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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> a program it launching tomorrow in oakland to fix that. >> oakland williams chapel church you can expect sunday service to wrap up with music, a blessing from the pastor. and the congregation spills out in the parking lot. they'll be sharing with the homeless. >> we're starting off with ten to 15 cars. that will be along this fence. >> homeless oakland residence will sleep over night in their cars starting monday. there's bathroom, water station, video sur vaels. and security guards will be on site. resources like employment training will be offered during the day. this is set to expand to other churches later in the year. altogether the counsel safe car park program. >> these will be individuals that are employed. there's a lot of college students that are trying to get their education. be don't have a place to sleep.
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>> it's really sad to see families with babies and children in their cars on the street. >> 2017, almost 50% of the homeless population live in oakland. >> what can we do as a church? >> faith told them this was the answer. with the blessing of city and county money to fund it. >> how can we turn our heads? if it starts with the cars that's a start. >> traffic is another issue we're looking at when it comes to building a better bay area. there's a growing push to add a tax to rides from uber and lift. generating $30 million a year. dealing with traffic congestion. ride shares make up about half of the increase traffic in downtown san francisco from 2010 to 2016. we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to keep building a better bay area.
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search the words better bay area. you can write us with your comments and suggestions. on twitter and facebook. join our group as we work on finding solutions together. >> east bay communities are coming together to show support after the deadly new zealand terror attacksment the muslim community center held a remembrance this evening. and a candle lit vigil started 30 minutes ago the the multi-faith sanctuary. muslim leaders are denouncing the attack that killed 50 peopl. one board member said the faces seem so familiar. not just the church members but the suspect as well. >> the face of the killer looked very familiar. like a friend like a neighbor. like a teacher. the whole thing was a little too familiar. seeing our friends come together to support us means much more
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than people realize. >> law enforcement ad tosng aro mosques as a precaution measure. >> new zealand prime minister revealed details moments leading up to the attack. 30 received a hate filled manifesto nine minutes before he fired the first shot. workers are preparing graves for the burials supposed to happen within 24 hours. but the coroner is working to identify the victims. expected to be done by wednesday. the family of the suspect a 28 year-old white supremacist from australia is n reacting. >> it's not right. unreparable. >> new zealand contends with the worst mass shooting in ceremony. a dance was performed in honor of the victims. >> facebook says it has removed
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1.5 million videos of the attack from when it happened. companies like facebook, and you tube were monitoring and trying to remove the video. the company still faced criticism. >> highway patrol urging witnesses to speak up following tragedy that killed a young woman on highway 4. 25 year-old died after the car hit a guardrail and went off the road yesterday. officers found bullet holes in the drives door. they're trying to find out if she had been shot before crashing the car. a coroner will determine how she died. >> a principal in fits burg on life support. his wife faces attempted murder. officers say paul's wife shot him early yesterday morning during an argument and took her into custody. he's a principal on the adult
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education center in pittsburg. he has eight children. the unified school district says it will have counsellors at the adult education center tomorrow. as well as at the school. his youngest children attend. >> a california software company with offices in oakland and sacramento leave thousands of medical records. the company is named med tab. specializing in medical records for hospitals and doctor offices and pharmacies. one of the things it does is handle electronic faxes. the fax server had a security lapse and department have a password exposing documents. the faxes include personal information. there's no comment about the tech crunch report. >> new developments with the clean up of the debris from the campfire. after recent rain and mud slides, crews will dpet back to work on monday. the wet conditions hinder the ability of disposal facilities. there are eleven thousand sites
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that need to be cleared of debris. the majority in paradise. only 200 have been cleared. 85 people died in the campfire. the deadliest and most destructive wild fire in california history. >> netflix is pulling footage from the popular film bird box. the complaints raised about a certain scene. >> a bay area start up looking to hit it big. their product they're pitching on the shark on shark tank. >> nobody won the power ball last night. the jackpot will be whopping on wnz. wednesday. >> high clouds from the east bay. one more day like this. until a return
