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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  March 17, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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this afternoon, warm, well above average. inland areas in the mid-70s. around the bay, low 70s. t-shirt and shorts weather. once again at the coast, a little bit of a light breeze. we'll keep things cooler. mid- to upper 60s. sun sets at 7:18. enjoy the sunshine and warmth because i have some rain to tell you about with the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thanks, frances. now to the latest on the deadly terror attack in new zealand. 50 people were killed, 54 others wait, xfinity lets crazy fast internet speeds, being treated. 12 are in the icu in critical and pick the types of channels i want? yep, now you can get a package condition. authorities say the 28-year-old suspect is a that's just right for you. this is the best day of my life. racist with a deep hatred for oh boy. immigrants. the islamic cultural center in oakland this morning found a way i mean, this is the fourth best to celebrate and say thank you day of my life. get more of what you want to the people opposing hate.hat. and less of what you don't. nailed it. you think so? yep. now that's simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet >> reporter: the shootings have left much of the world shaken. and tv for $34.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. society todayhat starts, frankly, at the top, cannot be
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shut down fast enough in my >> announcer: good morning bay mind. area. let's get up and get going. >> reporter: congresswoman this is "abc 7 mornings." jackie speier in millbrae saudi good morning and thanks for championed new zealand's vow to joining us on this sunday, march 17th. happy st. patrick's day. change the country's gun laws. >> our country has to get a reality check about how violent i'm matt keller. we are as a society. here's meteorologist frances >> reporter: at this moment, dinglasan. sadness and a call to action can >> hi, everyone. be found all over. high clouds coming into the forecast right now. with live doppler 7, you can see it's spilling across parts of but at the islamic cultural center of northern california, the san francisco bay and east you'll see prayer, food, bay. you can see that here with this children praying. live shot. we'll see mostly sunny it's a celebration of the conditions with some high clouds persian new year. passing through throughout the day. >> people should come and enjoy here is your 12-hour planner for this first day or arrival of st. patrick's day. during the next hour, spring, a sunny day and plenty temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. of food. >> reporter: this is a already mild by lunchtime, well preplanned event that seems to also be serving as a thank you into the mid-60s for many areas. celebration for oakland. another warm afternoon with well the chairman of the board here says 50 bouquets of flowers and aove average temperatures, mid-70s around the bay. cards from strangers filled the around the coast, mid- to upper center on friday. >> especially it touched our 60s. sun sets at 7:18. children and kids. enjoy the mild weather because when they saw the outpouring of we have rain in the accuweather love in the community for them,
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seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, frances. developing news on the they really felt part o the deadly mosque attack in new american fabric. >> reporter: the center is still zealand. the death toll from the largest remaining vigilant. terror attack in the country's there is extra security and history is now up to 50. police. officials are starting to but leaders here tell us oakland release the bodies of the victims to their families. makes them feel safe. we're now learning about the mayor libby schaaf spoke at this lives cut short. here is abc news reporter will event. organizers want to make sure people are welcome at the center carr. >> r new any time. jobina fortson, abc 7 news. a newly released video shows zealand history. a senator in australia getting >> family friends that we've knwn for 19 years, people who into a scuffle with a teenager over a comment the senator made were there for my engagement, about friday's attack. take a look, the 17-year-old boy dead. >> reporter: we're learning about the toddlerlinwood smashed an egg on his head and he hit the teen before the two were pulled apart. mosque. he blames the massacre on, she posted, my husband shielded quote, muslim fanatics. my daughter in the attack. many condemn his comments, >> hug your family. including australia's prime hug your friends. minister. police say the boy is arrested you just don't know when you might not see them again. but hasn't been charged pending further notification. >> reporter: authorities say this is the man who pulled the new developments in the trig and her attacked two mosques in christchurch. presidential race. brave wins, that's the slogan his face blurred because of a court order. for democratic senator kirlg who has official >> i couldn't sleep the whole
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night. i think we have greatly, immensely underestimated the announced her run for the power of hate. >> reporter: we're also learning presidency. >> will brave win? >> will brave win? new details about the moments leading up to that horrific attack. the prime minister revealing that she and more than 30 others >> let's answer for ours. >> the new york senator is the received the suspect's 14th official democrat running hate-filled manifesto. >> that was mailed out nine for president. she's been one of the most minutes before the attack took forceful critics of the trump place. administration. it did not include aea, going ih senator gillibrand's first major speech will take place outside the trump international hotel in by inch looking for evidence. it is a painstaking process. new york city. vermont senator bernie the trail of death and abdul az sanders will visit california this week. his first stop will be a rally stepped in. in san diego. he'll be here in san francisco aziz describes the shooter for another rally. it's free and open to the dropping one of his guns. public. get there early because entrance is first come, first served. >> he just swore to me and took new details on that brazen robbery attempt at the famed off. >> reporter: the gunman, a bellagio casino in las vegas. self-described racist who hates the gunman shooting a police officer who is lucky to be alive immigrants, taken into custody and already back home this 36 minutes after he first morning. here is abc 7 news reporter unloaded, killing dozens
