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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> they also have dogs named after us at humane society silicon valley. >> they should be adopted first. just kidding. adopt good morning, america. breaking news out of afghanistan. overnight two u.s. service members killed in afghanistan. the latest on that plan to withdraw u.s. troops as violence grows and isis builds a new stronghold in that country. also this morning, bracing for the mueller report. washington on edge as new clues point to the report's release at any moment. and what we're learning about new indictments. the new alert in texas this morning. after that massive chemical plant fire, school canceled again. concerns rising about the air. also this morning, new video of that incident on the ice. the american figure skater under fire, accused of deliberately
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slashing her rival with her skate. the investigation right now. high wire horror. newly released tape of that terrifying nik wallenda stunt. five performers plummet 25 feet to the ground. how they survived. i am the dragon's daughter. >> fight for her life, "game of thrones" star emilia clarke revealing she nearly died from a brain aneurysm. the warning signs that should send you straight to the hospital. ♪ welcome to my house and let the march madness begin. the three-point stunner. >> oh. >> sending star fletcher magee to the record books, giving his underdog team their first tournament win. and the major upset busting brackets across the country and breaking this man's heart. >> poor bill murray. good morning, america. he had reason to be unhappy. his son coaches louisville, assistant coach, and they lost.
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>> poor bill murray. >> a lot of people were upset this morning. he's not the only one, george. after 16 games of the 17 million brackets on espn less than 1% are still perfect. yeah. and that's just after the first day. >> day one. >> day one. >> all right. we'll have more on that later this morning. but we are going to begin with that breaking news. two u.s. service members killed in action in afghanistan, the third and fourth americans to die there this year. right to abc's eva pilgrim with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. we are just getting word two american service members were killed in afghanistan during a mission in the northern part of the country. at this time, the military not giving many details about the circumstances surrounding their deaths, but saying the two were killed as a result of a small arms fire and saying it is now under investigation. this brings the total of american service members killed in afghanistan this year to four. there are about 14,000 u.s. forces in the country supporting afghan forces as they struggle with a resurgent taliban who now
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has control over half the country and the islamic state affiliate. this as the pentagon has been working on plans to withdraw up to half the american forces, at the same time stepping up efforts and negotiating with the taliban, cecilia. >> our thoughts certainly go out to the family members of those service members. eva, thank you. george? >> thanks, cecilia. to washington where the white house, media, all members of congress brace for the end game of the mueller inve gags. signs now that mueller could deliver the report to the attorney general as early as today and our chief white house correspondent jon karl has unearthed an official letter that offers guidance on what we might see. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. nobody outside of the investigation knows exactly what to expect from robert mueller. but the man who is overseeing the special counsel has offered a clue. this morning, all eyes are on special counsel robert mueller. >> what do you expect? >> it's always interesting to me, because a deputy, that didn't get any votes, appoints man that didn't get any votes.
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he's going to write a report on me. >> reporter: the investigation is expected to wrap up soon. president trump is waiting too. in an interview airing this morning on fox news, the president again lashed out at the special counsel. >> for two years we've gone through this nonsense because there's no collusion with russia. you know that better than anybody. and there's no obstruction. they'll say, oh, well, wait. there was no collusion. that was a hoax, but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax. >> reporter: sources familiar with the investigation tell abc news they expect no more indictments from the special counsel. as for the president and any others who were not indicted, the man who is overseeing the investigation, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, hinted in a little noticed letter written last year that it would not offer a harsh public rebuke of those not indicted. as rosenstein wrote, we also have a duty to prevent the disclosure of information that would unfairly tarnish people who were not charged with crimes. ultimately it'll be up to the new attorney general, william
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barr, to decide how much of the mueller report is released to the public. george. >> he says he will do what is consistent with regulations. okay, jon, thanks very much. let's bring in our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce, for more on that. mary, on capitol hill democrats on capitol hill, those in the majority right now concerned they might not see the report or the underlying investigative materials and they say there's precedent for that release. >> reporter: yeah, george, democrats are making very clear that they are not going to be satisfied unless they see the full mueller report and the underlying evidence. that means that they are going to use every tool they have available to them to fight for this. that means you're going to see subpoenas. that means you'll likely see robert mueller up here on the hill. and they're willing to fight it in court. the democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee schiff notes there is precedent. and says when republicans were this charge and they sought and obtained the underlying
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investigation regarding the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. so, george, this is going to be a listening fight up here. and democrats aren't waiting, though. they are making very clear they're still continuing to ramp up their own investigations while they wait to get all this other information. >> one of those has echoes of the hillary clinton email investigation and the house oversight committee now unearthing evidence that jared kushner and ivanka trump used their personal email and messages systems for government business. >> reporter: the chairman, george, says that kushner's lawyers told him that the president's son-in-law used a private messaging app for official business. and that ivanka trump may not be properly preserving some of her private e-mailses on her private account. democrats say this raises concerns about violations of the federal records act and they want more information but they say that the white house right now is stonewalling them. in a letter to the white house counsel cummings says their failure to provide documents is, quote, obstructing the committee's investigation and he's warning the white house that if they continue to withhold these documents from the committee, that, quote, we will be forced to consider alternative means to obtain compliance. george, that is a clear signal that they're willing to use their subpoena power. >> lots of court battles ahead. mary, thanks very much. michael? >> all right, thank you, george. now the latest on those boeing 737 max jets. this morning there are reports
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that american airlines pilots may test the software fix in a simulator as soon as this weekend. this comes as questions grow about boeing charging extra for a safety feature that was absent in both the doomed planes. abc's david kerley has the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, michael. boeing is moving quickly with trying to get this software upgrade out to the airlines. we're learning they're probably going the meet with customer over the week end to explain the updates and what they'll do. meanwhile, one airline saying it would like to cancel its orders for this airplane. this morning, one airline saying it's lost confidence in the 737 max and asking to cancel its nearly $5 billion order after trouble with this sensor in at least one of the crashes. the carrier telling abc news that it may switch to other boeing aircraft because an outright cancellation for the airline would be costly. this as boeing is getting ready to roll out that promised software update to their controversial anti-stall system reportedly as early as the
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coming days. that news coming as we learn that both the ethiopian jet and the lion air plane months earlier reportedly did not have two optional add-on safety features tore the max that came with the price tag. every 737 max has two sensors to indicate whether the nose of the jet is pointed up or down but that anti-stall system forces the nose down only using one sensor. for a price, an icon showing the angle of the jet can be added to the screen in the cockpit. a second add-on has a light turn on if the sensors don't agree. >> two identical sensors on the airplane, they both ought to be feeding data to the cockpit. you shouldn't have to pay extra to get them both to talk to the pilots. >> reporter: in the update the disagree light will be a standard feature and boeing says in the future, the mcas will rely on two sensors before engaging. >> origin that will design
