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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we're tracking a stoerm soaking the bay area. a lot of green, yellow and orange on the live doppler radar. >> good morning on this march 20th. let's get to meteorologist mike nicco. >> potentially receiving a heavier -- downtown oakland heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza and also around the san mateo bridge, foster city, burlingame, ralston avenue. down to street level, the radar may be hotter than what is actually reaching the ground. but everybody is wet this morning. here's a look at that san mateo brim. you can see the rain that is falling as we look west. steady rain throughout the morning commute. by lunch, more showery, not as steady. not everybody receiving rain. scattered showers, a slight chance of a thunderstorm during the afternoon hours. by 7:00, pretty much the chance
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that it's over. 48 to 53 this morning. pretty mild. the hid mid to upper 50s. mid 50s this evening. >> here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. with the driving conditions, we have a lot of crashes including a rollover in the south bay. not much of a backup here. northbound 17 before camden avenue. a vehicle on the roof there. blocking the three left lanes. we have emergency crews there. they're working to get this back over and cleared from the scene. just a reminder. you've got to really slow dwn and take it easy today. >> highway 4 to walnut creek. an 8-minute drive. walnut creek to highway 13. tracy to dublin. that one in the yellow at 48 minutes. get ready to pay more to cross the golden gate bridge. the cost to cross the span into san francisco could rise to as much as $9.80 in a few years. amy hollyfield is live at the golden gate bridge with the big
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decision now facing bridge officials. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, alexis. that affects a lot of people. what's surprising is not many people have weighed in. according to our media partners, the marin independent journal, about 50 people submitted comments to the bridge district before this big vote. let's take a look at the numbers you can see. what do you think about them and what opinion are you forming about this? drivers with the fastrak pass, pay $7 to pass the golden gate bridge. that kicks up to $8.75 in five years. those by invoice, they pay $8. that could go up to $9.80. this thereby a gradual increase over the next five years. for commuters, an extra $91 more a year. they don't have to incompetent crease the officials say if they don't, they would have to cut ferry and bus service. they argue those are options that help keep cars off highway 101 and ease the commute on the
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bridge. they need the toll money to improve the ferry and bus service. they also need the money to maintain the bridge. the bridge district is currently facing a $75 million deficit. big vote coming up. it is schedule for friday. reporting live from sausalito, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. students and faculty at usc held a memorial for the murdered son of an oakland city council member. the black alumni association says a scholarship will be aw d awarded in victor mcelhaney's name. he was shot during a robbery near campus on march 10th. no arrests have been made. he's the son of oakland city council woman lynette gibson mcelhaney. the family plans to hold a viewing on friday and a service on saturday at the auditorium at oakland's temple hill. happening tonight, the mountain view wood man school district is scheduled to vote on a contract proposal to build affordable housing for teachers. plans for the new 144-unit
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apartment complex on littlefield road would cost $56 million. if approved, the city council would vote on the proposal next month. an existing building at the site would have to be removed before the complex can be built. construction would begin in 2021 or 2022. hundreds of people are demanding improvements to san francisco's cycling infrastructure. this comes after the death of a cyclist on howard street earlier this month. tess roth stein was hit and killed by a truck after she swerved into traffic after hitting an open car door. they removed parking and installed a protected bike lane where the collision happened. supervisor matt haney led a rally at city hall yesterday. he's urging the sfmta a protected bike lane from follow some to howard. >> it's not going to change things to take away one lane and ensure that people are safe as they bike down the street. >> the sfmta says the changes
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will be finalized next month. that includes protected lanes between third and sixth streets. senator kamala harris says she fully intends to win the presiden presidency. >> senator marries appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night. her husband and two children are supportive of her and her campaign. when asked about campaigning, the senator likes to go to rural towns and being challenged. >> what i'm enjoying most is being in places where i listen, especially at this phase of it more than i talk. where i am verifying or being set straight about the priorities of people. it's been a great process. >> senator harris says she is open to the discussion of eliminating the electoral college. that's something that fellow candidate senator elizabeth warren is calling for. harris saw a jump in the race for the democratic nomination. leading the pack at 28% is
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former vice president joe biden. remember, he hasn't announced if he is running. but many voters are voicing their support for him. vermont senator, bernie sanders has 20%. he's holding a rally in san francisco on sunday. harris now stands at 12% and former texas congressmansmansman o'rourke has 11%. abc 7 news was at the presidio in san francisco where she met with supporters. she's an outspoken critic of president trump. she's interested in politics refo reform. she's pushing a bill that allows you to know who pays for political ads, including those onli online. developing news out of the midwest, states of emergency have been declared as flooding continues. at least three people are dead in nebraska.
