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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 20, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the nor'easter set to hit, bringing blinding rain and damaging winds. major travel hubs, d.c., up tlu philadelphia, new york and boston. we time it out. also breaking at this hour, the fbi now investigating after the horror in the cockpit is revealed. tonight, what happened inside one of those new boeing jets after it went into that nose dive. the pilots frantically trying to flip through the manual. and what happened the day before on that same jet. abc news learns tonight new england patriots owner robert kraft will not take the plea deal that would have forced him to acknowledge guilt. and tonight, the interview just coming in now, the woman, the original owner of that day spa, now at the center of the scandal, speaking out. president trump and what he said today about the mueller
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report, expected soon. and late today, the president unleashing again on the late john mccain. cindy and meghan mccain, and what they're saying tonight. the youtube mom under arrest tonight, accused ofbung her seven adopted children. accused of not feeding them, targeting them with pepper spray, to act in videos seen by millions on youtube. did she make the horror on a cruise ship. the young man and that snapped. and the hidden cameras found in hotel rooms. authorities now say the cameras were livestreaming images of 1,600 hotel guests for subscribers. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. we have those horrific details from inside that cockpit, the new boeing jet that went into a nose five. we'll get to that in a moment. but first, the major nor'easter set to hit. the new system hitting from the
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carolinas all through d.c., philadelphia, new york and boston. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, leading us off with the timing of this. good evening, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this is another situation where we have two waves merging together for another high impact storm. this time, over the east coast. let's look at the some rain acrs norfolk and hampton roads, but the low across the lakes kicks the energy tonight for the nor' baltimo baltimore, you're in for a messy rush hour. increasing in rain and wind throughout the day. the evening rush, going to be awful. and then carrying over friday morning across much of new england. the back side of this, you are going to see some accumulating snow north of i-91. the big cities with this inland track, it's going to be mostly rain. at risk for some urban flooding over the next 36 hours. >> rob marciano leading us off tonight. rob, thank you. as i mentioned, the other breaking headline involves one of those boeing max jets that crashed and the horror now
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revealed from inside the cockpit. for the first time, we are learning those chilling details, what happened during the first crash. pilots scrambling to flip through the emergency checklist, the manual for that new jet, to try to figure out what was going on. and tonight, we have just confirmed, the fbi is now joining the investigation into these jets. abc's david kerley with what happened in that cockpit. >> reporter: tonight, word the fbi is joining that investigation into the certification of boeing's new 737 max, after those two crashes. and chilling details about the first crash in indonesia. there was trouble the day before on a flight, the jet moving dramatically up and down after takeoff. the pilots confused. but a third pilot, sitting the jump seat, according to bloomberg, apparently saved the flight. >> there's this chaotic scene in the cockpit. the pilots are trying to figure out how to solve it and are not making progress. the third guy sitting in the jump seat is the one who spoke up and said, "try turning off
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the trim system." >> reporter: boeing says its manual calls for the automation to be disengaged. the simple procedure, if you have a problem with the auto pilot, is to shut it off? >> yeah. take control of aircraft. i know i can fly the airplane manually without the electric trim. >> reporter: in indonesia, even though the jump seat pilot apparently saved the day, and the problem was written up, the jet was put back into service the next day with a bad sensor, triggering that anti-stall system called mcas, forcing the nose down. during the accident flight, the pilot, according to reuters, while struggling with the aircraft were going through the emergency checklist, but ran out of time. the jet crashing in the java sea. >> there with waying to cope with the failure. and what we've seen with lion air and potentially with peete yoep ya, pilots whereabout trained to cope with the problem. >> let's get back to david kerley, with us again tonight. you've been on this from the beginning. and david, a new layer to this ponte, the pentagon's inspeck
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general is investigating acts defense secretary patrick shanahan and his ties to boeing? >> reporter: and whether or not bong got arerential treatment in contracts at the pentagon. now, as far as these crashes, boeing says it will cooperate with the investigations, all investigations, including senate hearings, which are set for next week. david? >> david kerley with us tonight. thank you, david. and next this evening, the investigation involving a mother now under arrest tonight. she had seven adopted children, they were in a popular youtube series. and tonight, prosecutors have charged that mom with abusing the children. police say they were pepper sprayed, locked in a closet for days without day. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the police say the serial abuse those little actors suffered was a dark, behind the camera secret. michelle hopson adopted the children, but according to court documents, she'd beaten and
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pepper sprayed them when they failed to memorize their lines. her fantastic adventures youtube channel had over 800,000 subscribers. the on-camera scenarios chillingly similar to what police say was their reality. >> see? we're trapped! >> reporter: investigators tipped off after hopson's adult biological daughter came forward. her adopted children claiming they did not go to school and hopson would pepper spray all over their face and body, spanking them, forcing them to take ice baths and when resisting, would force their heads under water. children allegedly beaten with hangers and forced to stand in a corner, hands raised above their head for 18 hours straight. and while some of the videos focused on food, even cookies -- >> cookies, cookies, cookies. >> oh yeah, you hungry? >> reporter: police say the kids were starved for days at a time. police accuse hopson's two adult sons for failing to report the abuse, despite knowing about it.
