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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 23, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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the calls for the special iatel. the focus now on attorney general william barr. how much will be in his report to congress, and will the public get to see it? reaction from the white house and democrats on the hill. we're covering all the angles including the major political battle that could be brewing. chemical fire flare-up. the massive fire at this houston storage facility reigniting sparking renewed concerns about air quality and a new lawsuit with parts of the houston ship channel shutting down. breaking overnight, officer acquitted. the white officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teen in the back cleared of murder charges.
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the family's reaction. [ chanting ] and the protest in pittsburgh. priest attacked. the stunning scene, a man with a knife rushing the altar. the priest escaping serious injury. was it a case of divine intervention? what he is saying this morning. and bracket busters. the huge upsets overnight. underdogs surprising their opponents while duke's zion williamson makes an impressive march madness debut. plus, the amazing leapfrog move into the sidelines. and good saturday morning. dan and eva are off. but we are thrilled to have llamas and janai norman. great to have you both. >> everyone left you. what happened? >> it's a busy morning. everybody tookwe hand have a lopmencked show and let's start h lonawaited re wt wenot now, a
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senior justice official confirming to abc news robert mueller is not recommending any further indictments. attorney general william barr could deliver his first summary of the mueller report to congress as soon as this weekend. >> both democrats and republicans in congress are calling for the release of the full report. the 22-month investigation costing $25 million and leading to 37 indictments. >> and those indictments include six president trump associates, former national security adviser michael flynn, one-time campaign manager paul manafort, deputy campaign manager rick gates, george papadopoulos, personal attorney michael cohen and longtime political operative roger stone. all but stone have pleaded guilty. we do have team coverage this morning. let's begin with abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas in washington. pierre, good morning. >> reporter: tom, good morning. the news rapidly unfolding. with a surprise, the attorney general says he plans to make bob mueller's conclusions known to the public as soon as this weekend.
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finally robert mueller's work is nearly done. on friday a security officer handed over his final report toc notifying congress the special counsel has concluded his investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election and related matters. the contents of the report a tightly guarde >> i have no idea about the mueller report. >> reporter: and so the final act begins. for nearly two years an epic face-off, a president loudly proclaiming his innocence. >> the entire thing has been a witch-hunt, and there is no collusion. >> reporter: a legendary prosecutor and law man who has not spoken publicly in 22 months. the president relentlessly attacking the special counsel on twitter. according to "the new york times," railing against the investigation more than 1,000 times. robert mueller doing his talking only through charges filed in court. 37 indictments, among them those russians suspected of hacking
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the clinton campaign and those who secretly waged a social media war aimed at sowing divisions among americans and there have been multiple guilty pleas involving some of the most power people in president trump's inner circle. some of his top political strategists and advisers now convicted and even longtime friends and family members caught up in the investigation. the special counsel's first major indictments shook washington. mueller going after two of the very top people in the campaign not named trump. campaign chairman paul manafort. >> paul manafort has done a fantastic job. >> reporter: and his former deputy campaign manager rick gates. >> mr. gates, any response to the charges, sir? >> reporter: manafort and gates charged and convicted of bank and tax fraud but also lying to investigators. in the process manafort
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intelligence officer of campaign polling data. michael flynn, who famously chatted at the republican convention. >> lock her up, that's right. yeah, that's right. lock her up. >> reporter: flynn became trump's first national security adviser and also has the distinction of being the highest ranking member of the trump administration charged so far. >> mike flynn is a fine person. >> reporter: flynn pleading guilty to lying to the fbi and administration officials about his contacts with the russian ambassador. also a secret early target for mueller, the president's personal attorney of ten years, the fixer, who worked just down the hall from trump, michael cohen. >> i always liked michael, and he's a good person. >> reporter: cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress about russia, and he admitted to fraud and campaign finance violations implicating trump in a separate plot to silence a porn star and former "playboy" playmate with hush money to bury alleged affairs. >> so, i just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, good man, and it's a disgraceful situation.
