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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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lowe's top value and home rental in the country. >> it's over 3 million in palo alto and close to 2 million in mountain view. median rent here has almost doubled in the past ten years. most people simply can't afford it. >> they can't. the last homeless census done in santa clara county found almost 7,500 people homeless. the second highest number in a decade. a third of those people were living on the street. a third were in shelters and 8% said they were living in a vehicle. >> and now the city of mountain view is becoming the latest bay area city to make a move on people living in rvs. >> abc 7 news reporter ansar hassan joins us. >> reporter: yeah, don and ama, good evening. mountain view's known for expensive neighborhoods like these but these aren't the residents the city's concerned with. it's people month who live on this side of the street in this row of rvs. along this row of rvs parked on shoreline boulevard lives this young father. >> the rent's too expensive for me and my family.
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>> reporter: he doesn't want to be identified but says when rents got too expensive he had no choice but to move his wife and two young daughters into a motor home. but last night the city of mountain view ordered to ban oversized vehicles from city streets. now they have to find a place to move. >> are you worried about that? >> worried about that, yeah. >> what's your big concern? safety of your family? >> yeah, safety of my family. >> we've had some challenged with our rchl v dwelling community. it's become a public safety and health issue. >> reporter: mountain view vice mayor says rv parking has been a regional problem the past several years. there's also been an issue of with gangs and human waste where rvs are parked. 60 spots have been allocated around the city like st. timothy's church where people can now park. bill taylor who lives on shoreline boulevard says he feels bad but people can't stay parked on the streets forever. >> it's kind of like welfare. i don't think welfare should be
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generational. it should be a stopgap to help people over a tough time. >> reporter: now, there a few exceptions to this new ordinance. people who use a disabled license plate or people who park their rvs next to a home are exempt. in mountain view ansar hassan, abc 7 news. >> ansar, thank you very much. mountain view is just one of several bay area cities trying to find solutions for people living in vehicles. just days ago an oakland church opened its parking lot as a safe overnight space for people who sleep in their cars. the williams chapel baptist church is the first of four churches that are offering up parking spaces. the interfaith council of alameda county is organizing this outreach effort. money from the city and the county will fund a security guard, fresh water, and bathrooms. in san francisco last month the sfmta voted to ban rvs from lining the streets in the portola neighborhood. frustrated neighbors first told abc 7 news about the problem in october. they said that rvs take up
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parking and make messes. but campers told us they could not afford to pay rent anywhere. last summer east palo alto greenlighted a one-year rv parking pilot program in conjunction with a non-profit called project we hope. it allows about 20 rvs to set up in a city-owned parking lot with mbile hygiene units while people transition to permanent housing. governor newsom joined mayors of oakland, san jose, and several other cities today to talk about the need to spend more money to help the homeless. the governor's plan calls for devoting $1.75 billion to help homeless californians and build affordable housing. cities could lose money for road pgoals to build more housing. >> california is the fifth richest economy in this world, and yet home to one half of the unsheltered residents of this nation is deplorable. >> we haven't been doing enough to support cities. and that means we need to invest
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more resources. >> mayors say state funding plays a critical role in helping homeless children and people who need mental health services. finding solutions to the bay area's housing issues can come in many forms. share your ideas and see what other people think. join our better bay area facebook group. a stormy morning gave way to a beautiful day around the bay area. from san jose to san francisco and walnut creek we're seeing a lot of blue sky out there right now. these are live pictures. this morning, though, was a different story. check out this time lapse view as an abc 7 news crew crossed the golden gate bridge during the rain. slippery and messy out there to be sure. abc 7 news anchor spencer christian is here now to explain how long it is, spencer, until the rain returns. >> we'll give it about a day, dan. nice to see the sunny skies now. especially if you were out there commuting in the morning hours. here's a live at live doppler 7. at the moment we have dry conditions just about everywhere in the bay area. there are a few spotty showers in some of the higher elevations but they've moved out of here. 24-hour rainfall totals we may
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remind you were pretty impressive. along the bay shortline and south bay most locations received about a third of an inch although oakland this .85 of an inch and in the north bay some locations topped out at one inch. here's our forecast animation taking us into the nighttime hours. it's going to remain generally dry but there will be pockets of showers just offshore and as we get into the early morning hours it's possible that one 20 two of those spotty showers may touch the coastline but generally we're expecting a dry morning commute as well as dry conditions throughout the day tomorrow. but another storm is on the way for friday. ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. a sorm of light intensity. i'll give you a closer look at this storm and its timeline and how much we can expect to get a little bit later. >> spencer, thanks very much. this is the first day of spring and while california has been declared drought-free for the first time in seven years it may take several more wet winters like this to fully replenish the state's depleted ground water supply. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in livermore to explain why there's still some work to be done here, laura.
