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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning north bay. this is abc 7 mornings. i just have a feeling it's going to be a good day on this thursday, march 21st. >> i think so, too. it's supposed to be sunny. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yep, definitely going to be drier today and a little more sunshine out there. there's a slight chance of a shower along the peninsula coast and into the santa cruz mountains. otherwise, the big story this morning isinpeta
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hn les mile. slow down and use the low beams, especially when the kids get out to the bus stop in the next here's a look. >> flags aren't moving at the ferry building right now. it is significantly cooler this morning. dress for 40 to 45 degrees. 55 to 58 at noon. 56 at the coast. comfortable this afternoon. especially in the sunshine. by 7:00, we're 54 to 58. grab a coat. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. i've got a little more information here on a situation at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can't see it on camera. we have a vehicle that hit something, a piece of debris. it's stuck under her vehicle. lane 14 is the latest information. that would be one. cash lanes over on the right side of the toll plaza. someone is on the way to assist there. hopefully, they can get the vehicle moved shortly. overall, the drive times look
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good. here's a quick check. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, in the yellow at 40 minutes. no surprise. dublin to mission boulevard in the green at 16. northbound 85 between highway 101 and cupertino, looking great in the south bay. should be a 15-minute drive. in the south bay, the mountain view woodman school district helps to build a better bay area by giving teachers more options for affordable housing. >> it's a move they hope can help educators save a thousand dollars every month. a housing project proposed near moffitt boulevard. they could approve the project today. reporter matt keller is live with the details on the vote happening in a few hours. matt? >> reporter: reggie, this issue very important for teachers and other workers. the school board going to be taking that vote later today in mountain view. >> i share my two-bedroom apartment with my daughter, my son-in-law and my two grandchildren. >> that's the reality for nancy
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rodriguez, administrative sis tabt for the mountain view school district. she's moving her family where she can afford to house. that means err commute will take more than three hours. other teachers are shang apartments to make it work in a city where the average apartment goes for $2500 a month. they're proposing they build 144 units. in an apartment complex around the corner from the school district office. it would be for school teachers and employees. >> i'm excited about it. it creates a solution that could be replicated across the state. really, it creates a solution that retains teachers for our community to make sure that we have top notch schools. >> reporter: teachers in the district have a starting salary of $64,000. they pay $1500 a month for the apartment, saving about a thousand dollars a month. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. finding solutions to the bay area's housing issues can come in many forms. we'd like to hear your ideas.
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see what you think by joining our better bay area facebook group. in the east bay, a former uc berkeley student is accusing cal football coaches and players of sexual harassment. paige cornelius worked for the football team sports medicine unit last season. in a public facebook post, core kneel yus wrote an unnamed coach threatened to fire her. she said she would be followed, cornered and inappropriately touched. she reported the alleged harassment but didn't receive a response. uc berkeley released a statement saying, quote, we are aware of the very disturbing public allegations made on social media. allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment by campus employees. are confidential unless officials determine policy is rye violated. a beloved pittsburg principal is headed to court.
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maria vi dez will be -- she and her husband got into a dispute in their home. schatz well is currently on life support suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. he's the principal at the pittsburg adult educational center and also teaches there. in the north bay, water officials advanced a proposal to raise water rates and put a new fee-based system into effect. the marin ij reports the unanimous vote by the marin municipal water district kicks off a two-month review. officials are proposing to raise water rates by 4% per year through 2022 as well as increae existing fees. a new annual fee would be based on meter size costing most customers 163 or $409 each year. a final vote scheduled for may 28th. you can now text 911 to report an emergency in several cities in the north bay.
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san rafael, fairfax and novato police departments are rolling out the new service. but police say do not use slang, abbreviations or emojis. the marin county sheriff's office is expected to begin accepting 911 texts in june. calling 911 is still the fastest way to get help. there are times when texting could be a life-saving alternative. this morning, president trump is not backing down from attacking the late senator, john mccain, despite facing widespread rebuke. >> instead, he appears to be escalating this feud, which according to a new report is even baffling his own white house aides. reporter elizabeth hur is in new york with the details. >> good morning. politico is reporting that some people close to trump are each asking, why are we doing this? >> president trump ramping up his attacks on senator john mccain who died seven months ago. speaking at a factory in ohio.
