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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 18, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," remembering the victims of the new zealand mosque shootings. families still waiting to bury their loved ones as lawmakers already get to work on gun law reforms. the prime minister pledging a major announcement within days. flood warnings across more than a dozen states as rivers rise. there's already widespread destruction and concern for destruction. rain is once again in the forecast. new this half hour, a cross country capture. >> a man accused of killing his wife has been found several states away from the murder scene and just miles from the mexican border, but the investigation does not end there. hear the new, chilling details about his first wife. plus emotions running high during "american idol" auditions. judges cried and left speechless with contestant's stories and singing.
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luke bryan ended up on the floor after hearing one woman's voice. and we'll show you why in the skinny on this monday, march 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." happy monday, everyone. thank you for joining us. look who's back. >> it is so good to be here. >> it is the marcus moore from dallas. >> with the ray of sunshine here. >> oh, we are so excited to have marcus with us all week. looking forward to it. >> good to be here. >> so glad to have you. a lot to begin with this morning. we begin with very fast-action in new zealand following last friday mosques attacks. this is live from new zealand. mourners paying their respects to the victims as the prime minister says gun ownership laws will be tightened. >> she says the final details on the reforms needs to be worked out. they will be announced in ten days. also new zealand police said overnight that they believe only
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one attacker was responsible for the shootings that left 50 people dead and dozens more wounded. abc's will carr reports from christchurch. >> reporter: as a nation in anguish prepares to bury its dead, we are hearing stories of heroic survival, including this father that saved his 3-year-old toddler, the child's mother an american posting that her husband shielded our son during the attack. the father shot, the child injured but both alive. the young boy's aunt, grateful. >> hug your family. hug your friends. you just don't know when you might not see them again. >> reporter: on sunday new zealand's prime minister embraced heartbroken residents after authorities say this man, brenten tarrant, face blurred, per local law killed 50 people and injured dozens more at two christchurch mosques. the terror suspect accused of sending disturbing messages to
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authorities just minutes before he stormed the place of worship. >> it did not include a location. it did not include specific details. the assurance i wanted to give is had it provided details and could have been acted upon immediately, it would have been. >> reporter: the mayor of christchurch said the shooter's hate was imported into a safe city and a safe country. how does your community start to heal? >> by coming together. the victim of this attack was our whole community, not just the muslim community. >> reporter: in christchurch new zealand, will carr, abc news. >> our thanks to will carr on the ground in new zealand. you negotiation while we have a second to talk about the story, it is incredible that lawmakers are already saying they are taking action, i mean, a matter of hours after the shooting. because, here, itee that happen and that's what comes up, the talk of what do we do.
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how do we do it? then we move on and it happens again and it's a cycle. they are leading the way and taking action right away. >> it very much has happened in a place where it truly is not supposed to happen, and new zealand, of all the places, and as you point out it's interesting to see how quickly the lawmakers are taking steps. >> getting to work there. in the wake of the mosque attacks, facebook says it was busy removing videos of the incident. we are not showing any of that material. facebook claims it removed 300,000 videos in the first 24 hours after the attack. >> facebook also says that it blocked more than 1.2 million attempts to upload the video. other social media platforms like twitter and youtube worked to remove or block the video as quickly as possible. >> 1.2 million attempts to upload the video. who? why? why? why would people want to see that video? so good for those social media sites for stepping up and making sure those were taken down. turning to the aftermath of another tragedy, the jet crash in ethiopia, a new report says the transportation department is investigating the faa's approval of boeing 737 max jets.
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>> "the wall street journal" reports, the investigation started after last october's boeing crash in indonesia. the same type of jet was involved in the ethiopia crash last sunday and in the meantime data from that jet's black boxes is being accessed while the families of the victims wait for their loved ones remains. here is abc's daria albinger. >> reporter: thousands marching through the ethiopian capital at a funeral for the victims of the ethiopians flight that crashed one week ago, killing all 157 people on board. the mourners walked alongside the caskets that were empty because, according to authorities, recovering and identifying the remains will likely take months. this, as officials with the national transportation safety board say they are working with the full cooperation with the ethiopians to transcribe and analyze the information received from the flight data recorder. ethiopia's transportation minister says the crash shows a, quote, clear similarity.
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both doomed planes, the new boeing 737 max. >> if the ethiopians know there are parallels between these two crashes, speed is of the essence. >> reporter: satellite images show shortly after the takeoff, both the ethiopia and lion air flights experienced drops in similar intervals before crashing minutes into the flight. it was this data that triggered the faa to join the rest of the world in grounding the 737 max fleet. >> these airplanes are not going to fly again until everybody, including boeing and the faa are satisfied that whatever occurred can never happen again. >> reporter: boeing says it has been designing a new software update since last october's lion air crash to address a safety issue. daria albinger, abc news, new york. turning now to weather here in this country, flood warnings are posted for iowa and nebraska into tuesday. >> vast areas of the region are already flooded as rivers overflow the banks. the missouri river in iowa is two feet above the record.