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hopson facing multiple charges including kidnapping. she has not entered a plea. >> matt gutman with us live tonight. and mat. if convicted of the most serious charges here, this accused mom could spend the rest of her life behind bars? >> reporter: and that's because she faces 19 counts, including five for kidnapping. now, she's possibly made millions off of this youtube channel, but just minutes ago, youtube terminated that channel, ensuring she can't monetize it going forward. david? >> matt gutman, thank you. also two drdeveloping at th hour, the new headline involving robert kraft tonight. his lawyer now saying kraft will not take the plea deal, after that prostitution bust in florida. the deal would have forced kraft to acknowledge guilt. and tonight, the interview just in, the founding and former owner of that day spa now at the center of the scandal is speaking out. here's abc's tara palmeri. >> reporter: she is the woman smiling beside president trump and his family at glitzy fundraisers and mar-a-lago events. she's also the founder and former owner of a florida
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massage parlor recently busted as an alleged front for sex trafficking, a sting that led to the arrest of the president's good friend, patriots owner robert kraft. cindy gang yang sold the spa six years ago, but since the raid, her trump connection now under the microscope. congressional democrats calling for an fbi counterintelligence investigation into whether yang sold access to the trumps to chinese businesspeople. sitting down with me today, she denied it all, saying she's just a fan of the president's. >> he's a business person. i'm a small business person, too. i will believe that we will make america great again. that reason, i become a republican. >> reporter: federal records show yang and her family have contributed over $50,000 to pro-trump and pro-republican organizations since 2017. on super bowl sunday, she was at a trump golf club, having her picture taken with the president. >> that day, i see more than a hundred people take a picture with him.
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only my picture got in trouble. >> reporter: the super bowl event, you got some -- >> only by myself. >> reporter: you didn't take any clients there? >> no, just myself. >> reporter: the patriots won the super bowl. the owner, robert kraft, now facing charges stemming from the raid on that spa yang once owned. prosecutors offered him a plea before bargain, but tonight, we have learned kraft has turned it down. for her part, yang says she knows nothing about any alleged illicit activity. >> reporter: david, democrats are questioning whether cindy yang is a counterintelligence threat, but he vetly denies she's a spy. she's scared and she thinks she's being targeted because she's china and a republican that supports president trump. david? >> tara, thank you. next tonight, president trump lashing out at the highly anticipated mueller report today. the president calling the report, quote, ridiculous, but he also said, let the public see it. and late today, the president unleashing a new attack on the late senator john mccain, who passed away nearly seven months
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ago now. his wife, cindy mcgain, just today on the hate she's now receive egg, and meghan mccain reacting, too. here's our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: standing before a line of tanks at a factory in lima, ohio, president trump launched an all-out assault on late senator, and war hero, john mccain. >> so i have to be honest. i never liked him much. hasn't been for me. i really probably never will. >> reporter: the pro-military crowd, silent, as trump told them he never got a thank you for authorizing the use of an air force jet to transfer mccain's casket, along with other military support for his memorial service. >> i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which, as president, i had to approve. i don't care about this. i didn't get a thank you. that's okay. we sent him on the way, but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. so, now what we can say, now, we're all set.