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>> john mccain received the fake and phony dossier. did you hear about the dossier? he turned it over to the fbi hoping to put me in jeopardy. >> the pro-military crowd remained silent as the president blasted the late senator and war hero over his funeral. >> i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. which as president i had to approve. >> overnight, politico citing people close to trump reporting that the president might be consciously trying to remake the news environment creating a bizarre spectacle to displace criticism. strategy or not, some republicans on capitol hill are coming to mccain's defense. >> it's deplorable what he said. >> comments about senator mccain hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. >> the president continues to slam the mueller report calling i ridiculous. he says he believes it should be
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released to the public. elizabeth hur, abc news. new york. all right. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. danville, 48. 46 in san carlos, san jose, 45. it's mild in hayward and san francisco. 51 and 50. santa rosa, 39. 43 in napa and novato. pacifica 47. here's a look at the dry golden gate bridge. you want to do gardening today, watch out the pollen is back. same thing if you're exercising. otherwise, the temperatures are comfortable today. there's a possibility of a shower south of half moon bay along our beaches this afternoon. let's go to the north bay where we've got a few clouds and fog at 7:00. 40 degrees. still in the 40s at 9:00. we jump up to near 60 at 1:00. you'll see the most amount of sunshine along with the east bay. i think there will be a cloud or two sneaking in here.
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definitely need the sula 11:00. low 60s this afternoon. down to 58 at 7:00. let's go to san francisco where we're pretty cloudy. sunshine breaking through. 1:00 at 57. in the afternoon hours, try to get to 60. 56 at 7:00. giving our umbrella a rest today. we'll make it work tomorrow. have an hour by hour look at the rain coming up. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. we're looking at pretty good all things considered. certainly better than yesterday. we're enjoying the dry pavement. that is for sure. we are still seeing residual delays through castro valley to san leandro. north on 238 connector to northbound 880 is reportedly fully back open. we had the closure due to a crash involving a semi. but they canceled the sig-alert and saiding was back open about 10, 15 minutes ago. little surprise that hasn't thinned out more quickly.
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roadwork in the east bay here into the central valley. eastbound 580 between greenville road and 205. various lanes closed until 11:00 this morning. that's adding 15, 20 minutes on your commute. getting out of tracy of course, as well. >> thanks, alexis. new details in the deadly tram shooting in the netherlands. dutch prosecutors will charge the key suspect with multiple offenses, including terrorism. investigators believe that he acted alone in monday's shooting there. three people were killed, three others seriously hurt. the 37-year-old suspect is expected to appear in court tomorrow. less than a week since the deadly terror attacks at the mosques in new zealand. the country's prime minister announced today she will move forward with a ban on nearly all military-style semiautomatic guns. abc 7 news was in san francisco last night when people gathered for a vigil for the victims. they honored the 50 lives lost
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during friday's massacre. the crowds cheered at the end of the vigil when news about the ban on assault weapons was announced. at least one speaker called for a similar law here in the u.s. a long-time san francisco company that you definitely know is finally going public. what you should know before the market opens today. more than a dozen bay area residents have been charged in the college admissions cheating scam. how one local student got into ucla as a fake soccer star. it's game on between the a's and the mariners.
