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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 22, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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4:30 right now. if you're just joining us, it's puppy day. first, we're going to check our weather and traffic. here's mike. >> it's also a rainy day. >> kind of the yin yin yin yin >> morning rain and heavier showers in the afternoon and evening hours. gusty in our hills and on our water this morning and the afternoon hours. little bit of light rain in santa rosa. light rain up and down the coast in the north bay right now. possibility of the richmond-san rafael bridge getting a little wet early already. while the other bridges are pretty dry.reook from the roof camera looking at the bay bridge. mid to upper 40s at 7:00. by noon, south at 4:00. it will become heavier is light to moderate rain in the late afternoon and ebo 60 down into the mid to upper 50s this evening. let's bring frances back in and see if there's hotspots. >> the hotspot is in hey word
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right now. southbound 880. all lanes still blocked. traffic is slowing as you approach the scene. i'll keep track of this for you. all lanes are blocked and chp has arrived there. even though this is a solo crash. northbound traffic luckily not affected at this point. it is getting by nicely. the drive on 880 northbound 238 to the maze is 14 minutes. once you get to the maze, fastrak lanes looking good. you'll notice there is a slowdown for cash paying lanes as you make your way into san francisco. reggie, jessica. >> frances, thank you. police searching for two men caught on camera setting a series of fires in a peninsula neighborhood. >> one of the fires was so devastating a business had to close. three of the fires were set within 30 minutes of each other just blocks apart in downtown san mateo. police are on the hunt for suspected arsonist. the worst of the damage was here. you can see them standing behind
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and taking something out of the garbage bins and lighting it on fire. the sprinklers went off inside forcing the business to close yesterday. >> happening today, governor newsom is scheduled to announce new action to protect the state's most wildfire vulnerable communities. he will make the announcement later this morning at the middletown library in lake county. last year was california's worst year for wildfires in recorded history. there were more than 8,000 fires that burned more than 1.8 million largest was the mendoc complex, which was a pair of fires that burned in lake and mendocino counties. new this morning, two american service members were killed while conducting an oper afghanistan. nato military alliance officials say they were conducting an operation and they did not specify the location or who the soldiers were fighting. the names won't be announced until 24 hours after notification of next of kin. four u.s. service members have
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been killed in afghanistan this year. in the east bay, a public viewing will be held later today for the murdered son of an oakland city council member. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney died after being shot during a robbery near the university of southern california. no arrests have been made. mcelhaney is the son of lynette gibson mcelhaney. tomorrow, a memorial service will be held at the temple hill in oakland. white house senior adviser and president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner used whatsapp to message contacts outside the u.s. elijah cummings disclosed the admission in a letter to the white house. kushner september screen shots of his whatsapp images to the national security council. his lawyer doesn't know if kushner used it to discuss classified information. house democrats are demanding records and documents with the use of private e-mail for government work.