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relied on the pilots to take appropriate action. what we learned from these two accidents, that may not occur. >> reporter: southwest and american airlines pays for these safety features but united does not, saying their pilots are trained with other instruments and to shut off the anti-stall system if it is engaged incorrectly. this update will require certification from the faa and additional training. if that training including simulation time, that could be difficult because this are not that many 737 maxim lagss available out there. >> okay, david, thank you. we turn to the new flooding threat in the midwest. overnight another turn forced to evacuate as the river there rises. rob has the very latest. >> hi, cecilia, another levee breach. now over a dozen in the past week. this is video out of craig, missouri. the iowa/nebraska border also seeing a lot of flooding and across parts of southwest minnesota this is the river. look at this ice flow, when it
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gets to certain parts of the river, it can jam up and cause more flooding. that's been a problem this weekend and it will be a problem ongoing. noaa releasing a flood statement yesterday saying that as we get towards may, 25 states at risk for moderate to major flooding especially across the big rivers. this could rival if not surpass the flooding of 1993 so something we should be very concerned about in the weeks to come. >> okay, thanks very much. the latest on that chemical plant fire in texas. schools closed again amid concerns and confusion about you are a quality. alex perez is on the scene in deer park. people were told to shelter in place when the national guard came in. but now that order's been lifted. and residents still wary. >> reporter: that's right, george. officials say they continue to monitor the air quality in this area but people who live here are on edge and they do not want to take any chances. now, because of the quality of the air following the containment of that massive gas plant fire, most schools in the area say they will be closed today as a precaution. they plan to use that time to decontaminate playgrounds and clean other parts of school buildings. yesterday morning authorities
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issued a shelter in place order after officials determined the levels in the air of benzene, an ingredient in gasoline, were unsafe. benzene has been linked to cancer. now, after authorities sprayed another layer of that special foam on the burned areas to contain the chemicals, the air quality did return to safe levels. officials say that they are confident that the air here is safe. and they say they will stay on top of this until the risk is all gone. george? >> alex perez, thanks. michael? >> all right, george, thank you. now to the race against time to rescue people trapped after that tropical cyclone in mozambique. hundreds of thousands may still need to be saved and now more rain is moving in. abc's ian pannell is there in mozambique. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we are now in the epicenter of the disaster zone and as we were flying in you could see the scale of flooding and
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destruction all around this area. the death toll over 550 with experts describing this as one of the worst weather-related disasters ever in the southern hemisphere. the search for survivors is now critical. watch as a rescuer drops from a helicopter onto a pile of mud housing a family inside a destroyed makeshift hut. they're surrounded by contaminated water with nowhere to go. similar scenes of people too weak to walk being strapped and lifted on choppers. others swimming their way to safety. one man recalls being told the floods were coming. "i was inside my house and suddenly my brother ran in saying wake up, the water is coming." many areas now only accessible by helicopter. aid from the world food program coming in with over 1,700 metric tons of food. we visited one of the distribution centers in the capital. the big aid agencies are
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starting to kick in. but people here aren't waiting. helicopters and cargo planes deployed to areas where people are cut off surrounded by floodwaters. survivors coming in on rescue boats to mozambique's port where food, shelter, and medicine are now key priorities. and in the face of devastation, mozambicans coming together. so a massive search and rescue operation is now under way. these are south african helicopters and they've been constantly flying, rescuing stranded people, delivering aid. so much more is needed. cecilia. >> thanks. you really get a sense of that race on the ground. >> yeah. we are going to turn to that brewing beer battle over a super bowl commercial. millercoors taking on anheuser-busch to court suing for false advertising and janai norman has the clash over corn syrup. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning. the battle of the beers. it's hting a boiling point. millercoors taking anheuser-busch, the parent company of bud light, to court over that controversial super
7:14 am
bowl ad. saying it singled them out for using corn syrup in their products even though they say anheuser-busch uses corn syrup themselves in other products. in a newly filed lawsuit millercoors says corn syrup is used as a common brewing fermentation aid. adding there's a difference between that corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup which causes health problems if overly consumed. they maintain there is no high fructose corn syrup in any of their products about which the brand it says budweiser is being intentionally misleading. >> and idea how anheuser-busch is responding? >> reporter: yes. they are actually firing back, telling abc news, the recent bud light campaign is truthful. and intended to point out a key difference from miller lite and coors light. they are brewed with corn syrup. bud light is not. these are facts. >> thanks, janai. hopping mad. >> hopping mad. >> got it? >> got it. we go to something else that will make a lot of other people hopping mad. all the action on the court.
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talking about march madness, people. records were broken and brackets were definitely busted and the man with the plan, t.j. holmes, he's here with the highlights. what's up, t.j.? >> we go from beer to basketball. i love this show. i love this show. look, don't rip up your brackets at home. you're okay. you're still alive in your office pools. maybe a little beat-up in the bracket. but we didn't see a lot of human upsets that take out the final four teams. but we saw a record fall and after one day, we might have our star of the tournament. the madness is officially under way. >> a rainbow three. >> reporter: a record-setting performance by wofford's fletcher magee. >> magee -- >> there's the record! fletcher magee. >> reporter: with that bucket he became the all-time ncaa division 1 leader in three-pointers made. history for his seventh seeded wofford ter yrs, as wl. winning their first ever ncaa tournament the game. >> it's a ja jam!
7:16 am
>> reporter: but it was murray state's ja morant in the decisive upset of fifth seed marquette. >> morant answers the triple. >> reporter: the sophomore and top nba 11 rebounds, and 16 assists, becoming only the eighth player to ever officially post a triple-double in an ncaa tournament. >> it was a lot of fun. i feel like i have great players around me and they made me look better. >> reporter: if that didn't bust your brackets -- >> a big crush! >> reporter: -- maybe it was tenth seed florida taking out seventh seed nevada or maybe another tenth seed, minnesota, upsetting louisville. none more upset than bill murray who showed up to support luke murray an assistant coach with louisville. murray became an instant meme rooting against his longtime nemesis, the gophers. perspective, 17.2 million brackets were filled out in the espn bracket challenge. after one day, less than 1% have a perfect bracket already. so, but, still, you're in it but
7:17 am
still not a lot of perfect brackets. >> don't tear them up. >> not yet. you're good. >> it's not over. >> you're good. >> we'll have much more on march madness ahead in our show and make sure you stick around. we have a special guest. he's going to answer a few questions about it, as well. >> yeah, a big dude. big dude. >> he is a big dude and knows his basketball. how about that. >> you'll want to stick around for this one too, t.j. another star who's kind of a big deal, legendary anchorman ron burgundy, he's back. will ferrell reprised his character for play-by-play commentary on the l.a. kings/san jose sharks matchup which escalated quickly. take a look. >> i just was brought a bean burrito and a glass of milk. you don't mind if i bite into this burrito right now do you? >> oh, my god. >> shot on goal. he scores! put that baby to bed without a diaper. this is one of the greatest nights of my life. i got to kiss a burrito on the kiss cam. >> i love that he's got the
7:18 am
turtleneck, the signature ron burgundy turtleneck on. stay classy, san diego. i'm kind of a big deal. >> you got all the lines. someone watched this movie more than once. >> cecilia is very happy this friday. new video this morning of that clash on ice. american figure skater, you see it here, accused of slashing her rival during the warm-up of the world championships now drawing comparisons to tonya harding. we'll tell you about it next on "gma." a lot more on the "game of thrones" star emilia clarke's health scare that almost cost her her life. how she survived two brain aneurysms. but first, let's go back over to rob. >> winter is back for virginia. eight inches of snow stopping traffic along route 33. this nor'easter continues to spin up towards the coast of maine. snow, rain, coming in and big-time winds back to winter at least for tomorrow. time now for your weekend getaways brought to you by jcpenney.