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yesterday, the first day of spring and we dealt with rain. it felt like winter in southern california. check out all this hail in long beach yesterday. almost shoveled it. also brought puddling to parts of the city. it was like san jose a couple weekends ago when it was almost like a couple of inches deep. that's pretty impressive. that's a lot of ice. let's bring it back home. talk about our next chance of rain. storm impact scale for tomorrow. moving into -- sliding south across the rest of our neighborhoods as we head into the afternoon afrpd evening hours. i'll give you an hour by hour look at it coming up next. thanks, mike. a bay area college coach says the daughter of a coach -- never played on his team despite the fact that her college application said she was the
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team captain. our ucla soccer bio, lauren isaac son major not guilty psychology lists team captain for woodside soccer club from 2012 to 2016 and selected team mvp in 2015. but the coaching director there said there wasn't a team in her age group. when she was accepted as a soccer recruit, he thought something was odd. >> as soon as i heard a player getting recruited from woodside soccer club, it smelled fishy to me. team captain and mvp, be hard to be that of a team that doesn't exist. >> ooh. a criminal complaint unveiled that a falsified soccer profile was forwarded to the head coach of soccer. the complaints say lauren's parents, bruce and da vin a eye sacson took part in the scheme and the college entrance scam for two of their kids. gma talked to former prosecutor
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sunny hoskins this morning and asked could people like them face real prison time. >> the criminal exposure is up to 20 years in prison. if you look at the federal sentencing guidelines, that breaks down to 12 to 24 months. i think that these parents could and should serve real time in prison. >> abc 7 reached out to bruce and his wife. but we have yet to hear back. stories about the admission scandal have been some of the most popular on our website. we have a list there of the bay area residents who are now charged in this scam. you can find that online at in today's gma first look, the mom behind a popular youtube channel is accused of abusing the adopted children her videos feature. reporter janai norman has details. >> in gma first look, police opening up about the youtube stunner. how behind the laughs and smiles
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of the fantastic adventures channel with 242 million views lie a hidden world of abuse. police arresting michelle hobson, charging her with seven counts of child abuse after her adult biological daughter megan seen in this video tipped them off saying one of her siblings told her hobson was harming all seven of her adopted children using pepper spray on them, depriving them of food an water for days and locking them in closets. >> september to the house to do a welfare check that they hadn't eaten and sometimes they don't eat for days. >> they removed all seven children from hobson's home. hobson denying the allegations. we have much more on this case coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm janai norman, abc news, new york. happening today in a little more than one hour from now at 6:30 this morning, san francisco-based levis is going public. company shares are expected to be priced $17 each for a total
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estimated value of $6.6 billion. levis plans to set aside m it makes from the ipo for possible acquisitions and one interesting note, we're expecting the levi's ceo to ring the opening bell at the new york stock exchange and what he will be wearing is subject of speculation. the stock exchange has a no jeans policy on the trading floor. so will the head of levi's be wearing jeans? we'll have to wait to find out in about an hour at 6:30 this morning. it makes sense, right? >> they make khakis as well. he could be wearing those. the a's are trying to notch a first win while taking part in baseball history. espn is reporting that ichiro suzuki told the mariners he's going to retire after today's game ending his career in his home country. that is pretty special.
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so far he's hitless in three at-bats. we'll see if he changes that. he has one more at-bat. we do know that the a's had a first run with the rbi single in the fifth inning and right now the mariners lead the game 4-2 in the seventh. still a little bit of time. >> i just checked online. i have it pulled up. it's 4-4. it's tied. that's the update, guys. >> this just in. great. >> we're tied. >> good. happening today, march madness kicks off with the lone bay area team in the ncaa tournament in action. 11th seeded st. mary's faces villanova, 6 needed. nova won two of the last three, including last year. >> the gales are fresh off the win in the wcc tourney. tipoff at 4:20 p.m. a watch party being held at dryden hall on the st. mary's campus. >> tourney. i like that. >> using that casual language.
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the chase center in san francisco, the future home of the warriors. >> every day this week, we're learning about new events that will happen at the chase center that they'll be hosting in the fall and this next announcement i expected in about one hour. ♪ >> yesterday we learned the chain smokers will appear in concert on november 29th. ♪ >> andrea bocelli. >> that's awesome. >> you wish you could sing that? >> yes, i really do. >> he will perform for the first time ever in san francisco at the chase center in december. also, metallica, san francisco symphony, dave matthews band and the black keys as well. it opens in september. abc 7 is following every event
5:21 am
during reveal week this week. you can get each announcement sent to you on your phone as well if you download the abc 7 news app. you can stay on top of it and customize the app for places that you're interested in. they will let you know about breaking news around the bay area. there you go. >> i'm still waiting for that one act i really want to see. >> you're not interested in any of them so far? >> i wouldn't buy tickets for any of those. i have very questionable taste. >> reveal week continues. >> yeah. we still have a little bit of time. >> it's like revealing the brackets in the ncaa tournament. we're waiting for reggie's bracket to come out? >> is that something you want to see in that list? >> i would see the dave matthews band. >> i'd like to see it. getting money out of my wallet is harder. >> not concert-goers. >> yep. i took my wife to see jimmy buffett in sacramento last week. that's what we do. here's a look at what's going on outside right now.
