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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> he's a social butterfly. he's the musician. he's an adult ed principal. proud to say he's been my friend. >> friends and family of a pittsburgh principal are heartbroken tonight. he's on life support after being shot in his home. police say his wife did it and friends tell us they're shocked. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. an east bay father and principal is in critical condition after police say his wife shot him. abc7 news reporter kate larson spoke to the man's friends and family, and joins us now from the newsroom. kate. >> reporter: well, dion, eric, i spoke to one of his adult sons
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who had to go through his father's house tonight after seeing him on life support in the hospital. this is something people close to him say they never expected. >> this is a huge loss to our community. paul was just involved in so many good things and i love that man. >> reporter: michael basine has been friends with paul shatzwel since they were growing up in pittsburgh. he is on life support after poice say his wife shot him around 1:00 saturday morning after a domestic altercation at their home. >> i was supposed to go out with him that night. my wife didn't feel good so they decided to go out on their own. >> reporter: he came by his house saturday morning to see his friend. instead he found a crime scene. he said he was shot once in the head. >> a constant reminder of how i can do better. i wish i could be there for him. >> reporter: his children range
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in age of 5 to 29. ma pri a is the mother of the three youngest. he is the principal of pittsburgh adult education center. the school superintendent posted a statement which says, in part, along with the shock and grief, there will be many memories of his love of music, friends, family, pittsburgh and his passion for education. >> your typical happy family. >> reporter: john lives across the street from them. he never suspected anything was wrong between his friends and neighbors. >> they didn't seem the type to be having problems, you know what i mean? you've never seen the police here. they never argued. always happy with each other. he always told me how much he loves her. you know, you could see, you could see how much they loved each other. >> reporter: 39-year-old was booked into county jail for attempted murder. pittsburgh police say vire serks used a hand gun which they found at the house. the pittsburgh unified school superintendent said there will be additional counselors at his school tomorrow as well as the schools that his youngest
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children attend. in the newsroom, i'm kate larson, abc7 news. >> kate, thank you very much. in the east bay a young wanpeou was shot while riding in a cara long interstate 580 in livermore. the 24-year-old woman was wounded along isabel avenue around 5:45 this evening. they have no description of the person who shot her or the car. >> the shooting in livermore follows the death of another woman who may have been shot before crashing her cara long 4. she died at the scene along eastbound 4 near port chicago highway in concord yesterday afternoon. highway patrol officers spent hours looking for clues. they found bullet holes in the driver's door of hillary's honda, but it remains unclear if she was shot on the freeway or somewhere else. the c.h.p. is asking witnesses to come forward. >> if anybody saw anything, whether it be a crash or a shooting or anything that they might be able to add to the
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story, we would definitely appreciate it. >> the contra costa county coroner will determine how hillary died. >> east bay communities are coming together to show their support after the deadly new zealand terror attacks. the muslim community center in pleasanton held a remembrance this evening. there was a candle light vigil at santa clara university. muslim leaders are denouncing the attacks on two mosques that killed 50 people and wounded 40 others. they said the faces seemed so familiar, not just the church members, but the suspect, too. >> felt like home, the face of the killer. he also looked very familiar. he looked like a friend. he looked like a neighbor. he looked like a teacher. the whole thing was just a little too familiar. so seeing our friends coming together to support us means much more than i think people realize. >> law enforcement around the squease. been posted around >> we are continuing to learn
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more about the victims of the attacks. this father is credited with savng his 3-year-old son. the child's mother, an american, post that had her husband shielded our son during the attack. the father was shot and the child also hurt, but both are alive. the young boy's aunt says she is grateful. >> hug your family. hug your friends. you just don't know when you might not see them again. >> meantime, new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern is talking about the details of the gun law changes. she said options include a ban on semiautomatic rifles like those used in the attacks and a government-funded buy back of newly outlawed guns. >> i know adding that there is understandably both grief in new zealand right now, but there is anger, too. there are questions that need to beanswered, and we are looking for as well. >> today australian police raided two homes as part of the investigation into the mosque
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attacks. their connection, if any, to shooting suspect brenton tarrant is unclear, though he did grow up north of the town where the homes were raided. tarrant's next court date is april 5th, but today his lawyer said he was fired and the suspect now plans on representing himself. that lawyer told a new zealand paper that tarrant may use representing himself as a platform to display his white supremacist views. >> we have more on the terror attacks on the website we'll continue to bring you updates as the investigations into the attack unfold. >> all right. shifting gears now, lisa argen joins us for a change in the weather this week. >> lisa? >> that's right. we had a beautiful day today. you can see the golden gate bridge behind am i, a nice view. temperatures in the bey all over except at the coast. 79 in santa cruz, 72 in san francisco. 73 in oakland. 76 in santa rosa. 5 to 10 degrees above average. it was 82 in gilroy and 80 in morgan hill.
