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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 22, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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we'll introduce you to some of them. if you'reeading odo,castream pul morning long on and our news app. right now, we warrant nt to get check of the weather. >> i want to lay down with them and cuddle with them. that looks awesome. we've got rain in the forecast. let me show it to you. first by giving you an idea what to expect from the storm impact scale. steady rain this morning. heavier showers this afternoon and evening. it will be a little breezy in our hills along the bay shoreline and also out at the coast. the line is trying to move into the south bay and east bay right now of the we have plenty of reports of rain on the peninsula much the east bay shoreline and in the north bay. look at the initial line moving directly from west to east. this is the way it looks in san francisco right now. areas of rain through 7:00 and then from mid-morning to early afternoon, it's more scattered. not as steady. the cold front comes through and we kick up the light to moderate showers from 4:00 all the way
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through the end of the day. those temperatures going to be cooler than average in the mid to upper 50s most of the day. frances is in for alexis. let's see what's on traffic this morning. all right. mike. hotspots this morning. i'm starting out with a cal trans camera shot. you seat smoke there. there was an earlier car fire they cleared. it's start to go flow better through the area. i want to zoom into the maps and show you how the backup has grown. it's heavy as you make your way off the bay bridge on to south -- you notice it's also affected northbound 101. but now that that has cleared, hopefully this will pick up as well. the traffic will start to get better. another problem in the south bay, north 101 at alum rock. unfortunately, it looks like an injuryro 680 approaching alum rock and tracking another injury crash in the north bay, westbound 37 very
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slow approaching black point because of another spinout that was caused by hydroplaning. be careful on the roads out there. it's pretty slick, guys. >> breaking news out of the east bay. a man is dead. killed in an overnight house fire. it happened on loftus road and bay point. a woman told firefighters that she managed to escape but her husband was still inside. firefighters went in and rescued him. he later died from his injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. damage to the home estimated at more than $100,000. you could be paying more to cross the golden gate bridge as soon as this summer. >> today, there's a final vote on a toll hike that would eventually raise the price to nearly $10. abc 7 news reporter amy reporte hi, jessic depends how you loo it.the is hf this is bad news if you drive a
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car through the toll plaza. good news for those who take a bus through here. here's a look at what those who drive their cars through this toll plaza are facing. if you have a fastrak, you're going to pay almost $2 more. you'll go up to $8.75 from $7. those without fastrak will go from $8 to $9.80. this is good news if you take the bus or the ferry. the money will go toward improving and adding service. those who ride the bus tell us, they would welcome more. one woman said she waits 40 minute for a bus to arrive to take her to san francisco. >> the buses don't come that frequently. it's all financial. i don't feel it goes to the financial -- i have to go to the financial district to take a muni to get to work. anyway, 40 minutes. it's a long time to wait. i just pace. >> reporter: the money will also
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go towards bridge maintenance. the toll increase would be gradual, over the next five years. the first b hike is scheduled for this morning. it is expected to pass. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thanks for the warning. developing out of washington this morning, signs the mueller investigation on russian interference in the 2016 election is now wrapping up. >> abc news sources say no new indictments are expected and robert mueller hasn't filed new cases in two months. these could be signs that a final report is being prepared. it's unclear whether the report would be released to the public. attorney general william barr is expected to brief congress on its findings. two san francisco lawmakers. so the supervisors are drafting legislation to close juvenile detention center in san
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francisco by 2021. they say the city is spending more than $13 million a year to lock kids up in a facility that consistently is 70 to 75% empty. instead, they say that money should be used to fund rehabilitation programs to help young people build healthy and stable lives. governor gavin newsom is considering a plan to prohibit new death penalty sentences in criminal cases. the l.a. times reports the pronounsment could set up a possible conflict with state attorney general, javier becerra who has been a supporter of capital punish: he wants to see if he can act on behalf of the people to no longer prosecute death. the governor put a moratorium on the execution of death row inmates last week. coming up, a new lawsuit against jetblue. what two flight a tep dants say happened to them. what could be featured on the next episode of shark tank. a look outside at what's going on with the wet weather. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza wet with rain and green
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all around. i'll show you other areas where it's getting wet rig
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let's go to street level with live doppler 7. boular
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light rain fli it should i dubn in or so. pleasanton livermore. the 580, 680 and sunol grade about to get wetter. as you can see, the rain marching off towards the east. let's look at behind it. light rain falling in san francisco. er and and exercise, cool. high country, snow develops. we have the winter weather advisory for the western slope. steady rain in the north bay at 7:00. it tapers a little bit at 9:00. scattered at 11:00. steady at 1:00 all the way through 7:00. for the east bay, steady light rain at 7:00. kind of scattered at 9:00. a little lull from 11:00 to 1:00. scattered again at 3:00. 5:00 toa spell with drizzle fro 11:00 to 1:00. on either side of that, prepare to get wet. here's frances.
