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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 20, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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throughout the day. >> that is free. gma starts right now. good morning, america. major new headlines this morning about the investigation into the deadly boeing plane crashes. >> new reports this morning about that troubled 737 max 8 and news about another close call. the new cockpit recordings from that lion air crash revealing pilots racing through the plane's manual just moments before the tragedy. and why hero pilot, sully sullenberger, is calling for action. also this morning, two new storms forming right now. heavy rain heading for the midwest on the heels of that deadly flooding. and a new nor'easter taking aim, boston, d.c. and new york on alert. breaking news on that massive chemical fire sending miles of smoke toward houston. what we're learning as we come on the air. major medical breakthrough.
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the first of its kind drug to help new moms struggling with postpartum depression just approved by the fda. dr. ashton is here. wendy williams' stunning revelation. the talk show host telling fans she's been living secretly in a sober house struggling with addiction while doing her show. and how to catch a car thief. the new security app you can download right on your phone to stop robbers in action. and the nfl player who used it to tackle a would-be thief in realtime. good to have you with us on this first day of spring. >> it's almost beginning to feel w essure on boeing amid reports about that boeing 737 max 8 crash and whether the certification was compromised. sully sullenberger also weighing in and our senior transportation correspondent david kerley tracking all the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning,
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these investigation being launched this morning as we're awaiting investigators in ethioipia to determine if these two crashes are similar. the frightening new details this morning are from the first 737 crash in indonesia. according to individuals with knowledge of the cockpit voice recorder, the pilots struggled with their quick-reference handbook, a checklist with abnormal events and rang out of time. the day before a crew on that same jet did shut off the anti-stall system which was the problem. but it was reportedly a pilot riding along in the jump seat according to bloomberg who had to point out the correct procedure. >> the previous pilot flying that aircraft, he had a similar situation. he took the appropriate action, turned off the electronic system and controlled his tail manually
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and landed the aircraft and then went to maintenance and said, hey, we've got a problem with one of the sensors and they clearly did not replace it and repair it properly. >> reporter: with the second crash in ethiopia and clear similarities to lion air, secretary of transportation elaine chao has now asked the department's inspector general to conduct a formal audit of the certification process by the faa of the 737 max. that coming just hours after the european union announced it will look into boeing's software upgrade for that anti-stall system very deeply, very closely. >> we will not allow the aircraft to fly if we have not found acceptable answers to all our questions on both sides, whatever the faa does. >> reporter: canada also announcing it will conduct its certification of the software update before letting the maxs fly again. boeing and the faa have also been called out by the hero on
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the hudson, captain sully sullenberger writing in marketwatch says, the faa has a cozy relationship with boeing, which is hurting the credibility of the agency. in too many cases, he says, faa employees who rightly called for stricter compliance were overruled by faa management often under corporate or political pressure. but a former faa official says that goes too far. >> the statistics really are overwhelmingly in favor of our current system and that we've had a single fatality in 100 million flights in the united states. >> so, david, what do they expect this new investigation to focus on? >> it will probably be broad review of the cer was there pressure to improve that? the boeing upgrade of software for the max that's comes will have multiple points of data
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that would actually trigger than anti-stall system in the 737 max. >> now to those new threats in the northeast and midwest as neighborhoods try to recover from deadly flooding two new storms are now forming and ginger has it all this morning. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. we've shown you so many images the last few days out of nebraska, they're still reeling and more rain on the way, but look at pictures out of henderson, minnesota. the minnesota river is going to rise another up to six feet. so what you're seeing there is just the beginning. iowa has had major problems too along the missouri, other rivers inland. you've had towns cut off and you've had evacuations taking place and now we have more flooding on the way. it starts with the snow melt. this weekend we're going to see temperatures, minnesota, wisconsin, north dakota, south dakota rise into the 50s, if not close to 60, that is going to melt that one to two feet of snow, put on top of it sunday into monday, a half to say up t
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pockets especially in southeastern nebraska, where you don't need it, going to get a lot coming by the end of the weekend, early next week. i think by next week we'll talk about even more widespread flooding. >> oh, my, okay, thank you. now to that breaking news about that massive chemical plant fire in texas. firefighters are now reporting all the tank fires are contained but there are still concerns about smoke and debris. marci gonzalez has the latest. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, robin. such a huge relief for so many to see the clear skies since the massive fire that's burning since sunday is out. a lot of concerns here about the chemicals that burned going up in that huge plume of smoke that just over this area for days. people have been finding these big chunks of debris in their yards. others are already reporting some issues like dizziness and itchy eyes and they have been monitoring the air quality since
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this all started. they say the levels are safe, but schools are closed again today as a precaution. and right now, firefighters are still out here, they're putting foam and water on these tanks to make sure this fire doesn't reignite. robin. >> still want to make precautions. thank you. to the white house now and that bizarre and bitter feud between president trump and the husband of his top adviser kellyanne conway. george conway has been criticizing the president, questioning his mental health in recent posts, and trump fired back calling conway a total loser and terry moran is in washington with the story. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's a house divided, and to be honest probably like many houses in the united states, kellyanne conway and george conway are each highly accomplished professional people. they are a power couple in washington, d.c., and they just happen to disagree about the president of the united states. kellyanne conway, one of president trump's most trusted
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and visible aides, is now caught in the center of an increasingly public and bitter feud between her boss and her husband. the president on tuesday branded george conway "a total loser" after the longtime conservative lawyer repeatedly publicly questioned the president's mental fitness. conway replied tweeting, congratulations, you just guaranteed that millions of more people are going to learn about narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism. george conway's rise as one of the most vocal critics is a starking contrast from his wife's frequent tv appearances defending president trump. here's how kellyanne conway handled the situation this week. >> your husband has been tweeting his concerns about the president's mental fitness for office. are those concerns that you share or how do you deal -- >> no, i don't share those concerns -- i have four kids and i was getting out of the house this morning before i got here to talk to the president about substance. i may not be up to speed on all of them.
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>> reporter: on tuesday her husband told "the washington post" he needs to get it off his chest using twitter, quote, so i don't end up screaming at her about it. >> i don't think she likes it, but i've told her i don't like the administration, so it's even -- it's one of these things. >> reporter: he also told "the washington post," quote, the mendacity, the incompetence, it's just maddening to watch. so, that's that and maybe there's a lesson here. the next time you're in a spat with your spouse or husband, maybe you don't take it to twitter. george. >> pretty good advice. thanks very much. also in washington, more signs the mueller investigation may be wrapping up as newly unsealed search warrants for michael cohen, hundreds of documents released at the request of abc news and other news organizations revealed how long trump's fixer was on mueller's radar. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has been tracking the investigation. it appears mueller is close to delivering his report to the attorney general. >> reporter: good morning, that's right. number one the special counsel grand jury here in washington as
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far as we can tell is dormant. we haven't seen the steady spate of witnesses coming in and out for week and aware his team of prosecutors is shrinking. a key fbi official on his team announced his planned departure and andrew weissmann is leaving soon to become a professor. in another clue that the special counsel's office is focusing all efforts on their final report, we're learning mueller's team has requested more time to respond to a court request to unseal records in paul manafort's case. in that filing, prosecutors on mueller's team said they were requesting a delay because of, quote, the press of other work. it seems safe to assume other work is mueller's final report, george. >> mueller may be wrapping up but those documents revealed yesterday that he's leaving plenty of work for other prosecutors. >> reporter: that's right. prosecutors in the southern district of new york still appear to be very active. we received a trove of documents released yesterday in connection with michael cohen's case with nearly 19 pages of redaction. all dealing with what prosecutors entitled the illegal campaign contribution scheme.
