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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming up at 5:00 a.m., good morning tuesday march 19th. never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco says there's rain in the forecast again, mike. >> coming up tonight and this time tomorrow and all day tomorrow we have a chance of rain. right now just a little bit too much moisture in the air in the form of fog around napa, petaluma and santa rosa. this is the way it looks in san rafael. drive into south 101. very mild morning once again. 48 to 52 at 7:00. we're going to stay in the 50s at the coast while we'll reach 61 to 64. just a little bit of sunshine getting through the cloud deck. by 4:00, the clouds are thicker. that will keep us mainly out of the 70s in most neighborhoods, mid to upper 60s. by 7:00, 55 at the coast and 61, still pretty comfortable.
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it's once we get to midnight the rain against. coming up, here is alexis. >> back to the traffic alert, a major problem trying to get out of the central valley. tracy drivers, a sig alert, all lanes blocked westbound 580 before north flynn road. this is due to semi fire. it made it to the shoulder. emergency crews there three right lanes block, they are currently blocking all lanes. they said initially that should take five to ten minutes. hopefully more lanes open soon. check this out, 7 miles an hour, 6 miles an hour and that goes on for 10 miles. it is brutal so far today. that's our only spot, walnut to dublin 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco 51. our efforts to help build a better bay area means a focus on housing and homelessness. in the south bay there's pressure to move a sanctioned homeless encampment.
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>> cities debated whether the encampment should move into their community. the initial thought was to use santa clara property district at willow and long streets. they voted that down. matt keller joining us live at san jose city hall with what's next. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. the people living at hope village have 11 days before they may have to move again. the next step is san francisco city council. >> the biggest fear of my future is the 30th because i'm not sure where we're going to go. >> 17 adults lived at hope village at hope drive in san jose for six months. a fence, tents, common areas and bathrooms. they found 4,000 homeless in san jose, 74% unsheltered. 17 hope villagers feel their encampment is their last hope. >> you don't know where you are. 4,785 or 4? are you going to call me soon?
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are we going to be out of this situation soon? this is >> san jose mayor sam liccardo never argued for sanctioned encampments. moving from one site to another in the city is not a long-term solution. the city council will discuss the topic march 26th. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. finding solutions to homeless is one solution in building a better bay area series. join with hashtag better bay area. happening today helping meet housing goals. mayor liccardo is proposing to cut construction taxes in 1/2. it's part of housing crisis work plan. it calls for construction of 25,000 new homes by the year 2023. about 10,000 of those homes would be affordable units. the city council will vote today on sending the plan to city staff for more analysis. developing this morning,
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boeing ceo is publicly reacting for the first time since two deadly crashes involving 737 max 8 aircraft. boeing ceo dennis muhlenberg released a statement saying, quote, in part our hearts are heavy and we continue to extend deepest sympathies to the loved ones of banks and crew on board. aviation across the globe are working to determine what caused the two crashes involving ethiopian and lion air. faa confirmed last week there are similarities in the two crashes that led to nationwide grounding of max 8 and max 9 planes. peru's former president landed in jail in san mateo county. alejandro toledo was arrested near menlo park on suspicion of public intoxication. he was released from jail thursday. toledo lives in california. he is wanted on political corruption charges in his home count country. the international police agency
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interpol said there's no plans to extradite him. he was accused of taking 20 million in bribes while he was president of peru from 2001 to 2006. new developments in the college cheating scandal. a hillsborough woman made her first court appearance enboston. "the boston globe" reports dave inna isaacson appearing with her husband bruce appeared earlier than expected. she did not enter a plea and got $1 million bond. prosecutors say $250,000 of the payment was made with facebook stock. students caught in the college admission scandal could have their admission revoked or be expelled from usc. the school has notified the students now being reviewed. the list of the bay area parents involved in the scandal is one of the top viewed on the website. get the latest on operation varsity blues by going to in the north bay, a $4.6 million proposal to restructure