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>> quite a few problems on the roadrn thising. we'll start off with a live shot in san francisco. an earlier car fire has been cleared. it's slowing southbound 101 as you make your way out of the city towards the peninsula. it's unusually heavy for this time of g. you see the roads are wet and we're seeing quite a few more accidents pop up. southbound 101 stretch is heavy as you come off the bay bridge. you can see traffic is moving around 16, 10 miles per hour, it picks up past the scene. a new problem through the altamont pass. there's a big rig accident and traffic has been slow because of roadwork on eastbound 580 from greenville to 205. lanes blocked until 9:00. the usual brake lights into the altamont pass. injury crash in the south bay, north 101 at alum rock. that's been out there. causing things to back up. traffic is heavy as you approach the scene. sluggish as well.
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in novato because of an injury crash. i also want to give you a heads up. ace train number 1 is running 11 minute late right now. two jetblue flight attendants are suing the airline and two pilots after they say they were drugged and raped. according to "the new york times," the suit said it happened during a layover last year. it claims the pilot, watson and johnson, drugged the women and one of the men raped them. the lawsuit accuses the airline of failing to discipline the pilots when the women reported the assault. jetblue and the pilots' lawyers declined to answer questions. but jetblue says it takes the allegations seriously. uber plans to list on the stock exchange. it could be one of the five biggest listings of all-time. uber's ipo set for release in april. it's expected to boost the company's value up to an timted $120 billion. the main rival lyft, plans to start trading next week on the
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tyson is recallig frozen ready to eat chicken strips because of metal contamination. fully cooked crispy chicken strips and buffalo-style. they have a best used by date of november 20th, 2019. if you have it in your freezer, throw them away or return them to the store where you got them. another bay area business will be appearing on shark tank on sunday. this is called silk roll. janet woo and aaron wold are the entrepreneurs behind the clothing exchange business. it explains you can send in old high quality clothing in exchange for points and then you use the points to pick out new clothes that others have traded in. to see if they get a deal, tune in to shark tank here on abc 7 this sunday at 10:00 p.m. we're going to look at how traffic is doing.
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frances, i heard commotion where you were. what's going on? >> yeah, reggie. not friday light at all. light rain is moving in. causing quite a few problems. a live shot of the toll plaza. it's backed up to the maze. there was an earlier crash and now a new stall blocking right lane. also, you get off the bay bridge coming into san francisco, traffic has been slow on to southbound 101 because of an earlier car fire at 17th street. that's picked up and traffic is improving here. but still sluggish. we also have a problem spot through the altamonaltamont. there's roadwork on eastbound 580 from greenville out to 205 blocking lanes until 9:00 and westbound sluggish as well as you make your way out of tracy. still showing you the slow traffic right now on southbound 101 off the bay bridge.
