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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 18, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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look at the coast, a little sea breeze and fog. we jump from 67 for our bay and inland neighborhoods. we are still 65 to 67 at 7:00. will be a gorgeous evening to be outside. i'll show you the rain coming u. our sig alerts was canceled. this was three separate crashes. five vehicles in total involved. it has left long delays. westbound 580 to dublin. we should start to see that come down quickly here. i'll keep an eye on that.
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south bound 101 looking good in the green and 17 minutes. breaking news we are following overseas in the netherlands. the search is on for a gunman in a possible terror attack. one person has been confirmed dead. this happened in the city of utrecht on a tram in a residential neighborhood. dutch police say there on high alert. that includes closely monitoring airports and vital buildings in the country. >> new zealand police say the gunman who killed 50 people at two mosques acted alone but may have had support. it is believed he is the only attacker responsible. the prime minister says details about the country's begun law changes will be announced within
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ten days. >> facebook has removed one and a half million videos. people attempted to up load them. companies like facebook, twitter and reddit were monitoring and trying to remove the videos. in texas, a chemical fire raging outside of houston. at least eight tanks are burning at a chemical plant. the plant held a substance used in nail polish, glue and paint. nearby schools are closed today. developing news in the south bay, fire crews have given a poft office the all clear after reportedly selling gas. >> reporter: employees were
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inside this office here on st. james street. they had been area. they couldn't find anything for the most part. there were issues in the past. again, nothing fournd here. >> i no obvious gas leak or busted gas mains or lines. just an odor. we are try egg to figure out whether the source is if they had any recent work done. there doesn't appear to be any broken packages. we've checked all of those. >> telling me once those employees came outside and got fresh air, those symptoms went away. the post office will have someone come out to investigate later today as well.
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reporting live for abc 7. brpreliminary information fm the black box of the boeing 737 show the same information of the lion air crash. >> the planes in both crashes were a boeing information shows the plane jolting up and down in both flights. >> there may have been some design flaw in the max that led to in conjunction of pilot error one of these mishaps. if that is true, it will be a real black eye for boeing. >> boeing is designing a new software update to address the issue at question. coming up, a frustrating
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statistic. a study about vacant homes i hos the area. temperatures tumbled from the 1970's t
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pretty wide range temperatures. daily city at 54 degrees. you'll see a change in the car. mid to upper 40s in the midday. 50 at san jose. if you are out and about today, watch out for a allergies and sunshine. we'll stay cool at the coast. increasing high clouds. east bay at 52. low to mid-7 thisafternoon. san francisco, sunshine up to 10:00 and 58. upper 60s with increasing high clouds this afternoon. down to 58 as the sea breeze kicks in later. a check on the monday morning commute.
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>> good monday morning. we still have a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering light is still on. likely will be on several more hours. this is really where we are still i remember taking bart or delaying your trip. >> a young woman expected to survive after she was shot while riding in her the 24-year-old was wounded. as of now, there is no description of the person who shot her. the shooting in liver more
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follows the death of another woman. she died at the scene in concord saturday afternoon. highway patrol officers found bullet holes in the driver's door. it's unclear if she was shot on the freeway or somewhere else. >> if anybody saw anything whether it be a crash or shooting or anything they might be able to add to the story, we would appreciate it. her cause of death is still unknown. the corner will determine how she died. thousands of homes are currently vacant. frustrating when considering the current housing crisis. about 1.8 million households. the rate is low at 5.6%. any vacancy is frustrating to families who cannot afford the
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beto o'rourke raised a record $6.1 million with during the first 24 hours in his grassroots campaign. he faces scrutiny after saying he was born to run. he told reporters he meant to say he was born to serve. >> senator occur stin gill he brand announced her intentions to run. former vice president joe biden has yesterday to say but a slip of the tongue brought the
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audience to its feet. >> i have the most progressive record of anybody running -- or anybody who would run. >> bernie sanders is scheduled to campaign at fort mason on sunday. one bay area college basketball team is >> the gales will be taking on defending champion villa nova in connecticut on thursday. >> a bay area native is heading to hollywood. the singer made it through with a yes from all three
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♪ ♪ i wish that i could fly away ♪ >> the 27-year-old now lives in nashville used to be a dental high againist. she says music has always been her passion. now she has some extra confidence to actually pursue it. >> you are going to hollywood. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you could win this competition. wake up. >> you can watch more hollywood hopefuls audition tonight at 8:00 here 7 >> look at her face. she's so
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congratulations. >> terrific. thanks, matt. looking at east bay hills right now. looks like everything is frozen in time. looking at south beach. you can see everybody is moving nicely swimmingly. let's jump right in. cool to mild. mostly cloudy tonight. a look at the marine layer. 70 to 75. upper 40s to 50s tonight. here we are at 7:00. you can see scattered showers along the coast. moving ashore about midnight.
