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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 22, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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being here. on "jim >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- s matt lablanc. and now, coming this way, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: very kind. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad you were part of this. i really am. i'm glad you're, everybody's upbeat, because today was, it was a very, very
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today. facebook and instagram have been down since 9:00 this morning. you remember that scene from back to the future where marty's family starts vanishing? when instagram went down, the same thing started happening to the kardashians today. we lost rob sadly. i didn't know what to do. i was forced to go outside to show polaroids of my lunch to strangers walking by on the street. fortunately, for our president, twitter was up and running, no problem at all. the president was tapping his tiny little fingers to weigh in of all things, late night comedy shows this morning. he wrote, jay leno points out that comedy on the very boring late night shows is totally one-sided. actually, the one-sided hatred on these shows is incredible and for me unwatchable. what a snowflake. but remember, we are number one,
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president. are we sure english is the first language? because what the president was referring to was an interview with jay leno on the "today" show during which jay was talking about how talk shows have changed since he went off the air. >> when people see you as one-sided it just makes it sufficient. and plus, i did it, you know, when clinton was horny and bush was dumb. and it was just a little easier. >> jimmy: he's right. because trump is dumb and horny at the same time. and we have to cover both things. [ applause ] here's this thing, maybe i can sbl explain this. i don't want to talk about donald trump every night. no one does, but if he sat in the white house quietly working on things, i would never mention him, because it's not interesting. but today before 10:00 this morning, his former campaign chairman was sentenced to prison for the second time in a week. he called himself the most
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successful president in history and tweeted to let people know his wife hasn't been replaced with a body double. not supposed to mention [ applause ] obama wore mom jeans one time. we made jokes about it for six straight years. how about this. you stop being terrible, we'll stop pointing it out, okay? i will say i do have to say i'm flattered he's watching, considering the fact that we're in the middle of a national emergency. are the caravans here yet? or are they still on the way? >> still on the way. >> jimmy: make some calls, will you, guillermo? >> i will. >> jimmy: you know sarah huckabee sanders' father mike hosts what might be the funniest show of all. >> once a chicken has its own
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gps tracker, quote, people whohn ll kno ha chicken, but i'm sure there are hens all across america saying, with this technology, we're running out of cluck. >> jimmy: see, now that's comedy the way it used to be. this melania body double conspiracy i mentioned, something that's been making the rounds online because of this photograph of the happy couple. so the theory is, when trump went to alabama on friday, he was accompanied by a body double instead of his actual wife. some people believe this is a fake melania. the real melania's like, trust me, i wish it was and gentlemen. melania. the fake news photo shopped pictures of melania and
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propelled conspiracy theories. they only getting more deranged with time says the man who claims hillary clinton runs a cockfighting ring in the basement of a chuck e. cheese. paul manafort was sentenced to an additional 43 months in prison today for conspiracy against the united states and witness tampering which brings the total time of his sentence to seven and a half years. it's kind of funny, felicity huffman may do more time than manafort. he did express remorse, saying i'm sorry, ms. jackson, i'm for real. apologized a trillion times. [ applause ] manafort really pleaded with the judge. he said i'm 70 years old. please let my wife and i be together. so she threw his wife in prison with him. the district in attorney in manhattan unsealed a 16-count
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indictment that could put him behind bars for state crimes that cannot be pardoned by president. yesterday the justice department, as you probably know, charged 50 people with what is said to be the biggest college admissions scam of all time. 33 wealthy parents of kids are caught up in what seems like the sequel to the fyre festival. among the parents charged are actress lori laufmghlin and her husband massimo. they allegedly got their daughter into usc through the rowing team, even though she doesn't row, which screwed up my college rowing fantasy draft. the other part of the scam where parents would hire a ringer through a middleman to take their kids' s.a.t. test for them. we were able to get in touch with one of these phony test takers. his name is chip anderson, a
