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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 22, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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come on the air. the special counsel robert mueller sends his report to the attorney general after nearly two years. 37 indictments. six trump associates. the mueller report now turned in. caied by a surity officer towas. the department of justice. tonight what we know already. the letter from the attorney general william barr to congress. and early word coming in from the ag that his first summary could come as early as this weekend. jon karl and pierre thomas with new reporting. tonight president trump responding. sources telling abc news the initial reaction, quote, glad it's over. also tonight no new indictments from robert mueller? dan abrams on what that means.
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and what's in the report itself? are there any clues yet? and tonight reaction pouring in from capitol hill. demands the mueller report be made public, that the american people get to see it. will that happen? mary bruce standing by live on the hill. also breaking tonight, that chemical plant fire. worries about the air. and just tonight, the new fire erupting a short time ago. major news on boeing tonight and those new max jets grounded. after news many were missing crucial safety software that cost extra. tonight the new headline. and the priest attacked during mass, the moment live good evening. great to have you with us on a very busy friday night. robert mueller's report carried by a security officer to the
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department of justice t. white house was called at 4:40 and told it was the attorney general could deliver his first summary of the mueller report by this weekend. as which reported the investigation launched 22 months ago, $25 million spent, 27 indictments including six of president trump associates. michael flynn, paul manafort, rick gates, george michael cohen and roger stone, all but stone pleading let's get to jonathan karl. do we have any indication if the president was given any clues
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what was in the report? >> all indications are the report remains as much as a mystery to the president as the rest of us. the president is telling his friends and aides he's glad it's over. >> reporter: tonight, after nearly two years, robert mueller's wo illy done late today, a security offer to attorney general bill barr. in a letter sent this evening, barr officially notifying congress the "special counsel has concluded his investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election and related matters." the contents of the report, and even the exact timing, a tightly ums >> mpresident, do you expect the mueller re >> iavdeabouth rport. informed congress "i am reviewing the report and anticipate that i may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this
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weekend." as abc news first reported yesterday, a senior department of justice official confirmed today, mueller is recommending no further indictments. ultimately, it will be up to barr to decide how much of the report is made public. at his confirmation hearing, democrats tried to nail him down. >> will you commit to making any report mueller produces at the conclusion of his investigation available to congress and to the public? >> as i said in my statement, i am going to make as much information available as i can consistent with the rules and regulations that are part of the special counsel regulations. >> will you commit to making any report on the obstruction of justice public? >> that's the same answer. >> reporter: tonight barr tells congress he is "committed to as much transparency as possible." he pledged to consult with mueller, who he has known for decades" to determine what other information from the report can be released to congress and the public." earlier this week, i asked
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president trump whether he wants the full report re does the american public have a right to see the mueller report? >> i don't mind. i mean frankly, i told the house if you want, let them see it. let it come out, let people see it, that's up to the attorney general, we have a very good, attorney general. he's a highly respected man. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: amidst the anticipation over mueller's last act, the president amped up his attacks on the special counsel, again and again calling the whole investigation a witch hunt. >> i have a deputy, appoints a man to write a report on me to make a determination of my presidency? people will not stand for it. >> so let's get back to jon karl. jon, sources say the president's first response glad it's over. even though we still don't know the contents of this report, there must be some relief for the president tonight and people in his inner circle with the news of no new indictments. >> no question about that david. the president's legal team has
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put out a statement saying they're pleased the report has been issued. the investigation is over. sarah sanders said the next steps regarding release will be up to bill barr. she said the president, the white house have not been or conclusions of the least not on karl leadi us as we reported at the top the first summary from the attorney general could come as early as this weekend. let's get to pierre thomas. that was news as well we might see the summary so quickly. it's up to the attorney general william barr what to release how much to release and when. >> tel cosnownnd >> rep of robert mueller's findings by this weekend. it is clear, robert mueller's work is over. no more indictments, but his findings, not yet revealed. >> mr. mueller, are you investigating the president? >> reporter: for 22 months,
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robert mueller has been a virtual ghost, letting his indictments and court filings speak for themselves. 34 people charged, 7 pleading guilty. >> where's paul? paul manafort. >> reporter: including the president's campaign chairman. >> mr. manafort, did you commit a crime? >> reporter: his department campaign manager. his first national security adviser. and his longtime personal attorney and fixer. mueller also zeroing in on the russians, indicting 26 people and unspooling an elaborate scheme to influence the 2016 eleby hurting hillary clinton and helping donald trump. >> information warfare against the united states. >> reporter: but president trump seeming to side with putin over the american intelligence agencies. >> i have president putin and he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: trump attacking the investigation at every turn.
