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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 21, 2019 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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lafayette to oakland last thursday afternoon. when she returned, she started rht ay something was wrong. >> and immediately check engine comes on, but even worse, the sound. i had no idea what was happening. >>one cut ther one cut there. ao more to the different b.a.r.t. parking lots to treat cars with all four tires and rims are stolen offer of. we do a lot of catalytic converter repairs. >> reporter: this 2004 accord has the telltale sound of an engine devoid of its catalytic converter. >> all you do is jack it up. they'll take a battery operated equipment and they're gone in a couple of minutes. >> like the indy 500. the pi crews? >> nascar pit crew, that would be a good analogy, yeah. >> reporter: as brazen as the thefts are, b.a.r.t. police say
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car burglaries overall at station lots have dropped 33% from this time last year. ptty aft. they're out there for a reason. if you don't see them in the minute or two they're under the car, your chances of catching them is diminished. >> reporter: that's little consolation to coon who told us she wouldn't put her car in that position ever again. >> i would never park my car here again, especially not a honda. >> reporter: to add insult to injury, those thieves might get between $250 or $300 for that catalytic converter. the repair estimates for mary's car, more than $4,500. that car is 20 years old. it may not be worth that. so it could be effectively totaled. back to you guys. >> that is just awful. >> yeah. terrible.
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>> are the thieves targeting hondas only? taed withe tationvert, not just any honda honda accords. apparently the belief is that the thieves are familiar with the cars. the catalytic converters are relatively easy to access. they can get in and out in a ar asking folks who might be walking through if you see folks underneath a car with tools, that is not normal. let police know immediately. >> thank you so much. a bombshellacization against a cal football program. espn is reporting that a former intern in the athletic department is publicly accusing cal football coaches and players. sexual harassment.
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that student has since dropped out of u.c. berkeley due to the alleged harassment. abc7's amy hollyfield has the latest. >> reporter: the former sports intern says the sexual harassment happened while she was working for the cal football department and involved footbal members. she describes several incidents in a facebook post saying at one point a member of the coaching staff said to her, quote, i will get you fired if you do not have sex with me.pus offices after hours or in a local hotel. in another example, she writes that one coach followed her home and said they should go to the pool together because she, quote, would look amazing in a bikini. she left cal this month, writing on facebook that she has medically with drawn from school. seeking intensive therapy and psychiatry for post traumatic stress syndrome and anxiety that happened from the time i spent working for the cal football team. the university released this
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statement. "we are aware of the very disturbing public allegations made on social media. allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment by campus employees are confidential. unless officials determine policy is violated, and disciplinary action has been decided." the student is receiving support on social media with one person commenting, "fire the football staff, or i will cancel my season tickets." at berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the city of oakland held an emotional service today to mark the 10th anniversary of one of the darkest days for its police department. it was on this day in 2009 when four officers were shot and killed. you see them here. sergeant mark duniken, earvin roamians, and daniel sakai as well as officer john ♪ >> family members of the fallen officers joined members of the
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department and city officials to honor the four and celebrate their commitment to the community. police chief anne kirkpatrick fought back tears as she honored the officers she never knew and those in her department now. >> they deserve our respect we will walk forward, and thank you for showing us how to do that. >> the incident began with a traffic stop in east oakland where convicted felon lovell nixon ambushed two of the officers. nixon shot and killed sergeants romans and sakai during the manhunt that followed before he was shot and killed. a 55-year-old man is in custody following a fatal stabbing at one of san francisco's best-known tourist attractions. police have jet to release the -- yet to release the name or motive, but it took place just
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before 2:00 yesterday afternoon at jefferson and taylor streets. the victim is 44-year-old brook pettejohn. san francisco is reportedly considering spending $19 million to install devices with cameras and microphones across the city according to the "san francisco examiner. "the city has been testing 60 of the devices in select areas since last year. the proposal is raiding privacy concerns. -- raising privacy concerns. we talked about them today "midday live." >> i do want us previously careful about going too far. i need to understand it a lot more to make a decision about whether or not that's appropriate. >> earlier this year, supervisor peskin introduced legislation that would impose requirements before a city department could purchase surveillance technology. turning to the weather. it's beautiful, sunny. that is going to change. but first, a live look from our
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tower cams. i would encourage you to get outside -- wait until after the newscast. but yeah. >> of course. spencer's here with the first look at our soon-to-be rainy forecast. spencer? >> that's true. i'm going to repeat the camera views. i want to enjoy the bright skies while we have them. on live doppler 7, you see no precipitation. tat's going to change by tomorrow. here's the live view from the tower looking toward the east/southeast under mainly sunny skies. 58 degrees in san francisco now. low 60s at this hour at oakland, mountainview, san jose, morgan hill, and half moon bay. and here's another view from mt. tam looking to the bay under again mostly sunny skies. 63 now in santa rosa. napa, 62. 59 in petalupetaluma. low to mid 60s. here's the scale showing the approaching storm ranks one, light approaching one quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain over the bay area. gusty winds. early tomorrow as the commute gets underway, we'll see the first wave of rain, light rain arriving in the north bay.