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high school student from orange county. let's go to chip now. chip. thank you, chip for -- >> [ applause ] >> what's the problem, bro? i'm chillin' all gucci with my squad in study hall. we >> jimmy: chip, what grade did you say you were in? >> don't show tlshade on me, thirsty day. i'm sophomore. >> jimmy: you look more like a senior citizen, actually. >> that's dope! >> jimmy: it's not dope. dopamin dope means good. that was not a compliment. >> okay you got me. i'm not really a 15-year-old. i'm grown man with no swag at all. >> jimmy: why were you wearing that ridiculous disguise? >> how else am i going to sneak into a high school to take
11:43 pm
s.a.t.? they're expecting teenager. what are >> jimmy: don't you feel sorry for all the students who work hard to take the s.a.t.s to get into college? >> feel bad? don't be so extra, jimmy, i'm make being bank. i'm making money moves like cardi b. >> jimmy: okay. [ applause ] chip, have any celebrities paid you to take tests for their kids? >> of course, in fact, in 20 minutes, i have to take an algebra test for suri cruise. her dad's giving me a jet ski. it's lit. >> jimmy: i hope you're proud of
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yourself. >> come on, like of never paid someone to be you to cheat on a test? >> jimmy: no, actually, believe it or not, i haven't. >> well, your parents must be broke af. >> jimmy: maybe so. that is why. >> that's tight. look, i gotta jet. i'm going to play fortnight with my brones. >> jimmy: speaking of chip, my aunt chippy was on tv. she had a guest acting spot on a true crime show on investigation discovery, the channel, it's called "betrayed." it's on monday nights, she played a woman who is friends with a woman who got murdered. they reenacted the whole thing. i now present for your emmy consideration my aunt chippy. >> priscilla, i wish you would meet a nice guy for a change.
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it's just been one creep after another. >> i know. i've never been lucky in love. >> what do you know about these guys that you meet at these parties? >> i guess all i know is that he was married. >> oh. >> jimmy: that's some serious, that's some high-caliber acting going on there. what aunt chippy didn't know is the reason she was there was so we could pull a prank on her. i'm always looking for new ways to get her going. she loves this show "betrayed." we told her they contacted us to give her a part on the show. we deployed cousin sal to go undercover and believe it or not, we got her again. >> all right, we're on the set of the show "betrayed" where my aunt chip see a real guest star and neil is a fake director. do you know what you're doing?
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>> no, i've never done it before. >> great. go get her. you're hired. >> hi. >> hi, how are you, chippy? >> hi. >> neil, nice to meet you. there's your mark right there. >> i'm not used to reading lines. on my nephew's show i just do whatever the hell happens. [ bleep ]. >> she's extra salty today. we're good. >> let's get a little good vibes going. maybe we try vocal exercises. >> everybody says ba, ba, ba, ba,ba. >> ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,ba. >> ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,ba, ba. >> ba, ba,ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,ba. >> okay. we're rolling. let's get right into it. >> were you able to get into makeup? >> you got makeup, right? you ran a little late, that's all right. i just want to make sure it's where it needs to be. and. we'll do it. okay.
11:47 pm
your first line is you can put me down for a set. we're at a tupy ware >> this is our number one best seller, ladies. >> i'll take one of that set. >> cut. you can put me down fourr a set of tuppyware. >> i know i have a line. >> i wish you could meet a nice guy for a change. it's been one creep after another. action. >> i wish you could find a guy that isn't a creep. >> cut. >> i wish you could find somebody that's not a creep for a change. >> okay, cut. >> i wish you could find somebody other than a creep. >> okay u ba.
11:48 pm
back up. >> find somebody that's not a creep, one guy after another. >> i think the problem is you're trying to do a brooklyn accent. >> are you doing an accent on purpose? >> no. that's the way i talk. >> what accent is that? >> brooklyn. >> i've never heard that brooklyn accent. i've lived there. i'm a big fan of sopranos. >> don't even mention it. >> my brother lived in williamsburg from 2009 to 2010, so. okay, can you try the line maybe with a little less of the accent that you have? does that make sense? >> i'll try. >> just in case the executives hate the brooklyn thing. >> just in case the executives don't go for the brooklyn thing. >> bull [ bleep ], they're going to love the brooklyn. >> that was brooklyn, out on the stoop. forget about it, >> bring syllpriscilla, i wish
11:49 pm
find -- >> that's a little too much. priscilla. >> priscilla, i wish you could meet a nice guy four a change. >> one more vocal exercise? you think that would help? >> ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,ba. >> ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,ba. >> sheer we here we go. >> ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. >> thank you. thank you. >> ba, ba,ba. >> i want to do another take of this, but i'd like you guys to really have a reaction to the finger sandwiches. can you really inhale like you're surprised to see the finger sandwiches? >> well, i hope everyone enjoys the finger sandwiches. >> ah! >> can everyone say finger sandwiches? >> finger sandwiches! >> i know it's a little tense, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. so guys, we've really got to start focussing here on set.