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including this 3-year-old boy. marci gonzalez with an update. >> the north side of the >> we see these type of bellagio fountains. >> reporter: this morning police injuries, but 40 or 50 people is revealing incredible new details more than what we should see. about the highest that led to a shootout at this iconic las >> reporter: how does your vegas hotel. community start to heal? >> we're going to transport an >> by coming together. officer. >> reporter: the city's the victim of this attack was undersheriff telling abc news the bellagio was already our whole community, not just the muslim community. swarming with police for an >> reporter: a show of support unrelated investigation friday for a country known for peace, night. those officers happened to be watching live on closed circuit now viin ur ws. surveillance video as an armed man walked up to this poker cage and demanded cash. >> the guy looked very nervous and uncomfortable as he was walking through the area. ithe bay ser vigils with a >> reporter: the suspect then running outside to the packed common sentiment, unity, from valet area, trying to carjack a vehicle as four officers closed across religious groups. in. >> at which time the suspect abc 7 news reporter luz pena has more. then turned, pointed a firearm at one of our officers, and >> reporter: in a room with fired at least one round, muslims, christians, jewish striking our officer in the chest area. people, and more, faith and >> reporter: the bullet hitting prayer united them all. that officer in the center of >> our condolences to not only his bulletproof vest, only after the people of christchurch in ricochetting off his cellphone, according to police. another officer then shooting
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new zealand. the suspect who later died at a muslims and everyone. >> reporter: the muslim hospital. community across the world has the drama playing out like a been mourning the death of 50 movie. people who were killed in a shooting at two mosque in new zealand on friday. at one of the same casinos targeted in "ocean's 11." [ sirens ] >> when that happens, you think that you are alone. as well as in this real life but when the whole congregation heist two years ago. this thief, wearing a disguise, comes, you feel stronger. we thank you, all of you, today robbing the bellagio's poker here. >> reporter: this muslim leader cage and getting away. now police are looking into in sunnyvale said the outpouring whether he could be the same suspect killed in this weekend's of support and love from other shootout. in that 2017 robbery, police believe the suspect acted alone. religious groups has helped them feel safe. they say that also appeared to be the case this weekend but >> hate against a certain community is unthinkable. they're now going through that's why we all came together. surveillance and body cam video >> reporter: this envelope full to make sure there were no ofha accomplices. marci gonzalez, abc news, los kindness. >> a very supportive letter angeles. in southern california, racetrack officials say santa among the letters we have hr: h? anita park is scheduled to resume horse racing on march what do they say? 29th pending approval by the >> i read them, most of them are california horse racing board. saying that we are with you, we are here with you. part of the deal includes a ban >> we're going to continue to be on the drug lasix which will now muslim. >> reporter: in san jose, be delayed until next year.
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outside of martin luther king lasix is a diuretic that helps jr.'s library, dozens of people lit candles and prayed for those prevent horses from who were killed. hemorrhaging, according to the daily racing form. racing at the park had been >> the fbi stands ready to suspended indefinitely after the number of thoroughbred deaths assist. >> reporter: the fbi in the bay started to skyrocket. a total of 22 horses have died area has made themselves accessible to local mosques. due to injuries on the track during racing or training since >> it's important for us to be it opened on december 26th. there to offer support and people and property. assistance and for them to know the u.s. geological survey says who to contact in times of fene. roughly half a million californians in coastal real estate are at risk of flooding >> reporter: luz pena, abc 7 by the end of the century. the problem, rising sea levels news. >> at 5:30, santa clara and erosion. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman visited a town that university will hold a knows all too well how destructive erosion can be. candlelight vigil in st. >> reporter: asleep on the beach joseph's hall. in pacifica. a perfect moment in a less than en new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern talked ocean's history around here. the fronts of homes tell about the live streaming of the stories. >> the waves went right over the attacks. sea wall, crossed the street and she said, certainly i have had contact with sheryl sandberg, slammed into the homes. she has reached out with an acknowledgement of what has >> you can see where it occurred here. literally took the concrete sandberg is facebook's chief right off.