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good morning. i'm "abc7 news" metrologist mike nicco. some steady rain through the morning commute and then steady showers. we'll get a mainly dry weekend before more chances of rain next week. here's a look at your temperatures. upper 50s to near 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast today's storms one, light, and so lots to get to before the weekend and we will be right back. >> more ron burgundy quotes. (nat♪re sounds)
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now it's in new quaker oat beverage, a super-smooth dairy alternative. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." there could be another set back in oakland's deadly ghost ship trial. today attorneys for derick almena and max harris will ask the judge to delay the trial by six months. also making headlines a public viewing will be held later today for the murdered son of an oakland city council member. victor mcelhaney died after being shot during a robbery on march 10th. here's a look at traffic. >> traffic has been busy. you'll notice traffic is slow,
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> live doppler 7 showing some steady rain. but it will get heavier during the afternoon and evening hours. watch out for wet roads, you'll need the wet weather gear. you can see the light rain over by 9:00. then by 5:00, there you go, that's when the scattered showers are moving through most of the neighborhoods and they stay here all through the evening hours. it's going to be dry this
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weekend, though. >> coming up on "gma," to americans killed
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is non-genetically modified. nongenemodiscuit. triscuit is non-gmo project verified. triscuit. make 'scuit happen. i am also not genetically-modified. ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is the queen of the dragon, khaleesi, in the trailer for the new and final season of "game of thrones" and, well, this morning the actress is revealing a very serious health scare she suffered two aneurysms in her 0s. >> important information coming up. the top headlines starting with breaking news out of afghanistan. two u.s. service members killed in action overnight. the third and fourth american service members killed there this year. the military says the incident is under investigation. and ucla soccer's coach has now resigned in the wake of that college admissions cheating
7:31 am
scandal. he's accused of taking $200,000 in bribes to help two students get into the school. he put them on the team when they didn't have soccer experience. more are expected to appear in court next week. we will turn to the investigation into incident london the ice. an american figure skating star accused of intentionally slashing a rival's leg with her skate during a warm-up at the world championships. abc's paula faris is here with the newly released footage. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. good morning, everyone. both women are up and comers in the figure skating world but this incident overshadowing one of the sport's most important competitions. this is the moment one world class figure skater says another intentionally attacked her. it all happened wednesday night during warm-ups at the international skating union's world figure skating championships. watch again in slow motion, 16-year-old korean skater eun-soo lim says her competitor mariah bell who just started
7:32 am
rehearsing for the women's short program cut her calf with the blade of her skate while passing her at the curve of the rink. the international skating union investigated the incident later saying based on the evidence at hand at this point in time which includes a video there is no evidence that ms. bell intended any harm to ms. lim. but behind the scenes reports of bullying, both women train at the same rink in california. >> i'm mariah bell. i started skating because my sister was skating. my mom said it was easier to put me in skates than chase me around the rink. >> reporter: they also train under the same coach. >> why? why? >> reporter: wednesday's incident coming 25 years after this incident made headlines. >> what happened? >> reporter: the 1994 hit on nancy kerrigan orchestrated by tonya harding's ex-husband.
7:33 am
but in this incident, both went on to compete in the night's program. lim coming in fifth place, these close-up photos showing her bandaged leg. and bell landed in sixth. olympic bronze medalist adam rippon who choreographed bell's routine says he does not think the swipe was intentional. >> i watched the video and mariah was in the middle of her routine. she did a turn. and she zipped past the korean skater. and none of them lost momentum. they were both still standing. and mariah continued her program as any skater would. >> reporter: now, mariah bell did not immediately apologize after the incident. but as you heard adam rippon just defend her in the piece, he believes it's because she didn't even know it happened. mariah's music was playing at the time which meant she had the right of way on the ice. and they only get one chance to warm up. we know both met and warm wishes were exchanged. >> there was an investigation here. >> there was an investigation, they said. no, she was not guilty.
7:34 am
did not look to be nefarious. >> thank you, paula. >> all right. thank you, paula. now to that newly released video showing that horror on the high-wire. performers plummeting to the ground during a rehearsal gone wrong. abc's gio benitez is here with more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. yeah, the accident happened in florida involving famous daredevil nik wallenda and his family. the flying wallendas known for those high-wire acts without safety nets. and has a tragic history with the act, but even survived this fall. you're watching never before seen video of a terrifying disaster. five high-wire performers losing their balance during a practice,
7:35 am
plummeting 25 feet to the ground. >> we have a total of five rescues. >> reporter: they were rehearsing a come plplcomplex, r before performed eight-person pyramid that would have set a world record. legendary nik wallenda was one of the performers on the wire though he didn't fall and wasn't injured. all of the performers survived. wallenda nicknamed the king of the wire is known for pushing limbs famous for his death-defying high-wire stuns. >> you think i'm crazy but this is what i was made for. >> reporter: overnight he admitted this accident made him think he might never perform again. >> i've shed a lot of tears if i'm being completely vulnerable. after that accident i had to experience it over and over in my head. and i think i had a little taste, possibly, of what ptsd is. >> wow, just incredible. nik wallenda did go on to perform after this accident. again, nobody died or was paralyzed and have all fully recovered. >> kind of amazing given that fall. >> absolutely. >> thanks, gio. coming up that serious health scare for a "game of thrones" star suffering two aneurysms. a top neurologist joins us next.
7:36 am
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back now with that serious health scare for "game of thrones" star emilia clarke. she revealed she suffered two aneurysms. >> emilia had those two brain aneurysms just as she was rising to fame with the series. she struggled in private but now she is talking about her fears of losing her ability to act or even losing her life. >> i am daenerys.
7:40 am
i am the dragon's daughter. >> reporter: best known as the mother of dragons even walking through fire on the hit hbo series "game of thrones," but now emilia clarke revealing for the first time that behind the scenes she nearly died suffering a brain aneurysm soon after filming the first season of the series. in 2011, 25-year-old clarke was at a gym working out with a trainer when she felt a terrible headache coming on. >> i'm doing the plank and i suddenly get this unbelievable pain that felt very much like an elastic band around my brain. excruciating. >> reporter: telling "the new yorker" she immediately knew something was very, very wrong. >> i knew in that moment. i knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that a headache like that and throwing up means brain damage. >> reporter: she was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, rare
7:41 am
life-threatening type of stroke. the young actress taken into emergency surgery. during recovery an alarming discovery, she could not remember her name. nonsense words tumbled out of my mouth and i went into a blind panic. >> i wasn't prepared to make it. it was in that moment i asked them to just let me die. >> reporter: after nearly a month in the hospital, clarke was released. she was back to work in a matter of weeks telling "the new yorker" she sipped on morphine in between interviews. still, doctors warned her that a smaller aneurysm remained. a ticking time bomb. >> i was thinking every day i was going to die. and you didn't want to do that on set. >> reporter: in 2013, after shooting the third season of "game of thrones" that second aneurysm doubling in size. this time doctors needed to cut through her skull to operate. >> they had to wake me up to say, listen, we have to put you into open brain surgery. we have to cut your head open and save your life. >> reporter: doctors wrpt sure she would make it. but clarke, much like the
7:42 am
character she portrays, was determined to prevail. and now ahead of the final season of "game of thrones" -- >> hi, guys. so today i launched a charity. >> reporter: clarke hoping to help others with brain injuries and strokes called same you. she is showing hope saying she's happy to see the end of the "game of thrones" story even though some of us aren't and beginning of whatever comes next for her. but how remarkable is her story, guys. >> it sure is. want to learn more about it. we're joined by dr. carolyn brockington. emilia said she passed out at times when she was younger. is there really a connection to the aneurysm? >> not really. the aneurysm ruptures and causes a problem right away. when you think of the arteries as pipes, it's a weakened area in the pipe that allows this ballooning out but this this case it is filled with blood so we know when balloons get bigger they rupture and blood spills in the brain. that's what we call a bleeding stroke. sub arack -- arachnoid.
