue. and we'll be seeing yellow with the sun later this morning. yeah, just a beautiful start to your morning. the medical non-profit samaritan house held its annual fund-raising dinner last night. abc7 news anchor dan ashley emceed the event "hope is." sutter, the medical center. they provide shelter and medical screenings and low-cost and free medical clinics for the uninsured throughout san mateo county. happening today, the irish cultural center in san francisco wll host its st. patrick's day block party with live music, dancing, food, drinks and plenty
6:41 am
of activities for the entire family. the block family will be on slope boulevard at 45th avenue near the great highway. it runs from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. and it looks like it's going to be nice out there. >> yeah, it's going to be gorgeous. another mostly sunny day with temperatures well above average. in fact, here's a live shot of santa cruz, where today's high will hit 73 degrees. i'll have your neighborhood temperatures coming up as well as some rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. also next, the warriors lock in, making a statement in oklahoma city. anthony flores has the highlights and postgame reaction coming up in sports. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock.
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to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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6:44 am
good morning. the sun just starting to come up there. you can see from our mt. tam camera. and you've got some blue skies out there with a few clouds. it's going to be a nice day out there. in sports, the warriors are in san antonio preparing for tomorrow night's game against the spurs. last night they faced the thunder in oklahoma city without kevin durant, who sat out with an injured ankle. anthony flores has highlights in this morning's sports. good morning, everyone. the warriors officially got their checkmark. i'm talking playoffs, not twitter. the dubs punching their ticket to the postseason for the seventh year in a row. steph was full of energy against okc, even taking a midgame bike ride. now, he became just the fifth player in warriors franchise history to score 16,000 career
6:45 am
points, 14 for him in the first, and oh, check out the moves. defended nicely, but creates space and hits the stepback three. dubs up 18 at half. frustrating game for russell westbrook, who runs right into klay and gets the foul. he'll be out for next game. klay thompson in the fourth finished up strong. he had 23. another big game for boogie cousins. watch this now. boogie gets bumped, blocked, stays with it and will beat the shot clock. he had a dozen points, eight rebounds and six assists. steph made five threes, hits another one right here. 33 for curry. the warriors win big, 110-88, officially clinching a playoff spot. here's mindi bach with more from okc. >> most impressive in this 22-point win, all five of the warriors starters with positive ratings, plus 18, plus 17, plus 19, plus 22, and plus 19. but the warriors say this was
6:46 am
far from their most complete game. >> defensively it's the best game we've had in a while, but i wouldn't call it a complete game. you know, it's two wins. it's two good wins, but we don't look too deep into two losses. we don't look too deep into two wins. it's just two wins that was great road wins for us. >> getting everybody involved in those moments where you can celebrate each other's successes, enjoy, have fun out there. that's when it's all about. and i think there's a little sense of urgency understanding the part of the season that we're entering right now. >> losing to phoenix last week at home opened our eyes a little bit. and i think the focus of the last two games saw the energy, the intensity has been there because that's what it takes against great teams on the road. >> reporter: the warriors may not be playing the way they'd like to be at this point, but they leave for san antonio knowing they are on their way to that complete game that they're looking for before the playoffs. in oklahoma city, mindi bach, abc7 sports. >> thanks, mindi! to the ice, sharks hosting the predators.
6:47 am
they gave up a goal, just 1:07 into the game. but tied in the second. joe pavelski, the nice pass to timo meier for his 27th of the season. nashville responds just 33 seconds later. the shot goes off the leg of victor arvidsson. 2-1 predators. later in the period, brett burns with a terrific pass to joe thornton. easy tap-in. 2-2 after two. but in the third, forsberg with the wrap-around off the stick of tim heath. predators win it, 4-2. the sharks have lost two straight. that's a look at your morning sports. i'm anthony flores. have a great sunday. all right, it's time now to check in with meteorologist frances dinglasan with a look at your accuweather forecast. frances? >> hey, matt. we've got the luck of the irish, another gorgeous day ahead. here's live doppler 7 in the satellite image. we are picking up some high clouds that are moving through parts of the north bay right now and also along the peninsula coast, but check out this beautiful shot. it is just gorgeous out there, so there you go, some thin clouds in the sky right now.
6:48 am
in san francisco and oakland, it's 49 degrees, san jose 46 degrees and morgan hill at 43. here's a beautiful shot as well. we're looking towards mt. diablo, a little preview of the sunrise. temperatures have dropped in santa rosa, napa to 40 degrees. concord a little bit milder at 46. this time from mt. tam, you can see a few more of those thin, high clouds coming in. that will start to hit the north bay first this afternoon. and here's your forecast for today. so, another gorgeous, warm day. enjoy it while you can. we will see a few high clouds passing through starting in the north bay. it's going to be mild to warm again tomorrow, so we'll be well above average. and then spring showers make their way into the forecast midweek for the first day of spring. highs today will really be nice and comfortable again, so look for upper 60s in san francisco, san rafael and richmond. in santa rosa and napa, low 70s, and also in oakland 69. san jose getting more sunshine throughout the day, warming up to the mid-70s.