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you're never more than seven minutes away. in the east bay hills, mostly clear conditions. a little bit of fog in the north bay. need the sunglasses today. the santa cruz mountains, a chance of a stray shower for you. clouds gather, north bay rain tonight. then only dry during the weekends. we have several chances of rain coming up. there's that splotch of green in the santa cruz mountains. half moon bay, san francisco. 61 to 64 for the rest of us. mid to upper 40s. you can see the rain moving in to the north bay. little drizzle along the coast. random shower for the rest of us. for sure, you can see the shield of green that moves into the north bay during the morning commute. some yellow and moderate rain also. pretty much stays there through the morning hours. in the afternoon and evening, it starts to slide through the rest of the neighborhoods. right in time for the -- on friday, will you give up a friday evening to have a dry saturday and a dry sunday. >> think about that. here's a look at our rain.
5:23 am
you can see by noon tomorrow, it's mainly north of the san mateo bridge. as you head into the evening hours, there you go, our quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain, an inch into the mountains in the north bay. the storm is a 1 right now. the storms will be a 1 for monday, tuesday. we've got sunshine and warmer weather this weekend. alexis? >> taking a look at the roads, we have had a few problems this morning. nothing compared to yesterday, though. we're looking at a busy bay bridge toll plaza. we have two crashes reported within the approach to the maze. one of those involving two vehicles blocking lane number 2. one a little bit further back at the 580 split. i think one of those is off in the parking lot now. you can see looks like maybe a fire truck is in that parking lot. taking a look at a few other issues here this morning. we're moving over to our traffic maps. we have roadwork that should be wrapping up shortly. in fact, this backup is looking quite a bit better. between marina vista and arthur road. various lanes were supposed to
5:24 am
be closed until 6:00. it was in the red a moment ago. they're probably picking up the cones as you cross benicia bridge on the southbound side. these drive times are looking good. 680, walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, 54. northbound 17, highway 1 into los gatos looking good at 22
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we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ 5:26. if you're just joining us or headed out the door, the seven things to know before you go. number one, president trump is expected to sign an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal resources. invited four berkeley clemg republicans to attend the signing. >> number the uker taken hostage and forced to drive miles at gunpoint broke his silence in an exclusive interview with a the carjacking and chase ended the night of february 14th with one suspect shot dead by police
5:27 am
in san jose. >> number 3, a former uc berkeley student is accusing cal football coaches and players of sexual harassment. in a public facebook post, paige cornelius wrote an unnamed coach threatened to fire her if she didn't have sex with him. the mountain view school district will decide whether to build 144 unit for teacher housing. it could cost $46 million and one day save some teachers a thousand dollars a month. all right. number 5, we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. a few clouds and temperatures still below average but comfortable in the low to mid-60s. notice we have rain friday though. it will be pretty dry saturday and sunday. >> number 6, we're still looking at a backup in the east bay. kind of curious why we've not bounced back up better than what we're seeing here. the 238 connector was closed due to a crash involving a big rig. that's long gone at this point.
5:28 am
still seeing the backup on 580 and castro valley. number 7, saturday night's powerball jackpot will hit a whopping $625 million. no one picked all six winning numbers in last night's drawing. the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292 million. the proposal involving smartphones that may not sit well with a lot of teens. half the people ticketed for not paying muni fares each
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now at 5:30, free speech at uc berkeley. president trump expected to issue an executive order that would protect conservative voices on college campuses. a live look at the embarcadero in san francisco where it is dry outside.