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so right now we are 5 degrees warmer in hayward, warmer in santa rosa, so stepping out it is still mild. mid 50s to low 60s out there, except at the coast. 46 half moon bay. and when we wake up tomorrow we'll see high clouds. it won't be as cold. 7:00, the sun up just afterwards about 7:18. and then we'll be looking at high clouds and mid-level clouds thickening throughout the day. still a mild afternoon away from the coast, but then i'm going to time-out some rain chances for you next time we see you and there's a couple of them in the week ahead. >> all right, lisa, thank you very much. local church leaders are putting their faith in a new plan to help get homeless people off the street. tomorrow night this time people will be sleeping safely in their car in an oakland church. >> nearly half of thee in oakland. abc7 news jobina fortson splaenz
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this is designed to get them out of their cars. >> reporter: members of the chapel baptist church walk by faith. they were led to their parking lot with a mission. >> we are starting off right now with 10 to 15 cars that will be along this fence. >> reporter: pastor kenneth anderson is not discussing a new parking plan for the growing congregation. starting monday, his church's lost will be used for homeless oakland residents to sleep in overnight in their carbs. >> how can we turn our heads? so, again, if it starts with the cars, that's the start. >> reporter: anderson showed us around the site. there is a port a potty, video surveillance. while es are he sleeping security guards will be here. it's the inter faith counc alameday inter faith sado see fh children sleeping in cars on the streets.
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>> reporter: as of 2017 almost 50% of alameda's homeless population lives in oakland. with almost 7,000 going unsheltered any given day. >> i always thought what could we do as a church. >> reporter: faith told them this was the answer, with the blessing of city ask county money to fund it. reporting in oakland, jobina fortson, abc7 news. >> now we want to hear your thoughts on what we can do to keep building a better bay area. you can go to and search the words "better bay area" and share your comments and suggestions with us. >> irreplaceable, generations old sacramento records stolen from a san francisco church say dominic's catholic church posted that their parish offices were broken into this tuesday. a safe containing 9 grand in gift cards to be given to the poor and the church's sacramental records. the reverend told the "san francisco chronicle" the records were returned on friday. the church was hit in 2016.
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somebody broke in a store, a piece of wood believed a part of the cross that christ was crucified on. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00. >> i'm luz pena. tonight they pitch their property. >> and a big ceremony and crowd for today's launch of new direct flights to hawaii from the bay area. ahead, the ripple effect this new service has had on the price to fly to paradise. >> plus the heroics that earned a firefighter on the peninsula the nickname the cat whispe
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a biotech start-up from berkeley just landed a deal with one of the entrepreneurs on abc's own shark tank tonight. >> one of the co-founders of
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wild earth, a sustainable and cruelty-free dog company had to make a sacrifice to get the deal done. abc7 news reporter luz pena has the story. >> reporter: when he entered shark tank, he did it on the right foot. he got some help. after three sharks were out, mark cuban made an offer. his team of scientists got to celebrate at a human party in berkeley. >> there was only one shark i wanted to close that night. it was mark cuban, and right at the end, i had no idea that he would come out with an offer. >> reporter: achb offer that involved ryan to give cuban 10% of his own equity in the company. >> my equity out and give it to mark just to get the opportunity to work with him, and to be honest, he's delivered. >> reporter: wild earth started a year ago and one of the co basement. a couch and computer, instead spencer christian tour this. the new products are in the works. >> we're going to be following up the treats with a complete nutritional line for dogs.