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>> reporter: she doesn't know it operating officer. yet but her damage is already ardern said the responsibility statistical and part of of social media companies to something frightening. monitor this content is a new report from the united something she hopes to discuss states geological survey predicts $150 billion in directly with facebook. california flood damage by the you can watch our complete end of this century, blaming sea story on the chp is investigating a rise made worse by storms. deadly freeway shooting near >> sea rise in the bay area, one concord in contra costa county. a silver honda crashed into the foot equals 200,000 people exposed to flooding. >> reporter: the danger areas, guardrail near the willow pass pretty much anywhere near sea level. san francisco, oakland airports, off-ramp. a driver was found dead at the coastal counties, north, south, scene. bullet holes were found indrer. and east, even san francisco. in terms of cost, those $150 a llver honda was towed from billion equal 15 times what we paid for the loma prieto the scene. earthquake and california wi "the examiner" reports a driver opened a car door, wildfir wildfires. >> statewide, san francisco causing a bicyclist to swerve into traffic. accounts for 2/3 of the impacts he will likely not face criminal we project in this we've alrea watched as erosion claimed charges. cliffside apartment houses. attorneys who work in the field when storms blow in, do not expect prosecutors to
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file charges against the driver. says her house becomes in this case the driver was parked. that driver spoke exclusively to essentially part of the pacific ocean. >> i have sand in my pipes and i abc 7 news. she says she has been had to hire somebody to get it heartbroken since the accident. out of the water i was drinking. a 40-year-old vallejo >> reporter: shades of what many of us may be dealing with. snowboarder who died in north wayne freedman, abc 7 news. lake tahoe has been identified. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," the bay area has long been involved in the space race. a look at its role in the effort danieson crowder's body was to return to the moon and discovered by ski patrol perhaps beyond. wednesday, the same day he was reporting missing by his family. ilive lo lia live look at t teams searched the mountain after finding his car in the parking lot covered in snow. gate bridge. look at that, blue skies. especially high snow levels have yes, a nice mild day across the bay area. frances dinglasan will tell you about the changes coming this week in a few minutes. you know when you're at ross created hazards for skiers and know into the reco and you realize great minds shop alike? snowboarders each year. fire destroyed most yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? of the city played a special. oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? lisa amin gulezian has more. yes! that's yes for less. >> reporter: this is no ordinary day and no ordinary baseball yep! game. yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off
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department store prices every day. the paradise high school bobcats are playing at oracle park. at ross. yes for less. the camp fire took their field, many of the players' homes, and tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. at ross. much of their town. that's what makes this day so to craig, this rock. special. >> very emotional. i started to cry here today, the redwoods to the redheads. seeing them out on the field. >> reporter: he is number 17, r. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, he calls baseball his new home since moving into a hotel after all 39 million of you, the fire. >> it just keeps all of us busy on one condition. and keeps us going. that you do everything in your power after school we have to go there to preserve and protect them. and play baseball instead of doing nothing. with love, california. >> it's a very important thing for my heart, because i lost a lot. >> reporter: these are survivors. even the strongest shed tears at times. >> i kind of just want to go home, spend my own time on family. >> reporter: that's why the foundation is steppingersedhe a of equipment
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and new fields. new fields should be ready by the fall. in san francisco, lisa amin no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled gulezian, abc 7 news. >> great opportunity for those with soft surfaces that trap odors kids. glad they had a good time out and release them back into the room. there. and if you want to be so, try febreze fabric refresher. outdoors today, you'll enjoy febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics nice weather. looking out towards san and cleans them away as it dries. francisco, we're dealing with a few clouds this morning. use febreze every time you tidy up temperatures will be above average once again. to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. and deploy it because it's not going to last, with a system fabric refresher even works for clothes you want bringing us some light rain to wear another day. coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. make febreze part of your clean routine >> thanks, frances. also next, a shootout at the for whole home freshness. bellagio casino in las vegasept police officer alive. thousands of lives are claimed each year. claimed each year. a new study by apple says i good morning. a live look at lake tahoe, they have blue skies there. temperatures in the mid-50s. claimed each year. a new study by apple says i (music throughout) and check out all that snow. the medical nonprofit samaritan house held its annual fundraising dinner last night.