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george, i was struck by the use of the word scheme which usually indicates multiple people being involved, a scheme, quote, involving hush money, payments where cohen implicated the president as directing his crimes. it looks like anyone quote involved in that scheme may be in the crosshairs. >> pierre thomas, thanks very much. now to a major new development in the prostitution case against robert kraft. prosecutors are offering to drop the charges against him, but there's a big catch. kwhit johnson is here with the details. good morning, whit. >> you said it, there is a huge catch this this case. if robert kraft takes that deal he would have to admit if this were to go to trial he would lose and ultimately be found guilty. the new england patriots owner is accused of two misdemeanor counts of soliciting a prostitute at a florida massage parlor. he was caught up in a major operation to uncover human trafficking at these illicit operations. kraft has pleaded not guilty to the charges and a patriots spokesman said he did not do anything illegal. to be clear this would not be a guilty plea. it's called a deferred prosecution agreement that's been offered to kraft and 24
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other men charged in the case. so far no comment as to whether kraft would accept the deal, but if he goes to trial, kraft faces up to 60 days in jail if convicted. >> again, he's not the only one being offered this. what are the other terms of the deal? >> definitely some conditions including 100 hours of community service, kraft would have to take classes about the dangers of prostitution, and also could pay up to $10,000 in fines, again, even if he takes the deal, he still faces a possible penalty or fines or some disciplinary action from the nfl. >> but, again, no word on if he is going to accept this. >> exactly. so far none of the other people have accepted the deal. >> thank you, whit. >> thank you, whit. now to new developments in that spring break emergency in miami beach. officials there announcing new measures to help keep the piece peace and as one local commissioner said, make it, quote, a lot less fun to be here. abc's victor oquendo has more. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael.
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residents and business owners here on miami beach are fed up and there's another big spring break weekend coming up. now, an updated plan is in place, police are ready to crack down. with spring break brawls from the streets to the sand becoming more common and arrests on the rise, miami beach is searching for solutions. the city saying the annual party destination has grown hard to control. >> nobody can go out safely. you can't go to the beach safely. our cops are working 15, 18 hours a day. it's a public safety emergency. >> reporter: tuesday, the mayor calling an emergency meeting to tackle the issue head on. >> i want our visitors to know that if they're coming here just to do whatever the heck they want, or to do something that they wouldn't do in their hometown, they ought to go somewhere else. >> reporter: crowds to the popular spring break locale are rkin longer hours.
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now patrols will be deployed on nearly every corner and police will be more aggressive towards public drinking and marijuana. some cops even wearing protective gear. >> going to wear protected equipment because stuff will be thrown at them. last year an officer broke his hand because a bottle was thrown at him. >> reporter: these cars inching close enough for one driver to pour a drink for the passenger in the other vehicle, so lanes of traffic will once again be reduced to ensure license plate readers won't miss a single car as it enters miami beach. do you want to eradicate it? >> we want to eradicate this kind of spring break. but certainly don't want them behaving the way they have and that's been a problem. >> reporter: so if anyone is caught with an open container police will ask them to pour it out. if they refuse they will be arrested on the spot. >> all right, victor, thank you. now to that medical breakthrough, the fda has approved the first medication that specifically targets postpartum depression. a condition that affects one in nine women every year. dr. jennifer ashton is here with the latest.
7:15 am
so, please tell us more about this new drug. >> this drug is called zulresso. it would be given intravenously over a period of about 2 1/2 days. it works differently than other antidepressants. the results are almost immediate whereas other antidepressants can take up to three weeks to see an effect and potentially this drug may be available to women as early as june. >> so what are the potential risks and downfall? >> with any drug a kind of a long list, number one, cost, this drug is expected to be $35,000 per treatment. >> what? >> yes. there will be major issues with access because they will only be available in what's called restricted settings which means hospitalized medical observation. there are potential side effects which are loss of consciousness so, again, potentially big news for women's health but the cost is a major -- >> is that something your insurance would cover? >> we have no idea and it depends about medicaid covering it as well. >> insurance companies say they're assessing it right now. >> exactly. >> so much more to talk about
7:16 am
with this and we even have a woman who successfully went through the treatment and we're going to share that in the 8:00 hour. >> i'll be back. >> thank you. we have news of a rescue after this scary moment in the austrian alps. take a look at this. we see a group of skiers caught in an avalanche. the ridge gives way there. it goes right there. thankfully everyone is okay. walked away without serious injury but it was a scary moment there and on the day of the incident there were avalanche warnings in that area. and this from des moines, the catch of a lifetime caught on body cam. a family was trapped in that burning apartment building and officers urged the mom to drop her three children out of the window. >> i got you. >> she did, just one by one by one. >> wow. >> the officers caught all of them and then mom and everyone else got out of the building to safety. >> babies. >> yeah, that's great. great for some heroes right there.
7:17 am
and take a look at this. it is major league baseball's opening day in japan. the mariners taking on the athletics. getting the first home run of the season, piscotty. they're playing that game right now, i think. it's an early game for us here and some other major league news. >> oh, major indeed. >> major indeed. espn is reporting los angeles angels superstar mike trout is set to sign the largest contract in sports history -- 12 years, $430 million. it's an extension with the team, nearly 36 million per year. his fellow athletes are predictably, you know, jealous, a little bit. football star j.j. watt tweeting to his team, hey, houston texans, mike trout and i kind of look alike. so how do you feel about 12 years, $430 million fully guaranteed for me too? you know, baseball contract, basketball contracts are guaranteed, so he will literally make 430 million but he's been one of the best players in the league from day one so well deserved.
7:18 am
>> not guaranteed in the nfl. >> not guaranteed in the nfl, but one thing i can guarantee, i'll be in the park hitting balls this afternoon if anyone wants to come over and pitch. >> never too late. >> never too late. this morning, we have the latest on wendy williams' emotional announcement. the talk show host revealing she's living in a sober house. we wish her all the best. she'll be back on the job today and we'll have more on her story ahead. the $150 million lawsuit against the hugely popular fitness program peloton over those exercise videos and the music in them and to ginger. >> let's talk about the coastal storm, eastern north carolina morehead city, some folks will get it tonight and moves up, philadelphia, new york city by thursday night. it's really windy after this. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the springlike cities sponsored by northwestern mutual.
