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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 18, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. >> let's start things off mike nico. >> light winds. you can see almost calm everywhere this morning. you can see just how far we can see this morning. pretty impressive. 44 to 51, very mild. some temperatures will still be in the mid-50s at 7:00. starting to see signs of spring as the coast will remain cool 6 while we are in the upper 60 60.
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>> good morning, mike. we are pretty qui her i want to take you down to the south bay where we have a problem on a major surface street. northbound between state route 287 are shut down. this is due to a sinkhole. no estimate on when they will reopen. sounds like a fur-foot by four-foot sinkhole. you'll have to use great america parkway or another busy street t get around that. quick check on drive time. tracy to dublin to mission boulevard, still in the green. 101 to cupertino looking great. breaking news in the south bay, fire crews are leaving the
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scene of leak.k.k.k.k. abc 7 reporter is live with an update. >> reporter: jessica and matt, firefighters were filling the street and they've all taken off. they told me they couldn't find anything. it happened here at the post office. three employees were inside separating packages and reported smelling gas. those three employees began feeling nauseous and smelling something that might have been gas. at this point, there isn't much. >> no obvious gas leakrusted lines or mains. just an odor. we are trying to figure out where the source is, whether they had any recent work done. there doesn't appear to be any
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broken packages. we've checked those. >> reporter: they did tell me, the post office may have someone come out to investigate later on today. reporting live in san jose for abc 7 news. >> thank you. we are also tracking breaking news overseas in the netherlands. the search is on now for a gunman. >> this happened in utrecht. it is not clear how many injuries happened. there on extra alert including airports that include vital buildings. we are staying on top of this breaking news. download the app and get up dates. unnn new zealand that killed 50 people acted alone. the 28-year-old was arrested. it is believed he was the only
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attacker but they are not ruling out the support of others. a report of the gun law changes will be announced in ten days. >> bay area residen residen resn r together. a candle light vigil at the multi-faith center. one board member with the community center we spoke with said the faces seemed so familiar. not just the victims but the suspect too. >> it felt like home. he looked like a friend, a neighbor, a teacher. the whole thing is a little too familiar. so seeing friends come together to support us means more than people realize. law enforcement have been posted around mosques as a precautionary measure.
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new information from the flight data recorder shows clear similarities of the earlier disaster involving the same aircraft in indonesia. the plane killed 170 passengers. data from the black box has been ex tracted in france. it will take about a month until detailed findings are released. officials are already confirming what was suspected. the country's transportation minister confirming that preliminary data recovered from the crash shows a quote, clear similarity from the lion air crash in october. both planes a boeing 737 max. the ntsb is assisting in the investigation. this data from both crashes
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shows the plane jolting up and down erratically. >> there may have been some kind of flaw. if that's true, it will be a real black eye for boeing. >> the faa citing lack of funding and giving increasing authority to boeing to certify the safety of its own airplanes. >> boeing said they've been designing a software update. boeing said that update is almost complete. reporting for abc news, washington. a young woman is expected to survive after she was shot while riding in a car. the 24-year-old was wounded just before 6:00 last night. so far, chp has no description of the person who shot her.