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mike, this rain is causing quite a few accidents. i think you mentioned it's going huring the evening commute. we have steady light rain everywhere. like wednesday morning, it's coming in at the worst time during the commute. i'm getting reports of light rain falling now and it's going to continue throughout the next couple of hours. let's take a look at what's going on. san jose, still pretty dry. 101 and 87. light rain coming your way too. it's taking longer to get through the santa cruz mountains like it always does. rain this morning, p.m. heavier showers. lipg erg scattered showers tonight. we get a break. possibility of -- hayward boulevard, crow canyon, if you use at that cut through from 680 to 580 or the other way, it's getting a moderate rain right now. you can see the rain trying to push into the south bay. it's getting close.
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the rain is falling for an hour or two now. for now, we've got the warm front pushing through. steady, light to some moderate rain. a little bit of tapering back from mid-morning to early afternoon. as we head towards the -- light to moderate showers. that moves south. the front stalls on top of us around 6:00 and watch this wave develop and some heavier showers if you're going to be later into the evening hours. expect heavier rain. if you're heading to the sierra, 5:00 saturday afternoon, evening. we've got a winter weather advisory. we'll talk to frances about that in just a second with your toyota tahoe report. saturday and sunday during the day looking really nice. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, more light storms on our storm impact scale. here's frances. >> mike, i got word of a new crash on the peninsula. sounds pretty bad. i want to mention it. mill
6:19 am
if you are heading out to tahoe today, you should head out right now. right now, no chains required on the freeway. it's only a 3 hour and 22 minute ride if you make your way to squaw alpine. looking good on interstate 80 and 890 heavenly. they've got a lot of snow. the toyota tahoe report, sugar bowl, sierra tahoe and kirkwood. lots of snow as well. as mike mentioned earlier, the snow is coming. around 11:00, we will likely start to see some chain requirements through the sierra. >> thank you. we're celebrating national puppy day a day early. puppies on 7. jessica is upstairs with the puppies. >> this is colby. i'm in the pen. we've got a little party going on over here. got the whole gg lang ball a lie
6:20 am
bit. i'm also joined by colleen from the green dog rescue project. good to see you this year. >> thank you for having us. >> who do you have? >> i have rory, colby's brother and i have willow who is anxious to get down with her sisters. i'll put her down. >> we have three litters here today. >> colleen, green dog rescue project is very unique. >> we're not cage-based. our packs run in -- we've gone global. we got back from japan where we were invited to help their shelters. we have an intern from japan here. >> welcome. >> to learn what we do so he can go back and change things. >> i've been watching you all morning. you've been zen up here sitting and petting all the dogs. nice morning. look at them. half of them are asleep already. >> colleen, tell me the process. you're up in wind sore. >> just above santa rosa and they can find our information on our website at green dog
6:21 am or give us a call at 707-433-4377. come up and see us. we're there from 10:00 to 4:00. same thing tomorrow. these guys are ready to go home. even though it's national puppy day. don't overlook the adult dogs. they're pretty incredible. >> all of the dogs in the pep are ready to go home with a forever home? >> yes, they're ready to go home. >> how old are the guys? >> the little jack russell terrier mixes are three months. the two blondes and the black one, the three dogs we call them, willow, amber and maple, they are actually two months. then the little lab border collie mix are 2 1/2 months. >> kathy, can you look at my shoes right now. i don't think i'm making it back upstairs. i think my shoes are a chew toy this morning. [ laughter ] >> those dogs have good taste. oh, my gosh. there they go.