5:31 am
you'll want to enjoy today. because more rain is expected in our forecast. would you pay hundreds of dollars to get these pre-dirtied sneakers? >> no. >> they're from gucci. >> no. >> i wash my shoes. >> do you? >> yeah. >> never mind. >> just shaking my head over here. >> never mind. >> i like my shoes nice and clean and white and looking brand new. >> you can pay us hundreds of dollars, we'll get them dirty for you. give me five bucks. i will do that for you. could almost buy you a coffee. >> can't wait to hear that story. got to be a catch there somewhere. otherwise, we'll keep shaking our heads. weather, it's going to be changing today for the better if you like the dryness. but the lack of cloud out there means, yep, fog once again. you can see it around petaluma and pen grove. bodega avenue, adobe i road.
5:32 am
all the streets there could have visibility down to less than a mile from time to time. please belejump camera. it's pretty quiet outside. much cooler temperatures. dress warmer, 40 to 45. even some 30s. mid to upper 50s at no0s at the. there's a slight chance of a shower at the santa cruz mountains this afternoon. alexis? >> good morning, mike. just believe i saw a crash clear to the parking lot at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's within the maze here. i believe it's gone. i believe it cleared from the board as i was walking up. i was looking to see if they told us that the metering lights were up. it sure looks like it. if i had to bet, i'd say they're on. carpool lanes are open. if you are using those this morning. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. 49 minutes. not terrible. in the yellow out of the central valley. southbound 680 dublin to mission
5:33 am
boulevard. that's the green at 15 minutes. thank youa lexis. new san jose police are investigating an accident that left one person dead t crashed into a tree at curtner and new jersey avenues. the driver was the only person in the vehicle. president trump expected to issue a college campus free speech order. >> in the spotlight, college republicans from cal. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in berkeley this morning. amy? >> reporter: jessica, some are questioning whether this executive order is necessary. but some of the college republicans here on campus have been invited to the white house today. they tell the san francisco chronicle they're really glad that the president is taking action on this issue. president trump is scheduled to sign this executive order today. it will require that
5:34 am
universities support free speech or lose federal funding. he invited four berkeley college republicans tomony. he says conservative students across the country are being silenced on college campuses. conservative speech is planned by the group on the cal campus have ended in violenolent and destructive protests. the university settled a lawsuit on the issue, promising to accommodate conservative events and to pay a $70,000 fine. this executive order could impact federal education and research grants for colleges. with today's order, they're going to tie the grants to enforcement of the first amendment. reporting live from berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. this morning, abc news has learned the fbi is joining the criminal investigation to look into the certification of the boeing 737 max 8. we're also learning more details
5:35 am
about last year's max 8 crash in indonesia. bloomberg reports, officials started investigating the software system linked to the crash weeks after that lion air flight plunged into the java sea. officials found the stall prevention feature blamed for the crash wasn't flagged in pilot manuals. happening today, the man charged with sending package bombs to prominent democrats will plead guilty in a courtroom. cesar sayoc targeted critics of president trump, package bombs mailed around the country, including here in northern california. one in sacramento was addressed to senator kamala harris. the other in burlingame, addressed to tom steyer. police hope you can help them catch an intruder who broke into a home and sat next to a woman in her bed and tried to talk to her. you're looking at a sketch of the man who got into the apartment in el camino real on
5:36 am
sunday. the victim escaped unharmed. he's described as 5'8". weighing about 180 pounds. he had a hooded sweatshirt on and gloves. the victim says that police -- the victim tells police that the man bass carrying a flashlight. in an exclusive interview only on abc 7, the ups driver taken hostage and forced to drive miles at gunpoint is breaking his silence. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo sat down with mitchell ard. he was working a route in san jose on february 14th. when a man and bottom approached him. -- woman approached him. they held a gun to him and forced him to drive. he describes in detail the moments he got on the freeway and the chase that ensued. then a touching moment after macy-rogers surrendered leaving the men inside the truck. >> he was crying. he was bawling. i was just sitting there
5:37 am
quietly. he just randomly asked me, he goes, hey, can i show you a picture of my daughter is what he asked me? i said, yeah, absolutely. >> shortly after ellard was released from the truck, the suspect ran from the truck with gun in hand and was shot dead by police. ellard has not returned to work at ups yet. all right. here we are up in the north bay. temperatures are all over the place from 39 in guerneville, sebastopol 38. santa rosa, 40 in rohnert park. petaluma 41. napa at 42. mill valley at 41. san rafael, novato, the warmer spots at 45. el sobrante is 46. fairfield, lafayette, 41 degrees. same thing in cupertino. san jose and newark at 45. 50 in alameda and san francisco. dress for 46 degrees. the temperatures up to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. here's a look at san jose at 280 and 17. roads are dry.