7:43 am
one of the layers of the brain. >> people get headaches all the time and nauseous all the time. how do you know -- >> they're going to say i had a headache yesterday. the classic description is the worst headache of your life. all of a sudden it feels like your head will explode. that's a serious sign that you have to get to the hospital right away or the change in the kark of your headache. if you have a headache every monday because you're going to work. not that type of headache. a headache that you have not experienced before. that's a sign and means you should go to the hospital. >> other warning signs? >> she had nausea. felt dizzy, all of a sudden vomiting. people get weakness, problems with speech and vision so all of a sudden suddenly almost like a light switch you'll feel the deficits or headache and have a problem. >> how about treatment? emilia eventually needed surgery. are there noninvasive treatments? >> there's two types, so the surgical treatment where they go in, so, again, think of an aneurysm like a balloon, they're clipping the neck of the balloon so the aneurysm deflates. another type of procedure is endovascular going up into the aneurysm and packing it with coils so it deflates and they
7:44 am
can secure it so it doesn't rupture. >> she was so young when all of this happened. >> you have to go in right away. we talked before about stroke, young, old, et cetera, so it really doesn't matter. you have the know the warning sign. go into the hospital. and get treated. because people do the best if they come right away. >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you, doctor. >> jinx. >> that was nice right there. coming up, our "play of the day." it is big, it is so big we have the big man, shaq. he's standing by for it. there he is. look at him. dapper dan. there you go, shaq. we'll be right back. be right back. had the power to manage their condition without fingersticks? to always know their glucose levels and where they're heading with just a glance at their smart device. the power to make treatment decisions. to customize alerts and alarms to help keep them in range. the power to lower their a1c. all this knowledge... powered by a small wearable.
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we are back now with our "play of the day" after a huge night of games for the first round of the 2019 ncaa basketball tournament. who better to talk about it with than the man himself. legendary basketball hall of famer sha er shaquille o'neal. >> you just call me a legend. >> yes. >> so are you? >> thank you. coming from you, i appreciate it. first let's take a look at this. a huge dunk by ja morant. kicking off the cinderella story for murray state. big upset over marquette, 83-64. now, morant. >> you know what that move just did? probably moved him to a number two pick. >> only a sophomore. >> a sophomore? >> you think he's just moving up to the number two pick. >> on that move right there. very athletic. great story. you know, just a great
7:49 am
inspiration to younger kids because it's my understanding he wasn't highly talked about in high school and, but, you know, he's just putting up numbers right now. just creating a bigger name for himself. >> he had a triple-double. 17 points, 16 assists and 11 rebounds. draymond green did that in 2012. only eight people in the history of the nrk caa tournament done that. one being dwyane wade. and the other sitting next to me. >> oh, i did that? >> i'm sure you forgot about that. >> yeah, i did. >> all about that little stat. another guy, zion williamson, everybody's been talking about him. he's been compared to a lot of all-time nba great, yourself included. duke is the number one seed. do you think they go all the way? >> well, i would like to see duke versus gonzaga in the semifinals. and then in the finals, it will probably be duke versus north carolina. however, i still want my lsu
7:50 am
tigers to make it to the final four. >> lsu, they won their first round and beat yale. >> lsu are smarter than the guys from yale. [ laughter ] i knew it. >> that's all we needed to know. there we are, shaq, "play of the day," right here, my man shaquille o'neal. >> guess what? >> since i've lost to you a few times. i know somebody who can beat you. >> who? >> my man right there. >> come here. come here. come here. come on in here. yeah! every morning, every morning he says he can beat me on the football field. show everybody your moves. >> there you go. >> do it one more time. >> 1%. >> i believe you. >> that was only 1% of the move. okay. >> you know this man cheated me three times already? >> i don't cheat you. >> he cheated me three times. >> it's a good thing you'll be here for awhile because i need to hear the end of this story. >> cheated me three times in a row. >> he is sticking around. a big announcement you'll hear only here on "gma" and
7:51 am
apparently he will tell us stories about how michael cheated. >> i'm leaving. he's sticking around. ticking around. ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪ in your gut, you feel confident to take on anything. with benefiber, you'll feel the power of gut health confidence every day. benefiber is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber.
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they pinpointed the columbian and ecuador region and then there's a whole new andean region. that was incredibly exciting because i really didn't know that. we never spoke about that in my family. it just brings it home how deep my roots are and it connects me to them, and to their spirit, and to their history. 20 million members have connected to a deeper family story. order your kit at you wouldn't trust a two-star sushi restaurant. ♪ you don't call the first plumber on the list do you? ♪ you wouldn't hire a two-star mechanic. so why do you stick with a bank that treats you like this? isn't it time you look for better? ask your friends. ask your co-workers. we're pretty sure they'll send you over to us. because we're not just a bank, we're an ally. [phone ringing] ally, this is pamela how can i help you? welcome back to "gma." here is your moment. check this out. this is on lake michigan.
7:54 am
little melting and freezing. the waves kind of banging up against it and get these circular islands. just a spectacular drone video as we change seasons here. no change in the season at flagstaff. snow bowl getting another six inches. they have almost a 100-inch base in arizona, can you believe that? and more snow coming to those in the san juan today. in the spring they're leaving out early. in atlanta, look at the botanical garden, tulips blooming and in dallas. obviously it's still cold here. this is brought to you by more local news and how does ron make sure he's on time to face brock the sadistic strength trainer? his ikea dresser helps him organize his... equipment? woo! be the morning person you're not.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings" nd metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> it's a wet one this morning with steady light rain in just about all neighborhoods. we'll get a little bit of a lull in this action but then you'll need the wet weather gear for the afternoon and evening hours as moderate showers are going to roll in. you can see them coming through just as the evening commute begins. >> and a new crash just reported bay point westbound 4, you can see why it's so difficult driving out there, traffic is heavy, roads are slick... more sluggish traffic at the bay
7:57 am
bridge toll plaza, but the drive time across the bay bridge 16 minutes. >> another update in about 30 minutes. we want to show you this also, our puppy camera is live so you can look at puppies all day along. we hope that brightens your friday. dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope!
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and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. [ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. end game. washington on edge bracing for the mueller report. signs that the special counsel could deliver his report to the attorney general as early as today and what we are learning about new indictments. new privacy concerns for facebook. the company notifying hundreds of millions of users on both facebook and instagram that their passwords were stored with no encryption. able to be read by facebook employees, the precaution every user should take this morning. under fire, the governor of kentucky saying he deliberately exposed his nine children to chicken pox at a so-called chicken pox party instead of getting them vaccinated. the what infectious disease
8:01 am
experts say parents should do. time to spring clean your life. how often should you clean these common items? from your couch and vacuum to your microwave and coffeemaker. we'll reveal the results and show you key cleaning tips for the weekend. "gma" ties the knot. more submissions than we've ever gotten for any contest from all across the u.s. for our wedding event of a lifetime. style contributor jessica mulroney revealing our big surprise this morning. shaq is back. the basketball superstar here live and he's got a slam dunk new project. and he's saying -- >> good morning, america! ♪ ♪ come on a great crowd outside on this rainy friday morning here but it's still a great friday
8:02 am
morning. so happy to have you with us and great to have shaq here. >> something to see you guys side by side. >> you're a tall guy. >> he's the only person to make me feel short and small around shaq. atem it's a good feeling. we're surprising a lucky couple with the wedding of their dreams. thousands of people sent in submissions and this bride and groom, well, they really stood out and they're both service members but they have a really, really special story. can't wait for you to hear it. >> you see them right there. they think they're here because they're finalists. our "gma" style contributor jessica mulroney will make all their wishes come true and have no idea and can't hear us. >> they seem pretty happy. a lot of news to get to. we begin with washington, the white house, bracing for the report that might be released today. jon karl has the latest. >> reporter: nobody, not even the president knows what to
8:03 am
expect from robert mueller's report but the man who has overseen the special counsel has a clue what not to expect. this morning, all eyes are on special counsel robert mueller. the investigation is expected to wrap up soon. president trump is waiting too. in an interview airing this morning on fox news, the president again lashed out at the special counsel. >> for two years we've gone through this nonsense because there's no collusion with russia. you know that better than anybody and there is no obstruction. they'll say, oh, well, wait, there was no collusion, that was a hoax but he obstructed in fighting against the hoax. >> reporter: sources familiar with the investigation tell abc news they expect no more indictments from the special counsel. as for the president and any others who were not indicted, the man who is overseeing the investigation, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein hinted in a little noticed letter written last year that it would not offer a harsh public rebuke of those not indicted.
