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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hi bay area. >> good morning. guess what's happening? it's raining everywhere. >> can't get away from it this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7 street level. you can see fulton street through chinatown. bay street through north beach into treasure island and across toward tiburon. this is heading towards richmond. the richmond-san rafael bridge about to get a downpour. there's more, a little bit south of that, that you can see the yellow starting to shah rirink little bit. let go back to richmond where we've had .4 of an inch of rain so far. steady rain through the morning commute. once the commute end, so does the steady rain. by noon, it's just showers scattered. isolated by 4:00. by 7:00, the chances are just about over. our temperatures will roll back into the mid and upper 50s for
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highs this afternoon. a little cooler. definitely a wet one this morning. a lot to talk about on the streets. alexusone, as you'd expect. live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps. you can see about everyone getting wet right now. pretty soggy. we have a sig-alert in san francisco. the northbound 101 connector to continue north on 101 instead of taking the bay bridge route on to 80. that is currently fully blocked. that is due to flooding. we're working on getting a live picture of that. it looks like cal trans crews are blocking that connector for you right now. we'll keep an eye on that. for right now, we do not have an estimate on when that's back open. hopefully, they can drain that out of there. 1 hour 1 minutes tracy to dublin. westbound 4, apartment yok to could be koor concord, 26 minutes. thanks, alexis. get ready to pay more to cross the golden gate bridge. >> the cost to cross the span
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could reach close to $10 in just a few years. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the golden gate bridge this morning. big vote that's happening. >> reporter: jessica, what's surprising is not many people are weighing in on this issue. according to those in marin, about 50 people submitted comments to the bridge district about this. it will impact so many. so let's take a look at the numbers and see what you think. drivers in the fastrak lanes pay $7 to cross. that could go up to $8.75 in five years. those by invoice pay $8 now, that could go up to $9.80. this will be a gradual increase that happens over the next five years. for commuters, that could be an extra $91 more a year. they don't have to incompetent crease the tolls. but officials say without the tc
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ferry and bus service and they argue that the options help keep cars off highway 101 and ease the commute. do they need the -- they also need more money to maintain the bridge. the bridge district is currently paying a 7 -- the vote is scheduled for this friday. reporting live in sausalito, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy thank you. the two first victims of the mosque attack have been buried. in fact, hundreds of mourners are there. 44-year-old mustafa and 15-year-old hamza mustafa. bay area leaders will hold a vigil for the victims as well starting at 6:30 tonight on the steps of city hall. students and faculty at usc held a memorial for the murdered
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son of an oakland city council member. a scholarship will be awarded in victor mcelhaney's name. he was shot during a robbery near campus on march 10th and no arrests have been made. mcelhaney is the son of city council woman lynette gibson mcelhaney. there will be a service on saturday at temple hill in oakland. senator kamala harris fully intends to win the presidency. >> she was on jimmy kimmel live in los angeles last night. she says her husband and two children are very supportive of her and her campaign. when asked about campaigning, the senator says she likes going to rural towns and being challenged. >> what i'm enjoying most is being in places where i listen, especially at this phase of it, more than i talk. and where i am validating or verifying or being set straight about really what are the priorities of people.
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it's been a great process. >> senator harris also says she's open to the discussion of eliminating the electoral college, something elizabeth warren is call for. coming up, the end of an era. why this store is closing after 45 years in business? baseball season kicks off in japan overnight with the a's taking on the mariners. the overnight watch party in oakland. it's raining everywhere. our storm is a 1 on the storm impact scale with sked i rain to scattered showers this morning and afternoon. up to .75 inches of rain. breezy on our bridges.
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ask. that's going to head over towards emeryville. the bay bridge toll plaz a brk berkeley. on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge, hesperian boulevard towards alvarado, niles, we have a moderate shower falling. it's going to look like this. th t an ofain in san francisco already. out and about, exercising, get ready for the wet weather. be prepared fort especially this morning. heading up to the high country, snow down to 6,000 feet today. peninsula, chance of rain up until 1:00. then mostly cloudy by 3:00. 58 degrees. it's a little cooler than average. east bay valleys, chance of rain
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until 1:00. then you'll get near 60 under a mostly cloudy sky this afternoon. for the south bay, a chance of rain up until 1:00. you'll reach 60 at 3:00. drop down to 56 under a mostly cloudy sky at 7:00. let's see what the weather is doing to your commute. >> we have a sig-alert. cal trans camera here in san francisco. you can see we've got the arrows shifting everyone over to the right. that means the northbound 101 connector to central freeway is closed. that's where folks are trying to continue north on 101 into downtown san francisco or eventually north on to golden gate bridge. you're not able to take that right now. we've not gotten more information on when it will open. that's causing a backup on to the main line. you can see traffic is heavy almost down to the 280 split if you're coming from the southern part of the city. keeping a close eye on that. the boigw, bout 35 th wel ta authe kyo alexis.
