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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 18, 2019 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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to highway 17 -- engineering, >> san francisco mayor london breed is taking on giant ceo respect for several domestic enforcement and education. violence organizations. once they did over the weekend, but despite the improvements, larry baer. she says she wants breed then sent out a strong drivers have to do their part. >> the rules of the road and accountability over this. message to major league >> the video that shows an take precautions when the weather is bad or in other baseball. >> there has to be consequences altercation between larry baer conditions, make it such that we and his wife pamela. should slow down. >> the video surfaced march 1. for behavior that is not >> now mendez says he pays chp some are wondering why she appropriate towards women, no matter whether or not you're waited, the mayor, until today or his organization pays chp to call for discipline. part of, you know, a major good evening. $50,000 for extra patrol. i'm dan ashley. corporation or anything else for coming up at 6:00, we'll take a >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. that matter. look at some of the new breed's call comes after several >> the video shows the giants technologies being proposed to ceo pulling his wife to the leaders in the domestic violence community sent a letter to major ground while he attempted to help keep highway 17 safe. league baseball asking for take a phone out of her hand. >> anser, thank you. strong disciplinary action. baer has since apologize a sinkhole opened in santa >> abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez is near the ballpark clara. crews closed one lane between with details tonight. organization. lyanne? >> well, you know, this is a this weekend, domestic violence organizations said it's been two very awkwardtion for the calle de luna and highway 137. weeks, and majlved tmatter. the water and sewer staff are work tog repair the four foot giants. just last year they put out they hope this letter condemning these buttons that say strike out violence. baer's actions will. wide pothole caused by a break. 20 years' respect. >> well, nothing's happened yet. and that's 20 years of working crews plate over the open i mean, i'm really hoping that directly with these groups, sinkhole and insisted lafayette we're going to see a meaningful street is stable. domestic violence groups. now the mayor today said no sewage has overflowed on to the street or into the storm regardless, mr. baer's actions reaction to this incident that drains. turning now to the weather, were serious and wrong. is fair. boy, was it gorgeous out there. >> today the giants issued this >> i love this feel of spring.
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statement saying, quote, we have a look outside from our mount mayor london breed said she tam and our san francisco waited to get her cues from read the very thoughtful letter exploratorium cameras. and the subsequent statement several domestic violence from the mayor, and we value the spencer christian is here. organizations. keep this coming. >> we'll try. once they sent out sentiments and perspectives spring actually arrives on wednesday. but it's quite spring-iked the expressed. these organizations are asking already. here is a look at live doppler major league baseball to impose the same sanctions that they 7. we have quite an absence of would for any player, such as a reprimand, a fine, crowds. only 59 here in san francisco, which is okay. individualized treatment and 65, though, across the bay in suspension. >> people can ask, you know, oakland. 76 at concord right now. what does that mean. certainly we know that's a week 77 at san jose. to two weeks. up in the north bay, it's 75 at and so that's up to the mlb to determine. santa rosa. all around the bay area right now, especially in the inland area, it is quite mild. >> and this investigation is, of i've got fog coming your way. course, being handled by the san it's already at the golden gate. francisco police department. and i'm being told that they are a fog forecast, or as i like to very close to finalizing their call it, fog forecast. report. i'm live in san francisco, fog pressing inland a little lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. bit. a little beyond the coastline. >> lyanne, what are you hearing over to the bay and central from major league baseball? valley. early tomorrow morning, we'll why haven't they acted yet? see the fog begin to pull bray >> well, not much, dan. the coastline giving us bright i think a major league baseball the day, although has said they want to see that report once the police it's going to bring. department issues their or it fshorent.
