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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 19, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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breaking news at 6:00, traffic alert for east bay commuters. sky7 over livermore where two lanes of 580 are blocked after a big rig fire.
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take a look at that big mess. >> the wreckage is still smoldering. drivers coming into the bay area from tracy are facing two-hour delays this morning. we're going to check in with our traffic reporter alexis smith in just a moment. sorry if you're sitting through that. for the rest of you, hope you're having a better morning tuesday march 19th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather. first let's get to mike nicco. >> 12, 29, 37, 08, vallejo, american canyon, napa, street level there, all the areas visibility less than an eighth of a mile, fog down 101. be careful there. there's a look at san rafael, can you see the fog out there. mild, 46 to 50. by noon we're leaving the coast behind in the 50s while we hit 61 around the bay, 64 upper 60s low 60s at 7:00 with 56 at the
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coast. it's going to be dry all day, not as warm as yesterday, with a lot more cloud cover. rain comes in next. more on the traffic. here is alexis. >> i want to head back to sky7. we've got a really tough situation getting out of the central valley this morning. westbound 580, this is before we get to north flynn road. sky7 over the scene of that semi fire. this all started about 3:50 this morning. a little over two hours. the semi made it over to the shoulder when those initial reports of those flames were coming in but chp had to step in and shut down all lanes. take a look at this back-up. you saw the truck was smoldering a few moments ago with reggie and jessica. there's nothing left of this truck. this is going to take a while to clean up. they are having trouble getting flatbed tow truck, a street sweeper because of ash anddebris t, s thearetuck rfre feeder roads 580 and 205 gridlocked.
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the interstate is a mess. you're not moving this morning. alternates, not great ones, not driving. you can take ace rail or delay your trip today. we also have a sig alert in san francisco. i'll talk more about that coming up next. in our effort to help build a better bay area, we're putting a spotlight on critical issues including homelessness. >> the pressure on to move hope village, a home less encampment. residents of willow glen debated whether the encampment should move into their community. the initial thought was to use santa clara water district property at willow but valley water voted that down. abc 7 news reporter matt keller joining us live at san jose city hall with what's next. matt. >> good morning, jessica. the people living at hope n jo cy coun muture is
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whreoing to 1eople h livort ho tents, bathrooms. they found 4,000 homeless living in san jose. 74% unsheltered. 17 hope villagers feel the encampment is the last hope. >> you don't know where you are. 4,785 or 4? are you going to call me soon? are we going to be out of this situation soon? this is painful. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo never argued for sanctioned encampments. moving from one site to another in the city is not a long-term solution. the city council will discuss the topic march 26th. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. finding solutions to homeless is one issues in our series building a better bay area
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series. join with hashtag better bay area. s tling its mo new software for 737 max planes ready by the he said of the month. this comes as the company's ceo publicly reacts for the first time since those two deadly crashes involving max 8 jets. the ceo released a statement in part saying, our hearts are heavy and we continue to extend deepest sympathies to the loved ones of banks and crew on board. aviation across the globe are working to determine what caused the two crashes. new developments at the college cheating scandal, a hillboro woman made her first appearance in boston. davi dav davina pictured with her husband appeared early and released on bond. they paid to get their daughters into usc and ucla.
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$250,000 of the payment made with facebook stock. students could have their admission revoked or be expelled from usc. the school has notified the students that are being reviewed. the list of the bay area parents who have been charged in the college admission scandal is one of our top stories on the website and you can get the latest on operation varsity blues at >> up next staying on top of breaking news, sky7 over this big rig crash in livermore. alexis smith will have the latest. >> i want to show you what's going on with our forecast by giving you an idea that's what the storm impact is for. a one, light storm promises light to moderate
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we'll start with neighborhood temperatures, 50 to 56 in san francisco, richmond, down to santa clara, palo alto, walnut creek, pleasanton mid-40s in the north bay. it's getting a little bit cooler. we have another hour of cooling, so expect temperatures mid-40s to low firs this morning. sneaker wavesbeaches.
