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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the early morning hours. it is slippery on the roadways. you're seeing the rain drops. life doppler 7 getting yu down to street level. light to moderate rain. it's street level radar. from mill valley. bridge way it's a little slippery. san francisco, south city. take it easy. moderate rain in oakland across 880. inland east bay lighter rain from pleasant hill to walnut creek. also light in the south bay. from san jose. and a few spotty showers in santa cruz. on the storm impact scale this afternoon and evening expect a 1. moderate to brief heavy rain tonight. 15 hundredths to eight tenths of an inch. and gusty conditions over the high terrain. breezy if the hills. notice pockets of moderate rain. 7:00 p.m. crossing the bay area.
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into 9:00 p.m. and even 11:00 p.m. we're not expecting widespread winds with this storm. but certainly gusty in the hills. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. live doppler 7 is one of the most popular thing tos click on on the web site. if you want to track the rain click the blue live bar. and check the weather conditions where you live. enable push alerts. >> this wet winter actually we're in spring. but the winter we had is contributed to major erosion along the coast. one particular area has seen two times the normal rate of erosion. we have more. >> reporter: popular beach has been a favorite of dog walkers. horse loves. and sol is by the sea. all of that is in jeopardy as the roegs threatens the local
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coastline. >> there's been times we can't get down this way. they have done work ore the years. >> the erosion here is happening at a much faster rate than anticipated. >> there's impact from the ocean behind us. storm water run off from the surface. >> the winds this year and the previous two years have accelerated the erosion. the city is installing safety fencing along the bluff. at five locations. >> the city is concerned with the safety of the general public. >> another reason for putting up the fencing is slow down any further erosion. >> some warning signing can be helpful. if that's affordable. please avoid contact with the cliffs. beware. at your own risk sort of thing. >> the city has some signs up and will soon add more. a more permanent fix such as
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boulders is not economically practical. >> the funding would be beyond anything that any jurisdiction can come up with. >> regardless, mother nature will have the upper hand. >> we want to protect not only the bay. but the families who live here. >> a great view even though for the time being we may have to admire its beauty through orange safety fencing. >> we are dealing with rain now. fire season isn't far off. the governor declared a wild fire emergency. >> that will expedite projects to clear dead brush. >> this is lark field. where in 2017 fire roared through the. the tubs fire. and took out this neighborhood. this is one of the neighborhoods they're talking about.
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the place where you are homes and wild lands in close proximity. the goal is make the places safer. >> reporter: even on a rainy day a person can turn almost anywhere and still find remnants of the fire. >> it's burned into our hearts here. we have been through them and family members that have lost homes. >> lake county supervisor shortly after playing tour guide this morning for california governor. who announced a proclamat proclt waiving environmental rules that would slow down the process. >> some of the projects could take two years. to get done. we can get them done. in the next two months. >> the executive order will speed tree clearing and forest management in 35 areas in and around some 2.2 million homes in communities bordering wild lands. the bay area will have four of the projects totalling about
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3,000 acres in the east bay. peninsula and santa claire. the largest is the north fuel break. cal fire says it will protect 62,000 people from -- sky 7 uses sky map 7 to show us what the area looks like. centered along bear creek road. crews will clear brush and fire trails to slow big fire. and make it easier for residents to evacuate. in san mateo the kings mountain roadside project will clear trees with sudden oak death syndrome. it will protect homes and highway 35 in the wood side area. the park area is full of unhealthy trees threatening homes. in the south bay the highway 17 fuel break will clear flammable brush and protect the towns. >> of the 35 every one of them
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is seen as equally important. and we'll take action on every single one of them. immediately. >> i think this is the right thipg to do. there's a deep sense of urgency and anxiety. >> immediately. they mean immediately. as soon as monday. they hope to have the work done by the start of the fire season in a couple months. >> a report out of rebuilding after the 2017 wild fire is ramping up. the city deputy director of development says 70% of the properties in the coffee park neighborhood have been rebuilt or under construction. here are the numbers 191 homes have been complete. another 689 are under construction. that's out of the 1422 homes destroyed in the fire. this total marks a huge improvement from only six months ago when 21 houses has been
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built. >> breaking news out of oakland. a person has been stabbed on a bart train and a suspect is on the run. it happened as the train came into fruit vail station. it's expected to open any minute after being closed for a time. sky 7 is over the bart station right now. detectives are collecting evidence and pulling video footage. bart tweeted the stabbing victim has been taken to the hospital. but the injuries are not life threatening. we know the victim is a man. we have a crew on the way to the station now. and we'll update you as we get them. >> more breaking news. san francisco public defender died from a mixture of cocaine. and alcohol. coupled with existing cardiovascular disease. according to to the san francisco medical examiner report released this afternoon. he passed on february 22. we are reviewing the report.