6:22 am
>> hold on. hold on. let me -- let's play with this instead. >> reggie, i think i got to get out of the pen. i think -- or i have to buy new shoes. >> that is a first. >> you get a puppy, they are going to chew on everything. have plenty of chew toys available. >> colleen says, buy chew toys before you adopt a dog. >> good. we're learning all sort of good tips this morning. dogs also enjoy
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let's take a look at the rain on the radar. moderate rain towards dublin, pleasanton, livermore, the is up 'ol grade. i have a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza, the more likely you'll run into steady rain this morning. thanks, mike. the san jose sharks on the road again tonight taking on the anaheim ducks. the sharks lost to the l.a. kings 4-2 last night. they did have a cool guest broadca broadcaster. >> that was not supposed to happen. >> i'm going to take that card out of your hand, ron. >> that, as you probably recognize, is anchorman, ron burgundy. will ferrell happening out in the broadcast booth. he's ai big kings fan. the game against the ducks
6:26 am
happens tonight at 7:00. at 6:30, the controversial product cbs is about to start selling. the ghost ship case is back in court. why the defense is asking to delay the trial. we've got a couple hotspots. both on the peninsula. one off westbound 92 at edge water. the laps are blocked. traffic is slow approaching the skeep. another developing
6:27 am
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now at 6:30, the ghost ship case returns to court today. what attorneys are expected to ask the judge. also, caught on camera. setting a series of fires. the search for three arsonists. and national puppy day. we're celebrating with puppies on 7. all of these puppies are here and they are beautiful. look at that. >> aww. >> they had to get up real early to be with us. it's just one of the siblings up saying now is my chance to shine. that's right. we want you to adopt these dogs. give them a forever home. more information about that coming up. look at that. >> i know.
6:30 am
who wouldn't love that face. >> you can't start your day better. good morning on this friday, march 22nd. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> you're going to make me tell the people it's raining after looking at that. >> you take the good, you take the bad. >> i don't remember the rest. >> you take them -- there you have the facts of life. >> don't go there. because i don't remember. >> come on trudy. >> frances is enjoying that. i'm glad. >> at least you didn't call me toot i. >> nice giggle, frances. oh, my goodness. >> we need that giggle all the time here. >> we really do here. puppies and giggles and rain. all seriousness, be careful out there. frances covering a lot of accidents unfortunately. because people aren't slowing down. heavier showers for the afternoon and evening. through lafayette, walnut creek and dublin, the sunol grade, some of the better radar returns. rain is making it into the south
6:31 am
bay. and 880.see a few drops it's going to get slippery in the south bay, too. areas of steady rain moving across our neighborhoods. a little bit of a letup. the best chance at noon in the north bay. the rest of us will have scattered showers out there and the light to moderate showers at 9:00. they continue through the evening houshs. here's frances. >> we have a few problem spot out there. this one on westbound 92 off the san mateo bridge into foster city causing slowing right now. as you make your way off the span, traffic slows down to about 20 miles per hour approaching the scene. also on the peninsula, couple of accidents on northbound 101. not one, but two north 101 at millbrae there's an accident blocking lanes and north 101 near sfo. if you can consider 280 as an alternate, that might be the best bet. a big rig accident and stall approaching north flynn. there's roadwork until 9:00. westbound heavy as well through the altamont pass.