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allergies if you're exercising. out and about mild with the lack of sunshine compared to yesterday. we'll have sunshine through 8:00 with some clouds on the peninsula. then maeinly cloudy with mid-60. we'll have sunshine through 10:00 breaking through the clouds and east bay valleys. by noon it's cloudy with upper 60s this afternoon. still 60 at 8:00 this evening. that's your first chance of a shower. in the south bay, sunshine at 8:00, then cloudy the rest of the day. we'll get near 70 this afternoon. look at that, some rain is possible by 8:00. that's the next storm. i'll give you an hour by hour look next. here is alexis. >> heading back to major sig alert, this morning sky7 over the scene of this semi fire. that is making gridlock for folks getting out of tracy. this is westbound 580 before you get to north flynn road. you can see fire crews on the scene. i am not seeing a tow truck yet. i'm also not seeing a street sweeper. there is not much left of that truck that caught fire and
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basically is totally burned. it's just reduced to ash at this point. it's still smoldering, crews blocking two right lanes, left lanes are open. look at that back-up. i checked in with our partners at waze. they are saying it's now about a three-hour delay for folks out of tracy. ace rail or head into work or school later today. i do want to flip to our traffic maps and give an update on sig alert in san francisco as well. westbound 880, connector 101, shut down due to a crash where sand barrels were hit. they are waiting for a street sweeper there. that cleanup under way, back up 880 off the bridge has gotten quite a bit better. >> thanks for the update, alexis. how healthy is your county? a new report reveals how health is influenced where we live, work, play. >> check out the map. it shows three of the healthiest counties are right here in the bay area. marin number one followed by san mateo and santa clara, san francisco comes in at number
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six. nap and sonoma in the top ten. this is according to am rankings by robert wood johnson foundation. it looks at 30 factors including housing, poverty, education, transportation and jobs. still ahead, a first look at the brand-new "toy story 4" trailer. >> also, it how's your cough? i'm good. i took 12-hour mucinex and sent it far away. hey buddy, have you seen a nice woman with a cough? woahhh! mucinex dm releases fast and lasts 12-hours, not 4. send coughs far away all day. i was inspired by nature's finest ingredients to create a new take on tea.
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in the south ha that smell. >> of this lived with mysterious odor for decades. the study will analyze the odors to find out where the smell is coming from. the city will install monitors on light poles and hand-held at street level. >> very pungent and very bother some. sometimes it affects my sinuses. it's that bad. >> the next point, once we can pinpoint what's causing our odors to have discussions where they are. >> milpitas near several industrial facilities including wastewater treatment plant and landfill. the two studies are expected to take more than a year to complete. happening today a major announcement expected on the india basin waterfront project.
6:16 am
the project consists of a plan to overhaul rundown bayside lots southeast san francisco and transform them into a 10 acre waterfront park connecting the bay trail. city officials will hold a press conference at the intersection of ennis and griffin street just after noon. the owner of the bay area's famous flintstone house is vowing to fight back after the town of hillsborough filed a lawsuit calling the cartoon inspired home a public nuisance. the flintstone house can easily be spotted when driving along interstate 280 in hillsborough. media mogal bought the home for $2.8 million in 2017. she since add add herd of dinosaur sculptures and other landscaping structures. hillsborough says the new features are violating local codes. >> what do you think about the flintstones house? >> it's getting uglier and uglier. >> i think it's fine. i like looking at it driving on 280. >> in a statement to abc 7 news, mrs. fang's rep say they are
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speaking to lawyers and will fight to keep the statues. she has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit. new this morning, we're getting our very first look at the new trailer for "toy story 4." >> i've intentionally not looked at it so we can reveal it now. the premier happened on "gma" and here is your first look. >> we have top find them. >> what would woody do? >> jump out of a moving vehicle. >> let's go. >> you've got to go, you've got to go. ♪ >> on my way, woody. >> to infinity and beyond. >> ka-boom. >> to help a child. i don't remember it being this hard. woody. >> everything is going to be okay. ♪ god only knows what i'd be without you ♪ >> very uplifting and inspirational. >> but also as always, a little