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hundreds of people are demanding improvements to the cycling infrastructure. this comes after the death of a cyclist on howard street earlier this month. tess roth stein was hit and killed by a truck after avoiding hitting an open car door. officials removed parking and installed a protected bike lane where the collision happened. supervisor matt haney led a rally yesterday at city hall. he's urging the sfmta to install more protected bike lanes from follow some to howard. >> it's not going to hurt or change things that much to take away one lane of traffic or one parking lane and be able to ensure that people are safe as they bike down that street. >> the sfmta says changes on howard street will be finalized next month. that includes protected lanes between third and sixth streets. a beloved v institution for 45 years is getting ready to say good-bye to customers. the milk pail market at corner of san antonio road and
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california street will be closing its doors permanently. in a facebook post, the owner accepted a buyout. the european-style market will be closing in the next few months. he did not say who bought the property but promised to keep the community informed about next steps. the overnight watch party for the oakland a's as the team kicked off in japan. the petition to keep this quirky home as is. plus, we dig into our archives there are ordinaryggs... and the best. which egg tastes more farm-fresh and delicious? only eggland's best. with more vitamins d and e and 25% less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughs) ah! i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hos, and i'm good. mucinex releases fast and lasts 12 hours, not 4. let's end this. new tide pods 2.0 with upgraded 4-in-1 technology.
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welcome back. new developments involving the college bribery scam. state lawmakers now urging strang action against university of california students tied to the cheating scandal. >> they questioned officials at about the integrity of the admissions process. uc berkeley and ucla are among those embroiled in what's being called the largest college admission scam ever prosecuted. school officials took bribes to help students gain admission. by now you've surely heard of this. celebrities and coaches are among those charged. >> no students have been charged. >> taking extraordinarily large action to expel the students, take back the degrees. otherwise, what is the disincentive for doing this?
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>> uc officials say they're determining appropriate action to take against the students involved. the list of the bay area parents charged in the college admissions scandal is on our website right now. you can get the latest on operation varsity blues by going to more than 500 people siepd a petition to let the owner of the hillsborough flintstone house keep it as is. >> last week the city filed suit claiming it's a nuisance and violates multiple codes. they want to prove that people love the house with its quirky paint and statues. we dug into our archives at abc 7 news and look at this. we found this store fri 1987. that is when the house was up for sale for $525,000. it had the same unconventional design, but it was white there were no statues at the time. those were added after the house sold in 2017. you can watch the full report right now on our website,
6:16 am major league baseball season officially under way, reggie. >> that's right, jessica. the oakland a's and mariners opened at the tokyo dome in japan overnight. >> drives one to center field. it was hit very well. he looks up. it is gone! we've got our first home run of 2019. >> that was steve piscotty giving the a's the early lead. then there was a grand slam putting the mariners ahead 5-2. the a's late rally fell short in the hunter strickland struck first save of the season. the mayor necessary win the game 9-7. the giants open next thursday in san diego. loyal fans reacting to
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piscotty's home run at a watch party. you can see the mad oak bar in oakland was filled with fans even though the game started at 2:30 this morning. >> yeah. living their best life. >> really. >> the a's shut write down each name. >> like season tickets. >> true right there. >> or a free beer. >> that's why you need to keep them in oakland. very loyal. >> you can see live doppler 7 behind us. it's been behind us all morning long. we're tracking another storm. >> speaking of that, it's loyal up there. always waiting for the storms to come in. you can track it on our app. i'm not on the wi-fi. it's going really slow. >> fail. >> you can find it on our news app. >> it's there if you can turn on your wi-fi and find it. here's a look at outside. san jose 280 at 17.