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9:00 tomorrow morning, still mainly in the north bay. 12:00 noon, the rain will be steadier, heavier, morey. it's going to reach other regions. i'll give you a complete look in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. a mountainview school district will vote on whether to enter an agreement to build housing for teachers. the superintendent of the mountainview wissman school district wants to develop a 144-unit apartment complex near the district office. he says some employees commute from as far away as hollister. others live with three to four roommates. if the complex is approved, teachers and other employees could live there for about $1,500 a month. the average one-bedroom apartment runs for $2,500. president trump says freedom of speech is under attack on college campuses and signed an executive order today that would pull federal funding dedicated to research at schools if they don't support all students' right to free speech. >> abc7 has reaction from u.c.
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berkeley. >> reporter: u.c. berkeley got more than $700 million for research in the 2017-2018 school year with more than 400 of it coming from the federal government. president trump's new executive order says they will not continue to get that money if they don't support freedom of speech. >> you refuse to be silenced by powerful institutions and closed minded critics of which there are many. you face down intimidation, pressure and abuse, you did it because you love your country, and you believe in truth, justice, and freedom. >> reporter: president trump's words ahead of his signing of an executive order to a room full of college students in washington that included berkeley college republican president matt renown. >> it was a super awesome experience. i'm glad i was able to go. >> reporter: the president invited them to the white house following an explosive incident on campus last month. a conservative activist was punched in the face while recruiting students to a conservative organization.
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it soundsed like president trump was referencing that event during his speech thursday. >> people being punched hard in the face. but he didn't go down. [ laughter ] he didn't go down. [ applause ] i said, you have a better chin than muhammad ali. >> really i think this got president trump's attention in february of 2017 when we tried to host the event. >> reporter: it made national headlines, but many students feel berkeley provides a safe space for free speech. >> personally i think that the penalties, personally, are a little too demanding. >> reporter: a u.c. berkeley spokesperson said, quote, we have no concerns about any scrutiny of our support for free speech and diversity of perspective. reporting in berkeley, nabc7 news.