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scary, right? >> the spork scare you? >> what's going on with the spork. >> where did that come from. >> spork is the new character in the movie. >> wait, did we see buzz? >> yes. >> i was so focused on spork. i only know spork from kfc, get the mashed potatoes. >> you could never get all the mashed potatoes because of the spork. >> the little things would break off. >> those conversations spiraled out of control quickly. >> it kind of did, didn't it? i can't wait. it's going to be a great movie. >> we want to tell our viewers "toy story 4" doss out june 1st. we have the full trailer on our website, if it's not there this very second, it will be up there shortly. remind everybody the parent company of abc 7 and pixar. now we can talk about weather. >> i want to hurry up and get
6:19 am
through this so i can go watch the trailer. a loot what's going on 280 and 17. it's kind of quiet in the south bay. cloudy and temperatures around 48. dimmer sunshine today. light to moderate showers tonight and tomorrow. still more chances of rain through my accuweather forecast. take we'll have 70. there you can see it in san jose. morgan hill, 71, concord 70. 64 in san francisco to 69 in fairfield and antioch and fremont. 59 easily the cool spot. that's half moon bay. tonight very mild. 40s cloverdale, ukiah, lake port, morgan hill, low- to mid-50s. you can see the yellows and greens. yellows moderate, greens light showers coming in. 7:00 tonight, mainly gray. there you see a scattering of showers during the evening hours coming up from the south and heading to the north. as the low gets over top of us tomorrow morning, a little breezy. it's going to be wet for all of us during the commute. there's waves of shers,igmoderaa
6:20 am
worse evening commute than morning commute. look at these rainfall totals for the morning. they are less than a tenth of an inch. as we head into the evening, we get up to a quarter to half inch. tomorrow the storm is a one. also a one thursday, friday, and monday, which means the weekend is trending dryer. alexis. >> okay, mike. want to head back to major traffic alert and take you into sky7 over the scene of this semi that caught fire around 3:45, 3:50. this is westbound 580 before north flynn and livermore area. look at that, that's hard to tell this was a semi at one point. i do have good news. i've had a few people ask me about the driver of the truck, he is fine. we did check in with chp. the driver made it fine, able to pull off to the right shoulder before the trailer was fully engulfed. it is still smoldering, putting water on this. two lanes were blocked. gridlock for 12, 13 miles at
6:21 am
this point. sky7 panning back and you're seeing those vehicles just are not moving. i do want to quickly show you this on our traffic maps as well. it's not pretty in either case. we've got a ton of red approaching this sig alert. as we check some of these speeds behind the vehicle fire, 6 miles an hour, 8 miles an hour, 6 miles an hour. if you can take ace rail that's running just fine or simply delaying your trips. those are about the only options you have. westbound 580, richmond-san rafael bridge, 8 minutes for you, westbound 92 san mateo bridge, 20 minutes. dumbarton bridge in the green at 11 minutes. next traffic update coming up before 6:30. >> thanks, alexis. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> ginger zee live in new york city with what's ahead. hi, ginger. >> hi, reggie, hi, jessica, nice to be with you this morning. coming up we're live at the site of the chemical plant in houston. it's been raging two days, there
6:22 am
are concerns about air sang alhi silence after two deadly crashes. the company is facing new safety questions. we're going to take you inside a simulated cockpit to tell you what might have gone wrong on that flight. plus the alarming new headline about sugary drinks and your health. it is all coming up only on "gma." i don't think there's probably much surprise there but dr. ashton is going to be talking about nutrition which is always good so you don't want to miss it. >> stick with that water. ginger, we'll see you soon, thanks. star power at the wine auction. water and wine, two headliners. >> how the victims
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all right. so we know today is just going to be cloudy. tomorrow we've got the rain. that means the morning commute, the first chance on wet pavement. hopefully you haven't forgotten, hasn't been that long. the evening commute more daunting, heavier showers and more of them and a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. so please be careful tomorrow on the roads. >> thank you, mike. firefest merchandise will soon be up for auction and the proceeds will be used to pay back the victims of the bei ca.
