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accountability over this. >> the video that shows an altercation between larry baer and his wife pamela. >> the video surfaced march 1. some are wondering why she waited, the mayor, until today to call for discipline. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. breed's call comes after several leaders in the domestic violence community sent a letter to major league baseball asking for strong disciplinary action. >> abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez is near the ballpark with details tonight. lyanne? >> well, you know, this is a very awkwardtion for the giants. just last year they put out these buttons that say strike out violence. 20 years' respect. and that's 20 years of working directly with these groups, domestic violence groups. now the mayor today said regardless, mr. baer's actions were serious and wrong. mayor london breed said she waited to get her cues from several domestic violence organizations. once they sent out an open
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letter to the major league commissioner, breed then sent out her own message regarding the larry baer incident. >> i want them to focus on addressing this issue very, very thoughtfully, and to hold him to the same standard that they would in any instances. there needs to be consequences. >> the video shows the giants ceo pulling his wife to the ground while he attempted to take a phone out of her hand. baer has since apologized for the pain brought to his wife, children, and the giants organization. this weekend, domestic violence organizations said it's been two weeks, and major league baseball has not resolved the matter. they hope this letter condemning baer's actions will. >> this is a moment i think for us to raise the issue up really push out the giants' own brand around anti-violence. >> today the giants issued this statement, saying we take this matter very seriously, and we appreciate their concerns.
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these organizations are asking major league baseball to impose the same sanctions that they would for any player, such as a reprimand, a fine, individualized treatment and suspension. >> people can ask what does that mean? certainly we know that's not a week to two weeks. and so that's up to the mlb to determine. >> now a decision to charge baer will not come out today we are told, but a source said a decision is expected in the next few days. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. now just in the last 90 minutes or so, the chp blamed gang violence for the death of a young woman shot on an east bay freeway over the weekend. and is asking anyone who may have seen something to please give them a call. 25-year-old destinee hillery's car went off highway 4 after hitting a guardrail saturday afternoon. she died at the scene. chp officers discovered bullet holes in the door of her honda. two other people survived after
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being shot along east bay freeways, one yesterday on 580 in livermore, and the other this morning on 80 in richmond. the chp says the three crimes are not related. >> all three of these shootings appear to be targeted, and investigators believe that the shooting on highway 4 in contra costa county was gang-related. >> since 2015, the chp says there have been 185 shootings on bay area freeways. nine people have been killed, and 65 others have been wounded. a state assemblyman today introduced a bill that seeks to end towing practices that he says harm low income people, sometimes pushing them closer to homelessness. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live in the newsroom with the latest. melanie? >> the bill aims to eliminate the three most common poverty-related tows, leaving intact dozens of other reasons a vehicle could be towed. the bay area is known for high
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costs, including steep towing fees. the average fee to retrieve a car from a tow yard is $500. >> when you add add daily storage, additional fees and fines, the cost to retrieve a car could often skyrocket to $1500. >> which district 17 assembly member david chu says is having a devastating impact on low and middle class residents. today he introduced a bill to eliminate poverty-related tows if the owner has five or more unpaid parking tickets. if the car registration is more than six months out of date, or when a car has been legally parked for more than 72 hours. information law enforcement and meter maids have access to when calling a tow truck company. mary lovelace says she was working as an interior home improvement specialist when things got rough. >> i was unable to continually look for work once they put the boot on my car. >> what's worse, lovelace says some of the parking tickets she received were for being parked
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in places she wasn't. she is not alone. >> i went to try to register my car last year and was shocked to discover that i had over $1600 worth of unpaid parking ticket fines on my vehicle. >> if the bill is passed, two dozen statutory grounds for towing cars will remain intact. >> towing should be used for traffic flow and public safety reasons, not to push poor people further into poverty. >> chu says important mechanisms will remain to insure californians who are able to pay parking tickets and registration fees still do. ab 516 is expected to be heard in policy committee in april. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> okay, melanie, thank you. peru's former president, who is wanted on political corruption charges in his home country, landed in jail in san mateo county. alejandro toledo was arrested near menlo park last night on suspicion of public intoxication. toledo now lives in california. he was released from jail this