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there will be moisture tomorrow morning. there will be more as we head into the evening commute. quarter to a half inch of rain is possible. even some thunderstorms on wednesday. we may have to bump it up to two. another weak storm 70s go tomorrow and don't return for a couple of days. >> looking okay here at the golden gate bridge. starting to increase. no major delays. that commute a bit lighter. starting north, 101 near petaluma boulevard, some heavy traffic getting through 116 interchange. westbound 580 tracy to dublin.
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and westbound 4 recovering from an earlier sig alert. one hour 13 minute delay. south 101 should take about 16 minutes. thank you. >> a california software company with offices in oakland and sacramento has leaked thousands of medical records. specializing in medical records for hospitals, doctor's offices and pharmacies. it handles electronic faxes. the fax server had a security lapse and exposed thousands of documents exposing personal information. there has been no comment on the report. more coming up here. >> ginger zee is live from new york city with a look ahead. >> good morning.
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so nice to be with you. coming up on gma, we'll have new details on the deadly plane crashes and the black boxes. officials have found clear >> ts morning, a new report sh about college admissions released days after that huge cheating scandal. we'll tell parent what's you should focus on. it is our spring clean up, we'll show you how to declutter. >> i want spring so bad but i don't know that i want cleaning responsibilities and finally, pastor joel eeneeneen live. >> i'm with you. i feel like i'm spring cleaning all year around. >> when does it not happen,
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summer cleaning, fallasion o humpback whales. >> stunning. a live
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>> are you ready for some warm
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degrees above average, which dois 62 to 67. the last warm day across the board as we have chilly rain coming in starting tomorrow night. >> one san francisco supervisor wants the city to take a more aggressive approach to illegal dumping. a report supervisor is working on a measure that would increase fines and strip business licenses from construction contractors caught illegally dumping. the fine is $1,000. whale watchers are seeing an impressive invasion off san diego coast. more than 20 spotted in one day. whale watchers are often lucky to see three or four. a family visiting from dallas said they couldn't have saw a by
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whale together. it is, ocean my gosh. >> one photographer says the reason is the number of bait fish in the area. while the whales would normally move up the coast, to year, they've come across a feast and they are sticking around. people celebrated st. patrick's day in many places. dublin's annual festival featured a parade, fun and pancake breakfast. still ahead, helping the homeless. the church offering new resources. and the father of eight fighting for his life. why his wife is in custody snoochlt should i be prepared to order beyonce tickets?
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>> he should be prepared to do some construction work. abc 7 sports director trying to get the inside scoop on the warrior's reveal week. when will they officially find out some of the first acts and concerts we can attend. >> sounds like fun. still in recovery mode from an earlier crash. still heavy speeds. 7 miles an hour, 14 miles an hour through bay point. taking a live look outside at the bay
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition.
