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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 20, 2019 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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story. >> reporter: that is the voice of florence fang, owner of the unique colorful home dubbed the flint stone house. she declined to go on camera, but gave us a tour of the now controversial residence. it is a three bedroom, 2700 square foot home built in 1976. what is most strisk iis strikin square rooms, only curved lines. and in the front yard, a life size statue of fred flint stone joined by and let's not forget the r rubbles. and a giraffe and even big foot surrounded by colorful mushrooms. this conversation pit is her favorite. but the view outside also reminds her that she is not isolated from the world. or from the complaints much some residents in the city of cr walls a h which isg
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highly visible eyesore. fang thanks her many supporters who have contacted her through social media. >> i'm not the only one alone fighting for the legendary flintstone. it is a truly american memory that makes the people smile. and make them feel good about themselves. >> reporter: she says the house and fixtures make her happy, it makes her grandchildren happy as well. >> let's keep fred and dino alive and working together to keep us smile. >> reporter: a message from fang to the city. >> i will file tght the best i . stay tuned. >> reporter: and one last thing -- >> yabba dabba do. >> reporter: and the fight is beginning. an we've learned that she has just hired her lawyer to fight the city of hillsborough and it
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is a renowned lawyer angela alioto. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> and she talks about making people smile and that was a fond memory for me before every time we would dry up 280, you point out the flintstone house and always fun. do you know how much she have paid for the home a couple years ago? >> reporter: yeah, first of all, the home was built in 1976 by a bay area architect william nicholson. there were several owners in that home. and when she bought it two years ago, she paid close to $3 million. but the home had sat vacant for two years. so she bought it probably at a pretty good price. ? i've got so many questions here. what is big foot doing there? thatasot in the flint stones cartoons. and what about the paint job, did she alter the red and purpl another controversial subject
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for the city. originally, i actually did a story a long time ago in the 90s on that house. and it was originally painted whites or maybe it was a light brown. but it was a light color. and then it was painted orange. and then finally it was painted this purple red. but that was before miss fang moved in. >> this is fascinating. >> it's been a couple colors over the years. >> maybe she will add more statues. thanks, vehicic. >> definitely something to see. we never actually drove by the house, but fun to see from the interesting in terms of decor. and you know what is interesting? this picture behind us. a few hours ago, it looked miserable. >> so let's check on the weather and spencer christian. spring has sprung and you can see how stripringy it is. i.
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a few light sprinkles, but generally dry right now. spotty sprinkles over the mount hamilton area. and that is winding down. and around clear lake, that is also winding down. but it hasn't been dry all day. 24 hour rainfall totals range from a quarter of an inch in the south bay to near an bay shoreline. and so let's take a look at the forecast animation. it will get drier and drier. although there will be a development of some patches of showers offshore overnight. so it is entirely possible that sprinkle or two could hit the coastlineo overnight, basically dry going into tomorrow. and now a look back on winter. drew. >> yeah, spring has officially arrived.