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finalizes their investigation. but we'll start to see the clouds from that storm moving in and i think you will see a late tomorrow and into response from major league baseball very quickly after they wednesday. and we've got some rain coming read that report. >> okay, lyanne, thank you. in. i'll give you a closer look at when it will rain and how much in other news now, the we'll get in a few minutes. highway patrol jus r >> thanks. a san jose post office is few mites ago that officers back open after several believe gang violence took a employees were forced to evacuate because of a strange young woman's life along an east odor. bay freeway over the weekend. employees called 911 just before 4:00 a.m. saying they smelled 25-year-old destinee hillery of gas inside the facility near antioch crashed her car into a market and west st. john streets. no gas leaks were found. guardrail on saturday afternoon. hillery died at the scene. the fire captain said the investigators found bullet holes employees' symptoms went away in the door of her car. after they got some fresh air. the chp believes she was the post office is expected to complete their own investigation intentionally targeted by the person who shot her. two other people were wounded on of the cause. an effort is under way right east bay freeways this weekend, now to reform the way towing and the chp believes those companies do business in peopl were also targeted. an east bay school district is struggling as students and california. assemblyman david chu announceds employees face the news that a school principal was shot in the head over the weekend. >> these pictures the family group, including the aclu. chu's bill seeks to change laws released this morning of paul on three types of tows that he says disproportion naturally shatswell show the energetic and impact the poorest californians. positi hin t ptsrgtheavy heart. those are when a car receives
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five or more parking tickets, when car registration is more than six months out of date, or >> i can't speak highly enough when a car has been illegally about him and his energy and his parked more than a vision and the hope that he's public street. >> taking someone's car away for brought to this school and the work that he puts in. the sole reason of collecting a he was absolute workaholic. debt is not going the help that person pay that debt. >> shatswell is the principal towing should be used for here, and students say he makes traffic flow and public safety reasons, not to push poor people a real difference in their further into poverty. lives. >> i was here when it was his first day. >> chu says tow yards also lose he just introduced himself. under today's laws since storage he had such good energy. he justed to come into our class costs typically exceed the sale and say hi. price of a vehicle in a lien if you ever need anything you come talk to me. sale. just ahead, homeless living >> shatswell is on life support in their cars with nowhere to go. >> you would think in this suffering from a gunshot wound country, that wouldn't be happening. to the head. his wife, 39-year-old maria vides is charged with attempted and it's a shame that it is. >> now new help on the horizon. murder. the two got into a domestic the church leaders putting their altercation early saturday morning at their home. faith in the homeless. plus, the worst places to buy that first home, and you vides' brother says relatives aren't sure what happened, that probably will be surprised when he knows they loved each other. you hear which city is on top. and tacky or fun? neighbors also said the couple you've probably seen this seemed happy that. >> didn't seem the type to be unusual house along 280 in
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having problems, you know what i hillsboro. well, now the city wants to mean? you never seen the police here. they argued. always happy with each other. >> the school brought in extra counselors today to help students and staff cope with the news. >> you're just really comfortable with him. and he is a good guy. and i hate that this happens. it's just sad. >> shatswell has eight children ranging in ages from 6 to 29. administrators also brought in extra counselors to the schools where his young children are students. in pittsburg, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> it is heartbreaking. well, today marks one year since sacramento police shot and killed stephon clark. police were responding to reports of a man breaking windows, and that's when they found clark in the backyard of his grandparents' home. two officers opened fire when they thought clark had pointed a gun at them. it turns out it was just a cell phone. today there was a rally in sacrento tohe crk na.ily.y' goingoave inst
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the legacy thate. hon's me.>> and local prosecuto aren't going to charge the prosecutors who fatally shot clark. there is legislation being proposed to set a new use of force standard for law enforcement in california. a new accident record put out by the chp points to a spike in crashes on highway 17 since the start of the year. >> the 26-mile highway runs from scots valley to los gatos. part of the problem may be the heavy winter storms. but another big concern, drivers not obeying road rules. >> abc 7 news reporter anser hassan is live with the story. anser? prty welln hhway affic is moving as been than 52 january. thbig issues? rget, who drives highway 17 eve