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>> reporter: that's right, dan. it wasn't all that long ago. at the height of the drought water managers were saying it could take years, even decades for california to replenish its ground water. tat's still the case in some areas. but here in livermore that time is now. with our streams and rivers running fast and high rain still coming down and all the snow piling up in the high sierra it certainly looks like california's well out of the drought. but what about beneath the surface? >> right now our basin fortunately is at 98% full. >> reporter: carol mahoney is the manager of int water services for zone 7, the water supply and flood control agency that served livermore and the amadore valley. zone 7 relies on groundwater for about 20% of its water supply. >> we actually manage the groundwater basin in such a way that we're always replenishing
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the water that we're taking out and we've been doing that for over 40 years. >> reporter: that includes buying water from the state water project in past years to make up for nature's shortfall. but while some districts like zone 7 are flush with water both above and below ground, others are facing challenges that could take years to solve. we spoke with california department of water resources hide rollogist tim bodwin by phone from sacramento. >> it takes time for recharge to trickle down. and we're going to need to measure to see how effective this year's winter was in terms of ground watter recharge. >> reporter: meantime, water managers remind people, images like these could. after just one or two dry winters. >> waterwise usage is always important because a drought is just around the corner. we live in california and it's a reality of our new climate. >> reporter: now, not every
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area, not every water agency is doing as well as this one. a recent study showed that the aquifers in the central valley, the main ones have actually lost up to 5% of their capacity. that has shrunk permanently over the past 15 years of mostly drought conditions. in livermore, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura, thank you so much. new at 6:00 tonight, a driver whose blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he killed a mother and child could end up spending the rest of his life in prison. today jose manuel lopez perez was sentenced to 21 years to life. in november of 2017 estefania soto was driving her 7-year-old daughter to school along highway 12 in agua caliente in lopez perez crashed head on into their car. he told police he had been drinking beer since the night before and only been on the road for a mile before that crash happened. in the north bay new proof of the danger along one specific road in santa rosa. this morning a man walking along
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stony point road south of heron avenue was hit by a car and killed. this is the fourth deadly crash on this road in the past year. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live. and wayne, what can make this road safer? >> reporter: well, they're trying to do a lot of things to make it safer. for one, pedestrians need to stay out of the road. that's what santa rosa police say. but this accident was particularly gruesome. above stony point road in santa rosa this afternoon police had a drone in the air surveying the scene of yet another unnerving accident. this would be the starting point. a mailbox where 53-year-old richard anthony burns came to rest after a car hit him at 40 miles an hour this morning in the rain and predawn light. he had been jaywalking. >> he had almost made it all the way across the street going from the west side to the east side of the road when the vehicle hit him. >> the vehicle never saw him? >> never saw him.