6:32 am
live shot of the san mateo bridge. it's crowded leaving hayward and worse into foster city because of that crash. the drive time across the san mateo bridge is 22 minutes. the drive time is 15 minutes and traffic is backed up into the maze. the golden gate bridge is t rht thank you, frances. two american service members were killed while conducting an operation in afghanistan. nato military alliance officials say they were killed conduct being an operation today. they did not specify the location or so what the soldiers were fighting. the names of the service members killed in action won't be announced until 24 hours after notification of next of kin. four u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan this year. happening today, a judge considering whether or not to delay the ghost ship fire trial tore six month. >> the defense is asking for more time and also asking toew fortson in the newsroom with the
6:33 am
latest. jobina. >> good morning. the defense is asking for a delay because of newly discovered evidence and the dismissal of charges because of potentially e or destred under prosecutors' watch. ghost shipnt derick almena are d with 36 counts of manslaughter for the 2016 fire that killed 36 people at the warehouse. judge trina thompson said at a recent hearing, she expects the trial to be lengthy. harris' attorney has upcoming cases at that could conflict, which is another reason he's asking for the delay, among other requests. almena's attorney wants to bar any reference to the warehouse or ghost ship as being called a fire trap or any term similar to that. the judge thinks today's hearing could take all day. reporting in the newsroom, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. jobina, thank you. right now, police searching for two men caught on camera setting a series of fires in a peninsula
6:34 am
neighborhood. >> one of the fires was so devastating a business had to close. thee of the fires were set within 30 minutes of each other, just blocks apart in downtown san mateo. here's a surveillance photo. police are on the hunt for the suspected arsonist. the worst of the damage was here. you can see these people behind vital ent, a business. they were taking something out of garbage bins and lighting it on fire. the window melted. the sprinklers went off. frcing the business to chose >> the murdered son of an oakland city council member. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney died after being shot during a robbery on march 10th. no arrests have been made. mcelhaney is the son of oakland city council woman lette gibson mcelhaney. tomorrow a memorial service will be held at the temple hill auditorium in oakland. happening today, governor newsom is scheduled to announce new action to protect the
6:35 am
state's wildfire vulnerable communities. he will make the announcement later this morning at the middletown library in lake county. last year was california's worst year for wildfires in recorded history. there were more than 8,000 fires that burned more than 1.8 million acres. the largest was the mendocino complex which was a pair of fires that burned in lake and mendocino counties. white house senior adviser and president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, used whatsapp to message contacts outside the u.s. >> the democratic congressman elijah cummings disclosed this in a letter to the white house. kushner sent screen shots of his what's app messages to his white housey mail account and the national security council. his lawyer said -- critics say kushner used whatsapp to discuss mocratare demanding -- top
6:36 am
diplomats are praising the long alliance with south korea. abc 7 news was in the u.s. ambassador to south korea and -- they placed a wreath at the korean war memorial. more than 36,000 americans lost their lives from 1950 until 1963. >> we'll never forgue. >> since that time, we have formed deep economic relationships between our countries and most importantly, the people to -- >> more than 2200 korean war vets are buried near the memorial. many called the korean war america's forgotten war. abc 7 news recently traveled to korea to get a firsthand look at the efforts to bring change. our special report, breaking the ice, chasing peace on a korean
6:37 am
peninsula airs sunday at 6:30 p.m. on abc 7. all right. let's get back to the wet weather. here's a look at the north bay. we have light rain falling everywhere. darker green falling in the east bay hills and the san ramon valley. as we head to the south bay, light rain is starting to take over all the neighborhoods there. definitely 17 through the santa cruz mountains. here's a look at the light rainfall at i bay bridge toll plaza. the roads are going to be, if not wet, they will be wet especially to the west and running into the rain as it marches off to the east. grab your wet weather gear for mass transit. it will be wet on the ferries today and breezy during the afternoon hours, more so than this morning. we've got steady rain on the peninsula. it becomes kind of quiet from 9:00 to 1:00. then light rain moves in at 3:00 and becomes heavier from 5:00 to 7:00. in the east bay valleys, steady rain at 7:00. lighter at 9:00. 11:00, you may get a breather bs
6:38 am
at 7:00. becoming scattered at 00 yo get also 3:00. then from 5:00 on, the steady moderate to heavy rain moves back in: we have a weekend on the way. dry patches. today, everybody is driving on wet patches. been kind of dicey. the people have been a little careless at times. >> in fact, it's interesting, mike. as soon as you showed the rain coming through, that's when the accidents started to pop up. it will be worse for the evening commute tonight. we're going to go to the hotspots, several hotspots on the peninsula. millbrae, an accident blocking two lanes and a stall in the backup. traffic is heavy from 92 and north 101 at sfo, another crash. you see traffic is a crawl as you make your way on the peninsula. 12 miles an hour there. you may want to consider 280 as an alternate. it's a jammed up ride on westbound 92 off the san mateo
6:39 am
bridge because of an accident blocking lanes near foster city. traffic is at 10 miles an hour. so you may want to consider the dumbarton bridge because it's a slow ride across the san mateo bridge. eastbound 580, an accident cleared. traffic is throw westbound 485. antioch toconcord alsolow. a look at the san mateo bridge heavy from hayward and worse into foster city. you'll find the usual delays as well on interstate 80 through emeryville. backed up into the maze. reggie, jessica? >> thanks, frances. cvs will begin selling products derived from hemp-based. >> this includes sprays, lotions. many say cbd offers them the safe health benefits, like pain and reliefitetting high. not everyone believes the products should be sold over-the-counter at cvs.