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shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. and for a lot of us, winter felt relentless. and for good reason. because the past 89 days, more than half of that season winter 52 days featured some sort of storm moving through part of the bay area. it is not only rain we're talking about a lot, there is also snow. some resorts in the sierra saw more than 400 inches of snowfall. so the snow pack is running above normal. and most cities locally are running above average season to date. so rainfall, santa rosa taking the lead more than 3 feet of rainfall keeping their total at 125 percent of normal. san francisco above normal. same with san jose. but surprisingly you look at oakland, we could actually do a little better. running at about 97% of normal with just about 16.8 inches of rainfall. now, we shifted seasons and we could still see seasons in spring. sp
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heavier showers. from livermore to santa rosa, over the next several weeks as spring gets under way, we could receive anywhere inches of additional rainfall. so storms ser s certainly not o yet. and spencer will show when the next storm arrives in the full accuweather forecast. and while officially california has beaeeen declared drought free, it may take several more wet winters to fully replenish the ground groud supply. >> reporter: and i'm here along a waterway that is managed by zone seven, it serves this area and this waterway is brimmi of water supply both above and below ground. with our streams and rivers
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running fast and high, rain still coming down. and all the snow piling up in the high sierra, it certainly looks like california is well out of the drought. but what about beneath the surface? >> right in our our basin is at 98% full. wr >> reporter: carol mahoney is manager for zone seven. zone seven relies on ground water for about 20% of its water supply. >> we manage the ground water basin in such a way that we are always replenishing the water that we're taking out and we've been doing tahat for over 40 years. >> reporter: and that includes buying water from the state water project to make up for ts like zone seven are flush with water above and below ground, others are facing challenges that could
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take years to solve. we spoke with california department of water resources high go high drydrologist by phone. >> it takes time to trickle down and we will need to measure to see how effect tip this year's winter was. >> reporter: now that hydrologist told us that they will begin measuringtip this ye winter was. >> reporter: now that hydrologist told us that they will begin measuring aquifers, a process that takes a lot of time. and this area is doing quite well with its water supply. but in the central valley, it may be a different story. in fact the recent study found that the aquifers, the ground water basins in the central value i wi valley few years. >> and you can check the
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conditions on our website and the news app. just click the blue live bar at the top and be sure to enable the push alerts to get updates sent to your mobile device. and we've been taking a look at both homelessness and housing crunch here in the bay area. >> the mountain you view city council voted last night to ban rv parking on city streets and the city says in the meantime they will provide tempt area parking spots but they end zones goal must be a more permanent housing solution. >> as of the last sur swra in 2017, there were more than 7,000 homeless people in the county. 8% of those said that they were living in a vehicle of some sort. >> ansar hudson has more with a. wrrt pl >> reporter: mountain view is known for its neighborhoods, but they are concerned with this row of rvs. this mountain view resident who
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doesn't want to be i had hdo bed says they have been living in their rv. and he toll rates the tickets because it is safe to live here, but now he has to move. what is your big concern? >> i don't know. i can't say anything, you know, it is not my area. whatever they say, we have to move. >> reporter: they are moving because last night city council passed a measure banning oversized vehicles from parking on city streets. >> we've had some challenges with rv dwelling community. it has become a public safety and health issue. >> reporter: mountain view vice mayor says that there has been issues with gang violence and human waste where they are parked and the city wants to help, but they have to fix the current problem. 60 spots he bn around the city where people can park. bill taylor says he feels bad but that it is time to
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>> this has begbeen going on to. time to stop. i feel sorry for the people, don't get me wrong, but they have to make a decision. it can't be forever. >> reporter: while the city will provide new parking spots, they will just be temporary. anybody who wants to park there must be register with the city and work with social services at finding a more permanent housing solution. >> and you can share your ideas on things in the community that are work and those in a need improvement through you're building a better bay area facebook group. we invite you to join it today. are you ready to pay almost $10 to cross the golden gate bridge? the bridge district is set to vote on increasing tolls. and the district's board of directors could raise the toll to as much as $9.80 by the year 2023 when it votes on a five
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year toll hike proposal coming up on friday. but only about 50 people have submitted comments. most as you might expect opposing the toll hikes. by comparison the district received 150 comments when it received a toll hike back in 2014. east bay authorities now say the shooting of a popular high school principal was plea m premeditated and he remains on life support. police arrested his wife hours after initially charging her with attempted murder. he is the principal at pittsburg high school. illegal side shows are trying to be stopped. there are raise the pavement markers that have been installed. officials believe that it will
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make it somewhat uncomfortable as a location for the side shows. this is the firstf its kind project to stop those illegal side shows in that area. a sudden about face just ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the decision that will lead for the closure of a grocery store that has been serving south bay residents for more than four desk aids. and the rush is on to con gl condition great late an nfl player for the take down of
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in the south bay can't
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hold out any longer. >> after 45 years of business, the milk pail market is calling it quits. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: before mountain view became a key part of silicon valley, the milk pail market opened its doors. in 1974, it started as a drive-through dairy, but today it is full of fruit, vegetables, cheeses and other items. >> you pop it in the oven in the morning and it is warm goodness. >> reporter: and the owners celebrated its 45th anniversary in february and this week announced the time has come to sell the property and close thed the store for the past two years. >> they have spent many, many years sticking around in the area just because our business is too important. >> reporter: it is easy to see a lot has changed.