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cal is known for being the home of the free speech movement. it began in 1964 in the so-called freedom summer when thousands ofdn r areas following a string of high-profile cases including several at u.c. berkeley where protesters shut down or heckled conservative speakers like milo yanap yanapolous and ann colter. some students could be in trouble. a study found the wild parrots of telegraph hill are being exposed to a common rat poison. researchers say the pieson is responsible for a neurological disease that's sickened or killed some of the parrots. researchers don't know how the birds are being exposed to the poison just yet. taking on taxes. the celebrity at the state capitol today in a battle to save mom's money on diapers. why she says it's a being problem. another apology from facebook after a new issue involving hundreds of millions of passwords. the new effort to keep people from turning that
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southern california
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facebook says it has fixed a pass password issue impacting hundreds of millions of users. the company says the login systems are designed to hide passwords, but something went wrong, and they were stored in a readable format within fibroid's internal data storage systems. the company claims that the passwords were never visible to anybody outside of facebook. it's notifying everybody whose passwords were stored this way. experts say it's probably a good idea anyway to change your password. >> always a good idea. a star from tv's "modern
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family" is throwing her support behind a measure she says will help struggling mothers. julie bowen lobbied on a bill to do away with the sales tax on diapers. according to a 2017 study, nearly 60% of families struggle to pay for diapers. lawmakers say the state sales $12 a moiapers bill savesam a year. >> it just a simple thing. it looks like such a silly thing, it's just a piece of -- just a piece of fabric. and yet, it sets off an entire chain of events that either allows a woman to go to work, a child to go to daycare, or not. >> and you go through so many diapers. a previous cost analysis showed state and local governments would lose $35 million a year if the sales tax was repealed. former governor brown vetoed a similar measure in 2016. gentrification continues to be a tender subject in san francisco with rents and housing
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prices continually pushing people out. >> in june, a movie hits theaters with that story front and center. and the trailer came out today. >> abc7 reporter wade friedman join us in front of the mansion featured in the movie. wayne? >> reporter: and other movies before. we were wondering about the place. we called the movie company, we got a couple of answers. we decided to knock on the front door, and what a surprise. there's a famous bedtime story about an old, wonderful house and how it stays pretty much the same as the city changes around it. that is not this house or this story. >> when i bought it, my father said, you're nuts! >> reporter: jim totter of san francisco and 959 van ness avenue in san francisco, a home he purchased in 1971. >> i paid $18,750 for it. >> reporter: and it's about to become a fictional symbol of the city's gentrification. ♪ >> i always come back to the old
4:17 pm
house -- >> reporter: you're looking at the trailer that resonated almost as soon as it was released today. a movie called "the last black man in san francisco." about a native son trying to reclaim the victorian home his fathers built in different economic times. >> it's not your loss, it's san francisco -- >> reporter: you got thoughts on that? >> actually no. i haven't seen it happening here. i don't consider myself a part of it. >> reporter: instead this house that jim leased to the filmmakers remains like an unbroken bubble compared with the rest of san francisco real estate. but it has weathered a lot of changes. >> where was this house built? >> 1889. >> it survived the flood -- >> every one of them. >> reporter: history, one of jim's favorite subjects. >> aunt sally's boardinghouse for the workers who came to
4:18 pm
rebuild san francisco after the earthquake. >> reporter: jim has no intents to sell. not after 48 hours of sweat equity and restoration. sure, he could make a big profit in these fast times, but he has an heir and a reverse mortgage. >> it's taking croatia of me now. >> reporter: an old house telling a new story about climate change that hasn't quite hit home yet at fictional ground zero. and we must say stepping inside that house is like going back in time. four stories, 15 rooms, and a trusting owner who opened his door to strangers who simply asked a question. live in san francisco, south van ness avenue, wayne freedman, abc news 7 news. so many people are heading to see the poppy superbloom officials are going to start charging for access this weekend. tens of thousands have visited walker canyon in lake elsinore where the poppies have bloomed after an especially wet winter. officials say some visitors have been going off the trails, they're taking their selfies and damaging the flowers.
4:19 pm
in fact, they had to shut down the area last weekend because of all the traffic. now on weekends all visitors have to take a shuttle and pay $10 apiece. >> we asked our visitors to be patient as we tried to balance the needs of our community and those of you coming to visit our beautiful hillsides. >> up to 40 extra deputies will be deployed this weekend. officials could restrict the access once again if the area gets too crowded. >> man. it is spectacular to see, though. >> it is. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> you can take a selfy from farther away. >> that is quite true. yeah. don't be trampling on them all. >> exactly. speaking of trampling, big races, the oakland running festival coming up on saturday. >> yeah. >> the rain comes tomorrow, but we'll have nice running weather saturday in oakland. the races begin in lake merritt, and the marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. there will be a half marathon later and a 5k race. so let me give you a look at what's going on here.