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volunteer fire services goes to a vote today. the proposal would place 11 volunteer fire companies in sonoma under gold rich fire protection district. the plan also calls for ongoing money for new staffing for cloverdale and geyserville fire departments. many agencies suffer from understaffing and have been forced to pool their resources. the plan is expected to be approved by the sonoma county board of supervisors. vice president mike pence will travel to nebraska forego deadly flooding in the midwest. the historic snowy winter has turned into record spring flooding as major rivers spill over banks and breach levies. governors in nebraska, south dakota, wisconsin, have all declared emergencies and iowa's governor issued a disaster proclamation. three people died in the floodwaters including an 80-year-old woman trapped inside her home. stranded residents told to get out any way they can. >> they are telling everybody
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grab what you can and get out. >> just unbelievable. i nebe this bad. >> the worst of it is along the nebraska iowa border. another threat is looming. rain is, again, in the forecast. such a shame what they are dealing w i know the national weather servic in omaha had to be evacuated because the floodwaters were encroaching on the building. can you imagine not having the weather service there when all this weather is happening? it's a sad situation. we've got 54 in hayward, our warm spot. upper 40s in richmond, berkeley, arind, a castro valley, san leandro and fremont. more 40s east bay pleasanton, hills of los gatos, pacifica, mid to upper 40s in the north bay. look at that, 50 in san carlson. here in san francisco it's 51 degrees. talk about activity, beaches, sneaker waves. be careful through 11:00 tonight. allergies if you're outside exercising. it's the tree pollen once again. still mild if you're going to be out and about running errands
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today. you can see the clouds increasing from 7:00 to 9:00 on the peninsula. hit 60s 11:00, mid-60s during the afternoon hours. 59 at 7:00. for the east bay valleys, we have a little bit of sunshine all the way up until 11:00 and then the clouds get thicker as we hit the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. still 62 at 7:00. for the south bay a little bit of sunshine up until 9:00 and then the clouds take over at 11:00. temperatures reach the upper 60s. still chilly showers and possibility of a thunderstorm coming in. we'll take a look at the storm impact scale next. here is alexis. >> good morning, mike. a major traffic alert in tracy. a little bit of improvement over the last few minutes it is a sig alert westbound 580 before north flynn road. we still have that semi fire. instead of all lanes blocked, they did open up that far left lane. that means three right lanes are blocked. we've got that solid line of red for 10 miles that stretches all the way back on 205. all those surface streets are starting to fill in as well.
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it's taking a look at what this is doing to drive time 580 tracy to dublin, two hours 12 minutes. not the way you want to start your tuesday. if you can maybe delay that trip a little while here this morning until they get this cleared, i definitely recommend that or ace rail is on time so far today as well. no delays southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 14. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino that's looking good at 15 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. in the south bay chp is working to reduce crashes after highway 17 has seen a spike in accidents. there have been accidents since january. that's 30 more compared to the same time last year. heavy rain and snow are partly to plame. the chp says speeding and tailgating are other big issues for them. caltrans has projects under way to set up more warning signs and for road improvements. >> happening today at ucsf hospital, physicians are walking off their shifts at noon. they are taking what they call a
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unity break to draw attention to contract negotiations. they say they are under paid, overworked, burned out. they want a livable wage, child care funding and easier and safer travel during the odd hours they work. there is something in the air in milpitas. the city trying to figure out what is causing the terrible smell. >> google is promising to change the way you play video games with a big announcements. >> thousands of people including celebrities weighing in on twitter. which "sesame street" character would you want by your side if you are
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showers. a quarter to three-quarters an inch of rain, double that in santa cruz mountains. there's a possibility of thunderstorms. we'll take an hour by hour look at how it will affect your day tomorrow coming up. >> mike, thank you. in the south bay, what is that smell? >> two separate studies will be launched after longtime residents of milpitas say they have lived with mysterious odo o for decades. the studies will analyze the