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you can follow him at dan noise. he'll join us with more details at 5:00. >> we have developing news nationally. special counsel mueller submitted his report regarding russian interference. in the 2016 election. >> how much of that report will be made available to the public is still unknown. we are live in washington d.c. >> i have in my hand the letter attorney general sent to congress letting them know the special counsel handed him full report on the russia investigation. bar says the first summary on the report can come as early as this weekend. >> reporter: in the course of the investigation into russian collusion, special counsel mueller has provided 37 indictments including 26 russians. and he secured guilty pleas from seven individuals including former trump campaign chair
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manafort. rick gates. former national security adviser michael flynn. and long time personal attorney michael cohen. >> he knows the truth. i know the truth. others know the truth. it's sad that i should take responsibility for his dirty deeds. >> mueller was appointed in may 2017. after president trump suddenly fired fbi director james comey. initially the president said he fired comey on the recommendation of justice officials then told that the russia investigation played a part in firing comey. >> regardless of recommendation i was going to fire comey. this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. >> at that point many republicans joined democrats in calling for an independent investigation. >> the white house is timing here was less than impeccable. >> comey was leading an investigation. serious offense. were those investigations getting too close to home?
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for the president. >> through it all the president maintained innocence. >> there was no collusion. no obstruction. no nothing. >> reactions are pouring in from capitol hill. democrats once again demanding bar release the full report. the president this week said he doesn't mind the full report being released. tonight he says he's glad the investigation is over. >> thank you. the fire case is back in court today. the defense is asking for a six month delay in the trial. ghost house charged with 36 counts of manslaughter for the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. the judge says she plans to address the motion to delay the trial this afternoon. the attorney has upcoming cases that could conflict with the ghost ship fire trial date. >> two men many custody suspected of setting a series of
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fires yesterday in san mateo. police arrested 21 year-old carlos. and 20 year-old ramirez. both charged with three counts of arson. the arrest after authorities release a photograph as well as surveillance video of the two suspects. authorities accuse the men of setting three fires inside garbage begins in downtown within 30 minutes of each other. one business was damaged. >> a sad announcement from the san francisco zoo. beloved blind sea lion died early this morning. the animal had recently been receiving treatment for cancer. in 2010 he was found on a beach. with gunshot wounds. after he was treated at the center, silent night and a younger blind sea lion were sent to the zoo. the zoo called him a true inspiration. that will be missed. >> in five years some drivers will be paying nearly $10 to cross the golden gate bridge.
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voting today to approve a plan to increase the toll every year for five years. it's expected to raise $100 million to improving and adding bus and ferry service. as well as bridge maintenance. right now drivers pay $7 and others pay 8. starting in july fast track will pay 7.35. if you pay as you go by registering your license plate you'll pay 8.20 in july. if you are mailed an invoice. that will be 8.35 in july. >> whatever you do you'll pay more. pin interest filed for an initial public offering. they intend to list itself on the stock exchange. using pins. they aren't saying how many shares it's selling. it allows people to search for and pin images as inspiration for fashion and maybe interior
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design. travel. food. whatever you like. filing this month by lift, uber and the messaging app slack are expected to file ipo soon. >> here's something that rarely happens. meet the woman who was hired by a company ask immediately went on the maternity leave. her employer explains. >> more rain usually means more snow. a trip to tahoe. >> what's not to love about national puppy day. we have the canine fix coming up.
