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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 20, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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only doing about 50. relatively- 58 >> sorry. i thought that was a 50. we're doing the speed limit, which is good. but obviously other people are going a little bit faster out there this morning. not a lot of cars. back to you in the studio. >> okay, matt. thank you. do the speed limit. >> 4:30, good morning. it's a wet one out there. hi, mike nicco. >> i wanted to show you guys something on live doppler 7. see this ring of heavier radar returns. in the it's about the same distance from the radar all the way around. that means the radar is looking dead into the storm. the storm could have ice in it. the rain that's falling is not nearly as heavy as that would predi predict. i'm getting from surface reports, a lot of light rain to steady rain. so that's something i want you to consider when you're heading out. there's still plenty out there. the breezes are for the most
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part in control. san jose, about 14 in oakland. 10 at half moon bay. faster in napa and petaluma. 14 to 22 miles an hour. the winds are staying down below any type of criteria level. we can see the bay bridge from a mile away. yeah, pretty much is steady, light rain. that will continue as we head through the 7:00 hour. now, as we head towards noon, it starts to break up. it's not as steady. becomes more showers. the showers will be around at 4:00. but in the by 7:00, the chance tapers quickly. temperatures starting off mild in the upper 40s to mid-50s. as we head throughout the day, mid to upper 50s. and the mid 50s will hang on through 7:00 when the evening commute will be much drier. here's alexis with an update. >> good morning, mike. i wanted to head to both issues on the bay bridge. we had one in both directions. the one having a bigger impact is eastbound 80. even though it's the counter commute direction just east of treasure island. we have two vehicles involved blocking the two right lanes. i think once the sensors catch
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up, next time we take lie ak a that scene -- so far chp has not issued a high-wind advisory. we have the crash on the upper deck before treasure island. that is on the center divide. that sounds like one vehicle involved there. a quick check of drive times so far, a normal drive out of tracy. westbound 580, trace toy dublin. 36 minutes. apartment yok to concord, southbound 101 out of the north bay. >> thank you, alexis. parents are fuming in the east bay over a controversial homework assignment. >> this asks students to make a time capsule depicting not -- using a quote, arian person as an example. the history teacher in san lorenzo will meet with the principal and the other teachers to discuss the assignment in a closed-door meeting. lisa amin gulezian has that. >> i can't be the jewish mom
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aught the school that consistently fights against anti-semitism. >> emotions ran high at the board meeting. megan johnson is referring to this history assignment. which the principal since pulled from the curriculum. her daughter sophia saw another student working on it. >> swastikas and drawn by my peers, when they're sitting if front of me, it's not a comfortable sight. >> this was the sketch the student was making for the assignment? >> would you call this an anti-semitic assignment? >> i would. >> so does the district. many admit they were shocked to hear about what students were asked to do. >> we don't have to have students recreating such racist and anti-semitic symbols to learn about that historical time and such propaganda. >> stephanie padilla is in that class and completed the knew if people see me doing that, they would bad about me.
