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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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life and legacy. a young man left behind after shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police ten years
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we begin tonight with breaking news. one person is dead, at least three others hurt after shooting in san francisco. good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm dion lim. look at where the shooting happened, intersection of fillmore and eddie streets in fillmore district. police say three people taken to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries. another died at scene. police say the investigation is in early stages, have not given specifics of what led up to the shooting or information about
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suspects. sent out this alert with the abc7 news app when the news first broke and we'll continue to send alerts with new developments. download and enable notifications. ten years since a b.a.r.t. police officer shot and killed oscar grant. foundation created by family and friends held a gala in his honor, joined by other families who lost children at hands of police. louis pena is there with the story. >> reporter: a celebration where oscar grant's family remembered him to raise money. many moms affected by police shootings were there. mothers from across the country with one thing in common, pain. >> representing my son at age of 14 killed by baltimore city police officer. >> from atlanta, georgia,
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executed by the atlanta police, march 24th, 2015. >> reporter: once the year the mothers find comfort in each other remembering the life of oscar grant. b.a.r.t. police officer shot and killed unarmed grant in 2009. >> this is a sorority we didn't pledge for. >> reporter: gives scholarships in son's name. >> still need to fight for accountability in the police force and work to get justice system as equal for all of us. >> reporter: in 2010 the officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. congresswoman says more needs to be done to avoid deaths like grant. >> we need guns off the street and real criminal justice reform.
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>> reporter: the application deadline is may 1st, alameda and contracosta county college student. b.a.r.t. police are telling people the system is safe despite attack on richmond bound train. need your help to catch suspects. >> it's become scary and dangerous. >> reporter: riders unnerved after stabbing on b.a.r.t. police believe he's same man who got into fight with another rider on train and pulled a knife. >> on the same train car, rode together several stations. verbal exchange which escalated into a fight. >> reporter: police say led to victim stabbed in neck and face as approaching
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station. caught running out of the station. not news the riders want tolary. >> it's just gross, always been gross. >> nia wilson was stabbed on the b.a.r.t. station platform by john lee cowell. judge will rule on his competency for trial next month. mary says saw a man pull knife on train, luckily no one hurt. >> what do you do except put your purse in front of you in case it's you he comes after. >> city is not safe. they need more security. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. hired more police officers last year and looking to get more. >> we're recruiting to get more people out there, doing best we can. >> reporter: the search goes on
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for this man if you have information, call b.a.r.t. police. cornell barnard, abc7 news. last month abc7 news spent an entire week looking at some of the issues b.a.r.t. faces, part of the commitment to building a better bay area. safety is primary concern. passengers with numerous issues on the platform or trains themselves. one woman allowed us to join her for evening commute, east bay from san francisco. >> more police presence, somebody walking around so people know they can't jump the gates or intimidate somebody on the train. hard when you have transient people going through the system but needs to be way to mitigate that situation. >> reporter: report released earlier this year says 23% of riders are concerned about crime. want to hear your thoughts about what to do to keep building a
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better bay area,, search the words better bay area, write us with comments and sugtss and on twitter use #betterbayarea, on facebook join the better bay area group to find solutions together. security situation that grounded flights and caused confusion. passenger left checkpoint with ammunition in his carry-on identified in screening but wrong bag was pulled by private company conducting terminal three closed until relocated the passenger and brought him back. russian investigation could be as soon as tomorrow.
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william barr seen on the way to office where the review of robert mueller's report is ongoing. he delivered the report to barr last night and barr has promised transparency and will work with mueller and others to determine what information can be legally released to congress and the public. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say the public deserves to see the results, even president trump has called for the report's release. >> let it come out, let people see it. >> 37 people have been indicted as part of the russia investigation. senior justice department official has confirmed the special counsel is recommending no further indictments. family and friends said goodbye to son of oakland city leader, murdered attending college in los angeles. abc7 news was at the temple hill auditorium for the
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service for victor mclainy. university of southern california student shot to death in robbery attempt. he was majoring in music. no arrests have been made in the murder. tenth annual oakland running festival tomorrow. including half marathon and marathon. runners into the marathon face extra challenge because race across the eastern span of the bay bridge. many streets will be closed in the running festival, including grant avenue and many streets around lake merritt, start and finish line. winning powerball numbers announced. $638.8 million. get tickets out. powerball number is 5 --
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>> those are the ones. >> $20. >> once again another massive jackpot with no reported winner. if you're feeling lucky, try again wednesday for chance at $750 million. estimated lump sum would be $465.5 million if you're counting before taxes. once again a look at tonight's numbers. 24, 25, 52, 60, 66, and powerball of 5. nobody has won since the day after christmas. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, drama over dogs. how town officials are defending decision to ban dogs from new bay area park prompting outrage from dog lovers. new twist to the college admissions scandal, actionsc
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is considering taking again others involved who have graduated. drew tuma, quiet before the
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new at 11:00, several bay area cities and towns are known for being dog friendly. but in tiburon some dog owners have outraged. special commission banned dogs from specific field limiting the use to soccer players. >> reporter: this sign telling dog owners to keep them off this field is causing uproar.