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good morning. and welcome to spring. we've got rain this morning. showers near the coast and the rest of us are mostly cloudy and more light storms, one, on our storm impact scale throughout the accuweather. cooler weather today and low to mid-40s tonight. myseven-day forecast, two try days for sure. thursday and sunday. we'll be back. we'll be back.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. welcome to spring showers. steady rain in the north bay right now. it's starting to taper to periods and areas of rain that will continue as we head throughout the day. scattered showers after the morning commute where we're having the biggest issue with the wet weather. the evening commute will be a little bit easier. i've got some dry weather, and that's tomorrow and sunday. adjust your schedules, accordingly. >> thank you. coming up on "gma," talk show host wendy williams revealing that she's living in a sober house. the latest on her condition. you can find us on our news app and you can find live doppler 7 there as well. stay dry.
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because helping people is what carmax people are all about. ♪ kiki, do you love me are you riding ♪ welcome back to "gma." that's drake's hit song "in my feelings" which spawned the whole dance that went with it. now, the superstar's music is at the center of a lawsuit along with some of the biggest names in the business, and that lawsuit filed against the exercise equipment maker, peloton. we have much more on that coming up. >> yeah, that's coming up. we're following a lot of headlines right now as well, including new reports about the investigation of those deadly boeing plane crashes. it reveals frightening new details saying moments before that lion air flight went down pilots were racing through the . > d this mnint compeyas officially completed its acquisition of 21st century fox, like "x-men," "avatar."
7:31 am
and the rights to "the simpsons cht" it does not include fox news which has been spun off into a separate portfolio. and $550 million powerball jackpot up for grabs tonight. the eighth largest prize in powerball history. that comes at 10:59 eastern tonight. >> a lot of money on the line. now to that very personal revelation from wendy williams in an emotional announcement on her talk show. she shared her struggle with addiction and said she's living in a sober house. deborah roberts joins us now with more on this. good morning, deb. >> good morning, robin. wendy williams' fans live for those kind of daily bombshells is but this was painful honesty. the talk show host known for her quick jabs suddenly coming clean about her personal struggles. apparently trying to tell her own story before the tabloids beat her to it. >> for some time now and even today and beyond i have been
7:32 am
living in a sober house. >> reporter: talk show host wendy williams raw and revealing, stunning her studio audience in the midst of her show with this honest moment about her ongoing battle with sobriety. >> after i finish my appointments, seeing my brothers and sisters and, you know, breaking bread, i am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to a home that i live in here in the south -- i mean, in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family. >> reporter: the 54-year-old seen here in pictures from daily mail tv with husband kevin heading to that sober house in queens, new york, getting emotional describing her new normal. >> lights out by 10:00 p.m., so i go to my room and i stare at the ceiling and i fall asleep to wake up to come back here to see you. so that is my truth.
7:33 am
[ applause ] >> sober living is merely a place where people who are early in their recovery live together and focus on their sobriety and people who live there for 6 to 12 to 24 months sometimes. >> wendy. >> reporter: it's not the first time williams, now in her tenth season of her namesake gabfest, has shared her struggles with substance abuse and her recovery. >> cocaine was my choice of drug, dabbling here and there, but once i was able to have the money to buy it every day, you know, that's what i was up to. >> reporter: williams just returning to her show earlier this month after taking two months off. her family releasing a statement in january attributing the break to a fractured shoulder and complications regarding her graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder. it causes an overactive thyroid. she revealed that medical condition to viewers in february 2018 on the heels of this fainting episode just months before. last march, williams talked to amy robach about her diagnosis
7:34 am
and her hard-charging schedule. >> in the entire almost ten years of doing the show i've never taken a sick day. >> people do tend to return to work prematurely when they're celebrities. i hope in this case she's able to maintain her sobriety as a priority. if she can do that, great, then this should be no problem returning to work. >> williams is getting an outpouring of support from her fans, some even sharing their own experiences. she offered few details about her current abuse and there's no doubt that there's probably more to come about her struggles. >> and she will share it, all right. thank you so much, deb. and we have larry hackett here, the media and entertainment expert and our dear friend. right after the show we're back in our dressing rooms and we have "the wendy williams show" on and we're huge supporters of hers and she's taking control of her story. >> she has and created now a story that people will be
7:35 am
interested in. as deborah said she was forced to do this because there was a tabloid report coming out about where she was staying and purporting to have revelations about her personal life and we'll hear more about that in the ongoing days. but i think her vulnerability that she just demonstrated on the show is not something she ordinarily shows and makes it compelling and people will respond to it. >> not just audience but on social media as well. >> sure. >> and the bigger picture is, she's going to really help people dealing with this and how she's talking about this. >> whenever celebrities have these situations there's the interest in their own personal narrative but then there is a discussion about the broader topics. in this case it's sober houses, where are they, how many are there, does insurance cover them, do they work, how effective are they? all that have is good because, again, celebrities become vessels for understanding for other people who may not know and may feel their lives have no solution. this may not be for everybody but there are some people who will learn from this. >> she's going to get support. her audience will support her and her show will go on. >> no question about it.