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odors to find out where the smells are coming from. the city will have monitors on streetlights and hand-held at street level. >> very pungent and very bother some. sometimes it affects my sinuses. it's that bad. >> the next point, once we can pinpoint what's causing our orders to have discussions. >> near several industrial facilities including wastewater treatment plan and landfill. the two studies are expected to take more than a year to complete. happening today a major announcement expected on the india basin waterfront project. it consists of a plan for overall rundown bayside lots in southeast san francisco and transform them into a 10 acre waterfront park connecting the bay trail. city officials will hold a press conference at the intersection of ennis and griffin street just after noon. the owner of the bay area's famous flintstone house is vowing to fight back after the town of hillsborough filed a lawsuit calling the cartoon
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inspired home a public nuisance. the flintstone house can easily be spotted when driving along interstate 280. media mogal bought the home for $2 million. she added sculptures. hillsborough says the new features are violating local codes. >> what do you think about the flintstones house? >> it's getting uglier and uglier. >> i think it's fine. i like looking at it driving on 280. >> in a statement to abc 7 news, mrs. fang's rep says they are speaking to lawyers and will fight to keep the statues. she has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. republican represent nunez is suing twitter and users for $250 million. the suit accuses the company of defamation and negligence. he claims the company knowingly hosted and monetize hateful and
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defamatory content. it includes parody accounts, nunez mom and cow. the suit accuses of censoring viewpoints and shadow banning conservatives. shadow banning allows users to post freely but no one else sees their messages. twitter denies shadow banning. in today's floog new backlash against instagram influencer who is accused of scamming clients with her fitness program. janai norman has details. >> good morning and welcome back to my channel. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look one woman speaking out after she said she was scammed by this popular fitness influencer. new complaints with the texas attorney general's office alleging she never delivered on personalized diet and fitness plan. posting an apology on youtube. >> i made a mistake. i made a mistake. i made a mistake. >> a titled stop top
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brittany dawn's fitness scams. 11,000 asking for make things right with followers. she signed the petition. >> i told her about my depression, opened up to her expecting her to help me. she basically blew me off. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., more on brittany dawn and fight for refunds. with first look, i'm janai norman, nbc news, new york. happening today, we're expecting to learn a little bit more about google's new gaming concept called project stream. google is expected to talk about this during keynote speech at game developer's conference in san francisco. it's nicknamed flinetflix for games. hate a large library of content. google expects other companies like nintendo, playstation and x borks box. marriott expanding in a big way. they plan to open 1700 hotels over the next three years. marriott made an announcement at
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an investor meeting yesterday saying it expects to add 275,000 rooms by 2021. last month marriott missed estimates for the fourth quarter. part of the strategy is making sure it has loyal guests to fill rooms and housing it's adding. a question from "sesame street" is sparking a very heated debate on twitter. >> this is going to get very dark at the end. i'm warning everyone. you're stuck on a deserted island and you can pick one character to come with you. so who are you picking and why? these are your optionses, oscar, grover, elmo and cookie monster. actor paul f. tompkins says elmo is the only choice. says grover is too anxious. cookie monster would go through cookie withdrawal. who knows what his personality is and anyone who chooses oscar should be on a watch list. we see you. this is weird. ever heard of super grover? he's gonna get stuff done. planes will see him in his cape and roman helmet, whatever that
5:19 am
is. he's enthused, would do all the cooking for sure. also will provide a good amount of food when you kill or eat, not like scrawny elmo. >> that's dark. it is. yikes. also, someone said if cookie monster comes with a lifetime supply of cookies, he would be really handy. of course, oscar is a survivor. >> you know what, that's true. >> he lives on scraps and throwaways. >> he could teach you his ways. >> he wouldn't necessarily is it take the better food. >> i like the grover idea because of super grover. that makes sense. he could potentially fly you out of there. >> i like elmo. >> he's cute. >> the sweetest, and i would get lots of hugs. >> tickle me elmo, do you remember that from years gone by? >> unfortunately. >> annoying. >> depending on the situation you can't go wrong.