8:04 am
as rosenstein wrote we have a duty to prevent the disclosure of information that yo unfairly tarnish people who are not charged with crimes. ultimately it will be up to the new attorney general, william barr, to died what of the robert mueller report will be released to the public. cecilia. >> yeah, all of because waiting right now. jon karl, thank you. we turn to the new social media privacy concern. facebook revealing it stored hundreds of millions of userpasswords in plain text readable by employees and erielle reshef has more on how the tech giant is once again in hot water. hey, erielle. >> reporter: so when you create a facebook or instagram password it's supposed to be encrypted so even employees at the company can't read it. but now they're confirming hundreds of millions of pa passwords on facebook and tens of thousands on instagram were stored in a way where they were searchable by some employees. the issue discovered back in january and this morning,
8:05 am
facebook says the problem is now fixed and that the passwords were never visible to general outside the company. while they say they haven't found any indication that employees abused this access to people's accounts, this is just the latest headache for founder mark zuckerberg coming on the heels of a series of security and data breaches including an attack on the network that exposed the personal information of tens of millions of users, cecilia. >> a lot of headaches for him lately. how can people make sure their accounts are secure. >> facebook says it will notify the hundreds of millions whose password was exposed. you may want to change it as a precaution. >> coming up, the governor who intentionally exposed his children to chicken pox instead of getting a vaccine. what parents should do. how much do you really need to clean your coffee maker or washing machine? there he is, shaq. look who is with him, mark
8:06 am
hamill. the force is with both those guys and we'll be right back. [ applause ] saturday. different swim meety but now... it's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings. the only detergent with concentrated gain, oxi boost, and febreze odor remover. mmhmm. smelling is believing. and gain flings can hiya karate stink too. try new improved gain flings. the one you can't that never goes on sale. because it's too good for sales. just keep waiting for that sale. [whispers] forever. for the one you thought would never go on sale. ebay. getat olive garden.w, with lunch duos starting at $6.99. choose a favorite, like lasagna. or all new pasta bowls, like shrimp scampi. paired with unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks.
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8:10 am
welcome back to "gma." listen to that audience. they are ready to go this friday morning. welcome to all of you guys. welcome to janai norman for "pop news." [ applause ] >> on a friday we're so excited and begin with the cardi b making money moves. the rapper is taking her trademark catchphrase okurrr all the way -- >> whoa. >> by filing the paperwork with the united states patent and trademark office. now, remember, i'm sure you've heard it everywhere.
8:11 am
it's been immortalized in two pepsi commercials including a super bowl spot that's become synonymous with her brand, she describes it as a cold pigeon in new york city. okurrr. >> now you've done it twice. >> i'll owe her a lot by the end of this. she plans to use the phrase for branding on clothing or things like paper cups or posters. now, if you're not too sure how to spell her catchphrase, okurrr, she filed to secure the spelling two ways. one with three rs. one with two just for good measure. cecilia, i know you're a fan of that sound and i know you can roll your rs. >> okurrr. >> yeah. >> what! [ applause ] >> cardi b. >> yes, yes, yes. >> there was a homecoming for courteney cox. the actress took a walk down memory lane, made a visit to her
8:12 am
old tv home here in new york city, her "friends" apartment and posted this on instagram. take a look. >> good night, guys. i'm going home. ♪ [ applause ] >> that looks familiar. the west village building. her apartment on the hit sitcom has become a de facto new york city landmark and joked in the caption, the one where my reshts went up $12,000. monica inherited the spacious two bedroom for her grandmother for 200 bubbles a month. what a dream. now a two-bedroom in that neighborhood, $4500. costly. finally, there truly is a day for everything. cecilia, i got to bring you back in that. earlier you noted what today is. national bavarian crepe day.
8:13 am
>> who knew. who knew. >> cecilia did. so we challenged ourselves to help you celebrate. you said that around 7:00 a.m. just before the show got started. what time is it? >> did you find bavarian crepes. >> it's 8:12. did we find some? oh! >> ask and you shall receive. thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> a what's the difference betwn that and a french crepe? the batter is the same but used right away instead of having it sit for awhile. you go, george. [ applause ] >> it's good. >> you know what i'm thinking. what would cardi b say if she had one of these right now. >> ah. >> no. >> okurrr. >> there we go. [ applause ] >> you can eat now. >> that's good. >> it is good. >> we'll move on to our "gma" cover story. hot debate over vaccines and
8:14 am
chicken pox stirred up by the governor of kentucky who deliberately exposed his nine kids to chicken pox instead of getting them vaccinated. amy is back and, boy, the governor has people's attention. >> even hitt officials are weighing in condemning his decision saying he put his children and others in danger with a highly con stage illness. the governor holding hit ground saying vaccinations are a personal choice. this morning kentucky governor matt bevin is under fire for exposing his nine children to chicken pox at a so-called chicken pox party. >> we found a neighbor who had it and made sure every one of my kids was exposed to it and got it. >> reporter: in an interview bevin said all of his kids got the virus this way. >> they were miserable for a few days and they all turned out fine. >> reporter: without condemning parents, he did say vaccinating should be a choice for parents. >> it's absurd and i think why are we forcing kids to get it.
8:15 am
let's -- if you are worried about your child getting chicken pox or whatever else, vaccinate your child. >> reporter: but infectious disease experts say chicken pox pears where parents deliberately expose their children to the virus hoping they'll catch it and become immune are no longer the best way to expose kids. >> since we have a vaccine that is safe, effective and decreases death from the chicken pox, it does not make sense and it's irresponsible now to try to expose a child to chicken pox intenti intentionally. >> reporter: according to the cdc exposure to the virus could pose some potentially serious complications for children including bacterial infections, pneumonia and encephalitis. for that reason the cdc recommends two dozes of chicken pox vaccine for children, add less sent answer dulls. >> the effectiveness of the vaccine with a single shot is in the 80 percentile range. when you give two shots you get to above 90% effectiveness at
8:16 am
preventing the chicken pox. >> kentucky law requires children to be vaccinated for chicken pox before entering kindergarten. the cdc says more than 3.5 million cases of chicken pox are prevented each and every year because of that vaccine. any questions about it make sure to talk to your doctor. my brother gave me chicken pox and it was the worst two weeks of my life so anything i can do to avoid that -- >> second grade. >> for me too. pretty awful thing to go through. >> a head scratcher. we're bringing you the "gma" cleaning quiz that could change the way you clean your home. how often do common items really need to be cleaned? abc's diane macedo is here with more. hey, diane. >> good morning to you all. spring cleaning is an am event but most things in our house need to be cleaned much more frequently. how do your cleaning habits stack up against expert recommendations? we put one family to the test. with four kids and another on
8:17 am
the way, this family has lots of experience with mess. >> what do you find in the couch? >> anything and everything. >> what don't we find in the couch? >> reporter: but how much do they really know about cleaning? we brought in gangagangagangagaa and gave them a pop quiz on how often they clean these five household items and how it stacks up to expert recommendations. >> how often do you clean it? >> probably once a week. >> that's correct. wire cutter recommends you should vacuum your couch about once a week and when it comes to spot screening -- >> check with the manufacturer's strucks and usually there is a tag underneath the touch that tells you what is possible. >> reporter: next up. >> how much do you clean this microwave? >> about once a week and spot clean in between when it gets really dirty. >> reporter: correct again. >> sometimes younger kids forget to cover the food and what you get are politiclittle explosion.
