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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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action 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. >> it is still continuing to come down and the windshield wipers getting a workout and live doppler 7 is tracking it and i want to show you the moisture overhead is only about 50, 60 miles across so not everyone is seeing the rain but we are seeing some good downpours. down to the street level into the east boy with spots of yellow and orange from castro valley to danville and similar setup from oakland to emeryville and showers through the eastern span of the bay bridge. so we'll track the cell to the north and east. so fairfield expect heavier showers, 6:55 and beginning to see showers in palo alto and mountain view. so on the storm impact scale, the system with us tonight will also linger into parts of your day tomorrow as well. we'll go hour by hour and time out this storm which is one of two this week in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. live doppler 7 is one of the
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most popular stories right now on our website and the abc 7 news app. if you want to track the rain, just click the blue live bar at the top of the app and you could check the weather conditions where you live and enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. beefing up cybersecurity paid off at the contra costa election office when a hacker tried to get access to the system last week. >> now the state and federal government are investigating into this. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley explains how the county stopped the attack in its tracks. >> reporter: after the 2016 election and reports of russian hacking, california election offices worked to harden defenses with better cybersecurity. a hacking attempt here at the election and registrar office appeared to have patterns in a matched prior attempts at other government offices across the country so it moved on up to the department of homeland security. >> it happened last thursday. a single e-mail from a known sender was opened by an employee
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here. that triggered a cybersecurity alert that the underlying i.p. address was not from a known source it professed to be from and that locked the system down. >> we decided to get the the secretary of state office involved and they've since also involved homeland security. clearly there are ongoing attempts to get into sensitive government systems whether it is just to cause havoc, whether it is to undermine confidence, whether it is an attempt to gather information -- >> reporter: this particular hacking attempt was foiled and no information was compromised in the contra costa e-mail system. a new state-of-the-art voting system was never vulnerable in the first place since it is not connected to the internet. >> it is easy to ghost i.p. addresses so it will take a while for them to figure out where this originated from. it is too early to say what the motivation was. >> reporter: no other election
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offices in california have reported a similar hacking attempt. in martinez, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the mayor of benecia wants to know why it took so long for officials to shut down a plant when a piece of equipment began spewing toxic material into the air over the weekend. it is one of several major refineries operating in the bay area that we've put on this map. abc 7 news reporter lauer anthony is live in benecia where they say a shutdown is underway. laura? >> reporter: that is right. we have seen flaring off and on here today. nothing like over the weekend. the plant is being temporarily shut down. that is a decision made by valero. today the mayor of benecia wants to know more about what went into the decision and why wasn't it made sooner. >> these incidents are not a good sign. >> reporter: mayor of benecia said two incidents in two years seems too many for her town. the one nestled beneath the
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valero refinery now going through a temporary shutdown. >> we had several days going into a couple of weeks of constant emissions and then finally when it got even worse they finally decided that they couldn't fix the problem without shutting the facility down. >> reporter: over the weekend a two-week-old problem turned into an emergency as black smoke billowed in the plant. >> the wind started shifting so instead of heading from the west to the east it started shifting the other direction which is a concern because it is coming into town. >> reporter: in may of 2017 a power outage caused a flare that rained oily residue down on businesses and homes and cars. this time the city activated the emergency operations center and valero had a representative in the room. >> you have to give them credit. they are trying to improve everything. they spent millions of dollars on the new air monitoring system. >> reporter: nonetheless, valero is slapped with 12 violations in
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the past week from the bay area air quality management district. six for visible emissions and six more for creating a public nuisance. >> it is public health at the end of the day and public safety at the end of the day and we need to make sure that things function properly. >> reporter: now valero offered no new informaton today. they referred us to a statement the compa the company put out yesterday letting people know in the area they may see some flaring off and on over the next several days while the plant is shut down. no indication at this point how long the shutdown will last. in benecia, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> we'll stay on top of that. a teenager was arrest for threatening a school shooting at sarah high in san mateo. it was found on social media on friday night. police patrolled the campus over the weekend and today as a recaution, investigate yorked with administrators to find out the origin.