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abc 7 news anchor dan ashley emcee'd the event. carol middleton sponsored the event. the group provides free and low cst medical clinics to the uninsured throughout san mateo county. happening today, the irish cultural center in san francisco will host its annual st. makes you feel like a king! patrick's day block party. there will be live dancing, king for a day! music, food, drinks for the well, maybe not the whole day. entire family, at 44th avenue our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. near great highway, from 11:00 until 4:00 this afternoon. a great day to have it, too. yes, a nice day everywhere sometimes, bipolar i disorder makes you feel around the bay area. we have well above average temperatures. in santa cruz, we're going to hit the low 70s. once again, 73 your expected like you can do it all.bumania,l changes in your mood, high for today. already seeing lots of blue activity or energy levels, skies there. can leave you on shaky ground. some changes in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a couple of chances of help take control rain. i'll tell about you that as by asking your healthcare provider about vraylar. well. also next, a warriors lock in, making a statement in oklahoma city. anthony flores has the highlights and post-game reaction.
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with our highest concentration of hyaluronic acid visibly plumps skin and reduces wrinkles. bounce back! new revitalift hyaluronic acid serum from l'oreal. good morning. check out this beauty shot here of the bay and the bay bridge. you got blue skies with a few clouds out there. a nice mild day all across the bay area. new details on the golden state killer case. "the sacramento bee" reports the suspect, joseph deangelo, was arrested in 1996 but later let go. he was a suspect in a gas station robbery but the charges against him were dismissed. he was arrested last november when he was linked to a crime scene by dna evidence. he's linked to murders and sexual assaults dating back to the 1970s. apple says its smart watches can save lives. researchers looked at pulse data
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collected from participants. those with irregular heart beats were sent electrocardiogram patches. one-third found out to be afibrillation, a potentially fatal condition. researchers say it could be promising for the future of health software. lawyers at chase center are holding a reveal week starting tomorrow to announce the first slate of shows to take place at the arena. they'll announce the first event. the daily announcements will continue through the week. the 18,000-seat venue is set to good morning. a live look out there from our open in the fall in time for the pier 39 camera. warriors' season. the bay area will b and yes, everybody enjoying the well-represented on abc tonight. sun. including the sea lions out a fremont singer could be the next "american idol." there. well, in sports, the warriors are in san antonio here's what happens when ashley preparing for tomorrow night's game against the spurs. hess goes before the judges. >> can we take our chairs? last night the dubs faced the thunder in oklahoma city without >> oh, my -- kevin durant, who sat out again >> move them by the piano. because of his injured ankle. andrew flores has highlights in >> do that again for us, please. ♪ my heart is morning sports. >> good morning, everyone.
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the warriors officially got their checkmark. i'm talking playoffs, not twitter. the dubs punching their ticket to the postseason for the seventh year in a row. >> yes, ashley auditions in steph was full of energy against front of the all star judging okc, even taking a midgame bike ride. panel, luke bryan, katy perry, now, he became just the fifth and lionel richie, followed by player in warriors franchise "shark tank" at 10:00, featuring history to score 16,000 career an entrepreneur from oakland. points, 14 for him in the first stay tuned for abc 7 news at space and hits the stepback 11:00. the annual st. patrick's day three. parade is billed as the biggest dubs up 18 at half. celebration on the west coast. frustrating game for russell westbrook. he runs right into klay and earned his 16th technical foul. he'll be out for next game. [ clapping ] it featurd irishbas,ts pole depe third quarter, klay thompson finished up strong. he had 23, another big game for boogie cousins. watch this now. departments. mayor london breed served as the boogie gets bumped, blocked, stays with it, and will beat the grandmarshal. shot clock. this is the 168th year the he had a dozen points, eight parade has been held. rebounds and six assists. in the east bay, people are steph made five 3s, hits another losing their hair automobile in one right here. the name of charity. today the annual shave-a-thon 33 for curry. the warriors win big, 110-88,
9:16 am