4:20 pm
here we go. so we'll start the morning, early morning hours, the marathon begins at 7:00 a.m. there will be clouds in the early hours. later we'll get sunny skies. got to run around here. hit the sunny skies. and it's going to be a great day for running. you might want to get started right now. >> run in place like those dudes. >> run in place. there you go. all the running in place getting ready for the racing, running festival in oakland on saturday. let's take a look outside. here we go. the live view from the tower looking toward the east/southeast under mainly sunny skies now. and a live doppler 7 showing us we've got clear skies now, a few clouds building right now, and we'll get cloudier skies during the overnight hours. there is the view from the east bay hills camera. you can see the clouds in the distance. skies miainly sunny. rain spreads north to south tomorrow. mainly dry over the weekend. wet pattern starts again early next week. the storm that's approaching ranks one on the storm impact
4:21 pm
scale. form of light intensity, expected to produce a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch of rain. about an inch or so, maybe more, over the hills, winds gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour with even higher gusts in the higher elevations. so here we go. forecast animation starting at 4:00 before the morning commute. light rain pushing into the north bay. mainly in the north bay late in the morning. south bay, east bay, driving in mainly dry conditions. it will be a bit damp, wet up in the north bay. later in the morning, we've got a wave of heavier, steadier rain. again, confined mainly to the north bay before noon. in the afternoon hours, we'll see the rain pushing southward and eastward, so it looks like the evening commute will be rather problematic for virtually all commuters. then it moves out late friday and into early saturday morning. we start to get clearing. it looks like a dry weekend is coming our way. but the storm that's coming will produce rainfall totals ranging from the south bay and the
4:22 pm
peninsula, generally under half an inch. to the north and northeast, qrt. on we go to overnight lows., we mainly mid to upper 40s. and then tomorrow's highs in the afternoon under showery conditions. mainly upper 50s to about 60 at palo alto and san jose. those will be the mildest locations. over the east bay, up in the north bay, it will be a bit cooler. and over in the sierra, snow will be falling. we have a winter weather advisory in effect from 11:00 a.m. tomorrow to 5:00 p.m. saturday. look for about four to eight inches of snow generally. up to a foot of snow likely in the peaks, and it would be wise to carry chains if you're driving that way. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. rainy and breezy tomorrow. maybe a slight chance of an early morning shower on saturday. should not interfere with the running festival. we'll have dry conditions at the end of the day on saturday. dry all day sunday, but late sunday night there's a chance of
4:23 pm
a light shower developing. look at next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, each day showers this likely. a wet week. enjoy the weekend. enjoy the running. >> are you winded? get some oxygen if you want. leies. >> that must be what it is. i'm allergic to running, i guess. >> or us. >> yeah. >> one or the other. >> okay. it's a whale-watching dream. the whales hanging out in san francisco bay. the bay area kids turning to meditation to stay calm in the classroom. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds?
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i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. a rare treat, gray whales frolicking in the water. so far there are record numbers of the creatures. we have a closer look. can see her there. >> reporter: it's become the bay area's own version of a celebrity sighting, only better.
4:26 pm
gray whales out and about near alcatraz. >> we think there are two. >> reporter: sky 7 was over the bay as one of the whales put on a show, breaching the surface of the water just hanging out. >> i think it's fabulous. i have never seen them this close to the shore. so i picked a good time today to come out. >> reporter: this ship managed to steer clear of the magnificent mammals. >> one of them, i don't know if it was just slowing for fish or whatever it was, and but just a lot of activity in the bay today. >> reporter: experts say the gray whales migrant north in late winter -- migrate north in late winter and early spring. this spring they've seen high numbers entering the bay, some staying longer than years past. there's lots of food to eat and a safe place for young calves. last week two were found dead near angel island, one was malnourished. experts say these whales seem to be doing okay. delighting locals and tourists who came to check them out. >> pretty cool, right? >> amazing. great way to end our san francisco vacation.