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>> reporter: a relationship completely transformed. >> and i will do anything to protect mr. trump. >> reporter: the two men now man, and he is a cheat. >> he's a weak person and not a very smart person. >> reporter: the president's family also caught up in the investigation. mueller locked in on what critics have called suspicious contacts of trump associates with the kremlin including that infamous meeting at trump tower, new york, where a number of russians showed up promising dirt on hillary clinton. in attendance the president's son, don junior, son-in-law, jared kushner, and paul manafort. >> it was such a nothing there was nothing to tell. >> reporter: and there has been a parade of witnesses to a grand jury here in washington. many involving trump associates like friend and longtime political adviser roger stone who are being investigated for their possible ties to wikileaks which published damaging hacked emails stolen by the russians. stone now indicted and awaiting
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trial accused of lying to congress. yet after all those witnesses and countless hours of investigation, not a single american so far has been directly charged with conspiring with the russians to undermine the election. and much of what mueller has found remains shrouded in secrecy, but now the key questions, what does mueller have to say about whether the trump campaign colluded with russia and perhaps now we finally get some answers about whether mueller believes the president tried to obstruct justice, tom. >> we wait to see and hear that. the attorney general has told congressional leaders he may brief them as early as this weekend, which seems to be a quick turnaround for a nearly two-year investigation. what does that tell us, if anything, and when can we expect the public to at least see portions of that report? >> that is a quick turnaround, tom. as you noted, he is going to provide a summary of mueller's key findings and has a pretty good idea what he wants to say about the bottom line conclusions of mueller's investigation. as for how much time it will
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take to get a fuller accounting, our sources saying that may be many days if not weeks away, tom. >> thank you so much from washington. reaction pouring in swiftly overnight from members of congress making a bipartisan call for transparency and the release of the full findings. abc's senior national correspondent terry moran is at the white house with how the president and lawmakers are now responding to this long awaited report. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. the president is on vacation basically down in florida, a little r&r down at mar-a-lago but he and his allies are declaring victory and vindication this morning, perhaps prematurely, perhaps not. the democrats and others are clamoring for the full release of that report and the underlying evidence. they may run into some legal hurdles there and robert mueller is headed home. they'll move the furniture out of his office beginning next week and he is leaving this job the way he performed it, without a word. all eyes are now on attorney general william barr, because he is the person who will now decide how much of robert
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mueller's report is made public. >> it is imperative for mr. barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are clamoring for full disclosure. within minutes after the attorney general's announcement of the delivery of the mueller report, a blizzard of statements and tweets and then this stunning statement by attorney general barr in a letter to congress. i am reviewing the report and anticipate that i may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this weekend. at barr's confirmation hearing democrats pressured him for maximum disclosure. >> i am going to make as much information available as i can consistent with the rules and regulations that are part of the special counsel regulations. >> reporter: some top democrats are calling for mueller to testify in person before congress about his findings. >> if the justice department doesn't release the whole report or tries to keep parts of it
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subpoena the parts of the report. >> reporter: on the other side of the aisle, republicans so content that this probe has finally come to an end. former senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley writing, "throughout this prolonged investigation which cost tens of millions in taxpayer dollars and included aggressive surveillance tools, we still haven't seen any evidence of collusion." and the president who has attacked, insulted and sought to undermine robert mueller for the last 22 months -- >> the entire thing has been a witch-hunt. >> they won't find any collusion. it doesn't exist. >> there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, there was no nothing. >> reporter: -- now says he wants the public to see the full report. >> let it come out, let people see it. that's up to the attorney general. >> and terry moran back now live with us from the white house. terry, this push now to release mueller's report to the public is also quickly becoming a big issue on the campaign trail. >> reporter: it sure has, whit.