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several streams and liversriver flooding. repairing public property in the state alone could cost more than half a billion dollars. flood warnings from the dakotas to the gulf coast are in effect right now. mike? yeah. video i posted last week of ranchers having to dig their cattle out of drifts of snow. they were buried deep, feet deep under the snowdrifts. i mean, it was dramatic and so heartbreaking for what they were dealing with. let's turn back to our weather. you look at the altamont pass. a mess for a different reason. today, it's wet. as you head along 580, go through dublin. moderate rain around 580, 280 and head over towards 680. light to moderate rain. the heaviest rain on the bay bridge toll plaz a you can see it rolled through. it's coming downside ways for a little bit. the breezes did kick up as that heavier rain comes in. here's a look at sfo. we're going to have delays. if you're out and about exercising, watch out. you need the wet weather gear today.
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if you're headed up to a foot o. caution all around the state today. here's the peninsula. we've got steady rain through 7:00 and showers from 9:00 to 1:00. by 3:00, the best chance of the rain is over. we'll hit 59 degrees. east bay valleys, a chance of moderate rain through 7:00. lighter rain through 11:00. showers through 1:00 and then mostly cloudy this afternoon and around 60 degrees. for the south bay, let's put a timing on the rain here. steadier and lighter. as we head 5:00 on, temperatures will tumble after reaching 59. it won't be as wet. let's talk more about the slick commute. here's alexis. >> the crashes keep coming in this morning. i'm trying to keep up. two new ones to talk about. one is westbound 92 at the toll plaza for the san mateo bridge. that's where this camera is. the crash is before you get to this point. three vehicles involved. sounds like lane number 3 is
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blocked. emergency crews heading to the scene. that's about all we know. i'm not it if we have a injuries or not. taking you up to the north bay, initially reporting about four to five vehicles involved in a crash. southbound 101 before petaluma boulevard. one vehicle flipped over on its roof. they're working to push this off to the side. hopefully, that will be clear soon. very heavy tlhere for a short stretch. between rohnert park and p petalu petaluma. san jose building a better bay area with babies in mind. >> for the first time, mothers and fathers visiting city hall will have a proper place to change their kids' diapers. abc 7 news reporter amanda dell castillo explains. san jose is known as the center of innovation, the capital of silicon valley. they're no match for the task of changing dirty diapers. >> what does city hall have now that they didn't two weeks ago? >> diaper changing stations. >> reporter: the councilwoman made the push through her family
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friendly initiative. a plan that considers family friendly facility, explores child care options and recourse paid family leave options. changing station rs the first step. >> sometimes we had to go back to our cars and then do the diaper changing station there. >> reporter: in the next two months, 42 public bathrooms at city hall will be equipped with koala care stations. each station costs the city about $300. installation, $200. a small price to pay for a proper place to change those dirty diapers. sara wood will know that reality in a few weeks. she didn't want her face on camera. but allowed us to film her baby bump. >> i'm noticing where places are to change and where there are places where i know i don't want to change my baby. >> reporter: happy city hall to now offering the option. >> i think it's all around just a standard that we should be implementing and that we should have already implemented.