4:27 pm
>> reporter: bit onners are being asked to steer clear if they see the whales. cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> always fun to see in the bay. the new chase center in san francisco ready to rock and rumble next fall. the warriors announced two more events today. first '70s and '80s rock superstar phil collins. you want ticket? >> that would be fun. >> we'll work on that. performing october 17th. tickets go on sale march 30th. they also announced that the wrestlers from the wwe will pay a visit, as well. exact date and ticket info. on that will be announced later as vins mcmahon would say, there goes the neighborhood. the events of the 6th and 7th to be announced as part of reveal week for the chase center which opens in september. >> lots of fun. just days after the deadly mass shooting in new zealand, a ban on some weapons in that plus, new details about thatto e plus, new details about thatto e settlement between the nfl for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. president trump signeded an executive order today requiring free speech protection college campuses where the government will withhold federal research and education funds. the president of the u.c. berkeley college republicans was at the event last month.
4:31 pm
a conservative activist was punched on campus while rekroouting students. another catalytic converter theft at a b.a.r.t. station. laura anthony talked to a woman whose converter was cut out of her car in lafayette last weekend. more than 200 catalytic converters were stolen from b.a.r.t. lots last year. a race against time in mozambique. rescuers are trying to save thousands of people after a deadly cyclone. the country's president warns as many as 1,000 people could be dead. the new zealand government has announced a ban on military-style semiautomatic firearms and weapons a week after 50 people were left dead at two mosques. we have details on the swift response. [ sirens ] >> reporter: a radical change could be coming to new zealand's gun policy. just six days after a terrorist opened fire on worshippers in two christchurch mosques killing 50 people.
4:32 pm
with the first funerals underway, new zealand's prime minister, jacinda ardern, is calling for a seping ban on saups in her cotry. must end. and today they will. >> reporter: in the days following the attack, jar der promised -- ardern promised to act quickly and says the same type of weapons used in the massacre. >> new zealand will ban all military-style semiautomatic weapons. we will ban all parts with the ability to convert semiautomatic or any other type of firearm into a military-style semiautomatic weapon. >> reporter: when enacted, the new law will will be one of the most extensive gun-control reforms in new zealand's history. a country where there is an average of 30 firearms for every 100 people. in the united states, that rate is approximately four times higher. there have been calls for similar reforms in the u.s., often in the wake of mass
4:33 pm
shootings. but the sect amendment and political -- second amendment and political opposition have stalled any large-scale changes. >> it's about all of us. it's in the national interest, and it's about safety. to prevent an act of terror happening in our country ever again. >> reporter: 30 people remainnd as april 11th. abc news, new york. a device used by the shooter in the 2017 las vegas massacre will become illegal in the u.s. next tuesday. bumpstocks are attached to a weapon to make it fire rapidly like a machine gun. the u.s. justice department issued an order last december to classify the devices as machine guns which are banned in the u.s. more than 500,000 of them have been sold in the u.s. since 2010. this law requires people who already own bump stocks to destroy them or turn them over to authorities. the top u.s. military
4:34 pm
officer is set to meet with google representatives next week. the chairman of the joint chiefs, general joseph dunford, says google's artificial intelligence venture in china is allowing the chinese military to take advantage of technology that was developed here in the u.s. he says that is not in our national security interest. a florida man has pleaded guilty to sending pipe bombs to cnn and prominent critics of president trump. cesar sayoc entered the plea before a federal judge in new york. he had been scheduled to go on trial this summer for charges that he mailed explosives to 16 targets including billion flair and bay area activist tom steyer and kamala harris. sentencing is set for september 12th. ethiopian airlines says its pilots were properly trained on the boeing 737 plane that crashed last week. >> investigators are still working to discover the cause of the crash. this as the fbi officially joins the investigation. >> abc news has the latest. >> reporter: the details surrounding the doomed lion air
4:35 pm
flight that crashed off indonesia five months ago taking on new urgency. indonesian investigators now saying they, too, noticed similarities between their crash five months ago and the ethiopian airlines one last week. both were boeing 737 max 8 aircrafts. since the latest crash, the focus has been around a new safety feature on the boeing 737 jets. investigators are looking into a faulty data from sensors may have caused the nose of both jets to dive. and now indonesian officials confirm just one day before the tragic lion air crash another crew on the same jet had a similar problem. >> they've had a total of four downward deviations, and they managed to switch off the trim system. and what we're told is that the suggestion to do this came from the pilot sitting in the jump seat. >> reporter: that off-duty pilot was credited with helping save the flight. >> may well have crashed the day