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this year ha >> do you feel like there has been more this year than in the past? >> definitely. >> and how are you making that assessment? >> just how many i see and how many times i'm late to work. >> the santa cruz chp reports 521 traffic accidents since the start of the year. that's up by more than 30 accidents from the same time last year. heavy rain and snow made for dangerous driving conditions, but the chp says speeding is also a big problem. here at abc 7, we are >> upon further investigating committed to building a better bay area, which means we lock this collisions, we did come to for solutions to some of the big issues that affect you where you a conclusion that they did live. >> and today there i a glimmer results due to speeding and of hope for some homeless in oakland, especially for families tailgating. >> since 2003, over $250 million and for college students who are living out of their vehicles. has been spent on improvements >> yeah, people who live in their cars will have a new safe to highway 17. in a letter dat march space to park and sleep, plus ra ls access to bathrooms and works, including setting up more resources. >> it's the parking lot of the warning sign, electronic message williams chapel baptist church, and that is just the first of boards and other road four safe parking sites improvements. >> when the weather gets bad out scheduled to open at churches in there, there are m approach
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the east bay. >> leslie brinkley is live at laney college, where ten students will benefit from this new program. leslie? >> it sounds great on the surface today as this whole program was announced. instead of saying not in my backyard, five oakland churches are actually saying come on over. stay in our parking lot, opening their parking lots, as you said, to homeless families and to college students. the laney college students did not want to be on camera. they're trying to keep a low profile, as you can understand, on campus. these ten parking spots in the back of williams chapel baptist church will soon be home every night to ten homeless laney college students. 36 have already applied. >> and they're going to be screening them and having them sign codes of conduct. so we hope that this site will be open within the week. >> we're sorry that the answer to the many living without homes in our community is well, y cn park here.
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>> but it's better than no place to park. five churches are offering up the parking spaces in the interfaith council of alameda county is organizing this research effort. money from the county will fund a security guard, fresh water and bathrooms overnight every day for 90 day stints. >> we're going to have a fund that will be applied to this program that will allow us to have minor repairs done to clients' cars. we will help them to their parking tickets. >> i'm just happy that we're able to help our community, that we're able to help families. >> corinthian baptist church will open 15 spaces to homeless families in april. then three more churches are slated to follow after that. >> it's you and i that can say yes, in my backyard, yes, on my parking lot, yes, in this region. >> and that's a beautiful thing. >> anthony rodriguez is on the verge of having to live out of
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his 20-year-old mitsubishi. you're shedding a lot of tears right now. >> yeah, because it hurts. yeah, it hurts. >> it's hard to be homeless. >> yes, yes. yes, it is. and i don't have family or nothing. it's rough. . >> he was terrified of having to live out of his car, but hopeful after hearing about the possibility of parking lots maybe opening up to people like him. he hopes more follow suit. there are many like him living out of vehicles here in oakland. >> all right. leslie, you mentioned a code of conduct. what rules will these parking lots impose on the homeless checking in? >> good point. they have a lot of rules. they must have the car registered to them in me llegstudenyed ryerusly r alcohol tolerated at
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all. and a very strict check in/check out process from what they outlined today. checking in at 7:30 or 8:00 at night. checking out 12 hours later in the morning. >> okay. you mentioned the 12 hours. what will the people who are living in those parking lots do maybe during the day when they have to leave the parking lots? >> well, exactly. they mentioned that, and they don't want people leaving these church parking lots and just hanging out in the neighborhoods waiting for night to come around. they're assuming these folks are going to school or to work. and if they need, they can go to westside baptist church. that's bnte as ag the will periodically have laundry trucks, shower trucks coming through, bashers available, and transitional counseling, because the goal ultimately is to get these people into housing in the long run. reporting live in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> lots of great information there, leslie. thanks. >> what do you think will help here? our conversation about building a better bay area continues
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online with the #better bay area. we all live here, so we can all be a part of making this a better place to live. all right. this should come as no surprise. the bay area is the worst area for first-time home buyers. when it comes to the 50 largest metro areas in the united states, san francisco is at the very bottom. san jose isn't much better at number 47 on the list. put together by the very best place for first-time buyers to look is pittsburgh, pennsylvania. affordability, market tightness, safety, culture and the job market were the main factors in determining those rankings. look at this. access to that stunning super blooshdo. seeea 50,000 pple o lelrhed poppies. the overwhelming crowds have not only caused gridlock in that area, people went off the trail and tramper tin gheerfect picture.