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let's take a look at live doppler 7. we'll go on the broader picture right there. you can see what's going on. there's light rain moving towards the coast. let's go to street level. we'll take a look at some of the areas that may be affected. it's 101, usual. between novato and towards lucas valley and towards where it meets 37. broaden out and put it in motion. we've got light rain marching across all of our neighborhoods from west to east. looking at the bay bridge, it is dry. the roads will become wet today. mass transit grab your wet weather gear. it's going to be wet and breezy, not ohm this morning but more so into the afternoon and evening hours. peninsula, a chance of rain, scattered showers at 9:00. you see from 11:00 to 1:00, a little bit of a break. at 3:00, scattered showers develop and steadier rain from 5:00 to 7:00. let's look at the east bay valleys. a chance of scattered showers,
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7:00 and 9:00. then again at 1:00, 3:00 and steadier rain at 5:00 and 7:00. then for the south bay, we've got a chance of scattered light showers at 7:00 and 9:00. then at 11:00 and 1:00, we get a break. 3:00, back to scattered showers and steadier rain as the evening commute wears on from 5:00 to 7:00. it's dry right now. but you're watching issues. >> yeah. it's already bad in hayward this morning. from what you're telling me, even worse tonight from the evening commute. >> here's a look at the maps right now. we're headed over to hayward, southbound 880 approaching a street. all lanes have been blocked by this solo car crash for a bit. traffic is heavy as you make your way out of sloran lorenzo. keep this in mind, you may want to consider highway 92 as an alternate at this point. right now, not horrible yet. here's a look at interstate 80
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for head lights moving westbound right now through emeryville. 80 is looking good. delay-free as you make your way fom the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza where there's a minor wait for the cash paying lanes. we'll check out other drive times for you. the north bay looks great from santa rosa to petaluma on southbound 101. 14 minutes. 580 from castro valley to the maze also 14 minutes and on the peninsula and the south bay, rather, northbound 101 from 280 to highway 85 an easy 12-minute ride. guys? >> frances, thank you. california is falling short in creating enough housing to meet the incredible demand and this morning, a new report reveals how far we're behind. >> if it helpsou c cov >> teachittlendess. see how it's helping kids in san francisco schools. as we head to break, a live look at our puppy camera. look how cute these little guys
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are. fluffy and furry. abc 7 is launching an adoption event this morning in celebration of national puppy day. we're helping local animal we're helping local animal shelters find for 50 years, cracker barrel has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. so, come on home reynold's kitchens™ hasfrustration for good.rap to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed the world's shortest victory song. [sfx: victory song plays] yes! this is the good stuff™
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i was promised a brand new shot of outside. we don't ever see this view. that's fun. it's 4:39 this morning. if you like rain, you're in
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luck. we're going to have some this morning and this afternoon and weekend. oakland police marking the tenth anniversary of one of their darkest days. city leaders gathered for a service honoring officers gunned down in a routine traffic stop. a convicted felon ambushed officers john haeg i and sergeant mark dun man. he shot and killed sergeants ervin romans and daniel sakai during the manhunt that followed. family members of the fallen officers joined members of the department in honoring their loved ones. a new report finds california has a long way to goe affordable rental units. of more than 2 million, bp 2/3
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are severely cost burdened. the report calls for the state to give a billion dollars annually to cities and counties to fund more housing. marin county is allowing electric bikes in parks for the very first time. the county voted unanimously to allow e-bikes on paved and multiuse pathways yesterday. before this, people weren't allowed to ride electric bikes on park trails unless they had a physical disability. electric bikes will soon be available at sonoma marin area rail and transit stations as part of a bike share pilot. there are still safety and permitting concerns to be worked out. experts say practicing mindfulness helps when feeling overwhelmed with your surroundings. >> it's so effective that 11 public schools are makingf thr routine. lyanne melendez got a lesson from a group of kindergartners. >> training a brain of a
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kindergartner to be mindful is what andrew nantz does well. >> when we breathe, it makes my body calm and deep down. be calm, be respectful and responsible. it also helps you get your puppy asleep. >> they call it mindfulness. when you're six years old, it's about keeping your distracted puppy brain focused. the how to is taught by nantz. this elementary is one of 11 schools that teaches mindf mindfulness. the kids are rewarded with a puppy print. >> the practice of using our breath to help us focus,ur mindand our al waser is been chaning o tut p
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today. of tse pup gosh. absolutely. >> i'm going to get a puppy sticker. >> thank you. >> and that's a it's all -- >> breathing in two. >> in san francisco,lyian melendez, abc 7 news. >> i love this. you know how much of a pro poen ept -- proponent for mine fullness. i think it's wonderful. >> i never knew there was something called a puppy mind. >> when your mind is agitated and not thinking clearly about what it is to focus on, they call it monkey brain as well. it's puppy day. we're celebrating. >> there's no ohm upstairs. it's frenetic.