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netflix is making some changes to the popular movie bird box. complaints over real life train derailment. a trail in canada a disaster that left 47 people dead. the film almost immediately drew protest from the town where the train explosion happened. netflix plans to remove the video and replace it with fictional footage. bird box has been a huge hit for the company. 45 million people watched it the
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first week tfrs out. >> arnold schwarzeneggar shared history. this picture from the strong man competition. the winner this weekend on the left. he decided to celebrate by getting married to his boyfriend. the former california governor got in on the celebration and took a picture with the couple. >> a start up from berkeley is going on shark tank tonight. >> the founders of wild earth a sustainable and cruelty free dog food company is looking to get a deal from one of the sharks. >> we're at at watch party. i can imagine everyone there is so excited. >> they're so excited. i don't know if you can hear the excitement here. these are the friend and family of the cofounders of wild earth. he'll be featured tonight on shark tank. the episode was shot seven months ago. tonight is the big night. we spoke to the ceo. and along with two codpounders
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who have been working on the product for two years. they started like many tech start ups in a basement. this is a bio tech. imagine a laboratory. they're only making dog food and say the product considered a complete protein. it's lig meat and provides only what dogs needs. but it's actually vegan. >> most people are not that familiar with what it is. we have had it and enjoyed it. it's the fun guy that we use to brew soup and soy sauce. it gives food a flavor the savor ri flavor. dogs love it too. >> the cofounders have dogs of their own who played an important role during the pitch. before and after the pitch. because they were trying to very delicious treats. let's talk about shark tank. i spoke to a cofounder. their main goal was impress mark
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cuban. we'll find out if they did that. we'll have the interview at 11:00. >> so no secret? they didn't tip you off if they got a deal or >> of course. of course i asked them. they're not able to say anything because of course they saned a contract. there's a party and there's excitement. there might be good news. we'll see. >> sounds good. >> here's the line up tonight. american idol at 8:00 p.m. and you can catch that special episode of the shark tank at 10:00 and stay tuned for the news at 11. >> the super-bloom is creating chaos in southern california. what mayor is saying about the visitors coming to see the poppies and the problems they're creating. >> meteorologist is up next with the forecast.
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it's time to work on your bracket. it's selection sunday in college basketball
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a poppy super-bloom is overwhelming river side county. the city mayor wrote yesterday the huge crowd created a crisis. they are shorthanded. an employee was hit by a driver. a rattlesnake bit a visitor and drentzs are getting angry at the people directing traffic. city officials wrote on instagram. it's not made for disney land size crowds. >> did you miss last nights power ball drawing? don't worry. you have lots of company. nobody hit the jackpot. >> it will grow to over half a billion dollars for wednesday. $550 million to be exact. hit all the numbers and you can take a lump sum payment of about $335 million. it hasn't quite cracked the top ten for largest jackpot in u.s. history. it is the eighth largest in power ball history. the odds are long.
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with about one in 292 million. >> no matter whether you win or not you can't buy the weather. you can buy a for a for a for >> beautiful one. i hope you enjoyed it. high clouds here from doppler 7. they didn't do anything to cool us off. in fact it felt warmer today like a late may day. we'll look at temperatures stl mild throughout the evening hours. if you're stepping out now still plenty of 70s. we had a sea braze. that cooled off mot monterey. 68 downtown. 71 san jose. 70 gilroy. 72 santa rose. and over night lows tonight notice no 30s. even some 50s from redwood city to san jose. mid-40s for the cool locations inland. a stellar several days out there. we have one more to go. as a ridge of high pressure
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continues to protect the bay area. and california. in the next 48 hours that ridge is going to weaken and slide to the east. and that is going to allow for several systems to move in and allow cooler weather than with an unsettled weather pattern. through a portion of next weekend. 72 san francisco. 73 oakland. 76 with 70 in concord. san jose 74. nowhere near the low to mid-60s which is average for mid-march. more warmth monday. cooler with clouds tuesday. spring showers on wednesday. and then we'll see them short hof disappear into thursday. by tomorrow we have the higher clouds. but still high pressure keeping us mild into the 70s for most of you again. except along the coast. 66 half-moon bay. 70 san francisco.
