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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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adult education center. a statement released saying the district is in shock and mentioned his passion for education. he is a father of eight. he was shot in the head at 1:00 saturday morning. police accuse his wife of shooting him after a domestic altercation. they say it happened in their home on barry drive in pittsburgh. they never suspected anything was wrong with the couple. >> they didn't seem the type to be having problems. you had never seen the police here. he's always told me how much he loves her. you can see how much they love each other. >> police say his wife used a hand gauun and they did recover
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it. she has been charged with attempted murder. they will have additional counselors at the adult education center and the schools of his younger children. he's in critical condition and on life support. reporting live from abc 7 news. >> thank you. 4:31 right now, let's get a quick update on weather. hi mike. >> let's take a look at the doppler. waiting for the rain tomorrow and wednesday, possibly thursday. until then, pretty quietnot mov. later in the day, they'll start blowing. st therendeady 67ratures on ther
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bay area. 54 at the coast at 7:00. 67 to 65 degrees. ought to be pretty colorful. take a picture and post it and #abc 7. >> sounds like we had a suer line break. closed on the northbound side. lafayette street is shut down. between state route 237. i'm working on getting more information on that. great america parkway is an alternate for you. nonof these streets are busy. that will westbound 4. no delays. south bound to san francisco,
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that is coming in at 16 minutes. >> thank you. multiple people are injured after a gunman opened fire in netherlands. this happened 90 minutes ago. helicopters were sent to the scene. they are asking the public to stay away. they are considering a possible terrorist motive. we are staying on top of this breaking news. download the abc 7 to get updates. >> the 28-year-old suspect is due back in court. the suspect plans on representing himself. the fired attorney tells the newspaper his former client may use that as a platform to display his white scoop
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recommend sift view. >> they are looking at a ban on the semiautomatic rifles like the ones used in the attack. >> i know there is understandably grief in new zealand and questions too. there are questions that need to be answered and we are looking for as well. >> organizers of the biggest gun show say the event has been canceled out of respect for the victims. 50 people died during the friday prayer services. >> recent rains forced crews to start clean up challenge cities are trying to find a solution.
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a push to add a tax for companies like uber and lyft in san francisco. a report last fall showed ride shares made up more than half of the traffic downtown. if approved, it would be put before voters in november. >> church leaders in oakland have a plan for a bigger bay area. >> opening up the lot to homeless people who sleep in their cars. >> there is a porta potty, surveillance and security guards there. >> we are starting off now with 10 to 15 cars that will be alo p k here on our church grounds from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> resources during employment
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training will be offered during the day. the services will expand to other churches later in the year. >> we want to hear your thoughts. search the words better bay area and share your comments and suggestions with us. >> happening today, warriors will reveal some of the first shows that will be coming to the chase center. still months from opening but already booked up. they are dubbing this week as reveal week. they will reveal eight events and he shows. the list of performances will appeal to a variety of audiences. >> our after the game crew spent saturday night there. watch on our website abc 7
4:37 am >> looking at some temperatures. they are very mild. the cool spot, easily 50. millie valley at 55. 57 at financial. sunset, 58 degrees. a little cold there at the higher elevations in the mid to upper 40s. joining us from tracy, 51 degrees right now. looking at the bay bridge. roads, good. public transit, good. ol thismo war ts afternoon. dry all 66toon m0s 6:00.
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64 this evening. the south bay starts at 51. heads to 59 at noon. one more mild day and then the rain returns. first one to bring alexis back in. >> good morning. we are looking good. we are looking at pretty empty bay bridge toll plaza. a little wait if you are paying cash. no slow downs if you are using fas track. so far so good for mass transit as well. a word for b.a.r.t. riders. that new service station where buses will be coming from bay fair. you'll be able to get on one of
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>> were you out ove weekend? were you sneezing? we added even more trees. low amounts of weed, grass, mold spores. a low cloudiness trying to develop. 70 in monterrey. 77, and 86 in palm springs, 50s in the high unsuspected atm use information enbecause of ask hole camera car
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this video. it is believed the same crooks involved skiming devices at different banks and that might be stealing some information. >> we know they've traveled through several states here on the west coast. we are looking to see if they've victimized in others. >> deputys have arrested at least four men. authorities have not named the banks involved. >> happening today, learn aboutt the high-speed rail system. the governor has scaled it bakersfield. tonight's meeting is in san francisco from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
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>> congratulations are in order for a bio tech start up that landed a deal on shark tank. >> had make a sacrifice to make the deal. >> from the moment he entered the shark tank, he did it on the right foot. he got some help. after three sharks were out, mark cuban made an offer. his team of scientists got to celebrate. >> there was really only one shark i wanted to close that night. it was mark cuban. at the end, i had no idea would come out with an office. >> my equity to get to work with him. he's delivered. >> started a year ago in a basement. picture this lab where new