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change with the news programming. today episode of general hospital can be seen in its entirety at 1:35 a.m. >> a bay area woman is inspiring thousands of other women with her story of getting hired for a new job while six and a half months pregnant. >> live in the news room with the story. >> she shared her story in an article that she wrote for fast company. that article went viral. it's message surprising women and men. >> reporter: when she began looking for a new job in advertising. it was pretty obvious she was expecting. >> i was very much showing. i was not trying to hide it sfwl she didn't think it was possible to make a move until after her baby girl was born. >> saying it wasn't the right time. it wasn't possible. >> the more she thought about it the more determined she became. >> i'm carrying this child. but my husband and i are both having a baby.
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and he would never have to think twice about this. >> after a promising netd working meeting at heat a san francisco based ad agency. she decided to really test the waters. >> i felt like this could be a really great fit. if he felt similarly i was ready to move forward. if he was. >> i had been trying to get her to come work with me since about 2007. so i was pretty happy that she reached out. >> at six and a half months pregnant, she got the job and told her new employer she would be better at it if she waited five months after her daughter was born to begin. >> i knew from the first that i could not have gone back to work at three months. >> nobody regrets spending more with their kids. go do it. >> she shocked so many people with the story and conversation. she decided to write an article about it. the positive response has been overwhelming. >> something that i was fortunate enough to experience. and have a great e peerns with.
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has potentially sparked a conversation. that clearly needs to be had. >> she's incredibly talented and we feel lucky to have her. >> a working mom. whose journey and inspire daughters everywhere. including her own. >> the more surprising responses that she's received are from young women who are years out from having children. but tell her they're thinking about how to navigate pregnancy while working and men who tell her they didn't realize it was so much of a concern for women. >> nice to see them appreciate her value. what is her employer say about the positive press and the reaction they received? >> they say this is simply what they do. they're loorking for the best talent and do whatever they have to do to get it and keep it. >> refreshing.
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thank you. >> california unemployment rate held steady last month. the state employment development department says the rate stayed at 4.2%. that's the same as january. the number was atenth of a percent lower than 2018. nationally the jobless rate stood at 3.8% in february. over all california added 14,600 non-farm payroll jobs last month. a report says it's getting cheaper to buy a place to live in the south bay. actually more expensive if you want to rent. the economic research and consulting firm reports that the median home price dipped to $1.4 million in the fourth quarter. down from $1.9 million in the third quarter. analysts attribute it to seasonal factors and rising spres interest rates. rent last year jumped 5%
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$2,700 a month. the tahoe basin could see several inches of snow as a storm moves in this evening. weather officials expect sfnow levels to fall to 4,500 feet. and 5,500 feet further south. the winter like precipitation could cause travel difficulty. however officials say the skiing is superb. >> in the month of february we saw 24 of 28 days of snow. we haven't seen the sun up here in quite sometime. a nice break after the next storm should be another fantastic weekend. >> fantastic. more storms expected to roll in next week with the strongest tuesday evening and wednesday morning. >> yeah. guess what? more snow up there. and more rain here.
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>> yeah. the statewide snow pack is 155% of average. people are going to be enjoying the spring skiing. a live look from tahoe. for a few more months. if we keep on with this track. take a look at the winter weather advisory in effect until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. expecting a foot over the peaks. make sure you have your chains. we don't have any issues right now. it's wet across the bay area. right around seres point. we are getting some moderate pockets of rain. here's a report of a third of an inch per hour. it is fwoing to be slow going and slippery in the east bay. from fremont. heading into the inland east bay. across 580 livermore. allow yourself extra time. we're seeing a few showers right now in the san francisco area. down into the south bay.
