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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 21, 2019 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, the car cam take down. and he's prowling around, but what he doesn't know, he's being watched by this guy, a nfl player. the latest high-tech gadgets now disrupting crime and arming consumers. but how far would you go to protect your prized possessions? plus asia kate dylan breaking new ground and inspiring millions. >> it is a pinch me moment. >> reporter: special correspondent adam rippon sits down with the actor in the ground-breaking role. how it led to a revelation about the actor's own gender identity.
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but first, the "nightline" five. e" five. number one
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us all. cameras, it seems are on every corner. tonight a new trend. safer cameras made headlines
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when a pro football player made contact with a man allegedly breaking into his car. >> reporter: you're watching what police say is a burglary in progress. the target? a souped-up dodge charger. but what this alleged burglar doesn't know is that this car is owned by this guy. >> and he is in! >> reporter: alex ar maud ju junior, a rising star for the carolina panthers. how big are you? >> 6'2", 250. >> reporter: that's a lot of football player. >> it helps on the field. >> reporter: you are trained to have a target. this video shown for the first time shows alex capturing a man police say had broken into his car. >> stop [ bleep ]! >> reporter: exchanging a few choice words and holding him until police arrive. >> i can't relax like this,
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dude. >> i can't either, you just tried to bla tried to break into my [ bleep ] car. >> reporter: thanks to this, a security camera installed in his car. what he did next should not be tried at home. devices like owl are part of the multi-billion dollar consumer surveillance market, protecting our cars and our homes with smart devices like ring and google nest. making it easier to catch thieves in the act. >> our homes, our cars, obviously, they're some of our biggest investments. and they also, we're personally attached to them. cars, et cetera, mean something to us beyond the dollar value. >> reporter: which means something to alex, the son of a tax accountant, a hard-working immigrant from ghana. when you got that first check how did you spend it? >> my first purchase was a car. >> reporter: what did you buy?
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>> charger. >> reporter: so this was your first car. >> this was my first legit car. >> reporter: it wasn't just your first car, your first love. >> yeah. >> reporter: but just months after driving that first love off the lot. >> december 15th, my car was broken into. windows shattered. glass hangin' out on my paint, scraped up on the side of my car. >> reporter: when you saw it, what was your reaction? >> you just feel very violated. and i feel like it's disgusting to see your own property like that, something you worked hard to get. >> reporter: so alex desided to invest in security. choosing that owl, linked to his cell phone with real-time video if there's been a crash or break in. what was happening the night it happened? >> i was doing a late-night ab routine. >> reporter: like we all do. >> and i got this instant notification on my phone. i check, see someone in my car and that's when the adrenaline starts moving. >> reporter: then you go out.
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>> i go into kick-ass mode. >> reporter: and an ah-oh moment for the >> i see this guy finishing, closing my door and he sees me walking toward him in an aggressive man ir. >> reporte . >> reporter: and what did you do? >> he tries to run. i grabbed him and threw him out here. he comes this way. in between these two cars. >> reporter: and he's making a run for it. >> he's making a run for it. stop [ bleep ]. i will break your [ bleep ]. >> reporter: restraining him with a grappling move called an arm bar made famous by fighters in the ufc. >> reporter: where did you pick this up? >> i don't know. >> reporter: watching a lot of wrestling. >> i was just like i'm going to arm bar this fool. >> reporter: all captured on alex's cell phone video by his apartment concierge,
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armoire a new nickname. arm bar. >> he was like man, not again, this happened again? i was like yeah, this time i caught the guy. and they were really impressed. they were like, you did a good job, you did what you had to do. >> reporter: the alleged burglar, a 32-year-old from charlotte, arrested and charged with entering a motor vehicle. he's scheduled to appear in court later this month. were you ever afraid for your safety? >> no. >> reporter: how come? >> i was just prepared for anything. and whatever was going to happen was going to happen. >> reporter: according to the fbi. there were more than 7.5 million cases of property crime in 2017, costing victims an estimated $15 billion. you can see a lot from here. >> we can. there's about a thousand cameras right now. >> reporter: here at the charlotte police department's real time police center, public and private surveillance cameras monitor potential crimes around
