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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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thousands of supporters. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard joins us live from ft. mason, where sanders wasted really no time addressing that report. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, dion, you're right, bernie sanders got right to it, blasting the summary of the mueller report and telling the crowd why he should be president. from bernie bears to a rainbow of "feel the burn" t-shirts and lots of buttons, the welcome mat was out for this candidate. >> san francisco, thank you! >> reporter: senator bernie sanders got a big welcome from his bay area supporters. he wasted no time criticizing a summary of the mueller report which finds no trump/russia conspiracy. >> well, i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damp report, because nobody, especially this president, is above the law. >> reporter: the vermont senator wants to regain his momentum
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after finishing second to hillary clinton in california's 2016 democratic primary. he calls donald trump the most dangerous president in u.s. history. >> he wants to divide us up. we are going to bring our people together, black and white and latino, asian american, native american. >> reporter: sanders supports universal health care, medicare for all, and a living wage. >> our job is to see our younger generation do better than their parents, not worse than their parents. >> reporter: thousands came to feel the bern. these self-proclaimed berniecrats believe 2020 will be his year. >> we're ready for a political revolution. we need big change in this country. we need somebody who's going to bring us together. >> bernie sanders has the best chance of beating trump. he has the issues that the people care about. >> we agree with him on everything from the economy to social policies to climate issues.
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[ crowd chanting ] >> thank you for standing up and fighting for justice! thank you all very much! >> reporter: now, bernie sanders spoke here at ft. mason today. he was in l.a. campaigning yesterday. and with an early march primary, the sanders campaign considers california to be pivotal, so expect to see him and other candidates spending a lot of time in california going forward. live in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> cornell, thank you. developing out of washington now, attorney general william barr delivered a letter to congress outlining some of the principal conclusions of special counsel mueller's probe. that report does not accuse the trump campaign or the president of collusion, but it also says it does not exonerate him either. however, the summary provided by the attorney general says the investigation's evidence was not sufficient to establish an offense. democrats and some republicans are calling to see that full report, saying the american people deserve transparency after two years.
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the president commented before leaving his palm beach resort in florida this evening. >> this was an illegal takedown that failed, so it's complete exoneration. no collusion. no obstruction. >> there will be no more indictments. you can see barr's entire letter by heading to our website, now, we have been sending out alerts through the abc7 mobile app as details of the mueller report have been coming out today. so to stay on top of breaking news as it happens, just download the app and enable those push alerts. an air advisory has been lifted in benicia. people with respiratory problems were advised to stay indoors earlier today because of poor air quality. abc7 news reporter unser hussein is joining us with what caused the problem and how long it will take to fix it unser? >> good evening, dion.
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right now they're in the process of a shutdown here at the refinery in benicia. you can see smoke coming from the stacks behind me, but much less than we saw earlier in the week. the thick smoke billowing from the valero refinery in benicia was visible over the county over the past week. the bay area air quality management district sent seven notices of violation for excess emissions. today, valero announced a controlled shutdown. >> there was coke, which is a refinery by-product, that was detected in the emeission, thouh not at a harmful level. this could worsen people with underlying health problems. >> reporter: valero says it stems from an operational issue with a gas scrubber which is used to clean gas. valero says in a written statement "during this time, there may be visible plume and flaring as part of the shutdown process. valero, along with the city of benicia and other regulatory agencies, will continue to
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conduct air monitoring in the area to assure protection of the community. >> the valero refinery, i would really wish that they would have informed us sooner. >> reporter: steve jewel is a longtime benicia resident and says even if the air quality improves, his concern is with the long-term effects. >> small particulates of that nature, sometimes you don't notice the effects for years on by unless you have a child or someone who's prone to asthma. >> reporter: now, valero says this shutdown, which is temporary, will take several days. they also are advising residents of possible flare-ups, which they say is a normal part of this process. reporting live in benicia, anser hassan, abc7 news. >> much appreciated, ancer. thanks. for a look at how the weather may be affecting the air quality in the benicia area and maybe beyond, let's get to abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma. drew. >> i know a lot of folks in the area are worried about the air quality affecting them, but you look at the air levels across