5:38 am
yes, that's nice isn't it. >> mass transit chilly this ere's ll cra advisory on our bay water today. enjoy your ferry ride. you'll soak in a lot of sunshine. 45 at 7:00. the clouds will hang around until 3:00. sunshine at 57 at 5:00. here's a look at the east bay valleys. in the 40s until 9:00. a few clouds meander into our describe as temperatures hit the low to mid-60s from 1:00 to 5:00. let's return back to the south bay where we've got 43 at 7:00. a few clouds around 3:00 to 5:00. that's when we can have a stray shower pop up in the santa cruz mountains. otherwise a quiet weather pattern today. the rain comes back. i'll tell you about that coming up next. alexis here. i'm sure you have hotspots this morning. >> nothing like that. overall, looking pretty good. zooming in on the traffic maps, i want to take you to a slow
5:39 am
spot in the east bay. still trying to bounce back from an earlier sig-alert. it's back open and we're still heavy there. 580 to 238 from castro valley. before that point, westbound 580 before castro valley boulevard. sounds like a hit and run collision. we could have part of one lane blocked. emergency crews are there. someone tried to pass on the right shoulder and rear ended someone. not a great situation there either. if you're coming from the tri-valley or central valley. eastbound 580 between greenville road and 205, roadwork up in various lanes. scheduled to be closed until 11:00 this morning. definitely causing a delay on the eastbound side. that's a 20, 25-minute backup. the westbound side, not as bad. we have our typical delays there out of tracy. that's down to 12 miles an hour. thank you, alexis. eyebrow raising statistics to report this morning from muni. more than half of all muni fare evasion tickets handed out each
5:40 am
year are never paid. according to muni, 4 out of 10 people pay their fines. nearly 50,000 tickets were handed out in the 2017 fiscal year. muni says it's not a priority. officials would rather focus on providing access to those who can't afford transportation than criminalize fare evasion. recently for b.a.r.t., it's only been 10%. >> this is better. california students may soon be banned from using smartphones at school. a southern california assembly member introduced a measure requiring school boards to adopt policies to limit or even prohibit the use of cell phones on school grounds. it would be left up to the school districts to decide what rules they would adopt. the state lawmakers says the devices are too much of a distraction and can interfere with classroom learning. city college of san francisco teachers and students say the community colleges administration may soon cut underenrolled classes because of
5:41 am
financial problems. the chronicle potenalacncde cpur science, foreign language and music classes but the chancellor says they're not cutting classes. the college must grapple with age-old operational issues, including a class schedule that maintains too many underenrolled courses. he also said the school, quote, can no longer afford to direct resources towards courses with single digit enrollment. sometimes driving in san francisco can be hard enough but now comes proposal that could make it more challenging. >> this could be y
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
kids heading out to the bus stop, they could be cloaked in fog in the north bay. be careful there. temperatures running from 40 to 48 at 7:00. we're in the mid to upper 50s at 11:00. mid-50s stay at the coast. low 60s. so nice day to be outside for the kids. there is a chance of a shower. santa cruz mountains, you can see all the way down into l.a., we've got mountain showers there. up in the high country, it turns over to snow. in fact, we've got a light mix today in tahoe and tomorrow. saturday and sunday will be precipitation-free. but monday, tuesday, wednesday, more rain and snow.
