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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 17, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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i'm gonna let you try it in your home for 90 days. if you don't completely love it, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. - [announcer] order now, this offer is not available in stores. you get emeril's power airfryer 360, the stainless mesh basket, airflow rack, roasting bake tray, this is valued at over $400, all yours for just four payments of 49.99. this is an exclusive introductory tv offer you won't find in stores. so call now or go to to get yours. (upbeat music) - [kimberley] look at all that food. - [emeril] yeah, let's start right here with the steak fries first of all and then steaks. - [kimberley] beautiful. - [emeril] oh yeah, look at this, so look at the caramelization that we have. - wow. - right? - [kimberley] look how juicy those steaks are.
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- g fr steaks on top, steak fries in the baske on the bottom, that's a lot of food. don't you guys agree? (cheering) - well let me just show you, i'm just slicing these. is take a little bit of my homemade worcestershire sauce, just a little drizzle of that. - [kimberley] look at that. - for a little flavor and then whatever garnish you like. i happen to really like a charred lemon have the most perfect steak and french fry dinner that you could possibly do, in 20 minutes. - in 20 minutes. (cheering) - so this is a very italian sunday tradition. - i knew you were gonna bring us something special today. - yes, tampino. but what we're gonna do is take blanched pasta, add the meats and mozzarella, lots of it, fresh basil, we're gonna take that now and we're gonna toss this all together.
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i'm gonna just go here. - we're going all in, right. - and you're gonna go in. - [kimberley] perfect, oh look at this. - watch what happens now. we take the dough and we work it in. - it's like a blanket of love (laughing). - yeah, it's like wrapping up the little baby. (laughing) in 30 minutes, this is what we're gonna have. (cheering) i hope you're ready for this. what we wanna do now is we wanna invert it. - [kimberley] oh, look at that. - okay, we wanna invert it. what we're gonna do now, folks is we're gonna go in and cut a little wedge. we're gonna go in for a wedge, look at that. (gasping) we're gonna go on with a wedge. (laughing) and then look of all the goodness and there you have it. (clapping) okay, tampino! ah we got more coming, don't go anywhere.
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- wow. - [emeril] now here's the great thing that i love, corned beef, six hours. - [kimberley] oh, look at that. isn't that nice. - oh yeah, oh yeah. you slide it over and pray that it doesn't completely fall apart. - that smells so delicious. - speaking about perfect, look at it falling apart. i'm not even gonna be able to get it on the board. - beautiful. - [emeril] it's so tender. - doesn't that look delicious. - [emeril] that's what i'm talkin' about. - this is one powerful appliance. - [emeril] yes, you better believe it. what we're gonna do is we made some reuben's. (cheering) - [kimberley] perfectly cooked. - [emeril] yeah. - don't you love a good toasted sandwich, golden brown on both sides of your sandwich. or perfect size for a huge crowd. now we're gonna go bake. how about a white chocolate macadamia nut bread pudding.
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we have eggs, we have melted butter, we have sugar, we have vanilla and we wanna just sorta beat this up a little bit. that much milk and cream. so, whether you're using baguette, french bread, brioche, you have to let the bread soak. it's thirsty, hear the bread going, (slurping). (laughing) and then you hear another (slurping). (laughing) once it soaks, then you add the white chocolate oo (laughing) (cheering) okay, oh yeah.
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that's exactly what it looks like. watch this. - [kimberley] so crunchy on the top and golden brown. - [emeril] oh wait. - [kimberley] look at that. - let's get another one. (gasping) ooh-la-la. i like to give it a little bam, bam, bam! (cheering) (gasping) and then a little whipped cream. (chuckling) and let's have a macadamia nut white chocolate bread pudding cheer. - cheers. - cheers. it's been a lot of fun, huh? - oh it's been so much fun. chef i can't believe everything that the 360 can do. thanks for coming. (cheering) hey, emeril lagasse here with my new power airfryer 360.
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the air fryer with quick cook heat turbo technology that air fries with air, not oil and cooks with up to 70% less calories from fat versus deep frying. - [announcer] the secret is the five heating elements and smart fan with turbo blades that are angled to distribute the heat evenly throughout the entire cooking surface. air fry steak and fries in 20 minutes. the airflow racks mean you can cook up to 450% more than in a traditional air fryer. but wait, this is so much more than an air fryer. there are 12 cooking preset functions. one touch air fry rotisserie chicken, 30 minutes faster. it's so crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. one touch and you can roast an entire turkey, up to 40% faster. and it converts into a countertop slow cooker. now you can braise pulled pork all day or slow cook ribs that are so tender they slip right off the bone. - look at that, oh my gosh.
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- [announcer] air fry pizza in minutes with perfect crust and sizzling hot toppings bursting with flavor. one touch to broil just like your oven. make broiled cheesy reuben sandwiches ans a ason th fivleve of doneness. toast bagels and six pieces of toast with no flipping. and white chocolate bread pudding with macadamia caramel sauce. don't heat up your kitchen with that big slow oven. you can cook complete meals for your whole family up to 40% faster. there's even a reheat setting for leftovers. it's also a pro-grade dehydrator. with just one touch make healthy dried fruit without added dyes and sugar. and crispy onions, perfect for any dish. this is a dehydrator, air fryer, convection oven, microwave, rotisserie, and toaster oven all in one. this is the most versatile kitchen tool you'll use every day.