7:36 am
why not? she is opening up and saying something about it and talking about it. over the past months or so she's had difficulty, wasn't ready to talk about it. now she's ready to talk about it. people can relate to that. >> yeah, absolutely. her vulnerability. larry, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> michael? now to that major lawsuit filed against peloton, the popular exercise bike maker, by music publishers who accuse them of using music from lady gaga, drake and more without licensing them. abc's diane macedo is here with the details. good morning, diane. >> michael, good morning. music can be a key part to getting you pumped up but now they say peloton hasn't properly licensed some of that music and want peloton to pay up to the tune of $150 million. >> this is your final push. let's go, peloton. >> reporter: it's the $4 billion fitness phenomenon. >> you are stronger than you know. >> reporter: peloton's home luxury fitness equipment allows users to stream workout classes directly into their living room. it's loved by celebrities like
7:37 am
hugh jackman, david beckham and kate hudson but this morning, peloton is facing a $150 million lawsuit over claims of copyright infringement for allegedly using music from drake -- ♪ do you love me >> reporter: lady gaga -- ♪ we're far from the shallow now ♪ >> reporter: rihanna -- ♪ like i'm the only girl in the world ♪ >> reporter: -- and other artists without the proper licenses. the lawsuit filed by several members of the national music publishers' association alleges peloton has been using more than 1,000 musical works over a period of years in the videos it makes available to hundreds of thousands of customers without a synchronization license. >> songwriters are the ones who have been left out in the cold by this because they are getting the smallest amount of money. >> reporter: peloton said it has great respect for songwriters and artists, adding, we have also invested heavily to build a best in breed reporting and licensing system to support our partners and provide our members
7:38 am
with a world-class fitness experience. peloton is expected to go public later this year and seek a valuation of more than $4 billion. it is unlikely to affect the music that users hear in the meantime, so you can still rock out to rihanna while you're pedaling away. >> i love my bike. the music is one of the biggest reasons. great instructors but the music is incredible too. >> the settlement is coming. >> the "variety" reporter says he does expect that peloton will make it right. coming up, an abc news exclusive. new device to stop car thieves and how an nfl player used it to take down someone trying to steal his car. ar thieves and how an nfl player used it to take down someone trying to steal his car. stop someone from taking his car. hmmmm. ♪ rub-a-dub ducky... and then...there's national car rental. at national, i'm in total control. i can just skip the counter and choose any car in the aisle i like. so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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back now with a security device that can help you catch car thieves in the act. one nfl player used it to take on someone breaking into his car. and "nightline's" juju chang has the story. >> reporter: high-tech companies are hoping to disrupt crime fighting. they can literally help catch thieves on your doorstep, but how do you catch a car thief? the way alex armah of the carolina panthers did it will blow your mind. this is an attempted robbery in progress. this dodge charger, the pride and joy of carolina panthers fullback alex armah, but the 24-year-old had recently bought a new security device and watched in realtime as a stranger broke into his car. >> i see someone in my car and that's when the adrenaline
7:43 am
starts running. >> and you ran out. >> book it. >> reporter: as one whose job it is to bowl people over -- >> this is armah. >> reporter: the 250-pound football player did just that. >> i grabbed him and threw him out here. he comes this way in between these two cars. >> and he's making a run for it. >> he's making a run for it. >> reporter: restraining him with a wrestling move called the arm bar captured on alex's cell phone filmed by his building's concierge. >> quit trying to fight, sir. >> reporter: it goes without saying but police warn, never try to apprehend a suspect yourself. >> stop trying to fight it, dog. >> reporter: the alleged thief was arrested, charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle. he was released on bond and is due in court later this month. that video now evidence. >> we have the guy's picture. we have what he was doing in my car so it's really undisputed. >> literally caught red-handed. >> literally caught red-handed. >> reporter: all of it captured on an owl car cam. like similar cameras on the market, it has both inward and outward facing cameras and will
7:44 am
alert your phone if your vehicle is hit or broken into, even when you're not around. it's already been used to capture break-ins and it's a new tool in helping police track down criminals like this. >> we hear the story over and over again where someone calls up the police effectively and says, hey, my car got broken into. well, we can't do much about that. i have video. well, the videos we get aren't very good, then they send the video from the owl camera and the police will say, we've never seen video like this. we can see exactly who it is. i think one of the ones that's hit me the hardest, there was a woman named jennifer. two guys came up to her and said they had a gun. she thought to walk in front of the car and pulled the two into range of the camera and she points at it and says, do you really want to do this and they back off. in less than an hour both of those two were arrested. >> do you think it might change the way car owners and police deal with carjackings? >> i definitely think it's going to be huge advantage. it's going to be huge for the criminals as well. they'll think twice for sure.
7:45 am
>> now, to be clear no one including the police condone going after the bad guys yourself. it's not meant to create vigilantes, but it is meant to catch crooks in the act. some are posting to social media to catch them so, if you see something happen in your car, call 911. do not do what alex did and go tackle the guy. >> how much does the system cost? >> it's a couple hundred dollars including the artificial intelligence and the realtime communications that you get, but investigators tell me more and more crime files include video clips as evidence. so it's really sort of changing the game. >> seems like it's worth the investment. >> yeah. >> a lot more tonight on "nightline." >> absolutely. >> juju, thanks very much. and coming up, everybody, we have our play of the day. ming up, our play of the day.
7:46 am
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back now with our play of the day. watch out, steph curry. this player might just give you a run for your money. special olympics usa closed out a big basketball game at the buzzer-beater. that's matthew millet. that's about an 80-footer. that's the opposite free-throw line. remember when we showed steph's little 61-footer? >> that was nice. >> oh, and nothing but net. the final shot helped the u.s. defeat canada on the world stage. that was quite a moment and remember i profiled some of the special olympics players when i was in abu dhabi? we'll update you on their success on the tennis court and on the field. it was really exciting.
7:50 am
and a little travel log as well and i came back with gifts. >> oh. >> i'll give you them in the last half hour. >> george sat up on that. >> sounds like there might be a twist on that. >> lower your expectations. coming up, we have the 16-year-old who was accepted into nine law schools, law schools. she is here live in our studio. come on back. who was accepted into nine law schools, law schools. she is here live in our studio. come on back. back. take a moment. to unwrap, and unwind... with lindor. a milk chocolate shell with a smooth, melting center. crafted by the lindt master chocolatiers whenever. wherever. lindor, only from lindt.
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♪ i have... ♪ welcome back to "gma." robin was in abu dhabi and i was actually at yellowstone national park seeing old faithful in the winter. this was the last day the park was open. i wasn't alone. we saw not only the old faithful but we saw the fountain geyser going off which you don't get to see all that often. it was so gorgeous, one of the most beautiful days, and i got to take our weather team. it's what we love to call the geek trip, sam, mel, max and jamie and myself had quite a time. that was all at big sky resort in montana. but coming up, we'll have the mom who says that groundbreaking new drug helped her with postpartum depression. dr. ashton is back. plus, it's the first day of spring and we are spring cleaning your diet.
7:54 am
we'll have great snacks, a new take on guacamole, and the 16-year-old accepted to
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by the new 2019 lincoln nautilus. nautilus.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings" and metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. hi, mike. >> keep your umbrellas handy. we have plenty of rain out there. the steady of it is going to taper in the next hour or so. but it's leaving a lot of water behind. we will have a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. >> in san francisco, northbound 101, the connector to central freeway just reopened. that was a sig alert we had all lanes on that connector blocked for quite some time. in recovery mode now on all the approaches there. westbound 580 to the toll plaza going to take you about 30 minutes. >> coming up on "gma," the brek through medication to help moms
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. terrifying new details this morning about the deadly boeing disaster. new reports about the fatal lion air crash just months before the other boeing jet went down. the cockpit recordings now reveal the pilots raced through the handbook it find the right procedure before runs out of time. no rest from the rain. the new storm system forecast to slam the hard hit midwest as rapidly melting snow fuels even more flooding and the new nor'easter on the move bringing snow, wind and rain to the northeast. major medical breakthrough. the groundbreaking new treatment for postpartum depression, a first of its kind drug that takes just 48 hours to work. could help hundreds of thousands of women. dr. ashton is here live. another big medical headline this morning. the link between marijuana and mental health. the biggest ever study looking
8:01 am
at pot and psychotic disorders. the increased chances of developing psychosis almost five times higher for daily users. incredible journey. we're taking you into the desert of abu dhabi to meet the woman called the camel whisperer. and inside the stunning grand mosque, the world record set right here by 1200 women artisans. ♪ bad girls the "pretty little liars" are back. sasha and janel spilling all and they're here to say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ on the streets at night good morning, america. take you back to your deejay days. >> don't start again with that. a little donna summer. >> love donna summer. good morning, america. >> wt. y>> thanks for being wit.