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you know, there are so many democrats running for president, but they are unanimous on this. they want trency.they are cmong release, some for that underlying evidence, but in a sense the closure in this report and depending on what attorney general barr says is in it we'll find out this weekend might be good for democrats. a lot of them are dreaming big policies, big ideas for the country. they need to get those to the voters, and if they get tied up in something that happened back in 2016, that might actually hamper. but right now they are unanimous. release the report. transparency for the voters. guys. >> in the near few tear we will be hearing about it, terry, thanks. let's bring in our chief legal analyst, dan abrams, right now. dan, what we do know is that there will be no more indictments. what does that mean for the president specifically? >> it means a huge sigh of relief for those around the president. i mean, don junior, jared kushner, there have been all these discussions, et cetera, huge sigh of relief for all of them. with regard to the president, we don't know exactly what it means. one of two options, number one,
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it could mean that there simply wasn't evidence to charge him with any crime. either obstruction of justice or any kind of collusion crime or, number two, and this is why the democrats want to see more about the report, was there a decision made we can't indict a sitting president and, therefore, no matter what we have, it's irrelevant. that's the critical question we don't know the answer to, which one of those two things was it. >> now, the special counsel's office never directly interviewed the president. his legal team only allowed a questionnaire. but his troubles are far from over because we know the southern district of new york is also investigating matters connected to the president. >> right, there are a number of local u.s. attorneys, federal prosecutors around the country who are continuing to investigate issues that came out of the special counsel investigation. but, remember, all of those offices ultimately report to one person, the attorney general, william barr. so if there's going to be any high-profile indictment at this point, barr would have to sign off on it. the special counsel had more independence than do these
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various local u.s. attorneys, so i think those who are sort of counting on big things coming out of these local u.s. attorneys offices may end up getting disappointed. >> real quick, no chance that that office holds this until the next administration comes in? >> no, but they could decide that there are certain crimes that have been committed that a sitting president can't be charged with, but if he's not president, then he could be charged with. that's the sort of still that still could potentially be on the table. >> dan, thanks for that. tom, joining us now from texas is abc news political analyst, matthew dowd. matthew, great to have you. it's been -- you know, we've been discussing this, the mueller report on this show almost two years now. we're still waiting to see exactly what's in it. but one of the early headlines, no new indictments here. if the president is not directly implicated in any collusion or conspiracy, politically is this a win for trump, and what are the risks for democrats as they plow forward with their investigations? >> well, whit, as i said yesterday, i actually think this
7:14 am
is firmer ground for the president since he's been shadow boxing basically this report for two years. almost his entire presidency, but i think it's way too early for them to celebrate politically. speaking of a boxing match, it's like celebrating you didn't get knocked out even though you've lost every round up until now, and so i think it's better news for the president, it's not as bad as they thought, but there's still a whole bunch of things ahead, and now we're entered into a major political fight. >> let's talk more of that because as we mentioned, the democrats are calling for transparency and the release of the entire mueller report. that decision in the hands of the new ag, attorney general, william barr. the white house is already preparing to claim executive privilege to keep some of this information secret. how much of a political fight still lies ahead? >> well, it's going to be a major fight, and obviously it's going to all be over what portions of the mueller report and how much of it get released to the public. if i were giving advice to the
7:15 am
president and his team, i would say, the more you can encourage to be put out, the better, because if it's good news, then you should have no reluctance about putting it out. if it's bad news, ultimately bad news always comes out, and you're much better off it coming out quickly and fully at the beginning instead of trickling out in the end, so if i were the president's strategist, i'd want full transparency on this, get it out even if there's things in the report that are very concerning. >> many people have been calling this the end of the beginning, so we'll see how it all plays out. matthew dowd from texas, always a pleasure. great to hear from you. >> so that report wrapping up, but obviously still a lot that will be happening. >> exactly. >> we could get new information any moment once they brief congressional leaders so we'll be watching that. we should also mention abc news coverage, if anything comes out throughout the day, we'll break in. and, tom, you'll have much more on "wor . >> we definitely will. now to breaking news in syria. the syrian democratic forces liberating the last isis stronghold putting an end to the