6:26 am
the mainbilly mcfarland owes investors $26 million. the u.s. government hasn't found much in assets to resolve his debt but they did find two big boxes of merchandise. so there you go. >> you'll be clicking glasses with special guest at 39th annual auction event. >> pop star katy perry and restaurateur and author iriscur will kick off with katie's hits and she'll cook for auctiongoers. may 30th through june 2nd. coming up at 6:30, the big reveal when we find out who else will play at chase center. >> also, a prowler caught peeking into a child's bedroom. the forgotten thing the police are analyzing. party at metr
6:27 am
valley, sky7 from the back-up from a big rig fire that all started about three hours ago. we have got massive miles of delays here. you can see all those headlights heading in the westbound direction. still have two lanes down just before north flynn road. we'll show you what the scene looks like and let
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6:29 am
>> announcer: good morning, east bay. glets up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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now at 6:30, a prowler caught peeking into a bedroom. the item he left behind. >> a major traffic alert, a big rig fire and major back-up. sky7 over the back of the scene. >> on a lighter note, steph celebrates. we will show you the amazing shot that led to all of these high fives. good morning, it is tuesday march 19th. >> you don't have to be a super sports fan to understand how great that shot was. never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike nicco is here. >> his legend keeps going. can't wait for everybody to see that. let's talk about the weather. pretty nice, temperatures will be comfortable. it won't be dwight as sunny and warm. i do have good news. the fog at napa, petaluma are reporteding stations in the north bay. visibility increasing a little bit but thick fog still out there. be careful if you're traveling through those areas. here is a look south 101 through
6:31 am
san rafael. 46 to 50, pretty mild morning. stay in the 50s at the coast all day today where at noon 61 to 64 around the bay mostly cloudy. high clouds and limited sunshine, of 6 to 68, bay and inland. 1 and 7:00. after that the rain rolls in. we'll talk about that next. here is alexis. >> want to head back to sky7 and major traffic alert we have getting out of the central valley. livermore area westbound 580 before north flynn road. they actually have now stopped all traffic once again westbound 580 so no one getting by. i just saw one of these fire trucks come in the opposite way. they are going eastbound on the westbound side. i was hoping it was a tow truck. to me it looks like it's a fire truck there. i know they are still waiting for a caltrans crew to arrive with a street sweeper as well. this is a big rig fire at 3:45. the driver is okay. made it to the right shoulder. it is still smoldering. look at that, nothing left of
6:32 am
the sem issuing. we're hearing it was hauling frozen food. sal salami, bacon, it's all charred. take a while to clean up. we have delays, if you're trying to get out of tracy, two to three hours, ace rail is a good bet if you have to leave now. if not, i recommend delaying that trip. we've also had another sig alert, this one in san francisco. not as great a picture here but westbound 880 connector to northbound 101 still shut down due to a two-car crash where sand barrels were hit. the street sweeper is at this location. working on getting that cleaned up but for now the ramp is still closed. >> thanks, alexis. breaking news just into the abc 7 newsroom. we are getting our first look at deadly rv fire in dixon, solano county. brand-new video from the scene on south 1st street. the dixon fire department said
6:33 am
it responded to the scene around 4:30 to find the rv on fire. right now we're being told two people are confirmed dead. two other in the hospital with second and third degree burns. it's not clear what caused that fire. also an alert for drivers who take the richmond-san rafael bridge. >> construction to replace 60-year-old bridge joints means overpass lane closures for the next three months. abc news reporter amy hollyfield live near the bridge with the first night of work wrapped up. a amy. >> reporter: jessica, here is a good sight for commuters on the road. here is the equipment and gear parked for the day. they are finished. they will be working in the overpass hours for the next three months. 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. i want to give you a look at the bridge. this is them hard at work. last night was the first ninth, all of the gear and people.
6:34 am
that's why all but one lane -- all the lanes are closed except for one. they are going to replace 62 joints on both the upper and lower decks. each one takes about four days. they are doing this because of what happened last month. pieces of the bridge fell onto the road, concrete chunks the side of footballs came crashing down hitting a car that was driving on the lower deck. no one was hurt. they think an overweight truck caused the pieces to shake loose but they still decided to replace all the joints. >> the bridge is safe. it's open to traffic. it's open to the public. the only reason we're replacing these right now is out of a precautionary measure. there's no physical or damage that can be seen at this time but we're replacing them just to be cautious. they predict the upper deck work will take about three months and the lower deck repairs will start next year.