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mike nicco joins us with how you can get app adorable puppy. >> it's a relaxing schirp of puppies. it's the most adorable day of the year. we've got eager pups looking for their forever home. we are focusing on puppies from the east bay spca. aren't they adorable? tomorrow, technically, is national puppy day. but we're has tag. we'd love to see pictures of your pooch and you can stream this on our website, our app and you can -- if you need a break today from the grind of the week, you can watch these darling guys and gals. look at that. just so photogenic. i'm going to get down here with these guys and say hello to aaron and kelsey. i'll start with erin since she's holding the adorable puppy. >> this is little ciabatta.
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they're all named after bread. that's the team of this litter. >> as if they're not adorable and delicious enough. you named them after bread. can you name all of them? >> not this early. >> tell us what breed you have? >> they're shepherd greet greett pyrenees mixes. >> love to cuddle up with one of these. what do you think, kelsey? >> ce them? >> i'm going to give it a go. foccacia, sourdough, baguette.b. oh, gosh. brioche. very good. thank you very much. fif her a round of applause for that. hi little guy. >> we'll give him a name. that's good. he's italian. foccacia. are they old enough to be adopted and what would be the
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process? >> they are old enough for adoption. they have to go into spay neuter. all of the animals get spay, neutered before they go home. that should happen next week. then check the website to see when they're up for adoption. >> you guys have a great job. i'd love to have your job sometime. i'm going to stand up. leave you guys with the more fun part of the morning. we want to get to the weather. it is going to rain today. let jump in and show you the highlights. the accuweather highlights. looking at sfo, one of the first areas that could get wet besides the north bay, the rain will turn to showers, moving south today. dry and breezy most of the weekend. don't change plans. you'll need an umbrella monday, tuesday, wednesday an thursday next week. the rain is encroaching across the peninsula. drizzle and light rain along the shoreline. it sticks out further to the west. always gets wet first. let show you how this is going
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to progress. this is the warm front that's going to come through this morning. you see the time stamp at 7:00. that's steady light rain. towards noon, the cold front approaches with more yellows and oranges. that's an increase in the light to moderate rain. as we roll into the afternoon and evening hours, it's going to fall on all of us. it will taper a little bit this evening and turn into drizzle and then there's a secondary bout that will push through around midnight. towards tomorrow morning, it's going to go away for the weekend. highs today, in the upper 50s. a third of an inch of rain to three quarters of an inch of rain. throughout the day, streets get slicker and conditions get worse and worse to travel. unfortunately, that is for friday evening. we'll take a look at the rest of the forecast coming up. frances is already following issues this morning. >> we did have a problem earlier this morning in hayward. southbound 880 at a street. there was a crash blocking all
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lanes. good news, they cleared the crash. there was roadwork as well. look like that's cleared just recently. cleared a short while ago, now it's all open. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic on the right, eastbound traffic for head lights as you make your way approaching the highrise. some debris reported in the lanes. not causing a big delay. the drive times still pretty good this morning on many bridges. westbound 92, the bottom time slot on your screen for drive time is a 13-minute drive. delay-free across the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge is looking good southbound. the drive is six minutes at this point. reggie, jessica? facebook is admitting to another security lapse. their passwords were stored as a on the amazon app. here's techbytes. facebook on the defense over users' passwords. >> the company says there's no evidence employees abused
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passwords that were stored unprotected for years. a security blogger claim around 600 million passwords were vulnerable being kept in plain text. amazon is about to start selling video ads on smartphone shopping app. >> it will appear in response to search results on the app. the launch is a challenge to a massive ad market dominated by google and facebook. finally, the florida man challenge is going viral. >> basically, you google florida man and your birthday. you'll find colorful stories that took place in the sunshine state featuring a cast of characters that hollywood's most creative
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has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you andreynold's kitchens™ hasfrustration for good.rap to celebrate, award winner jeff russo composed the world's shortest victory song.