8:02 am
it is the first day of spring and, boy, it's warming up a little bit. >> it is. it's getting there. we've got someone to kick oft season right with some wednesday wisdom. haley, just 16 years old graduating when college accepted to nine law schools. nine law schools. she will share her secrets to success. >> at 16. a lot of headlines and start with the investigation of those deadly boeing plane crashes. a report about new cockpit recordings reveals how the lion air pilots citigrouped right before that crash and david kerley has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: not just about that fatal crash but also the flight the day before and that very same aircraft raising questions, more questions about pilot training. the frightening new details are from the first 737 max crash lion air in indonesia.
8:03 am
according to individuals with knowledge of the cockpit voice th a checklist sgl for abnormal events and simply ran out of time. the day before a crew on that same jet did shut off the anti-stall system which was the problem. but it was reportedly a pilot riding along in the jump seat according to boom berg who had to point out the correct procedure. >> he took the appropriate action, turned off the electronic system and controlled his tail manually and landed the aircraft and then went to maintenance and said, hey, we've got a problem with one of the sensors and they clearly did not replace it and repair it properly. >> reporter: meanwhile, the investigators from europe, the u.s. are in ethiopia working on the black box from the second crash to determine if there is a connection between these two 737 max crashes and here in the united states, the department of transportation has ordered a review of the certification of the aircraft and captain sully
8:04 am
sullenberger has now weighed in saying he believes the relationship between the faa and boeing is too cozy. guy, back to you. >> cozy is the word he used. thank you. now to that new storm system on the move bringing snow and even more heavy rain as major flood warnings are in effect from minnesota down to the gulf coast and ginger is tracking it all for us. >> the areas hit in nebraska so hard, you've been seeing the images. they're about to get rain. others are too where they have been seeing receding water. henderson, minnesota, seeing rising water so the river could go another five to six feet by next week. a lot has to do with this, the snow cover, one to two feet in the northern plains and great lakes. you have all those flood warnings down to the gulf coast, so you still have other places like iowa where we've had evacuations happening, over the weekend, still some towns cut off, i could name dozens of rivers and towns that are seeing the impacts from this and unfortunately we'll talk about this spring flooding for weeks
8:05 am
to come. michael. >> all right, thank you, ginger. turning now to a medical warning, this morning, about marijuana and mental health as more states move to legalize pot. frequent marijuana use could put you at risk for developing psychotic disorders like schizophrenia according to the largest study ever researching the impact the drug has on psychotic disorder rates. daily cannabis users were three times more likely to get a diagnosis but in some cases where the thc content is very high it can be five times the risk for daily users. big study with the legalization question out there. >> thanks, michael. the mom who says she beat postpartum depression with a new treatment. dr. orbton is back with more on that. as we celebrate spring we're helping you reset your diet. there ring hasur yealorsp a here live. we'll be right back. ♪ suddenly i see
8:06 am
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♪ sunshine ♪ i'm walking on sunshine whoa ♪ [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." great to have you with us on the first day of spring. [ applause ] i came in and my allergies -- it's wonderful to have all these flowers and just celebration of new beginnings when it comes to spring. >> new season. >> you look the part too as well. >> you look stunning. >> michael, i love the floral tie. >> thank you. >> george, dapper as always. i feel like i just walked into a floral shop though for sure. it's gorgeous in here. the prince and the pop icon,
8:11 am
prince charles saying -- ♪ held loathe. >> to lionel richie to his royal visit to barbados. also's do it again. ♪ hello >> first global ambassador for the prince's trust which provides job training for at risk youth across the commonwealth and uk and looks truly perfect. the two sharing a few laughs and later joined by singer tom jones. maybe the next boy band. [ applause ] i wouldn't even call them a boy band, a grown man band. that's what i would call them. now to kit harington, the "game of thrones" star is gracing the cover of "variety's" latest issue. he opens up about the moment after he filmed his final scene for the series saying, quote, i took off the costume and it felt like my skin was being peeled away. it was very emotional. he admitted the role of jon snow took a toll on him revealing he went to therapy during the
8:12 am
height of the show's popularity when he became the cliffhanger. now, despite the pressure he says he's gateful for the opportunity that "game of thrones" has given him but he's ready for it to come to an end saying he cannot wait for people to stop asking him for the sp l spoilers or who is going to die. what a life, right? that ends when "game of thrones" returns april 14th on hbo. [ applause ] >> finally. >> finally. finally. they say it's never too late. that's exactly what happened when someone walked into north shore farms in men hola, new york, and redeemed this, a 36-year-old coupon for 20 cents off a bottle of crisco. you can't blame him because it does say no expiration date on the coupon sparking tweets. one funny person saying should it be adjusted for inflation. what would be that, 75 cents. couponing, it does save money. now our cover story. we have more on the medical
8:13 am
breakthrough for women suffering from postpartum depression. the fda approved a first of its kind medication to treat it. dr. jen ashton will join us again in a moment. first diane macedo has the story of a young mother whose life was changed by this new drug. >> i want a cookie please. >> reporter: for stephanie hathaway there's nothing better than being a mom to these two. >> i'll sit next to you, mommy. >> reporter: but motherhood hasn't always been easy. stefanie says she suffered from crippling postpartum depression after both of her pregnancies, something the connecticut mom had never even heard of before it happened to her. >> i was unable to make myself cook. unable to make myself clean. very difficult to trach care of the baby. it was just a time of a lot of struggle, a lot of hopelessness and a lot of fear. >> reporter: stefanie says she was also plagued by depressing thoughts that ron on a constant loop inside her head. >> your daughter deserves a
8:14 am
better mom. your husband deserves a better wife and i was scared of what i might do if i put her down. >> reporter: but when antidepressants failed to help after the second births the 33-year-old decided to take part in a study for a new drug called zulresso, the first ever medication made specifically for women suffering from postpartum depression. it requires a 2 1/2-day hospital stay while it's administered through a single 60-hour i.v. infusion. stefanie says she started to feel better within just a few hours. >> the intrusive thoughts went away and they did not come back. i called my husband and i just remember my husband saying, wow, i haven't heard the you in your voice in so long. >> about one in every nine women suffer from postpartum depression in the u.s. symptoms can rank from sadness to thoughts of self-harm or even fears of harming the baby. zulresso targets a unique set of receptors different from the ones targeted by traditional
8:15 am
anti-depression medications and while some women may be wary of treatment that requires a hospital stay, stefanie says for her it was worth it. >> it was very much like a cloud was lifted and i just remember walking out of the hospital feeling like me again. >> reporter: for "good morning america," diane macedo, abc news, new york. >> our thanks and dr. jen is back. so for people who are not familiar, just explain what this is. >> first of all, postpartum depression, robin, to be clear is a life-threatening medical emergency. there's so much stigma and myth about it. it's not about being overtired or hormonal and this affects not just the woman and her baby but her entire social circle. one out of nine women as we heard in diane's piece. this is major news in the world of psychiatrist and women's health. this drug historic. it's the first drug ever to be approved by the fda to treat postpartum depression. it does work differently as we heard than other antidepressants mainly because they can take three weeks to see an effect.