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this shooting follows the death of another woman who may have been shot before crashing her car. she died at the scene along eastbound 4 on saturday afternoon. highway patrol officers found bullet holes in the driver's door but remains unclear if 14e was shot on the freeway or somewhere else. chp is asking witnesses to come forward. >> if anybody saw anything whether it be a crash or shooting or anything they might be able to add to the story, we would appreciate it. >> her cause of death still unknown. the corner will determine how hillary died. more than 100,000 homes in the area are vacant. frustrating when considering the housing crisis. lending tree crunched thenumbs. francisco, oakland and
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surrounding areas. the vacancy rate is low. any vacancy is frustrating to families who cannot afford the air your home prices. in richmond, they are expected to clear a homeless area. they are trying to connect the homeless to services. they say the encampment possesses health and safety risks with rodant infestation and mounting debris. let's look at the temperatures. danville with 42. look at mount diablo at 56 degrees. pretty mild at the coast. 55 at pasifica. rni four e grs m
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yesterday. 63 at 7:00. still in the 50s at 56. and by 1:00 we are at 70. still 65 and look at san francisco. the sea breeze is going to kick in later on today. still very nice day. 52 at 7:00. 60 at 11:00 and mid to upper 60s for the afternoon hours. cooler weather and chances of rain coming up. here is alexis. tyus here. on yet g to look
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but ides say they a'd say they be. mass transit looking well today. a look at b.a.r.t., fruitvalefre services will open today. fur using early bird service starting at 4:00 a.m., ace 1 on time, no delays. if you are an early morning commuter that uses 880, you should give yourself some extra time. south bound lanes will be closed for four hours overnight. between win ton and highway 92, that is set to run through
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thursday morning. no current delays. that will be an issue tomorrow. back to you. beto o'rourke raises a record amount of money in 48 hours and joe biden brings a crowd to its feet with the slip of the tongue. >> and looking at college admissions. st. mary's has a date to the bg dance. >> a live look
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>> here is a sneak peek at our early week forecast. you can see today will be the warmest. temperatures tumble as we head towards wednesday. some areas will stay in the high 50s and scattered showers to return. more coming up. beto o'rourke raised a record breaking $6.1 million from every single state and ter tory in the u.s. in the first hours of his
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born to serve. senator kristin gillibrand making her first speech in new york. former vice president joe biden has yet to say if he'll run but a slip of the tongue brought the crowd to its feet. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running, anybody who would run. [ applause ] >> i didn't mean. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders scheduled to campaign on >> a first look at parent's priorities. >> after the massive college admissions scandal. >> in the gma first look, a report breaking that could change the way parents everywhere think about college
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admissions. released by a group called making caring common, urging most to put ethical character at the center of the admissions process. >> what will make kids happier is if they end up at colleges that make them thrive. achievement over character. >> really hard to know where you want to go and how you are going to get there if you don't have people around you guiding you. >> two working to become the firsinheir family to go to college. coming up, we'll have tips as we kick off our new college series called getting in. abc news, new york. >> one supervisor wants a city to take a new aggressive approach to illegal dumping. construction debris, not enough garba garbage service and people
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moving out is part of the problem. working on a measure that would increase fines and strip measures from contractors caught illegally dumping. the fine is $1,000. a woman nearly drowned after drunkenly crashing into a fire hydrant creating a massive sinkhole that swallowed her car. crews had to rescue her and a woman that stop to help her. the driver was charged with dui. netflix is making changes to the popular movie "bird box" the disaster left 47 people dead. "bird box" came out three months ago, the film drew protest from the canadian town where the
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crash happened. it has been a huge hit for the company. 45 million people watched it the first week it was out. one bay area college basketball team is celebrating. officially a part of march madness. >> their first reaction when they first heard the announcement. >> the 11th seed. they will take on the dending champion on thursday. >> were you counting down to national puppy day. >> friday morning at 4:0, we'll tell you how you can give an adorable puppy a forever home. we'll be live streaming all morning long. of course, we want to see your
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puppy pictures as well. share them on line with the hashtag #puppieson7. >> we want to see those now. >> i want to see all the employees that go home with a puppy that day. >> that's the whole reason we do it. looking north towards san international. chances of showers that will fade our spring warmth. look at this. marine layer returning today. look at the temperature there.