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>> reporter: the councilwoman says the next step involves hopefully getting them into libraries. i'm amanda dell castillo, abc 7 news. we can work together to find solutions. join the conversation online with the #better bay area. new technology developed in the bay area could put an end to car thefts. its latest success story involves an nfl player. uc berkeley and ucla, two of the schools named in the college cheating scandal. they're demanding the uc system take action. a
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>> announcer: today's storm is level 1. keep an umbrella handy. track today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. expand on the -- steady rain this morning. light to moderate and then scattered showers for the afternoon and evening hours. there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm. look at the rain -- a quarter to three quarters of an inch. double that in the santa cruz mountains. it's breezy over the bay, the coast and our hills. new developments involving
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the college bribery scam. state lawmakers are urging strong action against university of california students tied to the cheating scandal. >> they questioned officials about the integrity of the admissions process. uc berkeley and ucla are among a number of elite universities embroiled in what's called the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted. federal authorities say school officials took bribes to help students gain admission. wealthy parents, hollywood actresses and coaches are among those arrested. no students have been charged. >> i think the university has to take some extraordinarily strong action to expel these students to take back those degrees because, otherwise, what is the disincentive for doing this? >> uc officials are still determining appropriate action to take against the students involved. the list of the bay area parents charged in the college admissions scandal is one of the top stories viewed on the
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website. you can get the latest at in gma first look, new technology made by a palo alto-based company helped an nfl player take down a thief. juju chang has the details. >> in the first look, it's the new technology that could make stealing a car a thing of the past. what you're watching is an attempted robbery in progress. this dodge charger. the pride and joy of carolina panthers fullback alex armah. he recently bought a new security device. >> i got this instapt notification on my phone. >> he watched in real-time as a stranger broke into his car. >> i see someone in my car. that's when it starts running. >> you ran out. >> armah's secret weapon, the owl cam. it alerts the car owner the moment a vehicle is hit. coming up at 7:00 a.m., you'll see the caught on tape moment armah wrestles his alleged thief
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to the ground. tonight on nightline, we'll have more on this game changing technology. with your gma first look, i'm juju chang, abc news, new york. a jury in san francisco has ruled in favor of a man who claims a weed killer gave him cancer. yesterday, jurors agree with edwin hard man. he claims that the chemical in roundup caused his cancer. jurors must decide whether monsanto which makes roundup is liable. the company is appealing another ruling from last year in which a vallejo man won a similar case. one e-cigarette company is taking action to make sure the products aren't in the hands of young people. juul labs has stopped the sale of flavored products to retailers. this comes as a san francisco city attorney takes on the fda for failing to conduct a pre-market review of e-cigs. under the law, the fda is
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supposed to -- a proposed bill would ban the products in san francisco until the fda acts. if it passes, it goes into effect 30 days later. that also means these products could not be ordered and mailed to an address in the city. happening now, the major league baseball season is officially under way. the oakland a's and mariners opening at tokyo zone in japan. >> it's hit very well. back, hill looks up, it's gone. we've got our first home run of 2019. >> that was steve piscotty giving the a's the early lead. it didn't last long. there was a grand slam to p the mariners ahead 5-2. seattle leads 9-7 in the eighth evening. they open in san diego. people have been watching since 2:30 in the morning. >> what a way to start things off with the home run.