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i don't think i have to answer that question, but the press keeps, what do you think of mccain? what do you think? not my kind of guy but some people like him and i think that's great. >> reporter: the president started his renewed attacks on mccain over the weekend, and today, mccain's window, cindy, revealed one of the hateful messages she's received in recent days. on "the view" today, mccain's daughter meghan called the president's attacks "a bizarre new low." >> if i had told my dad, seven months after you're dead, you're going to be dominating the news and all over twitter, he would think it's hilarious that our president was so jealous of him that he was dominating the news cycle in death, as well. >> reporter: most republican senators have resisted directly criticizing the president for his attacks on mccain. but today, georgia republican johnny isakson, who chairs the veterans affairs committee, says enough is enough. >> it's deplorable what he said. we should never reduce the service that people give to this country. >> jon karl live with us from
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the house. and this all comes as washington waiting for special counsel bob mueller to hand in his report. and today our cameras, you saw this, jon, catching a glimpse of mueller as he arrived at work. and you asked the president, if he wants mueller's report to be made public, here's what the president said. >> reporter: mr. president, does the american people have the right to see the mueller all right? >> i don't mind. i told the house, let them see it. let it come out. let people see it. >> let it come out, he says. i made immediate news today. and president trump saying he's looking forward to reading the report, as well? >> reporter: he did just a week ago, he said that there should not be a mueller report, but today, he said that he wants to read it and so do tens of millions of his supporters. david? >> jon karl with us again tonight. jon, thank you. we're going to turn tonight to the newly released body cam video of a place takedown in las veg vegas. the video shows the moment he went for his gun, they say. and we warn you tonight, the video is disturbing.
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here's abc's gio benitez. >> let me see your hands! >> reporter: las vegas police responding to a call about an armed robbery. police say the suspect had just broken into a boys and girls club. police confronting him, then ordering him to the ground. >> turn around, turn around. put your hands up. get on your knees. >> reporter: second later, the suspect drops his arms, as police open fire. >> the officer saw a firearm and told aguirre specifically not to touch it. he attempted to stand up and began pulling his firearm out of the holster. >> reporter: that suspect survived, and is in stable condition tonight. and david, aguirre is charged with armed robbery, burglary and resisting arrest. police now believe that gun belonged to his grandfather, a retired police officer. david? >> gio, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and to the around the clock search and rescue operations in
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mozambique. chapp choppers are air lifting survivors. more than 1,000 people are feared dead. the u.s. and the european union tonight are sending emergency aid. now to syria tonight. president trump claiming isis will be gone by thfrom that cou by tonight. the president holding a map, showing the success of u.s.-backed forces over the past two years. military officials have given no indication on when the battle over the last remaining isis foothold in that country will end. back here at home tonight, and to new fallout now in the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal. scrutiny growing on several major came pulses, students on those campuses right now, dozens of them, with their college careers hanging in the balance. at ucla, a student recruited for the elite women's soccer team, despite allegedly having no soccer experience. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: they are among the best in college soccer. the women of ucla making it to the championship in 2017. but one player not spotted in n
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freshman lauren isackson. a year and a half later, her parents stand accused of bribing her way into ucla and onto the team, even though she reportedly didn't play soccer. college con sell counselor rick singer allegedly took $600,000 from the isacksons to get their daughters into usc and ucla, creating fake sports credentials and test scores. she was touted as a former mvp and team captain of a soccer club, but tonight, the coaching director of that club says they didn't have a team for her age group. >> i would say team captain and mvp would be hard to be that of a team that doesn't exist. >> reporter: tonight, a ucla soccer coach has been indicted on racketeering charges and placed on leave. isackson no longer on the team, but still at the school. and here at usc, they have named a new president, and placing holds on the accounts of a growing number of students that may be involved in this scandal. and david, that means they can't