5:45 am
mike, thank you. in southern africa, the death toll from the powerful cyclone has grown to more than 300 following one of the most destructive storms to strike that region in decades. they have begun three days of national mourning for 200 victims. zimbabwe has more than 100 victims. floodwaters are still rising as aid groups desperately try to get food, water and clothing to survivors. 350,000 people are still at risk. officials say it will be days before the inundated plains drain into the indian ocean. san francisco is considering making some streets car-free. they're discussing what could be made bike and pedestrian only. this is after a bicyclist was hit and killed two weeks ago. street traffic is a big problem for city buses as well. there is one street already in the works. that's market street. the mayors of oakland, san jose and other california cities are lobbying governor newsom for
5:46 am
hundreds of millions of dollars more to fight homelessness. they made the pitch at a meeting with the governor yesterday. his proposed state budget includes $500 million for homeless services. now, the mayors say they could use at least 500 million more. the governor left the meeting saying he didn't say exactly what changes he intends to make. here's a unique job opportunity. a british family is looking for a nanny who will act like a disney princess while caring for their 5-year-old twin girls. if you're interested in the job. here's the catch. you have to take on the character of a new princess every month. the family admits it's not a, quote, normal request. they believe a princess nanny would provide their daughters with quote, strong, yet relatable female role models. the job was posted online on a uk child care site. are princesses relatable? >> i don't know. that's a long time to stay in character. >> seriously. >> a whole month.
5:47 am
>> eight hours a day? right? >> they want actual mary poppins coming down from the sky. >> no. they want a princess. >> mary poppins. she's not good enough. >> both of our cousins do this for a side gig. my cousin does it for birthday parties. a couple hours at a time. >> gets back in her car and drives home. >> wow. okay. >> a different person every month? >> wow. somebody has a lot of range out there. >> a lot money. >> i love it. sdpliefrmg i hope we follow-up on that. i'd like to see that. here's what's going on weatherwise. weather, ouf got it. we're talking about a little bit of fog in the north bay. bring on sunshine and dry weather from mt. tamalpais. we'll have a few clouds but you'll need the sunglasses today. wet tomorrow and next week. we'll squeeze a dry weekend
5:48 am
between those storms. today, low to mid-60s just about everywhere except for half moon bay in san francisco. we're really close. 58, 59. there you go. see the green spot. that's the chance of a shower in the santa cruz mountains this afternoon. tonight the best chance along the coast. random shower, drizzle possible for the rest of us in the morning commute. mid to upper 40s. not as chilly as this morning. here's a look at the system. it looks impressive up here. that's not the one that's going to affect us. there's going to be a low that develops down to the south. a little weaker. it will draw some of the moisture in towards us. but the strongest part of the storm will stay well to the north. that's why we have light to moderate rain and a 1 on the storm impact scale. let's talk about it. 4:00 in the morning, light rain moving into the north bay. moderate at times during the morning commute. the warm air comes in out of the cold front. the cold front as it comes in, mainly the north bay all day until we get to the afternoon hours and then it starts to move
5:49 am
across the the evening. because we're on the tail end of that front, it falls apart. our rainfall totals aren't going to be that impressive up until 12:30, except for the north bay. be prepared to get wet. my accuweather seven day forecast, warmer saturday, sunday. light storms monday, tuesday, wednesday. overall, the roads have been okay. we have one issue on the peninsula. it's not a rollover crash, a spinout crash. northbound 101 before willow road. one vehicle involved here ended up sideways. that's blocking the far right lane. this is just before you get to willow road and we are seeing that backup through the palo alto area. plan on some delays there through the peninsula or you can take 280 or el camino real. those are doable for you. when i walked up here a moment ago, we had not gotten official word that the bay bridge metering lights were on.