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upper 60s and we'll have low to mid-70s. and 75 along with san jose. a look at tonight's temperature. fast forward to 7:00 tomorrow evening. hore.ou see showers develop off you can seehe yellow in santa cruz mountains. this will rotate counter clockwise. wednesday will be a cool day reque with chances of showers. look at these rainfall totals. we start off wednesday morning. enough to make it slick. by the evening commute. all the way up to midnight, we are looking at a quarter of an inch. the storm system is a lingering
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one. on friday and sunday. alexis. >> good morning, we have iss issue sounds like as many as six vehicles. does not take much. you are already backing up to the bay appointment i told you about a vta disruption. they were in the process of setting up a bus bridge. but that has been canceled. everything is back to normal. >> breaking news. a chemical fire raging outside of houston. a live look from a helicopter above the scene. at least eight tanks are burning
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at a chemical plant. the latest plant held a substance used in nail polish remover and glue. they lifted the shelter in place order but nearby schools are closed today. students here are thinking about kids who lost everything in the campfire. many kids who lost their homes. they include a mindfulness book, friendship bracelet. they will deliver the kits in person. >> whale invasion. humpback sightings have reached
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5:24, here are the seven things to know before you go. a live look at texas right now. big fire there at an oil refinery. chemical plant. >> a tank caught on fire that held a substance used in nail polish remover, glue and paint. nearby schools are closed today. and breaking news, dutch police searching for the gunman that opened fire at a tram in the city of utrecht. multiple people were hurt. police admit this could be a possible terrorist attack. >> dutch police confirming one dead anded. number three, here is that breaking news in texas. in houston, eight tanks are burning.
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officials are monitoring air quality levels. number four, a principal on life support. his wife accused of shooting him early saturday morning during an argument. a look from east bay hills. waking up mostly clear. look at this. 68 in stran, the rest of us are out 72 to 75 degrees. our biggest issue on the road is multi-vehicle collision around chicago highway. we have the two right lanes blocked. 14 to 17 miles approaching that scene. how does half a million sound. o matched all six winning numbers over the weekend. there has not been a winner since
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whale watchers are seeing a record number of whales. >> often lucky to see three or four. these numbers are unheard of. a family visiting from dallas said they couldn't have asked for a better vacation. >> we saw a baby whale and mommy whale together. it was oh, my gosh. >> juone photographer says the increase is due to bait fish in the area. >> this year, they've come across a feast, so they are sticking around. >> kind of like the neighbor kids that come around and find the food at my house. >> we are coming back with another full 90 minutes. from a place of worship to a the place to park
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>> good morning. it is monday, march 18. thank you for joining us. it may be a monday but it will be beautiful out there. >> it will be >> jump into the numbers. 44 to 51. clouds on the coast around our bay. 73 by 4:00. 65 to 67. the coast will be cooler and 54 degrees. let's say good morning to alexis.
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>> we are looking at a busy bay bridge toll plaza. everybody has to wait unless you are using the car pool lanes. westbound 580. now in the red. coming in at 57 minutes. we have a crash around highway 4. antioch to concord. and 101 looking good. in the green at 16 minutes. an east bay man who is a father and school principal is in critical condition after police say his wife shot him. >> live at the pittsburgh adult education center with more. >> reporter: known for his passion of education. the school district is in shock. he is the father of eight. his kids range in age from 5 to
5:32 am
29. police accuse his wife of shooting him in the head saying maria is charged with attempted murder. police did not release a possible motive. neighbors say the couple never appeared to be having any problems. that they seemed happy. listed in critical condition. he is on life support. >> this is a huge loss to our community. he was just involved in so many good things. they are just a happy family raising two young boys. very nice people. >> police say she used a hand gun and that they did recover it from inside the home. the adult education senlter where he is the principal will have extra counselors and a staff meeting this morning.
5:33 am
the schools where his young children attend will also have extra counselors on hand today. >> thank you. back now to our breaking news in the one person is reported dead. because of the man hunt under way, there on extra alert including airports and vital buildings. to stay up to date, download the abc app. >> the world is on edge after the two terrorist attacks on two mosques in new zealand. >> the attorney representing the suspected gunman says he has been fired because the suspect plans on representing himself.