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the bay area, see a lot of green dots on the board, so we're noticing good air quality across the board. winds, though, will pick up tomorrow morning. look at future tracker wind gusts, and we'll start to see wnds gusting over 20 miles an hour by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, and that coincides with the return of some rainfall. live doppler 7 along with satellite. you can see our storm right off our coastline, and it is approaching at this hour. so, on the storm impact scale, tomorrow it is a level one light system. the heaviest rain will fall in the north bay, but we will see showers pretty much across the entire region. so we're going to go hour by hour, track this first storm, which is one of two in the week ahead, and that full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, deon. >> okay, sounds good. new details now on a shooting in san francisco. we now know there are six victims. abc7 news was in the fillmore district moments after the shooting killed a man and injured five others. initial reports indicated four victims. police say the man who died was 25 years old and from san francisco. a second man is now in critical
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condition. the victims range in age from 19 to 50 years old, including a 50-year-old woman. that shooting happened just before 9:00 last night near the intersecti ofillmore and eddy streets. so far, no arrests have been made and police have not released a motive. one person has died in a fire that broke out in a small boat parked in a homeless encampment on the side of oakport road and zone way in oakland. firefighters say it is possible the victim was living on the boat and may have succumb to the smoke coming from the fire that started in the kitchen. no other details have been released, including the name of the victim. a bay area couple is speaking out after being rescued from a cruise ship that became disabled in rough weather off the coast of norway. that ship is back in port tonight, and the 1,300 people on board are safe. that cruise ship issued a mayday call yesterday afternoon local time after experiencing engine trouble in bad weather. rescuers were able to air-lift
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479 people off that ship, including a couple from novato, before it was towed into port. >> it was merely a matter of getting down to the area where we could evacuate the ship. >> we looked at each other, and we said, this is really happening. they took us up together, and we got hooked in, and woo, lifted up. that was quite a jolt. >> 20 people were hurt in the incident and are being treated at the norwegian medical center. no jackpot winner announced for last night's powerball. two winners in florida and wisconsin, though, took home $2 million, and more than half a dozen lucky winners raked in a million, but nobody scored last night's big $638 million jackpot. if you are feeling lucky, you can try again on wednesday for a chance at $750 million. the estimated lump sum payout would be $465.5 million in cash before taxes. nobody has won since the day
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after christmas. well, just ahead, united is trying to make the friendly skies a little friendlier to some travelers. the new option it's offering to passengers booking flights or who use the airline's rewards program. plus, the chp's motto is "safety, service, and security." this smiling officer definitely accomplished the second one. how he saved a bay area couple's honeymoon. and abc7 news has a special on north and south korea with a look at how the recent olympics helped ease the tensions on the korean peninsula. "breaking the ice" airs tonight at 6:30 immediately following
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sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah.
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united airlines will allow travelers to choose a gender option other than male or female when booking flights. by doing so, it becomes the first airline in the united states to offer non-binary gender options. passengers will be able to select the title "mx" when they book and in their mileage plus membership profile. united says this is a way to become an industry leader in lgbt inexclusivity. several states offer the "x" gender option for driver's
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licenses. it's been nearly two weeks since learning about the college admissions scandal, but there remains a mystery, who paid $6.5 million to get their children into elite schools? details of the scheme and potential repercussions have been coming out almost daily. prosecutors referenced the huge payment, but it does not show up in the charging documents. it's also unclear which schools were involved. multiple families from the bay area have been implicated and charged in the scandal. stanford fired its sailing coach after he pleaded guilty for his involvement. well, nature has a way of wowing us at every turn, so more of this spectacular show put on by a humpback whale in monterey bay this weekend. and meteorologist drew tuma coming at you next with the accuweather forecast. the another former teammate. zaza is not back on the roster, but he finished some business with golden state and oracle
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boy, a weekend treat for some folks whale watching on monterey bay. check it out. a humpback whale put on quite a show, breaching several times for the boat's passengers, drawing lots of oohs and ahs.