6:35 am
so keep in mind right now this lane closure on the upper deck from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. reporting live from richmond-san rafael bridge, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. vallejo police are looking for the man who broke into a home and went into a sleeping baby's bedroom. they say he slid a and unlocked the sliding door. >> i'm violated for my niece. she's a little girl. there's a random stranger in the house looking inside my 4-year-old niece's room. your house is supposed to be a safe place. you're not supposed to be in any type of danger. >> nobody got hurt but the man did steal computers, phone, ipads. he left behind a pair of gloves
6:36 am
and police are nldsing them for dna evidence. three shootings in three days have chp on alert. in each case victims were targeted. gunfire killed antioch along highway 4 saturday. officers blame game violence for the death p road rage on 580 in livermore, the driver was not hurt. yesterday morning a vehicle was shot at at 880 in richmond. investigators say the shootings are not kconnected. no one arrested. dutch police arrest add third person believed to be involved in the possible terrord five injured. a gunman opened on a tram in utrecht. several hours later they took a 37-year-old man into custody. he's being held on suspicion of manslaughter. this morning the motive behind the shooting remains unclear. now to new zealand where the prime minister is vowing never to speak the name
6:37 am
accused of murder at two mosques. she will do everything possible to deny him the attention he wants. she also say she will push for new gun control laws. 50 people died in the attack in christchurch. prosecutors have charged that suspect with murder. he has not entered a plea and demanding to represent himself. let's take a look at some neighborhood temperatures. down to the south bay, upper 30s to low 50s everywhere. los gatos 58. we've got upper 40s to low 50s just about everywhere until you get to lafayette at 46 and some of the north bay like novato at 44. look at that, pacifica at 43 degrees into half moon bay. here is a look at bay bridge toll plaza. g across the north bay for driving concerns this morning. mass transit mild this morning, warm this afternoon. very light breezes today, especially compared to tomorrow. north bay, sunshine breaking through at 8:00. mainly cloudy all day. we jump from 47 to mid-60s this
6:38 am
afternoon. east bay we've got a little bit of sunshine at 8:00, by 10:00 cloudy and 59. mid to upper 60s, noon through 6:00. our first sign of wet weather, 59 at 8:00. for san francisco a little bit of sunshine through 8:00. just pretty cloudy all day with temperatures in the low 60s dropping down to 57 by 8:00. so got a chance of some spring showers in the forecast and they start tonight. i'll have that coming up. you and the poor commuters this morning. some super busy and some super busy just waiting. >> i'm reading what some have to say on waze. >> can you say that on the air? >> most i can't say to the air. move to the central valley, they said. traffic is not that bad, they said. another thinking about going to a diner in tracy that just opened but they are taking 45 minutes to get to the next exit. they can't even turn around and go back the eastbound way. it's all because of this.
6:39 am
a huge sig alert. sky7 over the scene of this massive truck fire that happened at 3:45 today. the driver is okay. this wasn't a crash. it was a semi that caught fire. two right lanes, westbound 580 around north flynn road. sky7 pans back. look at that. that line of white, that light you're seeing, that is all headlights, all vehicles that are not moving. this is on all the feeder roads that go to 580 and 205. this goes back for at least 12, maybe even 13 miles at this point well into the tracy area. it's not worth it in my opinion. these vehicles are barely moving. we still aren't anywhere close to getting that semi toed away from the scene. there's no tow truck there. having trouble finding a flatbed to carry this. need a street sweeper. it's charred beyond recognition. can't tell this was a semi. can't tell what it's hauling, nothing. just a ton of debris. they are going to have to sweep up the street. a look at this here.
6:40 am
sky7 zooms in. looks like they are finally putting water o to come. major delays up to three hours. i would delay that trip. ace rail is an option if you have to leave right now. drive times 680, highway 4 to walnut creeks 13 minutes. westbound 24 walnut creek to highway 13. drive time tracy to dublin, two hours and 51 minutes. one other quick note san francisco, connector 101, that is a sig alert closed due to an earlier crash. >> thanks, alexis. in the east bay teachers in dublin and school district will meet with the a state mediator in last ditch effort to avert a strike. talks between school district and teachers union at an impasse after they broke down last month. teachers authorize a strike if they can't reach contract agreement. teachers want smaller class sizes, better insurance benefits and a 3% pay raise.
6:41 am
the district is offering 2% pay hike and one-time 3% bonus. walmart customers upset. we're going to tell you about the program the retailer is getting rid of. it helped a lot of people save money. oakland a's playing across the world but fans in the bay area can still celebrate. the watch party happening tonight. can you really save money eating out on vacation? i'm michael finney, here is a 7 on your side quick tip. whether you're in san francisco for a long weekend or have gone away for two weeks, eating out is a major expense. you need to keep those costs down. you can do that first by going to kids eat they are a nationwide list of restaurants that will give your kid their meal for nothing as y. next go to they have a list of senior citizen discounts at chain untry.rants all over the you only have to be 50 years old but you'll get 10 to 15% off.