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that's a big no-no. lake elsinore officials wrote on instagram, the city is not made for disneyland-sized crowds. they're working on a fix to prevent a strain on resources next weekend. but it is a bit irresistible. >> i can't stop watching it. >> spencer here with the forecast. >> well, you know, spring is in the air. so flowers are in bloom. but spring won't arrive officially until wednesday. here is a look at live doppler 7. we've had a bright sunny today today with a few high clouds around. it's been quite mild. and temperature readings right now are amazingly mild for just two days before spring. here is a live view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco. and you can see the current temperature readings are 59 degrees here in the city. 51 in morgan hill. milder in oakland with a reading of 65 and mid- to upper 70s in mountain view and san jose. here is the view from mount tam looking down on to the bay. you can see fog moving through the golden gate right now. light fingers of fog pushing out
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over the bay. current readings are in the mid-70s. santa rosa, napa, petaluma, vacaville and 72 at livermore. one more view at the golden gate. you can see the fog there, but the pavement is dry and traffic is moving smoothly. this mild pattern continues tomorrow, although not quite so mild as today. it gets perceptibly cooler on wednesday, as showers return. and then we'll have occasional light rain. showers continuing periodically into the weekend. overnight, look for partly cloudy skies. mainly just high clouds. it will be a bit cloudier near the coast. we'll have patchy fog also near coastal areas. overnight lows will be mainly in the upper 40s. some inland areas will see lows dropping into the mid-40s. bright skies to start the day with a little bit ofco by dday, we'll be warming up loto i should 0s. hig cudut0 in the late afternoon. in the mildest inland locations. and then temperatures start to drop off as the sun begins to set tomorrow evening.
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overnight, we have those high clouds and then tomorrow afternoon we'll see them thickening just a little bit toward the latter part of the day. high temperatures will range from mid-60s a the coast to upper 60s around the bay shoreline and upper 60s to near 70 in our inland areas. then the rain comes in. the next rain ranks 1. a storm of light intensity. it will be moving in overnight to wednesday producing generally light to moderate showers. a quarter to 3/4 in most locations and there will be heavier rain in the santa cruz mountains. here is our forecast animation starting 7:00 tomorrow night. notice tomorrow night we'll see steady and impressively heavy showerhore, but mainly morning intensifying intoernoont ll be . two rainfall totals. generally a quarter inch to half an inch by late ws. and over in the sierra, we have
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a winter weather advisory to 11:00 wednesday night. about 8 inches or more of snow expected there. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. and you can see that for the remainder of the week beginning on wednesday, we have a chance of some light rain every single day through saturday. and each of those storms will rank only one on the storm impact scale. so we're not expecting torrential downpour. >> spring showers. >> that's it. >> okay, spencer, thanks. it may soon cost you more to catch a ride. the surcharge that could make rates skyrocket. >> plus, facebook's effort to get into the news business is suffer
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. lyft took a big step in its ipo today by setting a price range for the first shares that it plans to sell.