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.25 inches of rain. looks like people are finally slowing down and adjusting for the conditions. showers. the steadiest of the rain is right now. showers best near the coast while the rest of us are mostly cloudy. little bit of fog forming and more light storms. 1 on the impact scale. here's a look at the altamont pass. we've got a moderate shower on top of you and possible puddles on the roadway. same thing street level in hayward, heading toward san andreas drive. high ridge loop trail getting wet right now. the milpitas air and heath street. looks like 680 and 880 could be a little wet there. we're starting to see signs of steadier rain breaking into showers. that's going to continue as the storm moves to the north. 7:00, with future radar and notice the cedi rain tracking to the north of that low.
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still a slight chance of a thunderstorm especially when the sun gets out. it adds energy to it. as the low pulls away, that's our center of energy also takes the best chance of showers. by 5:00, they're scattered. becoming random to almost nonex is at the present time overnight. tomorrow we get a break. the next storm comes in and lingers through saturday. also light. the best chance of outdoor activities is sunday. monday and tuesday more wet weather. with light storms on the way. alexis? >> mike, let's go back to the sig-alert. full closure of the northbound 101 connector to central freeway. that's shut down due to flooding. that is causing a backup there. then a problem on southbound 101 just south of the 280 split. not sure about injuries. whether you're trying to get out of san francisco or head into san francisco, i would use 280
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or of course mass transit as well. i did have this -- between castro valley and dublin pleasanton. that is in the dublin pleasanton and dale -- it started off ten mnt minute deldelay. hopefully they get that resolved soon. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00. >> whit johnson live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. hi, whit. >> reggie, jessica, good morning to you both. coming up on gma. pressure is mounting on boeing after the two deadly crashes amid new reports on another close call and what we're learning about the cockpit recordings from that fatal lion air disaster. we've got the latest. also, the breakthrough medication for new mothers suffering from pt depression.
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dr. ashton will explain how it works sfliefrm the new tech on your phone that helps to catch car thieves in the act. one mfl player took it to take down an alleged she have. >> the 16-year-old who is accepted to nine how schools. we're not talking about college. this is law school. what were you doing when you were 16, right? >> it makes me feel so inkwad at. >> fail my driving test. that's a true story. >> you did too? >> all three of us failed our driving tests. >> look where we are now. >> the written test? >> twice, actually. >> i can't relate to you on that one. that is a bad one. >> p.
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let's take a look at how much rain we can get. seems healthy. a quarter to half inch of rain. my concerns for the storm system are what you're dealing with now out on the roads. that is what a liclexis and i h been reporting. the trees could come down in the areas where the winds are higher elevation. we're going to get 1.5 inches in the santa cruz mountains, there could be a landslide. it's a nuisance trying to get around during the morning commute. let's get more news. thanks, mike. peloton is facing a $150 million lawsuit for playing unlicensed music during the popular online fitness classes. the fitness company is accused of using more than a thousand songs without permission. artists include lady rihanna, justin timberlake and drake. peloton bikes offer a fitness
6:26 am
option for those whose schedules are too busy for the gym and those who have enough money to buy them. they have great respect for the songwriters and artists and will be evaluating. all part of reveal week. yesterday the warriors announced dave matthews band will come to chase center september 10th. tickets go on sale april 5th. the black keys and modest mouse will be coming to the new arena. that's set for november 20th. tickets there go on sale next monday. we will be following the reveal. the announcements set for 10:00 and 2:00. you can download the abc 7 news app to get alerts to your phone. looking for love, the bay area man who may be a con tetest on the next season of the bachelorette. >> what it asks students to do. should businesses be forced to accept cash? it's a new store that would be included if san francisco moves in that direction. of course, with the rain this morning, it's been a busy start on the roads.
6:27 am
we're looking at one of our biggest issues, sig-alert in san francisco. northbound 101 connector to central freeway is currently closed due to flooding. that's one of 40 you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99.
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now at 6:30, rain returns to the bay area just in time for the first day of spring. you're looking at live doppler 7 and meteorologist mike nicco is
6:30 am
timing out the storm. major news about mountain view-based google overnight. why it got hit with a more than $1.6 billion fine. and -- >> ooh, this neighborhood fight over a fence. the head turning display one man added to his yard in protest. you're going to see why people are in the neighborhood taking pictures and video. good morning on this wednesday, march 20th. >> something else you'll see this morning, live doppler 7 behind us. we are in the middle of a storm. we want to show you video that we just got into the newsroom as well. this is new video of heavy rain at the rock ridge b.a.r.t. station. look how heavy that's coming down right now. if you're just waking up and joining us, likely it's raining where you live right now. you're going to need that umbrella throughout the day, right, mike? >> i think on and off later. this morning, for sure. look at how hef any oakland. nearly have an inch.