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hundreds of residents have been forced out of their homes. last week's heavy rain and snow-melt are being blamed. >> at least two people are dead and two others missing and more rain is in the forecast. accuweather's paul williams has the details. good morning, paul. >> good morning, marcus, janai. major flooding for this spring we are expecting along the river, the missouri and mississippi, upper as well as lower going from the ohio as well as the illinois river. these problems are going to give concerns for ice jams. also complicating this, moderate to major flooding. road closures and communities threatened. we have active flood watching throughout iowa going into minnesota. for monday it's going to be dry but cool for monday throughout this part of the country, but by tuesday, we are looking for a weak system to push through, and although a weak system isn't typically a big deal, because of the rain we already had, that makes this a big deal.
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janai, marcus? >> our thanks to paul. president trump is taking aim again at senator john mccain who died seven months ago. he accused the late arizona republican of distributing the so-called steele dossier about collusions with russia. president trump also blasted mccain for casting the decisive vote against repealing obamacare. megan mccain responded on twitter, accusing trump of being fixsated on her father's legacy. she told the president nobody would ever love him the way they loved her father. gillibrand plans to take on president trump directly in her campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. she's the latest democrat to announce she's running. her kickoff speech is scheduled next weekend in front of a trump building right here in new york. meanwhile, beto o'rourke was in wisconsin yesterday and made a campaign promise. he'll stop using the f-word, bu? >> i'm told i am being
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criticized by the new left. i have the most progressive record of anybody running for -- of anybody who would run. [ cheering ] >> i didn't mean -- >> a slip of the tongue from joe biden getting a lot of cheers there. other remarks at the dinner sounded as if he is about to to take on president trump. the artist known as the king of surf guitar, dick dale, has died. you may know one of his most famous songs. take a listen. ♪ >> such a catchy tune. dick dale's music was featured in a sound track for "pulp fiction". his career spent decades influencing dozens of musicians, including the beach boys and van halen. he had been in treatment for cancer. he was 81.
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racing may resume after a string of horse deaths. races at santa anita park restart on march 29th. that's pending the approval of new safety and medication rules by state regulators. the park was closed on march 5th. since december 26th, 22 horses suffered fatal injuries. and then a modern stone age battle is underway outside san francisco. >> this is the flintstone house. could you have guessed. since buying the hillsborough, california home in 2017, the owner added items dedicated to the '60s show, including dinosaurs and a yabba dabba doo driveway sign. the town filed a complaint last week because the owner refused to remove the extras which have been deemed an eyesore. >> that looks nice. it's color coordinated. >> that's hilarious. it's color coordinated, and probably bringing up the value of all the homes in the neighborhood. >> i'm just saying. what's in the driveway? what kind of car? >> one that runs on your feet, obviously.
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obviously, yeah. >> i'm with the owner on this one. a delta airlines pilot had his passengers help him get his new life off the ground. >> take a look at this. this happened at boston's logan airport, and the pilot asked passengers to hand his girlfriend roses and then asked her to marry him. what did she say? she said yes. >> otherwise we probably would not be doing the story. >> i hope not. the couple met seven months ago at logan. she works as a flight attendant at delta. >> if that's not as cliche as it comes. good for them. >> yeah. happy for them. >> love in the skies. >> you always hear about the terrible experiences at the airport, and finally you have a great moment. >> i was saying, he's lucky he got os h, a bad u do >> slow poke. yeah, congratulations to them. coming up in "the skinny," see who earned a golden ticket to hollywood on "american idol". and the other shoe that just
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a police sergeant right there was dragged by an atv. he was pulled about 50 feet before he slammed into a metal barricade. the sergeant was treated for minor injuries. police are still looking for the driver. an arrest has been made in arizona after a nationwide manhunt of a man suspected of killing his wife more than 2,000 miles away. >> that man was taken into custody during a traffic stop just 34 miles from the mexican border and police say inside his car, they found a large amount of cash. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: the suspect on the run accused of murdering his wife in north carolina, finally arrested in arizona. >> a lot of work put into this. it got a killer off the streets today. >> reporter: a 38-year-old emergency room nurse and mother of two, diana keel, was reported missing last saturday by her teenage daughter. her body was found three days later in a wooded area 30 miles from her home. >> she was just such a sweet friend. >> reporter: police later
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charging her husband with first-degree murder, but by then he left the state prompting a nation-wide manhunt. a tip leading police near tucson where they say they stopped keel, possibly enroute to mexico. >> he was 34 miles from mexico when he was spotted. he has a large amount of cash on him. >> reporter: authorities in north carolina also looking into the death of keel's first wife, elizabeth, at their home in 2006. it was ruled accidental, but in light of this murder charge the sheriff's office says they are now reviewing that case. keel is in custody in arizona awaiting extradition. police say he was unarmed and could make his first court appearance as soon as monday. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. when we come back, the most attractive performer of all-time on "american idol." what we have just learned about albus dumbledore. "the skinny" is next. next. learned about al bus.