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all right. you may soon need to go to the grocery store for food prescriptions. a new study is offsetting the kofs fruits and veggies. medicaid insurance could prevent disease and stroke. the health insurance kofrmg for the foods could reduce health care costs and be highly cost effective. researchers say the program has been implemented through some private insurance companies. okay. >> if i eat better, i pay less? >> yes. >> okay. >> we're going to look into that. >> sorry. i came in at the tail end there. i was watching the radar. it's getting a little hot in some areas. san rafael, there's lighter rain falling right now. we have the steady rain through the morning hours and showers in the afternoon. the intensity and the coverage will taper today. showers near the coast tonight. the rest of us mostly cloudy
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with patchy fog in our valleys. more light storms coming through my accuweather seven-day forecast. here's a look at the light rain falling in the santa cruz mountains. ben low man almost three quarters of an inch of rain, everybody else a quarter to a half in the higher elevation. you can see up the peninsula, the potential for moderate rain and a few puddles on 280 and on 101 and all those areas. ka minnow real all the way to the southern parts of san francisco. because it is rotating north, in san francisco and oakland, and in the north bay, expect uptick in the intensity of the rain in the next couple of hours. here's a look at 7:00. plenty of yellows out there. notice as we head towards noon, the area of low pressure bringing us these showers moves up to the north. we have a best chance of steady rain at noon while everybody else is dealing with more scattered showers. even the sunshine breaking through the cloud deck a little bit. look at the coverage of the
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showers shrink by 5:00 and into the evening hours. our best chance of showers overnight will be right near the coast while the rest of us will wake up w tomorrow morning. temperatures mainly in the low to mid-40s.'s a look at my accu, seven-day forecast. brief break tomorrow, slightly warmer with the sunshine breaking through the cloud deck. a light storm for friday, saturday, monday and tuesday. alexis? >> okay. taking a look at the roads this morning, it is busy. sounds like we could be busy several days over the next week or so. i want to take you back to a crash in oakland on the northbound side of 880 past broadway. two vehicles involved. they're facing the wrong way. that is still blocking the two left lanes as far as we know. we've not gotten any other information from chp. there's no injuries. still trying to clear that crash. tat easy through that here's aai
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stretch. the bay bridge toll th ls weed early, 5:07 the official time. we have had a couple crashes on both sides of the ba i bridge. so that is probably a factor and the rain as well. we have heavy traffic already. westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze, you're looking okay at 21 minutes. 11 through the toll plaza there across the bay bridge into san francisco and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, still in the green at 11 minutes. thank you, alexis. it is reveal week fort chase center in san francisco. the future home of the warriorst will host. >> ♪ yesterday, it was announced the dave matthews band will perform at the chase center september 10th. wl the first time a concert is scheduled at the same
5:23 am
time as a giants game, which is down the block. the warriors announced the black keys will perform in november at the chase center. the band has not played in san francisco since outsideland in 2015. earlier this week, metallica and the san francisco symphony will open the center when it debuts, friday, september 6th. you can get each announcement sent to your iphone or whatever phone you have if you download the abc 7 news app. the app will let you know about breaking news around the bay area. >> very big games coming to the chase
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swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, includg lymphoma have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, serious allergic reactions, low blood cell counts, higher liver tests and cholesterol levels. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. your doctor should perform blood tests before and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you've been somewhere fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infeions. needles. fine for some things. but for you, one pill a day may pride symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". it's 5:25. let me show you what's going on. live doppler 7 showing the bay
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bridge toll plaza into the heart of oakland. harrington avenue, street level. some of the heavier showers falling. rotating south to north. everybody will be wet this morning. the showers will taper for the evening commute. it is soggy right now, though. number 2, we've got plenty of issues on the roads. just checked there. we've got about 20 total currently. one of them before the camera at the san mateo bridge. three-vehicle collision blocking lane three. make sure you're driving for conditions. number 3, breaking news. european regulators have hit google with a $1.68 billion fine. eu officials announce one hour ago, saying the mountain view company has abused its dominant role in advertising. they will not allow any boeing 737 max 8s in their airspace until they approve any software fixes to the plane. normally, the eu and canada have deferred to the faa for aviation decisions. number 5, a final vote is
5:27 am
set for friday. that could increase the toll for the golden gate bridge to $10 over the next five years. more directors say they need the money to pay for ferries, buses and maintenance. number 6, the oakland city council is the last to vote on the raiders lease agreement. they meet tomorrow. if passed, the team will be able to play at the coliseum for at least one more year. number 7, tonight's powerball jackpot drawing is now worth $550 million. thinking about what to do if you strike it big? you may not want to quit your day job just yet. 1 in $292 million >> i welcome you back when you don't wib win. with 90 more minutes of news. drawing
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wednesday morning. taking a live look at our doppler radar. it's reporting showers across the bay area and mike nicco is tracking that storm. a breakthrough in medicine. what you need to know about the first fda-approved drug for moms dealing with postpartum depression. people can't look away from the strange sight in santa rosa. how a complaint from a neighbor started this all. that is the way that you troll your neighbors. it's quite a story. good morning on this wednesday, march 20th. let's go ahead and check our weather since it's really coming down out there. >> yeah. some areas heavier than the others. absolutely. all of us are getting wet weather. welcome to spring. the first day of astronomical spring. heavy rain in santa rosa.