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a huge shopping center and other buildings now tower over the market. in a letter to customers, they point to several challenges. including the impact on the business from the recent construction and changes in their neighborhood. they also point to the amount of work to run a family business and the loss of a valued store manager who tragically passed away in 2014. the sale of the property means an end to the part of the past that may not ever return. but a future for the owners that has been a long time coming. >> i'm happy to have them be able to travel and to go do other things because the store has been their life for a very long time. >> reporter: they want to get the news out now so their customers would not be caught off guard when they close this summer. in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. and suddenly a little glimmer of hope. commissioner of the world surf league says swells are developing that could meet the
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requirements to hold the event. organizers say that they will be closely monitoring the conditions between now and next tuesday. the waves need to be consistently a minimum of 25 feet for this competition to get the demean lighgreen light. they would get a 24 hour notice to get here for the competition. the window who hold the echbtsd close event closes march 31. so time is running out. golden gate park will seem more like jurassic park for a few weeks. we know that guy. that is a t-rex. it is part of a six week exhibit called dino days. visitors will be able to see full size mechanical dinosaurs in action. they are not real. there is also a fossil dig and games for kids. dino days starts friday and goes
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extinct on may 5th. >> wonder what the weather will be like now that spring has sprung. it looks like we're going into a dry break. but it won't last very long. here is a look at live doppler 7. dry at the moment for mostly all of the bay area. nearly all the bay area. and i'll give you a look at what we can expect tomorrow in terms of our hour by houren cans. we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get milder.n . we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get milder. c. we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get milder.ns. we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get milder.s. we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get milder.. we'll start with a few clouds but then it will get sunnier and temperatures will get milder. but friday we have a95 chance of rainfall and then saturday, a 65% chance. so enjoy the dry time tomorrow, but you might not want to get the car washed.
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and we have just enough clouds to make the sky like pictures e picturesque. it is 58 in san francisco. low 60s at oakland, mountain view, san jose and 60 at half moon bay. check out this view. peer 15 looking back at the skyline, under mostly sunny skies. 57 degrees right now at santa rosa. p napa 59. one more live view from emeryville, a beautiful western sky there. these are the forecast features. a dry break tomorrow. it will be a one day break. next storm arrives on friday. and we have more rainy days coming our way in the week ahead. overnight partly cloudy conditions, some fog in the central valley and may spill into the delta. we'll have low temperatures mainly in the mid-40s overnight. and in the north bay, a little chileritlows tren t and that takes us into tomorrow afternoon conditions, it will be a mainly dry day, but there is a
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chance of a stray shower, isolated shower or two developing over the santa cruz mountains. mountain moving down along the coastline and it could push on to the coastline later in the day. so maybe a couple isolated showers. highs will range from upper 50s to low 60s. maybe a few mid-60s in some of the mirld inla- milder inland l. friday's storm will rank one on the storm impact scale. it will move north to south. a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch from the storm. and starting at 1:00 a.m. friday, as the morning commute begins, it will be mainly dry, how far there will be light showers moving into the authority the bay. and then heavier steadier more widespread showers will push into the bay area by midday. and going into the afternoon and evening, it be looks like we
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could get challenging commuting conditions. but we project the rainfall totals will range from under half an inch in the south bay and peninsula to nearly an even in the north bay. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. so the rain cureturns friday. mostly sunny and dry sunday. just another short break though and we expect showers under breezy conditions monday. unsettled tuesday and more showers wednesday. we're storing up on that water. >> we need to. you want to enjoy nature? i think we'll take a shot at this. >> but have we seen them again? >> this is live from sky 7. our control room is saying that there are whales and as soon as we try to find them, we're getting no -- >> some shadows. >> that is a helicopter shadow.
4:23 pm
we'll keep monitoring it and we'll see. inevitably it will happen during a commercial break. >> oh, there is a boat. that is a little something. >> a payoff. you can see a boat that you wish you were on maybe. all right. we'll move on and we'll come back to this if we see actual whales in living color. xwloo up nex up next, the carolina panther was here in the studio walks us through a stunning video of him capturing a burglar using bay area technology. using bay area technology. george has heart failure.ore and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant;
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attention from the nfl after a player burglar. >> christine sekristin seay has. >> you don't mess with pull backs and alex recently had to use his moves on a spefrk esuspr burglar. he showed us the stunning video. this full back is sharing with abc 7 news the stunning video of his encounter with a car burglar at his apartment complex in charlotte. after having had his car broken into a couple months before, the football player had had >>t aer viola t feeling yoget. so i went on the internet, did some research and came the out ca owl cam.