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the dogs don't have to eat. the dog food that's there now, made out of by product and remainder of large scale ag. >> reporter: the vegan dog treats are made out of a special type of ingredient. >> we all had it and enjoyed it. it's the fungi that we use to brew miso soup and soy sauce. >> reporter: it was a breeze compared to other recipes they had to make to win over the four-legged clients. >> i want to say more than 50 recipes to make sure we had the right recipe that all the dogs liked. >> reporter: if the product is vegan and it's so good for our pets, have these scientists tried them themselves? >> i was tempted to, not try, but to ask. >> it is a dog food. it is a dog food, but i have eaten it in the past. i have to say it's a dog food because it's a regulatory thing into tasty treats. luz pena, abc7 news. >> that is so funny. i would ask, too. te wild earth team will be
11:17 pm
joining us live in the abc7 news studios tomorrow. make sure to watch midday live to learn more about the product and what they are calling the shark tank effect. the boom in website traffic they are seeing tonight after the show. midday live begins at 11:00 a.m. right here on abc7 news. >> no taste test? >> huh-uh. you? >> yeah. a new era started for the east bay today when southwest airlines flew from oakland to hawaii for the first time. abc7 news was at oakland international airport when honolulu-bound passengers boarded flight 6808. southwest is oakland's largest carrier. tickets went on sale earlier this month with fares starting as low as $49 one way. that triggered a fare war with other airlines slashing their fares from california to hawaii. >> people celebrated st. patrick's day many ways and there was a carnival in the east bay. >> abc7 news was in dublin. not that dublin. california civil i can center where they enjoyed rides, games
11:18 pm
and food. dublin's st. patrick's day festival featured a and pancak. they claim it's the biggest irish festival on the west coast. >> it was a day of inspiration and empowerment at the power of us. i had the pleasure of speaking at google this week. it is an international professional and social club made up of more than 12,000 women. women are able to showcase their diversity and participate in entrepreneur events, career panels, all kinds of workshops, all in a safe environment. >> and they all looked happy with smiles on their faces. >> yeah. it was quite a turnout. an awesome, awesome event. >> congratulations. a fal look heeaere sad t work o. ave another d to enjoy tomorrow. it's going to last one more day. our warm, dry spell. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above average. live doppler 7 behind me. you saw the lack of cloud cover
11:19 pm
and we are looking at another nice day tomorrow. if you're lucky enough to have it off, in the east bay in concord, the warm est day of the week is monday. with numbers in the mid 70s, then tuesday increasing clouds. the numbers drop into the upper 60s. look what happens on wednesday. advertising some showers and barely hitting 60 degrees the rest of the week, around or below average. so dig out the rain gear. the heavier jacket. we're not looking at a lot of rain. live doppler 7 confirms that this big ridge of high pressure is protecting the western -- the eastern pacific. and looking at the clouds going up and over that ridge. so the good news is that it's going to take sometime for this to break down. and the rainfall not looking like a lot, but we could still use a few spring showers. that's what looks like is on the way. golden gate bridge dry. oakland 51. half moon bay is at 50. right here in the city, looking
11:20 pm
pretty nice and mild out there. plenty of 50s all around the bay. vacaville at 50, 54 in concord. i believe we made it into the 80s in morgan hill, down in gilroy it was in the upper 70s in santa cruz. we're going to get that sea breeze once again today. so areas at the coast, half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, you will be cooler tomorrow jfrt as you were today after that sea breeze kicked in in monterey. it was in the 70s, then dropped into the 60s after that sea breeze. so more warmth for monday for most of you. cooler with the clouds on tuesday. late tuesday, rain chance comes in, but spring showers should arrive on wednesday. overnight lows, we're so much milder tonight. we're going to keep them in the mid and upper 40s in the cool est locations to 350 degrees i g oakla -- 50 degrees in oakland, san jose. high clouds through the afternoon, but no rain for monday. we'll pick up our forecast
11:21 pm