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filled with his favorite recipes just like the ones served in his restaurants. learn to make his tampino and sweet potato pecan pie. - and, this deal gets even better. order right now and i'll even ship it to you for free. i'm so certain you're gonna love the power airfryer 360, i'm gonna let you try it in your home for 90 days. for a full refund, no questions asked. - [announcer] order now, this offer is not available in stores. you get emeril's power airfryer 360, the stainless mesh basket, airflow rack, roasting baking tray, rotisserie spit, emeril's recipe book and free shipping. this is valued at over $400, all yours for just four payments of 49.99. this is an exclusive introductory tv offer you won't find in stores so call now or go to to get yours. (upbeat music)
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the preceding has been a paid advertisement for emeril lagasse's power airfryer 360, brought to you by tristar products incorporated.
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close captioning provided by -- >> . this is kind of what you wish for. a wide open road. pretty much have the whole thing
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to yourself. nobody is really looking. not too much danger nearby. oh no! you see up ahead, the driver with the dash cam clearly sees the slower rickshaw, but they both chose the same place to get out of each other's way. they come together prettyrd d pretty solid. looks like maybe at least five, six people inside that little rickshaw. one guy falls out the side and everybody's neck gets whipped back hard. all reports say that nobody was seriously injured, but i can guarantee you those people are definitely going to feel that impact. this next video from a vehicle in australia. it actually points backwards. we're looking out the rear window of this car craig waters. >> i triple dare. >> what craig saw was aerts tha that the driver, the parents of this child claim that the baby
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got out of his child seat in the back and crawled forward and crawled up into the front of the car and they say that they soon pulled over and resecured the child. >> i for one am not buying it because the baby was leisurely taking it up front. >> he had time to go from the back all the way to kissing the windshield? come on. >> definitely a dangerous situation for that child. washout, soccer moms. we have a hockey mom in the stand. she's pumped. >> i want her on my cheering squad, man. she's awesome. >> as long as she's not your mom. >> if that's your momma, you're, like, yes, momma, cheer me on. her daughter plays for the pittsburgh vipers hockey team. she just scored her first goal. she's played for about six years
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and this is the first time. she goes from cheering and shouting to whistling. >> it's like there's 20,000 people in the stadium. >> that's my baby! >> oh my god, i think i peed myself. >> she is hilarious. >> that's my girl! >> she wants everybody to know that's my girl. >> oh my god! >> she should become the mascot of this team. >> the fans go crazy every day over their favorite players. when your baby finally scores, why not? and to make it even better, this is a playoff game and they went on to win. so what did she do when she got
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home? what you're looking at is a cake and it is completely edible. and it also looks like a work of art. the person who made this is a vancouver british columbia based baker and pastry chef. she's known as the glazing queen because of the glaze mirror cakes she makes. look at this one. that is salted caramel macadamia nut. if you're wondering how does she get that look on her cakes? well, she has signature colors. this one looks like the inside of an orange when she gets done with it. >> what the heck? >> if you'd like to learn, she offers online classes, because she's all about teaching people and learning more herself. she teaches you how to do this. she says she uses all natural ingredients and she says what's inside is even more important.
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look at the inside. >> even the inside looks like a work of art. look at the colors on this one. >> it's gorgeous. >> i mean, i would like that as a piece of art on my dining room table. >> in this case you can eat it. i ain't complaining about that. she says it will take about three days to make one of these cakes. >> let's talk about the tools that she uses. >> edible bowls is actually easy to find, but when she put ts do -- puts it down, it's a master piece. a real estate professional who decided she should do things a little bit different. how she's wrapping up business with a smart marketing campaign. ♪ >> that's how you cheat a ce got to give her some good credit for that one. and a soul flier soars over a slope. >> it must have been pretty awesome. >> it must have been pretty awesome. >> epic
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tweet us @rightthisminute. when you're a talented athlete, you probably feel like sometimes flying down. or you could actually be flying down. >> well, it smoothes out the moguls. >> i like how he's, like, i'll reion of where all these seats are going. >> this is over the french alps and it was shared by reggie. they've got two athletes flying over the slopes. one of them leading us. our pilot here, it's good to see them flying over the lift with people sitting in the seat and then obviously -- >> imagine being a lift and being fly >> theyw with your lift ticket. >> it must have been pretty
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awesome. she's a real estate professional and the market is kind of saturated, so she decided she should do things a little bit different. ♪ we could talk about the properties looking for ♪ ♪ i can get you preapproved with no problem ♪ >> she said she was simply looking for a way to shake things up a little bit from a marketing standpoint and she lov loves karaoke. i will say this. she does break down the steps in the process of purchasing a home. because most people don't really know the steps until they actually have to go rough it. ♪ now it's closing time ♪ it's closing time >> and did you notice the
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champagne toast at the end of the closing? that's how you treat a client. >> i've got to give her some good credit for that one. ♪ now it's closing time >> l swell, she clearly has goo credit with people in chicago. this video has picked up traction around the city and people are coming through the door. mission accomplished, boss lady. >> i'm out. he's going fishing for victims. and he's using spider thing cha reaction. >> i don't like it. >> calm down. >> see who bites
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doing it. ♪ he are m phobias, but one of the most com most com mom arachnophobia. you know and i know it. he's got himself a fishing rod with a big old spider on the
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end. >> he doesn't just pick one lady. he picks many, many victims. >> that's wrong. >> it just appears right in front of you of you of you >> this dude, though. >> sorry, man. >> i freaking hate spiders. >> this one has the most authentic reaction. the next lady is an authentic charity bay reaction. >> i don't like you. i'm saying that right up front. i don't like you. >> accurate. that is a charity reaction. keep an eye out for jack. if you don't, you might get a bit of a surprise.
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thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you next time on a brand new "rtm". alright, let's talk perks! would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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