4:27 pm
>> reporter: and it is founded by the engineer that first design the ipod. >> it sent a notification to alex. he literally sitting on his couch saw what was happening. he could live view. >> and i look at my screen and i see someone in my car and that is when the gentleman kicks in -- >> reporter: he sprinted to the garage where he confronted the man. >> he's like hey, man, is this your car? yeah, what are you doing inside of it. he was like oh, man, i wasn't inside of it. i have you on camera, so what were you doing in it? and he tried make a run for it. >> reporter: but he had no chance against the full back. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: talk to me about this move. what is that? >> that is just having the control of his arm. >> reporter: he held the suspect like that for three minutes
4:28 pm
until police arrived. they identified him as 32-year-old daniel kagel who was charged with attempted break-in. >> a camera like this might help catch that person who isn't breaking into just one car, but dozens or hundreds after. >> reporter: and he wants to make it clear to all would-be burglars that breaking in to his car is not worth it. >> i actually leave my car door unlock would so they can go in my car, see what i have. i don't keep anything of value in my vehicle. >> reporter: and if the lack of reward is not enough incentive, just remember the potential punishment. an we contacted the police department and they said their investigators welcome such reco. that is especially true if you are not an nfl player. alex is a special breed.
4:29 pm
and he was kind enough to show us how to put somebody in an arm bar. you can find that video on our website. i have to admit, i did not volunteer. our producer eric did. >> thank you. that dude picked the wrong car. creator of a popular youtube series arrested for allegedly abusing her aeseven adopted kid. >> just awful. and the spring
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here are the stories making headlines. mountain view has banned people from parking rvs along city streets. this follows complaints about people living inside their vehicles. but city leaders are offering a solution at least a temporary one to let people park their rvs in some parking lots. wayne freedman has tweeted about another life being lost on a street in santa rosa. four people have died in less than a year at one intersection along stone any point road. wayne will have a live report at 5:0037. and president trump again
4:33 pm
criticizing fellow republican john mccain. michael coh mccain died last year. you may have more reasons to be a cord cutter. apple and others are spending billions to expand their presence in streaming video as well as other content for consumers. abc 7 news reporter david louie explains what changes are coming. >> reporter: we are hooked on entertainment, but how it comes into our homes is changing ra d rapidly. over a million cut the cost just last year. consumer las like lydia say pay $200 is stootoo much. and streaming services are taking the place of cable. and two of america's best known companies disney and apple will be launching streaming service b the anding
4:34 pm
billions to line up talent. and so you might subscribe to multiple channels to get the content that you want. it is anticipated a launch date might be announced monday. disney has a deep vault for its streaming service. and theingi leader is netflix and consumers will see fierce competition. >> there is a risk that consumers are so overwhelmed with content that they will say i'll take a pause before i sign up for anything. >> reporter: with billions invested, it will be a battle if eyeba eyeballs. david louie, abc 7 news.