8:18 am
nuke a bowl of weight for a couple of minutes and that will help to steam things loose and wipe down. >> reporter: when it comes to the vacuum. >> these probably need to be rinsed. >> it's a different story. >> how often do you clean your vacuum? >> i like how we both looked at each other. that's how often. >> and it stops working. >> reporter: they recommend cleaning it once a month making sure to rinse all filters and let them complete a air dry before using again. >> i didn't know that piece came off. >> what about the washing machine? >> i clean it every month. >> again, on the money. >> reporter: the best way to clean it. >> you want to run the sanitize cycle which you have here and you can either fill the bleach compartment with bleach or you can use one of the tablets that you can buy that are specially made for your appliances. >> reporter: another thing they're doing right -- >> keep the door open which helps get rid of the moisture. >> lastly but perhaps more importantly when you have four kid, the coffee maker. >> we probably make five or six
8:19 am
cups of couffee a day. >> 50% of rest oreos had mold and yeast and 9% had coliform bacteria sxh how often are you cleaning it. >> once a month. >> correct again. >> she recommends cleaning it with half water and half white vin far and run it until the vinegar smell is gone. wire cutters suggestions are based on manufacturer's recommendations as well as their own testing and how often an item is used so five or six meant they might clean their coffee machine more frequently, for example, and now if you need a new vacuum for your spring cleaning, wire cutter is also giving us their top picks for that. >> you'll tell us more about that. i assume you always vacuum in high heels and -- >> full makeup, absolutely. this is what it looks like at home. >> just like me. let's get right moo this. wirecutter says this is their top pick. >> the mila compact, c2 electroplus. they say it will give you the
8:20 am
deepest clean and it means they will stay for longer. if you want a top of the line vacuum. they say this is overall your best bet. >> and it's really expensive. >> this one is -- >> $700. >> is it worth it? >> i mean the dust is gone. but so they say this one is -- >> you're into this one. [ applause ] >> i wish i had an audience to applaud every time i vacuum at home. mila says it is expensive but they're made to last 20 years so to think of it as an investment. >> we should point out they make a personal on any products sold on their website. but they have a more affordable option. >> they say this is a great vacuum for most people in most homes. >> right, this is sort of if you don't want -- you don't need something fancy but something that will do the job and maybe you're okay with not 20 years but replace it in about five years this is your best bet.
8:21 am
this is the shark navigator. and they say that in general this kind of model where you have a canister, a bagless upright, they say that's your best bet if you're just in general when you're looking for a vacuum out there. >> excellent vacuuming skills, my friend. >> i'mering my keep. >> to the man would vacuums his own house, i'm friend with rob's wife. get on the case. >> i feel some sort of completion. proud ofy work as infrequent as it happens. this next house i want to show you, they may have to clean their vacuum a little more often, all right. marie, florida, the arrival of that new baby goat, her name is grace, all right, but obviously the pigs -- they're there, priscilla, pop, primrose, they like the ps, pink and pen and let's not forget, oh, my goodne goodness, how cute are they? a lot of ahs and a pug sitting
8:22 am
on the pillow, of course. you can't see it there but the pug's name is pigtail. aren't they cute and smart. welcome, grace, everything, to the world. good morning. i'm "abc7 news" metrologist mike nicco. some steady rain through the morning commute and then steady showers. we'll get a mainly dry weekend before more chances of rain next week. here's a look at your temperatures. upper 50s to near 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast today's storms one, light, and so well, we have more now with the man who needs no introduction but i'm going to do it anyway. he is an nba all-star, movie star, deejay and has a brand-new project. he's going to talk about it with us. the one and only shaq.
8:23 am
[ applause ] >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. we dug into the archives. pulled up this picture of you. check it out. lsu days. chakalos back at lsu. what would you tell your younger self what you know now. >> i would say continue to be a leader and not a follower. continue to do things in the community, continue to make people smile and continue to beat michael strahan at every competition you have. you cheated me three times. >> no, i didn't. >> yes, you did. you did. >> at some point you will realize i didn't cheat you three times. you just will not beat me. [ laughter ] you do all these things and talk about always being the best and being a leader. during the day you're shaq but at night you're deejay diesel and you just signed up with two big events. [ applause ] so you're going to do lollapalooza. >> lollapalooza. >> and you also are going to
8:24 am
be -- it's shaq's fun house in miami later this month. what made you go from basketball and all the other things you do to being a deejay. >> so for me it's my game seven. when i retired i couldn't get that -- i couldn't get that feeling back. even if i watch a certain game i still couldn't get the feeling back so for me it's about going out, entertaining the crowd and it's a game seven. you know how it is in the championship game down by a touchdown, everybody is going crazy and pay tickets to see you. you want to give them a show. it's all about giving these young kids a show and just go out and bang our heads and jump up and down and come home. >> get them off their feet. >> yes. >> what is one song that has to make the deejay set list. >> i just did a song with lil jon called "bang" but my go-to song would have to be "love shack." ♪ the love shack in a little old
8:25 am
place where we can get together ♪ that's right. >> yes. >> and you got another big project that's coming up right now dealing with a big company but we need pizza to explain what it is. so, come on, bring this out. [ applause ] bring out the pizza. there we go. so tell us all about this. >> well, i've been named as an official board member of papa john's. mrs. >> wow. congratulations. [ applause ] >> the first american member that's been asked to join a board because, listen, everyone loves pizza and pizza loves everyone. >> that is true. >> that's it. >> but the company, the former ceo stepped down because of some racist comments that he had made so what made you want to get involved with a company that's been involved in some controversy. >> one, let it be known that's not acceptable in the world we live today, second of all they're under new management,
8:26 am
jeff smith, chairman of the board and we have two main priority, one, they want to diversify their leadership and that's why they asked me and second of all we want to create a culture where everyone is accepted, loved and rewarded. [ applause ] and when i did this deal, when i did this deal i was thinking about the 800 franchisees. they're my neighbors and your neighbors and they work hard and put up their capital. they did nothing wrong so -- [ applause ] >> i tell you what, man, congratulations on being on the board and i do love that message that you're bringing to the table. continue to lead, my friend. >> thank you. >> continue to lead. >> guess what? >> what. >> you get free pizza. >> i get free sza. >> for the rest of your life. >> you get to check out mark hami hamill. he's here when we come back.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. a final vote is slated for today that could increase the toll for the golden gate bridge to about 10 bucks. that will happen over the next five years. directors say they need the funding to pay for ferries, buses and maintenance. and speaking of getting to work, how do we look? >> 880 is always a tough ride. there's a new big rig accident a lane is blocked, injuries reported and you know what, traffic already heavy in both directions. westbound 4, another accident in that westbound 4 stretch. traffic is heavy.