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>> reporter: the 18-year-old driver had just dropped his mother off at work. santa rosa police say the accident was not his fault. still, regular pedestrians here like frank maddox say beware. >> watch the traffic. watch the traffic. >> reporter: this is the fourth time a car has hit and killed a person on or near stony point road in the last year. the memorials not easy to miss or forget, especially this one. >> she was on her bike with her helmet waiting to cross the street. >> reporter: today karina fallbow remembered her 20-year-old daughter sidney, a college student who died last october after a truck ran her over. technically, police could not find the driver at fault. he never saw her until too late. >> you i realized that with my daughter's situation it was a really horrific accident but it doesn't change the fact that she was doing everything she was supposed to be doing and she was hit in the crosswalk and she's gone. >> reporter: stony point road runs north to south through a good portion of santa rosa with a 45-mile-an-hour speed limit in places. families of victims want more
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protection for them. it is the only reason karina fallbow spoke with us today. >> i need to do this for her. i want what happened to her not to be for nothing. >> reporter: sidney fallbow happened to be her only child. she would have been 21 years old. we have been parked here for most of the day. can't tell you how many people have come by and said they need to doing? here, they need sidewalks, they say, more of them. they want cross-walks. they even want signals. this is an ongoing story in santa rosa. live, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> all right, wayne, thank you. more than a dozen bay area residents have been charged in the largest college admissions cheating scam ever prosecuted in the united states. >> next, hear from a local soccer club coach who says at least part of the hillsborough girl's college application was faked. what's for dinner? it's national ravioli day. and for a san francisco
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sky 7 captured a magnificent sight. kind of rare too. a whale leaping and breaching the surface of san francisco bay. our crew responsibilitied the whale near marina green about 90 minutes ago. looks like a gray whale. here's another look at the whale from the shore. the marine mammal center tells us there had been a surge in migrating gray whales entering the bay. one reason might be their being attracted by the ample food supply of course. the marine mammal center is keeping an eye on them to make
6:15 pm
sure they are healthy. we're hearing tonight from a bay area coach who says the daughter of a hillsborough couple charged in the college admissions scandal never played on his team, even though that's what her college application said. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom with the story. melanie? >> reporter: here's the real burn on this one. not only did ucla student lauren isaacson never play on woodside soccer club's team, the coaching director says there wasn't even a team for her age group during the years she supposedly would have played. woodside soccer club's coaching director says the team would have celebrated having a ucla recruit had they actually had one. >> we would like to make sure that everybody understands that woodside soccer club has no association with lauren isaacson. >> reporter: on her ucla women's soccer bio, lauren isaacson, a midfielder majoring in psychology, lists team captain for woodside soccer club from 2012 to 2016 and selected team mvp in 2015. >> i would say team captain and mvp would be hard to be that of a team that doesn't exist.
6:16 pm
>> reporter: zack ibsen took over as woodside soccer club's coaching director two years ago. he says during the years isaacson claims she was on the team there was no team for her age group. the key athletics club, part of rick singer's purported non-profit at the center of the college admissions scandal, also describes lauren isaacson in a blog post as the captain of her local club soccer team. >> as soon as i heard a player getting recruited to ucla from woodside soccer club, it definitely smelled fishy to me. >> reporter: according to the % criminal complaint, isaacson's first choice was usc. as a purported soccer recruit. due to a clerical error her application was diverted to the regular admissions process. the former head coach of usc then forwarded the falsified soccer profile to the head coach of ucla men's soccer, who was named in the recent indictment. ucla has placed him on leave. the complaint says lauren's prents bruce and davena isaacson took part in the college recruitment scheme and the college entrance exam cheating scheme for two of their
6:17 pm
children paying with shares of facebook stock. also that they took a tax write-off for the payments. when rick singer began cooperating with investigators he had recorded phone and in-person investigations with the isack sons. during an in person conversation bruce isackson worried the news would get out, saying "you know the embarrassment to everyone in the communities. oh, my god. it would just be -- yeah. uh." later in that same conversation isackson told singer that if they proceeded with this cheating scheme for their third child they'd pay in cash. i reached out to bruce and davina isackson and i have not heard back. in the newsroom melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you. in stories about the admissions scandal have been some of the most popular on our website. abc 7 we put together a list of the bay area residents who were charged in the scam and you can find that online at all right. well, happening today, national ravioli day. so why is that making news tonight? interesting.