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>> the history teacher will meet with the principal and other teachers to go over the assignment in a closed-door meeting thursday. >> by the way, a history student told me she was asked to complete an assignment writing down the pros and cons of naziism. in san lorenzo. >> the district attorney's office decided not to file charges against giants ceo and part owner larry baer. they were discussing whether to press charges against baer from the march 1st incident. video footage shows his wife pam holding on to a mobile phone that she attempts to grab before she tumbles on to the ground. baer later apologized for his behavior and expressed remorse. >> his attorney released a statement saying that is clearly the right decision based on the evidence. we appreciate the thorough and professional investigation conducdrtnt a the dtrt atng t
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majo lgue blep baer in league's policy. with the public statement, suspension sign and treatment plan. >> the fact that he was not charged does not make this less serious. it does not mean that this is all okay now. >> baer is on an indefinite leave of absence from the giants. >> happening today, thousands of uc workers will hit the picket lines at ten campuses and five medical centers around the state. that includes ucsf paragraph nas sass medical center. it's the third strike in less than a year for uc workers. their labor contract negotiations have stalled because uc leaders have not addressed wage inequality and job security. officials say the strike is not expected to affect patient care and all surgeries will take place as usual. not allowing boeing 737 max 8s in their airspace until they
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approve any software fixes to the plane. meanwhile, there is a bombshell new report about a near miss. as we've reported, a lient airline crashed into the sea last october. that same jet nearly crashed a day before the deadly accident due to a malfunctioning flight control system. an off-duty pilot was able to help get the plane under control and then the very next day, a different crew faced an identical malfunction with that same plane with an unfortunate outcome. as you'll remember, the plane crashed killing 189 people. next month, california will be calling in the national guard to help protect communities from devastating wildfires. 110 national guard troops will be pulled from president trump's border protection. they will help thin trees and f
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or reduce trees and vegetation in an effort to remove fuel for flames. are you ready for the rain? it's everywhere. you can see it's up across the north bay. it's all the way down into the south bay. remember, some of the yellows and oranges may be hotter than what it's really raining outside. no can doubt, you can see the wet weather on 101 and 880 this morning. here's another look at the western span of the bay bridge. it is wet, kicking up water. so driving, mass transit, ferry rides all need to be caution -- take caution as you head through the day. puddles early if you're driving. the rain is steadiest this morning. it will taper to showers this afternoon. however, the winds are a little fast as alexis mentioned. i drove across the bay bridge. you can see a small craft advisory. the winds are faster over the open watern houses, trees and elevation to slow them down. north bay, steady rain.
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tapering to light up until 1:00. showers until 3:00. you see a little drier from 5:00 to 7:00. for the east bay, chance of steady rain until 11:00. showers to 1:00. 3:00 on, we'll have a random shower and san francisco pretty much the same thing. steady rain until 11:00. showers to 1:00. then from 3:00 on, just a random chance of a shower. actually, a little sunshine peeking through the clouds. this is not an all-day event. but it is a morning commute event. let's bring in alexis and talk about what's going on. as many times as we tell people, they don't slow down. >> i had someone fly by me going 80, 90 miles an hour. >> that wasn't me. i wasn't going that fast. >> that wasn't you. but you have to slow down today. several spinout crashes, several two, three-vehicle collisions as well. increase the following distance on a day like today. we have a rollover crash, sounds like one vehicle involved in. it's on its roof right now blocking the three left lanes,
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northbound highway 117 before camden avenue. matt mentioned this one a few minutes ago. we've got emergency crews on the scene right now. we haven't gotten a lot more detail. several lanes blocked. if that is blocking very long, that will be an issue. looking live outside. not too far from there. san jose, 80 and 17, you can see the drops on the lens. you can see the road spray kicking up. the wipers will be on high. couple other problems in the east bay. we'll talk about that next. breaking news just into our abc 7 newsroom. european regulators hit google with a $1.68 billion fine. eu officials announced that a short time ago saying the company has abused its dominant role in online advertising. this is the third time the european union slapped google with fines. last year, google was fined $5 billion for following an investigation into the android operating system. no response from google this
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morning. a dispute between north bay neighbors is turning heads and human. there's concern about 911 response times in san jose. the one thing that could help ease the crunch much calls. plus, the raiders clear another big
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u' srching for this this morning.