5:31 am
south, santa rosa, windsor you can see sebastopol the next -- the sunol grade and south on 680 or 880 from newark and also from pleasanton or paseo padre parkway or milpitas, you'll run into a moderate shower possibly there and standing in roads. you can see yellow taking over the peninsula up to the richmond-san rafael bridge. this is the way it looks from the roof camera in san francisco. soggy start to the day with steady rain. that will hang around for the next couple of hours, they'll become scattered showers by noon. our best chance of showers across the north bay at 4:00. but all of us have a chance. lm the chance ending. this is a quick moving system. alexis, leavin a little bit of issues behind. >> it sure is. we're looking at soggy and slow conditions here at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights very early today. 5:07 the official time. you can see the road spray
5:32 am
kicking up for the carpool lanes. everybody everyone else, not going fast enough to kick up water. it's there. trust me. plan on a slower than average commute here this morning. we've got a lot of crashes already on the boards. slower drive times too. westbound 580, trace toy dublin. nothing like yesterday. one hour five minutes for you. westbound 4, antioch to concord filling in at 25 minutes and san rafael to san francisco, 101, that's in the green at 16 minutes. alexis, thank you. we continue our storm watch coverage in the south bay. >> reporter matt keller is live for us at mont serino with conditions out jessica. we're in dark monte serene owe. we have a pg&e outage. you can see the pg&e truck who just got here. it's raining a little bit. let me switch it around. there we go. i had the opposite cameras going. you can see the pg&e truck in front of us. they're trying to get the outage
5:33 am
worked out here. you've got seven customers without power in the area that went out about 1:30. they're hoping to have the lights back on by 7:30. the weather an issue everywhere you go. in the south bay. your day, of course, could be starting out worse. this pickup truck ended up on its roof before the camden avenue exit. chp said the driver was heading from highway 85. lost control at the center divider an ended up being flipped over in the middle of the highway. it was raining at the time of the crash. get this, though. the driver is okay. he's not hurt.lockg off lanes. they are waiting for a tow truck to get that cleared out. the lesson. take it slow. the roads are slick. you don't want to end up on the news this morning. reporting live in memorial hospite serene owe. glad the driver is okay. that was a --
5:34 am
european regulators hit google with a $1.68 billion fine. eu officials announced the fine about an hour ago saying the mountain view company has abused its dominant role in online advertising. this is the third time they've slapped google with fines. last year they were fined $5 billion following an investigation into the android operating system. no response yet this morning from google. parents are fuming over a controversial homework assignment. this was at a high school in san lorenzo. they asked to them to depict nazi values and using a quote arian person as an example. tomorrow the history teacher who assigned the homework will meet with the principal and other teachers in a closed-door meeting. >> seeing swastikas, drawner th a comfortable sight. >> we don't have to have students recreating such racist and anti-semitic symbols to
5:35 am
learn about that historical time and such propaganda. >> a student in the class tells abc 7 news she completed an assignment last week where she had to write out the pros and cons of naziism. advocates for domestic violence are demanding they -- after the san francisco d.a. decided no the to file charges against him. it all stems from an incident back on march 1st. video here from tmz sports shows baer's wife pam holding on to a mobile phone that he then attempts to grab. pam baer tumbled from the chair on to the ground. prosecutors could not prove a crime was committed after looking at all the evidence. baer has apologized for his behavior and expressed remorse. his attorney released a statement saying that is clearly the right decision. we appreciate the investigation
5:36 am