animation on tuesday to show you the timing of the rain, but we also could enjoy -- how about monday, with 70s from oakland to satisfy. low 70s, palo alto, once again mid 70s in san jose. and the sea breeze right here along the coast. so mild to warm, an afternoon sea breeze. 1 son our storm impact scale as we get through wednesday. a chance of thunderstorms anywhere from a 10th to 1500th. not expecting a lot. scatters out throughout the rest of the day into thursday. there's our break. then by friday, midday we're looking at another quick-moving system. that one does look colder. rainfall amounts, not to really write home about, but the first system anywhere from 500th, santa rosa, to an inch in the south bay, santa cruz mountains and the secondary system allowing for just a little bit more. the accuweather seven-day forecast, another mild one for us, dion and eric, tomorrow. hope you're not working.
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rest of the week download the app for live doppler 7. i'm off. >> are you off? >> no, but i'm going to enjoy it anyway. >> representing. all right. thank you. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, firefighters in san mateo county rescue a kitten trapped in a drainage pipe.
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(music throughout)
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l a firefighter on the peninsula has earned the nickname the cat whisperer for his heroics. >> a kitten got stuck in a drainage pipe in atherton monday afternoon. firefighters from the men low department determined the cat was 14 feet down and called in animal control. animal control, though, had no luck, so the firefighters tried again. one of them used some twine to make a little loop and after an hour was able to free that
11:26 pm
kitten from the pipe. one of the firefighters bonded with the kitten so much, he is now considering adopting it. >> the only thing you can follow cute kids and cute pet stories with is sports. a. that's right. saint mary's, i'm not going to tell you who they're playing. they are facing the big cats of the ncaa. >> good one. >> just ahead, saint mary's now has a date for the big dance. who they'll face in the first round of the
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>> announcer: abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> saint mary's holding a dance party. the g celebrating their official invite to the dance.
11:30 pm
that never gets old. this was the team's reaction when they heard their first round match up being announced. the gayles will take on the defending champion villanova wild cats in the south region ecrt cut. now, the gayles are an 11th seed with a 22-11 records. the cats are the 6th seed after winning the big east conference tournament. villanova head coach jay wright seems more concerned with his own team than the gayles. >> as long as we're playing villanova basketball and we've been doing it 40 minutes, we'll we'll be good. we didn't do that this year a lot of games. we were learning how to do it during the season. we ran into some teams sometimes that were playing their brand well. we weren't yet. but we did get there in the big east tournament. >> now, gonzaga, the team the gayles beat in the wcc tournament conference championship is number one seed in the west. duke is the number one overall
11:31 pm
in the tournament. virginia number one in the south. north carolina, the top seed in the midwest region. it's the one the 17th time. oregon is a 12 seed. they take on wisconsin friday in san jose. washington is a 9 seed. the huskies will face utah state friday. arizona state was one of the last teams to make the field of 68. they'll face st. john's in the playing game. san francisco was snubbed by the n.i.t. they started the season 12 on 1, but finished with a 21 and 10 mark. what might have hurt san francisco's chances of making the postseason was three straight losses to end the season and an early exit in the conference tournament. andrew bogut is on his way to san antonio. he was scheduled to return to the warriors home against indiana, but cousins has a sore foot, so bogut will now be
11:32 pm
available for tomorrow night's game against the spurs. steve kerr originally said he didn't want to put bogut on a cross-country flight so soon after he arrived from australia. the issue with cousins has forced a change of plans. bogut will be joining a warriors team that is finding its groove. >> we're moving in the right direction. it's all about that feel when you walk off the court and you win or lose. that's a check of how you played. and last two games we passed that test and we've got to continue to do that. >> today philly's mike scott, check this out, dives into the crowd for a loose ball. watch what he does. hey, he's thirsty. needs aabswo i n' a tood prett after all, it is st. patrick's day. they got the win. this abc7 sports report is
11:33 pm
sponsored by river rock casino. epically, a poor day for lebron james. show you in 27 minutes. >> gator aid. >> iced tea. anthony, thank you. >> more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. several democratic presidential hopefuls. what joe biden said then corrected that's stealing the spotlight before he makes his intentions official. >> a secret bloom is creating chaos in
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>> announcer: live where you vehis a7 .