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lyft expects to sell stocks for between 62 and $68 per share. that would raise roughly $2 billion. san francisco-based lyft eventually hopes the company will be worth between 20 and $25 billion. lyft executives have warned about the struggle to be profitable despite all the growth. and getting a ride share in the city may become more expensive. a measure is likely headed for the november ballot that would let san francisco voters approve a tax on each ride. the chronicle reports supervisor aaron peskin reached a deal with lyft and uber, and the companies will figure out how to pass the tax on to customers. the approved it could raise $30 million a year to fight traffic congestion. studies have showed traffic has surged since 2010 because of ride share services. facebook says it's running into trouble trying to establish a service that provides users with local news. a service called today in launched last year and is currently available in some 400 u.s. cities, but facebook found
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that 40% of americans live in places where there aren't enough local news stories to support it. some 1800 newspapers have stopped publishing in the u.s. in the last 15 years. facebook plans to share its research with academics studying the extent of so-called news deserts. marcia clark became a household name prosecuting o.j. simpson, of course. and since she has become a best-selling author, and now she is producing a new show on abc 7 called "the fix." >> jessica castro spoke with her about the show. >> marcia, i'm going to start with you and ask the question that probably everyone is asking you. the burning question, is this about you? and is it about the o.j. simpson trial? >> no, and no. it's not me. we deliberately sat down, when i worked with the co-creators to develop this whole idea, we decided this is going to be about a fictional character, maya. she has my origin story that
4:20 pm
this is a prosecutor who lost a high profile case, and after that, it completely departs into total fiction. maya is not me. maya is robin. maya is a very complex, very passionate person who has her own needs, desires, fears, issues, completely different. and robin delivers on that just beautifully. >> you can watch the fix right here on abc 7. it debuts at 10:00 tonight followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> tune in for that. well, some key decisions for the supreme court about how they could affect you. plus, a major decision in france following a weekend of > and historic
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♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> once again, i'm dion lim, and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. san francisco mayor london breed is demanding major league baseball take a tougher stance on domestic violence. it all comes following this video obtained by tmz sports of an incident between giants ceo larry baer and his wife. while baer has apologized, it does not excuse his actions. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley tweeted this update to a plan to help homeless students who attend lanely college in
4:24 pm
oakland. some who live out of their cars could soon have a place to park them. incredible video of people using their hands to rescue a boy trapped under a landslide in china. he was found crying for his mother and grandmother. at least ten people died in the disaster. at least two people are under arrest in the netherlands after a man shot and killed three people on a tram and injured five others. here is abc news reporter elizabeth hur with what we've learned about the suspected gunman. >> a deadly shooting on a tram sending commuters scrambling and police rushing to a scene of mass chaos. the gunshots ringing out monday morning in the city of utrecht, about 30 miles southeast of meel authotis psiblherlands. the ty's the highest level, and
4:25 pm
officials releasing this picture of their main suspects initiall on the run. the alleged gunman identified as a 37-year-old born in turkey who according to investigators was known to authorities. >> allegedly, he had an automatic weapon. after the assault, he fled from the crime scene. >> just hours after seeking the public's help tracking their suspect down, officials announcing they'd apprehended the suspected shooter, along with another individual. and after the arrests, the terror threat was lowered. >> we are investigating all possibilities. so that means possible terrorists but also other possible motives. >> for now police will only confirm that the second person is being held on manslaughter charges, but they are not yet saying how or if that person is involved. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. the government of new zealand agreed to reform the country's gun laws in the wake
4:26 pm
of friday's terror attacks. prime jacinda ardern says she will introduce and announce the new laws introduced by her cabinet in the coming days. her announcement comes just days after a lone gunman killed 50 people at two mosques in the city of christchurch. today they also took social media companies to task after vdeos of the massacre were seen worldwide. >> i would call on our social platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these events and that includes those who perpetuate the messages in the aftermath. there is a lot of work that needs to be done. >> abc news has learned that 28-year-old suspect brenton tarrant trained at a gun range five hours south of christchurch. prosecutors charged the suspected white supremacist with murd >>thereovernmt
4:27 pm
ts toda primennounc the government will ban rallies in some areas and fire paris' police chief. more than 10,000 people took part in saturday's protest that turned violent. reuters smashed shops on the famed champ-elysees, a marked increase in violence compared to recent rallies organized by so-called yellow vest protesters. at least three deaths are blamed on historic flooding in the midwest. wisconsin, illinois and iowa have all been affected. >> fighting against raging current, high waves and strong eser were able to save hundreds from the rising waters in the worst flooding in nebraska in three decades. >> it's just unbelievab cut off after roads and bridges were washed out. a rapid warm-up after a period of snow and cold sent rivers over their banks.