7:16 am
so-called caliphate. the islamic state group declared it back in 2014. at its height isis controlled a huge stretch of territory across most of syria and parts of neighboring iraq. well, back here at home to that chemical plant fire in texas that's been raising concerns about air quality for days. the state attorney general filing a lawsuit as that fire flared up again. abc's alex perez is on the scene in houston with the latest. alex, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, janai. it has been a nerve-racking week for people who live around this chemical plant. every time they think authorities have things under control, there's another flare-up. authorities this morning closely monitoring tanks at this chemical plant in deer park, texas, after this serious fle-ui >>t pes as though the product that has leaked out of the itc plant is now in the ditch and that too is on fire. >> reporter: two of the tanks filled with components to make gasoline, nail polish remover and glue reigniting sending
7:17 am
plumes of dangerous dark smoke into the air. >> the ditch that all of the chemicals and the foam that was released in the past 24 hours, that is where the second plume of smoke appears to be coming from. >> reporter: it's the third flare-up since wednesday when authorities extinguished the blaze after it burned for four days. a spokeswoman for itc, the company that owns the plant, issuing a tearful apology. >> we will make this right. we will fix it, and we will make it right. >> reporter: authorities this weekend working to empty some 20,000 barrels of liquid from a charred tank that leaked benzene into the air and led to a temporary shelter in place order. the chemical linked to cancer. >> it's kind of a little bit frightening just because you don't know what's going in the air even though they say it's not harmful. >> reporter: and now the texas attorney general filing a lawsuit against itc for violating the state's clean air act. a number of residents have also
7:18 am
filed lawsuits against the company. the exact cause of the initial fire still under investigation. whit. >> all right, alex perez for us in houston. thank you so much. we appreciate it. we do want to turn to the weather now. rob marciano is here. some parts of the country dealing with severe flooding. >> yeah, and we've got more rain coming into that area, and this is just the first bout. we'll have more flooding as you can imagine as we go deeper into spring. let's get to st. joseph, missouri, where the river out and over its banks cresting now but record stage there. so they do not want to see more water and unfortunately they'll see a little bit of that. you couple that with a little bit further north we got melting ice and ice jams that could exacerbate some of the flooding across the minnesota river there in southwest minnesota, so this is an ongoing situation, as well. look at all these flood alerts across missouri and the mississippi rivers and their tributaries. kansas city, you're going to get a crest today although that city fairly protected for this round but more rain with embedded strong storms, north of dallas, oklahoma city. wichita. this getting into the flooded
7:19 am
areas. rainfall should be held down hopefully enough to not really make those rivers rise any more but strong storms potentially today and then again i think tomorrow as this system pushing off towards the east. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. the rain has ended for a little bit in the north bay. still a few lingering showers outside but we'll be partly cloudy to mostly sunny today. another dry day on tap, although clouds will increase for your sunday. then rain arrives late sunday night into monday for our next storm. it's 63 later on this afternoon in fremont and san jose. upper 50s at the coast. 62 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a break winds are howling in the northeast from an exiting storm. that plus a little sports. march madness. sports and weather. maybe some traffic as well. we'll see. later on in the next half hour. >> it's good to have you back on weekends, rob.
7:20 am
it's one thing to play hooky on "weekend "gma"" but tom over here was a wreck when you missed "world news." >> tom and i have a special relationship. >> i'm glad we facetimed. >> thanks, rob. >> all right, rob. now to the latest in the investigation into boeing's new max jets after news that some were being flown actually without important safety features that cost extra. abc news has learned that boeing plans to issue a software update that is expected to be certified by the faa early next week. in the meantime, the company is inviting airlines to its factory to start going over training. american airlines pilots are expected to test the updates in simulators very soon. whit. transitioning here talking about sports, lebron james has ended his first season as a itha championship ring. the lakers were officially eliminated from the playoffs friday night losing to the brooklyn nets, 11-106.