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san jose it is definitely wet. a look at the storm. it looks impressive. it is going to bring us some heavy rainfall. temperatures 40s 50s. a live look from the cam. you can see the rain drops on the lens. slow for the afternoon and evening commute with the brief downpours. showers end early tomorrow morning. the next storm arrives sunday night. most of the weekend will be fine. it's a level one. this afternoon and tonight. about 15 hundredths of an inch. gusty over the higher terrain. tonight between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30. widespread rain. 8:00 p.m. some showers move through at 11:00 p.m. we'll see heier rainfall. around midnight. and we go into tomorrow morning. so 4:00 a.m. hopefully you're not up. there will be wet weather in the east bay and san jose. 5:00 a.m. you'll notice it's in the general vicinity. and it's gone.
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8:00 a.m. the sun breaks through. some clouds. most of saturday is fine. in terms of your out door activity. rainfall totals most of you will be in the 15 hundredths to 8 tenths of an inch. first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s with the showers pushing out. tomorrow afternoon looking at upper 50s to low 60s and you will see sun mixing in. you can down load the app. the 7-day forecast a few early morning showers will give way to a dry saturday afternoon. most of your sunday late sunday night computer models want to bring a few showers close to the coast. the next system on monday. that will bring a wet start to the week. another storm tuesday following. it's a level 1. wednesday will be windy with showers a few lingering showers possible thursday. and friday we will dry out the good thing is they're all level 1 systems. we're not expecting any major
4:24 pm
issues. tonight watch out for ponding on the roadway. >> it looks like a decent weekend. >> if you're looking for sun. dry time. get out tomorrow late morning. all the way through sunday late afternoon. >> all right. there's hope. >> all right. we don't need any words for this. just look. puppies everywhere. today for the dogs. we'll have a look at furry friends that need a home. president trump makes a big decision on sanctions for the north korea. is there a budding friendship with kim jong un? the surprise move made by the president. >> let's check traffic. if you're on the bay bridge or the san mateo you have all kind of cars in your way. the bridge to be on right now is the golden gate. even though the roads are wet. traffic is moving nicely in both directions.
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i think we know the high lite of the day here. >> maybe the week. >> tomorrow is national puppy day. there was an invasion this morning of four legged friends in need of a permanent home. the morning crew had the rough assignment that called on them to bravely step foot into puppy central sfwl here's a bite of the better moments. >> look at our puppy camera. >> aren't they adorable? >> launching an adoption event this morning. finding forever homes. >> it's a relaxing chirp of puppies up here. it is the most adorable day of the year. >> colleagues hard at work this morning. >> i have a dog named reggie.
4:28 pm
can you believe. look at this. >> did you just name him a second ago. in order to make me fall in love and adopt him. >> he's quiet and well behaved. >> there's a jessie and mike up there. we're getting replaced. >> they're naming them after everyone on the morning show. >> i actually think there's a resemblance. >> look at these two. they found a good pillow this morning. >> who do you have? >> i'm in the pen. we have a party going on. >> can you look at my shoes. i'm not making it back upstairs. my shoes are officially a chew toy. >> oh man. hold on. >> we're learning all sorts of good stuff this morning. they enjoy footwear. national puppy day. >> we're celebrating with
4:29 pm
puppies on 7. they're here and worn out. now is my chance to shine. adopt them give them a forever home. look at that. >> who wouldn't love that face? >> why don't they ever invade us at 4:00. >> they used to. they had such an early start. they were asleep. they were there at 4:00 a.m. we thank all the organizations that participated today. >> it's not just these dogs ha need a home. there are plenty of o others out there that could use a new family. >> so adorable. more news ahead. big news involving president trump. a stunning decision he made regarding sanctions on north korea. and the explanation from the white house. >> outside lands has vealed the headliner. the musician coming out of
4:30 pm
retirement for the
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here with the stories making headlines. governor newsom is suspending some environmental rules to clear trees quicker in a state ahead of the next wild fire season. part of the state of emergency that he announced today.