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>> none really other than to remind us that one of san francisco's favorite deli's, luca's, i've actually had their ravioli, it's amazing, it's closing in one month. >> oh, man. i have never tried it. i'll have to try it before it closes. abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez shows you people are stocking up and holding on to their memories. >> two of the italian sausage. >> i've been coming to luca's since i moved to san francisco in 1982. ♪ start spreading the news ♪ let everyone know ♪ that the store's getting ready to close ♪ >> reporter: it's not easy saying good-bye to an old friend. customers began stocking up on their favorite items they could only find at a place like luca's on valencia street in the mission district. zara tupuni lives in oregon. when in san francisco she makes a stop at luca's. >> i'm from the middle east originally. so this thing's so familiar.
6:19 pm
>> we're all going to molinari's. that's the only thing we can do now, right? >> reporter: the family business started in this building which they've owned since tttion to customers is old school, soon to be a faded memory. >> it comes from an italian neighborhood in new york, where we had like three italian dellis and, you know. so this was like my home away from home. >> reporter: the reason for closing is that the owner has no one to leave this gem to. his children have other interests. >> i miss coming in here and listening to frank sinatra. why not? or dean. >> reporter: no. the owner says he's not changing his mind. the store will close on april 20th. bye, cranky. bye, dino. bye, san francisco. ♪ he did it his way don't forget the store closes on april 12th. in san francisco leanne
6:20 pm
melendez, abc 7 news. >> i've got to get there. >> you definitely have to. >> 100 years almost in business. that's impressive. sorry to see it go. let's turn to the weather. finally the son is out but for how long? >> it was reagan overnight. >> did was indeed. not only overnight but into much of the morning. a portion of the day. it's dry now. here's a look at live doppler 7. and i'll show you what it looks like outside right now. we've got a few clouds around but the sky is still bright and mostly sunny. we can give you a look at what we can expect tomorrow. tomorrow's going to be a dry day. we'll start the day with a few clouds hanging around but as we get later into the day notice how it gets sunnier and sunnier. each hour gets by a degree or two milder. it's going to be a lovely day tomorrow. but that's our break because friday we have a 95% chance of rain. dropping down to only about a 10% chance on saturday. still, though, looks like the end of the week is going to be wet once again. let's move on and take a further look at current conditions. here's a look from our rooftop camera here at abc 7 looking out over the bay. under lots of blue sky, just a
6:21 pm
few clouds. it's 57 degrees here in san francisco. oakland 59. 60 degrees at mountain view, san jose and morgan hill 57 at half moon bay. this is a view of the western sky. stunning view of the western sky from emeryville. 57 right now at santa rosa. napa 58. 56 at petaluma. upper 50s at concord and livermore and a lovely view also from the east bay hills camera looking in the same direction. these are all forecast features. we get a one-day dry break tomorrow. next storm arrives friday and there will b more rainy days ahead in the week ahead. overnight look for partly to mostly cloudy skies, maybe a little fog over the central valley working its way through the delta. we'll see low temperatures generally in the low to mid 40s, then tomorrow's highs under partly to mostly sunny skies will be mainly in the low 60s. however, there may be a spot or two of stray shower activity moving over the higher elevations in the santa cruz mountains. then on friday we get our next storm which ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity. forecast animation starting at 1:00 a.m. friday. as the morning commute gets under way we'll see some showers
6:22 pm
moth bay but the rain won't become very widespread until later in the day. it will be steadier and heavier in the afternoon hours as all parts of the bay area start to get? wet wather out of their system and it looks like it's going to be a wet evening commute or afternoon commute on friday as many people get away early. here's a look at the five-day forecast. storm ranked 1 on the storm impact scale comes in friday. partial clearing on saturday. although there could be a leftover shower or two saturday morning. increasing clouds on sunday. so the weekend is mainly dry but not very bright and sunny. and then monday, tuesday, and wednesday each of those days we'll see some shower activity or light rain. next week we'll start off on a wet note and a windy one. a breezy one. >> yeah. we've got the spring showers. >> there you go. >> thanks, spencer. all right. starbucks is testing out a new style and san fran
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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a big deal leads tonight's bay area business watch. a big real estate deal in san francisco. pinterest has signed a lease for nearly half a million square feet of office space in the city's soma neighborhood. it's the first major lease at the new development on lux om street. these pictures show what it might look like. the space will include a community recreation center, swimming pools, public activity space and a pedestrian art walk. the european union is fining google $1.7 billion.