conducted by the police and the district attorney. baer is on undefinite leave from the giants. includes ucsf's paragraph nas is medical center, demonstrators plan to strike starting at 9:00 a.m. it's the third strike in less than a year for uc workers. their labor contract negotiations have stalled because uc leaders have not addressed wage inequality and job security. uc officials say the strike is not expected to affect patient care. all surgeries and appointments will take place as usual. >> this morning, the european union and canada say they will not allow any boeing 737 max 8s in their airspace until they approve software fixes to the plane. meanwhile, there is a bombshell new report about a veneer miss. as we've reported, a lion airplane crashed into the java sea last october. that same jet nearly crashed the
5:37 am
day before but an off-duty pilot was in the cockpit and was anyone to help the crew gain control of the plane. the next day, a different crew faced an identical malfunction with the same plane but this time is an unfortunate outcome. that plane, as you remember, crashed killing 189 people. hero on the hudson captain sully sullenberger is calling out the f.a.a. the faa has a cozy relationship with boeing which is hurting the credibility of the agency. he says quote, faa employees who rightly called for stricter compliance with safety standards were overruled by faa manage. often under corporate or political pressure. let's talk about what's going on with the at memorial hospital pass this morning. light to moderate shower over there. we've also got a light to moderate shower. castro valley, san lorenzo, san
5:38 am
leandro and towards hayward. you can see hesperian boulevard, some of the street levels showing moderate rain. as you move into san jose, we've got light to possibly moderate rain at 680 to milpitas. this is the way it looks in san jose right now. we've had a quarter of an inch of rain so far. this is the way it looks in walnut creek, a little behind south on 680. .2 inches of right -- ferry ride because of the wetness but also if you're out on the water, we've got a small craft advisory. it is rather breezy on the water. also, over our the bridges. east-west bridges. winds gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour through 3:00 this afternoon. north bay, you've got a chance of wet weather all the way up until 3:00. temperatures climb from 51 to 57. drop down even though the su is coming out to 53 degrees by 7:00. let's take a look at the east bay shoreline.
5:39 am
a chance of rain steadiest through 7:00. showers from 9:00 to 1:00. at 3:00, the chance is tapering. we hit 60. down to 57 by 7:00. for san francisco, a chance of rain until 1:00. we'll see a little bit of sunshine from 3:00 to 7:00 with temperatures dropping from 58 to 55. you'll notice the this afternoon, it's been a little cooler than the last couple of days. drier than this morning. what do we say? really? we've been driving in the wet weather for months. people still pushing it a little too far. >> they definitely are. we've got a lot of issues right now. i want to look at rain. this is in the rock ridge area. the b.a.r.t. station taken by our colleagues here. on his way to work this morning, hopefully he's under the platform and staying nice and dry. we've got the moderate to heavy rain as he waits for that b.a.r.t. train here. there's a look the traffic zooming by on highway 24. all that road spray kicking up.
5:40 am
on top of the rain, you're dealing with that. the wipers will be on high this morning. you really need to drive for conditions. we saw people flying by on our commute. not the day to be doing that. >> plenty of crashes to talk about this morning. a little bit of better news in oakland. northbound 880 past broadway, a long-term two-car crash has cleared. i'm hearing about a new one north of there near 7. just south of there, flooding report reported. northbound 880 at the 980 split. you've got really using caution through that stretch. we've got a new problem on the peninsula as well. northbound 101 to marsh road. a vehicle on its side in the ditch. it doesn't souped like that's a blocking situation. emergency crews are heading to the scene. here's another live look outside. currently on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. unless you use the fastrak or carpool lanes, it is soggy. take it easy. thanks,alis.