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coming up on 6:45, 46 at
6:45 am
fog, watch out for low beemts. not much sunshine but pretty differentab cofortable away from the coast pt low 70s sacramento, 65 monterey, 7 fresno, 66 enpalm spripgs, san diego and l.a. everybody is going to see clouds today. eventually by tonight winter weather advisory in the sierra. up it a foot of snow is possible. down in the valleys, mix with a little rain friday, thunderstorm today and tomorrow and saturday it's all snow. >> mike, thank you. in our effort to help build a better bay area, we're putting a spotlight on critical issues including hovers-of-hemlessness. >> the pressure is on to move hope village, a homeless encampment. residents of willow glen debated whether the encampment should move into their community. the initial thought was to use
6:46 am
sa santa clara water district but they voted that proposal down. matt keller joining us live at san jose city hall with what's next. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jess kachlt the meme tlifg there at hope village have 11 days to ove out. age have 11 days to >> biggest fear in my future is the 30th because i'm not sure where we're going to go. >> 17 adults have lived at hope village along hope drive in san jose, tents, fence, common areas and bathroom. they found 4,000 homeless people living in san jose. 74% were unsheltered. 17 hope villagers feel the encampment is their last home. mayor sam liccardo has never argued for sanction encampments. >> the idea of moving sanction encampments around from one site to another is not the long-term solution.
6:47 am
housing. the city council discussed the topic. matt keller, abc 7 news. finding a solution to the homeless crisis is one solution to building a better bay area. use #betterbayarea. new at 6:00, elizabeth warren is calling for elimination of the electoral college. >> we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the electoral college. >> during a town hall in mississippi last night, the senator cited the 2016 election. hillary clinton lost the presidency despite winning nearly 3 million more votes than president trump. new details involving a leaked private text messages between amazon jeff bezos and his girlfriend lauren sanchez. according to "the wall street
6:48 am
journal," the "national enquirer" paid sanchez brother $200,000 to expose his sister's reached by bezos private investigators as well. they found mike sanchez leaked the texts to the "national enquirer." the investigators couldn't determine exactly who paid for them. new morning report, s.e.c. firing back at elon musk. >> in a court filing regulators call it, quote, stunning that the tesla ceo is tweeting without consulting others at tesla. musk previously agreed to do that as part of a court ordered settlement. musk believes s.e.c. is trying to silence him. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are up about 130 points this morning. >> some walmart customers aren't happy the retailer is getting rid of it's savings catcher program. through an app the program would give you a refundny price
6:49 am
differences with competitors. walmart says it's ending because the company already offers the lowest price in most cases. some u.s. cans say the app saved them hundreds of dollars. >> you can get your hands on apple's newest gadgets next week. the cupertino-based company revealed its releasing a faster version of ipad air and ipad mini. the ipad air has twice the graphics capability. that starts at $500. apple says ipad mini is upgrade for compact portable design pack with the latest tech. prices for the mini start at $400. today we'll learn about two more events happening at brand-new chase center in san francisco as reveal week continues. >> warriors announce first ever event at the new arena will be september 6th and it will be a reunion for san francisco symphony and metallica. the two musical acts came together for a live album 20 years ago. both the orchestra and band say this is a symbolic home coming..
6:50 am
chase advance access starts at noon, general public can get tickets on friday. abc 7 will follow every single event during reveal week. you can get each announcement sent to your phone, just download the abc 7 news app. >> steph from three-quarter court. he baepgd nked it in. >> that seems impossible. what a shot from steph curry to close out the quarter. he banked it in from 61 feet. our sister network espn says that's the longest shot anyone in the league hit all season. the sad thing about it, they still lost 105-111. they are back in action in minnesota. they will get them this time. man. >> even the three-pointer couldn't help them out there. >> the oakland a's open up in
6:51 am
japan. >> mad oak bar 'n' yard in oakland. they will open at 1:35. the game on sister network espn. first pitch against seattle mariners at 2:35 a.m. the a's had the day off yesterday. so some players, like the pitcher posted this on instagram. he spent the day visiting historic sites in tokyo, eating traditional food. a's will play a second game in japan tomorrow night. if you want to watch it, can you to say up late. >> if you go to the watch party, please take pictures. i want to see how many people show up at 1:35 in the morning. >> first pitch at 2:35. >> yeah. >> we could stop by on our way into work. >> some people are driving into work at that point in time. >> exactly. >> all right. let's talk about what's going oe
6:52 am