4:33 pm
the emergency order covers 35 projects including four here in the bay. crews in half-moon bay are taking action to prevent a different kind of natural disaster. tweeting these photographs today. where temporary fencing has been installed due to erosion there. breaking news in the past three hours. special counsel mueller has delivered his russia probe report to attorney general william bar. the letter bar wrote to congressional judiciary committee members saying he was reviewing the report. a senior department of justice official says mueller is not recommending more indictments. also happening now. president trump calling for a new sanctions on north korea to be cancelled. just a day after they were announced. the white house says the move is because the president likes north korean dictator. kim jong un. >> reporter: president trump seemingly under mining his own
4:34 pm
national security adviser and treasury secretary. less than 24 hours after john bolton announced new sanctions regarding north korea. the president over ruled both of them. tweeting today he quote ordered the withdrawal of the sanctions. in statement the white house press secretary explained the president's decision. saying quote president trump likes chairman kim. and doesn't think the sanctions will be necessary. >> the sudden move sent waves of confusion through washington. just yesterday the treasury department accused of dictator ship of using shipping practices to go around american and international sanctions. the u.s. and allies have used the economic measures to put pressure on north korea to denuclearize. last month trump met with kim in vietnam to sell them on giving up the nuclear weapons program. they walked away without a deal. trump said he believed kim when he vowed not it resume nuclear
4:35 pm
testing. >> i trust him. >> blacklisted two chinese shipping companies accused of helping north korea go around previous sanctions. the lifting of the sanctions will be welcome news in china. >> we have a special on north and south korea with a look at how the recent olympics helped ease the tensions on the korean peninsula. breaking the ice. airing sunday at 6:30 p.m. >> president trump says he plans to nominate his close ally and former campaign adviser to the federal reserve board. he's blamed the central bank for slowing the economy. while touting the tax cuts and deregulation. >> a lawsuit challenging the trump administration policy of returning asylum seekers to mexico will be heard in federal court. the case was brought before u.s. judge on san francisco today.
4:36 pm
civil rights group argue the policy violates u.s. law because it doesn't account for the dangers migrants face in mexico. while they wait for the court case. judge questioned whether the policy violates any law. but allowed it to move forward. >> the attorney for r. kelly today asked a court to delay a ruling on a request to allow the singer to travel over seas. he was hoping to fly to dubai to perform. the attorney offered no explanation for the delay. reports say the 52 year-old in financial trouble and need the money. he was indicted on tenness count sexual abuse. he's currently prohibited from traveling outside of the state of illinois. >> he was done with performing live. but paul simon will headline. closing out the three day festival on sunday august 11.
4:37 pm
he retired from live shows but said he would perform the occasional concert in benefit of organizations. he will donate the net proceeds from the performance to local environmental non-profits. full line up will be leased on tuesday. >> time again to dust off the lottery dreams. this saturday's jackpot climbed over $600 million. well over estimate a winning ticket will bring in a cool $625 million. that would be the seventh largest in u.s. history. estimated lump sum of $380 million. before taxes. a one in 292 million odds are not great. >> do you feel lucky? do you? >> i'm playing. i don't care. even if i don't feel lucky. we're in. >> we can see history in 2020. we'll meet the six men who might become the nations first ever
4:38 pm
first spouse. >> take it easy on the roads. it is slow and slippery. how long the storm is sticking around. >> another traffic view. trying to get onto the bay bridge. not looking good. nobody is really moving. that's the car pool lane. fast track. that's flowing. everybody else is stuck. you can see the rain on the camera lens there. stay with us. george has heart failure. and a busy day ahead. george has entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on ♪ the beat goes on that was great!
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we can see history in the 2020 presidential election. it has to do with a specific title. >> introducing us to the smings who might become first spouse. >> reporter: a new crop of diverse, different democratic presidential candidates. six of them have one thing in common. should they win, their husbands would become the very first first spouse. hillary clinton had to once consider what former president bill clinton could be called. >> some of his friend suggested first lad. >> this time around even more options for a man to make history. in the east wing. >> these are my guys. >> elizabeth warren. didn't follow the traditional norms when she decided bruce man a professor of law at harvard was the one. she asked him to marry her.