6:40 am
they'd like to see more research much the new products will not iclude he had i believe so. coming up, changes coming to the amazon app. the extra things you're going to see. can freezing your jeans clean them? 's veryintestvi's strauss weighs i'monsebout what to we he me adorable pictures you've been sending us for national puppy day. post them on social media. there's my pup. the #puppies on 7. we're distracted by
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good morning everyone. a live look at our puppy cam. it's adorable as ever. we're hoping to find them a home. we're celebrating a day early here. we're sbroer duesing you to some of the most adorable dogs. look at that. a lot of them are popped. >> we don't usually get a whole litter. it's fun to see them together. there's mike nicco. >> there's mike. >> he found his way back up there. this is definitely his favorite day of the year. we're excited for him and allf you who w adopt the puppies. >> his sec >> he has the
6:44 am
>> we'll be with h minutes. transportation leaders are set to vote on a plan to raise fares on the golden gate bridge. >> you could be paying nearly $10 to cross the span within five years. reporter amy hollyfield is live for us with more. >> reporter: hi, jessica. this is expected to pass today. passing through this toll booth could cost you more coming up pretty soon. let's take a look at the numbers. if you have a fastrak, that could go up to $8.75 in five years. those who don't have a fastrak, you're paying $8 now. that could go up to $9.80. commuters who will benefit from the toll hike are those who take the bus or the ferry. the money will go toward improving the options. without the money, they would likely have to cut bus or ferry service. bus riders we talked to this morning say, soupds like a toll
6:45 am
increase will be a good thing. >> i take the bus about two to three days a week or so. that might work out okay. nobody is great about toll hikes, i would imagine. in the long run, it might be better. >> reporter: the money will also go towards bridge maintenance. this increase will be gradual. they'll do it over five years. the first bump is scheduled to hit this july. so get ready. the vote is scheduled for this morning. again, it is expected to pass. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. now your morning money report. you could soon be seeing ads on your amazon apps. >> that's right. amazon plans to start selling them soon. the ads will appear in response to search results. this launch is seen as a challenge to a massive ad market currently dominated by google and facebook. let knee get this straight. you're buying something and now you're getting other ads while buying things.
6:46 am
>> to buy more stuff. a live look at the stock exchange. we're down about 140 points. all right. folks, putting your jeans in the freezer will not magically clean them. that's the message from the ceo of san francisco-based levi's strauss. in 2014. chip bergh turned heads when he said he never washes his denim. apparently there was an old wives tale, you can put them in the freezer. the ceo of levi's says that does not work. if you choose to not put them in the washer, your best bet is spot cleaning them. if you don't want to put them in the wash, don't freeze them. that will just make them cold. >> apparently, you're never supposed to wash your jeans. >> i try not to wash mine -- i don't wash them every single time i wear them. >> neither do i. but never? >> there's some instances where you should be washing your jeans. >> i agree. >> puppy slobber all over them. >> which now we all do.
6:47 am
speaking of that, we're celebrating national puppy day. >> meteorologist mike nicco up there right now. who do you have there, mike? >> i've got mikey. he's from -- you know your name, don't you? give me a kiss? no. puppy breath. got rejected. must be the coffee breath. >> it's national puppy day tomorrow. in honor of that, we have puppies on 7 like every year. we've brought in all seven of our perfect pet partners right now. we've got four of them with me. they're each going to tell us their name and where they're from. we'll start with shannon. >> the alameda animal shelter. this is aurora. we're in alameda, california. >> so cute. >> i'm erin from the east bay spca. we have little baguette here. >> you named them all after bread. >> we did. >> beautiful. where can we find you? >> baguette will be available at our dublin adoption center.