8:28 am
also an earlier stalled just also an earlier stalled just clear, but northbound it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
8:29 am
it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> light rain is starting to become more scattered, more developing off the coast. as we head into the forecast, we're going to deal with more slipperiness out there so have your umbrella handy. here we are at noon and evening hours, a lot more on the way.
8:30 am
but it will be dry this weekend. >> another update in about 30 minutes. minutes. you can always find us on our ♪ oh here we go welcome back to "gma." and the force ♪ oh here we go welcome back to "gma." and the force is strong with us this morning because we've got mark hamill here with us and as you can see our audience is excited because mark is here. that's right. [ applause ] >> we all know him as the beloved jedi knight and now thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we actually sent our adrienne bankert. she went to prague and visited you on location. >> that's right, yes. >> during the interview your dogs got in on the action and you -- >> they always do. >> you tweeted, i hope my dogs make the cut. >> yes.
8:31 am
>> but our graphic cut them off whenever we showed it so to make up for it we're -- we got something to make up for it. >> my fault. >> there they are. >> now, they're both rescues and the one on the left is mabel and the one on the right is millie and you know, with social media now millie is on instagram and has more followers than me. >> do they travel with you? >> everywhere. in fact, this was a rare occasion where they stayed back and we -- there was like a boarding place for dogs. it's crazy, they put them on treadmills. >> they live a good life. >> they live a good life but when they mentioned that they were going to show that picture they said you should have brought them with you. we would have put them on air. so my daughter chelsea was very disappointed. she goes, you know how much instagram would go up if millie made an appearance on "good morning america." she doesn't care about dad. >> mabel and millie are always invited here. >> thank you. that's good to know. >> "knightfall" is a pretty dark show.
8:32 am
you play someone who trains new knights. >> right. >> this is a bit of a different character for you in kind of a hard core, rough -- >> very different. >> was it fun to play? >> he's a latter day drill sergeant and a real paradox because he's a man of god but he's training these initiates to be god's executioners. how can that be? he is a religious zealot but also a brutal task master. what i loved about it was why did they think of me? you know, i love challenges and i've never been on a show like this and i never played a character like him before. >> should we take a look at mark in action? you guys want to see a clip? >> sure. >> it will not pass the kingdom but hit their shields instead. >> don't panic.
8:33 am
>> you're dead. we got you. >> you've got nothing. [ applause ] >> now -- >> it's an educational show. >> tom cullen who stars in the show with you, he said whenever they're doing a sword fighting scene all he can hear in his head is a lightsaber. does that happen for you? >> no. [ laughter ] you know, it was the furthest thing from my mind. occasionally at the automatic doors at the grocery store, i'll do this just in case there's people standing by. they'll go, oh, my god, he's really got the force so i have fun with it. when i'm actually working that's the last thing on my mind but i keep forgetting tom was just a little boy when these things came out so made a great impact on him. he's just a wonderful actor. one of the things that made me
8:34 am
want to do the show when i watched the first season, he's so sympathetic. he really is -- seeing through his eyes he's really the heart and soul of the show and for the protagonist there's always something standing in his way that will not allow him to succeed. it's me. so, you know, one thing that's fun about acting is you get to do things and not take responsibility for them because i'd read the scripts and go, oh, my god, i can't believe i'm going to do this. he's so brutal. i don't want to give it away but i mean -- >> no spoilers. >> no spoilers. i'm pretty good at avoiding spoilers. i've been well trained. >> let's see. let's see if we can get you to give us a hint. there is a new "star wars" coming out as i know you heard. you posted on twitter. i think we have a picture of the trailer. >> oh. >> not the trailer. >> i drive my kids crazy because i say, kid, as you know the best kind of humor is the kind you have to explain and they go, no, it's not and i say, well, see,
8:35 am
this is funny because i was talking about a "star wars" trailer and rather than footage from the upcoming movie, it's an actual trailer. [ laughter ] do you get it now? >> we get it. we get it. any quick hints? >> they said, no. they roll their eyes and say, you are the king of dad humor. >> dad jokes. >> i said what's dad humor? they said, well, obvious, lots of puns, not funny. [ laughter ] i always think if it makes me laugh, won't it make some other people laugh? maybe just dads, who knows. >> you're making everybody here laugh. it works. it works. that's right. >> yay. [ applause ] >> and, you know what, "knightfall," season two premieres monday on history. make sure you check out mark hamill, everybody. coming up, we have our big wedding surprise with jess mulroney. we'll be right back. [ applause ] we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:36 am
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it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board.
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[ applause ] welcome back to "gma." and love is in the air in times square. we've got a big wedding event. it's called tying the knot with jessica mulroney, giving one lucky company a tropical wedding celebration at the punta cana resort and casino
8:39 am
express. we received more than a thousand submissions from our viewers and one couple's story really stood out. take a look. ♪ we put out a call for all you lovebirds. a chance to say "i do" in a tropical paradise with our own jess mulroney. >> a complete wedding giveaway that will be styled by me with "gma" and it's going to be amazing. >> over a thousand submissions poured in from all over the country. but one couple especially stood out. >> i watch all these wedding shows and i've always been like one day, like, that's going to be me. >> bobbie and alonzo's love story began four years ago when they met in the army while deployed in iraq. >> the relationship bloomed when we were deployed. we were in the same company beforehand so would see each other in passing. he's a mechanic so i would be like, hey, like, what's the status of my truck? he'd be like, i don't know because he's not a good mechanic. >> once we came back from deployment, we actually started going on real dates.
8:40 am
>> i laughed about it at first because they were like complete opposites. like she's so live wire and he's just like chill. >> reporter: their closest pals say their whirlwind romance was meant to be. >> i would describe the relationship as, you know, really special and i think they're really great for each other. >> reporter: in september 2016, alonzo asked bobbie to marry him and three months later they eloped. >> we work a lot. so there's no way we could go, hey, we need the day off to go get married. it lined up. so we just went for it. i was wearing jeans and a north face. >> casual clothes with winter jackets. >> reporter: soon after their son lucas was born. >> i got to cut the umbilical cord. that was about it. but then they had to put him in the nicu. >> reporter: three months premature he was diagnosed with russell silver syndrome, a rare
8:41 am
growth disorder. >> yay. >> he's such a great kid and does not let his diagnosis define him at all. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: more sad news came last month when bobbie's father passed away unexpectedly. >> he had fallen and he went to the hospital and they said that he had a brain injury. he never fully regained consciousness. >> reporter: for them, a dream wedding with jess mulroney is an opportunity of a lifetime. >> they both work all the time and they don't ever really get that chance to go away together and do something special. >> reporter: and it means so much more than saying "i do" again. >> i'm hopeful and we, like, finally would have a real wedding and have wedding pictures and a our son will be a part of it and to our dad we can say we made it through everything, we finally made it. >> we have bobbie and alonzo here with us this morning. come on out, you two lovebirds. [ applause ] come on over.
8:42 am
very nice to meet you. >> hi. >> great to see you and thank you both for joining us. i got to say you both are members of the military so thank you for your service first and foremost. [ applause ] and you're just not a couple. you're actually a family. your son lucas is here with your mother as well. and you guys, you guys eloped back in 2016 so how would it feel to have your dream wedding years after? >> okay, so starting off it's going to be amazing, like i can't -- i wish there were words to explain how excited i am. just the opportunity to share with my family, with my son and my mom, and then i get to marry my best friend all over again. [ applause ] >> how do you feel about it? >> similar situation.