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the clock. how much of a game changer is this broadly-speaking surveillance cameras? >> pictures speak a thousand words. it's one thing to have an officer sit up on the stand and describe it. it's completely different when they requecan look at it. >> reporter: but police warn no one should be taking the law into their own hands. what about people getting hotheaded? >> you don't want to take a property crime and turn it into a violent crime. you don't want to go from a victim to a suspect. >> reporter: if you're able to break up a couple of these high-volume car thieves you may be breaking up a whole criminal ring. >> if they're stealing a car on friday, they may be selling drugs on saturday and doing something else on sunday. it could translate into house breakings, shootings, all kinds of things. >> reporter: and companies like owl are hoping to disrupt the bad guys by arming consumers
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with high-def evidence. >> we hear the story where someone calls up the police, hey, my car got vehicle got broken into, i have video. well, videos aren't that good. and then they send an owl camera video. and they have this duh look. >> reporter: owl in the headlights. >> owl in the headlights. >> reporter: there is the inevitable question of trading privacy for security. >> should people have privacy concerns. >> this is for you. >> reporter: it's not all about break-ins and fender benders. >> there was a woman name the jennifer. two guys came up to her. said they had a gun. she thought to kind of walk in front of the car, pulled the two of them into range of the camera. she points at it and says do you really want to do this? and they back off. and in less than an hour, those two were both arrested.
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>> reporter: four alex, crime fighting is not replacing his day job anytime soon. i know what your mom said. what did she say? >> go ahead. are your don't ev >> reporter: don't ever do that again. >> she's happy i got it taken care of. but she's like, you don't have to do that. >> reporter: i'm juju chang in charlotte, north carolina. >> our thanks to juju. next, the billions actor breaking barriers. breaking barriers. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. d u y se wgh oh! under seven? in the sam adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death.
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have you ever heard the term
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nonbinary? for many it's new, more than that, it is empowering. j gender identity is not the story line of the hit show "billions." here's abc's special correspondent adam rippon. >> it's my cast chair. ch >> reporter: it's like a pinch me moment. >> it definitely is a pichnch moment. >> reporter: on a show about money, power and politics you might not expect to see an actor like asia kate dylan. >> i did what i had to do to survive and win. >> reporter: asia is one of the stars of "billions." the hit showtime series navigating the testosterone-driven world of finance. >> it has changed my life in that they have shown me how to live in one's freedom. >> reporter: asia is breaking
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new ground with an unlikely leading character. >> let's satisfy the buyers out there. >> love it boss people. >> reporter: taylor mason, a brilliant hedge fund magnate who happens to be the first non-binary character on television. >> you sold out my relationship in order to do it. >> if taylor had been created as a character where their non-buy n nar eye identity was the main focus it's not something i would have wanted to play. >> reporter: she previously appeared as a white supremacist on "orange is the new black." >> i was on the cover of the magazine twice before the fbi figured out i was poisoning jews. >> reporter: she identifies as non-buy n non-binary and was born with female sex organs. >> i didn't have the language for it. >> reporter: i've never met
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someone who's non-binary. what does that mean? >> it is a term used by some people, myself included, who experience their gender as somewhere outside the boxes of man or woman. they use it because they experience it as both or neither or their gender is fluid. >> reporter: you really like when someone, when you start a conversation with someone when you ask what their pronouns are. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: i'm adam, and my pronouns are he, him, his. >> and i'm asia, my pronouns are they, theirs. you create a space for everyone to be comfortable. assigned sex and gender identity are different things. >> reporter: but asia didn't fully understand their gender identity until auditioning for
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"billions." what's so crazy is the first time you heard female nonbuy n n eye nary is the first time you read this script. >> she identified as a trans person but hadn't changed their body. it's not part of their journey. it all fell into place because hit >> i admire it, but i'm going to stop t. >> reporter: bobby axelrod, the epitome of wall street masculinity. >> you got to pick sides. >> bobby's relationship with taylor is fraud. >> reporter: the character of taylor first appeared in the series' second season as bobby's protége. >> hi, i'm taylor. my pronouns are they, theirs and them. >> okay. >> reporter: two seasons later, their relationship is in