5:41 am
e s franciscout the city. they can be adjusted in areas near schools and on blind alleyways. according to the examiner, the board of supervisors president norman yee wants simple fixes to hlp drivers see pedestrians and cyclists to reduce traffic deaths. that includes removing parking near corners so it doesn't block the view of crosswalks. still ahead, the unusual end to a police chase in southern california. what the suspect did when officers surrounded him with their guns drawn. a dispute between north bay neighbors is turning heads and some of them aren't even human. good morning to our human viewers watching us here. and also, streaming us live on and on the abc 7 news app. if you're on the go,
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pleasanill and concord. we have a pretty nice cell probably putting puddles on those areas. steadier rain in the morning. scattered showers in the afternoon hours. dress them for milder temperatures today or cooler, upper 50s. in fact, we'll be in the upper 50s to mid-60s across most of
5:45 am
the state. as you head into the high country, getting into the tahoe area, you have to go through snow, winter weather advisory until 11:00 this evening. we can get up to a foot of snow. once you get into tahoe, a wintry mix today. snow level at 5,000 feet thursday. light snow for friday, snow showers saturday and another wintry mix monday and tuesday. thanks x mike. the oakland raiders have just one more hurdle for the lease agreement that would let them play at the coliseum for at least one more year >> the alameda county board of supervisors voted yesterday to approve the agreement. this follows the coliseum authority's unanimous vote on friday. now has to pass the oakland city council which votes tomorrow. this sunday is the deadline for the raiders to find a place to play in the fall. the disney family is getting a little bigger. the walt disney company has completed its $71 billion acquisition of 21st century fox. the mega deal put cinderella,
5:46 am
the simpsons and star wars all under one roof. disney is acquiring the film and tv entertainment assets. the deal does not include fox news or the television stations. in a statement, disney chairman and ceo bob iger said, quote, this is an extraordinary and historic moment for us. one that will create significant long-term value for our company and our shareholders. combining disney's and 21 century fox of wealth of content creates the global entertainment company well-positioned to lead an incredibly dynamic and transformative era. disney is the parent company of abc 7. in the north bay, a santa rosa homeowner's yard is turning heads. it was hit with a zoning violation. there was a fence too high blocking drivers from seeing around the corner. >> a neighbor complained about his fence that was too high. so after the complaint, he decided to cut down the fence to three feet and installed a
5:47 am
garden party of naked mannequins. >> i guess the average person would have resentment and get all angry. i threw a naked party in my yard. they wanted to see inside my yard. now they get to. >> they can see everything. santa rosa has not commented on the display. >> some of the positions he put the mannequins in are a lot to take. ended with suspects break dancing. can you see that? chp officers held him at gunpoint. oerk oh, my. the driver led them at mostly speeds under 60 miles per hour. making no evasive maneuvers to escape but declining to pull over. when he got out of the car, he complied with officers' orderse september for the break dancing. after the brief show, officers took him into custody without further incident. have you talked to anyone in law enforcement, they'll tell
5:48 am
you they've seen it all. there you go. add that to the list. >> that was weird. >> very weird. >> do you laugh at him or want to tase him? >> it's erratic behavior. i'm sure they were kerpd after that, actually. >> i want to htip him. >> for the show. >> thanks for the show. put on a hat, tip him and then handcuffs. >> okay. glad it ended okay. >> exactly. >> could have turned worse, absolutely. let look at what's going on outside. here's a look at the golden gate bridge cam rachlt the rainfall, about a third of an inch already. moderate rain is falling as the steady rain is taking over all of our neighborhoods through the entire morning commute. the evening commute should be easier with scattered showers,s search days. mild lows and cool highs because of the cloud cover. so here you can see some of that yellow and orange right over the presidio, heading towards the richmond district all the way to mission street. this is lifting to the north.