8:16 am
the results are almost immediate. that is major relief and potentially life saving. >> explain more why this is suc well, because of the rapidity with which it works and because of its approval it opens up areas of research for other drugs like it but your question, i'm sure, is what about the downsides. they are massive with this, robin. the biggest one is the cost. this drug comes with up to a $35,000 per dose price tag. who is going to be able to afford that and medicaid and insurance, will they cover it? as a practicing physician i can't imagine that they will. it will only be given in hospitalized centers with direct medical observation because of the potential side effects of loss of consciousness and sedation. so the logistics are going to be tricky. this won't be something you can go to your pharmacy and get and breast-feeding. women are breast-feeding. they will not be able to breast-feeding while they're getting this infusion so they'll have to pump and dump as we say.
8:17 am
>> other potential issues? >> i mean really the biggest one is the logistics and cost. i mean i think it's great to have finally a drug that can offer help to women. but $35,000, whether you have insurance or not, that is going to be a paige issue. >> the stress, again, this is not just the baby blues. you know how someone tries to discount it. >> this is a major part of postpartum death so this is to be clear not an issue of, just shrug it off. it's all in your head but a big life-threatening issue. >> so much more to discuss. you'll be on facebook. >> yes, i am. >> i know people will have questions for you and you're the woman for it. michael. it is time for our spring clean up and this morning it's all about refreshing your diet. usually when you hear clean your plate, that means eat every last bite but today we're talking about clean eating with nutritionist and food expert dawn jackson blatner.
8:18 am
thanks for joining us.ap spring? happy spring to you. you have healthy tricks for us. we start with a quick and powerful way that you can start your morning but you can prep fo t day in adnce? we've all heard green juice is good for you. you can have an expensive juicer. this is a very fast hack. just three ingredients you need and put it in a little plastic sandwich bag, half of a lemon peeled. a couple of berries and one to two cups of spinach. i freed it. i wake up in the morning, i think, i want a green juice, thank you for the role play. i put it in a blender along with one cup of water and then what happens, i blend it up and in 15 seconds, i get a green juice that i could have every morning that's going to flood my body with good nutrition. >> there you go. >> so i'm flooding myody with good nutrition. >> if you're a snacker what can you munch on? >> a lot of pooh emthink i got
8:19 am
to gck time is super important. i love veggies at snack time. but fun veggie, for example, asparagus with a little prosciutto makes it fun. pro-sho prosciutto is low in calories but a dose of protein. jicama. i love it. it is a great chip or cracker swap. refreshing vegty with a ton of water and fiber and makes you feel full. instead of chips and guac, jicama and guac. who doesn't love spinach dip. it is difference but it's mayonnaise and sour cream so i swapped it out to break yogurt. higher in protein and makes i like that. >> one of the biggest things is portion control. you have a hack to help. >> people oftentimes i got to weigh and measure and record. no, no obsession here. you just have to use your eyes
8:20 am
and a divided plate. so if you have a plate about a quarter of it should be protein, about a quarter of it should be whole grains or potatoes and about half of i veggies, okay. so here are some examples. i like you're giggling. here's an example. this would be a burger for your protein, sweet potatoes and big salad with vinaigrette or meatballs and quinoa pasta with a big half plate of broccoli or brown rice with grilled chicken and ton of veggies with a little peanuts. you still get to eat your favorites. >> the divided plate reminds me of school. yeah, divided plate reminds of being in middle school, elementary school and we don't have time for dessert but there are healthy desserts you can eat to crave your sweet tooth. >> with no added sugar. >> get es on our website and see about desserts as well and over to ginger. >> thank you, michael.
8:21 am
we are so ready for the start of spring later today we have partnered with zyrtec by transforming our studio to an outdoor garden. i want to keep this all year. since we're already feeling our allergies kick in, let's start the spring season with the pollen report. it's time, everybody. sponsored by zyrtec. yes, we have some of the worst cities will be phoenix, tucson and seattle and, you know what, so funny, i was talking to don out of raleigh. i' good morning. and welcome to spring. we've got rain this morning. showers near the coast and the rest of us are mostly cloudy and more light storms, one, on our the accuweather. cooler weather today and low to mid-40s tonight. my accuweather seven-day forecast, two try days for sure.
8:22 am
thursday and sunday. [ applause ] we have an incredible 16-year-old, 16-year-old who has been accepted to nine law schools. [ applause ] haley taylor schlitz is here with her secrets to success. so good to have you here. so nine law schools. you have selected which one? what is it. >> smu dedman school of law. >> what is it about that school? >> a lot of different reasons, but one of the main ones is that it's close enough for me to commute. i want to stay at home with my family. >> you are 16. >> yeah, i do want to stay and then they offered me a nice scholarship which was nice. even graduated college yet.
8:23 am
how did you go through it so quickly? >> i went to public school up until fifth grade and then after -- once i reached fifth grade my parents realized i %-p. my grades started to fall. i started becoming more worried about what my peers thought of me rather than my grades and so my parents decided to pull me out. that was another reason i couldn't get into the gifted and talented program and then they homeschooled me and homeschool is really where it helps me accelerate and go at my own pace then i was able to graduate homeschool high school at 13 and now i'm 16 and a senior. >> wow. [ applause ] wow. >> i love that. >> but someone -- someone as gifted as you you have to have a lot of different options. why did you choose law school? >> it was really my entire educational journey. after looking at it, it really sparked a flame in me to help other students and fight for equity. my mom is a doctor so when i
8:24 am
first went to my first year of college was at my local community college. i was a chemistry major because i wanted to go into medicine but then i looked into my education journey and realized how many students get looked over from the gifted and talented program and like i said i couldn't test my school, public school wouldn't let me test for the gifted and talented program so had we been like we tried and i stayed in public school i would have missed this amazing opportunity to be where i am today and i'm like, i wonder how many students -- [ applause ] >> you explained that well. you do. you're 16. what do you do for fun? >> a lot of things. i love reading. i love writing and drawing and playing video games with my siblings. >> how do you do? >> my brother is way better than me. >> speaking of your brother you're not the only kid in the family with major accomplishments. >> my brother is a 13-year-old freshman in college and my sister is an 11-year-old freshman in high school.