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now, a principal at pittsburgh adult pittsburgh adult education center is on life support tonight. people say paul shatzwell's wife shot him at their home. she was booked into county jail for attempted murder. >> the c.h.p. is looking for witnesses in a possible crime. a woman's body was found along eastbound 4 near port chicago highway in concord yesterday near the scene of a crash, but the crashed vehicle had bullet holes in it, leading police to believe it could have been something more. this afternoon, a woman was shot while riding in a car along interstate 580 in livermore, but she's expected to be okay. >> oakland church leaders have a plan to help gethe ow heeams chapel baptisterwi b pt a potty water station, video surveillance and security guards at night.
11:38 pm
>> well, members of the national transportation safety board are now in ethiopia helping local investigators learn more from the black boxes of a doomed boeing 737-max 8. loved ones held funerals today for some of the 157 people who died when the ethiopian airlines jet crashed one week ago. everybody on board was killed. the u.s. grounded the 737-max 8 after a satellite data showed similarities between a lion air crash in indonesia in the fall and last week's crash in ethiopia. >> these airplanes are not going to fly again until everybody, to include boeing and the faa, are satisfied that whatever occurred can never happen again. >> one of american airlines grounded 737-max 8s is currently parked at s.f.o. boeing says it's working on a software fix to prevent the nose of the jet dropping. >> moving on for a bid to the white house, many democrats were out stumping today. newcomer beto o'rourke is facing a whole new level of scrutiny
11:39 pm
after throwing his hat into the ring. he told reporters he regretted saying he was born to run for president saying instead he was born to serve. senator kristen gillibrand said her first speech will take place in front of the trump international hotel. but the biggest news didn't come from a democratic hopeful, at least not officially. >> i'm the most progressive record of anybody running -- anybody who would run -- [ cheers and applause ] >> uh-huh. only time will tell whether former vice-president joe biden decides to run for president. although the slip in delaware certainly brought crowds, as you heard, and saw to their feet. >> traffic is another issue we are looking at when it comes to. the chronicle report saying the push to add a tax to for rides
11:40 pm
like uber and lyft, it will go towards traffic congestion. a report last fullest mated rideshare made up half of the increased traffic in downtown san francisco from 2010 to 2016. >> a poppy super bloom is overwhelming lake elsinore. the mayor wrote, the huge crowds have created a bit of a crisis. he even called it a poppy apocalypse. he said they were shorthanded. someone was hit by a driver, someone was bit a a rattlesnake and they are upset at the traffic. city officials wrote on instagram lake elsinore is not made for disneyland-size crowds. >> this wasn't a big problem last year. this is a poppy apocalypse now. >> good one. >> don't get up. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, take a look at this. a picture-perfect view of where
11:41 pm
people entered their pin numbers at gas stations is just one piece of evidence investigators found to bust a large west coast skimming ring. >> and a pretty nice view from our emeryville camera. 57 degrees in the east bay. should be another beautiful day tomorrow. some high clouds, but how long will this last? a big hint you're going to need to bring out the heavier coat and even the umbrella for the week ahead. >> plus abc's new brand local-ish inspiring a weekly digital series called more in common. a likely group of friends making beautiful music together. ♪ ♪ >> this is going to sound luke the start of a joke. what do atheist and catholics have in common? >> music. >> acceptance, humor and participation and ip. and it doesn't matter she's an ♪
11:42 pm
>> i'm katy schaaf and i'm an atheist. >> i'm david mcghee. i'm a practicing roman catholic and i sing bass with this inquire. >> what is an atheist inquire? >> we're a group of people who like to sing that's not necessarily religious. that's what our choir is trying to bring. >> how do you guys feel about catholic christians? >> as a choir, we accept people from all backgrounds. we have a catholic in the group and he sings the solo for the song. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: you're a catholic. you're surrounded by atheist ands huchl annists. why do you do this? >> this is an opportunity to sing. i love
11:43 pm