4:35 pm
the creator of a youtube series that racked up more than 250 million views is in custody accused of abusing her adoptive children who star in the shows. >> reporter: an arizona mother behind a popular youtube channel fantastic adventures has been arrested for abusing her children who star in the series. michelle hobson was arrested after her biological daughter called police alleging that the adoptive children were being abused. the children reportedly telling authorities much of it abuse was related to the youtube series if they didn't participate. the seven children sdar tar in comedy series along with her older biological sons. their channel garnering nearly 800,000 subscribers and hundreds
4:36 pm
of millions of views. police saying hobson's biological sons told them they discussed reporting the abuse but never did. the brothers arrested for failing to report child abuse. their mother facing multiple counts of child molestation, abuse and unlawful imprisonment. >> i don't know what is wrong with people, why you would do that to a child. >> never seen them outside, which is order because the videos show them outside. >> reporter: she denies the charges. and youtube says it has demontized the channel. abc news, los angeles. new england patriots owner robert kraft accused of soliciting prostitution will not accept a plea deal. florida prosecutors offered to drop the charges against him and 24 other men in which change for fines and admission that they would be found guilty.change fo fines and admission that they would be found guilty. charges carry no more than a 60
4:37 pm
day sentence. he is scheduled for arraignment march 28. the governor wants to spend 1 pp $1.75 billion to help the homeless and he is vowing to punish cities that don't carry his vision. the governor has promised to spend money from the homeless emergency aid program on both shelters and affordable housing projects. cities could lose gas tax money for road repairs if they fail to meet the goals for more housing. >> we haven't been doing enough to support cities. so we need to invest more resources and we need provide the resourcefulness that is the spirit of innovation that drives the state. >> i applaud the governor for punishing cities that don't step up on building the housing that they need to do by withdrawing transportation dollars. >> the mayor says state funding plays a major role in helping homeless children and people
4:38 pm
needing mental health services. a rare super worm moon rose with the spring equinox. it will reach its first phase at 6:43 p.m. a super moon is when a full moon is closest to earth. and this one is expected to appear 14% larger than a regular full moon because it is happening in march, the time of year when earth worms emerge from the room, it is nicknamed super worm moon. and did you get your tickets? another big lottery jackpot is up for grabs. worth an estimated $550 million. lottery officials say the amount is the eighth largest prize in powerball history. winner can choose annuity payments or take the lump sumop taxes. as always the dream of winning is one but reality quite eno in $292 million.
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so slim, we don't even actually play anymore because wife hadbe had no luck. >> but you can't win if you don't play. >> yeah, we're still here. and a mom tosses her children from the window of her burning home. >> ma'am, get all your kids by the window. >> coming up, her thank you to the firefighters who saved them. i'm spencer christian, what a beautiful sunny afternoon and we'll see more sunny skies tomorrow. but only for a day.
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new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. a sxwruyoung eye wriowa mom three babies are safe thanks to first responders. >> get your kids by the window. >> that is a des moines police officer instructing her to toss her kid in his to the arms of waiting officers. hash ris s harrison and her kids were trapped by flames inside their apartment. >> i can't say thank you i owe them the world. >> firefighters arrived to help mom get to safety. everybody either in the building got out safely as well. for the first time in history, the fda has approved a
4:43 pm
drug specifically for the treatment of post-partum depression. maggie rulli shows us how it works and a potential stumbling block. >> reporter: a medical breakthrough is giving hope to women with post-partum depression. >> it is historic, the first drug ever to be approved by the fda to treat post-partum depression. >> reporter: women like stephanie. >> i was unable to make myself cook or clean. >> reporter: and she suffered from crippling post-partum depression. when antidepressants failed to help, the 33-year-old decided to take part in a study for a drug, first ever medication made specifically for women. and it requires a 2 1/2 day hospital stay while administered through a single 60 hour iv infusion. stephanie says she began to feel
4:44 pm
better within just a few hours. >> i remember my husband saying wow, i haven't heard the you in your voice in so long. >> reporter: it works by are targeting a unique set of receptors in and dr. jennifer ashton says that the biggest issue with this new drug is cost. >> this drug comes with up to a $35,000 per dose price tag. medicaid and insurance, will they cover it? as a practicing physician, i can't imagine that they will. >> reporter: about one in nine women suffer from post-partum depression in the u.s. with symptoms ranging from sadness to thoughts of self harm even fears of baby. so this could be potentially life saving. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. and if you or someone you love is struggling with
4:45 pm
