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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc7 news. local church lead remembers putting their faith in a new plan to help permanently get homeless people off the streets. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'll dion lim. >> i'm aric thomas. we have been focusing on the issues about the homeless crisis as part our building a better bay area initiative. >> churches in alameda county are launching a new program tomorrow. >> abc7 news reporter jovita fordson has a look. >> reporter: members of oakland's williams chapel baptist church walk by faith. they were led to their parking lot with a mission. >> we are starting off right now with ten to 15 cars that will be along this fence. >> pass tar kenneth anderson is not discussing a new parking plan for the growing congregation. starting monday his church's lot will be used by local homeless
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residence to sleep in overnight in their cars. >> how can we turn or heads? if it starts with the cars that's a start. >> there is a porta potty. and surveillance. resources will be offered during the day. this is set to expand to other oakland churches later in the year. all together it is the interfaith council of alameda county safe car park program. >> it is sad to see families with babies and little children sleeping in their cars on the streets. >> according to the county, in 2017 almost 50% of alameda's homeless population live in oakland and seven out of ten homeless residents going unshult sheltered on any given day. >> i always thought what can we do as a churhe bgf cy and county money to fund it. reporting in oakland, joe serena fordson, abc7 news. >> we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to help
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keep building a better bay area. you can head to abc7 and search the words better bay area and share your comments and suggestions with us. you can also contact us on twitter and join us our better bay area page on facebook. we now know the name of a woman who died after her bullet ridden car hit a guardrail along highway 4 in the east bay. destiny hillary of antioch died at the scene along eastbound 4 in concord yesterday afternoon. highway patrol officers spent several hours looking for clues. they found bullet holes in the driver door of hillary's honda, but it is unclear if she was showed on the freeway or somewhere else. the chp is asking witnesses to come forward. >> if anybody saw anything, whether it be a crash or a shooting or anything that they might be able to add to the story we would definitely appreciate it. >> detectives also believe hillary was the only person inside her car. a principal in pets pits is on life support tonight and hissist wife faces attempted
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murder charges. officers say paul schatzwell's wife shot him early yesterday morning during an rgt a. they took her into custody. schatzwell is a principal of the adult education center in pittsburgh and has eight children. the pittsburgh unified school district says it will have additional counsellors tomorrow at the education center as well as at the schools his youngest children attend. >> new zealand is showing resolve and strength as it come to terms with attack at two mosques that claimed 50 lives. new zealand's lawmakers prepare to take up gun legislation. we have an update. >> no! no! snoon. >> reporter: an emotional traditional ceremonial dance, leavutinge,ndrang ggand supporting each50 p die m victims remain
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hospitalized, 12 of them in critical condition. workers preparing graves for the burials which are supposed to happen within 24 hours according to muslim tradition. the coroner's office still identifying the victims. >> it is the expectation that all bodies will be returned to fams by wednesday. >> reporter: new zealand's prime minister also revealing new details of the moments leading up to the horrific attack saying 30 recipients received a hate filled manifesto. >> that was mailed out nine minutes before the attack took place. it did not include a location. it did not include specific details. >> reporter: and the family of the suspect, a 28-year-old white supremacist from australia, now reacting. >> what he's done -- >> he's -- >> it's just not right. >> it's unreparable. >> reporter: we are also learning more details about the american toddler saved by his father inside one of the mosques. the child's mother posting, my husband shielded our son during
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the attack. both father and season expected to survive. julia mcfar land, abc news london. new development in the ethiopian airlines jet crash. investigators are getting clouse clues from the plane's data and flight recorders. the data so far shows there is a similarity between the crash and an earlier one in indonesia that involved the same type of plane. the "new york times" reports that early findings are consistent with the possibility that the software system may have played a role. that same system is the central focus of the indonesian crash. the crashes led to the grounding of boeing's 737 max 8 planes. a san francisco muni light rail train hit an suv this ted the citizen app of the overturned suv. it happened at 43rd avenue and terravel street.
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buses carried passengers until the tracks were cleared. say aloha to a new way to get to hawaii. ♪ a big ceremony and crowd for today's launch of new direct flights from the bay area. just ahead the ripple effect this new service had on the price to fly to paradise. it is one of the most controversial public transit projects in our state's history. now is your chance to voice your opinion about high-speed rail. hopefully you had a chance to enjoy all of this beautiful weather. we had tons of sunshine, a couple more hours to enjoy your sunday. soar if a, plenty of 70s out there. one more d tto harrison, the wine tcollection..