speaking of driving, weather wise, pretty quiet exploratorium. mostly cloudy, not as warm. chances of showers. trending dry now. 69 half moon bay, santa cruz 65. most of us in the mid to upper 60s, san jose, concord, morgan hill. a mild one, 50s in most neighborhoods as winds come out of the south with showers. lake port, cloverdale, ukiah in the 40s. a storm system coming our way. a nice shield of clouds, dim our sunshine and bring us cooler weather today and wet weather in the form of a one. light on the storm impact scale with light to moderate showers. a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain. possibly double that in the santa cruz mountains. 7:00 this evening, pretty gray. note some scattered showers all the way up to midnight. some could be moderate, yellow. with the low coming over us, the parent of the storm by 7:00 wet. it sits there and spins for a
6:53 am
while and showers. light to moderate, even thunderstorms rotate around it as we head throughout the day. that's why we're going to see increasing chances of wet weather throughout the day tomorrow. wake up tomorrow morning, a less than aenthf inch. enough to make everything slippery. there you see totals in the evening hours. we've also got a one for thursday. mainly for morning showers. another weak system friday, monday. we'll try to sandwich in a dryer and slightly milder weekend. alexis. >> all right. i want to take you back to major sig alert and traffic alert we have this morning. check out sky7. we've got a little more daylight. you can see what's left of the semi that caught fire around 3:45. westbound 580 near west flynn in livermore. the answeres not much. if you don't know what that was, i'm not sure yse.raf the tr t the dves sh realized there was a fire somewhere on his truck. got out, no injuries involved here. this was not a crash.
6:54 am
this was just the fire. we're told inside the trailer was a bunch of frozen meat products, bacon, salam issuing. i have not seen caltrans with street sweerp, big rig tow truck. we have massive delays. i'm talking about three-hour delays out of tracy right now. don't even try it. i'm recommending ace rail. you have one, maybe two chances left. you can probably get east 5 out of tracy, 7, other than that definitely delay your trip. >> daylight seeing that, wow, jaw-dropping. >> that is terrible. you may have money waiting for you. california has $9.3 of unclaimed property and forgotten funds it wants you to cash in. it requires property holders to transfer dormant property to state controller's office three years of inactivity. that can include anything like closed bank accounts, uncashed checks, stocks, bonds and
6:55 am
insurance benefits. to find out if you have money waiting for you, head to the website, coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. >> here at abc 7 morning, we're counting down to annual national puppy day celebration. you can join us on friday morning beginning at 4:30 to find out how you can give an adorable puppy a forever home. we'll also be live streaming our puppy cam because those puppies are here with us in our new
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it is 6:58, whether you're joining us or going out the door. number one, breaking news in solano county. the scene of a deadly fire in dixon. two people were killed, two others seriously burned. investigators believe that fire likely started near the front of the rv. number two, a major alert out of central valley westbound 580, still two right lanes down. that wreckage you're seeing on the shoulder that is an earlier truck fire. looks like it's cleared now. doesn't look like it will be clearing any time soon. sky over san jose, absolutely gorgeous colors. we won't see a lot of sun in the afternoon. keep our temperatures upper 50s at the coast, mid to upper 60 i
6:59 am
daylight hours. number four, construction crews working on repairs to richmond-san rafael bridge. this comes after falling concrete damaged a car last month. work will take place from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. over the next three months. number five, vallejo police looking for the man who broke into a home. you're going to see him walk into the sleeping baby's bedroom. he stole computers and ipads from that home sunday morning. nobody got hurt. >> number six, today we're learn about two more events at the brand-new chase center in san francisco as revolley week continues. the first event will be a reunion for the san francisco symphony and metallica september 6th. >> a lot of people talking about the new trailer just released for "toy story 4." watch it on that movie hits theaters june 21st. woody apparently is having existential crisis. he doesn't know what to do now that he's a toy of a certain age. >> just a reminder, that morning
7:00 am
commute rough still. >> oh, yeah. don't even try and leave tracy right now. it's brutal. >> hopefully you'll h good morning, america. thsive chemical fire in houston this morning. concerns growing right now as that massive chemical plant fire rages for a second day. gigantic plumes of smoke heading toward houston as residents find debris like this in their yards and children are told to return to school but stay indoors. deadly flooding threat in the midwest. new warnings this morning as rivers rise, with record flooding that could spread to more states. overnight. boeing's ceo breaks his silence after those two deadly crashes. as officials now confirm clear similarities between them. our correspondent taking us live inside a 737 simulator this morning. what may have gone wrong. spring break warning. an emergency meeting called in miami this morning after scenes


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