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>> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. they won't find any collusion. it doesn't exist. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. there was no nothing. >> why don't i just fire mueller? it's a disgrace what's going on. many have said you should fire him. >> reporter: the special counsel's team interviewing dozens of witnesses, including around 30 current or former white house officials. but president trump himself refusing to sit face to face with robert mueller. >> lease let's get back to pierre. no one stopped robert mueller. everyone he wanted to investigate he was allowed to investigation. >> that's right, david. barr made clear that mueller was a complete professional. >> that was really important. pierre thomas thanks to you. less get to dan abrams who has been following this.
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no new indictments. some are going to wonder does that include any sealed indictmentin indictmentin indictments. >> yoj this is a semantics game. >> what about the other investigations? >> those will continue in new york and washington, d.c. those people report directly to william barr, the attorney general. they have don't have the same level of independent that the special counsel had, even though he was also reporting to the attorney general. those investigations are going to continue. they're little different than the special counsel office. >> you made the point that the mueller report -- we don't know what's in the report -- is why there wasn't an indictment of the president. whether it's justice department guidelines or no evidence. >> the guidelines say he's required to tell the attorney general why he didn't seek ce everyone wants to know was the
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president not indicted because there's simply no evidence of collusion, conspiracy with the russians, or was there no indictment because he's the president and the president can't be indicted? that applies to the collusion question, obstruction of justice, all of it. >> we could know detai of the r are made public. >> i want to get right to capitol hill. reaction is pouring in from the house and senate. the house voting overwhelmingly republicans and democrats to make the report public. let's get to mary bruce. we have the letter from the attorney general sent to congress this afternoon. the special counsel submitted to me a confidential report. that's key. confidential. it's his decision how much the american public will see. >> david, barr has promised law makers he'll be as transparent as possible. based on what we area hearing from democrats they won't be satisfied until they see the
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whole mueller report. barr's summary isn't going to suffice. democrats will use every tool to get this information. it means we could see mueller and barr testifying here on the hill. it means we could see a long court battle. remember republicans and democrats are saying after tens of millions of tax payer money was spent on the investigation that the american public deserves to see some version of the report. democrats are bracing for this to be a long fight to get the information they want. in the meantime they're not holding back. they're plowing ahead. they're ramping up scores of their own investigation. while mueller's work may be wrapping up the hill is just getting started. >> the next chapter is how much of the report the american public will see. our thanks to mary, dan, jon karl and pierre.
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we'll have continuing coverage on "nightline" and on good morning, america and on world news. weov te iex the ng up t amid twks are now on fire. a new plume of black smoke pouring into the sky. residents worried about the air quality. abc's alex perez right back on the scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight those towering plumes of smoke filling the air near houston once again. >> it appears as though that the product that has leaked out of the itc plant is now in the ditch and that too is on fire. >> reporter: fire officials say at least two tanks, filled with components used to make gasoline, nail polish remover and glue, now burning. >> we will make this right. we will fix it and we will make it right. >> reporter: it was just yesterday when a spokeswoman for the company made that tearful apology after an earlier fire at the same chemical plant that lasted for days was finat eaieyi
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fannnced thewe working to empty an estimated 30,000 gallons of chemical inside a crrleakotencer causing. the national guard assisting. schools in the area have been closed out of an abundance of caution after the toxin was detected in the air, many nearby residents worried all week and tonight anxious with that smoke back in the air. david, because of all this the coast guard has shut down temporarily the channel that connects the port of houston and the gulf of mexico. that's a busy shipping channel. some encouraging news. officials say they already have the new flare-up under control. david? >> alex perez tonight. thanks for your reporting. now to the weather. damaging winds expected in the northeast. deadly flooding across several states tonight. rain falling through the weekend. several towns ordering emergency
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evacuations. tornado warnings in texas and the gusty winds and very cold temperatures hitting the northeast. rob marciano tracking it for us this evening. hey, rob. >> hi david. winds cranking here. concerned about the storm plowing into the plains. there's that tornado watch thenoow a winds cranking all day long tomorrow from d.c. to phillie to boston gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. windchills in the teens and 20s to start your stat day. >> rob marciano we'll be watching you all weekend. to major news on boeing. after news many were missing important safety features that boeing charges extra for. tonig tonight indonesia wants to cancel their order claiming passengers don't trust boeing anymore. here's abc's david kerley.