6:31 am
the rain total on treasure island as you cross the bay bridge and we had one just moved through lucky drive and greenbrae and towards san quentin. look at this. the solid rain is tapering over places like the peninsula. you can look at the bigger picture and you don't see a lot develop over the ocean ebxcept for in the north bay. nearly half an inch in downtown san francisco. steady rain through 7:00. then it's showers. except for the north bay, it will stay steady through the morning hours. it's scattered everywhere by 4:00 and about over by 7:00. the thing you'll notice today, too, cooler in the last couple of days. mid to upper 50s. the rain is coming down at the wrong time. >> just in time for rush homa p.
6:32 am
sig-alert due to flooding in san francisco. that's fully closing the northbound 101 connector to central freeway. if you're trying to go through the downtown san francisco air area or continue north, not able to take that ramp. south of there, southbound 101 near the 280 split, we've got a solo vehicle spin-out crash blocking the left two lanes. significant backup in each direction. here's a look outside. walnut creek looking soggy on 680. nothing but brake lights there. north of the 24 split. i don't have any blocking issues. but we have flooding reported. once you make it to 24 and get closer to the 580 connector there, sound like there's water across all lanes. we also have a significant b.a.r.t. delay. i'll talk about that next. actually, we're going to check in with matt keller. he's in the south bay for us. matt, how it looking? >> reporter: good, alexis. don't forget about me. mike nicco is right, it's been
6:33 am
tapering off in the south bay. we had a consistent rain all morning long. no mange juror issues to report here. take a look at this. video in the past half our or so. this is the connector ramp from northbound 280 to the northbound highway 87 there in downtown san jose. you can see that we end up running into a giant puddle there. the right side of the lane is flooded. it's only one lane to highway 87. drivers are having to slow down. this is backing up traffic on to 280. the only thing worse than flooding during the rain is crashes like this. a pickup truck ended up on its roof heading into campbell before the camden avenue exit just before 4:30 this morning. chp told me the driver was headed on to 17. lost control at that center divider and ended up on its roof. it was raining at the time of the crash. the driver was okay. take it easy out there. driving conditions are, of course, not great. as we head into the prime commuter hours, more people on the roads. make sure you make it there safely to work or to school.
6:34 am
reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. reminder to viewers. you can track live doppler 7 any time from your phone. it's a feature on the free abc 7 news app. make sure you download that. parents are fuming over a homework assignment that's controversial. the assignment in san lorenzo asked sophomore students to make a time capsule die picketin picc nazi values. the teacher who assigned the homework will meet to discuss it in a closed-door meeting. >> seeing swastikas from my school drawn by peers sitting in front of me is not a comfortable sight. >> we don't have to have students recreating such racist >> one sdent completedn as wre s
6:35 am
write out the pros and cons of naziism. advocates for domestic violence are demanding major league baseball reprimand barry baer. this comes after the san francisco d.a. decided not to file charges against him. they were investigating whether to press assault charges against baer from the march 1st incident. the footage here shows kim kim holding on to a phone. she tumbles on to the ground. baer later apologized for his behavior and expressed remorse. his attorney released a statement which says, quote, that is clearly the right decision based on the evidence and we appreciate the thorough and professional investigation conducted by the police department and the district attorney. baer is on an indefinite leave of absence from the giants. happening today, thousands of uc workeit the picket lines at ten campuses and five medical centers around the
6:36 am
state. that includes the medical center where demonstrators plan to strike in 30 minutes. this is the third strike in a year. the labor contract negotiations have stalled because leaders have not addressed wage inequality and job security. uc officials say the strike is nt expected to affect patient care and all surgeries and appointments will take place as usual. european regulators hit google with a $1.68 billion fine. they announced the fine about an hour ago saying the mountain view company has abused a dominant role in online advertising. this is the third time the european union slapped google with fines. last year google was fined $5 billion following an investigation into its android operating system. no response yet from google this morning. this morning, the european union and canada say they will not all boeing 737 max 8s in their airspace until they approve any software fixes to
6:37 am
the plane. meanwhile, there is a new bombshell report about a near miss. we've reported that lion air flight crashed into the java sea last october. according to bloomberg, that same jet nearly crashed the day before the accident due to a malfunctioning flight control system but an off-duty pilot was in the cockpit and able to help the crew get control of the plane. the very next day, a different crew faced an identical malfunction on the very same plane. this time with an unfortunate outcome. as you know, the plane crashed, killing 189 people on boards. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's a look at the santa cruz mountains. some of the steadiest rain and embedded heavier cells moving through. already more than an inch in ben low man. some of the heavier rain on 101 around rohnert park heading towards santa rosa.