4:36 pm
before had that person not been there to tell them to turn off the trim system. >> reporter: some experts also questioning how well the pilots for both airlines were trained. but the head of ethiopian airlines says its pilots went through all the extra training required by boeing and the faa. and now the fbi is assisting in the investigation into how the faa certified boeing's popular jet to fly. abc news, washington. the "wall street journal" reports that the nfl paid under $10 million to settle the collusion grievances filed by former 49ers colin kaepernick and eric reed. kaepernick and reed accused others of colluding to keep them off the field after they led protests during the season. each settled their grievances last month. the initial speculation was it might have been in the neighborhood of $40 million to $50 million, not $10 million as we're hearing. reed place with the carolina panthers. kaepernick remains out of the
4:37 pm
nfl. the sales force engineer who's break could the mold. his unusual role as chief digital evangelical. >> a great title. plus, think your child getting their first driver's license is scary? yes. how about buying their first car? "7 on your side's" michael finney with tips to ease your fears. i'm spencer christian. a great day for going to the beach, santa cruz beach that is. go today. tomorrow won't be like
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as an adult, do you remember your first car? these days the cars offered for teenagers are different from decades ago. >> for sure. "7 on your side's" michael finney has car tips for young drivers. >> reporter: remember your first car? "consumer reports" asked its auto test experts to remember theirs. >> it was a coupe, manual >> my first was a truck. a friend of mine referred to it as a rolling death trap. >> the chevy nova s.s. super sport. the safety equipment conference a lap belt. >> reporter: gone are those days. when it comes to buying cars for teens, "consumer reports" picked safety over style. >> don't want a car that's really fast, that's going to entice young drivers to get in trouble. >> reporter: no sports cars. go for midsize sedans or smaller suvs. avoid minivans, large suvs, and trucks, they are harder to handle and hold more passengers
4:41 pm
which can be distracting. >> most parents are going to buy used. buy as much safety as your budget will allow you to afford. >> when i was buying cars for my kids, i was looking for airbags and stability control to keep them on snowy roads. >> reporter: and keep them in their intended paths. also, opt for forward collision warning that alerts drivers of obstacles or vehicles in fronts and automatic -- in front and automatic braking that senses a collision and applies the brakes if the driver doesn't. like it or not, kids will be tempted to use their phones in the car. bluetooth lets them use phones hands free. >> call mom. >> reporter: so they keep their eyes on the road. as for the first cars -- >> nostalgic. just brings back memories of high school. >> reporter: i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> if you're looking for which specific cars "consumer reports" recommends for teenagers, you can find a link to the list of both new and used ones at abc7nehi
4:42 pm
loer was. >> i was afraid that was going to be your response. how about you? >> i got to look that up. it was some mercury which -- mercury doesn't really exist anymore i don't think. >> they're around. spencer, what was the model-t like? >> i could tell you what the horse and buggy were like. go back that far. we went to school together. mainly clear at the moment. clouds will be increasing overnight. we'll have a storm coming our way, a light one, ranking one on the storm impact scale. for tomorrow, expect between a quarter and three quarters irv of rain generally -- inch of rain generally. winds disgusting 35 to 40 miles per hour, stronger in the higher elevations. overnight lowe's as the rain approaches -- lows as the rain approaches, generally mid to upper 40s. low 40s. tomorrow's highs as the rain is spreading will reach to the upper 50s, perhaps up to about 60 in south bay locations. the rain chances over the next seven days are substantial, except over the weekend. it's going to be a fairly dry weekend, we have a 100% chance
4:43 pm
of rain tomorrow. and about 80% chance for most of next week. here's the accu-wether seven-day forecast. there's the dry weekend. and there's your look at a series of systems ranking each ranking one on the storm impact scale each day next week. it's going to be wet. >> yeah. clearly. thanks. >> okay. just ahead, the man who brings inspiration to salesforce as well as hundreds of followers on twitter. on twitter. and did you if you love breakfast and a good deal, you should try denny's new omelettes. fresh ingredients folded into fluffy eggs all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99.