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it is more common to see gray whales this time of year as this make their migration to alaska. humpbacks usually feed this time of year and start migrating in may. some bay area newlyweds have quite a story to go with their honeymoon. early yesterday morning, their car broke down on interstate 580. good luck, though. the chp came to the rescue. first, the officer who you see here called them a tow truck. then he took the couple to oakland international so they could catch their flight to hawaii. congratulations to all of them. and drew, probably a good idea they're in hawaii as opposed to what we have for our weather this coming week. >> yeah. you know what, we have rain in store for much of the week ahead, but i think the payoff will be the upcoming weekend next weekend. we'll finally see some warmer weather. but to get there, you've got to bring the rain gear out once again. live doppler 7 right now. you can see our next storm already off our coastline with those returns of green right now still several hours away from this rain arriving on shore, but
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you can see changes in our sky right now. live look from sutro tower looking out towards the pacific ocean. a lot of cloud cover. you can see the farallon islands. if you look closely on the horizon right now. so, the winds are light right now. they're going to pick up tomorrow with our next storm. on the storm impact scale, it is a level one, light system for your monday. it looks like the heaviest rainfall with this next storm will fall in the north bay. that's where the storm kind of lingers the longest, but we will see ponding on our roadways for both the morning and the evening commutes tomorrow and the winds will pick up about 20 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts. those winds right now keeping us on the mild side ahead of this storm. we're in the 60s still for a lot of cities. look at san jose in the upper 60s. we're at 58, though, in san francisco, 61 that current temperature in santa rosa. so, tonight those clouds continue to thicken. temperaturewise, we will mainly drop into the mid, if not upper 40s over the next 12 hours, but that rain will arrive while many of us are sleeping first thing
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in the north bay. so, hour by hour we go, future weather. we'll stop the clock right around 7:30 for your monday morning, and you can see that rain really confined to the north bay. that's likely where we'll have issues with the morning commute first thing tomorrow morning with that light to moderate rain. that storm will begin to move midday, so by 12:00, 1:00 in the afternoon, we're starting to see that rain begin to move into san francisco, parts of the east bay, like oakland, but watch what happens. in typical storm season fashion, late in the year, you can see that storm just falls apart. so by 5:00, 6:00, it's really struggling to bring showers to the south bay and then it really just falls apart as we close out the day on monday. wide-ranging with the heaviest in the north bay. so, potential tomorrow. likely we'll see some spots in the north bay, probably close, if not over an inch of rain, but you look outside the north bay, much lower totals, and the south bay really struggling to each reach about a tenth of an inch
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of rain with this storm system. highs on your monday, find the umbrella, the wet weather gear. upper 50s to mid-60s. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll show the next seven days. rainy and breezy tomorrow, scattered showers on tuesday. a second storm moves in here on wednesday, kind of lingers thursday morning. then we dry out on friday and the upcoming weekend next weekend looking mild, looking bright with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. now, abc7 sports with mindi bach. >> baseball is back in the bay area. the coliseum hosted game one of the annual exhibition series between the a's and the giants. and the young oakland fans enjoying it particularly. finally get to get out and enjoy some sunshine! steven biscotti with the first home run of the regular season. this doesn't count for his stats, but it does on the scoreboard. the a's take a 2-0 lead as that was hit off derek rodriguez. brett anderson pitched strong innings for the athletics. no runs. three hits, one walk, three strikeouts. rodriguez gave up another home