6:38 am
occidental road. a third of an mateo. not heavy anymore but everything is damp for the commute. caution, no matter what you're taking, especially out on the water also as it's going to be choppy with the breezes. not only are the east-west bridges wet, possibly windy. that's going to make things a little slippery also. be careful there. let's look at the north bay. you have the longest chance of wet weather up to 3:00. 57 degrees. mostly cloudy the rest of the day. let's take a look at the east bay. a chance of showers all the way up until 1:00 and then 3:00 you're at 60. temperatures falling into the upper 50s by 7:00. the steady rain in san francisco is over by 7:00. scattered showers continue until 1:00. then by 3:00, mostly cloudy, a little more sunshine at 5:00 and 57 degrees. so the harder the storm is out there right now, it is starting to taper. so if you are
6:39 am
that's what we need to worry about. >> we certainly do. about 45 issues. some of the flooding and some of the crashes. plenty to get to. a sigaler-alert in san francisc. so we've got pretty high standing water through that stretch. that is causing a delay on northbound 101. don't forget, southbound 101 heading towards 280, we have a spinout crash blocking two lanes. a sig-alert issued for the rollover crash. southbound 280 on the peninsula, south of 92, the two left lanes are blocked. not sure about injuries. this is causing slight delays right now. you could stick to 101. that's looking okay or el camino real. walnut creek heavy this morning as you get through the 24 interchange. major delay now for b.a.r.t. riders in dublin pleasanton. that's in the -- that is due to an equipment problem on the tracks. that means at least 30-minute
6:40 am
delays. thanks, alexis. one san francisco supervisor wants to lower speed limits throughout the city. they can be adjusted in schools or blind alleyways. the board of supervisors president, norman yee wants simple fix x to help reduce traffic deaths. tha includes removing parking near corners so it doesn't block the view of crosswalks. amazon go stores are included in one san francisco supervisor's proposed ban on cashless businesses. according to the examiner, the cashless ban initially excluded amazon go because they don't have any employees to accept cash payments. but supervisor valley brown tells the paper she's changing her mind because amazon is seeing record profits and she feels they can afford to hire employees to accept cash. supporters say cashless businesses hurt low-income, homeless and immigrant populations because they're less likely to have access to bank accounts. in the east bay, you can celebrate the start of spring by
6:41 am
visiting the lindsey wildlife experience. admission to the walnut creek museum is $1 today. ths open from 10:00 to 5:00. coming up, the final hurdle for the raiders that would mean a final season at the coliseum. it's 6:41. you're looking live at the big board at the stock exchange. another look coming up next. dsw's
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
one of our best radar returns on patterson pass road, altamont pass road, vasco road, we've got wet weather to contend with there. steady rain through 7:00 and lighter rain to scattered showers 11:00 to 3:00 for the kids. they'll have to deal with the wettest conditions this morning. make sure they bring the umbrella home and whatever else they were wearing to keep them dry. upper 50s and mid-60s across the entire state. we've got the winter weather advisory until 11:00 this evening. up to a foot of snow. that's the way it looks in tahoe right now. snow level 5,000 feet thursday, light snow friday with snow showers saturday. our best day for traveling will be sunday. thanks, mike. get ready to pay more to cross the golden gate bridge. >> the cost to cross the span into san francisco could rise as
6:45 am
nearly as 980 in the next few years. almost to that $10 mark. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live for us at the golden gate bridge with the decision facing officials. amy? >> reporter: jessica, this topic is open for public discussion. according to the media partners in marin independent journal, only 50 people expressed their opinions to the bridge district. consider they get about 20 million southbound crossings every year. it's a little bit of a gap there. let me show you the numbers. you can form opinions. what you see about his proposal. drivers right now in the south pay -- to cross the golden gate bridge up to $8.75 in five years. those who pay by invoice, $8 now. that could go up to $9.80. this could be a gradual increase. for commuters every day, that could be about an extra $91 more a year. the bridge district says it
6:46 am