benefit will be held. officially clinching a playoff spot. here's mindi bach with more from yesterday abc 7 news was in oakland for the 12th annual okc. brave the shave fundraiser to >> reporter: most impressive in this 22-point win, all five of benefit the children's hospital the warriors starters with positive ratings, plus 18, plus to help children fight cancer. we found people who came from all over to get a trim and 17, plus 19, plus 22, and plus 19. donate. >> it's a great cause out here, but the warriors say this was we came out here with our jeep far from their most complete game. >> defensively it's the best crew. we raised $3,000 for this cause. game we've had in a while, but i and i'm to be a wouldn't call it a complete spencer christian was there to emcee the event. it's the biggest fundraiser for game. you know, it's two wins. it's two good wins, but you childhood cancer, raisingye. know, we don't look too deep into two losses. you can donate by going to their we don't look too deep into two wins. it's just two wins that was a website. great road wins for us. meteorologist frances dinglasan joins us now with your >> getting everybody involved in those moments where you can accuweather forecast. celebrate in job's successes, beautiful st. patrick's day, enjoy. huh? there's a little sense of >> we really lucked out today. urgency understanding the part we have well above average of the season we're entering temperatures once again. right now. there is a little bit of a >> losing to phoenix last week difference, though, today compared to yesterday. we're seeing more high clouds. and i'm showing you that with live doppler 7 and the satellite last two games, the energy, the intensity has been there because image, some high clouds and that's what it takes against
9:17 am
coastal low clouds as well. great teams on the road. high pressure is in place. >> the warriors may not be that will allow temperatures to warm up quite a bit this playing the way they'd like to be at this point, but they leave for san antonio knowing they're afternoon. pretty, live shot here from the east bay towards san francisco. temperatures are starting to on their way to that complete climb, in the 50s already. game that they're looking for before the playoffs. san francisco is 51. in oklahoma city, mindi bach, abc7 sports. oakland 52. thanks, mindi! san jose 51. to the ice, sharks hosting the morgan hill in the valley still predators. cool, only 42 degrees there. from sutro, looking out towards the golden gateht now. they gave up a goal just 1:07 into the game, but tie it in the second. joe pavelski, the nice pass to timo meier, his 27th of the season. santa rosa, 45 degrees. nashville responds just 33 petaluma is 44. seconds later. low 50s in vacaville and concord. from the top of mt. tam, you can the shot goes off the leg of victor arvidsson, 2-1 predators. tell winds are light. you can see some clouds in the and brett burns with the pass to joe thornton for the easy tap-in. 2-2 after two. distance. for your forecast, another warm but in the third, forsberg with day with a few high mes in mid the wrap-around off the stick. predators win it, 4-2. the sharks have lost two straight. bringing us some spring showers. that's a look at your morning sports. but this is a very light system. i'm anthony flores. have a great sunday. we're not talking a lot of rain, maybe half an inch at most. highs today, mainly in the uppe time now to check in with frances dinglasan with a look at
9:18 am
low and mid-70s around the bay. san francisco warming up to 70 your seven-day forecast. degrees once again. in oakland, 72 degrees. >> we're dealing with high san jose, 75 degrees. we'll see some low 70s through clouds, you can see with doppler 7. we've seen high clouds move the north bay. through the north bay, even again, we'll see some of those through parts of the east bay high clouds passing through. right now. lots of blue skies as well. overnight lows with increasing clouds especially along the here's a pretty picture of san coast. we'll keep things pretty mild. francisco in the background so near 50 degrees all along the there where it's currently 51 degrees. san jose is 51 as well. peninsula. san francisco, san mateo, quite a few are in the low 50s. redwood city, cooler through a view from the east bay hills, parts of the north bay, dropping it's so green out there from all into the mid-40s through santa the rain we've had. rosa, lack port down to 42 we do have more rain on the way. degrees. so enjoy this warm weather and a look at the week ahead, we are sunshine while you can. some more 40s through parts of well above average. in san jose we're about 10 the north bay. degrees average for today and santa rosa, 45. tomorrow. things start to change on tuesday. we drop, and then notice how petaluma, 46. low 50s through vacaville and concord. temperatures tumble mid-week this time we're looking from wednesday. that's when the system moves sutro, looking north. through. and then we are below average to we're seeing some low clouds as well along the coast. and that will start to dissipate nextweekend. in the next few hours. so here is the forecast. we have a little bit of we have another warm day. unsettled weather, in fact. but we are dealing with a few i want to show you the forecast clouds today. animation. especially compared to