6:26 pm
it claims the mountain view company abused its power in online advertising. this is the third time the eu has imposed a fine on google. stock in google's parent company alphabet went up by about 2%. the dow lost 141 points. the nasdaq was essentially flat. today the federal reserve left its key interest rate unchanged. and projected no interest rate hikes for the rest of the year. starbucks is stepping up its efforts to become a greener company. san francisco has been chosen as one of five markets to test new cups that will be both recyclable and compostable. starbucks also plans to roll out new lightweight recyclable strawless lids to all stores in the u.s. and canada in the next year. the coffee giant says it's part of its plan to phase out plastic straws worldwide by 2020. stay with us. weather you're watching is over the air right now, over the internet perhaps, on your phone. the media landscape is really changing. >> tonight we'll take a look at the big picture of having more
6:27 pm
choices when it comes to content and what it really costs. plus, abc 7 news sits down with a man once accused of murder at a hillsborough mansion. he now claims he's
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welcome to the family. the walt disney company just completed its $71 billion acquisition of 21st century fox. the mega deal puts cinderella, "the simpsons" and "star wars" all under one roof. disney is acquiring fox's tv and entertainment assets. the deal does not include fox news or its television stations. disney's the parent company of abc 7. now, disney and apple are preparing to launch new streaming video services. >> abc 7 news reporter david lui looks at what to expect and what it means for consumers. >> reporter: more than a million cable customers cut the cord in just a three-month period last year. complaints run high about the cost. >> it's usually around approaching $200 and that's for like almost the basic stuff. >> reporter: how entertainment and information come into our homes is changing rapidly. over 100 internet-based streaming services are taking
6:31 pm
the place of cable. some with familiar namds, some you may not know. two of america's best-known companies, disney and apple, will be launching streaming services this year. an individual streaming service might run between $8 and $20 a month, which might seem like a bargain compared to a cable tv bundle. however, streaming services are spending billions of dollars to line up big-name talent and producers to create unique content. consumers might end up subscribing to multiple channels in order to get the content they want. am is said to have lined up actresses octavia spencer, reese witherspoon, and jennifer aniston along with director steven spielberg for original shows. it's anticipated a launch date might be announced on monday. disney has a deep vault of blockbusters and new films for its streaming services. disney is the new company of abc 7. the streaming leader is netflix. >> we do use netflix and we also use amazon prime a lot. and hulu. and pretty soon we'll be using hbo for "game of thrones." >> reporter: the down side is that subscribing to multiple
6:32 pm
services can get expensive. >> these services add up after a while. a $10 a month service sounds great but all of a sudden when you add four, five, six of them you might as well go out and get a cable subscription. >> reporter: some streaming services target niche markets while others appeal to broader audiences. >> i think it depends on the household, what your interests are. yeah. but i certainly think there's a market out there for pretty much anything that comes on. >> reporter: with billions invested it's going to be a battle for eyeballs. in silicon valley david lui, abc 7 news. happening now, bay area leaders are honoring the 50 people who were killed in last week's mosque attacks in christchurch, new zealand. the memorial is scheduled to start right about now at 6:30 on the steps of san francisco city hall. new zealand law enforcement says the man responsible for shooting and killin those 50 people was on his way to a third attack when police arrested him. they declined to release any details, citing an active investigation. this revelation came as the first funerals for victims began today with the burial of a
6:33 pm
father and son who had fled the civil war in syria. the two had moved with their family to new zealand last year after being told it was the safest country in the world. well, tonight we are learning more about a hillsborough murder case where a woman is among the suspects charged with killing the father of her children back in 2016. tiffany li and kaveh bayat are scheduled to stand trial for the murder of keith green. a third suspect, alivier adella, has been released. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow tells us the man claims he's being threatened. >> reporter: olivier adella and his wife uta breddenstein say they don't feel safe in their home after someone scratched the word "snitch" on their car. >> some writing saying "snitch" on it. it's pretty much intimidation if you ask me. >> reporter: adella agreed to testify against tiffany li and her boyfriend kaveh bayat. the pair is charged with shooting and killing keith green inside li's hillsborough mansion nearly three years ago.