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look at entire state from santa barbara northward. it will slide to the south. scattered showers across the entire state with upper 50s to mid 60s. 74 the warm spot and palm springs. they've been in the 80s. until 11:00 this evening, we have the winter weather advisory in the western slope of the sierra. that's above 6,000 feet. in fact, that snow level drops to 5,000 feet. each lower by friday. but the snow starts to taper just to light on friday. showers by saturday. get a break on sunday. thank you, mike. there's a push to rename the street after the san francisco public defender jeff adachi. he died suddenly last month at the age of 59. gilbert street between 6th and 7th streets in san francisco would become jeff adachi way under a proposal by supervisor matt haney. gilbert street is across the street from the hall of justice. s in office. e street as a >> the oakland raiders have just
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one more hurdle for their lease agreement that would let them play at the coliseum one more year. the alameda county board of supervisors voted to approve the agreement. this follows the unanimous vote on friday. now it has to pass the oakland city council which votes tomorrow. the sunday is the deadline for the raiders to find a place to play for the fall. in the south bay, san jose coming up short when it comes to answering 911 calls. california requires 95% of calls be answered within 15 seconds. sap jose's average was 90% last year. the state is threatening to cut funding if the number doesn't improve. the city is forcing 911 operators to work overtime to handle the volume of calls. the auditor says the best fix is to reroute nonemergency calls. >> about 40% of the calls being handled in the call center are not emergencies. one of our recommendations is to begin moving some of those calls
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out to other personnel. >> we should note, as of january, there were 24 vacancies at the police department and eight with the fire department. in the north bay, a homeowner got slapped with a zoning violation because a neighbor complained a fence he built around his yard was too high. >> so the man who lives on peterson lane in santa rosa fixed the fence and then turned his yard into an eye-catching protest. here's abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman with a story most popular on our website, >> reporter: it is a garden party where the guests are not smiling. but the host is. >> i couldn't bring myself to throw them away. therapy pretty call. i was going to use it for target price. >> instead. they're mannequins. they serve as a higher calling, as his neighitn parts covered. >> thiione to keep dsyand t of
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violation. >> the issue, a corner fence which used to be this high all the way around. a neighbor complained about visibility issues. >> it's insane. >> it's very serious. made me freak out. they were going to fine me every day it wasn't taken down. something like $500 a day. so jason called a friend with a big saw and made the fence code at 36 inches high. >> this is america. we're supposed to be able to add fences in our yard and have privacy. >> jason was not finished. the average person would have resentment and get all angry. i threw a naked party in my yard. what appears to be a perfectly legal compliance. >> they wanted to tear my fence down so they could see inside my yard. they get to.
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>> with steely defiant stares. >> quite the party. st. patrick's day. >> sure. >> festive. >> uh-huh. >> st. patrick's day pasties. nothing like it. >> you make those in spring. today is the first day of astronomical spring. >> probably not. here's the showers we're dealing with. 4:47 on a wet wednesday morning. even the east bay. 680 looking south is wet this morning. we have steady rain for the morning commute. scattered showers for the afternoon. several light storms in my accuweather seven-day forecast. that will keep our lows mild but our highs cooler than average. here's a loob look at the 5o degrees. we should be where we were yesterday, more like the mid to upper 60s. low to mid-50s. a few 30s around cloverdale, ukiah and lakeport and
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livermore. here's a look at the big picture. once we get through the rain today, a little bit of a break for thursday before more rain starts to set in friday and saturday. here we are at 7:00. moderate rain will develop. we still have a slight chance of a thunderstorm out of this. as we move the clock forward to 7:00 until noon, you can see the steady rain rotates up to the north. in its wake, scattered showers, light to moderate develop behind it. those hang around only through 5:00. notice the coverage in intensity definitely tapers during the evening hours. if you're headed out or you have a game on turf, you may be able to play it on the grass. probably not. it will be too wet. overnight, it clears out a little bit. that's why we're a little cooler tomorrow morning. let start at 4:00 this morning. by lunch, a tenth to a third of an inch on the way t toinch by t time them is over. my seven-day forecast, the next override is friday. it scatters a few showers into
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saturday. monday, tuesday, more light storms. alexis? >> lots to talk about already in the traffic department already. we've got plenty of rain on live doppler 7. plenty of collisions already as well. a couple in oakland. westbound 580 at grand avenue, we had a two-vehicle collision. that was pushed off to the shoulder. however, i'm hearing about a new solo vehicle spinout crash blocking lane one. not too far from there at lake park avenue, see you back up there again. northbound around broadway, two-car crash, one vehicle facing the wrong way. the dwo left lanes are blocked. not far from there. alameda, trying to get to oakland. tonight at 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the posey tube will be closed for cleaning. starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. brgeol pza already pr busy. one in each direction. i'll talk more about those next. exercise bike agent, peloton