11:50 pm
we're all, this is a job. no [ bleep ] way. what was she wearing? what was she wearing? >> what was she wearing, question mark. i'm on set, we're running behind. yeah, it's a [ bleep ] show. let's move it. okay. >> ow! [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. ah, got my finger. mm, okay. everybody focus up. we wasted a lot of time this morning. we'll take it from the very end of your line. action. we haven't even gotten the second half, action, we haven't gotten the second half of the scene. action. >> it's wonderful how you support yourself. >> priscilla. >> okay, cut. >> let's try with a sexier bite. everybody to be a little bit more aroused,
11:51 pm
maybe. okay? action. >> it's wonderful how you support yourself. >> and that's the sexy as you can get? can you go mm? >> mm. >> can you do it in a more womanly way? i'm hearing al pacino sheer. a little more italian, a little less brooklyn. sexy bite. >> mm. >> it's too italian. it's still too italian. >> okay. let's get somebody who's not italian. >> okay. >> i'm trying to follow your advice. >> we have an understudy in here. >> good. >> this has been an unprofessional. sally, can we get you in, sally? i'm bringing in somebody else. >> all right, i'm ready to take over. ba, ba, ba, ba, ba,ba, ba, ba, ba, believe you! and you! you deserve a smack too. i'm smack the whole [ bleep ]
11:52 pm
group. you keep throwing that brooklyn [ bleep ], got me crazy. shut up, you were there, too. i'm in a nightmare. this is a nightmare! >> ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. a, ba. >> jimmy: thank you, aunt chippy. tonight on the show, we've got music from tomberlin and we'll be back with matt le blanc. ♪ abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by t-mobile. . oooh, what is it? so people love iphone xr, right? well, it does have an incredible camera. and it comes in all those amazing colors. uh huh. what if we give the people iphone xr, when they join t-mobile? iphone xr on us? yeah, iphone xr on us! what's not to love about that?
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>> jimmy: tonight, from the new jordan peele movie called "us," winston duke is here. then, her album is titled "at weddings." tomberlin from the mercedes-benz stage. this is the album.
11:57 pm
you can see tomberlin live on tour, starting march 25th in portland, oregon. tomorrow night, joseph gordon-levitt will be here, angela bassett will join us, and we'll have music from half-alive. so please join us for that. our first guest tonight is a golden globe-winning tv star and the only one of the six "friends" who has any idea how to change a flat tire. his show is called "man with a plan," watch it monday nights on cbs. please say hello to matt leblanc. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> all right. >> jimmy: i like the view. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're a car guy. is it just cars? trucks, motorized vehicles? >> cars, trucks, bikes, sewing machines. i ve it all.
11:58 pm
>> jimmy: since were you a kid? >> yeah. do you have a car? >> jimmy: yeah, i have a car. >> then you're a car guy. >> jimmy: i'm a guy with a car for sure. i don't know how to fix it. i tried to get into it once. i rebuilt the master cylinder in my mazda rx 7. by myself, but that is as far as i got. how many cars do you have? >> too many. >> jimmy: do you have them in a big display type of situation? >> i keep them in a barn. >> jimmy: in a barn? >> yeah. with the mice. >> jimmy: oh, like a real farm barn. >> yeah, out at the farm, yeah. >> jimmy: are you constantly looking online and looking up auctions and bidding and doing all that stuff. >> yeah. i was in florida. i went to amelia island, there was a big event, went to sell a car down there. >> jimmy: oh, you went to sell one. >> went to sell one of my cars, and it didn't sell. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> and, uh.