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shambles. >> can i trust you on this? >> you're the [ bleep ] genius. figure it out. >> >> it emerged as we got to know asia. and became clear what a statement that was in commercial mainstream entertainment. >> reporter: that moment, damian says, is helping bring the gender nonbinary conversation into a broughter context. >> a lot of us are meeting gender nonbienry people for the first time. >> reporter: behind the scenes, asia is equal parts serious and sweet. do you have a favorite part about it? >> i love that the desk was custom made for taylor and this office, which does feel very special. >> reporter: it does. that appeal is what show runners brian culpleman says helped asia win the role. >> it has been very male and very white male. though it's changing a little. somebody like taylor mason
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completely upsets that applecart. >> reporter: was taylor always written as a non-binary role? >> 100%. we wrote it before she auditioned for the part. >> it's like asking a magician how to do their tricks. >> one of the things that's gratifying about playing taylor is the feedback. young people saying i never thought i would come to an understanding of my identity. and i saw taylor on tv and i understood. and i also had feedback from people who say i'm from the south. i was homophobic, i was transphobic, and taylor's really changing my heart and my mind. >> reporter: wow. >> and that is art affecting real change that is making the world a safer place. >> reporter: but asia says there's still work to do to conquer simple challenges they face every day. >> airports are a place where from the moment you buy a ticket
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you're selecting a prefix and you have to pick a gender, male or female. so i usually for ease and safety choose female. although latelyive abe i've bee choosing doctor, because there's no gender associated with it. >> reporter: asia hopes to change norms and is using the platform to become a role model for others. recently becoming an advocate for the gender project in new york. >> i came out as nonbinary at 2 1/2. >> a little over a year ago. >> someone called me she, and i was like, i don't like that. >> pretty much the same thing, hearing she and saying i never felt like a she from even my youth. >> i knew it never felt right to be a girl, but i also didn't feel like a boy either. so i just always tried to be me. >> it's always nice to meet
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other people and talk to them about it and go wow, that happens to you, too? i'm not alone? >> i feel less alone having met you. you are my community. you help me feel less alone in this moment and for every moment after this. so thank you. >> reporter: jean is the founder and director of the project. what is it like to have someone like asia come and speak to your group? >> to have someone who is willing to be an ambassador gives me hope. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: one of the things i admire about you the most is the way you use your voice. >> i'm a trans person, i'm a white person. i am listened to. so i am conscious of that, and i take advantage of it. >> reporter: it's that pride that inspires asia to keep speaking their freedom, to inspire those out there still struggling to find themselves.
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if you had that chance to go back and speak to your younger self what's one thing you wish you would be able to say? >> hang in there, it's going to be okay. there will be a moment your you will be walking and you will see yourself coming towards you, and you will say yes. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm adam rippon in new york. . >> our thanking s to adam. and next, deadpool's message for mickey mouse. ckey mouse. focus, as always our singulr to do whatever it takes, use every possible resource, to fight cancer. and never lose sight of the patients we're fighting for. our cancer treatment specialists share the same vision. experts from all over the world, working closely together to deliver truly personalized cancer care. and these are the specialists we're proud to call our own. expert medicine works here. learn more at appointments available now. when a stuffy nose closes in... (whimper)
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and finally tonight, some exciting news for us here. the 71 billion dollar merge between our parent company and fox was just completed. disney acquired 21st century fox setting the statement to become an even bigger global content powerhouse. ryan reynolds tweeting this picture of his deadpool character celebrating the news in his newea bob iger calling this an extraordinary and historic moment. thank you for watching "nightline," and thanks for the company, america. goodnight. goodnight.
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