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unsuspecting atm users might have had this credit card information stolen because of what police call a skimming ring, targeting bank customers from sacramento to reno. sacramento county sheriff's deputies seized a pinhole camera you see here. the video recorded people inputting their pins while using an atm in sacramento. investigators believe the same crooks installed skimming devices at several banks. some of those gadgets might still be stealing people's information. >> we know they have at least travelled through several states here on the west coast and we're looking to see if they have victimized any more folks in other communities. >> deputies have arrested four men and they believe there are at least 40 victims in sacramento thatrene s finay hu u ♪ ♪
11:47 pm
you know that style, dick dale died last night in los angeles known for his blaringly laut instrumentals on songs like miser lou. he invented surf music, not the beach boys. many critics say he was right. he was inspired by the sounds of the beach. he was 81 years old and leaves behind a wife and son. >> a woman nearly dies after drunkenly crashing into a fire hydrant. it created a sinkhole that swallowed up her car that happened in minutes. it happened in marian county, florida. fire crews had to rescue her and another woman who stopped to help her and also became trapped. deputies and firefighters say both women were hanging onto the car like they were dangling off a cliff. that driver was charged with dui. >> time now for one last check of the weather with lisa argen. >> another beautiful day on tap
11:48 pm
tomorrow. some high clouds and temperatures almost as warm. plenty of 70s all around the bay. 70 in oakland. 78 in morgan hill. we had 80s down toward gilroy. the sea breeze will keep half moon bay in the 60s. here's what tuesday looks like. mostly cloudy, go through the day dry, offshore at 4:00 you'll notice there is rain. to move i bay area late overnight on tuesday. rainfall amounts from the tuesday/wednesday system anywhere from 5/100 to a quarter of an inch, maybe a third of an inch. then there is another system on friday. that could bring a third of an inch for the mountains and the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny, mild, increasing high clouds. 60s coast, 70s elsewhere. showers late knit day tuesday. 1 on the storm impact scale. first day of spring. lingering showers thursday. colder showers friday. next weekend still feeling like spring. it's the season. it's the time of year. we were just spoiled. it will be back. you know the 70s will be back
11:49 pm
before long. >> just wait awhile. >> right. >> thank you shlg lisa, thanks. >> we're always spoiled. anthony has the sports. >> just ahead, lebron james with a big flop in the big apple and hear why a warriors assistant coach says steph curry's game is peaking at the right t sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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>> announcer: abc sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> welcome back. the warriors are in san antonio tomorrow night. andrew bogut could be making his warriors debut as boogie cousins has a sore right foot. last night after the warriors win in okc, abc7's mindy bach had a chance to talk with warriors assistant coach butch frazier whose job is to work with steph curry and he thinks steph is going to have a strong finish to the season. >> what did you see with him in
11:53 pm
this win tonight? >> i think he was rested, you know. steph's always capable of a big night. he was almost close to a really big night tonight. he got going early. i thought he was capable. he was rested and really good sync and rhythm. it was all because of me. [ laughter ] >> yeah. you stretched him well. >> i had nothing to do with it, but it's fun to watch it. he was going. >> the one thing i had an opportunity to speak with him before the game, its was like oh, you're kind of in a slump, you're struggling. you could see in his eyes, no, i have the same confidence. i talked to him afterward, sort of like a baseball players. baseball players play 162 games. they have to keep an even keel because they're going to have highs and standards? >> i think he puts so much work into his craft. he's had tenure in the league now, so missed shots don't bother him. i think he was a little bit tired, honestly, mentally and
11:54 pm
physically. it's been a long season. he had a chance the last few days to get some rest and i could telewas rested tonight. just mentally. so i would expect bigger games out of him as we go. >> in case you missed it, the after the game crew making a little history on saturday night with the first-ever live broadcast inside the chase center. larry beil and company taking you behind the scenes to give you a sneak peek at the warriors' new home beginning next season. >> but this building is spectacular. when you think about the fact that you're going to have a brand-new building and the legacy that's gonna be unfolding behind us, to me it'ru remarkle to be h estion.n here, will they be dropping another championship banner, gentlemen? >> yes! >> let's hope so. yeah, let's hope so. obviously we would like to see that. >> that would be fun.