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that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. breaking news right now. a possible terror attack turns deadly overnight. a search for a gunman is under way right now. >> also ahead, from a place of worship to a place to park. offering nighttime resources for people who are drawing and when you need to buy your ticket for a chance at over half a million. >> thanks for joining us this monday. >> never more than seven minutes away from the
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forecast. >> just today. it is spring, so we'll have a see saw this week. we'll get some rain and then start to warm towards the back of the week. dry live doppler 7. mostly clear. you can see the flags there barely moving. alight breeze. 40 to 47. >> there is a difference. 60 across the board. a little more cloud cover. 73 at 4:00. 54 at 7:00. 65 and 67 at 7:00. much milder. >> good morning. overall, we've had a couple significant issues. we are looking at heavy traffic now. walnut creek, feeling like a monday morning here. it starts to get a bit better.
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we have not had any issues. westbound 80, these are filling in. about 16 minutes across the bay bridge. if you had an early flight today. san francisco to sfo, that looks good in the green. >> back to our breaking news in the netherlands. the search is on now for the gunman who opened attack. one person is confirmed dead. >> in the city of utrecht. it happened in a tram in a residential neighborhood. there is a manhunt under way for the gunman. police say there on high they are monitoring airports and quote, vital buildings. german police are monitoring their borders. knew to the deadly terror attack in new zealand.
6:32 am
the 28-year-old suspect's next court april 5. >> the former lawyer has been fired. he will defend himself. of new zealand says lawmakers are talking about the details of gun law changes. including a ban on semiautomatic rifles and the government buy back of outlawed guns. >> i know there is understandably both grief and anger too. there are questions that need to be answered. we are looking for as well. >> organizers biggest gun show say the event has been canceled. 50 people died in the attack. an east bay man is in chris call condition after police say his wife shot him. live where he works at the
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pittsburgh adult education center. >> he is the principal here, the super intend enter put out a statement saying the district is in shock and mentioned his passion for education. the father of eight. his friends say he is beloved in the community. he was shot in the head at 1:00 saturday morning. police accuse his wife of shooting him after a domestic altercation that happened in their home on barrie drive. neighbors say they never suspected anything was wrong with the couple. >> i didn't know if they were having problems at all. they didn't seem the type to be having problems. you never seen the police here. he's always told me how much he loves her. you could see how much they loved each other. >> police say his wife used a
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hand gun and they did find it in the home. they did not release a possible motive. she has been charkged with attempted murder. they will have counselors on hand at the adult school and the schools of his youngest children. his friends and family say he is on life support. up of debris from the campfire resumes. recent rain forced crews to suspend wor cleared. most in the town of paradise. reported earlier this month, only 200 had been cleared. 85 people died in the campfire which was the deadliest and most destructive wild fire in
6:35 am
california history. students will create peace kits for students of paradise. the kits are meant to help them cope with stress including a mindfulness book and friendship journal. the students will deliver the kits in person. >> sharting tonight,he crch ll homeless people who sleep in their cars. the pastor showed us around the site. porta potty, water station, surveillance and while they are sleeping, security will be there. >> we are starting off now with 10 to 15 cars that will be along this fence. they will park here on our church grounds from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> resources including employment training will be
6:36 am
offered during the day and expand to other churches later in the year. >> we want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to build a better bay area. go to abc and contact us on twitter and facebook. happening today, warriors will name some of the first shows coming to chase center when it opens in the fall. calling it reveal week. the warriors are ready to unveil eight major events and shows that are confirmed. the announcements will continue all week long. talking to the warriors chief revenue officer about it during the first-ever live broadcast. >> this is just a smaterring of the top tier events that have been booked. >> the first to be announced today will join team officials
6:37 am
for e g hng at >> more on that live broadcast on the new hoax the warriors. >> the team will move in next season. our crew was there saturday night to give us a look at the new arena. watch on our website at abc >> never more than seven minutes away from your accu weather forecast. >> mid-40s the coast. 43 in half moon bay. 44 in lafayette. 41 in nevada. temperatures up to 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. dy out there and it will be. it will be warm this afternoon on mass transit.