5:50 am
it sure looks like it. i would assume that they are. the carpool lanes are open, though. you will be sitting through that backup if you're using cash or fastrak. b.a.r.t., 36 trains in service. no delays. ace 1 and 3 on time. no issues for capitol corridor. thank you alexis. controversy is surrounding the flintstone house in hillsborough. the city filed a lawsuit against its owner and she's giving abc 7 news an exclusive tour of the cartoon-inspired home. >> hold on for the sound byte. it's about to get interesting. florence fang dee clienclined t camera as she showed off her home built in 1976. the frond and backyards have life size statues of fred and the dinosaurs including their pet dino. the city of hillsborough is suing fang for creating what it calls a highly visible eyesore. >> i'm not the only one alone is fighting for the legendary
5:51 am
flintstone. it is truly american memory that makes the people smile and make them feel good about themselves. yabba dabba doo. >> that is the souped bite of the day. fang has many supporters, including those on social media. she hired an attorney to represent her. >> yabba dabba doo. >> the people have kind of spoken. they seem to be on her side. we'll see how it goes. new at 6:00, the decision forcing some people to find a new place to live in silicon valley. first, it will cost you a pretty
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a heads up for tomorrow's commute. that's when the rain rolls back in. in the north bay, that's where you'll be driving on widespread wet. for the rest of us, light to moderate rain in the evening commute and your evening activities. thank you, mike. in the east bay, contra costa county is trying to stop illegal sideshows on a major road. public works crews have installed about 100 raised pavement markers at the intersection near bear creek road in martinez. the aim is to make it more difficult at the location for sideshows. sideshows started oakland and spread to other communities. a team was injured in what police believe was a sideshow last september in martinez. we are just a few days away. we're only one day away from our national
5:55 am
fortunately, it's friday tomorrow. it begins at 4:30 in morning. we'll tell you how to give an adorable puppy a forever home. we'll have the puppies here at abc 7 and have a special puppy cam that you can view throughout the day. who needs march madness when you can watch the puppies? that wins for me every day. you can share your own puppy pictures. use the hash tag on your screen. puppies on 7. we'll try to get as many as we can on tv. bring on the puppy kisses. i'm ready. taking a look at the traffic maps, we have one new issue in the east bay. he will sel cerrito area. new crash just in. two vehicles involved in lane number 2 is blocked. emergency crews are heading to the scene right now. definitely seeing a backup behind that. drive times, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. it includes that stretch for the four crashes. 27 minutes in the yellow.
5:56 am
a ten-minute drive across the bay bridge into san francisco. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo. in the green at nine minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thanksa lexis. we'll show you how clean the air is. high amounts of tree pollen after a break yesterday from the rain. uv index is going to be high today. tomorrow's rain, we'll have a little bit of ponding on the roadways. there's a chance in the higher elevations along the bay shore and the coast where the winds will be faster for a tree to come down. and in the santa cruz mountains, maybe a slight chance of a landslide and debris flows. otherwise a quiet storm that will be weakening as it moves from the north bay into the rest of our neighborhood tomorrow afternoon through the evening hours. after that, pretty nice weekend on tap. mike, thank you. apparently dirty sneakers are now a thing. we don't mean the once you buy . we're talking about gucci selling a pair of pricey new shoes that look like they've run
5:57 am
through a few dirt road. for $870, you can get a pair of these for yourself. they come in three different styles. gucci says they were inspired by vintage sportswear. once people on twitter got wind of them, there were many thoughts including why, though? and ridiculous. another person writes, would you buy these dirty gucci sneakers for $900. hipsters will. >> no. >> hipsters don't have the money for that. it will be very rich people who want to look like they are part of the youngins. >> it's strange to me. i love white sneakers and i try to keep them white and new as long as possible. i asked the question on twitter earlier and have gotten a lot of responses. no. no way. i don't think so. what a waste of money. what a joke. >> rich people going to be rich. new at 6:00, the warriors are about to reveal the next act coming to the chase center and we'll have it for you. i hope that it's better than
5:58 am
the acts announced so far. march madness, the watch party for st. tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock.
5:59 am
to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
6:00 am
good morning. it's thursday, march 21st. should be a nice day. >> the first full day of spring. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi, mike nicco. >> hey guys, good morning. no spring showers today. we have some of the fog from rohnert park, pen grove to petaluma. you can see the streets, bodega avenue, towards maria drive. visibility could be less than an 8th of a mile. use the low beams there. looking south on 101. it's cooler for the rest of us. dress accordingly. low to mid-40s there. 48 to 55 degrees at noon with a few clouds out there. we'll stay in the 50s at the


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