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"the skinny" is next.
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♪ skinny, just give me the skinny ♪ it is time for "the skinny" starting with a full night of
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auditions on "american idol." >> this week, the judges headed back to l.a. and our own will ganss joins us with a recap of all the action. >> since i couldn't be there in l.a. with them, i figured i would hangout with y'all instead. >> right. >> it's a solid back up plan. >> we understand. >> in most episodes of idol, we are looking for the most talented, right, and now they could have found the most attractive performer in the show's history, and that's not just my opinion. see how luke and katy perry reacted to katie bell. ♪ to get back home ♪ sweet pretty darling, do not cry ♪ >> i kissed a girl and i liked it. that was like megan my god. >> is there a defibrillator on site? >> safe to say they were pretty impressed with at least her
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looks and talents. she got through to hollywood to the next round. everybody agreed she would have ended up in la-la land with or without "american idol." and another voice to look out, a singer like beyonce, cher and adele, goes by only one name. ♪ this is my last night with you ♪ ♪ hold me like more than just a friend ♪ >> we will see much more of her in hollywood. on last night's episode, there's also a few folks whose dreams came crashing down, literally. take a look. >> oh, great. >> oh! ♪ ♪ if you feel no! ♪
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>> he didn't make it through. the final round of auditions on "idol" airs right here on abc tonight at 8:00 central. >> those last ones were rough. stick around for this next story. the bombshell revelation from "harry potter" creator, j.k. rowling. it's about two of her most prominent characters. she previously revealed that, though it's not mentioned in the books or films, hogwarts headmaster, dumbledore is gay. >> hang on to your wands here. rowling now says dumbledore and "fantastic beasts" and grindelwald had a passionate sexual affair. >> passionate, she says. back in 2007, rowling did hint saying the sexual affair, however, brand-new information. our heads are spinning. will, it's nuts, isn't it? >> this is crazier than the quidditch world cup, y'all.
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j.k. rowling just dropping bombs. >> mike drop. boom. bombs. >> boom. y'all. >> she's just dropping bombs.
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i'm not going to fight your war. i'm going to end it. >> "captain marvel" has no intention of ending her reign at the box office anytime soon. we have to let you know disney is the parent company of abc news and are paying the bills around here, but their action adventure zoomed into first place for the second week in a row taking in more than $69 million. >> and rounding off the top three, "wander park" and "five feet apart." a family in colorado endured their own action after being startled out of bed to the sound
3:56 am
of crashing glass. >> they thought it was an intruder so they immediately called 911. just wait until you find out what actually broke into their home. here's abc's, adrienne bankert. >> reporter: what appears to be a wild home invasion in the middle of the night. >> i'm screaming and i'm grabbing my daughter. right here there's a dark huge shadow. >> reporter: wasn't a bad guy, but a huge moose, crashing into the window and the basement of this colorado home. she was staying with friends when the 800-pound animal dropped through a window well. she wasn't wearing her glasses. she had no idea what it was. >> my mind was, like, burglar, and it was just so big. >> reporter: the moose shattering the glass and landing where she and her 1-year-old daughter had been laying moments earlier. >> the moose broke through and landed on the bed. >> reporter: mom ran out of the room with her daughter, who was cut by the glass. >> i ran up the stairs and into my friend's room. i was, like, i don't know -- there's something in the house. >> reporter: they called police who requested colorado park and wildlife, once they identified
3:57 am
the culprit. >> she was close to six feet tall at the shoulder. if she raised her head all the way up she could touch the ceiling. >> reporter: the trespassing moose out of the house and released back into the wild. >> it was a very bizarre situation. very unnatural to see a moose standing up in somebody's basement. >> unsettling, and also a-moosing, too. >> did they get the moose's name or was it anonmoose? >> janai. come on now. do you have another one? you have to have a third one. >> i couldn't google a third one quick enough. it was good, wasn't it? are you a-moosed? come on, it's so good. let me try to find another one. so good. i don't have another one. at least they got that out. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. more news in a moment. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing
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making news in america this morning -- the new safety questions overnight surrounding boeing's most popular new jet. word that federal prosecutors are now looking into the development of this 737 max like the one that crashed in ethiopia and indonesia. this, as boeing responds to a new claim about the similarities between those crashes. also this morning, the historic flood emergency. >> not sure what the truck is doing here. >> riversover flowing in the midwest. dams breaking. roads destroyed. entire towns devastated. the number of people rescued and in shelters this morning. and the new threat of more rain. emotion


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