8:25 am
>> all righty. you know, you talk about your parents. your father, william, is here. he's beaming. [ applause ] and he should be. mean, what advice do you have for parents? >> i think when you have a child you have all these dreams of the path they'll take and where they'll graduate from and the one thing our family has learned from our children is parents really have to be open to different opportunities, things like homeschool, early college, dual enrollment and do what's best for their children to let them thrive. >> that's perfect. >> congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> go, haley. >> do you have your driver's license yet. >> i do. i got it last month. >> congratulations on that. just curious. >> thank you for the example you set in your family as well. thank you. we got a gift for you. >> yes, we do. >> some school supplies. >> 3m. 3m donated $2500 worth of post-it brand products to help you with your study supplies for
8:26 am
school. >> thank you so much. >> you're very welcome. just keep that smile, just keep that smile, il
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> it's 8:27. good morning. i'm reggie aqui. and the rain has really been coming down throughout the bay area. check out this heavy downpour. this was the scene at the b.a.r.t. station around 515 this morning. no takers to be outside standing, waiting for that train. let's get to alexis. they must have been underneath the covering there. >> we'll have to see if his clothes are soaked or not. we're looking at some delays here in the east bay, very heavy on 13, all routs trying to get to the bay bridge. the rain is letting up but unfortunately it's left its mark
8:28 am
here. those bay bridge ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> welcome back. i have the live doppler 7 on street level up on the north bay because that's where the steadiest of the rain is. but we have periods and pockets of rain and showers on the way for the rest of out, driving th morning is going to be much harder than driving this evening. but we have more rain on the
8:30 am
way, reggie. >> another update in about 30 minutes and join us ♪ it's time to get the chains off ♪ [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." it has been two years since the hit thriller "pretty little liars" came to an end but now two of the show's stars are back in a spin-off. it's great to have janel parrish and sasha pieterse here with us. good morning. it went by so fast. two years. >> i know. we get to premiere our show tonight is it a lot of thing things happening and also your personal lives you both got married. >> yes, in the same year. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how is the married life so spent so much time with our husbands before that, i feel like it was just seamless. the weird thing is saying
8:31 am
husband now. people think that it's way more official though. it's great. >> i love it. i'll speak to my husband first. >> i work it into every conversation because i'm still a newlywed and somebody will say something and i'll be like my husband and i were talking about that last night. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> we're going to work our way into the conversation about your new show, "the perfectionist." two years since "pretty little liars" went off the air but the fans are still -- >> they're amazing. >> they flew drones over the set to try to get a sneak peek. >> i wasn't there that day. >> it's amazing. they are so dedicated and that's what we love. but, yeah, sometimes it gets a little illegal but that's all right. there were a couple of drones, yeah, kind of spying. >> checking it out. >> why do you think they are so engulfed by the "pretty little liars" world. >> i think what's so amazing is our creator is just always
8:32 am
creating characters they can see themselves in. when i watch tv and movies that's what i love too. that's relatable and thanks to social media we've been able to connect with people all over the world. >> absolutely. >> and our little detectives catch things we don't even see. it's amazing. no, it really, really is amazing. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> i'm always curious. if you have when your fans love your show and love you as much as they "do not disturb" you have any fan -- crazy fan moments. >> you have an interesting one. >> i do. i love going to "pretty little liars" con investigates because they're so much fun. and one that will forever stand out to me for good reason, this guy probably like in his mid-30s, very sweet, he comes up to me, can't really speak a lot of english, he's german and just kind of like -- he does this, he pulls up his sleeve and it's my face. it's a tattoo of my face. >> forever. forever. >> i didn't know what to say. it was a couple of thing,
8:33 am
absolutely and his wife was just as excited behind him. super, super, super nice guy. there was a couple of thoughts that ran through my head. wow, that's really good. where did you get it done? in germany. >> the first thought that ran through my head is restraining order but that's a whole different story. wow. >> it's so amazing that somebody -- >> that dedicated. >> sometimes we'll go somewhere freezing cold and they'll wait outside for hours to meet us. while it's so flattering, i don't know who i'd wait to the cold for. >> i wouldn't do that for me. >> you both are worth it. in your new show it's two years after "pretty little liars" ends. you're in a small town where a murder occurs but everything is let's take -- oh, yeah. ♪
8:34 am
>> mona. >> i brought pie. >> ooh. you're like what are you doing here, mona. >> well, not you again? not you again. you know what, you guys are back. we're happy for you. we cannot wait. >> thank you. >> everybody, you can see "the perfectionists" premieres tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on freeform. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
[ applause ] we're back now with more of olympics in abu dhabi. both in the competition and outside the arena. one of those beautiful moments, this video, special olympics showing an athlete hearing for the first time thanks to hearing aids donated by the healthy athletes program. a part of the world games. oh. it was just so amazing to witness that. and also the beauty of the culture in abu dhabi and going to the stunning grand mosque that we went to and we met one woman breaking the barriers of an old world tradition. i want you to take a look. ♪ just miles jo out side of city life in abu dhabi, hidden among
8:38 am
the rolling sand dunes, we found a bedouinun by a woman unlike any other in this part of the world? thank you. >> they call her the camel whisperer and for fatima, camels are not just her hobby, they are her life. >> ooh. nice. >> fatima is breaking barriers in abu dhabi as the first woman camel auction here. >> this is the most expensive one. >> yes. >> gorgeous. it's rare for a woman to be in this line of work. >> yeah. >> it's when men would say she shouldn't be doing that. how was she able to overcome that. >> translator: i lived all my life with camels most of the time then in 2011 i heard of an auction that was happening for camels. i went there and they told me there would be around 3,000 men. are you sure you want to do that? i insisted that's what i want to
8:39 am
do. >> now, i understand that when you leave, the camels, they'll cry. >> translator: they usually cry and i come over with my car. they runo a s me. >> fatima welcomes her guests with freshly made coffee steeped with cardimon and spices. she likes connecting just like the rest of us. >> i heard her say snapchat. >> snapchat. instagram. >> very important. it connects us. it connects the world together. >> as we sipped our cover if i in the desert and learned about her 116,000 instagram followers, we were reminded again of all that we have in common, family, this is her son mohamed.