6:49 am
75 in san jose, morgan hill 76, and some low 70s through concord, livermore and antioch. tonight's lows will be fairly mild around the bay, near 50 degrees through san francisco. san mateo, oakland, redwood city all the way down through san jo jose. a little cooler in parts of the north bay, dropping into the mid-40s through santa rosa. now here's a look at what you can expect in terms of temperatures, because we're going to see a drastic change midweek. for example, in san jose, our average high is 66. so we will be about ten degrees above average for the next couple days, today and tomorrow. clouds increase on tuesday as high pressure weakens. and then we have a system dropping in and pulling temperatures much cooler, well below average by wednesday. and then a little bit of unsettled weather again through the end of the week with perhaps more rain into next weekend. so, afternoon highs on tuesday with increasing clouds, you'll notice it's going to be a little bit cooler. the 70s mostly disappear from the forecast. we'll still be in the upper 60s
6:50 am
through parts of livermore and san jose and some mid-60s around the bay. wednesday's when the cool showers move in. and notice temperatures will be below 60 degrees in a lot of spots around the bay. san francisco 56, san jose 58. santa rosa and napa right near 60 degrees. so we're tracking the chances of rain. dry for the next few days, but you'll need your umbrella. wednesday looking likely wet. showers will continue possibly lingering into early thursday. then we get a break most of thursday into friday before another system moves in to saturday. so we've got a wet weekend next weekend. so enjoy it while you can. we've got a gorgeous day today for st. patrick's day, temperatures in the inland areas in the mid-60s around the bay, low 70s at the coast, mid-to-upper 60s. still above average tomorrow with mostly sunny conditions. and then the change starts to come into tuesday. gets a little bit cloudier, gets a little bit cooler. and for the first day of spring,
6:51 am
we have some spring showers, and it will be much cooler, especially for inland neighborhoods. they might come down as much as 15 degrees compared to today. showers should be ending thursday. then friday we get another evening chance before some morning showers into next weekend. it's a very light system, less than half an inch of rain for wednesday. >> yes, but we'll take it now. it's okay to have that now. america has a goal to put astronauts back on the moon within a decade and the ground is being done at nasa ames in mountain view. abc7 news reporter david louie takes us inside their labs to show us why their work is so crucial. >> reporter: for the baby boom generation, it was an unforgettable event broadcast on tuesday, july of 1969. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: half a century later, scientists at nasa ames are doing research to put astronauts back on the moon in a decade and to explore mars after that. this miniature satellite called a cube sat is slated to go into space next year to study
6:52 am
radiation impact on humans using yeast. astronauts who have gone into deep space developed heart disease and vision problems from radiation exposure. >> the longest a human has been in what we call deeper space is the apollo astronauts that went under two weeks to this environment, and they were affected. >> reporter: the biosentinel lab's experiment will focus on human radiation exposure over extended periods. heat shield development continues at nasa ames arc jet complex so spake can withstand extreme temperatures when returning to earth or landing on other planets. even the shape of the spacecraft has to be altered. >> how you operate the aircraft dictates the shapes or geometries you use four your entry portal. >> this test chamber helps determine where it's safe to land on the moon by shooting projectiles. it was used for the apollo program. in this era of super computing and simulation modeling, one has
6:53 am
to dating back to 1966 still be applicable today? >> there's a lot more complexity and detail that's going on in the impact events than originally theorized. that's why we've been doing this for some 50-some-odd years. >> reporter: it's expected to lead to a new era of deep space milestones. david louie, abc7 news. next, aloha begins today at a bay area airport. the airline starting service to hawaii.
6:54 am
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snooyt here are the numbers from the winning powerball drawing -- the powerball number 11. nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $550 million. it's the eighth largest in powerball history and the largest so far this year. happening today, southwest airlines' inaugural flight to honolulu starts today. oakland international airport is the first to serve hawaii on southwest. there will be hula dancers, a water arch and a blessing of the aircraft. the flight takes off at 11:10 this morning. it's scheduled to land in honolulu at 2:00 local time. southwest plans to start flying to maui next month. and it feels like paradise here in the bay area. we finally got a warm weekend. >> yeah, we don't need to go anywhere. we'll see above-average warmth again today. i want to take you outside to show you how pretty it is outside right now. live shot, gorgeous right now. a few high
6:57 am
temperatures in the 40s. you can look for comfortable temperatures, mild along the coast. san francisco 68, oakland 69 degrees, san jose 75. the changes we will see some high clouds moving in through parts of the north bay this afternoon. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so, happy st. patrick's day! it's going to be another gorgeous, warm day. still above average tomorrow. change comes our way tuesday. cloudy and cooler. and then wednesday's when the spring showers arrive. it ranks one on our storm impact scale. light storm, less than half an inch of rain, a little unsettled into next weekend as well. so enjoy it while you can. >> all right, thank you, frances. and thank you for joining us on "abc7 mornings." i'm matt keller along with frances dinglasan. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next and i hope everybody has a great day out there. beautiful picture there this morning of the bay bridge.
6:58 am
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and my doctor and i choose to treat my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning, america. the death toll in the new zealand mosque attacks rises. a 50th victim found in the carnage as investigators pore through the crime scene, the country in mourning as we learn more about those who lost their lives and the survival stories. plus, the hero who stepped in. how he confronted the gunman. and they're off. the latest democrat throwing her hat into the presidential ring this morning as beto o'rourke makes a promise in a key battleground state. and joe biden's slipup. >> i didn't mean -- >> did he reveal a little too much? shooting arrest. the man now charged with killing


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