7:21 am
king james had 25 points, 14 assists but it wasn't enough. this is the sixth straight year they failed to make it to the playoffs, but many were hoping james would help bring that streak to an end. break the streak. the three-time champ called it a tough season for the suspensions and the injuries saying, quote, it's not what we signed up for. first time lebron is missing the playoffs in 14 years. other basketball news coming up, though, we'll also have the latest on march madness and zion williamson's big night. that guy is a beast. >> first time in 14 years, that means there are lebron fans that have never lived through the playoffs without him being in it. >> it's great. it sets up the comeback. it sets up next year and zion will probably be there too. >> playoffs are a promise to anyone, you got to come out and work and i'm already ready to get back to work. >> there you go. laker fans will be happy to hear that. also this morning, congressional democrats gearing up for a possible fight over the mueller report. we'll have a report from mar-a-lago where president trump is spending the weekend. also ahead, the white police officer on trial in the shooting death of an unarmed black teen
7:22 am
is cleared of murder charges. and you may have seen this stunning video. a priest stabbed right in the middle of mass, and it was all caught on camera. what exactly happened here and do we know a motive yet? it's all coming up. "good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. so how are you enjoying your it's just lovely.ament? i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice? geico®. proud partner of ncaa march madness®. there's nothing quite as magical
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. good morning. i'm kate larson. a memorial service will be held today for the son of an oakland city council member who was murdered earlier this month. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney was shot and killed in a robbery near the usc campus on march
7:28 am
10th. he was a student studying music. he was the son of lynette gibson mcelhaney. lisa argen is here with our weekend forecast. it started off with overnight rain but that's changing a little? >> that's right. the rain is ending. you can see a few showers out here towards livermore, also union city and fremont. otherwise we're on our way to a sunnier afternoon. it is 53 in hayward, 51 in napa. get set for partly cloudy skies, upper 50s on the coast, low 60s elsewhere. the accuweather seven-day forecast, more rain late
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and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back to "gma" on welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. happening right now, all eyes are on attorney general william barr. on friday robert mueller handing over the results of his 22-month-long investigation. eecteto reaseisrereport to cona this weeke. this morning, calls for the findings to be released fully and immediately.the president in west palm beach, florida. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. it was a quiet end to the special counsel's investigation but we may be getting an early look at the long awaited report as early as today. attorney general william barr told congress that he plans to reveal the main findings this weekend. mueller handed over the report into possible campaign collusion between the trump campaign and russia and obstruction of justice late friday afternoon to the justice department without
7:31 am
delivering any new indictments. the white house still has not reviewed the report. but administration officials tell abc news they're optimistic because there are no surprise t trums unlly quiet on friday night, not tweeting or commenting on the report. trump has long called the investigation a witch-hunt but in recent days has called for the report to be made public. mueller has indicted or convicted six of the president's associates including his former campaign manager paul manafort, former lawyer michael cohen and national security adviser michael flynn. barr said that he will consult with justice department officials before deciding what parts of the report can be made public. congressional democrats are already gearing up for a fight saying that the entire report should be made public and they're warning the justice department about giving the white house a preview. janai, tom. >> tara palmeri for us, tara, thank you. can you guys hear that?
7:32 am
no, it's not rob's stomach. it is the sound of brackets busting. >> i wasn't going to say anything. living up to its name, and rob is here with all the highlights. it's already crazy. >> yeah, so fun. not so much my stomach but so fun. the last two days in corporate america one of the least productive historically and especially those who work from home. there were a number of upsets last night for sure but it was also zion williamson's debut in a tournament, and he did not disappoint. they call it march madness. and your bracket may be hurting from it. according to the ncaa this morning, out of the millions of brackets filled out by fans only 16 perfect brackets are still in play. but there were some wins we did see coming. on friday, duke crushing north on williamson made his debut williamson and his teammate r.j. barrett scoring 25 and 26 points respectively.