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woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems,o
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vo: ..ll your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. san francisco-based leave strauss rang the opening bell marking its return as a public lie traded company. [ bell ] levi's previous -- [ cheers ] levi's previously went public in 1971, but the namesake founders' descendants took it private again in 1985. in honor of the return, the new york stock exchange broke its 202-year-old dress protocol and allowed jeans on the trading floor. our guest toy has the st title of anybody chief
4:47 pm
digital evangelist at sive,l a, you've got to follow vala afshar on twitter. chief digital evangelist, who came up with that? >> it was the president of products at salesforce. my company and i, we became salesforce customers in 2003. when the company was only four years old. and over a decade-long period of being a customer, salesforce helped us transform our business to a really successful one. i ended up writing a book about how using salesforce can help you grow your business and delight your customers. it led to writing a number of articles, over 300 articles, about technology innovation and leadership. and i host a weekly show where i invite venture capitalists, cxo, startup founders, to share their lessons. i was evangelizing salesforce as a customer, and i was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do that on the inside of our
4:48 pm
business. >> so mark benioff and company liked you so much, they said we got to get in guy working for us.yov engineering jobs. gile woin t read thi be --rear as guru in tech. what drives you? >> you know, i think the most important skill to maintain in this hyperconnected, knowledge-sharing economy is to stay teachable. and my life lesson in terms of social media is when i realized that networking is about giving. and the most successful companies and people that i know maintain a mindset of gratitude. and one way to show gratitude is share your lessons learned and your experiences. today if you're entering middle school, seven out of ten children will end up with jobs
4:49 pm
that don't exist yet. hisfast-moving world that we're in. >> you are not the prototype or the stereotypical engineer. so how do you balance both of these -- i don't see a pocket protector. i mean, that's not -- clearly you have both sides, both skill sets. >> sure. you know, it was steve jobs who said the most powerful person in business is a storyteller. and that's another life lesson for me in that it's incredible to be able to build products and solutions and services, but what motivates companies, what motivates employees, why i chose to join salesfoce, as mentioned, as a first-generation immigrant, one of the core values beginning with trust customer success, innovation, and equality. and so it's a compassionate, giving ethos which attracted me to the company. and it's a compan where you can
4:50 pm
leverage different skill sets, whether you're an engineer or -- or in sales and marketing, customer service and suprt t a in a meaningful way connect with customers and the community. >> you did a speech at the vatican had a hack-a-thon there. did the pope say, hey, can you give me tips? help me out. >> it was an considered as read opportunities. harvard -- an incredible opportunity. harborviewards and mit and the vatican reached out to me and my colleagues at salesforce. only three companies were invited to host the first-ever hack-a-thon. 120 students representing 60 colleges and universities in st. peter's basilica for a week. >> wow. >> you walk away -- other than imposter syndrome because i realized i couldn't do any of what these kids can do today so our future is incredibly bright. inspired about the future professionals. we're producing incredible men and women know who are going to change the world in a better way. >> i want to get to some of your
4:51 pm
tweets here. social media ask be a dark place. and you are a shining light. let's go to the first. as i got older, i realized lost money can be found, lost time is lost forever. changing yourself is your superpower, and you are not your job. >> yeah. and you know, it's -- when you're constantly trying to produce content that educates and inspires, you have moments of reflection. and you know, certainly you know, immigrating to the u.s. as i mentioned and seeing how hard it was for my parents to -- to help bring quality -- improve the quality of our life for my family, i realized the importance of hard work. i realized the importance of not associating a job title to who yu are, and -- and certainly adopting a beginner's mindset where you're free of prejudice, you're open to new ideas, it's very important to stay adaptable
4:52 pm