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as well as low 70s for fremont. 76 morgan hill. last day before things change. we're bringing in a storm impact scale for wednesday. aone. showers breezy and a quarter inch to half inch with a chance of thunderstorms. and as we go looking at our forecast animation right you'll notice showers. wednesday morning is wet. through the afternoon and showers end in thursday. this system is much colder on friday. and it could top some of the totals in the north bay. with the two systems. to an inch. we look at the first system we're a half inch from hayward and mountain view. here comes the second colder one bringing snow levels to 4,000 feet. a dusting again.above 6,000 fee five to ten inches on wednesday. the 7-day forecast mild tomorrow. showers late on tuesday. one on the storm impact scale.
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lingering showers thursday and cold wet system on friday. >> st. mary taking the drama out of the selection sunday. beating gonzaga in the championship game of the tournament. they officially heard they're going dancing. this was the teams reaction when they heard the first round match up being announced. they will take on the defending champs villanova on thursday. in connecticut. the gails are the eleven seed. atast conference tournament.e teaes ae duke isr tournament. virginia is number one in the south. north carolina the top seed in t heels record 17th time as a number one seed.
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three teams from the pac-12 ha made the big dance. oregon 12 seed. they take on wisconsin friday in the south bay. washington is a nine seed. huskies face utah state on friday. arizona state was the last team to make the field of 68. they'll face st. john in the play in game. >> on his way to san antonio. sk scheduled to return home against indiana. cousins hz a sore foot. he will be available for tomorrow nights game against the spurs. most of that was due to the play of klay thompson. he shut down westbrook. 23 points in the game. warriors go two and 0 on the road trip. a tough san antonio to minnesota.
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back to back starting monday. >> play afs are around the corner. we want to go in on a nice winning streak. and we started one so far. >> we're moving in the right direction. it's all about that feeling when you walk off the court and you win or lose. that test of check of how you pl and last two games we passed that test. >> the a's are in japan to open the season against the mariners wednesday morning at 3:00 a.m. today the first of two exhibition games against the hand fighters. no matter where you go, a star. signing autographs. and chris davis can rake. third inning. just misses a home run. he drives in matt chapman. three hits on the day. into the action with a single. that brings home matt olson.
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the a's five straight hits. pitchers got the job done on the hill. they win it 5-1. wild final round in the mayors championship. eight guys with a share of the lead at one point. including this guy. 48 year-old. walking after his approach on 18. you know it's good. sinks the bird. clubhouse lead at 15 under par. mcill roy did not blink. two puts for bird and the lead. he get ts the par on 18 for the win. he wins with a score of 16 under par. check this out. today phillies mike scott dives into the crowd chasing a loose ball. watch what he does. tries to sneak a sip of beer out of a fans cup. watch again. just looks like he kind of faked it. after all it is st. patricks
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day. he didn't get the drink but the team got the win. sixers beat milwaukee. everybody needs a little refreshment. think'rat allowed? ened. 2 probably says if you want it you buy it. >> no secret who is at the top of the box office. another marvelous showing for captain marvel.
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tonight at 11:00. irreplaceable generation old records stolen from a church. how they got returned and what the church is promising too old now to make sure is doesn't happen again. >> firefighter rescue a kitten trapped in a drainpipe. what one firefighter did that earned him the nickname cat whisperer. >> captain marvel the dominant force at the box office. >> another strong showing bringing in $69 million. the title role. it's the first time a marvel film spotlighted a female hero as the lead. disney is the parent company of
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abc 7. >> the rest of the top five. wonder park. and comes five feet apart. how to train your dragon. and tyler perry. a family funeral. >> do you think this is really it for her? >> no. can't be. >> that's right. as long as there's -- >> all right. that's it for us. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. aient all come together.e," thed there's so much to explore. on today's show, we visit a full-service butcher bringing new meaning to farm-to-table. >> the idea is you can come here, shop for your meat, go home, and cook up an awesome meal, or forget about it and we'll take care of you at the restaurant. >> then, a french pastry chef gives us a lesson on preparing authentic macaroons. >> it has that crispy and then the chewy and then the creamy... >> are you kidding me?! and aubrey visits her two old friends who started a business honoring their culture and cuisine. >> we're adding our own personal twist in being able to share not only a part of our culture, part of our family, and a part of, like, some of the things that we love. >> plus, we head downtown for some home cookin'. >> now, these chicken legs we have roasted in our charcoal


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