4:28 pm
ice jams m beeut here. >> in proct the city's water supply. the water is safe, but people have been told to limit use. >> residents are mandated to reduce their water consumption by 50%. >> the floodwaters inundated the air force base. more than two dozen buildings were damaged by the floodwaters, though no one has been hurt. the water has begun to recede, and many towns are already drying out. it will be a few days more, though, before the farmlands return to normal, and forecasters say there is more rain on the horizon. aaron katersky, abc news, new york. the u.s. supreme court made key decisions today on two high profile cases. fi court aeedo reinstate t lee oginaylv pa wasngton, d.c. sniperhootings in 2002. an appeals court ruled last year
4:29 pm
that malvo should be resentenced because of recent supreme court rulings that altered sentencing requirements for juvenile offenders. malvo was 17 years old when he and john allen muhammad fatally shot ten people. muhammad was executed in 2009. also today, the justices rejected an appeal from a hawaii bed and breakfast that wouldn't rent a room to a lesbian couple. the b and b's owner argued she should be allowed to turn away gay couples because of her religious beliefs. but the justices sided with lower court rulings that the owner violated hawaii's anti-discrimination raw. it is national nutrition month, and coming up, the worst foods that you think are actually healthy. >> plus, how to enjoy those march madness parties without putting on the pounds. >> i'm spencer christian. we've got spring coming our way, but you couldn't tell it from the approaching clouds and rain. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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boy, hard to believe it is already here. it is time for march madness. >> and not only do you have to fill out your brackets, but you have to fill out people's bellies for all the parties that are going to happen too. >> very good point. with so many games, kristen sze met up with bay area author jennifer lee to find a way to keep guests happy without all that junk food. >> march madness is here. super fun time. everything has a favorite team. unlike the super bowl, which is a one-shot deal, you can totally
4:33 pm
pig out you can't do that for a month. >> a month of games. we have to sustain ourselves. >> game plan. three simple things. healthy subs, pregame assist, box out sugar. are you ready? let's do it. >> make healthy subs. how do we do that? >> cucumber, pepper, hummus dip instead of maybe a fattier dressing. >> and this is way less fatty and much healthier than the dressing. >> right. so this is a good thing for your body. and roasted chickpeas. this is super easy. you pop them in the oven. you can season them with all different sorts of spice. whatever is your favorite. this is garlic and cumin. >> the crunch. >> and it's so good. and easy. and people like it. it's a healthier substitution instead of having pretzels and chips. >> tip number two. >> give yourself an assist. make something ahead that is easy that everyone will enjoy so when your guests get there, you can really enjoy the party.
4:34 pm
>> right. instead of being in the kitchen the whole time. what is an easy thing to make? >> i love to make chili. it's easy because it freezes well. kit be made a day or two ahead. >> wow. >> and it can also be personalized a lot of different ways. the one we have here today is a black bean chili. so it's vegetarian, which is great. you could add chorrizo. what do you think? >> mmm! >> it's easy. and it's so easy to make. a box of chopped tomatoes, a can of black beans, some onions and spices. so box out sugar. it's really easy to overload on sodas and sweet beverages. >> yep. >> at these parties. so to swap out the sugar and also have a fun team theme. >> add the team spirit. >> right. add some team spirit with fruit and bubbly water. so i've got your cal bears here. >> go, bears! we're not going to make it, but that's okay. >> maybe next year.