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is facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. instagram is making shopping easier. here's techbytes. >> in today's techbytes, peloton is facing a massive lawsuit. >> a publisher representing songwriters is suing the company for $150 million. the exercise program which lets users stream workouts from home is accused of stealing a thousand songs from artists like drake, lady gaga and justin timberlake. no comment on the lawsuit. google is jumping into the jailing bandwagon. >> the tech knight announced the service will allow you to stream them from your cloud to your browser. chrome cast or pixel dee siess. finally, instagram has introduced in-app purchases. >> customers can click to buy products straight from post without leaving the social media site. >> convenient. >> that's dangerous. those are your techbytes. >> have a great day. two days away from our puppy
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day celebration right here on abc 7 mornings. >> join us on friday morning beginning at 4:30 a.m. we'll tell you how to give an adorable puppy a forever home. we'll have the puppies here in the newsroom. we'll have a camera on them all day long. you can see them on and on the app. we also want to see your puppy pictures. share them online with the #puppies on 7. this isn't puppies. but it's falcons. uc berkeley falcon couple is expecting. next the egg that could be the first of several. also, the big donation that will help revitalize a neglected stretch of san francisco's waterfront. waterfront. >> for 50 years, cracker barrel has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. so, come on home reynold's kitchens™ hasfrustration for good.rap to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed
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we have light and possibly moderate rain. the dumbarton bridge, the san mateo bridge, the morning commute will be the most difficult. steady rain everywhere with wet roads and breezy conditions. the showers and the possibility of thunderstorms will taper during the evening commute. mike, thank you. a big donation will breathe new life into a san francisco waterfront. the family fund is giving $25 million to the city and the money will be used to jump-start restoration of india basin. it's the hunters point neighborhood. it's filled with crumbling buildings and piers.
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it will create eight acres of trails, gardens and floating piers along the shoreline. the waterfront park is part of the development which includes 1500 new housing units. the peregrine falcons are expecting the first offspring of 2019. annie, as the female falcon is known, has laid an egg in the school's cam nellie tower. they lay between three and five begs a season. there may be more to come. there's two new webcams so people can keep tabs on it. >> the egg is a unique color. pretty. let's talk about the storm impact scale. never more than 7 minutes away. a light one today for rain to showers and isolated thunder is posible. a quarter to three quarters of an inch. gusty and at the coast in -- --- of us shaded in a thunderstorm chance. now my biggest concern is this morning with the ponding on the
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roadways and just the overall slickness of it. trees and power lines down. really low. everything else not going >> mike, plenty of crashes on the board this morning. want to take you into the bay bridge. on the upper deck, westbound 80 treasure island. two separate crashes. both are on the right shoulder. traffic is heavy approaching those on the incline. it's already busy at the toll plaza as well. i did double-check. no metering lights yet. good news on the eastbound side of the bridge before -- just past treasure island before you get to the toll plaza. counter commute direction, that one is clear. live doppler 7. we've got the ornge, yellow. light to moderate rain through the stretch. slow down and drive for conditions. we're lookinidge. westbound 92 slowly filling in. no major incidents for you. happening today, you can
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scan a code on two murals in the bay area and hear music. pandora came up with the concept. it's by local artists. the music you'll hear is from them. one is on grove street. one is at washington and waverly place. i love murals. >> have you ever scanned a qr code for anything? >> i have once or twice. >> i would do it for that. next at 5:00 a.m., a vote that may impact your morning commute. dtails on a proposal to raise tolls on the golden gate bridge. kamala harris on jimmy kimmel live. hear what the presidential hopeful has to say about hitting the campaign trail and the impact on her family. a change to build a bet
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we're tracking a stoerm soaking the bay area. a lot of green, yellow and orange on the live doppler radar. >> good morning on this march 20th. let's get to meteorologist mike nicco. >> potentially receiving a heavier -- downtown oakland heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza and also around the san mateo bridge, foster city, burlingame, ralston avenue. down to street level, the radar may be hotter than what is actually reaching the ground. but everybody is wet this morning. here's a look at that san mateo brim. you can see the rain that is falling as we look west. steady rain throughout the morning commute. by lunch, more showery, not as steady. not everybody receiving rain. scattered showers, a slight chance of a thunderstorm during
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