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run in the fourth, this one the solo shot. rodriguez finished 0-4 this spring. ramon loreno would add a two-run home run in the seventh, this one coming off travis bergen. the a's shut out the giants, 5-0 the final. >> going over there in japan, facing, you know, different style of baseball and stuff, then coming back here finishing on a positive note, that's always good to end on a positive note heading into the season. and yeah, it's good. >> we know our strengths. we know we hit home runs. we know we play good defense, good bullpen. we've got some starting pitching, too. so if we get all those things cooking, i think we're going to do well. after five pro bowls and three super bowl titles, rob gronkowski is done. the physically dominating tight end announced his retirement from the nfl on instagram today. gronk set several league records in his nine seasons with new england. he also dealt with many injuries. gronkowski is the only tight end to have more than 1,000 receiving yards in a season, which he did four times, and no
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tight end has more receiving touchdowns in the postseason or more receptions and receiving yards in the super bowl. zaza pachulia is back at oracle with detroit tonight. he picked up his championship ring from former teammate klay thompson. warriors with stephen curry last night, step has three. and klay will drain one and already has more threes than last night. shaun livingston back after having last night off, picked up two. and now in the second quarter, warriors are leading by four. joaquin jones is out at cal and the university's believed to be interested in hall of famer jason kidd as his replacement. the men's basketball coach was fired today after two of the worst seasons in the program's history. the bears won 16 games total under jones and only 5 conference games. cal will pay jones' remaining $3 million owed on his contract and begin the search for a new coach immediately. the oregonian is reporting that the university is looking at russell turner, eric musselman
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and kidd. kidd's number is retired at cal and he last worked as the head coach of the milwaukee bucks. early games of the second round, tennessee at one point led by 25 over iowa. the hawkeyes came back. isaiah moss, three from the corner. he had 16. iowa still trailed by three, though, and it appears that jordan bohannon's shot is blocked? but the referees call a foul, so iowa tied it on free throws, and this game goes to overtime. tennessee, jordan bone with the deep three. he had 14. and grant williams then gets a nice two right here, and tennessee is back in the sweet 16, 83-77. north carolina and washington in the midwest. i love kobe white's hair. it is sweet, as is his shot. look at that! he had 17. he also had some great assists. a quick bounce pass to cameron johnson, who drains it from the corner. washington really had no chance in this game. luke may banked it off the glass and in. he led the tar heels with 20. and then some more ball movement
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leads to an easy three from the corner again, this time it's little. unc rolled into the tweet 16, 81-59. and we can't show you the duke game yet, but come back at 11:00, if for some reason you haven't seen it. that was an exciting, exciting finish. >> what a tease. >> it was really, really good. >> okay, well, we'll be here. >> you will? >> mindi will. thanks. director jordan peele has scared up another record at the box ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, continuing coverage on the release of the mueller report summary. at 11:00, we talk to local politicos about their reactions and ha they think is next. plus, the founder of a beloved san francisco book store turning 100. celebrations are being held across the city tnight. well, "us" scared up a record debut at the box office this weekend, taking in over $70 million in ticket sales. it is the largest debut for an original horror film. the movie is directed by jordan peele, who was behind the smash hit "get out." perhaps what makes this debut even more spectacular is that "us" cost just $20 million to make. the film bumped "captain marvel" out of the top spot. the superhero movie starring
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brie larson had reigned for two weeks. so, taking a look at the top five now. you know about "us," "captain marvel," "wonder park" was a distant third. at its heels was "five feet apart." and rounding out the top five was "how to train your dragon: the hidden world." that horror movie looks scary, just the previews of it. >> yeah, not my genre. i'm going to skip "us." >> i think it's centered around santa cruz. >> ooh, creepier. see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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>> this is a story about hockey... and history. >> days of blizzard and battle. >> a story about politics... >> i had very productive meetings. >> ...and peace. this is a story about diplomacy on the field. >> sports is one of the few things that really binds communities. >> it's even about k-pop. >> ♪ simon says we're a real vibe killer ♪ >> this is a story about the repercussions of the 2018 winter games. ♪ ♪ south korea is a beautiful country. most people know it by its capital city of seoul, where skyscrapers seem to go on foreve


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