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[sfx: victory song plays] yes! this is the good stuff™ . sadly, i'm back in the studio. i didn't want to leave the puppies. zooifrnlt got a 1 today. we get a break saturday and sunday until the evening hours and then look at all the chances of rain. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're all 1s, light on the storm impact scale. thanks, mike. abc 7 news is bringing you stories of people trying to build a better bay area. >> we all know that food brings people together. in san jose, it helped bridge the gap between generations. abc 7 was at the mayfair community center where mayor sam liccardo and councilwoman hosted a cooking class. they believe cooking together
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can build meaningful relationships between senior citizens and children. >> our older seniors suffering from isolation and we also know that our younger generations are starting to lose some very significant relationships with older adults. >> organizers believe older adults can provide children with valuable firsthand lessons about history and culture. building a better bay area can come in many different forms. we want to hear your ideas and hear what you think. join our conversation on our better bay area facebook group. in the east bay, about 10,000 runners will hit the streets of oakland for a series of races this weekend. abc 7 news was in jack london square where city leaders talked about the tenth annual oakland running festival. sunday's event includes a 5k race, half marathon and full marathon. runners will face a new challenge this year. they'll race across the eastern span of the bay bridge.
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>> which is a big deal and helped us sell out the marathon very quickly. our marathon numbers are up 40%. >> in ten years, this event has also contributed more than $2 million to local charities. >> race organizers and mayor libby schaaf presented two checks totaling $5,000. the money generated by race registrations benefit nonprofit that help young people -- >> the full marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. on sunday. it goes through downtown oakland, west oakland, jack london square, along the bay bridge bike path and uptown oakland to the finish line at lake merritt. this will impact traffic and transit. from early morning to the afternoon. plan head if it takes you to the east bay on sunday. >> what a scenic route that's going to be. temperatures will be comfortable. warming into the 50s by the time
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you're finished. a specific graphic online hour by hour. i'll put it here later on in the show. first i want to talk about our commute and take care of everybody this morning. we have drizzle to light rain. you'll find slippery spots the later you leave this morning. that's when the light to moderate showers and the better chance of more widespread and heavier rain and more widespread slippery streets. be careful there. that's my biggest concern is mainly ponding on the roadways. they're definitely going to be wet. trees, power lines down near the coast, the bay shoreline and possibly the santa cruz mountains. it's also low. that's why the storm is just a 1 on the storm impact scale. >> here's frances again. mike, we've got slowing through the east bay. we'll head over to the altamont pass. the earlier problem in hayward has been cleared. westbound traffic is slow around 21 miles per hour. eastbound traffic is heavy as well. roadwork is blocking lanes until 9:00.
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so 16 miles per hour approaching the roadwork. we'll check out the drive time this friday morning. not horrible on westbound 580 from tracy to dublin. a 30-minute ride. antioch to concord looking good at 14 minutes. southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco. green at 17 minutes. reggie, jessica. >> thank you, frances. spring has sprung in the area. if you're a flower person, you may want to head to berkeley. >> the uc botanical garden, incredible bloom is under way. annuals and perennials that come from far east, india and south africa. >> the rains have brought them out in large numbers together. but honestly, we see blooms like this almost every year. there will always be a few things blooming, but nothing hike this. >> each in try winters, the
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e director says the ploom will be replaced by hordes of other nours. >> i went on a hike yesterday and there were poppies. i saw natural calla lilies. >> holook at you hiking on a weekday. one of the most highly anticipated ipos this year. new details about uber's plan to go public. the decision being made that will affect commuters taking the golden gate bridge. national puppy day is tomorrow. but we celebrate today. you can watch our puppy live stream on the abc 7 news website and on the abc 7 news app.
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puppies on 7. abc 7 news is partnering with local animal shelters today to help puppies find forever home. we'll be checking in on these little guys throughout the morning. look at all our colleagues hard at work this morning over there in the puppy pen. hmm. >> those puppies got up very early this morning. we'll be checking in throughout the morning. welcome on this friday, march 22 pd. >> they're certainly adorable. right now we have to talk weather. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> i've never seen so many colleagues come into work early as they do on this day every year and stay late. those puppies getting a lot of loving today. hopefully some forever homes. hi everybody. we have rain to talk about today. a 1 on the storm impact


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