6:34 pm
green is the father of li's two children. adella was li and bayat's bodyguard and trainer. as part of a plea deal with the san mateo county district attorney's office adella pleaded no contest to accessory after the fact for disposing of green's body in sonoma county. he was released in october, having served 2 1/2 years. he's still expected to testify at the trial for li and bayat in august. adella's attorney installed surveillance cameras in their home after their car was vandalized. police have also stepped up patrols outside the home. adella and his wife say they still feel uneasy. > you start looking over your shoulder. our son's daycare is right around the corner from where i work. and the teachers, the daycare teachers have expressed -- this is very public. >> reporter: this is the second allegation of witness tampering in the case. last year an inmate in san mateo county jail told abc 7 news that bayat offered him $1.5 million to say adella had confessed to
6:35 pm
killing green. bayat's attorney denied that claim and says he's suspicious about this latest allegation of witness intimidation. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. we are just shy of 600 days to the next presidential election when democrats hope to replace donald trump in the white house. today former tallahassee mayor democrat andrew gillum made a major announcement but did not declare himself a candidate and announced he will launch a voter registration drive in florida. that's the nation's largest swing state. trump narrowly won florida in the 2016 election. senator bernie sanders made the first west coast appearance for his 2020 presidential bid, california workers at ucla today. sanders stood in solidarity with the workers mostly in the health care field who are asking the uc system to halt contracts with private companies and create a path to full-time career positions. he says strong unions are the key to closing the gap of income
6:36 pm
inequality. >> i am proud to be here with two great unions. we are going to rebuild the american middle class. we need to grow the trade union movement. >> senator sanders will hold a campaign rally in san francisco this sunday at fort mason. tonight california senator and presidential hopeful kamala harris will enjoy a star-studded fund-raiser in hollywood held at the home of director j.j. abrams and co-chaired by shonda rhimes. tickets cost almost $3,000 per guest. harris was in southern california to appear on "jimmy kimmel live" last night right here on abc 7. congress is currently in recess. rooms, orange paint and dinosaurs in the yard. these are all features of the infamous flintstone house that drivers see from 280. >> tonight we're going to take you an an exclusive tour inside
6:37 pm
the house that's now the target of a lawsuit by hillsborough. and the latest additions to the line-up at the bay area's newest entertainment ♪ ♪ ♪
6:38 pm
new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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if you've ever dreamed of living in a romantic villa in italy or spain you may look no further than this home for sale in the berkeley hills. the terra-cotta tile and vine covered brick give the look home the look and kneel of a european villa complemented by a sprawling view of the bay and the san francisco skyline. so what's the asking price? just under $1.8 million. >> it is spectacular. well, controversy surrounds the iconic flintstone house in hillsborough. the city's filed a lawsuit against its owner and now she's speaking out, giving only abc 7 news a tour of the crtoon-inspired home. >> florence fang declined to go on camera as she showed off the three-bedroom 2700-square-foot home built in 1976. the front and back yards have life-size statues of fred flintstone and crew dinosaurs like their pet dino as well as a giraffe, bigfoot, a lot of mushrooms. the city of hillsborough is suing fang for creating what it calls a highly visible eyesore. >> i'm not the only one alone is
6:41 pm
fighting for the legendary flintstone. it is a truly american memory that makes the people sniel and make them feel good about themselves. >> fang says she has many supporters including those on social media. she's had renowned san francisco attorney angela alioto to support her in fighting for her yabba dabba doo home. today's stormy weather gave way to some sunshine, which was very nice to see as we move on here on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> yes. but there is more rain in the seven-day forecast and spencer has that
6:42 pm
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a san francisco political icon turned 85 years old today. abc 7 news caught up with former mayor willie brown as he sxwrated this special day with friends near union square. brown has had a long and storied career in bay area politics. he served more than 30 years in the california state assembly including 15 as speaker. he was then mayor of san francisco from 1996 to 2004. brown says friendships are one secret to his success. the other is seizing opportunities when they become available. >> the opportunities can be made sometimes if you play it right. and you know, you're bold enough
6:45 pm