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morning. the international police agency interpol told local deputies it had no immediate plans to extradite him. the president of peru, toledo was accused of taking $20 million in bribes. well, something smells rotten in milpitas. people there have been blaming the city's landfill. the newby island landfill is close to 880, as you know, but the stink could also be from nearby santa clara waste water plant. after years of complaints, the south bay city may be inching toward identifying what that odor is. but it is unpleasant. we know that. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at hall memorial park, which residents say sometimes they have to avoid because the odor is so bad. david, how is it? >> well, dan, the breeze is coming right towards my face. so i don't have to take a deep breath in order to figure out there is something in the air, and it smells a little bit like rotting garbage. the two new studies that are
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going to be done are going to try to identify the compounds causing the stench. then they can go back and find the source. >> very pungent and very bothersome. and sometimes it affects my sinuses i feel when it's bad. >> that's how a 20-year milpitas resident describes the odor. others say it smells like rotten eggs. after years of suspecting the source could be the landfill or the water plant or a food source processing plant, two studies are under way to identify what the smell. >> right now i smell just an odor. and i don't know what the source is. is it compost? is it sewage? to me, i don't smell what the difference is. and that's what this survey is going to do. it's going to help us pinpoint what we're smelling. >> the city of milpitas will pay up to $85,000 for its study which will include hand-held and station monitoring devices. the bay area quality management district is seeking proposals and bids for a separate study with an issue with a staggering
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number of public nuisance complaints. 3,500 in 2015 with the number dropping a low of 1500 complaints last year. the nearby san jose/santa clara waste water treatment plant said it has had no odor citations in 15 years. knits the fourth year of a 1.4 modernization project that has odor control a key objective. republic services, the operate of the newby island landfill operating facility says it welcomes the study and hopes a scientific approach will lead to answers. residents hope it will make home buyers less reluctant to move here. >> they say does it smell here? and i've got to be honest, sometimes it does. they've heard about it from other areas, yes. >> does that cause them not to buy? >> yes. >> now the two separate studies are expected to take just over a year to complete. that's because they want to seclude environmental factors such as rain, wind and comparing winter versus summer temperatures. they also want to look at the compounds early on, and if they
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can identify them before the study is over, they said they won't hesitate to go after the source. live in milpitas, david louie, abcnews. >> david, thank you. a san jose post office is back open after several employees were forced to evacuate overnight due to a strange odor. employees called 911 just before 4:00 a.m. saying they smelled gas inside the facility near market and west st. john streets. no gas leaks were actually found. the fire captain said the employees' symptoms went away they have got some fresh air. the post office is expected to complete their own investigation into the cause. a car smashed into a pole in san francisco, and as you can see, created quite a precarious situation. the impact left the concrete pole leaning on muni lines at divisadero and page. one person was hurt in the crash and is expected to be okay. a weekend hike turned into an emergency rescue for a man in the east bay. on saturday afternoon, a contra costa county sheriff's office helicopter responded to a report of an elderly hiker injured on
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the akalanas trail near lafayette. due to the steep terrain, crews flew him to an ambulance that was waiting nearby. >> the warriors announce their big reveal. >> the first ever concert at chase center will be -- >> it will be the opening act of the team's new chase center. just who it is, coming up. plus, whether it's #poppy shutdown, poppy nightmare, or poppy apocalypse, hard to say that three times real fast, sometimes there is too much of a good thing. >> it sure felt like spring out there. a good day to hit the beach. i'm abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know when rain is returning this week, coming up. and three blind mice. see how they regain their sight when abc 7 news at 5:00
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today the team announced a big reveal. >> it's a good-looking stadium or arena. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in the mission bay neighborhood with the story. wayne? >> well, dan, i know you like rock music. do you also like symphony music? because this is what we're going to get. it's going to be a combination of the both. it's a question who is going to play first in this arena. and it's not basketball. first, the venue. to hear the warriors tell it. >> maybe peter guber and i like to talk about it along with rick and the rest of our staff. maybe the hardest thing we have all individually or collectively ever done. >> and now the nonbasketball showstopping starter. >> today we're here to answer the question we have probably been asked more than any other over the past few months. >> it's a question other than the one asked by larry beil after the game saturday night. o >> will they be dropping another
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championship banner, gentlemen? >> yes! i bury here is a hint. a musical marriage of the san francisco symphony orchestra and metalli metallica. ♪ and now i'll >> opening night will reprice a classic known affectionately as snm, known as symphony and metallica. they showed up with lars ulrich. they described the new venue as a coming home. >> as somebody who has championed san francisco for 35 years, it makes us incredibly proud. >> the concert will also serve as a test for san francisco. what kind of dent will 18,000 people make on an evening commute? we asked mayor london breed. >> we want people to rely on public transportation more than anything else to get in and out of this area. so we have to make sure that it's working as efficiently as possible on day one. >> is there a plan for that yet?