needs the money. they need to add more ferries to commute, they've got to pay for that and improve the bus service. the money will maintain the bridge also. they're facing a $75 million deficit. an important issue, it will impact many. but it's not stirring up many opinions. the district only heard from about 50 people. i've heard from quite a few people on twitter. this gets people thinking. if you want the district to hear your voice, that vote is scheduled for friday. reporting live in sausalito, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. the raiders have one more hurdle for their lease agreement that would let them play at the coliseum for at least one more year. the alameda county board of supervisors voted to approve the agreement that follows the oakland coliseum unanimous vote. for now, it has to pass the oakland city council. they vote tomorrow. now your morning money report. the disney family is getting a
6:47 am
little bigger. >> the walt disney company just completed the $71 billion acquisition of 21st century fox. the mega deal put cinderella, the simpson's and star wars under one roof. disney is acquiring the film and firefighter entertainment assets: it doesn't include fox news or television stations. disney is the parent company of abc 7. let's look at the new york stock exchange of the dow down right now 119 points as trading is just getting under way this morning. you can now shop on instagram. the platform just introduced in app purchases. that means you can click to buy products straight from post without ever leaving the app. more than 20 different brands are available. they include h & m and others. >> dsw is rebranding stores, including nail salons in stores, a revamped loyalty program, a
6:48 am
kids shoe section. dsw is developing its own private label brand. dsw announced it will change it corporate name to designer brands. the stores will keep the dsw name. bay area may have a good reason to cheer for one con tess tabt on the next season of the bachelorette. >> does matt d and hanna b have a ring to it? >> yeah. >> matt d from los gatos could be vying for hanna brown's love. for the first time ever, the bachelorette show posted an early look at the possible contenders on facebook. matt d. is one of three matts. there's a mateo also. two connors, two lukes, two tylers, three joes. it's not clear when we're going to find out who made the cut. the bachelorette premieres may 13th. >> i wish we had the picture up earlier. matt d. looks like matt keller.
6:49 am
>> handsome man. >> you think he does, really? >> i didn't see it very long. with everyone having the same name. there are going to be great nicknames for the season. >> there he is. >> you think that looks like matt keller? >> no. it was too fast earlier. >> strong jaw. >> maybe that was it. >> however, there are other matts. we don't know if there is a matt k. >> there might be. >> what's going on? >> married man with children. >> matt keller is -- >> [ overlapping talking ]. >> whole narrative to explore. >> let's make nicknames to get the office pool set and we're not confused. let's talk about weather and get to live doppler 7. after we look at sfo. we've had a third of an inch of rain and delays this morning. steady rain. we've got it for another hour or two. scattered showers the rest of
6:50 am
the day. several light storms the last seven days. that's a 1. mild lows and cool highs just about every day. some are better looking right now. richmond, point richmond, san pablo avenues, we go str the hi down on berkeley, we've got a light to moderate shower right now. earlier today, a lot of moderate to even heavy downpours. the oranges and yellows are shrinking and the system moving to the north. going through the day, we've got a slight chance of a thunderstorm. especially when we mix in a little bit of heat this afternoon. for the most part, the steady rain is the next hour or two. then the showers. it will be a little gusty at the coast over the east-west bridges and up in the mountains. no expecting any damage. watch ahead. steady rain in the north bay. each by 9:00, you turn over to scattered showers. that will be everywhere at noon and less as we head towards 5:00. look at this evening. pretty quiet. if we have any rain during the
6:51 am
overnight hours, it will be near the coast.mid-40s. one of the coolest mornings. we get a break thursday. tomorrow, sunshine. but rain friday, saturday. we get a break sunday. monday, tuesday, more rain. that's five out of seven days, alexis. >> we better get used to tough commutes, then. that is certainly translating to turn out to be one this morning. we are looking at maybe a little bit of improving news. at least on one side of 101. not the northbound side. we have the sig-alert here. the connector is closed due to flooding. we do not have any estimate. >> spipout crash, southbound 101 near the 280 split. that should start to clear out shortly. quick check of mass transit. unfortunately, a major delay due to an equipment problem on the track. that's between castro valley and the dublin pleasanton. if you are going to drive instead because of that, here's
6:52 am