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>> it's frustrating to see dogs are not welcome on the field. >> we paid for part of it, why can't we use it? >> reporter: opened march 8th, signs and fencing were ignored and dogs still frolicked on the field. reason it's off-limits to the dogs is city want to protect investment. >> dogs dig and go to the bathroom, if either happens, field is shallow, could cause major damage to the field. >> only youth soccer and lacrosse teams will play on the field, paying rent that's double the amount. >> it's so beautiful would be a shame to see it undermined by unfortunate dog incident. >> reporter: to be clear right now it's the only public field in all of tiburon to be off-limits to dogs. in fact just a few feet away dogs roam freely in blacky's
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pasture. >> there's a sense of entitlement, people want to run around to have fun with dogs, fine. but so many other places to run around. >> reporter: still in demand. >> all well-behaved people and dogs should have the ability to go on. >> reporter: final decision is later this spring. abc7 news. all lanes are open on interstate 5 between northern california and los angeles after massive pileup on the grapevine. one vehicle burst into flames near gorman. at least 30 people were hurt. one victim needed to be flown to trauma center by helicopter. around 3:00 this afternoon. reopened just before 7:00 this evening. in the wake of the college admissions scandal, usc is considering revoking degrees of
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several graduates. tmz is reporting they have eight suspicious cases involving rick singer's service. says university could and should take away degrees of any alum gotten by fraud. they have legally every right to do so. >> if they don't do it, they undermine integrity of degree they award to anyone else. if you're there by fraud, what right have you really to be there at all? >> so far no students have been charged in the scandal. drake's beach in marin county. point reyes sent out this picture asking people what they thought was sticking out of the water. told it's likely half of a gray whale's fluke, since at least four were spouting in the area where the photo was taken.
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beautiful day to be outside. how long will it last? drew tuma. >> spring showers will make a comeback but most of tomorrow is dry. next storm quickly approaching the region. live doppler 7, coming up dry next 12 hours, no precipitation in the forecast. tam cam up towards the beautiful moon, waning gibbous in the night sky, mainly clear skies, maybe a few clouds after midnight. for oakland running festival, great weather, if you're taking part of the festivity. starting in upper 40s as lot of the races begin. dry weather through the event. sun gets up and warming to 50. good luck to the runners. weather will cooperate.
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rain-wise, we had a little bit of morning rain today, coinciding with storm that soaked us all friday. pretty decent rainfall amounts last 48 hours. outside of the north bay, 1/4 to 3/4 but parts of napa and marin county close to an inch or over of rainfall. tacking on to healthy winter season. and showers continue into the springtime as well. right now numbers are slow to fall. light winds and temperatures in 40s and 50s. right now we're still at 53 in oakland. 51 in san francisco, 50 for san jose, cooler in north bay, santa rosa is 46 degrees. next 12 hours the numbers will continue to fall into the 30s and 40s for the most part. also tracking could be a little bit of fog spilling into the delta, parts of the north bay valleys early tomorrow morning.
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besides patchy fog, most dealing with mainly clear conditions. patchy fog in north bay valleys and spilling through the delta for some of us first thing. midday is mix of sun and clouds. next storm increases cloud cover throughout the afternoon. by 4:00, still a little bit warmer than today, lot of cities into 60s. highs for second half of the weekend, 60 is san francisco, 63 in santa rosa and oakland up to 62 degrees. great day for a ball game at coliseum, giants taking on the a's, first pitch temperature around 61 degrees, expect temperatures to stay in the low s entire game, light breeze, 10 to 20 miles an hour, enjoy the ball game if you're there tomorrow. live doppler 7 along with satellite, next storm
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well-defined off the coastline. starting late tomorrow night but mainly monday. level one light system, cities 1/4 to 3/4 inch of rain, and winds could pick up, gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. accuweather seven-day forecast. after 9:00, 10:00, could be a shower moving in. but main event is monday, showery, breezes picking up. tuesday a shower before we dry out in the afternoon, then another storm moves in wednesday into thursday. good indication for next weekend right now, looks dry and seasonal. >> love that you had the baseball forecast also. >> big day for a's and giants fans. >> especially because inning eight could be so different from one. >> for sure. coming up, backyard super
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bloom in the bay area. story
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in the south bay, one man's backyard is a surefire sign that spring is here. rich, bulb guy, opened up his personal paradise to the public today. more than 11,000 bulbs in backyard of his home, each year invites to tour the creation, doesn't charge but encourages donations to st. jude's children's hospital. kudos to him thinking about that. >> love how he charges $200 to use the toilet. >> make your money when you can. >> good cause. that's awesome. warriors needed a good cause
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tonight. oracle fans gave dirk anyhow witski a standing owe but not happy what he
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stephen curry, shaun livingston and andrew bogut got night off. dirk nowitzki playing in likely final game at oracle. he has history here. that's the hole he put in the wall after the warriors upset the mavericks in the playoffs.