6:38 am
on the ferry, light breezes today. we'll start at 8:00 with sunshine. you'll have total sunshine until noon. reaching the east bay valleys around 10:00 just when the 70s start to show up. by noon, at 66 and back to 64 at 8:00 this evening. south bay, high clouds start rolling in about 10:00 and remain through 6:00. look at those temperatures spiking. we have one more day of potential 70 degree highs, then the roll and cooler weather rolls in. t a probl in the south bay police letting us know we still have the
6:39 am
northbound lanes of lafayette closed. pretty busy there. trying to get to 237 due to a large looking pretty good. drive times have not been looking so good. one hour and four minutes on 580. and westbound 4, dune to one hour three minutes due to an earlier crash. south 101, you are still looking okay at 17 minutes. coming up, hurting your health, the button experts want apple to remove from iphones. looking at the board, markets down a little bit. a look at how the markets are
6:40 am
doing. >> and a berkley-based company getting a chance thanks to shark tank. >> counting down to our annual national puppy day on abc 7 on 7 mornings. join us friday morning beginning at 4:30. we'll be live streaming our
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getting the kids ready morning. we hit the mid-1970's. even 80 in fresno. 86 in palm springs. plenty of snow. thauing in the day and freezing at night. a wentry mix for wednesday and thursday. developing news in the south bay. fire crews have given a poft office the all clear after employees reported smelling gas inside. >> reporter: good morning.
6:44 am
packages for about an hour when all three of them began to feel nauseous. the three employees called 911 and reported smelling gas. any reported gas leak is taken seriously but because this is a po post office, this is approached with extra >> no leak or busted line. we are trying to figure out any source. there doesn't appear to be anyw. >> reporter: they do believe they'll have someone come out to investigate later on today to figure out what may have happened here and also those
6:45 am
three employees, once they stepped out to get fresh air all reported feeling line. thank you. unsuspecting atm users may have had their credit card information stolen. targeting customers from sacramento to reno. seizing a pin hole camera showing people inputting their p.i.n.s. it is believed the same crooks installed devices at several banks. >> we know they've traveled through several banks here and wir looking to see if they have victimized any other communities. >> they believe there are at least 40 victims in the sacramento area alone. happening today, you can learn about the california high-speed rail system.
6:46 am
officials are still promoting the project even though the govern has scaled it back. the governor revealed the segment between merced and bakersfield will be built at this time. tonight's meeting is at the bay area metro sent under stran. running from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. now to your morning money report. lyft will boost efforts to race its value and meet with investors today. aiming for a $23 billion valuation. the wall street journal reports the initial price after getting feedback from investors. the stock could debut as early as next week. looking at the new york stock exchange as trading is getting under way. you see the dow is down five points now. southwest airlines is
6:47 am
offering service from hawaii to oakland for the first time. honolulu passengers bored flights yesterday. customers have reasons to celebrate. they've been urging the carrier to fly to hawaii for years. >> this is really special. i'm born and raised in hawaii. i'm excited. >> the response here, it was long-overdue. >> tickets went on sale earlier this month with fares starting as low as $49 one way which triggered a fare war whther airlines. still a pot of gold to be won. >> the jackpot will to $550 million with a cash pay out of $335 million. not bad. a bio tech company
6:48 am
earth on shank tank. mark cuban offered $550,000 for 10% of the company. the vegan dog treats made out of a special ingredient. koji is the thing we use to brew miso soup. it turns out dogs love too. >> they say it took at least 50 receipts to get it right. they worked with rocket dog rescue in oakland to have their dogs test the streets. the team will be joining us live at abc 7 news today. watch to learn more and what they are calling the shark tank
6:49 am
effect, the boom of traffic on line since the show aired last night. $550,000 for 10%. >> i haven't watched the show a lot. i haven't seen that small a percentage with that large capital a lot of times. >> already a valuable company. >> making me want to make dog treats out of my kitchen. >> they are doing it for dogs, maybe i should do it for cats. >> test out the recipe first. >> showing you what is going on. you are never more than seven minutes away. a few high clouds. you'll see more. high clouds and sunshine. not as warm as the coast.