6:48 am
we also have an adoption center in oakland. >> thank ou very much. this tall guy, he's 7 feet tall. he's going to tell us where he's from. >> i'm carl from humane society and brought jesse here. these guys will be ready soon. >> traveling the furthest. >> i'm colleen with the green dog rescue project from windsor, california. i have willow here with her sisters amber and maple. >> when are they available? >> they're available now. you can find us up in the windsor area there. look on our website at green dog that's what we're doing. you can see the pin pens behind us. some of them are tired. but they're just so adorable. you can watch it streaming live on our app. our website. #puppies on 7. send us your pictures. we want to thank everybody for being here. i know it's a big, big project for you guys to be here.
6:49 am
we appreciate it. we're going to continue all the way through noon today. we'll have a new set of perfect pet partners come in at about, what, 8:00, 8:30. 8:00. you'll see new puppies thatfove switch them out. we'll let you guys go. thank you very much. let's talk about the weather really quick. i'm going to keep mikey. sorry. you can't have him back. he's mine. mikey, it's raining outside. maybe we should play in all day today. the storms are going to move north to south in the afternoon hours. they'll be heavier, dry and breezy most of weekend. you need an umbrella monday through thursday next week. you can see the shield of rain marching all across from west to east our neighborhoods on live doppler 7. everybody will get touched by rain this morning. heading into the evening -- shift there, mikey. are you more comfortable up there. 7:00, we've got the rain. you can see it there. moving forward, we'll go to noon and most of the rain is still in
6:50 am
the north bay. then as we head into the afternoon, evening hours, you can see the light to moderate rain will continue. even an uptick in it. he keeps turk away from the camera. we are going to see an uptick in the chance of showers as we head through the evening hours, especially south of 80. quick look at the forecast, shows much drier weather over the weeken. warmer by sunday and the rain comes back in once again. he's being camera shy. where are you going, buddy? isn't he adorable? don't you want to take him home, make him your pet? hi, mikey. oh, my god, he's so adorable. this is the best day of the year. the adorable meter off the charts. jessica, you have one of the best pictures so far. absolutely loved t we'll send it to frances and talk about the traffic. we're streaming live until noon today. two cute mike y.s on camera
6:51 am
there. >> westbound 80 at powell. off to the right-hand shoulder. traffic is slow as you make your wave through berkeley right now. it's backed up into the maze as you make your way to the toll plaza. the peninsula has been a hotspot. northbound 101 at sfo, a five to six-car pileup blocking mi ne. out a separate crash nea millbrae. that one has been cleared. sluggish traffic from highway 92 westbound. it's been problematic because of earlier problems with the crash at foster city has been cleared. a new accident in fremont. you can see red. traffic is heavy there from newark. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge. it's brake lights all the way across from hayward into foster city. the drive time really slow right now. it's 33 minutes westbound across the san mateo bridge. the dumbarton bridge, a better alternate. sluggish across the bay bridge, golden gate bridge looking good.