a look at what that drive looks like if you are coming from the east bay to get into san francisco. bay bridge metering lights on very early today. 5:07 due to the rain and we had a couple earlier crashes. no current blocking issues on the bridge. could be breezy on the span and definitely a backup at the toll plaza. >> thank you, alexis. in the south bay, the city of san jose is building a better bay area with babies in mind. for the first time, mothers and fathers visiting the city will have a proper place to change their kids' diapers. it's part of one city councilman's family friendly initiative. 42 public bathrooms at city hall will become equipped with koala care stations. >> sometimes as a mom, we have to go back to our cars and then do the diaper changing station there. convert the back of your car into a diaper changing station. that's not okay for families. >> the next step would involve getting changing stations into
6:53 am
community centers and libraries. finding solutions to problems can come in many forms. you can join our conversation online. use the #better bay area. now to a medical breakthrough for women suffering from postpartum depression. the fda has just approved a first of its kind medication. postpartum depression affects one in nine women every year. symptoms include sadness, thoughts of self-harm or fears of harming the baby. the new drug is zulresso. it includes a stay at the hospital. it's administered through iv confusion. dr. ashton is talking about it on "good morning america" saying the high cost could be a problem. >> it comes up with a $35,000 per dose price tag. who is going to be able to afford that? and medicaid and insurance, will they cough it? as a practicing physician, i
6:54 am
can't imagine that they will. >> dr. ashton will have much more and a full report on gma at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. in the north bay, a voint santa rosa homeowner's yard is turning heads. >> he put up naked mannequins. this started with a zoning violation due to his fence. he was trying to keep the dogs in the yard. apparently, it blocked drivers from seeing around the corner. he complied with the city, cut the fence and installed this unique garden party. >> i guess the average person would have resentment and get all angry. i threw a naked party in my yard. they wanted to see inside my yard. now they get to. >> how about that. the city of santa rosa has not commented on the display. we're just two days away from our annual national puppy day celebration right here on abc 7 mornings. >> yes. please join us on friday morning beginning at 4:30 a.m.
6:55 am
we'll tell you how to give an adorable puppy a forever home. we're streaming our puppy cam all morning on and the abc 7 news app. those puppies are here at the newsroom with us. >> that's right. we'll be visiting with them throughout the morning. it will be great. >> one of my favorite days. >> it is a fun day. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. first, our instagram picture of the day. if you haven't yet, follow us on abc ne
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6:58. thanks for joining us. we have seven things to know before you go. it's spring. it looks like it outside. look at all that rain on live doppler 7. it's becoming lighter than earlier today. but there's still an issue with some standing water on our roads. a lighter issue of trees and power lines down. debris flows in the santa cruz mountains. here's a look at my 12-hour planner. by the evening hours, the chance of rain is over. number 2, plenty of reports of flooding. it's causing a sig-alert in san francisco. northbound 101 connector to central freeway remains closed. no estimate on when that will reopen. it's causing a delay down to 280. number 3, people in the east bay certainly among those facing a wet start this morning. check out this heavy downpour. this is a scene at rock ridge
6:59 am
park at 5:15 this morning. >> the eu is fining in an announcement this morning, european officials said the company abused its power i euron and canada won't allow max 8s in their space until they approve any software fixes to the plane. normally that you and canada have deferred to the faa for aviation decisions. number 8, a final vote set for friday to set the toll to about $10 over the next five years. they say they need it to pay for ferries, buses and maintenance. number 7, tonight's powerball jackpot drawing is now worth $550 million. good luck if you are playing. uh-huh. you're going to need it. >> because you're not going to wichblt i'm sorry to say. >> you might need our app for the rain. remember that, too. >> download our app. you can track live doppler 7
7:00 am
throughout the day. >> that is free. gma starts right now. good morning, america. major new headlines this morning about the investigation into the deadly boeing plane crashes. >> new reports this morning about that troubled 737 max 8 and news about another close call. the new cockpit recordings from that lion air crash revealing pilots racing through the plane's manual just moments before the tragedy. and why hero pilot, sully sullenberger, is calling for action. also this morning, two new storms forming right now. heavy rain heading for the midwest on the heels of that deadly flooding. and a new nor'easter taking aim, boston, d.c. and new york on alert. breaking news on that


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