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>> we are working on that as we speak. >> we asked that same question to warriors president rick welch. his response, that the warriors transportation plan is this thick. he held his fingers up, that high. he said there is room for adjustment. live outside the future chase center, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> the future is so near. all right, wayne, thank you. the oakland a's are opening up the baseball season in japan this week, and they're going to see a familiar face. 45-year-old ichiro suzuki will be in the starting lineup on wednesday for the seattle mariners. ichiro of course will become the second oldest player to play on opening day when he takes to the field. he is a legend in his native japan, which is part of the reason why the mariners brought the outfielder back. >> right. listen to this. a group of bay area scientists has made an incredible breakthrough that could one day restore eyesight to the blind. a research team at uc berkeley used gene therapy to help blind
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mice see again. look at this video. the mouse on the right is blind. it stays in safe areas near the edges of the box. the mouse on the left was blind too, but it can now see. it is exploring the box without fear. scientists allowed the mouse to see again by injecting a gene into its retina to make cells light sensitive. >> we're trying to add a new function with a gene therapy to another cell. this isn't trying to keep the photo receptor cells from dying. it's starting to make other cells light sensitive to take their place. >> the hope is this gene therapy will restore eyesight to people with age related macular degeneration, which affects one in ten people over the age of 55. the huge meteor exploded over earth, and most of us missed it. m.i.t. says the fireball last december released ten times more energy than the atomic bomb that the u.s. dropped on hiroshima. nasa says a meteor this big happens about two to three times every 100 years.
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it may have gone mostly unnoticed, though, because it happened in a remote area over the bering sea between alaska and russia. nasa recently found out about the meteor from military satellites. well, the great poppy shutdown of 2019 is over. a super bloom overwhelmed the city of lake elsinore in riverside county with tens of thousands of tourists wanting to view the spectacular sea of orange. well, the city closed off access over the weekend. but as reporter greg lee explains, that's changed. >> after a brief closure, the road to walker canyon in poppy paradise back open. the crowds began lining up to hike closer to the super bloom in the hills of lake elsinore, many still looking for the words to describe it. >> it's just -- it's neon almost. it's -- you can't describe it. i'm sure that the pictures on the camera aren't going to do justice to the flowers. >> but that didn't stop thousands of visitors from trying to snap the perfect picture or selfie with a
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stunning backdrop. the city estimates 150,000 people visited just this weekend, prompting the city to shut down roads and access to the canyon, calling the situation unbearable. >> there were people sitting out in the sun. there were some heat exhaustion. people were fainting. we were having emts coming out to help those folks. we had a dog bit by a snake. >> even port-a-potties were so full they had to be closed. perhaps the biggest issue? traffic. the roads into the small community gridlocked. cars parking all over the place, frustrating residents and visitors. >> that is insane. you know, just we were thinking about turning around and going back. >> the city is reevaluating how to move forward, including the possibility of shutting it down again. the mayor says they need to find a balance. >> that's always number one. we want to make sure people have a safe experience, they have a convenient experience. we also want to look out for the residents as they're having challenges getting to work. >> it's just phenomenal.
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it's breathtaking the amount of flowers. there is too many to count. >> city leaders will hold a news conference later this week to talk about possible solutions and steps they will take next. reporting in lake elsinore, greg lee, abc 7 news. >> i have to say, it is irresistible. just stunning. it feels like spring. >> out and stung and spring-like outside. but how long will it last? >> meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking some changes coming to our forecast, sandhya. >> absolutely. a reality check is about to come in. you know spring can be wet. and dan and kristen, we are going the see some wet weather this week. take a look at the high so far. it was a warm day, unless you were at the coast where the fog held the temperature down to 60 degrees in half moon bay. 80 in gil royalty. 71, oakland. 73, san francisco. santa rosa, concord, fairfield, livermore up to 73 the high so far with plenty of sun. here is a look at what's to come. so in case you're stepping out, you want to enjoy this nice weather after you get off of work, you want to take the dog
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out for a walk, it's going to be nice. a few patches of fog. temperature going from 67 at 6:00 tonight, dropping down to the mid-50s as we head towards midnight. it will get cooler later and temperatures will be dropping. as the breeze is kicking in, we're starting to notice that socked in along the coast. this is the kind of pattern we see in the summertime. you know that the fog is coming near the coast. and that's because of this system here as it's edging closer. it's starting to change up our pattern. there is a beach hazard statement increasing risk of sneaker waves 4:00 a.m. tomorrow through 11:00 p.m. current wave heights are 5 feet. watch out if you're heading to the coast. santa cruz camera showing you a lovely view. you can see the fog there. temperatures 57 in san francisco. it is 64 in oakland. 74, san jose. mid-70s in morgan hill. bright sunny skies in san jose as we look towards the shark tank. low to mid-70s from santa rosa to napa. concord 7 degre4 degrees. the fog will be increasing player in our forecast tonight.
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it spreads overnight. cooler tomorrow. rain returns late tomorrow through wednesday, and an unsettled pattern is in store into the weekend. hour-by-hour we go. watch the fog pushing in. and then pulling away as we go towards around noontime. tomorrow morning, watch out for the fog. it will be pretty thick in spots. temperatures in the 40s for most of you. tomorrow afternoon, it's a cooler day. still mild. but not as warm as today. mostly 60s. a few low 70s. it's a level 1 on our storm impact. light to moderate showers. quarter to 3/4 inch for rain for most of you. heavier in the santa cruz mountains. let's time it out. a few showers developing as you head towards your wednesday morning commute. this is when light to moderate rain develops. 5 to 7:00 a.m. moving in and then moving northward for the lunch hour. make sure you have your rain gear handy, and keep it handy. this is not the only system that is going to come through here. we have more chances of rain later on in the week as well. winter weather advise 8:00 p.m.