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made much better memories tonight. connecting first four shots. trailed as much as 19 in the first. devin harris, awkward three and beat the shot clock. kevin durant and demarcus cousins had decent line but more dirk in the third quarter. he had five threes on his way to 21 points. mavericks put up 21 threes on the night. warriors just 4 of 30 beyond the arc, draymond green had one. warriors lose by 35. ouch, second worst loss in steve kerr era and sixth home loss by 20 or more in this season. >> we have to flush this one down the toilet and move on to tomorrow. not much else to do. >> i don't know. just got punched. i really think it is just us
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missing shots. that's something i can't pinpoint for everybody. but i'm confident we'll start knocking them down soon. >> these late season games for teams like dallas that are out of the playoffs, it's a free swing, no pressure. we talked about that before the game. giants final game in arizona against the diamondbacks. gave up home run to david peralta, d-backs up 4-0, joe panik ties it up. alen hanson goes yard, second round-tripper of the spring. giants win 3-2. back in the bay area to start a three-game series against the a's. regular season starts thursday. how about this, san jose earth kwks in international
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friendly against monterey. 15-year-old, three minutes into pro career, youngest earthquakes player ever scored a goal. quakes lost though, 2-1 the final. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. at 15 what were you doing? >> not that. >> professional goal for the ear earthquakes, incredible. >> fun career to watch. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00, mayday on the high seas, evacuating crew and passenger from luxury liner. getting more than 1,000 people off a ship in trouble. flight attendant who is also a dreamer,
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once again good evening, i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, one person dead and three others hurt after shooting in san francisco. a shooting happened just before 8:45 tonight near intersection of philmore and eddie streets in fillmore district. police have not given specifics what led up to shooting or information about the suspects. b.a.r.t. police asking for witnesses to identify a stabbing suspect. rider was stabbed on richmond-bond train approaching
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fruitvale station. russia investigation report could be released as soon as tomorrow. attorney general and others working to determine what can legally be released. special counsel recommends no further indictments. hearing from passengers evacuated from norwegian cruise ship stranded at sea. showing the conditions above the viking sky, ship's engines stopped working sailing norway's coast. helicopters are ferrying people a few at a time to other ships and land. going on several hours now. >> on a helicopter with a sling, two of us together. quite scary. >> you can imagine. engineers are trying to get the engines restarted to enable the
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ship to be steered to calmer waters. caught on camera, father risked his life to save his daughter from speeding car which hits him instead. michael devore in the crosswalk with 11-year-old daughter, that red car hits them. november 16th after 5:00 p.m. in los angeles. devore said no time to think so pushed daughter out of the way, taking brunt of the impact himself. daughter got skachs but ended up with broken legs. >> propelled up into the air, spun like full turn or 3/4 turn. i was angry, tried to get up with broken femur in multiple places. >> he's lucky just to break his legs. police still searching for the driver of the red four-door car,
11:39 pm
believed to be in 60s or 70s. flight attendant detain by customs for five weeks finally released from jail. dreamer just released from detention center. immigration and customs enforcement said she didn't have valid documents to come back into the u.s. according to its website, special documents are required for daca recipients but when she raised concerns before going, airline send would be fine, instead detained for more than a month. >> felt like rug was pulled out from under me. i honestly didn't know how to react. my world shattered around me. >> case drew attention from former secretary of state hillary clinton. set to appear before immigration
11:40 pm
judge in april. building peace and security on the korean peninsula is not easy task but sports diplomacy may be helping. went for a in-depth look at political situation and how it might have changed after 2018 winter games and historic hockey game. >> you know, it's symbolic and aspirational. i think it serves the imaginary for unification. >> but what happens when you look a little further? how do you people who live in south korea see north korean leader kim jong-un, is he the dictator portrayed in the west? and what about the legacy of k-pop. "breaking the ice" will air here on abc7 news.
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owner of the new england patriots is apologizing after arrested for soliciting prostitute. robert kraft among 200 men charged in south florida massage parlors. in statement said he's truly sorry. knows he hurt his family and others. he has quote extraordinary respect for women. turned down plea offer from prosecutors. pleaded not guilty. nfl has not punished kraft but there's a conference tomorrow. making good on plans to reopen resort on lake tahoe. we told you his plans in 2017. purchased 13 acre property and team is getting ready to submit a proposal including demolishing the famous resort.