7:33 am
the biggest upset friday, 13 seed u.c. irvine beating out four seed, kansas state. the anteaters now celebrating their first ever ncaa tournament win. >> we knocked them off. that's special for us. >> reporter: and all eyes on 12 seed liberty university upsetting 5 seed mississippi state in a first ever ncaa victory. >> the liberty flames are still dancing. >> reporter: though the texas tech win against northern kentucky may not have come as a surprise, this moment shocked the packed crowd. >> look out. a little leapfrog, as well. >> reporter: texas tech sophomore jarrett culver going a airborne hurtling one row of photographers and catching a cameraman on his way down. true athletes right there. everybody was okay and the second round starts tonight. some of the teams playing, maryland, lsu, kentucky, florida, michigan, minnesota and michigan state. i'm sorry, and also i want to
7:34 am
point out this is the first year that i can remember that i didn't fill out a bracket. i got a lot going on. >> me too. >> but it's liberating with all these brackets busted but dan harris did and so embarrassed by his. this was his bracket. >> sports analyst. there it is. man with ball. i think he's holding a baseball. classic analyst. >> i'm kind of upset i didn't do a brack this year because since i know nothing about basketball, usually if it's a brack buster, i'm doing pretty well by comparison. which color i like better, the uniforms. >> stop. >> by the mascots. would you have guessed the anteaters? >> i love the anteaters. >> what is more terrifying, the anteaters or zion? >> he is a beast. >> zion. >> big zion but the anteaters, hey, shoutout to the anteaters, u.c. irvine. >> itinf you'reelg rosshe fe
7:35 am
boughs l rt of that coastalheapouurld dropped a little bit of hail. also showers that dropped snow wrapping around the back side. not only at the higher elevations over 50 miles an hour across the capital district of albany and feels like 6 degrees right now in utica, so winter is back at least for today. hold on to your hats as the wind continues to crank but tomorrow, back to more seasonable weather. got to love march. we swing from one end to the hi there, i'm lisa argen. saturday morning, the rain ending this morning. by 10:00 everyone is in the 50s, still some lingering clouds. by the afternoon, we're sunny, a few clouds around. throw mid-60s. we'll be cle this weather report is sponsored by walgreens. do they have antacid for my stomach? >> the breakfast burrito gets you every time. >> before "world news" we'll fix thnaed bck teenager.
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welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." overnight a jury in pittsburgh acquitted a former police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen. >> the not guilty verdict sparking protests. abc's kenneth moton is in washington with that story. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. it was an emotional night in the pittsburgh area. that jury of seven men and five women reached the verdict in just four hours after the one-week trial. prosecutors say former east pittsburgh police officer michael rosfeld acted as judge, jury and executioner when he fired on antwon rose, but rosfeld maintained the shooting was justified. [ chanting ] overnight protests in the streets of pittsriury finding former east pittsburgh police officer michael rosfeld not guilty in the shooting death of unarmed black teen antwon rose. the 17-year-old spotted on cell phone video last june running away when officer rosfeld opened fire striking antwon three
7:41 am
times. >> antwon rose was shot in his back. he was unarmed and did not pose a threat to the officer or to the community. >> reporter: antwon was passenger in an unlicensed taxi police suspected of being involved in an earlier drive-by shooting. defense attorneys say this video shows antwon and two other suspects cleaning up the vehicle before rosfeld pulled them over. the ex-cop took the stand telling the jury of 12, three >>hica h nhing tdo un ptect him with re.he's maintained from th beginning that he just was trying to do what he was supposed to do. >> reporter: allegheny county's district attorney says in a statement, while i respectfully disagree with their verdict it is the people of this commonwealth who decide guilty or not guilty and they have spoken to this matter. antwon's mother left the courthouse speechless.
7:42 am
make no mistake, there's nothing reasonable or appropriate about the manner officer rosfeld took antwon's life and we will unequivocally prove that in federal court. antwon's family has filed a federal civil lawsuit against officer rosfeld and east pittsburgh. now that the criminal case is over, the family's attorneys told us overnight, quote, now it's our turn. whit. >> all right, kenneth moton reporting for us in our washington bureau. thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," the shocking sce ug ocame. a priest stabbed on the altar. what he's now saying about that attack. tack. i knew my daughter could be at risk of certain cancers later in life. from an infection, human papillomavirus i knew that hpv could lead to certain cancers. i knew her risk for hpv increases as she gets older. i knew there was a vaccine available that could help protect her before she could be exposed to hpv. i knew. so i talked to my child's doctor. now that you know that hpv can lead to certain cancers, don't wait.
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if we listen close enough, ice. we can hear it. it whispers, "one more game, one more swim, one more round..." and it speaks softly through the cool nights, murmuring, "one more log, one more marshmallow, one more walk along the shore." the perfect summer is waiting. the perfect summer is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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dearest britain. we love you. maybe it's your big hearts. your sense of style. welcome to ba100. (ba100, you're clear for take-off). how you follow your own path. you've led revolutions... of all kinds. yet you won't shout about it. it's just not in your nature. instead, you'll quietly make history. cake. beds. poetry. trouble. love! hope! and rather a lot of tea. the best of britain, from the moment you step on board. welcome back to "gma." police in canada are searching for a motive this morning for the terrifying moments that unfolded inside the country's biggest church.