5:34 am
the prime minister of new zealand says lawmakers are talking about details of gun law changes including a ban on semiautomatic rifles and a buy-back of newly outlawed guns. >> i know there is both grief here now and anger too. there are questions that need to be answered that we are looking for as well. >> organizers of the biggest gun show say the event has been canceled out of respect for the victims. 50 people died in the attack. >> clean up from debris of the campfire efforts. about 11,000 sites need to be clear, most in the town of paradise. only 200 have been cleared. church leaders in oakland
5:35 am
have faith in a plan to build a better bay area. the baptist church will open the parking lot to homeless people who sleep in their cars. >> we are starting off right now with 10 to 15 cars that will be along this fence. they'll park here on our church grounds from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> resources including employment training will be offered during the the day and expand to other churches in the year. >> we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to build a better bay area. contact us on twitter and join our page on facebook. starting today lyft will make efforts to raise its value.
5:36 am
aiming for a $23 million value. they will set a final ipo price after getting feedback. the stock could debut on the nasdaq as early as next week. today, the warriors will reveal some of the first shows that will come to the chase center. already booked up. they are dubbing thiwe as reveal week. the list of top tier performers will appeal to a variety of audiences. the first ever live broadcast. the team will move into the chase center starting next season. our crew put on the gear and spent saturday night there for a sneak peek. you can watch the show at our website. you are never more than
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seven minute as way from a forecast. other areas across the bay. san francisco, down to mountain view. low to mid-50s.pper 4 bay valleys. taking a look at south bound on the roads. they are dry today. cool and warm for the afternoon. light breezes out on the bay. still in the 50s by 11:00. nearing 70 at 1:00. down to 63 at 7:00. a look at the east bay valleys. 54 at 7:00. look at that, mid-70s in the afternoon and 68 at 7:00. increasing high clouds in the south bay like all of our neighborhoods today. 50s at 9:00.
5:38 am
low to mid-70s this afternoon. down to 67 degrees at 7:00. we are having increasing high clouds and a chance of rain starting tomorrow. that may mess up this morning's commute. we'll bring alexis in to talk about this morning's commute. >> not looking great. we got a signature alert issued for this crash. as many as six vehicles involved. they did issue this sig alert. they updated the lanes that were bocked. they are saying lanes three and four are blocked. not sure when those will you are backed up into pittsburgh. same drill as last week. not a lot of great alternates.
5:39 am
b.a.r.t. is an option this morning. 101 at alum rock. they may update the location. two vehicles involved and some debris all over the roadway. next update at 550. a warning this morning for atm users. devices that may have helped them get the p.i.n. of bay area customers. >> the product pitched to sharks on shark tank. >> if you are on the go, can you take abc 7 mornings with you.
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let's begin by taking care of those who do have school this week. already temperatures near average this morning. 52 to 66 in4r57bd and bay midding the mid-70s by 3:00. you can see the low clouds. 70 at monterrey. 80 through thetr n lmilit sierra. thursday with wentry showers.
5:43 am
>> thank you. unsuspecting atm users may have. targeted bank customers from sacramento to reno. a pin hole camera captured this video. showing people inputting their p.i.n.s. it is believed crooks installed devices at several banks. it is believed these may still be stealing information. >> we are looking to see if they have victimized any other folks. >> deputies have arrested at least four men in the sacramento area alone. they have not named the banks involved. happening today, you can ca high-speed rail system. officials are promoting the project even though the
5:44 am
scaled it back. only the segment from merced and bakersfield will be considered at the time. more on a look to connect southern california and california. a bio tech company wild earth. mark cuban made an offer of $550,000 for 10% equity. they started a year ago in one of the cofounder's basement transformed into a lab. >> most people are not familiar with what kogi is. it is the fungi we used to make miso soup. turns out dogs love it too.
5:45 am
they say it took 50 receipts to get it right. >> the wild earth team will join us live midday live begins at 11:00 a.m. >> right. i'll eat a whole bag at 12:01. >> it will make my coat nice and shiny. >> you can't make that hair much better man. >> let's talk about getting some vitamin d today. outside in that
5:46 am
that will take away our spring warmth with a little bit of the breeze. you can see 64 in san francisco. so 70s are gone. tonight, can you see a lot of the high clouds. mild and upper 40s to mid-70s. we are watching this area of low pressure hichbehind me. this shield gets closer to us. that will take a better part of tomorrow before the rain can reach the ground. we are jumping ahead where you see scattered showers off the shore. showers will come up from the south. they'll be light to moderate
5:47 am
overnight to wednesday morning. we have a chance of slick streets. it rains off and on all day. quart of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. a chance of lingering shoulders on thursday. 70 team and maybe 70 by sunday. in between, 50s and 60s. >> thank you, mike. still have our traffic alert. we still have a crash possibly involving up to six vehicles. lanes three and four are blocked. issuing a signature alert about 10 or 15 minutes ago. b.a.r.t. or delay that trip this morning.