6:50 am
the sea breeze will kick in a little bit. chance of showers and that will take our spring warmth away. you can see the mid to upper 60s for you. fog in the north bay, high clouds tonight. upper 40s to low 50s. a look at the area of low pressure working so slowly towards us. the high clouds will increase today. tomorrow, more cloud cover, that's why the temperature drops. this is 7:00 in the evening tomorrow. they come ashore tomorrow. through the morning commute. they'll be wet during the wednesday morning commute with weaves of showers. light to moderate you through out the day. wednesday to thursday morning. we could have 1/4 up to 3/4 of
6:51 am
an inch by tomorrow. we drop down to the 60s or 50s for the high. the weekend will trend drier and warmer. >> we did have a crash reported on westbound 80. i believe that is what we are seeing there in the parking lot there on the right-hand side. we have a couple of vehicles with their hazards on. they called for a bridge crew to come help. they are really busy right now. hopefully it means all lanes are back open. really tough still bay point. 10 miles an hour, 18 miles an hour. those speeds coming up by just about five miles an hour. b.a.r.t. looking good. fruitvale early bird service started today. you have a new option there.
6:52 am
ace 3, 5 and 7 are on line. horse races could resume friday at santa anita park. racing was suspended due to the spike in horse deaths there. they reached a deal over the weekend. they still need to sign off on the deal which includes limits on the use of lasix this is used to keep horses from hemorrhaging. this morning, a timely s p more emphasis on character than achievement. their report focuses on how ands priorities achievement over
6:53 am
character. >> things parents are doing e t happier. what will make them happier is if they end up in colleges where they are engaged and thrive. >> the report can't afford colleges. >> sleep experts are asking apple to disable an button. saying it disrupts crucial late-stage rem sleep and could raise your bloop. the best advise is to set an alarm when you want to get up and then get up. unclear why apple has been targeted because alarms are available on all smart phones. >> water levels will rise six to
6:54 am
eight inches. public works department adjusts water levels. they are raised again in the spring time. water can better flow in the lagoon. then it is pumped in the bay. a southern california city has shut down access to a super bloom display. the new restrictions are in effect in lake elsinor. it has lock. officials wrote, the city, is quote, not made for disneyland sized crowds. >> a fire ffighter has beennnnnn the cat whisperinger. they called in animal control but they had no luck so firefighters tried again.
6:55 am
after about an hour, they were able to coax the kitten. one firefighter is now considering adopting it. new ca cal firefighters and kittens. >> i thought you were going to say mike's cat treats. next, the seven things you need to know before you go. >> follow us at abc 7 news. share your photos and video share your photos and video sharing
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if you are joining us, seven things to know, dutch police are searching for a suspect who opened fire at a track in the city this morning. they say he's a 37-year-old turkish-born man. one person is dead, others a isssib terrist hon, eight chemical tanks are burning. officials are monitoring air quality in the area. into three postal workers in san jose postal office were sickened
6:59 am
while sorting packages. workers were fine after getting fresh air. a principal in pittsburgh is on life support and his wife faces attempted murder charges. the sign of the times are changing, the coast, the warmest weather, while the rest of us had hit the 70s. we've been in recovery mode all morning from a crash. still about h traffic. how doesaaaaaa dollars sound? up for grabs. who is playing? >> my wife willla >> we'll be back
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. multiple people injured in a shooting in the netherlands. counterterrorism forces now on the scene. we'll have the latest on that. the search right now for the gunman who opened fire on the tram. breaking news. a massive chemical fire raging in houston. families in nearby neighborhoods warned to shelter indoors right now. historic flooding hits the heartland. washing igays and raedn surround bwar. ly sck orolive on the scene wite latest. oh, my god. >> t


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