depression, you can find help. and labrador retrievers are once again america's favorite dogs. experts say the labs have key qualities, they are smart, friendly, good with kids. this is not exactly a surprise because the golden lab has taken the top spot for 28 years in a row. roinding out the top five, german shepherd, golden retriever, french bulldog and standard bulldog. and we are just two days a were from the national puppy day celebration. join the abc 7 mornings team friday starting at 4:30 a.m. to find out how you can give an adorable little puppy a foforev home. >> bee shon didnichon didn't ma? >> you may have a personal
4:46 pm
stake. time to check on weather. >> we have another day of good weather for taking the puppy out for a stroll. bay area essentially dry at the moment. partly cloudy skies and continue to have that overnight. tomorrow we'll look for another dry day except for the possibility of a couple isolated sprinkles developing over the santa crui santa cruz months. but mostly partly sunny skies. and a light storm coming in friday. it will produce under an inch of rain for most of the bay area. here is a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. rain returns friday and saturday, ranking only one. we'll get a dry break sunday but you then more wet weather and breezy on monday, tuesday and
4:47 pm
wednesday. so nothing wrong with a few spring showers, not torrential downpours. and a welcome change for parents. what one city is doing to build a better bay area for babies. and tourists are tromping through destroying flowers all for a
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city of san jose a building a better way area with babies in mind. mothers and fathers will have a proper place to change dirty d type er diapers. >> reporter: san jose is known as the center of innovation. but all the advancements in technology are no match for the task of changing dirty diapers. what does city hall have now? >> diaper changing stations. >> reporter: the councilwoman made the push, a plan that considers family friendly facilities, explores child care options and reconsiders paid family leave policies. changing stations are the first
4:51 pm
st step. >> sometimes as a mom we have to go back to our cars and do the diaper changing station there. >> reporter: in the next two months, 42 public bathrooms at city hall will come equipped with the care small bryce small price to pay. sar sarah -- >> i will definitely start noticing where places are to change and maybe where there are places where i know i don't want to change my baby. i think it is all around just a standard that we should be implementing and that we should already have implemented. and the next step hopefully involves getting changes stations in to community centers and libraries.
4:52 pm
and it is all about finding solutions. you can share your ideas in things in the community that are working and those that need improveme improvement, join our facebook group today. starbucks is stepping up it efforts to become a greener company. san francisco a chosen as one of five markets to test new kips that will be rerepsych onsicycl compostable. it is part of its plan to phase out plastic straws word wide by 2020. and they plan to debut a new feature on its mobile app an evident to improve sustain ability. southern california super bloom is turning in to a nightmare for park rangers. up next, how they are cracking down on people trampling all over the flowers all for a
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coming up tonight starting at 8:08:00, >> people are pouring in to california to get a glimpse of the super bloom. >> and some are causing problems and even crushing the gorgeous poppies. >> reporter: there are signs likes one over my shoulder here in lancaster, fragile area, stay
4:57 pm
on trail. while most obey the rules, sadly a few don't. >> it is actually a pretty tough flower. it can survive freezes, heat. but not people stepping on it 37. >> reporter: and there is no patience for fence hoppers. >> just use your common sense. use your horse sense. >> reporter: while taking in the breath taking beauty with thousands of other visitors from all over the world, there where are huge crowds and traffic. and thousands flocking to see the super bloom. lee ann outraged. some destroying a lot of the flowers to prevent further damage authorities removing everyone closings area to the public. >> horse sense is come out, don't, you know, don't hurt what
4:58 pm
is here. appreciate what is here. >> reporter: and rangers are policing making sure what happened in lake elsinore didn't happen in lancaster. >> the realty is today with social media, our parks are being loved to death. >> reporter: nearly handing out a dozen tickets s ts t s ts to. crushing them taking selfies. a big whno-no. >> but then we end up with a trail being started and somebody else sits there. so it is okay if they sit there. but that makes it bigger about and the more people are walking or srin sitting or the trail, w have a scar for years to come. >> get the latest news anytime with the abc 7 news app. you can get push alerts delivered to your phone in real
4:59 pm
time. it has become less about an enjoying nature and just who can get the best selfie. >> digital currency, nobody remembers your selfie a week from now. >> good point. that will do it for us. thanks for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. a pedestrian killed on a dead tly stretch of road. and new fallout from the college admissions scandal. claims that one coach says are pure fiction. >> and abc 7 talks with the owner of the flint stone house. what she says about the trouble that has nothing to do with fred, wilma or dino. >> and the soldier who surprised his son and left everyone in tears. >> and the whales in the bay spotted moments ago by sky 7.
5:00 pm
good evening. let's begin with yet another debtly crash on -- deadly crash. >> and this time at hearn avenue at stone ananyd. >> reporter: and this moment you might notice that there is not a car in sight. police are about to flight a drone over here to see what might be the stone any point road, one can't help count the memorials.y poinp count the


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