6:52 am
of course, if you want to consider 280 as an alternate to the 101 problem on the peninsula, that would be your best bet. a star from modern family is throwing her support behind a j lawmakers yesterday on a bill that would get rid of the sales tax on diapers. lawmakers say the state sales tax on diapers amounts to about 12 bucks a monday. the bill would save families more than $140 a year. >> it's just a simple thing. it looks like a silly thing. it's just a piece of fabric. yet, it sets off an entire chain of events that either allows a woman to go to work, a child to go to daycare or not. >> previous cost analysis showed state and local governments would lose $35 million a year if the sales tax was repealed. former governor jerry brown vetoed a similar measure in 2016. in the east bay, about
6:53 am
10,000 runners will hit the streets of oakland for a series of races this weekend. >> abc 7 news was in jack london square where race organizers and city leaders talked aboutng festival. it includes a 5k, half marathon aid and a full. marathon runners face a new challenge getting to run across the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> which is a big deal and helped us sell out the marathon very quickly. our marathon numbers are up 40%. >> in ten years, this event has also contributed more than $2 million to local charities. >> race organizers and mayor libby schaaf presented two checks totaling $5,000. the money generated by race rental stragss will benefit nonprofits that help young people in oakland. the full marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. on sunday. it takes runners across lake merritt, jack london square, west oakland, along the bay bridge bike path and through
6:54 am
uptown oakland to the finish line on grand avenue at lake merritt. we're tell you this so you know what to avoid sunday morning because this will impact traffic and transit. so plan ahead. spring has sprung in the east bay. if you are a flower person, you might want to head to berkeley. >> abc 7 news is at the uc botanical garden in berkeley. an incredible bloom is under way. it boasts a mixture of annuals and perennials that come from california and the far east, india and south africa. >> it's always beautiful here. the rains have brought them out in large numbers together. but honestly, we see blooms like this almost every year. there will always be april few things blooming, but nothing like this. >> of course, in dry winters, the collection is always watered. but the director says in a few weeks, this bloom will be replaced by hordes of other colorful flowers. visit whenever. but it's pretty right now.
6:55 am
coming up next, the seven things to know before you go. a live look at our puppy cam once again. >> they're noisy right now. >> they're eating. >> bowoken up. >> it's breakfast. just like us when it's time to eat. we'll continue to watch the puppy cams and you can too by going to
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if you love breakfast foed into fluffy eggst denr all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99. coming up on 6:58 on this soggy friday morning.
6:58 am
if you're just joining us or headed out the door, let's talk about that wet weather and seven things to know. the planner, steady rain everywhere at 7:00. it will become scattered. steady mainly up in the north bay by noon and then it comes back as light to moderate showers this afternoon and continues all the way through the evening. number 2, another setback in oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial. today the defense will ask a judge to delay the trial for derick almena and max harris by six months because of concerns involving evidence. number 3, a public viewing will be held later today for the murdered son of an oakland city council member. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney died after being shot during a robbery march 10th. governor newsom will take new action to protect the most wildfire vulnerable communities. last year was the state's worst year for wildfires in recorded histo history. number 5, a final vote slated to increase the toll for the golden gate bridge to about
6:59 am
$10. that will happen over the next five years. directors say they need it to pay for ferries, buses and maintenance. number 6, it's been a messy morning commute with the wet roads. traffic is crawling here westbound across the san mateo bridge. hotspot, northbound 101 and the peninsula at sfo. southbound 880 at auto mall parkway. and number 7, it is puppies on 7. we're celebrating national puppy day early. teaming up with national shelters to find homes for these dogs. our puppy live stream at as well as on our news app is going to be -- >> hi there. >> hi buddy. >> those dogs have a lot of personality. >> they really do. >> they've gotten more energy after they ate. right? >> they're so soft. they had a little bit of nap, some of them and some of them just ate. now they're ready to go. >> from the spca and named after all of these types of bread. >> types of bread. >> what is it?
7:00 am
>> they also have dogs named after us at humane society silicon valley. >> they should be adopted first. just kidding. adopt good morning, america. breaking news out of afghanistan. overnight two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. the latest on that plan to withdraw u.s. troops as violence grows and isis builds a new stronghold in that country. also this morning, bracing for the mueller report. washington on edge as new clues point to the report's release at any moment. and what we're learning about new indictments. the new alert in texas this morning. after that massive chemical plant fire, school canceled again. concerns rising about the air. also this morning, new video of that incident on the ice. the american figure skater under fire, accused of deliberately


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