and flexible in today's world. >> one more -- last time, i'm a sports guy. last time lebron james missed the nba playoffs, these things did not exist -- twitter, the iphone, kindle, youtube, instagram, airbnb, block chain, spotify. it's amazing, we're talking about since 2006 how much has changed. >> it is amazing. my company, salesforce, celebrated its 20th anniversary this month. and you know, my last graduate course of 2007. you know, i saw -- sorry, 1997, google didn't exist. what i try to remind business leaders is what the world economic forum calls the fourth industrial revolution. if you look at the average age of a company when the first s&p 500 list was created in 1957, it was 65, 70 years. tofds the largest companies average to 15 years. it's amazing. there's a tremendous amount of disruption, and companies need to be ready and open to the fact
4:53 pm
that things are changing really fast. >> yeah. thank you so much for coming in. you're so popular in the tech world. yet so humble, as well. follow him on twitter. he'll make your day. thank you so much. >> thank you, larry. >> great conversation. google is celebrating composer johannes sebastian bach with its first artificial intelligence- powered doodle. ♪ today's animated google doodle shows -- the composer playing an organ in celebration of his march 21st, 1685, birthday. the a.i. doodle encourages use force compose their own two-measure melody using artificial intelligence. to develop it, google teams created a machine-learning model trained on 306 of bach's choral harmonizations. another team worked to allow machine learning to occur using the web browser instead of on its servers. up next, teaching kids a
4:54 pm
little mindfulness. >> with this breath, my mind grows stronger so i can focus a little longer. >> we'll show you what it is and how it's helping kids.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
around you? experts say practicing mindfulness can help. >> every day at 4:00.
4:57 pm
11 public elementary schools in san francisco are doing this as part of their daily routine. abc7's leanne melendez got a lesson from some kindergarteners. >> are you tale deep breaths? coyote breathing or puppy mind breathing, right. >> reporter: never underestimate the power of breathing, especially when it comes to kindergarteners. >> when we breathe it makes my body calm. and be strong and be calm, and be respectful and be responsible. >> it helps you stay focused. >> reporter: they call it mindfulness. when you're 6 years old, it's more about keeping your distracted puppy brain fosee w-y nc todayls in the district that teaches mindfulness.
4:58 pm
the kids a a puppy print. >> suddenly you realize that your brain has wandered off, and your consciousness goes, hey, brain, get back over here. you take a breath, and you kind of calm that puppy mind, and you for just a little bit, fluff to reconnect with your friend. >> reporter: and also reconnecting in the classroom with the teacher. >> they see somebody upset and say, oh, let's do deep breathing, all breathing together, calm down, let's take a breath to calm down. they really help each other. they turn to it. >> i think i was very good today. could i have one of those -- >> yes, oh, my gosh, absolutely. >> stickers -- >> that's adorable. yes. >> i'm going to get a puppy sticker. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> with there breath, my mind francio, onger, and that's a leanne me calmer.
4:59 pm
>> yeah. thanks for join us. >>the news at 5:00 starts now. boring, muggy, bunch of grumu grumpy people. >> this was the scene at the santa clara courthouse. a computer problem has been forcing people to pay traffic tickets in person for months and poll possibly pay the wrong amount, too. >> a story only on abc7 news -- a u.p.s. driver held hostage in san jose is thanking the officers who helped save his life. a woman accused of shooting her husband, a principal in pittsburgh, appeared in court for the first time. what we've learned. the sonoma state student is fighting for his life after he dame do came down with a flesh-eating disease at national guard training. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. the online traffic fine payments system in santa clara county melted down months ago. not just that, in some cases,
5:00 pm
people are being overcharged. >> it's been a mess. abc7 has more live from the courthouse to explain and show what people have to do. [ inaudible ] all these items are -- >> reporter: david ramirez should be at school, but instead he spent the morning at the santa clara county courthouse trying to pay a ticket. >> i've been saying some time. the remaining balance is $381. my next payment is due on the 4/22. >> reporter: he's making a payment in person because the court's online payment system is down. a spokesperson for the court wouldn't comment on camera, but in an e-mail to abc7 news it says the problem goes back to december. a memo detailing the issue is posted at the court. a glitch in the software is


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