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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 18, 2019 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." ♪ ♪ you are so beautiful >> he burst out in song for his bride of 50 plus years. >> he is a smooth brother. >> the surprise that showed her he'd do it all again. >> think this river is too dangerous to cross? see if their truck can make it
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through. a sneaky porch pirate decides i need to take this back home. >> a door bell snif a bakingo t best on e web including awkward voice text messages. a prankster making people cringe. >> we were both drunk, it happened once, don't tell mom and dad. >> awkward. >> this, my friend is black love at its finest. >> i been married to her over 50 years. >> mr. larry senior. check out those threads. he's addressing his beautiful bride. his 68th birthday and they are out celebrating. >> tonight, i want her to marry
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me again. >> they already renewed their vows on their 25 anniversary. they've been together since they were in their teens. he gets on his knee. he does it right. ♪ ♪ you are so beautiful >> he lays it out ♪ ♪ you are so beautiful >> she's still in love with him. look at her face. these two were meant to be together. >> i've been with you over 50 years, i want to know, would you marry me again? >> you see the people in the background. you see that, larry? >> he is a smooth brother.
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you are mrs.pearly love her man. he needs to teach these young bucks. here in australia, and you see a truck on the other side of this river. two guys are wading into the river. it looks like the water is up to that guy's waist. most people could go, nah, looks a little too risky. he goes okay may back up to get snuf steam to make it across this river. there are a so far so good.
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if you look closely, they have one of those snorkles and and ad it up to the high line of the truck. >> they made wow. nice. that is a purpose built truck. a couple of guys who know what they are doing. i love the celebration afterwards and the drainage. i wish my truck was built like this. >> he breaks out in music, i made it. >> these doorbell security cams sometimes show us the real
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thieves are part of your family. >> check this out. the one and a half year old. the package was delivered to her house. she puts her head through the gate and tries to brake open the package. they had another delivery. there he is and their 10-month old german sheppard. >> are the owners talking back? >> are they dog treats? >> look, there is the ferrell cat they adopted. >> there is the evidence there. >> speaking of teeth marks. check this out, finny and his family just moved to the neighborhood. finny goes overbosouee notzon by
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and says, i need to take these back home. normally, prosecutors threaten you with jail time or to nurture you or something. but no, no, no. >> they dog. check it out. typically, they threaten you with jail time or something, this dog got belly rubs and treats and that convinced him to give up the boots. >> these i'm sure are probably some of the most spectacular images you'll see all day. this beautiful location was visited by some of the most accomplished hang gliders out there along with the most
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absolute rookies. >> how deep dot rookies get into this? >> some of them they say are stepping onto the first line ever. they are wearing the harness in case anything goes wrong. >> this is a little different than throwing somebody into the deep end of the pool. >> as you can see and appreciate, some of these guys are insanely talented. >> excuse, sir. >> i'm not even there but i feel the height. >> i want tse rookies. >> actually, even the rookies do really well. >> you have to advance to that highuly, you want to get in the sky. >> they did request that the location be kept secret, they don't want to start attracting people. we know what happens when certain places bomb popular.
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on't have to worry me on the territory. i'll be at home praying. >> a diver discovers something beneath the surface. he realizes, this is significant. >> is it ashes? >> i think so. the story behind the unexpected find that turns out to be pretty lucky. >> and for this guy, how he takes his love dpfor harmon kau everywhere. >> "right this minute" is brought to you by colgate. so i don't have to give up doing what i love. aren't we lucky. new colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. how's your cough? i'm good. i took 12-hour mucinex and sent it far away.
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itchy skin distracting you? >> closed captioning provided by.
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what you think this is. >> church bell? >> that is right. >> what about this? >> car horn. >> yes, you are on point. >> an easy test. >> i have a feeling we are being tested. >> charity. >> horror film? >> charity? >> can i open my eyes. >> those are sounds made with an electric guitar. that was a police >> same thing. >>ot david black can
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>> wait a minute, i'm no guitar expert. can't you assign certain sounds to a string? >> he's actually creating this with his instrument. he's very talented and able to create all these cool sounds. and practice never stops. not when you are running and doing exercises. doesn't stop when you are swimming either. >> so stupid, it is funny. >> you can follow him on instagram @jewels born. >> he likes to head out to the river. he goes under water where he
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sees a lot of treasure. or just picking track. message in a bottle here? no. just crayfish. he finds what looks like a little flower pot. he puts it into a mesh bag. brings it up to the top and dumps it out. >> i found a genie in a bottle. >> i don't know what it is. >> something in a bag here. >> might be weed. >> he finds an iphone. he gives that little green pot a closer look and realizes this is significant. >> is it ashes? >> i think so. >> somebody's family member. >> an urn, maybe. >> are we supposed to put these back in there. >> you notice it said tedy.