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register for classes. >> kayna whitworth, thank you. and there is news tonight about your money and the american economy. the federal reserve today holding the line on interest rates, saying they will likely not change this year. jerome poul says the economy is? a good place. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the cruise ship horror, the about the bungee that suddenly snapped. tonight, his injuries, and how the cruise line is now responding. also, the dramatic fire rescue. a mother trapped by flames with her three small children. officers telling her to drop them to the third floor. and the hidden cameras found in hotel rooms. authorities say they were livestreaming images of 1,600 hotel guests without them knowing, with paid subscribers watching them. more news ahead.ahead. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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>> whoa! >> reporter: one minute, casey holladay is flipping high above royal caribbean's mariner of the seas. the next -- -- he's plummeting 20 feet. >> are you okay? >> reporter: bungee cords on the popular skypad trampoline attraction apparently snapping. one, and then the other. >> all of a sudden, i'm on the ground, not sure if i can walk ever again. >> reporter: the cruise cut short. holladay seen here on a stretcher before being taken to the hospital. >> my shoulder got dislocated, bruised a couple ribs, and the pubis inside my pelvis shattered. >> reporter: one month later, holladay still struggling to get around, now filing suit, claiming the cruise line failed to inspect and maintain the ropes, as similar companies who operate these types of activities do on land. >> my concern is that these attractions are not being inspected and certified. >> reporter: david, in a statement, royal caribbean says they do not comment on pending
3:50 pm
litigation, adding they operate their ships safely and responsibly. david? >> victor, thank you. when we come back, the hidden cameras found in hotel rooms. authorities say they were livestreaming images of 1,600 hotel guests without them knowing. and that jackpot topping half a billion tonight, you still have time. ver changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, military-grade aluminum alloy body gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby... best-in-class towing. still leading the pack. this is the big dog! this is the ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar. itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey." along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first
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which means you can retire, without retiring from life. having the flexibility to retire on your terms. that's the power of pacific. ask your financial professional about pacific life today. to the index of other news, and to the remarkable moment three children were saved after being dropped from a burning building in des moines. police body camera footage
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showing officers on the scene, convincing a mother to drop a baby and two toddlers from the third floor. firefighters then saved the mom with a ladder. incredible work. overseas tonight, that headline making news. an two people under arrest, accused of secretly livestreaming 1,600 hotel guests. authorities in seoul, south korea, discovered spy cameras hidden inside furniture at 30 hotels across that country. they say more than 4,000 viewers from around the world had paid for access to those feeds. more than half a billion dollars on the line tonight here in the u.s. the $550 million power ball jack both, that's $335 million for the lump sum. the eighth-largest in the game. and while you fill out that march madness bracket, you might want to buy a power ball ticket, too, because the chance of actually winning the jackpot are apparently better than filling out that perfect bracket. also, tonight is your chance for a rare super moon that will hit its full phase at 9:43
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eastern. super moons in march, by the way, are called the worm moon, because the ground is thawing. spring couldn't get here soon enough. when we come back, you'll remember sully, sitting in front of that casket, then reporting for duty, and the images just coming in tonight. feel the clarity... of non-drowsy claritin... and relief from symptoms caused by over... 200 outdoor and indoor allergens. like those from pollen, pets and dust. because new memories start with dusting off old ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. my dream car. it turns out, they want me to start next month. she can stay with you to finish her senior year. things will be tight but, we can make this work. ♪ now... grandpa, what about your dream car?
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finally tonight, america strong. president george h.w. bush had just one wish for his dog, sully, and sully is no doubt making the president proud. it was that poignant image, president george h.w. bush's service dog, sully, laying before his casket. with the president's family at
3:58 pm
the end. brought into the capitol roe ten day. it was president bush's wish that sully would go on to serve those in need. just last month, sully joining the team at walter reed, bringing hope to veterans and chair children getting care, too. and just tonight, these new images. with the little warriors at the pediatric chemo center. and someone is helping sully post on instagram. "i lo i loved meeting camden today. sully and those smiles. i hope to see you tomorrow. good night.
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that controversial flintstone home. and the inside is just as wild as the outside. thanks for joining us. >> let's take a look at where the home is located. and vic lee is live on more what it was like to go inside. a lot of people want to see what is inside. >> reporter: yeah, i was really lucky. florence basically wants the public to know really the world to know since the story went viral that she feels happy and peaceful in that home and she wants the home to be viewed as a happy place for everyone, a place where we can all remember that old 1960s cartoon, the flintstones. >> thank you to give me the
4:00 pm
chance to tell my side of the story. >> reporter: that is the voice of florence fang, owner of the unique colorful home dubbed the flint stone house. she declined to go on camera, but gave us a tour of the now controversial residence. it is a three bedroom, 2700 square foot home built in 1976. what is most strisk iis strikin square rooms, only curved lines. and in the front yard, a life size statue of fred flint stone joined by and let's not forget the r rubbles. and a giraffe and even big foot surrounded by colorful mushrooms. this conversation pit is her favorite. but the view outside also reminds her that she is not isolated from the world.


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