4:35 pm
let's think about a desert that's a little healthier too. >> oatmeal cookies sweetened with apple sauce. so i cut the sugar in half here. i still use a little brown sugar, but i sub in apple sauce. >> what does that do for it? >> it drops the sugar by 50%. >> that's the secret sauce? >> that's the secret sauce. exactly. >> thank you so much. these are some great winning ideas. >> so fun. may the best team win. >> cheers to your team. >> yay for march madness. >> i want to go to that tasty. party. you can find more recipes at our website, let's update the forecast. spring is almost sprung. this is gorgeous. >> indeed. spencer christian standing by. >> it is a gorgeous prespring day. right now we're looking at mainly sunny skies and fairly mild conditions. overnight we'll see a few more high clouds around. maybe coastal fog. not too chilly, but a little cooler inland with lows in the
4:36 pm
mid-40s. tomorrow mild to almost warm again tomorrow. not quite so warm as today. we'll see mid 60s on the coast. around the bay shoreline, generally upper 60s. inland areas up to around 70 degrees. i should mention we have a beach hazard statement to make you aware of. there is an increased risk of sneaker waves right now. wave heights are not going to be terribly elevated, but still the surf is a bit rough. bear in mind. our approaching storm moving in on wednesday. it ranks 1 on the impact scale. a storm of light to moderate intensity, producing a quarter inch to 3/4 rainfall. generally light to moderate showers. it's not going to be a major rainfall event. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. so the storm ranked 1 on the impact scale. it will be early morning showers as well on thursday. just a slight chance. not much happening on friday. but showers will return on saturday. so the first few days of spr br showers, which also bring mayflowers. and may flowers bring pilgrims.
4:37 pm
>> wow! >> i couldn't resist. >> classic. >> all week. >> if they let me. >> pull you offset. >> thanks, spencer, very much. >> thank you. you always eat right? you may want to think again. some of the foods people think are healthy really aren't. and why an aspirin a day may georgand a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital.
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don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,r the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ the beat goes on that was great!
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it is national nutrition month, and that means it is time to start thinking about what you're eating. nutritionist pamela riggs with a look at how to get on track. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i see you have a range of products right now let's start off with some of the misconceptions when it comes to eating healthy. >> it is national nutrition month. what we really want to do is to advise people to be consumer and read their food labels. some of the misconceptions are some of the claimshere are so maade with seven grains, whole grains,
4:41 pm
ke ke ketogenic diet is popular. it's really about reading food labels. this you would think multigrain, that's got to be good for me. when you really look at the label, just because something says it's multigrain doesn't mean it's high in fiber. in this particular product, you know, again, one gram of fiber. and if you look at the number one ingredient, it's enriched wheat flour. so it's not really 100% whole grain. >> that one broke my heart a little bit. it's so easy to snack. >> look for 100% whole grain on your food labels. >> okay. let's move on to some of the other products as well. i think the packaging always makes you feel like oh, this is good for me. a lot of the green makes you feel eco conscious and healthy. >> take a look at -- and i'm not picking on any particular brand, because there is many of them. but these premade smoothies, juices that you can buy now. this is really kind of a glorified apple juice. but it certainly looks like there is blueberries and
4:42 pm
bananas. yes, there is a small percentage. but when you look at the food label, it's the juice from 3 1/2 apples. you get a ton of natural sugar, but nonetheless, all the fiber that's in your whole grain fruits and vegetables, you're missing out on because it's been juiced. >> i always wonder about that. how much sugar should we be consuming even natural sugar like this? orange juice someone of my favorites. >> absolutely. the recommendations for sugar intake -- it depends on who you ask, but the dietary guidelines suggest we shouldn't be getting more than 10% of our calories from added sugars, that's about 12 teaspoons a day. the american heart association recommends six teaspoons for women, nine for men. this type of foods you're eating you're already getting your daily amount in one particular food. fruited yogurt, this has add sugar. i think it has four to five teaspoons of sugar alone. >> teaspoons.