11:42 pm
once owned by frank sinatra, hosted many celebrities, including marilyn monroe., watch as drone view 7 flies over to capture stunning beauty. >> pregnant women walk the labyrinth, even in torrential rains. wow. >> the few is spectacular. watch this over it video on the website, still ahead, a solution to people trampling across the super bloom in southern california. high flying way people are checking out the flowers now. meteorologist drew tuma tracking next
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many gardeners will tell you when rain falls, flowers many people finding new way to enjoy super bloom in california, zip lining. thank the explosion of colors to ample rains in the winter. >> born and raised here, never seen these colors to the, ever. hills are phenomenal. >> this event doesn't happen all the time. probably once in a decade you see these kind of flowers. >> nothing holding you, feels like flying. >> now i want to do this. don't have to ride the zip line for the poppies. many people are hiking it. mother/daughter duo making headlines from 35,000
11:47 pm
viral. snapped the photo on the flight with the rextons. see this trending story on our website, today in east bay, a colorful celebration of spring. more than 5,000 people took part in holy celebration in fremont. known as the festival of colors, hindu festival popular in many communities. event at mission san jose high school. plenty of dancing, music, food p sometimes all it takes to change the life of young person is some mentorship and taking time out of your day. that's the mission of the city of dreams. you can see and kind of hear them, kiddos and volunteers enjoying touring our studios and
11:48 pm
learning about television news. nonprofit's mission is help young people in low income neighborhoods to get mentorship to thrive. offered to thousz of young people since they started in 2004. check with the weather. drew, you and the green screen were a hit as always. >> great group of kids. tomorrow is quiet start to the day. lows in 30s and 40s, fog in north bay and little bit patchy through the delta. otherwise mainly clear. planner tomorrow. patchy fog, sun and clouds out there midday, increasing cloud cover ahead of the storm system. otherwise temperatures are comfortable. warmer finish to the weekend, tomorrow in the 60s.
11:49 pm
62 in oakland, great day for a ball game at the coliseum. 63 in santa rosa and napa. rain returns on monday, level one system with light to moderate showers. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you that rain on monday and we'll track another storm midweek on wednesday and thursday. mindi is here with sports. >> good day for both bay area college teams in the ncaa tournament, cardinal cruised while
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stanford has been so good so long, cardinal never has to go far to start the ncaa tournament. hosted postseason game 71 today, played uc davis in the first
11:53 pm
round, someone is excited for return of march madness. ever seen that? stanford scored first points, wilson had one of the ten threes in this one. might know her brother, quarterback in the nfl goes by russell wilson. carrington in double digits, stanford led 49-26 at half. cardinal kept up the pressure. smith with two of her 21. and dodson, three defenders, gets it to go and the foul. advances easily. cal in facing north carolina first time in years. smith with the three and brown also drilled triple. cal had 11 threes, trailed by three at half. third quarter, wechs lays lays s
11:54 pm
cal up for good. 3.8 left, inbounds, brown, running three. beats the buzzer. brown had 16 and another double-double for inegwa. cal wins 92-72. bears to face baylor next. men's side, lsu versus maryland, biggest of his four threes te terrapins answer. maryland with no time, depression hooef. lsu survived. gonzaga takes on baylor.
11:55 pm
break-away, throws down, windmill dunk. unbelievable. missed alley-oop and clark with the put-back. he had 36 points. zags know how to hit from deep. seven threes. zags moving on. florida state is next. auburn and kansas, brown had seven threes, five in first 13:30, finished with 25 points. second half, harper, perfect pass to mclemore who throws it down. had 11 in this one. brown from the corner. auburn up 25. tigers shot 53% from the field. dunbar lays in, picks up foul. auburn with the upset. 89-75.
11:56 pm
>> ncaa all-time leader in threes. 0 for 12 behind the arc. former stanford cardinal reed travis picked up 14 points. ten seconds left. mcgee needs this three. 0 of 12 though, kentucky wins 62-56. golf. valspar championship. jason kokrak in third. going to remember this par 3. that is a hole in one. he's 7 under, just two shots back. dustin johnso in second. 14th hole, good for birdie. one back. and leader paul casey. 9 under on the tournament, 3 under 68 today. final round tomorrow. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino,
11:57 pm
just catching breath after march madness. fast-paced. >> although with golf i hold m m bro breath. >> got to breathe. steph curry said he learned from pga golfers to calm his mind and get in mindset. >> i can imagine that. do we need to do that before weather? >> especially with the rain. we're good. >> that's it for abc7
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