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how about that. let's talk about what's going on. maybe a little sunshine in the forecast before the clouds get too thick and rain rolls back in. san jose, 87. one of the first areas that could see rain tonight as rain is coming at us from the south and rotating north. not as much warmth and sunshine today. light to moderate showers tonight. remains with more chances of spring showers in my accuweather seven-day forecast. let's talk about the warmest weather. concord, san jose 70, morgan hill 71. most of us in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon, which is still just a touch above average. the cool spot happened 59 degrees. tonight is pretty mild with those southerly winds, the blanket of clouds. we'll have 49 in morgan hill and upper 40s in lake port, santa rosa, closverdalseverdale and u. 54 tonight, see the cloud cover. there you go, scattered showers in the evening hours. even some yellow as we head to
5:21 am
midnight. moderate showers. here comes low pressure knocking on our door at 7:00 tomorrow morning. it's going to be wet for the morning commute with yellows and greens. they continue, waves of them throughout the daytime tomorrow. then they start to taper as we head towards wednesday night becoming a little more scattered by the time we get to thursday morning. so we could have wednesday morning, wednesday evening, and thursday morning all wet. rainfall amounts as we talked about, a quarter to possibly a half inch. now, one for thursday, one for friday and a slight chance of wet weather saturday morning. saturday afternoon and sunday are trending dryer and a little bit warmer. another chance of light showers monday. hi, alexis. >> good morning. unfortunately not much has changed here for tracy, our super commuters trying to get out of the central valley. it's awful today. honestly, you may want it call in sick, see if you can work from home. do what you want to do. sig alert westbound 580 before
5:22 am
north flynn road. all lanes were blocked, the far left lane is open but the three right lanes are still blocked. this is due to a truck fire. we have brutal back-up into tracy. reading some comments from drivers on waze, not happy. a lot of them are saying this happens at least once a week now. honestly, i agree. 11 mile an hour on 205. ace rail is an option. ace 1 and 3 out on time. westbound 880 connector to northbound 101, two vehicles involved. sounds like one lane is blocked and we also have some injuries. 4 miles an hour not a great way to start the day. alexis, thank you. coming up next, the 7 things you need to know to start the day. >> michael finney has a quick tip that will show you how to find deals on dining no matter where you are. >> can you really save money while eating out on vacation? i'm michael finney, here is a 7 on your side quick tip. whether you're in san francisco for a long weekend or have gone away for two weeks, eating out s
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and it's steroid-fe. doot use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa. we really pride ourselvesass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelitrepair, safelite replace ♪ time is 5:25. if you're heading out the door, we have a major problem at
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tracy, westbound28 one lane getting by 580 before north flynn road. expect major delays. >> all right. number two, here is a look at your potential rainfall for tomorrow. you can see everybody is getting wet. that means the commutes are going to get difficult in a different way. we've got anywhere from a tenth of an inch in the south bay to a quarter and a half. santa cruz mountains more than an inch of rain. >> number three, construction crews are working on more demolition of the richmond-san rafael bridge after falling concrete damaged take car last month. work will take place at night from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. over the next three months. >> number four, vallejo police looking for the man who broke into a home and went into a cleaning baby's bedroom. he stole computers and ipads from that home sunday morning and nobody got hurt. >> number five, vice president mike pence will travel to
5:27 am
gorn of nebraska, south dakota, iowa have declared emergencies. iowa a disaster proclamation. three people have died. >> we'll learn about two more events at chase center in san francisco. they are having a reveal week. warriors announced first event at the arena will be a reunion for san francisco symphony and metallica. number seven, watch steph curry land an incredible three-pointer. there it goes. it happened on the road in san antonio. wow is right, reggie. that was 61 feet. according to our sister network, espn, it's the longest three-pointer of the entire nba season. it wasn't enough, thou fell to th ispointing a end. i'll never forget seeing that. that was crazy. coming back with another 90 minutes of news including