4:42 pm
>> we have been married a long time. it's always been an adventure. it's another one. >> pete mayor of indiana. is not only the first openly gay presidential candidate. he's a newlywed. marrying his husband just last year. >> i married a teacher. i married >> he's the youngest of the potential first spouses. is a constant and vocal supporter of his husband's candidacy. >> i'm excited for the country to get to know him. >> also in the honeymoon faze. hi congresswoman. who married her husband in 2015. the two met when he volunteered to shoot her political ads. he proposed while they were ridi riding waves.
4:43 pm
minnesota senator klobuchar already has experience as a plit cat spouse. >> the senate spouses are having a baby shower for jim web's wife and i'm going. the world is changed. >> klobuchar married lawyer and law professor in 1993. the two have a grown daughter. some like senator gillibrand's husband are more behind the scenes. gillibrand mt. her british born husband on a blind date in new york city. the two moving up state to raise their two young sons. and he could accommodate her political ambition. >> he said yes. it was a very huge opportunity for me as a person. to start a family there. >> when california senator harris married lawyer in 2014. she took on a new role. stepmother to his two grown
4:44 pm
children. >> they call me mom la. >> in the political whirlwind. >> i don't know if we're ready for a first lady named don. >> he's enjoying the spouse of -- >> he is? >> he's very secure. interesting. democratic presidential candidate sanders will be in the bay area this weekend. a three day tour of california. today in san diego. a rally planned for sunday. the vermont senator had a strong showing in 2016 by lost to clinton in the california primary by 7 points. he carried one county in the bay area. >> they will get decent weather. everyone though it's raining now. a mostly sunny weekend. >> we have the details. >> we will have a dry window of opportunity this weekend. let's lock at live doppler seven. not exactly dry. wet roadways in the east bay. steady rain into oakland.
4:45 pm
street level radar out toward pittsburg and antioch. and highway 4. showers right now. and around mill valley. paradise drive. it is wet. light stuff around san jose. heading what will happen around 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. the front will be going through the bay area. the rainfall intensity will be picking up briefly around 11:00 p.m. to midnight. first thing tomorrow afternoon. you'll be seeing sunshine. and clouds. temperatures in the 50s. if you are taking part in the oakland marathon it's the running festival. cloudy and kol at 6:00 a.m. 44 degrees. race at 7:00 a.m. 45. it's the right kind of weather for running. still cool and peek of sun at 9:00 a.m. 49 degrees. the 7-day forecast. a few early morning showers. most of the weekend is dry. sunday night monday next storm comes in. we'll see more storms to follow.
4:46 pm
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from panda express. the boeing 737 max jets. boeing has just announced they are scheduling meetings with customers to start explaining their lathes software update. >> following reports that the two boeing planes that crashed lacked the safety upgrades because boeing charged extra for them. >> reporter: citing a loss of confidence in indonesia flag carrier grew to becoming the firs airliner to ask boeing to cancel the order of the 737 max jet. the price tag nearly $5 billion. following the revelation about the two deadly plane crashes that both reportedly didn't have two optional add on safety sensors. which indicate whether the nose of the jet is pointed up or
4:50 pm
down. we're learning boeing antistall system which forces the nose down and was activated during the lie yn air crash relied on using one of the sensors. >> original design. that may not occur. >> boeing charges extra for the upgrades. one option adds an icon showing the actual angle of the jet. a second add on has a light turn on if the sensors disagree. >> you shouldn't have to pay extra to have them both talk to the pilot. >> southwest and american both pay for the safety options. united does not. and tells us their pilots are trained with other instruments to shut off the system. if it is engaged incorrectly. and the software update the light will be a standard feature. and boeing says in the future the antistul system will rely on
4:51 pm