5:49 am
if you're on 101 or about to get on 101 in marin, it's about to get a little heavier. still the same areas. san mateo bridge, down to union city on to dumbarton bridge towards palo alto and east palo alto. start with a moderate shower and light showers in the middle span and moderate shower as you find land once again. storms rotating up from the south. they'll continue to do that. this is still going to be a 1 with rain to showers. we could get up to .75 inches of rain and a small chance of a thunderstorm. we'll have gusty breezes over the bay, the coast and over the hills. but not expecting much, if any, damage. here's a look at the future radar. starting at 7:00. notice as we move through time, things really start to taper quickly. the steady rain moves up by noon. the rest of us have scattered showers. into the evening hours, the showers taper quickly. our best chance of showers overnight will be along the coast. this will be one of of the
5:50 am
cooler nights ahead with low to mid-40s. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we get a break tomorrow. rain comes back friday. a 1 for saturday, light. another one monday and tuesday. looks like thursday and sunday are driest days. alexis? we've got plenty of issues on the board. about 30 incidents currently right now. most of the crashes and most of them likely due to the conditions and people not driving for them here today. westbound 580 before grand avenue and oakland. we've got another crash. this is our second one of the morning. three, i believe. we have one lane blocked and sdef knitly seeing delays there. northbound 880 cleared out. a couple earlier crashes on that side of the road and flooding reported around 980 as well. we have a crash southbound 880 near 7th street. i know that stretch of the radway is one that typically tends to flood. be on the lookout for standing water there. new rollover crash. southbound 280 at vista point on the peninsula. if you're driving on the southbound side, be on the
5:51 am
lookout. that's blocking one lane as well. quick check of drive times. 680 to walnut creek -- santa rosa to san francisco, about one hour four minutes. slight delays for you. northbound 17 high tway 1 into los gatos. earlier rollover crash cleared. once you make it into the campbell area. the drive time in the green at 25 minutes. new at 6:00, the maker of an exercise bike is facing a $150 million lawsuit. what it claims about the music. first, it could be a game changer for women suffering from postpartum depression. details about the new drug just approved by the fda. plus, it's more than just a mural.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
walnut creek to moraga way to mountain boulevard. we've got a very intense cell of rain falling on 24 right now. in fact, steady rain for all of us during the morning commute. wet roads, a little breezy. the evening commute should be a little better as we'll have scattered showers and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. that will be tapering during the evening commute. thanks, mike. now to a medical breakthrough for women suffering from postpartum depression. >> the fda has just approved a first of its kind medication. postpartum depression affects 1 in 9 women every year. symptoms include several. including fears of hafrming trm
5:55 am
baby. it requires a 2 1/2 day hospital stay. the drug is administered through a 60-hour iv infusion. gma will have much more on this medical breakthrough coming up on 7:00 a.m. on abc's 7. stay tuned for that. you'll learn much more. it's really a breakthrough. uc berkeley peregrine falcons are expecting the first offspring of 2019. annie, as the female falcon is known, has laid an egg. you see it there. high up on the cam nellie tower. they typically lay between three and five eggs a season. there may be more to come. chicks hatch after 30 days of incubation. the school installed two new webcams so people can keep tabs on the falcon family. wonder how the falcons feel about that? >> why are you looking at me? >> hopefully they don't realize. >> mind your business. >> we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. not looking great this morning.
5:56 am
although the rain has let up through this area. it was quite heavy earlier this morning. definitely have wet pavement still. you'll deal with road spray. could be breezy on the bridge. the lights on early. metering lights flipping on at 5:07. it's a busy start in several areas. also, a sigalerti issued. if you want to head through the city or north to the bridge, that is currently closed due to flooding. we're working to get more information. i don't have an eto for when it wraps up. let check in with our meteorologist, mike nicco. >> the potential for a thunderstorm today. it's alls us. we'll reset the clock at 4:00 a.m. this morning. you can see about .15 to a third of an inch. by the time is epds in the evning hours, we're up to a quarter to nearly half an inch of rain. pretty healthy amounts there. my biggest concerns are this
5:57 am
morning with the standing water on our road. there is a possibility of some trees and power lines down as the soggy soil and a little burst of wind could knock them down. landslide and debris flows in the santa cruz mountains. you'll reach an inch and a half of rain. live doppler 7. an hour by hour look in the next half hour. jessica. >> happening today, you can scan a qr code on two murals in the bay area. you'll be able to hear music. oakland-based pandora came up with the concept. the murals are by local artists. the music will be -- it's in san francisco and the other in oakland. it's at washington street and waverly place. >> the bay area business is closing after more than four decades. decades. >> mourners gather to say
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
hi bay area. >> good morning. guess what's happening? it's raining everywhere. >> can't get away from it this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7 street level. you can see fulton street through chinatown. bay street through north beach into treasure island and across toward tiburon. this is heading towards richmond. the richmond-san rafael bridge about to get a downpour. there's more, a little bit south of that, that you can see the yellow starting to shah rirink little bit. let go back to richmond where we've had .4 of an inch of rain so far. steady rain through the morning commute. once the commute end, so does the steady rain. by noon, it's just showers scattered. isolated by 4:00. by 7:00, the chances are just about over. our temperatures will roll back into the mid and


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