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terrifying moments for a north bay family caught on camera. a plouler entering a sleeping baby's bedroom. >> a live look at richmond-san rafael bridge. crews have wrap up repair work. what they should know about construction in the next new months. chase reveals opening entertainment act, san francisco symphony and metallica. we'll explain how it's a symbolic home coming for both groups. good morning, march 15th. >> 5:30 in the morning, hope you're doing well. a look at the forecast this morning. not exactly the beautiful day yesterday but not bad. >> still comfortable as far as temperatures but not as much
5:31 am
sunshine as yesterday. take a look at what's going on. fog across the north bay. the thickest right now between vallejo and american canyon, up towards napa. 12, 37, 29, 80, all as we look at street level covered in very dangerously thick fog. be careful. that's around all morning. just in the north bay. temperatures mild in accuweather 12-hour planner. we stay in the mid to upper 50s at the coast the rest of the day with 61 to 64 our bay and inland temperatures at noon. 66 to 68. there you go, that's comfortable at 4:00, still comfortable at 7:00, 61. here is alexis. >> all right. we now have two sig alerts to talk about. one in san francisco, this is due to the crash on westbound 80. connector to northbound 101 is fully blocked. this is a two-car collision with injuries. it sounds like some attenuator barrels got hit and there's sand all over. they are working on cleaning that up. we do have a large emergency presence and this is backing up
5:32 am
interstate 880 when you come off the bay bridge. our other major problem, check occupant the drive time, central valley, westbound 580 just before north flynn road. we have just one lane getting by due to a truck fire. that back-up reached 205 and beyond at this point. two hours 49 minutes at drive time, brutal. 4, antioch to concord, 20 minutes. southbound san rafael to san francisco that's still in the green at 17 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. also on the roads developing news this morning regarding construction on the richmond-san rafael. caltrans replacing part of the bridge and will impact your morning commute. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live on the bridge with a closer look. amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. they have wrapped up all of their work. their gear is parked for the day behind me. your commute should be fine. you shouldn't feel any impact.
5:33 am
we do want to make you aware this work is going on in the overpass hours. here is what it looks like. they are doing repair work on the upper deck between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., which means all but one lane will be closed during those hours. they are replacing joints about 65 years old. they are doing this because of the chunks of concrete that fell into traffic last month hitting a car. no one was hurt. they are working on upper deck but lower deck will get attention. >> lower is part of another project in 2019. we'll do painting of the bridge and do deck repairs and replace joints on that project. so that will be a much longer time. >> they predict the upper deck work will take about three months. they will be doing it in the overpass hours to have the least amount of impact on everyone. but if you commute during those hours, this will be your new normal, so you'll want to plan
5:34 am
accordingly. reporting live from richmond-san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. police are looking for a man that broke into a home and went into a sleeping baby's room. imagine seeing this video, a man with a red hoodie outside your house. he slid a window open and unlocked the sliding glass door. once he got inside, look at this, he peeked into the bedroom of a 4-year-old and 1-year-old while they were sleeping. >> there's a random stranger looking at my 4-year-old's room. my nephew is sleeping in his room. your house is supposed to be a safe place. not supposed to be any type of danger. >> the prowler didn't hurt anyone but did steal computers, ipad and a phone from the house. he left behind gloves and police are analyzing those for dna vidence.
5:35 am
shootings in thee days have police on alert. in each case the victims were targeted. gunfire killed an antioch woman along highway 4 in concord saturday. officers blame gang violence for the death. a possible case of road rage led to a shooting in concord. yesterday interstate 880 in richmond. investigators say the shootings are not connected. no one has been arrested. this morning dutch police say they have arrested a third person believed to be involved in the terror attack that left three people dead and five injured. the gunman opened up on the track. police took a man into custody. he's being held on suspicion of manslaughter. this morning the motive behind the shooting remains unclear. the prime minister of nuz is vowing never to speak the name
5:36 am
of the man accused of murder at two mosques. she will do everything possible to deny him the attention he wants. she also say she will push for new gun control laws. 50 people died in the attack in christchurch. prosecutors have charged that suspect with murder. he has not entered a plea and demanding to represent himself. in texas authorities say a huge chemical fire could burn for two more days before it's out. chemical and a tank at a plant outside houston ignited on sunday. they are spraying foam and water on those flames around the clock. authorities say the air around the plant is no longer dangerous. the tanks contain chemicals used to produce nail polish remover, glue and paint thinner. in east bay teachers in dublin and school district will meet with the state mediator today in a last ditch effort to avert a strike. talks between the school district and teachers union at an impasse after they broke down last month. the teachers have authorized a strike if they can't reach a