11:59 pm
>> jimmy: you brought it all the way to florida? >> after i brought it to a different one in august. it didn't sell there, either. i brought it all the way down there, and it didn't sell. i was kind of upset. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so, you know, and they have a down, you're sitting there, and they have the open bar with the waitress coming by, have another cocktail, have another cocktail. next thing you know, i've had about four, five beers, and i buy a jeep. [ laughter ] so, and, i see, i gotta have that. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> what is it? it's one of those. you wake up in the hotel sunday morning, and like pull this pink slip out of your pocket, what the hell? >> jimmy: a jeep next to you. >> yeah, a jeep next to you. >> jimmy: so you went to sell a car to have no cars and you end up with two cars. >> so now there's a semi with my
12:00 am
car and a new car on its way back from florida, right? >> jimmy: what kind of car is the one you're trying to sell. >> it's an old porsche. >> jimmy: what year? >> it's '85. >> jimmy: is that a rare car? the '85 porsche? >> this particular one is, it was a prototype slant. nobody wants to buy it. >> jimmy: yeah, obviously. >> but the guys at the auction love me. >> jimmy: yeah, because you keep coming and coming. >> not selling and buying. >> jimmy: how old were you when you got your driver's license? >> 16 1/2. >> jimmy: almost right away. >> as soon as the day i was eligible. >> jimmy: what car did you take that test in? >> i took it in my step dad's car, which is a, surprising that it passed inspection and road legal. it was an am paicarne the floorboards. you could see right th
12:01 am
like fred flintstone, you could go like that with your feet. my birthday's in july, so 16 1/2 puts me in the middle of winter. i had to take it in a javelin that had been hit in the driver's door. and the window was broken. the door was all caved in. plastic taped on the window, wooden block screwed to the gas pedal, because my mother's kind of short so when she drove it she could reach the pedal. and the guy gets in and goes, is this thing road legal? i go it's got a sticker on it, it passed. i guess we're okay. and i had to like, in the blizzard parallel park on a hill in the snow, but i made it. >> jimmy: yeah, if you can pass the test in that they can give you a driver's license for anything. >> it was the biggest [ bleep ] box ever. >> jimmy: maybe that extreme bad car is what motivated to you have all these cars. maybe you're trying to erase some pain from your young teenage years. >> that's it.
12:02 am
that is it. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and you got a jeep now do it. >> i got a jeep. >> jimmy: your daughter is how old now? >> 15. >> jimmy: will you be paying a fixer to get her into a college? >> not anymore. >> jimmy: matt le blanc is here. the show called a man with a plan. we'll be right back. ving the dr♪ ♪ and here comes the wacky new maid ♪ -maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, wh -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid! -♪ but she's the maid we got -again, i'm not the maid. i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid? i protect your home and auto. [ "werk it" by mama haze ] ♪ werk it now ♪ woo, werk it now, woo, werk it now ♪ ♪ baby watch me werk it like ♪ ♪ werk it now, woo. werk it now ♪
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i'm going down there to bust this up. >> wait, why? >> this guy is taking advantage of her. andy doesn't know how business operates. she only sees the best in people. it's one of her worst traits. >> we need theayg my wife is an
12:08 am
plan." >> he is one of the all-time great guys. >> jimmy: have you been on his hiking talk show where he takes you for a hike and puts you on youtube? >> i just did it. after we wrapped this season. we first started and i was doing "man with a plan", and i'm like, what? go hiking and you shoot it on your phone? >> jimmy: he has a stick, he attaches the phone to the end of the stick and he's hiking and trying to talk into it and you can tell he doesn't really know how it works. >> now he's got this new thing, so it's like a fancy stick. >> oh, really? >> he's got this steady cam thing. like so no-name gopro thing on the end of it. and he's always like fiddling with it. always has it to minute stop and fiddle with it. >> jimmy: that's what he was doing with me, too. >> that's because he's out of shape. did you notice that? breathing so heavy. ah, ah, ah, i think we're okay.
12:09 am
it's nothing wrong with it. your cardiovascular is awful. >> jimmy: i didn't realize that, because i was probably panting right along with him. is it more fun to do a show in front of a live audience? because you did the show "episodes", which was a great show, but there was no audience for that. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thanks. yeah, when we were doing episodes, you, thanks again. you were really kind. >> jimmy: i loved that show. >> yeah, it was really good writing. a live audience show, that's what "friends" was. >> jimmy: oh, you were on "friends"? >> i was. [cheers and applause] >> to work in front of a crowd is great, because it's the if you say the joke in the scene, and you hear crickets, it's probably not funny.