8:43 am
also it's -- makes me happy to make her happy and, you know, this is a dream come true for all of us. >> i tell you right now, man, you are smart. whatever the wife says, whatever she says, i'd double down on it. you know you both are here as finalists in our tying the knot thing here but i got to say there's something we didn't tell you. you actually are the winners. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my god. >> you're actually our winners so you are both getting the wedding of your dreams. mom, come on up here. bring up lucas. how are you? [ applause ] >> hello. >> hi. >> mom, you excited? >> i'm thrilled. >> now you're involved and you are the winners of this. that's not enough, though. okay. we want to do something else. you'll get your special day designed interest top to bottom
8:44 am
by our own jess mulroney, okay, and, jess, she's here this morning. come on out, jess. she has two special guests with her. you recognize those special guests? >> oh, my god. [ applause ] >> hey. >> how are you? >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> this is for you. >> oh, my. >> congratulations. >> a lot of happiness. >> here you go. this is for you. >> a lot of happiness this morning. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> so, jess, you are extraordinary at this type of thing. >> thank you, thank you. >> so you have any -- what's going on? do you have any plans or can you give us any preliminary ideas? >> i'm so excited to plan your dream wedding. so excited. are you ready? are you guys excited? yes? because i have your maid of honor, i have your best man here. we are going to have a weekend
8:45 am
of wedding fun, okay? [ applause ] we are going to go -- we are going to go -- the girls will go to the red door spa for a day of pampering. boys, we are going to get custom suits made at indochina but first things first, the dress. i have an appointment at kleinfeld for you right after the show. [ applause ] and we are going to go say yes to your dress right now. are you excited? >> my god. [ applause ] >> there you go. there you go. there you go. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. [ laughter ] i tell you -- this is one of my favorite things we've ever done. i love this. and thank you. thank you guys for surprising everybody and being here. we really appreciate that and want to thank our friends at wedding vacations by vacation express, kleinfeld bridal,
8:46 am
indochino and elizabeth arden red door spa. jess, thank you. we're looking forward to following up on this. now we throw it over to rob. what you got? >> congratulations, guys. want to show you snow. this is the highest peak east of the mississippi river with this nor'easter. a little bit of snow there. colder, at least for tomorrow across the east coast and very, very windy. back to spring on sunday. good morning. be ready for wet weather. we've got steady rain through 9:00. the answer of showers moves to the north bay at noon and the rest of us have light to moderate showers thrhrhrhrhrhrhr [ applause ]wers thrhrhrhrhrhrhr >> welcome back. sara haines is here. what's coming up this afternoon? >> we have mark hamill and tony danza singing and dancing us into the weekend. >> he was warming up at 5:00 a.m. he sounded great. i'm so psyched for tony. >> i'm so glad i wasn't here at 5:00 a.m. >> glad you're here. >> not because of that, because of the early morning. >> you're used to it.
8:47 am
ready for a slime
8:48 am
♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
8:49 am
[ applause ] we're back. shaq is back. time now for "gma's" ultimate make-off challenge. slime time and diy expert lynn lilly is here. hey. >> hey. >> with our sponsor michael's and talk about the easter slime party that michael's is having this sunday, 2:00 to 4:00. go down there and it's free. my favorite price. >> absolutely. >> so my daughteis bananas over this slime stuff and i can't figure out why. why is this so big with the kids? >> the possibilities are endless and every time the kids make it, it's unique. it's like a science project at home and they get to be messy and just get to be kids. >> that gets messy and gets in the carpet. gets everywhere. how do you throw the ultimate slime party? >> here's the deal -- >> you invite shaq.
8:50 am
>> you invite shaq because shaq makes the party, right? all right. we'll start. you've got to pick out the theme. so we are doing an ice cream shop easter theme today. to matter how out of the box your theme is michael's has everything to bring your party to life so you pick your colors. ties your theme together and pick out which slime you want to showcase, whether ice cream or supeero or jungle or junk food and then you got to spice up the slime which is my favorite part. [ applause ] so you got to add in the toppings. this is ice cream slime, so the pompoms and the glitter. >> you got to have a race. >> look at the clear plastic apothecary jobs. it all ties in the theme available at michael's. >> shaq, don't eat it. >> don't eat it. >> oh, okay. >> last but not least, the best part about a slime party, you get to take home a favor. since we have a easter party, we have easter eggs filled with slime. >> it's so slimy. all right, so we have a safari theme.
8:51 am
what's this theme? what does shaq have over there? >> princess. he has a spring/unicorn theme. you have junk food. we have it all. >> we have 30 seconds to make their own creation and the winner gets a prize. >> that's right. >> okay. >> you didn't, did you? >> no. >> all right, you guys ready? you ready, shaq? [ applause ] >> you can use whatever you want. on your mark, get set, race. >> let's do it. >> you need more glitter. >> more glitter. more glitter is better. >> got to put all the stuff in. >> oh, my -- it fees so weird. >> we got to mix it up. really get in there. more. >> what are you doing? [ applause ] >> more! three, two, one. [ buzzer ]
8:52 am
yes! where is my golden glue bottle? >> it's right here. >> hold up your slime. i have to see who won. >> do you hold up the bowl or -- >> stretch it out. >> come on. >> like this. >> you know what, i think i'm going to give it to janai. there's a hot dog. >> janai, you got the coveted golden glue bottle. >> i am so honored. [ applause ] >> and you know what, honorable mention to shaq. >> all right. >> thank you. >> nice work. >> high-five, shaq. >> love it. >> no, you have to play along. all right, guys, thank you, shaq. thank you, lynn. this is great. don't forget the ultimate slime party at michael's stores from 2:00 to 4:00. my favorite price, it's free. we'll be right back. price, it's free. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> announcer: hey, julia, what's next week? >> it's "veep" week on "gma." >> oh, really. >> it's "veep" week. >> "veep" week. >> this is going to be so good. >> i apologize. i'm in a sweatshirt but it's "veep" week. >> on "gma." >> starting monday. >> want to read that back? >> go on, tell us again, julia. >> it's "veep" week on "gma." [ applause ] well, congratulations again to you guys. the wedding adventure starts now.
8:56 am
you get to go out and start wedding dress shopping. >> yes. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> all right. thanks, everybody for watching. have a good weekend. >> have a good one. [ applause ]
8:57 am
8:58 am
my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good.
8:59 am
good morning bay bridge t, >> it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. you made it to friday. what do you have in store? >> i had to change the storm impact scale from a one to a two. i think the showers are going to be around a little bit and that means the rain potential is going to be a third of an inch to an inch, maybe more than that in our higher elevations. you can see the steady rain moving out but more rain is behind this. it's going to increase this afternoon and evening. we get a break saturday and sunday. >> it's been a messy morning commute. a new stall reported. the backup is going to extend well into the maze. it's also a slow ride westbound across the san mateo
9:00 am
still very heavy through oakland. >> both of you have such good news today. time now for "live with kelly and ryan." >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, country superstar garth brooks and the one and only keegan-michael key. plus chef maria loi shares some delicious delights from her mediterranean kitchen. also a performance from the backstreet boys, all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [backstreet boys' "don't go breaking my heart"] ♪ >> ryan: hey! >> kelly: what? [cheers and applause] >> ryan: good morning. hey. all right. [cheers and applause] it's friday. [cheers and applause]


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