5:37 am
contract agreement. teachers want smaller class sizes, better health insurance benefits and 3% pay raise. the district only offerings a 2% pay hike and one-time 3% bonus. all right. here is a look at your temperatures on the peninsula. we've got a lot of 40s, upper 40s, until you get to belmont, 51, san mateo and san with san carlsos. 50s, san jose, concord, antioch, san ramon, livermore, half moon bay, mid to upper 40s. agents chill there. show you the peninsula and what's going on at sfo. clouds are high. hopefully, fingers crossed, they won't cause any flight arrival delays. usually low clouds. those are lurking on the coast. driving today, fog across the north bay we talked about yesterday. hopefully it's not a surprise for you. mass transit mild this morning, warm again this afternoon. a light breeze out on the bay for taking a ferry ride. you can see mostly cloudy, 47 in
5:38 am
the north bay at 7:00. then we become cloudy from 9:00 on. we jump into the mid-60s during the afternoon hours. let's take a look at the east bay. a little bit of sunshine through 9:00 and mostly cloudy 11:00 into the 60s. mid-60s this afternoon and one more stop will be san francisco. we have a little bit of sunshine through 9:00. then mainly cloudy the rest of the day with temperatures hanging out in the low 60s. the clouds aren't going to give up any rain during the daylight hours but once the sun sets and we head towards midnight, we have a chance of rain on the way. even without the rain, a significant incident this morning. >> a couple of big problems here. so a lot to get to here in traffic. we'll start with traffic alert in the tracy area, altamont pass, awful this morning. due to a sig alert, westbound 580 before north flynn road. this all started about 3:45 this morning. we have reports chp and big rig pulled over to the right shoulder. there are flames and smoke coming from that trailer. i'm thinking by now they have to have this tapped out.
5:39 am
at least the big flames. they may have hot spots. we've had lane closures, a full closure at one point. they did just reopen a second lane. so now the two left lanes are open, the two right lanes are closed. we are talking about gridlock for about 10 miles if not more. 3 miles an hour on 205, 580 down to 7, 8 miles an hour, if you can use ace rail i definitely recommend that. in san francisco, another sig alert 880, connector 101 fully closed, two-car crash with injuries. sand barrels hit. crews working on cleaning up that sand now. they are hoping to have this back open by 6:00 this morning. this is slowing down traffic on the bay bridge. we're in the green westbound 880 to the maze. 19 minutes across the bay bridge. a disabled vehicle 880 past treasure island isn't helping that either. a busy start in the traffic center. >> tough commute. thank you. happening in the east bay, richmond activist voicing
5:40 am
concerns about railway's plan to move diesel through park. the railway company is planning to run through miller knox regional shoreline. richmond community leaders say this would block bay access and potentially increase already high emission levels. local leaders say the majority of people who use the park are latino and african-american. the meeting starts at 1:00 this afternoon in oakland. >> with so many democrats running running. >> jeff bezos and girlfriend lauren sanchez. >> good morning to everyone. also viewers streaming live on
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we're going to start with taking a look at what the kids can expect when they open the door. a little fog in the north bay. make sure you use low beams and slow down along bus stops. hard to see kids. mostly cloudy and mild around the bay and inland while the coast is cool in the 50s, the rest of us 50s, low 70s for sacramento, chico, 77 in fresno, 86 in palm springs, near 70 today in los angeles. we've got an issue on the western slope now starting at 8:00 tonight through 11:00
5:44 am
tomorrow night. there's winter weather adviser a foot of snow. tahoe, thunderstorms possible, wintry mix thursday and friday and all snow saturday. >> mike, thank you. the race for next yeared democratic presidential nomination under way. today we're learning california will host a debate. human rights foundation and ucla will co-host the debate october 10th in los angeles. right now they are 15 candidates, oenl those that receive a percentage in the poles and receive donations from people in 20 different states can take part. lawyers have blasted ceo's of tesla elon musk whether he should be in contempt of court saying arguments bordered on
5:45 am