7:46 am
>> yeah, a man rushing the altar, you see it there, with a knife in his hand taking aim at a priest. abc's zachary kiesch joins us now this morning with more. zachary. >> reporter: tom, good morning to you. it's hard to rationalize this. it was another brutal attack in what should be a safe space. picture this, dozens of worshippers celebrating mass in a famous church when someone begins chasing the priest with a knife. a shot to their sense of safety, police are now looking at this video as part of their investigation into a vicious attack on a priest. >> he quickly came up the stairs >> reporter: the stabbing was streamed live on the catholic television network in montreal. in the middle of mass, you can see a man wearing a baseball cap here get up in front of the altar and charge towards the priest. father claude grou on the altar attempts to run but is caught pushed to the ground and stabbed in the upper body.
7:47 am
>> so i ran out of the church screaming to alert the security. >> reporter: the congregation then jumping into action running towards the attack restraining the suspect and helping the pastor. despite the attack, this morning this priest is out of the hospital. >> now, i am fine. i will take a little rest and i will be back. >> reporter: this terrifying event playing out in front of 50 worshippers at canada's biggest church, st. joseph's oratory. montreal mayor vley plante calling the and ture that h no place in t vlenc won't keep him from his calling. >> i'm not afraid to go back to work. >> this attack could have been much, much worse. according no the canadian press, the knife the assailant was carrying actually broke off during this attack. think about that. talk about divine intervention. i mean the idea that this took place, again, at church. in terms of the suspect at this point we know he is a 26-year-old. we don't know the connection
7:48 am
between him and the pastor at this point but he does have a criminal record. >> still a lot of questions on this motive there. >> shocking video. >> definitely. >> zachary kiesch, thanks so much. still ahead, we got "pop news" with diane macedo and maybe a few puppies. tom is going to hold a puppy. op news" with diane macedo and maybe a few puppies. tom is going to hold a puppy. to hold a puppy. it's the same as having wings. to the stars beyond the blue. there's a never land waiting for you. when you leave the world behind, you can fly. you can fly. you can fly. have a skincare routine. but what about a lip care routine? pay your lips some attention. the chapstick total hydration collection. exfoliate nourish naturally enhance your lips. chapstick. put your lips first.
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♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by the all new subaru forester. welcome to the suv for all you love. and time now for "pop news" but as you can see, the show has gone to the dogs right now. >> exactly.s is -- >> this is the best "pop news" ever because we are kicking things off with puppies. today is national puppy today and to celebrate, these little guys from the aspca are here this morning. this is brock, beckham and berkley. they will soon be available for adoption and, of course, what better way -- >>. [ was born to run.