8:40 am
♪ for fatima this is also spiritual. she says her connection to god is felt strongest here in the desert. but in the heart of abu dhabi, you'll find a cultural landmark and a house of worship for many. the grand morph is the third largest morph in the world. it has an open door policy. >> oh, my. >> dressed appropriately in a head scarf i met up with our fabulous tour guard, amina. there aren't enough adjectives to describe how intk this mosque is. >> this splendid masterpiece was named after the founding father of the united arab emirates. he had the passionate vision of a creation of a grand mosque, peace, tolerance and co-existen co-existence. >> the construction of the grand mosque took 11 years. its design and construction were said to unite the world including artisan, craftsmen and
8:41 am
materials from different countries like italy, germany, morocco, china and more. kind of like the taj mahal. >> it's very similar to taj mahal. you can see how many domes we have in the mosque.many? >> 82 domes. >> 82 domes. >> yes, there are 82 domes, seven different sizes. >> reporter: also striking the mosque m spectacular this is? you can read about it. people can tell you about it but you feel a spirit, you feel a lightness but it was the scope and beauty of the inside of the mosque that really took my breath away. oh, look. look at this. this nowhere else in the world but here a carpet of this size.
8:42 am
t lgest carpetworlld record a hand hand t time must have ta >> took around two years done by 1,200 women artisans. >> i was so that. how magnificent. >> this chandelier weighs approximately 12 tons. being the largest in a mosque and it's consists of italian murano glass and swarovski crystals. >> how in the world do you clean that. >> that's a good question. inside the chandelier they have designed an inner staircase which every time allows the technician to go literally inside the chandelier for leaning and maintenance. >> what is the reaction? what do you hear from people? >> similar to your reaction. it's very spiritual. [ applause ]
8:43 am
>> and we have to thank everyone there at the grand mosque. they gave us exclusive access because normally they don't let cameras there and you were asking why weren't you seeing anybody because that islyplace. that's when they have the -- >> they don't have regular services. >> not regular service, very special services this in and don't allow photography but they allowed us because they wanted here for us to see. >> amazing. >> i brought gifts. >> all right. [ applause ] >> now, but you have to look closely. look at what it says. look what does it say there. >> first and finest camel milk chocolate. >> camel milk chocolate. [ laughter ] >> this is -- come on. camel milk chocolate. >> it's a collector's item. >> i can't wait to try it. [ laughter ] >> let me just tell you -- go back to the games for a minute. the athletes who really love
8:44 am
this. i spoke to last week for the special olympics usa team. remember the tennis players, brittany and her fiance, they won the silver. yes! yes. they met in the special olympics and are now engaged and the track and field athlete we met from hawaii is taking home the bronze in shot put the silver and the hundred meter dash. and that's what it's all about. ginger, i brought you some camel milk chocolate too. i'm sure you'll enjoy. >> you know i'm brave. i'll eat it. i'm there 100%. it certainly tell like spring in seattle. 79 degrees they made it to. their warmest winter temperature on record. people laying out, 25 degrees above average, spring begins today officially 2:58 p.m. on the pacific time, 5:58 p.m. grab the wet weather gear, we have a chance of rain this
8:45 am
morning and showers as we head through the rest of the morning. i'm "abc7 news" metrologist mike nicco and i've got more rain friday, satururururururururururr >> this weather report has been sponsored by sleep number. now time for more spring fun. that's right. "gma" is springing into action today with our sponsored zyrtec and brit morin of brit a& co an kids are planting with us. >> let's do it. >> you use leftovers from the house to make outdoor beauty. >> affordable planters for your house. a little diy action. take paint can, coffee can, whatever you want and take this, here you go and the first idea is to use a pair of old jeans or denim that you have and you'll just cut it into strips and wrap it around the can and do it just like this. you want to put the same on top.
8:46 am
if you want to go more nautical or rustic, do the same thing with rope. >> i'd be paying 29 po$29.99 fot but it's almost free. i don't have room for a garden. i live in an apartment. >> these are wine cork airport magnets. you might have a lot. i do. paint them up. put an air plant inside. you only have to water them every week or two for the lazy gardener. put a magnet on the back. you're done. you this is a vertical garden for herbs and spices. the key thing we put galvanized medal tape around them and you can jeep your >> no reason not to have a fresh herb. i'm going to do this this weekend. >> you get old egg carton, a
8:47 am
seed in each spot and the cool thing once you water it and it starts to sprout you can bury it in soil, the egg carton decomposes. >> you don't have to transplant it. >> cover it in the soil and you're done. >> super easy. >> just the pests away from what you've planted. >> i get a lot of slugs and snails so all you do is take those egg shell, mix them up in a blender and sprinkle them around the soil and they get cut as they try to crawl around your garden. sorry, snails. if you want them to grow fastary rock side sprayed on the roots before you plant actual the nat. the extra oxygen in hydrogen per rockies side creates the soil where they grow faster. >> keep planting. i'm going to take my zyrtec.
8:48 am
thank you to our sponsors and we will be right back. "gma's" spring into action sponsored by zyrtec. powerful allergy rel
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8:50 am
and we are back with rising country star jordan davis. he was named billboard's top new country artist of 2018 and here he is with his number one hit off the album "home state," this is "take it from me." [ applause ] ♪ i think me and you should blow this off ♪ ♪ so much for the after party let's tell everybody we got lost ♪
8:51 am
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8:52 am
shoulders ♪ ♪ now give them bare feet dancing down the hallway ♪ ♪ smiling at me running your finger down the wall ♪ ♪ you know what i want and i got what you need ♪ ♪ so take it from me just take it from me ♪ ♪ but you can steal a kiss i won't call you a thief but take it from me ♪ ♪ and what i got to give you can have for free just take it from me ♪ ♪ take it from me if you want a t-shirt to sleep in it's my favorite but you can keep it ♪ ♪ looks good baby you should leave it ♪ ♪ hanging off your shoulders now give them bare feet dancing down the hallway ♪ ♪ smiling at me running your finger down the wall ♪ ♪ you know what i want and i got what you need ♪ ♪ so take it from me just take it from me ♪
8:53 am
♪ oh baby ♪ take my word take my heart ♪ take my kiss and maybe take it too far ♪ ♪ but baby take it from me what i got to give you can have it for free just take it from me you can steal a kiss i won't call you a thief but just take it from me oh just take it from me ♪ sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good?
8:54 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui from "abc7 mornings." here's mike nicco. >> keep the wet weather gear handy. here's a look at some areas of rain. we still have a chance of some wet weather throughout the day with road flooding becoming less of an issue as the showers become more scattered in nature. but a chance of a thunderstorm for this light storm. i've got more light storms weekend. >> the rain is pushing out of our busiest areas. not a lot of fun. this is looking a bit better, westbound 580 approaching the richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza. >> thank you.
9:00 am
it is time for "live with kelly and ryan" and we'll see you at 11:00 for "midday live." have >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, superstar jennifer lopez! and, from "the enemy within," actor morris chestnut. plus, we get things jumping with the team workout. and, "saturday night live"'s colin jost. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hey. what's up? hi.


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