two sensors before engaging. it will requir certification and additional training. that will involve some 10,000 pilots. meaning it could be weeks if not longer before the 737 max planes resume flight. >> students prohibited from using their smart phones during school. that is the intent of a new bill. state lawmakers are looking over. it would require stool districts to either prohibit or restrict the use of smart phones during the school day. allowing for emergency situations as well as educational purposes. supporters say it's a distraction pr students and social media users exhibit depression and mental health issues. >> o neil adding another job. joining the papa johns board of directors. becoming an ambassador for the brand and investing in nine
4:52 pm
stores in atlanta. the company will pay him $8 million over three years. the founder resigned as ceo in 2017. following reports he used a racial slur on a media training conference call. >> it's not often a local library is the town hot spot. the boston public library is trying to change that. it features a bar serving tea infused alcoholic libations. it has transformed. it sells cocktails. catcher in the rye. and all that jasmine. the drinks cost $12. the bar serves wine, beer. and small plates. >> that's a very popular library. >> coming up. a crippling disease took away the ability to use his hands. we was not going to be stopped
4:53 pm
from doing what he loves. now he
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. now to an artist making news with his unusual talent. >> due to a rare disease, he paints with his mouth. because he can no longer paint with his hands. >> it's very therapeutic. i love art so much. and this is the way i can do it
4:56 pm
now. you have to find things that you love to deep you going. >> my name is alex. i'm 38 years old. from colorado. i have a rare autoimmune muscle disease. i went to college. my dream was work for disney. i came up two classes short before the disease started. i can't hold a pencil. i can't draw anymore. my mom brought home a catalog with people mouth painting. and i gave it a try. twin peeks is my first mouth painting. it took three and a half months. because i was learning how to reat a time the brush and hold it in my mouth and all that.
4:57 pm
i put it on facebook and see what people thought. it gave me a confidence boost. i played every day. i used to be able to dunk. i'm 6'1". i'm a big fan of lebron james. he helps us community tremendously. i look up to him. i figure i want to draw my first portrait. he was the inspiration. my good friend he poeed my painting on red it and wanted to see what would happen. it had like 22,000 up votes. so from there i decided to start posting more. i want to start spreading the awareness about my disease through art. that's my goal. i painted a rooster for my mom. she's my care giver as well as my dad. i nearly died six times.
4:58 pm
so they had to go through all that hardship. with the disability you have to have a strong support group. around you. and you have to have a good sense of humor about it too. i have a web site where i have my prints up for sale. i have made a few sales. it gave me a confidence boost for my work. moving forward. >> if you have a disability, learn to adapt. so you can do what you love. >> he's so talented. >> determination. it's amazing. >> great spirit. >> you can check out the new brand of it's on facebook. and instagram. >> that'll do it.
4:59 pm
thanks for joining us. >> the news at 5 starts now. breaking news in san francisco. we know what killed public defender. the findings may surprise you. >> also breaking in oakland a stabbing on a bart train. >> the governor declares a state wild fire emergency. why the state is in extreme danger. >> rain near you. how it's getting wet just about everywhere. >> long awaited mueller report is complete. what's next in the russia investigation. that breaking news in san francisco. medical examiner revealed the cause of death for public defender. he had been using cocaine. good evening thank you for joining us. >> the findings today come as a surprise. >> let's go to i team reporter. looking into the report released today. >> the timing of this is just something. one month ago to the hour, 59
5:00 pm
year-old was in a health crisis in a restaurant. he died of a mix of cocaine and alcohol. and undiagnosed heart disease played a role. labeled an accident. paramedics found him unresponsive on the floor of the apartment. they shocked and got a slow pulse. before it was lost. he was transferred to california medical center where he was pronounced dead. a woman told investigators she spent the day with him. they had cannabis edible. champagne and he ate well before complaining of severe stomach pain. they went back to the apartment. the autopsy concludes the cause of death is acute mixed drug toxicity. at some point most likely during that dinner his already compromised heart could no longer sustain the amount of cardiac stressed caused by the


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