12:10 am
>> jimmy: i learn that every night here. i do. it's a lesson i learn repeatedly. en a je tanks, over on the side of the stage, like 12 writers, you see them go -- i told you! you stupid. >> jimmy: the writer laughing the hardest is the one who wrote that joke. >> they're both fun. when you're in front of a crowd, it's a little bit broader strokes. you can't, when it's single camera, no crowd, you can kind of spend more minutia on the monotonous things. >> jimmy: what about the monkey, do you keep in touch with marcel from "friends"? >> i bought him at an auction. no. i like animals. the monkey was cool. schwimmer not so much. >> jimmy: was he fearful of the monkey? >> no. he had to work with it.
12:11 am
the monkey in the show was marcel, but in real life, it was a girl named katie. >> jimmy: that's a revelation. >> one time somebody was shooting a scene with the monkey, and the monkey decides to -- you know, sound stages are huge. the lights are hanging from the grid. they have chains on the ceiling. the monkey just goes shooo, shoo, right up into the ceiling and disappears into the blackness of the stage. all the actors are like, i guess we're on a five, see you later. and i don't know, it took half an hour. they're waving like mealworms. >> jimmy: really? monkeys eat mealworms? >> mealworms, the little capuchin monkeys. >> jimmy: wow, we've learned a lot tonight. we really have.
12:12 am
matt leblanc, everybody. "man with a plan" airs monday nights on cbs. winston duke is here. we'll be right back. it's good! it's refreshing. ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. spend your life living. find an advisor at and this phone is terribhone n i pay too much (sassbot) yup, both an unlimited plan and iphone xr for just $35 per month. (mom) wait, both for that price?
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♪ i have... ♪ [ "werk it" by mama haze ] ♪ werk it now ♪ woo, werk it now, woo, werk it now ♪ ♪ baby watch me werk it like ♪ ♪ werk it now, woo. werk it now ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ baby watch me werk it now so if i bought it for a business i started, i'm able to deduct it? yes, that's definitely a deductible expense. that was really helpful. man, i love technology, but it is infinitely better with people. sometimes you need that real human touch you know? a little bit of empathy and understanding. like i was saying, humans and technology working together. you talk too much. turbotax live now with cpa's on demand.
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wakandan warrior whom you know from "black panther" and "avengers: infinity war." next you can see him star alongside fellow marvelite lupita nyong'o in jordan peele's new thriller, "us." >> i thought i already done told y'all to get off my property, okay? so if you want to get crazy, we can get crazy. now the cops are already on they way. hey, hey, hey, hey! hey! >> jimmy: "us" opens in theaters a week from friday. please welcome winston duke. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: how you doin'? >> wonderful, wonderful. >> jimmy: welcome. i forgot how big you are. >> it's just normal days for me. that's it, that's it.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: and in a way, you're from a very small place. so you're bigger. >> i haven't been back since "black panther." >> jimmy: back in tobago, do they watch "friends"? what was your favorite? >> "friends" was one of them. "golden girls", "fresh prince". >> jimmy: are you a blanch? >> a sophia. >> jimmy: what would you do for fun growing up there? >> oh, my god, almost everything. so we lived on the beach pretty much. >> jimmy: oh, great. >> get up, wake up in the morning, walk out onto the beach. get screamed at, you know. >> jimmy: by who? >> by parents and stuff. so folklore is like a big thing
12:25 am
in the caribbean. >> jimmy: okay. >> so it's like intermixed into the culture. so i grew up hearing stuff like if the ocean ever talks to you, don't listen, and don't go in. it was like, okay. >> jimmy: i think that's good advice, by the way. >> it's good advice. >> jimmy: it means you're high and you shouldn't be swimming. >> there's people, stories of a woman whose husband died, and she would go and talk to the ocean, and they said mermaids took her, because she disappeared one day. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, there's a lot of things associated with the ocean. so i was watching "moana." and you know those scenes where the ocean's like, my girl, you better not -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: wow, that's pretty crazy. what did your family do for work? what was their business? >> my mother worked for the government and also owned a restaurant. >> jimmy: oh, she did, what kind of a restaurant? local flavor?