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a friend of mine says aloha means good-bye but it means hello, too. southwest airlines flew from oakland to hawaii for the first time today. abc7 news was at oakland international airport when honolulu bound passengers boarded the flight. southwest is oakland's largest carrier. customers now have a reason to celebrate after urging the no trils carrier to fly to hawaii for years. >> this is really special for me because i am born and raised in hawaii. so i'm excited. >> based on the kind of response from the east bay and from our employees it was long overdue. >> tickets went on sale early whier this month with fares starting as low as $49 each way. that triggered a fair war with other major airlines slashing fairs from california to hawaii snuk you can still learn about california's high-speed rail system during a meeting toal night even though governor gavin
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newsom has scaled back plans for the system. the governor revealed during his state of the state only the leg between merced and bakersfield will be built at this time. tomorrow night's meeting is at the bay area metro center at 375 beale street in san francisco. it will run from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. early morning commuters using 880 should give themselves extra time for their drive this week. all southbound lanes from hayward will be closed for four hours overnight. the closures start tonight at midnight and the lanes reopen at 4:00 a.m. the close oar schedule is set to run through thursday morning so crews can install express lane signs. breathing new life into a troubled horse racing track in southern california. >> mri plus.
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we saw a baby whale and a mommy whale together. >> people are enjoying whale watching to an extreme in one southern california city. where the sightings have spiked. one more day of nice warm weather to come. 71 in concord. 67, oakland. livermore is 68. temperatures almost as warm tomorrow. and then time to get the umbrellas and jackets back out. >> abc's new brand localish is inspiring stories in a weekly digital stories called more in common. >> this week meet an unlikely group of friends making beautiful music together. ♪ >> this is going to sound like the start of a joke, but what do anr an atheist and a catholic have in common? >> music that brings us to the. >> more than just music. acceptance, humors and participation and it doesn't
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matter that she's a catholic and i am an atheist ♪ >> i'm katie sharp and i am an atheist. i am also the director of a secular choir called voices of reason. >> i am david mcgee, i am a practicing roman catholic and i sing bass with this choir. >> what is the choir? >> we are a group of people that like to sing interesting songs that are not necessarily religious for coral music. in the non-religious community this is something that's lacking. that's what our choir is trying to bring. >> how do you feel about your catholic christians or even others? >> as a choir we accept people from all backgrounds. we have a catholic in the group and he sings the solo for the song "every sperm is sacred" ♪ >> you are a catholic, you are surrounded by atheists and humanists in this choir. why do you do it? >> they are
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new details now. horse races could resume friday at santa anita park near los angeles. all of this after racing was suspended due to a spike in the number of horse deaths. track officials and the thoroughbred owners of california organization reached a deal yesterday. the state does need to still sign off on it. it includes limits on the use of a drug cade called laysics, a die your ethic that helps prevent horses from hemorrhaging. 22 horses have died because of injuries on the track either in racing or train. wusnd athe track on march 5th. whale watchers are seeing an impressive invasion of humpback whales on san diego's coast. daily sightings over the past week. more than 20 spotted in one day. whale watchers are lucky to see
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three or four usually. a family visiting from dallas says they couldn't have asked for a better vacation. >> we saw -- we saw a baby whale and a mommy whale together. >> it is amazing! >> one photographer says the reason for the increase is the number of bait fish in the area. so while the wales would normally move up the coast to find more food they year they have come across a feast and they are sticking around. >> that kid was enthusiast stick about whales. >> about what? i didn't see -- >> his expression was priceless. i think a lot of people think the same way for the weather. >> i think you are right. meteorologist lisa argen has more on the forecast. >> it has been beautiful. notice the high clouds. live doppler 7. they were with us but didn't really do anything to inibt had all the warmth we had out there. another vantage point. people still getting out there to enjoy the day. we have mild temperatures at 5:00. in fact we are looking at temperatures still in the 70s all over the bay area. 74 in santa rosa. never to the east bay, 68 in
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livermore. with 73 by the della. 74 in gilroy. san jose, 72. and we will still see a few 70s tomorrow. we have had an on-shore flow. that is going to allow for a bit of a sea breeze. here's a wider perspective. a big dome of high pressure protecting us. this iria of high pressure in the next 48 hours is going to shift to the east. and that is going to allow the storm door to open. we are not looking at any very heavy storms or big impacts with the next two systems, just some light springlike showers as we look at mount tam. a little hazy out there. more warmth through your monday it will be cooler with the clouds on tuesday. spring showers on wednesday. yet another system by the end of the week. patchy fog forming along the coast. 50 in oakland. and san mateo. 46 in a. mild to start out. the rest of the night into monday we will have high clouds and patchy fog. it will be warm. the high pressure is still not out of town yet.