11:55 pm
i think joe and the entire warriors staff would love to see it. >> and just when you think it can't get any worse for lebron james and the lakers, james had the worst shooting quarter in his 16-year career against the knicks. in the final seconds of the fourth, the lakers down a point. james gets rejected as he tries to hit the game winner. now, he did score 33, but the 11 missed shots in the fourth is the most he's missed in a quarter, as the knicks beat the lakers 124-123. > bothers me that i didn't make enough plays down the stretch. bothers me i didn't get a shot up at the hoop. of course that stuff bothers me. i mean, what's the difference betw record? the two teams out of the postseason. >> to baseball, madison bumgarner, second to last start of the spring before the real deal on the 28th. looks like he's ready to go. 6 and two-thirds, six walks, five hits, no run, drove in the
11:56 pm
giants' run with an rbi ground out. a 5-run 8th inning. mike gerber with a two-run inning. giants win 7-2, less than two weeks away from opening day. wild finish at the players championship. eight guys with at least a share of the lead at one point, including this guy, 48-year-old jim furyk. look at that. after his approach shot on 18, walksing right after it, he sinks the bird for a 5 under 67. at the moment has the clubhouse lead at 15 under. then here comes rory mcilroy. birdied 15 for the tie, then the approach on 16 to 19 feet. he gets the par on 18 for the win. he wins the players championship at 16 under par. voom-voom, let's go racing. nascar in fontana. kyle bush absolutely dominating this race.
11:57 pm
passed 17 cars in 73 laps to capture the check erred flag. he tied richard petty's 23 wins. three major series including 53 in the cup series this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. so many records in sports. 200 for the cup series will likely never be broerk en. >> anthony, thank you very much. >> and with that, that's it for abc7 news at 11:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> bye-bye.
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11:59 pm
>> if you compare the dna of every human being on the planet, you'll learn that we are 99.99% the same. so why do we spend 99% of our
12:00 am
time focusing on that .01% that separates us. i'm michael koenigs, and this is "more in common," a show where i travel the country looking for stories about what brings us together. kids divided by the border wall unite across a tennis net. these two cities, even though they're in different countries, think they feel like one place? >> yeah, we feel like we're a community, although we get separated. >> an artist whose work celebrates and captures the humanity of the homeless. >> the way he sees me, the way god sees me, the way he painted it. brian gave us, the homeless, a voice. >> a mother who offers unconditional love to gay couples when their own family steps away. >> i don't have to have my blood-dna mom, but i still can have a mom. >> it turns out this country has countless stories of unity, but to find these extraordinary friendships, we have to reach out. this is "more in common." this is a show about accepting our differences and embracing our shared humanity, so we went to little rock, arkansas, for a story about overcoming old biases in the name of unconditional love. >> s


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