12:26 am
>> local flavor, creole, dumplings, bacon soul fish. >> jimmy: it all sounds good to me. does your mom still live there? >> no, she spends half her time with me and the other half with my sister. the restaurant was named after my sister, cindy's restaurant. >> jimmy: cindy's restaurant. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: were you offended at all? >> parents always have to their have favorite, i'm taller. >> jimmy: she lives but part of the year, with cindy part of the year. how do you like living with your mother for six months? >> it's cool now. my life changed completely after "black panther." everyone changed except for her. she's like, you have to take out that trash. you didn't get famous, your beard did.
12:27 am
she doesn't let up. >> jimmy: she keeps you very grounded. >> in the ground. like subterranean. that's really, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: do you hang out with her? >> every day almost. we're almost best friends so she comes on set with me on the movies. >> jimmy: occasionally or like every day? >> so every day. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> for jordan peele's "us." she's there. even with my meetings with agents. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: how do they react to that? >> they're like, hi, hi, hi mother coco. she'll be making coffee in the background making noise, don't mind me, don't mind me. good idea for his career. >> jimmy: did she meet with jordan peele? >> yeah. yeah.
12:28 am
he was like, i wonder what mama coco would think if i ask her what the movie's about. i was like, can you go ask her. she's like, that's none of my business. she's very like sparkplug. >> jimmy: tell everyone what the movie is about. >> so, "us" is a horror genre pic about a family trying to move their lives forward, but they encounter this incredibly horrific image at their door. and it's doppelgangers that look like them. and they have to figure out how to survive that encounter. >> jimmy: so you play two parts. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you getic for this? >> you see my suit. so no. >> jimmy: wow. that's interesting. >> so we did true characters. i played gabe wilson, the husband and his doppelganger,
12:29 am
abraham. >> jimmy: abe and gabe. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: does everyone's name rhyme with their doppelganger? >> not everyone, but lupita nyong'o did this amazing voice. in the film that you'll seen even in the trailer. i'm not giving anything away. >> jimmy: it's got like 100% on rotten tomatoes. so that's good for you and good for jordan. "us" opens in theaters a week from friday. winston duke, everyone. and we'll return with music from tomberlin. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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you mighyour for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank matt leblanc and winston duke, apologies to matt damon. nightline is next. but first her album is called "at weddings" here with the song "17." tomberlin!
12:32 am
♪ reverent and comfortable, you sit across the room ♪ ♪ because i'm so scared to talk to you ♪ ♪ you knew a friend ♪ i knew a friend ♪ i looked down at your hands ♪ pretending i was looking at the floor ♪
12:33 am
♪ i held your eyes for quite some time ♪ ♪ i'm not sure how it happened ♪ i was just surprised ♪ were you surprised ♪ i walk in the breeze ♪ like i am 17 ♪ love is mostly war ♪ war, what is it for ♪ ♪ only love the people who don't love you back ♪ ♪ what is up with that
12:34 am
♪ are you done with that ♪ i can't say i'm much different ♪ ♪ cause i still love you ♪ i was blinded ♪ and i'm still blinded ♪ i walk in the breeze ♪ like i am 17 ♪ love is mostly war ♪ and love, what is it for ♪ ♪ i distract myself with other things ♪ ♪ to keep myself from you ♪ i'm tired of the others ♪ they never loved you
12:35 am
♪ my life has always been a kind of secret ♪ ♪ can you keep it ♪ could you keep it ♪ i walk in the breeze ♪ like i am 17 ♪ love is mostly war ♪ and love, what is it for ♪ ♪ou look so toh ♪
12:36 am
♪ but it's because i'm tough ♪ ♪ i walk in the breeze ♪ like i am 17 ♪ love is mostly war ♪ and love, what is it for ♪ [cheers and applause]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight. russia report. after two years, the special counsel investigation that has bedeviled president trump over. will the public ever see the report? and a mother's sin. >> the cold look in her eyes scared me. >> her birth mother was one of the nation's most notorious killers. now she's speaking out about the unthinkable crime that gripped the nation. a murderous attack on her children. also high wire hell. dramatic video of a plunge. legendary dare devil nik wallenda opening


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