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as we go into your tuesday, that's when you are really going to feel more dramatic changes. 75 tomorrow in livermore. 70 in oakland. 71 in san mateo. then the sea breeze this afternoon. still nice at the coast. mid 60s, half moon bay. 71 for santa cruz and 73 in santa rosa. tomorrow, mountain view, enjoy it, 74. 68 on tuesday. then the temperatures drop off and stay around average or a bit below average. storm impact sail scale for wednesday. showers, breezy conditions. quarter of an inch to half an inch and a chance of thunderstorms. let's time it out for you. tuesday night we got away with a dry commute for the next two days. as we go through the overnight hours, wednesday morning is wet. scattered showers ending into thursday. we get a break. and then by friday, more rain. it is a quick mover. but it is a cold system on friday. we could see low snow levels, down to about 4,000 feet. amounts from the first system, a third of an inch to half an
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inch. this enon friday taking the north bay up to an inch. an inch around the coast and perhaps around the santa cruz mountains. accuweather forecast. mild tomorrow. tuesday cooler. storm i a arrives on wednesday. a one on our storm impact scale. a break on thursday. another storm on friday. weekend is trending dry. as you keep track of the temperatures they are getting much cooler but that's much more in line with what we should feel like in march. we were getting spoiled. >> not time to create the brackets yet but it is coming up. >> it is coming up on thursday. just ahead it is selection sunday in college basketball. that means march madness has tipped off. look at the scene there. the gales are ready to go
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now sports from abc7 news. st. mary's already punched its ticket to the big dance with an upset over gonzaga in the conference tournament. today they found out who is going to be their dancing partner. that is cool. this was the team's reaction when they heard their first round matchup being announced. the gales will take on defending champ, villa nova in the south region on thursday. the game will be played in hartford, connecticut. the gales are the 11th seed with a 22-11 record. the wild cats are the sixth seed after winning the big east
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conference tournament. gonzaga, who the gales beat this the tournament is the number one seed in and out the west. duke is the number one overall seed in the u the. virginia, tops in the south. income north carolina is the number one seed in the midwest region of it is the tar heels record 17th time as the number one seed. oregon is the 12th seed. the ducks take on wisconsin friday in san jose. washington is a nine seed. the husk es will face utah state on friday. arizona state, one of the last teams to make the field of 68, they will face st. john's in the playing game. andrew bogut was scheduled to make his warriors return thursday at home against indiana. but boogie cousins has a sore foot. so bogut is on his way to san antonio and will be available for tomorrow's game against the spurs. the warriors defend flips the switch. brooker 2 of 16 from the floor for serve points and zero threes
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made. most of that was due to klay thompson who is defense is i don't have looked because of his points as they go 2-0 ty. on the road trip with a minnesota back to back starting on monday. >> playoffs are around the corner. we want to go in on a nice winning streak. we started one so far. >> we are moving in the right direction. it is all about that feeling when you walk off the court win or lose, just that's a test, a check of how you are playing. and last two games we passed that test and we have got to continue to do that. >> the a's are in japan where they will open the 2019 season against the mariners wednesday morning at 3:00 a.m. don't worry if you can't wake up. you can check out the highlights here. oakland playing two exhibition games before that against the nippon-ham fighters. no matter where he goes, rickey henderson is a huge star. doesn't matter where khris davis
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is, he can rake. third inning just miss as homer, drives in matt chapman who had three hits on the day. piscotty gets into the act with an rbi single. brings home olson. and profar with an rbi single to bring in davis. the a's with five straight hits, eight a's pitchers got the job done on the other side. they win it, a final of 5-1. the a's play their home opener thursday march 28th against the angels. just 11 days and both teams will be back here in the states to start the baseball season. >> looks like the book on that pitcher was right field. everyone was going ride. today we get to all be a little bit irish don't we. >> we will take to you
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>> new on abc7 news at 6:00, would you pay extra for an uber or a lyft ride? the bay area city considering a ride share surcharge. how about a poppy apocalypse as beautiful as super bloom in southern california looks it is now creating several problems for the city where it happened. people celebrated st. patrick's day in many ways this weekend. and thousands enjoyed a carnival in the east bay. >> abc7 news was at dublin california where people enjoyed rides games and foods. dublin's annual st. patrick's day festival featured a parade, fun run and pancake breakfast. they claim it is the biggest st.
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patrick's day festival on the west coast. didn't say whether the pancakes were green or not. >> i'm tonight, the devastating disaster, and what may be a major break in the case. is there a crash connection? the black box data now in the hands of ethiopian officials, who say there is a, quote, clear similarity between this crash and the lion air disaster which also killed everyone on board. boeing now responding. the historic flood emergency. nebraska's governor calling it unbelievable. entire towns cut off. helicopters needed for hundreds of water rescues. rivers rising to record levels. sam champion standing by. the cross-country capture. the suspect in the murder of his wife, arrested more than 2,000 miles from where her body was discovered. a large amount of cash in the mexico? the new video tonight. the police carjack shooting. a wild chase.


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