5:48 am
tracy to dublin in the red. highway 4 with a crash taking about one hour and 12 minutes and south 101, no delays from the north bay. >> and toll plaza metering lights are on. sleep experts are asking apple to get rid of the snooze button on the clock app saying it is bad for your mental health and disrupts crucial late stage rem sleep. the best advise is to set an alarm for whatever you want to get up and get up. a lot of people hite. >> that's common. >> i set like five alarms. >> the worst is when you think you hit the snooze but you
5:49 am
turned the alarm off. a look at parent's push to get kids into college. >> and the launch for new direct flights to hawaii. the rip el effect the new flights are having on the price to fly to paradise. >> a super bloom in southern california. the problems they are creating. a live look outside at 5:49 on your monday
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more spring warmth in the forecast from six degrees warmer. 68 to 73. 9 degrees warmer and so is that 75 in san jose. enjoy it, these days are numbered. rain chances are growing. on the peninsula this week, water levels are rise six to eight inches. they adjust water levels. they'll raise again in the spring time. storm water drains into the lagoon. >> in the east bay, a new era is under way. southwest airlines offering service from oakland to hawaii.
5:53 am
boarding flight 6808rd. steron asking for this for a while. >> this is really special to me. i'm excited. >> it was long overdue. >> there has been high demand for these tickets. they went on sale earlier this month with fares as low as $49 one way and triggered a fare war slashing fares from california to hawaii. >> captain marvel remains dominant. brie larsson stars in the title role. marvel is owned by disney, which is the parent company of abc 7.
5:54 am
a look at the rest of the top five. "wonder park," "five feet apart." and others follow. >> p sending out this picture from the strong man competition in australia. the winner on the left there. he apparently decided to celebrate not only by winning the whole competition but by getting married to his boyfriend. the governor took a picture with the happy coupleouee. wh a>>ouer going that weeken for>>ig multi-vehicle collision just before port chicago
5:55 am
all the way back to pittsburgh. when you get closer to that scene. you can use bart as well. >> turns out a collision moved to the north 101 ramp at mckee road. seeing delays through that stretch. let's check in with meteorologist mike nico. >> the tree pollen is high. tree, weed and more are high. we'll see a little ramp up. that rain will shut us down with cleaner aaron thursday, the pollen will drop a little bit. we have a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow with the initial push of the storm in our eastern-most neighboreds with a
5:56 am
chance of thunderstorms on wednesday. some spring showers and thunderstorms on the way for us. >> thank you, mike. horse races could resume friday at santa anita horse owners reached a deal limiting the use of lasix that keeps the forces from blood dial lating. a southern california city has shut down access to the super bloom of poppies. they say at least 50,000 people have conversioned on the city and it is creating gridlock. officials wrote that the city is not made forey land owds. developing news coming up at
5:57 am
6:00, an evacuation at a bay area post office. we'll have the latest. >> a live
5:58 am
5:59 am
good evening and thanks for joining us. a beautiful weekend. is it going to continue this week? >> yes. it is going to continue today only in high pressure, you c it is still over top of us. flags are still sleeping this rning. we are around 44 to 49 at 7:00. look at the coast, a little sea
6:00 am
breeze and fog. we jump from 67 for our bay and inland neighborhoods. we are still 65 to 67 at 7:00. will be a gorgeous evening to be outside. i'll show you the rain coming u. our sig alerts was canceled. this was three separate crashes. five vehicles in total involved. it has left long delays. westbound 580 to dublin. we should start to see that come down quickly here. i'll


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