ridiculous. saying they in fripgd on free speech over a tweet warning about the number of teslas introduced. they say it violate add agreement where musk approved to have tesla preapprove tweets. lawyers reveal not a single tweet has been reviewed. lawyers say it's unlikely he will face serious repercussions. new details on the leaked private text messages between jeff bezos and his girlfriend lauren sanchez. according to "wall street journal" the "national enquirer" paid sanchez's brother $200,000 to expose his sister's affair. the conclusion reached by private investigators working for bezos. they found michael sanchez leaked to the "national enquirer." investigators couldn't determine who paid for them. some family. >> wonder how that family dinner goes. >> that thanksgiving is going to be weird. today learning about events
5:46 am
at the chase center in san francisco as reveal work continues. >> warriors nuns first ever event at the new arena will be september 6th. a renone for san francisco symphony and metallica. the two acts came together for a live album 20 years ago. both orchestra and band say this is a symbolic home coming. >> it's a beautiful opportunity and we're super proud that after 38 years there's still cool things like this on the horizon for us. we're still able to explore and have some fun with some new friends. >> chase advance ticket access starts today at noon. the general public can get tickets on friday. abc 7 will follow every event. during reveal with week you can get each announcement. if you download abc 7 news app. you can personalize for areas you're interested in aetppbreak an ible bakthroug that
5:47 am
could one day restore eyesight to the blind. researchers at berkeley used gene therapy to help blind mice see again. here is the video. the mouse on the right is blind and stays in the safe areas at the edge of the block. on the left, the mouse did now see, they injected into his retina to make it light sensitive. >> we're adding to another cell. this isn't trying to keep them from dying but make other cells light accepts tisensitive to ta place. >> they are hoping it will restore eyesight to people that suffer from macular degeneration which affects one in ten people over 55. >> that's exciting research. >> my grandmother suffered from at complety blind maon problems at the end of her life. a breakthrough. >> huge to improve quality of
5:48 am
life. >> absolutely. >> never know what they are working on. they are always trying to make better for us and i appreciate that. take a look at what' on outside. life is good today. it's tomorrow when rain sets in. these commutes you're seeing could be a little more challenging. here is a look from walnut creek as we look south on 680. temperatures 48 degrees for you, one of our cooler spots. mostly cloudy today, not as warm but still comfortable away from the coast. chances of showers have the umbrella handy wednesday, thursday, and friday. right now the weekend is trending dryer. we deserve another good weekend. 59 at half moon bay. clearly the school spot today. 65 in santa cruz. 64 richmond and san francisco to 70 in concord, san jose. morgan hill about 71 degrees. we'll have 68 in santa rosa for the warm spot. in the north bay also see 40s tonight. feel those cooler temperatures in lake port, santa rosa, cloverdale, ukiah, morgan hill, the rest is very mild, low- to mid-50s. here is a look at the storm system coming our way tomorrow. makes us cooler with lack of sunshine and even cooler
5:49 am
tomorrow as the rain starts to set in late tonight through wednesday with light to moderate showers. it's a one on our storm impact scale. 7:00 this evening, see a lot of gray. scattered showers as we head towards midnight. the low starts to bear down on the morning commute. expect it to be wet. look at that, more waves of light green to moderate showers yellow all the way through the afternoon hours. then they start to taper a little bit as we head towards the overnight hours into thursday morning. another system friday, always one. notice temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. milder with a little less chance of rain saturday and sunday. another one shows up in the forecast monday. alexis. >> all right. want to take you back to one of our two traffic alerts now. sig alerts currently in effect. unfortunately this morning it has been busy. this one is in san francisco. this the westbound 880 connector to northbound 101. we still have a full closure of that ramp. they were hoping to have this
5:50 am
back open shortly about 6:00 this morning. two-car crash with injuries and attenuator barrels with sand were hit. they are cleaning up thaall ove. flipping over to sky7. they are on the way to a semi fire, major delays 580 back onto 205 as well. we had all lanes blocked at one point. doesn't look like they are at the scene yet but they are trying to find that. flip over and i'll show you drive times, not great. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, two hours and 25 minutes. currently two left lanes are open and two right lanes are blocked right around north flynn road. that has been there for about a little bit over two hours at this point so we've just got brutal delays. westbound 4, antioch to concord, stop and go. nothing like 580 drive, that's going to take you 23 minutes. no delays southbound 101 san rafael to marin county. >> it's been a rough commute this morning. new at 6:00, the first look at brand-new trailer for toy
5:51 am
story. >> can't wait.