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>> reporter: just days after learning the pilot of the doomed lion air jet from indonesia was flipping through his emergency check list before the crash, that country's state owned airline wants to cancel its 737 max order. garuda air appears to be trying to negotiate to avoid a cancelation penalty on the $5 billion deal. meanwhile, abc news has learned boeing's software update is expected to certified by the faa early next week. in the first max crash, an improperly installed sensor provided bad data. the one sensor triggering the jet's nose down 21 times. boeing's fix? rely on both sensors, initiate a dive only once and the angle of that dive will be less. >> you need a system that provides additional protections, provides additional information so that these two accidents don't happen again. >> reporter: it's now been five full days since the ethiopians received the data from the black boxes from the second crash, but still no indication of the cause.
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>> in 2010 the ethiopians tried to manipulate the mishap data from a 737 crash. there's a real fear here that they're gog nd do at again with this mishap. >> we've learned that boeing has invited airlines to its seattle area plant this weekend to talk about this software update and training and that american airline pilots will be in the simulator to test the software ? >> thank yo there is news about your money your 401(k). the dow jones plunging closing at 25,502. let's go to erielle reshef on wall street. there was a key area that caused alarm today. >> that's right david. stocks plunged among new signs of new worry of a looming recession here at home. here's the key indicator. right here the so called "yield
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curve" turning negative for the first time since 2007 right before the great recession. sometimes when this happens it can indicate another recession may be coming. not always. this comes just days after the fed chairman announced it was unlikely we would see more rate hikes. david? >> erielle reshef, thank you. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight." the priest attacked during mass. the frightening moment was seen live because it was streamed. the rush to help the priest and how they stopped the suspect. also tonight the shocking arrest in shar lotsville. schools were closed for days th. we sure needed this on a friday. america strong the golden retriever named charlie and little maverick. he's an eye seeing dog for his little pal. stay tuned. stay tuned.
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we turn next to that attack on a priest in montreal. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, police in montreal are scouring this livestreamed video, showing a t. the service, underway this morning, when a man gets up silently and runs behind the alter stabbing father claud garu in the upper body who falls to the ground. >> i thought he was going to kneel to say a prayer in front of the st. joseph's statue and i saw, realized but he quickly came up the stairs taking a big knife out of his side. >> reporter: parishioners charging the altar, subduing the 26-year-old suspect. the 77-year-old priest rushed to the hospital.
3:51 pm
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hair thinning or loss, vomiting, rash, and loss of appetite. corey calls it her new normal because a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't. ask your doctor about ibrance. the #1 prescribed fda-approved oral combination treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. finally tonight america strong the seeing eye dog for another dog. >> reporter: charlie, a golden retriever, on the left. and that's 4-month-old maverick on the right. their owners, chelsea and adam stipe, from mooresville, north carolina, say the two are best friends.
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playing together. going for rides together. napping together. there's more. charlie had glaucoma. and had his eyes removed a little while back. on new year's day, chelsea and adam brought maverick home. she he would become charlie's seeing eye dog. as the months went on, maverick began helping charlie get around, bringing lost toys back to him, using this leash to guide him. tonight another new addition. two week old asher. charlie and maverick there to help. we loved it.
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live doppler 7. a soggy friday over the bay area. we're covered in green. more rain rolls through. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. >> the rain started this morning and stayed with us throughout the day. one look at the net work of cameras. a common theme. lots of grays sgls crews are working in the rain to protect people from a dangerous situation. first, this latest round of rain is a one on the storm impact scale. >> let's get to meteorologist. the timing and how long it will hang around. >> it will hang around through the early morning hours. it is slippery on the roadways. you're seeing the rain drops. life doppler 7 getting yu down to street level. light to moderate rain.
4:00 pm
it's street level radar. from mill valley. bridge way it's a little slippery. san francisco, south city. take it easy. moderate rain in oakland across 880. inland east bay lighter rain from pleasant hill to walnut creek. also light in the south bay. from san jose. and a few spotty showers in santa cruz. on the storm impact scale this afternoon and evening expect a 1. moderate to brief heavy rain tonight. 15 hundredths to eight tenths of an inch. and gusty conditions over the high terrain. breezy if the hills. notice pockets of moderate rain. 7:00 p.m. crossing the bay area. into 9:00 p.m. and even 11:00 p.m. 'r


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