7:53 am
>> i'm going to let brock loose. >> beckham is a little nervous. >> so what better way to mark national puppy day than to adopt a puppy, right? but, of course, if you can't quite give a puppy a safe, loving forever home just yet, there are other ways to mark the day. maybe you can offer to walk an elderly neighbor's puppy or you can volunteer at a local animal shelter. if have you a puppy you can show them a little extra tlc today. you know what -- >> i got a puppy. i have a 16-year-old puppy. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't think nemo counts as a puppy. >> i bet these puppies are better potty trained than nemo is. >> we hope so because they're sitting in our laps right now. >> jennifer lopez getting ready to celebrate her 50th birthday by giving her fans a gift. j. lo is going on tour, people. it's called the "it's my party" tour, and lopez is promising new and classic tunes when she hits the stage this summer. she'll make stops in houston, chicago, atlanta, new york, miami and more, and she also shared this intriguing image on her instagram telling fans about a new song coming out with
7:54 am
rapper french montana, so look for that to drop. >> montana. >> early next month. >> you said 50. >> 50. can you believe that? >> fabulous. >> i know. >> these puppies are like kissing over here. >> it's puppy love. i didn't hear anything you said, diane. >> that's fine. just focus on the puppy. cher, has an important question for us. dude, have you seen my t-shirt? the superstar announced on twitter her favorite t-shirt is missing. she describes it as a black studded rhinestone shirt with a white pirate. worn it for 30, 40 years. my favorite piece of clothing and she now says she's asking st. anthony to get involved because he finds everything. >> he does. >> she's probably wishing she could turn back time in order to find it. >> ooh. >> nice. >> well done. >> clever. >> finally a little help wanted add with a twist. a couple in england is looking for a part-time nanny who will do the job in character as a disney princess. the couple writes in the job posting that their 5-year-old twin girls are obsessed with disney. they add, we know this isn't a normal request for nannies, however, we think it would be a great way to teach our girls about things like determination,
7:55 am
compassion, fearlessness and ambition from a strong relatable role model. by the way, they dent say role model. they say role models because the nanny will have to play a different princess every month. >> oh, okay. >> wow. >> the pay for the job is about $53,000 a year and includes 25 vacation days, bank holidays and sick days. >> they have gotten lots of applicants. some even saying, i'll sing too. so i think they'll have -- >> the whole dang costume? >> yes. >> that sounds -- >> there are a lot of princesses to choose from. >> rob, which princess would you be? >> brock, princess brock. no, i'd be elsa. >> obviously, elsa. >> the cold never bothered me. >> of course. the cohered you >> neither do these dogs. adopt a dog, save a life, everybody. do these dogs. adopt a dog, save a life, everybody.
7:56 am
good morning. i'm kate larson. you can celebrate how small things make a big impact at the ninth annual benefit t for help a mother out. the organization supplies dozens of bay area organizations and charities with diapers so moms in need don't have to worry about taking food off the table to buy diapers. in the last ten years they have distributed 9 million diapers for family service agencies. kristen sze is emceeing the event at the fairmont in san francisco at 10:00 this morning. also happening today, great america opens for the 2019 season in santa clara. a lot of happy teenagers today. during the off-season the park updated the front entrance,
7:57 am
walkways and sign. some new games have been added to the arcade. the first 2,000 guests will get a free limited edition poster showcasing the great america fountain and carousel. there will be an interactive scavenger hunt for collectible pins. the park opens at 10:00 this morning. lisa argen is here with our forecast. lisa, is it going to be dry at the park or still wet? >> no, it's certainly going to be dry. you'll see some of that blue sky out there for a change. here's live doppler 7. the storm system quickly exiting out of the bay area. maybe a few leftover sprinkles and clouds. as this system exits, we have a nice break before the next comma shape heads our way. that's rain sunday night. 40s, 50s, even a few low 60s this morning. 48 in novato and increasing sun. a mild start this morning. we'll call it partly cloudy, and looking at temperatures in the low 50s around the bay. but throughout the afternoon we'll be in the low to mid-60s. that's average for this time of
7:58 am
year. kate. >> thanks, lisa. up next, weekend with bernie. senator bernie sanders is visiting c metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai. diarrhea is common, may be severe, and may cause dehydration or infection. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection
7:59 am
that can lead to death. serious liver problems can occur. symptoms may include tiredness, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising more easily than normal. blood clots that can lead to death have also occurred. talk to your doctor right away if you notice pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain or rapid breathing or heart rate. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant. common side effects include nausea, infections, low red and white blood cells and platelets, decreased appetite, headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning. it is saturday, march 23rd. i'm kate larson in for chris nguyen this morning. we're going to start with weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, it was raining overnight
8:00 am
but clearing up right now. > yeah, that's right. all day rain yesterday and through the overnight hours left us with anywhere from a third of appe an inch to 2 inches across the bay area. lingering on this exploratorium shot because it is so serene. here is the golden gate bridge where it's sunny now. we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. 46 there. 53 in concord. so still a lot of clouds around. by 10:00 it's partly cloudy, 54 in fremont. by the afternoon more sun than clouds. low 60s for you today in san jose. at 2:00 about 61 in mountain view.


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