9:19 am
tuesday afternoon, clouds yesterday, it was so clear. increase. temperatures come down a bit. it will be mild to warm again we're mostly dry. tomorrow. and then spring showers make late tuesday night into wednesday we'll see some light showers pass through the bay their way back into the forecast area. mid-week. so have the umbrella handy. thursday, slight chance. friday, slight chance. but it looks like we'll likely and of course a lot of folks get rain late friday into celebrating the st. patrick's saturday morning. day festival in dublin today. here is the accuweather so we'll see lots of sunshine. seven-day forecast. temperatures will climb into the happy st. patrick's day! 70s during the afternoon hours, beautiful weather, mostly sunny topping out about 73 degrees, conditions with high clouds th cli down to the 60s inward. after about 9:00. at the coast we'll see mid- to upper 60s. highs today pretty nice, lots of there will be a little bit of a low 70s around the bay area. breeze there. still above average tomorrow. so san francisco, 70 degrees as cloudy and cooler on tuesday. well as san rafael. and then for the first day of oakland, 72. spring we have some showers and san jose pretty warm in morgan much cooler temperatures. hill, in the mid-70s. we'll all be near 60 degrees at the coast with some of the from the coast to the inland light sea breeze there in half moon bay, 66 degrees there. areas. showers should end thursday but we still have that unsettled low 70s through parts of the north bay. still a pretty nice day if pattern. an evening chance on friday into you're heading to the beach saturday. en at least a dry weekend, especially in santa cruz where they're getting plenty of sunshine early on and temperatures will climb into the finally. thank you, frances. low 70s. abc's new brand "local-ish" 73 there. but mid-60s through parts of the is sharing stories in a weekly north bay and the peninsula
9:20 am
coast. overnight lows with clouds series called group of moving in along the coast, generally will be near 50 degrees all along the bay from san francisco down to redwood friends making music together. city and san jose. ♪ evolution, evolution cooler though through parts of the north bay, dropping into the mid-40s through santa rosa, 46 >> this is going to sound like the start of a joke but what do as well as fairfield. now, i want to show you what an atheist and a catholic have will happen tomorrow. in common? it's still going to be >> music that brings us together. spring-like. in fact we'll see lots of 70s, >> more than just music. low to mid-70s sticking around. acceptance, humor, participation, friendship. it doesn't matter that she's an tuesday, the clouds start to move in. but still pretty dry. atheist and i'm a catholic. and then wednesday, a system drops in, bringing us much ♪ forever and over cooler temperatures and wise >> i'm an atheist. spread showers around the bay i'm also the director of this area. in fact here are the rain chances for the week. choir, voices of reason. so, dry today, tomorrow, into >> i'm david mcgee, i'm a practicing roman catholic and i tuesday. wednesday looks likely we'll get sing bass with the choir. some rain. it ranks a 1 on our storm impact >> what is an atheist choir? scam, a light storm, we're only >> a group of people that likes talking about a half inch. a little unsettled thursday and to sing interesting songs that friday. the timing of that will change, aren't necessarily religious. possibly, we'll keep you posted. in the nonreligious community, this is something that's it looks like our next system lacking. that's what our choir is trying will move in on saturday.
9:21 am
to bring. >> how do you guys feel about late friday night into saturday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. enjoy st. patrick's day with christians or other religions? gorgeous sunshine, above average warmth. that will stick around through >> as a choir we accept people from all backgrounds. tomorrow. you'll notice some high clouds we have a catholic who sings the as well. then tuesday, things change. it will be cloudier and cooler. solos. ♪ all is sacred temperatures really tumble for the first day of spring on >> you're a catholic. you're surrounded by atheists wednesday when the storm moves in, brings us some showers. and humanists. why do you do it? and temperatures will be near 60 >> they're nice people and good singers. degrees. the showers should end thursday i love to sing. morning, but it's still a little unsettled. in fact every model run, the timing changes when the showers come in through or come through on thursday and friday and then it looks like another system starts our weekend off. we could be a little wet next weekend. >> at least we had our dry weekend, that's nice. >> and it timed well with all the celebrations going on. >> exactly. thank you, frances. america has a goal to put astronauts backn eoo in a decade. abc 7 news reporter david louie shows us why one organization's work is so crucial.