to challenge the system. >> brown is a fixture at la central restaurant for lunch. he's there so often the restaurant has even put up a portrait and plaque of him near his favorite table. >> that's a fun place to go. well, it is reveal week for the chase center in san francisco. the future home of the warriors. every day this week we're learning about what else the center will host. and take a listen to the band that you could see perform there in person. ♪ we ain't ever getting older ♪ that's the chainsmokers. italian opera singer andrea bocelli will perform for the first time ever in san francisco at the san francisco center in december, but the chainsmokers will appear on november 29th. this was the first of two nuancements made todnuanc announcements made today. ♪ and again, bocelli will perform
6:46 pm
for the first time ever in san francisco at the chase center in december. that will be thrilling. already this week we've learned that metallica, the san francisco symphony, dave matthews band and the black keys will all have concerts at the new facility, which opens in early september. abc 7 is going to be following every event during reveal week this week and so far it's been great. you can get each announcement sent to your phone if you download the abc 7 news app. you can customize the app for the topics and places that you're most interested in. the app will also let you know about breaking news around the bay area. people from all over are pouring into california to get a glimpse of the spectacular super bloom. some of them are causing problems, though, and even crushing the gorgeous poppies. leo stallworth from our sister station in los angeles reports. >> reporter: there are signs like the one over my shoulder throughout the poppy reserve here in lancaster. "fragile area. stay on trail." while most obey the rules, sadly a few don't. >> it's actually a pretty tough
6:47 pm
flower. it can survive freezes, heat, extended periods without water. >> but not people'll stepping on it. >> but not people stepping on it. >> reporter: state department of parks and recreation jean ryan has no patience for fence hoppers. >> you are going to get a ticket! >> reporter: and others not respecting the poppy reserve. >> use your common seps sense. use your horse sense. >> reporter: while taking in the breathtaking beauty of the poppy reserve in lancaster with thousands of other visitors from all overt world, leanne daly reflected on the huge crowds and heavy traffic at the ecological poppy reserve in walker canyon and lake elsinore over the weekend. thousands flocking to see the super bloom. leanne outraged. some visitors trampling and destroying a lot of the flowers to prevent further damage. authorities removing everyone closing the area to the public. >> your horse sense would be come out, you know, don't hurt what's here, appreciate what's here. >> reporter: jean and rangers policing the poppies making sure
6:48 pm
what happened in lake elsinore doesn't happen in lancaster. >> the realit is today with social media our parks are being loved to death. >> reporter: park rangers already handing out nearly a dozen tickets to violators, disobeying laws by walking off trails, trampling the flowers, and in some cases just laying in the poppies, crushing them, taking self-ies. a big no-no. >> everybody wants to get their pictures in the poppies, but then we end up with a trail being started and then somebody else sits there thinking somebody else started the trail so it's okay if they sit there. but that makes it bigger. and the more people are walking or sitting off the trail it actually compacts the soil and it will a scar for years to come where the roots can't get down into that compacted soil. >> it is so beautiful. >> it is. but let's keep it beautiful. that was leo stallworth reporting. >> don't trample the flowers. you're seeing these spring flowers because we're getting these spring showers. >> yep. and maybe some more on the way. spencer. >> conditions are drive right
6:49 pm
now. overnight we'll have a few clouds in the sky. low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 40s tomorrow. another dry day except a little spot of sprinkles might move over the santa cruz mountains into the palo alto area. but generally mainly sunny and dry tomorrow, highs in the low 60s. next storm comes in on friday rank only 1 on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity. accuweather seven-day forecast. we get mainly a dry weekend but clouds are going to linger through the entire weekend and we get showers again monday, tuesday, and wednesday. so more rainy days than dry days coming our way in the next seven days. >> here we go again. thanks, spencer. >> okay. >> all right. let's talk a little baseball. >> larry beil. >> how many of you stayed up all night to watch the a's' opener? >> i was impressed. for half a second you had me. the a's opened in japan. nobody stayed up. okay? dan pretending. we've got you covered with all the highlights. >> i wanted to. >> he was there in spirit. >> it doesn't matter what country you're in
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
good evening. yet another example of major league baseball having no idea how to market its sport. the a's and mariners opened the baseball season in tokyo in a game scheduled for 2:45 a.m. pacific time. here are the highlights of baseball for a's insomniacs. primetime in tokyo, japan. i think that was the tokio tower right there, which is beautiful.