5:52 am
5:53 am
the waves aren't that big at the beach right now, but there are some sneaker waves that could come up and get you. don't turn your back on the water all day today. the beach hazard statement goes all the way to 11:00 this evening. >> thanks, mike. already spent that tax return, california has $9.3 billion of unclaimed property and forgotten funds it wants you to get. state law requires property holders to transfer dormant property to state controller's office three years after activity.
5:54 am
that can include closed bank accounts, uncashed checks, stocks, bonds, insurance benefits. to find out if you have money waiting for you, head to our website, cannabis now available in a new product that gives new meaning to pot bellies. the creator of jelly bellies launched a line of jelly beans infused with cannabis compound cbd. david klein's online business called spectrum confections featuring 38 flavors from pina colada to toasted marshmallow. each piece contains 10 milligrams of cbd. some use it to alleviate pain and anxiety. klein created jelly belly and then sold his interest in 1980. his new company isn't associated with jelly belly based in fairfield. >> a popular-based salad and sandwich chain expanding to the east bay. mixed opening two new restaurants. the new location broadway and 23rd street april 6th in the
5:55 am
uptown restaurant. san roman at city center shopping center. mix known for seasonal salad and green bowls. i may have a problem with mix because i go there too often. >> do they deliver to 580 and central valley? i think these guys may need lunch delivered to them. they are going to be stuck for a while. i'm going to take you to sky7. they have arrived at the scene of this truck fire. oh, my goodness, there's nothing left of this truck. it's still smoldering, flames tamped out. it's hard to recognize this is a semi truck to begin w it is burned to the pavement there. so we've got two right lanes blocked. the two left lanes are open and we have massive days, at least a two-hour delay on top of this already very long commute getting out of tracy as sky7 pans back there again. can you see it's a sea of headlights trying to come our
5:56 am
way. i'm reading some of the comments from partners at waze from drivers struck in this. they are not happy. you basically are not moving. i don't think it's worth it to try and leave right now if this is on your route. all the surface streets jammed, if you can use ace rail on time or simply delaying your trip. those are only the two options you've got. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> alexis, thanks. i want to focus on the weather during tomorrow's commute. it will be light rain, which means our streets will be wet tomorrow morning. even more so in the evening as more showers and even thunderstorms, locally heavier amounts will develop during the day. here we are at 7:00 tonight. all is quiet. by the end of tomorrow's morning commute, a less than a tenth of an inch in most areas. that's just enough to make things dangerous. you can see around quarter of an inch, possibly a half inch and even inch and a quarter in santa cruz mountains. best chance of thunderstorms from half moon bay southward today. also in the foothills. tomorrow the best chance of thunderstorms will be just to
5:57 am
our eastern -- far eastern neighborhoods in alameda and contra costa county. could be an interest day tomorrow. >> thank you, mike. we're all counting down to our annual national puppy day grace right here on abc 7 mornings. >> this is not a puppy. >> this is a pigeon. >> okay. >> it's a pigeon that went for a lot of money. they were bidding on this thing. it went for like upwards of $1 million. >> okay. >> yeah. >> well, can you get a puppy for a lot less than that. >> you sure can. you can don't one. >> join us friday morning starting at 4:30 all the way up to 7:00 a.m. we're going to be checking in on our puppy cam, which is going to be located right upstairs near the newsroom. we still have big pens and puppies and visit them and show them to you. can you don't them. you can see this puppy cam live on and abc 7 news app all morning long. we also want to see your puppy pictures so share them online.
5:58 am
use hashtag puppies on 7. hey, if you have a really expensive pigeon, we might consider it. >> working on our pigeon >> that's true. and the pigeon story will be on our website. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, uncertainty for people who live at this homeless camp. it's not a homeless camp but we'll tell you about it. the next step finding a new place to live. our video is not our friend today. >> this is what we're talking about. katy perry,
5:59 am
you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99.
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breaking news at 6:00, traffic alert for east bay commuters. sky7 over livermore where two lanes of 580 are blocked after a big rig fire. take a look at that big mess. >> the wreckage is still smoldering. drivers coming into the bay area
6:01 am
from tracy are


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