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tomorrow. in the sierra up to 6,000 feet up to a foot of snow is possible. a chance of rain late tomorrow night. it's spring rain for wednesday. that's when the season changes. cooler weather, and scattered showers with a level 1 for thursday. another system friday into saturday, bringing us more wet weather. and monday right now looks like a chance of rain. so just when you thought let's get used to this beautiful spring weather, bam! here comes winter again. >> no kidding. >> it is like that, there is no getting used to anything. >> spring is a very wet time in the bay area as you know sometimes. be prepared. >> thanks very much, sandhya. okay. they have to be burped, and then they have to be taught how to survive in the wild.
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wildlife officials say they believe someone illegally separated two bear cubs from their mother and left the young animals along the highway in faraway northern california. >> yeah, the cubs were found march 9th along state route 96
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near yreka. now the two cubs are fostered at a rescue center. >> that's right. they needed help to survive. jim mcgraw has the story. >> safe in loving arms. >> they have big claws and big feet. >> these brother bear cubs. >> like a baby they need to be burped. >> find comfort at the lake tahoe wild care center. >> our job is to make sure they grew up big and healthy and strong and get rae leased back in the wild. >> they were rescued by wildlife officers last saturday, left beside the highway 96 in yreka. their mother was nowhere in sight. officers believe someone illegally separated the cubs from their mother. after all, they can't wander off. >> they scoot, but they don't walk. they can't. >> officers tried to find the cub's mother, but didn't have any luck. >> something happened to mom, but we'll never know. we won't. >> so fish and wildlife brought the brothers to tom and sheryl
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milhan who will care for the cubs over the next year. >> this is blaze. you can see the blaze on his chest. >> these bears are on a special formula. they're getting special care. we know when to start pulling back to let them develop into wild bears. you have to be trained to do this. >> now staying in a crate, fed four times a day. but soon they'll move to a larger about a hat where the cubs will have time to climb, play and learn to be more independent. >> these guys are siblings, so they're brothers. that kind of makes a good thing also. >> when they reach around 100 pounds and they're ready, these little guys will return home to the wild. >> we're the surrogate parents. we have to teach these guys what to look for and how to survive in the wild. >> wow. the department of fish and wildlife is searching for whoever is responsible for separating these cubs from their mom. okay. listen to this one. some people might consider them a nuisance, but this pigeon just sold for a record $1.4 million. >> what? this is armando, a belgian racing pigeon.
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yesterday during an auction he sparked a bidding war between two anonymous people in china. this is armando on the auction site. >> the auction tells reuters that no one expected the bird to go for so much money. pigeon racing has gained popularity in recent years due to interest from wealthy chinese buyers. >> who knew. we should have been raising pigeons. >> from pigeons to paragliders, one man's close call. that's next. but first we want to thank uday of this drone shot of the palace of fine arts in san francisco. share your pictures with us with the #abc 7 news.
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i'm dion lim. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, a live report on how an ordinary parking lot is offering a glimmer of hope for homeless students and families in oakland. also, the two major reasons for a surge in accidents on
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highway 17 over the santa cruz mountains. what officials plan to do to make the ride safer. those stories and the treat now available that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "potbellies." it's all coming up in just about 30 minutes on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan and kristen? >> thanks. we'll see you then. finally, tonight a paraglider was enjoying the scenic mountains in the northern spain when he realized he wasn't the only one taking advantage of the wind. >> yeah, a swarm of birds were keeping him company. at one point one of the birds locked in on him. >> whoa, whoa! >> isn't that crazy? the bird dove right past him with inches to spare. the paraglider said it was cool to share the air with the flock, even if sometimes the birds don't look where they were going. but he was looking. that's cool. >> "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, all of us
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here, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in half an hour. >> bye-bye. tonigh tonight, several developing stories on this monday night. the toxic chemical plant burning out of control. the plumes of smoke, schools closed, the evacuations. at least six tanks up in flames. some residents told to shelter in place. and what's now been detected six miles away. the helicopter rescues playing out tonight. several states under water. at least three dead, roads and bridges washed away. and more rain now coming. the major reveal tonight. what the black boxes now confirm after that second new boeing 737 max jet crashed, killing everyone onboard. what we've now learned tonight. just days after the terror in new zealand, tonight, the deadly attack on the train in holland. they are not ruling out terror tonight. and now, the joint intelligence bulletin from the u.s. this evening.
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