4:43 pm
oh, i should have a cupcake instead. just kidding. real quickly, let's talk about this ghee here. you mentioned keto. it's so popular. it seems to be the it diet now. why is this problematic for some people? >> well, the ketogenic diet, paleo puts a lot of emphasis on fat intake to help burn body fat and it's supposed to be the latest greatest in weight loss. the science is not quite there yet. but ghee is actually just clarified butter. and when they make this, they remove the milk solids and the water and concentrate the dairy fat. so for a tablespoon of butt worry be 100 calories, this is going to be maybe 140 calories and you have more saturated fat. >> nutritionist pamela riggs with marin general hospital. thank you so much. lots of great information there. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> dan, send it back to you. >> i don't know if this counts as nutrition, you can get jelly
4:44 pm
bellies in every flavor you want. now listen to this. the creator of jelly bellies has come up with a new line infused with the cannabis derived compound it has pina colada to toasted marshmallow. each has 10 grams of cbd. they're not associated with jelly belly. jelly belly is based in fairfield. you have probably heard the recommendations about taking an aspirin a day to prevent heart attack and stroke. but that is changing. according to new guidelines from the american heart association, the benefits may not outweigh the risks. for adults without a history of heart disease, getting blood pressure and cholesterol under control are the best preventatives. but aspirin may be a good choice for those who have trouble lowering their cholesterol. check with your doctor before you make a decision like this. sleep experts are asking
4:45 pm
apple to get rid of the snooze button on the iphone clock. they say it's bad for the mental health because it causes the body to release a stress hormone. it also disrupts crucial late stage rem sleep in favor of low quality sleep. it's not clear why apple has been targeted specifically because alarms are available on all smartphone phones. a special tree has gone up in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. the italian helped plant the tree near washington square. it honors san francisco public lawren ferling getty. that olive tree plant was planted as port arthur of san francisco's signature tree series, which honors important figures. some say it's a fitting tribute. >> it's a living and breathing monument blossoming every year, new gems, new seeds, poetry yet
4:46 pm
to come. it's exactly what poetry is meant to be. >> that in itself was so poetic. ferling getty was not there. city lights will celebrate with readings of his works. next, meet the flint stones. >> up next, the house in hillsboro along 280 that is stirring up more controversy. why the city is stepping in. and kirsten is here.>> thks. new at 5:in oneth bayunity. why it can be a little icky to go outside. they have to be birth and taught how to survive in the world. meet the foster parents to two bear cubs. and a massive meteor that exploded over earth, but almost no one noticed.
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curfew tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's "american idol" followed by the premiere of "the fix" and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. some people love it. other people not so much. one thing is for sure, everyone has an opinion about the flintstone house.
4:50 pm
it's on berryessa way in hillsborough and can easily be seen if you're driving along 280. now the city of hillsborough is suing the house's owner. luis pena has the story. >> reporter: it's visible from i-280, from the hillsborough hills, from the sky. you know it's there, the flintstone house. what do you think about the flintstone house? >> it's getting uglier and uglier. >> i think it's fine. i like looking at it driving on 280. >> others love it so much, they see it as a landmark. >> i think it's interesting. i think it's nice. just because it's something different, something we have in the bay area. >> but the city of hillsborough doesn't like the landmark idea or the massive dinosaurin theya. the owner is media mogul florence fage. >> she has probably eight to ten large stat use. i think now there is a king kong. >> illinois it all started in 2017 when the city inspector
4:51 pm
noticed the orange and ked house had several statues surrounding it. >> because they can be seen from other properties, and that's what makes them subject to design review so that neighbors and other affected people get an opportunity to weigh in on scenery that affects their view and their properties too. llsborough, they have reached out to mrs. fang multiple times to remove the statues, but they're still there. so the city is now suing her. >> i think if it's on their property, they can do whatever they want. >> the house was purchased for $2.8 million in 2017. and according to the city of hillsboro, the owner is using it for parties. >> i probably wouldn't live in that house because i couldn't afford it. but i'd love to see the inside some time. >> mrs. fang's office said she'll be fighting hard to keep her stat use. she has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. in hillsborough, luz pena, abc 7
4:52 pm
news. >> thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> but as far as i'm concerned, there has to be consequences for that kind of behavior. >> and that behavior is what you see in this video. the mayor of san francisco says the giants ceo needs to be suspended. some wonder why she is only speaking out now. >> the parade of tow trucks that can ruin someone's day. now a plan to foil what some call an infuriating source of revenue. plus, reluctant to open the of fresh air in one south bay community. and the poppy apocalypse. how a super bloom caused a super crisis. >> live where you
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