9:22 am
>> reporter: for the baby boomer generation, it was an unforgettable event broadcast live on tv, july 20th, 1969. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. my mom washes the dishes... >> reporter: a half century ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? lter, nasa is doing research to cascade platinum does the work for you, put man back onto the moon in a prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, decade and mars after that. the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. this vehicle is set to go into for a nasty cold, take new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. [a capella] whoa! space next year. and vaporize it with an intense rush of vicks vapors. astronauts who go into [a capella] ahhhhhhhhhh! spel new dayquil severe with vicks vapocool. radiation spoexposure. >> the apollo astronauts were affected. >> reporter: the experiment will focus on human radiationperiods. heat shield vepmt continues at nasa so spacecraft can withstand extreme temperatures when returning to earth or
9:23 am
planets. even the shape of the spacecraft has to be considered. >> how you operate the mission dictates the materials and the shapes or geometries that you choose for your entry probe. >> reporter: this test chamber at the aims vertical gun range helps to determine where it's safe to land on the moon by shooting projectiles. it was used for the apollo program. in this era of super computing and simulation modelling, one has to wonder whether technology developed in 1966 is still applicable today. >> we've been doing this for 50 some odd years. >> reporter: their work is expected to lead to a new era of deep space milestones. david louie, abc 7 news. next, aloha
9:24 am
some coast guard families are paying it forward this weekend. yesterday several showed up in san rafael to sort food. during the government shutdown, the food bank helped families by holding a food drive. say the food bank was there when they were in need and now it's their turn to give back. san francisco went global last night at the inaugural global st reception. abc 7 news anchor dion lim hosted the event. the night featured mayor london breed along with business leaders and diplomats who all celebrated our city's diverse culture. it featured cuisines from around the world. it helps local businesses invest and grow san > san francisco fi do a lot more than just respond to firefighters. every once in a while they have to come to the aid of animals who get themselves in precarious
9:25 am
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9:26 am
anita park following the deaths of 22 race horses in recent here are the winning numbers from last night's $495 million power ball drawing. >> wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $550 million. it's the eighth largest in power ball history and the largest so far this year. the winning numbers from last night. . >> wednesday's jackpot increases $20 million. happening today, aloha.
9:27 am
southwest airlines' inaugural flight from oakland to honolulu starts today. has been making folks feel right at home, oakland international airport is with meals like homestyle country fried steak, the first mainland airport to serve hawaii on southwest. grandma's sampler, the flight takes off at 11:10 and our signature chicken n' dumplins. this morning, scheduled to land so, come on home to what you love. in honolulu 2:00 local time. come on home to cracker barrel. southwest plans to start flying so, come on home to what you love. to maui next month. my gums are irritated. we have a piece of paradise i don't have to worry about that, do i? in the bay area with this harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. weather. >> we don't need to fly to crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria hawaii, we'll see 70 in san and help reverse early gum damage. francisco. gum detoxify, from crest. oakland, 72. 75 in san jose. great for all the celebrations going on for st. patrick's. still fresh... ♪ half moon bay, 66. santa cruz, 73. unstopables in-wash scent booster we have some changes on their way to the bay area. ♪ enjoy it while you can. today and tomorrow will be downy unstopables gorgeous. tuesday, increasing clouds, slightly cooler temperatures. then some widely scattered light rain on wednesday afternoon, possibly lingering into thursday. the model runs keep changing, thursday into friday.
9:28 am
then we could see another system make its way through the bay area friday into saturday. we'll keep you posted on this. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a gorgeous day for st. patrick's >> announcer: good morning east day, still above average bay. tomorrow. a little cooler on tuesday for let's get up and get going. ths is "abc 7 mornings." the first day of spring. we have showers and much cooler good morning. we're starting this half hour weather and a little bit with a look at the weather. unsettled thursday and friday. it does look like another system here's meteorologist frances does make its way back into the dinglasan. frances? >> all right. bay area towards the end of the workweek and the beginning of it's going to be another next weekend. enjoy the sunshine because next gorgeous day. we're dealing with more cloud cover this morning. weekend is looking a little bit here is live doppler 7 and the wet. you can always stay updated with satellite image. high clouds have been passing our accuweather app. >> thank you, frances. through parts of the bay area, thanks for joining us on low crowds at the coast. you can see it here in the live shot as we check out the "abc 7 mornings" i'm matt keller along with frances dinglasan. downtown financial area. your 12-hour planner for st. watch the nba countdown getting patrick's day. we're dealing with a few clouds you ready for today's featured during the next few us more. game between two of the top in fact they'll stick around eastern conference teams, most of the day. temperatur lunchtime. philadelphia 76ers battle the bucks from milwaukee. that should be a good game. abc 7 news continues at 5:00. abc 7 news continues at 5:00. have a great
9:29 am
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