6:53 pm
ichiro the center of attention. no score in the first. stephen piscotty off of marco gonzalez. first homer of the major league season. 2-1 a's in the third. bases are loaded. domingo santana high, deep, and aloha, or should i say -- sayonara means good-bye. mariners take a 5-2 lead. khris davis, all he does is crush. doesn't matter what country. 2-1 blast. a's down 5-4. classy move in the fourth taking ichiro out of the game so he can get a standing ovation. he's 45 and retired but he's playing this series in japan. tim beckham takes ryan dole very deep and the bat flip. the mariners go on to win the season opener in japan 9-7. on to hoops now. st. mary's got hot late, won seven of their last eight including the west coast conference title to make the ncaa tournament and now they would like to stay a little while. fresh off their upset win over gonzaga, the 11 seeded gaels are
6:54 pm
going to try to take out the 6th seeded villanova. that's going to be played in hartford, connecticut. nova won the last two years, struggled at times this season. the gaels say bring it on. >> there's no bad teams in this tournament. so we were ready for whoever they threw at us and we're excited to play a great program. two out of the last three national champs. >> good teams on the defensive end and the offense will take cae of itself. >> you can't be nervous long. you have to perform. so that's what we've been trying to work on. we're going to try and get used to the court today. >> the 49ers have to be following all the kyler murray rumors closely. they can take any pass rusher they want with the second overall pick or trade down and accumulate assets. the man they may want the most is nick bosa out of ohio state. and 49ers brass is reportedly dining with bosa, perhaps lunch and dinner. they like him so much. ohio state held their pro day
6:55 pm
workout today but bosa did not work out. the san jose state spartans unveiled their pro day today and tight end josh oliver was their top attraction. he elected to let his nfl scouting combine numbers speak for themselves. didn't take part in any work except for individual route running. the linebacker turned tight end only had one ball hit the ground while was working out. that was an overthrow. he's been working out. his sights are set on the nfl draft. he's been lifting. >> towards my sophomore year i kind of realized that in order to do the best you've got to do more than what teammates are doing, than what the people around you are doing, to kind of separate yourself and create just that dominance. all this stuff has been a huge blessing. i'm thankful to have done everything but i'm ready to get back to a team and start football. >> could be a fourth-round pick. usc's long snapper jake olsen captivating the weight room. 17 bench presses with 225 pounds.
6:56 pm
he did the reps to raise money for his charity, out of sout faith, helping people who have lost their eyesight due to cancer. he's a special young man. >> wow. stanford women's basketball team dialed in right now. not even finals are a distraction for this saturday's first-round ncaa game. the players are taking finals this week heading into the tournament. the cardinal are a 2 seed hosting uc davis at maples on saturday. they've won nine straight since a 40-point defeat to oregon in february. that includes victory over the same ducks. take the pac-12 title. >> we just have great, great players in the pac-12 and great coaches and programs. so we feel that we've really improved since that time and by playing that great competition that helped us get better. >> we know that we have to take it one game at a time, and we're hungry. i mean, obviously we had a great pac-12 tournament but we're hungry for more. we want to win a national championship. it's been a long time. >> consistency and excellence through the decades. tara vanderveer and the stanford program. >> so true. impressive. >> thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv 20, cable channel 713.
6:57 pm
california congressman devin nunes sues a twitter account that pokes fun at him. well, it may have backfired. that's at 9:00. >> and on the abc 7 news at 11:00, building a better bay area for teachers. one south bay school district has a new approach to tackle skyrocketing housing costs. >> those stories and a lot more later tonight. but that is this edition of, 7 news. look for breaking news whenever you like on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer, larry, all of you here, thanks for spending some evening time with us. >> we'll see
6:58 pm
even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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