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products are in the works. >> we'll be follo nutritional le for dogs so they don't have to eat the stuff that is out there now. >> the vegan dog treat. >> the fugai we use to brew miso soup, soy sauce. >> compared to all the receipts they had to make to win over their four-legged clients. >> the product is vegan and so good for our pets? have they tried them for themselves? >> it is a dog food. i have eaten it. i have to say it is a dog food. >> the sharks were also into
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some tasty treats. >> the team will be joining us today on midday live. the boom in website traffic we are seeing after yesterday's show. that is here at 11:00. they all said they'd try the dog treats. >> right after you told us how good it was. >> i'm out. >> i may have to be convinced. >> can you have mine too. >> just >> fur out and about today. here we are. looks dark this morning. maybe people are a little heavy in the head from st. patrick's
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day. look at the cloud deck along the coast. cooler weather. 67 in santa cruz. san 68. even morgan hill at 78 degrees. tonight will be mild. upper 40s to low 50s. a few cloud as long the coast. high pressure will dominate our weather. as weigh head to stus evening, we'll see some signs of a few showers developing. you can see mainly to the they'll pro-tarotate to the nor northwest. wednesday morning, we can wake up to some scattered showers on and off a you will day through wednesday. hur is my seven-day forecast. we'll have one more chance of
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degree weather tomorrow. when the spring spring spring sg between saturday and sunday, we'll be partly cloudy. not a lot of rain. >> thank you, mike. we are looking pretty good for the start of the monday morning commute. from westbound 5 to hour. south bound 101 should take you about ten minutes. >> lyft is revealing more details about a plan to go
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public. >> and here is tech bites. >> uber's top competition is hoping get a big lyft. >> the wall street journal says they could be valued at about $23 billion. snap chat is planning to ichbt deuce gaming to their plan. >> the plan would allow outside developers to use snap chat as a host. >> some sleep experts are asking apple to eliminate the disrupting crucial, late-stage sleep. >> the best advise. set an alarm for when you want to get up and get up. >> sometimes, it is so hard.
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>> still ahead, the rescue that earned the firefighter cat whisperer. >> and the launch of new direct flights to hawaii from the bay area. >> a super bloom is creating
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>> we are back and taking the look from the east bay hills camera. look at that. the surge continues. anywhere from 6 to 9 degrees above average. the school spot at san francisco at 68. the rest of us in the low to mid-70s. water levels will rise. public works department adjusts water levels. they race agaraiseraiseraiseraie time. >> in the east bay, a new era is under way. southwest airlines is offering service to hawaii from oakland for the very fist time. we were at the parent. southwest is oakland's largest carrier. after urging the no fuss carrier to fly to hawaii for years.
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>> this is very special for me because i'm born and raised in hawaii. i'm excited. >> based on the response from the east bay, it was long overdue. >> tickets went on sale earlier this month with fares as low $49 one way which triggered a fare war. >> captain marvel remains the dominant force at the box office. brought in $69 million this weekend. brie larsson stars in the title role. marvel is owned by disney, which is the parent company of abc 7. a look at the rest of the top five. wonder park and five feet apart, how to train your dragon. >> it is going to get worse before it gets better.
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the pollen count. look at the trees here. they could reach very high status tomorrow and drop on thursday. a chance of wet weather. even some thunderstorms from monterrey to santa barbara. that shifts to our eastern most neighborhoods. you have a chance of thunderstorms. not going to be a lot of rain but this time of year, the sun is getting stronger with a cold pocket of air moving over that. we'll keep an eye as we get closer. enjoy today's warmth and high clouds and sunshine. >> unless you are paying cash at the toll plaza. if you regularly do th, you are probably used to the wait. car pool lanes are open and no metering lights. that is looking very typical.
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one update. got a note there is a service disruption downtown san jose. they will have a bus bridge set up through instead. we'll give you an update. for now, that is what is happening. >> a southern california city has shut down access to the super bloom display in lake else nor. at least 50,000 people have converged on the city. they wrote on instagram, the city, quote, is not made for disneyland-size crowds. a kitten got stuck on friday afternoon. firefighters determined the cat was at least 14 feet down.
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animal control had no luck. firefighters tried again. after about an hour, he was able to coax the sitten and is now considering adopting it. >> new figures question the housing number. the report shares the number sitting empty. >> and a report after the deadly terror attack in new zealand. new safety questions the latest crash is raising about the boeing max. san francisco, a beautiful shot. yes, we'll have another
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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. >> let's start things off mike nico. >> light winds. you can see almost calm everywhere this morning. you can see just how far we can see this morning. pretty impressive. 44 to 51, very mild. some temperatures will still be in the mid-50s at 7:00. starting to see signs of spring as the coast will remain cool 6 while we are in the upper 60 60y


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