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maybe the family dropped it. typically you spread ashes. he tracks the family down because he has a hunch maybe this didn't go off the way they wanted it to. he finds the family and meets them back at the bridge. here is the story. brie and ted's daughter. >> this is the urn i tried to open and spread and it tumbled into the river. >> his hunch was right. this scattering did not go off the way it was supposed to six years ago. >> they are so happy. >> he would have completely enjoyed the story. >> ted would have loved his 15 minutes of fame and this spotlight, so this was a great
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thing. >> you've given an opportunity to have that moment. >> his legs don't work but he loves to hike. >> they trail to everest base camp. >> still to come, taking a hot air balloon up to an adventure in the sky. see the breathtaking junk with breathtaking views. >> and rosalyn is the little girl with a special story. >> hold on to your heart. >> why only having half a brain isn't holding her back. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air.
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-i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. or, let your neck make the statement. gold bond neck and chest cream. 97% had firmer skin. gold bond ultimate lotion, ultimate skin. >> tweet us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. >> let's head over to paris, california. >> known as westside, he's heading over there to sky dive.
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going to shoot some really pretty video. when he gets this phone call. >> you get the count down and the jump. following the base jumpers and he gets a fantastic view of paris and the hot air balloon and all the stunts they do. >> a lot of these base jumpers have a long hike. instead, you just climb into a nice calm basket and bounce. >> looks like a lot of fun was had by all. >> in the end, there were high fives and hugs. >> when you you've got a legit boss like that, you got to celebrate. >> rosalyn here is a very special little girl. hold on to your heart. she might steel it. >> the story i'm about to tell
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you is about a small family in sydney, ohio. a little girl was half a brain. she whole brain you about when she was three years old, she had a she had so many seiziers that disconnecting the half of her brain was the only option. >> i always say nemo. it is like my hand. i say my disabilities make my different. >> she has a great sense of humor. >> listen to her favorite ♪ ♪ and she has half a brain
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>> she never gets tired because the part of your brain that tells you you are tired is missing. >> tell me abouts. i tt mra ct tell me to breath. >> she's relearned to walk and run. they invited her to throw the first pitch at a game last year. >> they also told her she would probably lose her imagination. >> it didn't really effect her. >> an eight-year-old brain has so much plasticity, it can reorganize that the damage can be redirected. >> the special thing is that her neighbor noticed her mom was struggling to get her in and out of the suv. he reached out to a charity and they flew in to ohio and gave them a little visit. >> you know what we came give
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you? >> what? >> a brand-new car. >> what the heck. i'm not expecting that. >> they don't have that van that day. they started a campaign to crowd fund this van. >> another company has decided they are going to match every dollar. the goal has already been met. you can still donate more. a dude is making his voice text a little too public. >> how he's putting it all out
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rose and a glass of rose to go with it. >> really good at voice text messages but bad at spashl awareness. >> we were both drunk, it happened once. don't tell mom and dad. >> awkward. >> he's walking around the campus leaving voice text messages. >> people can't believe. >>sso yoanoound somesoy it is m cc hey, baby mch
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can wai to eeer t cafeteria is? >> hold mom. i'll call you back. i'm talking to some hot chicks. >> i'll be there in ten minutes. can you have my herpy cream on the counter. >> look at the guy's >> this is especially uncomfortable. >> babe, i just quantitied to say it is over. i met somebody new. >> i just broke up with my girlfriend. >> i already have a >> i'm just kidding, please take
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me back. >> there you go. have a great day. we'll see you next time on a
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tonight, several developing stories on this monday night. e toxic chemical plant burning out of control. the plumes of smoke, schools closed, the evacuations. at least six tanks up in flames. some residents told to shelter in place. and what's now been detected six miles away. the helicopter rescues playing out tonight. several states under water. at least three dead, roads and bridges washed away. and more rain now coming. the major reveal tonight. what the black boxes now confirm after that second new boeing 737 max jet crashed, killing everyone onboard. what we've now learned tonight. just days after the terror in new zealand, tonight, the deadly attack on the train in
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holland. they are not ruling out terror tonight. and now, the joint


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