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a 16-year-old male from san francisco was arrested this morning for making the threats. a shooter this afternoon in the same building as the california department of corrections parole office but it does not involve staff or parolees. a man in the lobby had a gunshot wound and he is at the hospital and his injuries are life-threatening. parole agents did hear the shots and performed first aid at the scene. police haven't released more details but we'll keep you posted here and on the abc 7 news app. police arrested two suspects believed to be involved in a shooting that injured five people and killed one person over the weekend. police say 26-year-old jamari coats drove one of the injured men, 25-year-old sean harrison to the hospital. an investigation determined coats and harrison were with 25-year-old mr. d.c. simons who died at the scene. both men are charged with homicide. a body is found near a
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landslide in fort funston. park officials say the body was reported at 8:00 a.m. today. the medical examiner is working to identify. so far officials have only confirmed it is a female adult. remember back in february kyera sunshine scarlet was buried in the landslide and missing ever since. this month scarlet's father visited san francisco and provided u.s. park service police with a dna sample that could be used to identify his daughter. in the east bay, police are searching for two men who mugged and shot a man at 10:00 in the union bank. two men approached the victim demanding his personal property and there as was a struggle and he was shot. he was treated and reletourne-- today. lyft is beating uber to
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the -- raise about $2 billion with the ipo but not everyone is enthusiastic. while employees are getting rich, those doing the hard work on the roads say they could be left in the dust here. and they're making their voices heard. abc 7 news reporter louis pena is live from san francisco with the complaints that the drivers are making. >> reporter: we spoke to the drivers who tell us they want to be acknowledged before the companies go public. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: over 70 lyft and uber drivers showed up outside of the omni hotel in san francisco with one goal in mind. >> hosting a meeting for potential investors and drivers were here to ask investors not to do business with the comny until it starts treating drivers with the dignity sand -- and respect they deserve. >> reporter: many drivers said they would make $1,500 a week and those days are over. >> our work generally 50 plus
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hours a week in the hopes of having $700 after gas. >> reporter: an hourly rate benefits an independent work organization and transparency are the many things they are demanding. >> they charge 78 and they give me only $36 with a tip. that is -- the price. >> they show the passengers that they pay drivers 30% and they take 70%. >> reporter: security is also on the top of the list. >> there is no sort of vetting of passengers. they're not required to use their real name, they're not required to have a photo of themselves. passengers can order rides for friends so not even the person getting in my car is not even their account. >> reporter: workers say today was the beginning of many of the workers uniting for a change before the companies ipo. >> were you hoping to speak to an investor. >> we were hoping to send a message to investors that lyft
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is not treating drivers well and they shouldn't invest in the company until the drivers are treated with dignity and respect. >> reporter: uber declined to comment about the protest and lyft has responded to our request. and now about the meeting from bloomberg that they moved that location to a different place to meet up. live in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. abc 7 news is responding to issues that affect your quality of life. as part of the commitment to build a better bay area like housing and transportation collide in a new survey by our bay area news group. tike a look. 44% of the people surveyed say their situation here is so tough they are likely to move out of the bay area in the next few years. now when it comes to people of color, that number increases to 50%. here is the real shocker. 71% of african-americans polled say they are getting ready to leave. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: the bay area boasted a beautiful skyline, but
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when you look closer at ground level, the struggle to find affordable housing is more is a parent. people rated the cost of housing as the most serious problem in a new poll conducted for the bay area news group and silicon valley leadership group. 44% of voters strongly or somewhat agree they're likely to move out of the bay area in the next few years. of the voters, 71% identified as african-american. oakland naacp president. >> you start at a lower point in terms of what you have so you need to get out of here and realized much quicker than other ethnic groups in particular. >> reporter: it is not just people getting out. young people say they can't afford to move in. this 24-year-old has a good job at a commercial real estate firm but she doesn't live here. >> i live in hayward because it is way too expensive to find any housing in oakland. >> reporter: she's not alone. 26-year-old brian takes amtrak from sacramento to his job in
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san francisco. a more than two hour commute. >> two and a half, that is not including the drive to the station and walking as well. so maybe three hours door-to-door. >> reporter: he's living at home with his parents to save money. >> there needs to be more community efforts to make sure that individuals who grew up here and know the city, here in oakland are able to stay here and make sure that the kids are here and their grandkids. >> reporter: holland said minorities are moving to the outlying suburbs. >> pittsburg and antioch and oakley and stockton. >> reporter: he encourages them to stay because once you move you lose because you can't afford to come back. in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. this might highlight one of the people want to leave the bay area. how much do you think this little sliver of real estate in san francisco without a house on it is selling for? well here is a hint. seven figures. last call for alcohol could get pushed back in california. the bay area cities where you might be able to get a drink
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after 2:00 a.m. i'm joined in order to serve this moment. >> apple turned silicon valley into a hollywood with a who's who of stars in the big
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there is no sugar coating it, san francisco real estate market is continuing to be far out of reach for most people. >> the latest examples an empty lot in the glen park neighborhood. the price -- here is abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez. >> reporter: three years ago this lot sold for $950,000. since then the price has
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doubled. asking price, $1.85 million. >> two blocks away is b.a.r.t. and also 280 freeway and jump on the freeway and if you want to go south to silicon valley, you're right there. >> reporter: and just around the corner are the neighborhood shops and restaurants. >> it is a great spot. >> reporter: real estate agents like pete jokingly call this area the tip of silicon valley. >> this is a rendering here. >> reporter: but the main selling point are the site plans that already exist. the owner of the property who is an architect spent the last three years going through the approval process. here is a rendering of what could be built. a 4,000 square foot home with four bedrooms and 5 1/2 bathrooms. >> if you had an approved site plan set, i would think that is making the property more valuable. >> reporter: the median price for a single-family home is $1.7 million. according to build sf general contractors, the going rate to
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build a single-family home is anywhere from $500 to $600 per square foot so a 4,000 square foot home would cost between $2 million and $2.4 million. >> this is an expensive neighborhood. and you could see it has modest beginnings. the houses here are not grand. >> reporter: 30 years ago, no one would have predicted that a single-family home lot in san francisco today would go for $1.85 million. not even brannigan who has been selling property for that long. >> it is crazy. t's crazy but it seems that the economy has built itself and it's really, i think, within reality. >> reporter: so far a dozen people have already asked to see the architectural plans. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. u.c. students rallied at the capitol today demanding
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lawmakers make affordable education more affordable. they marched on the capitol steps for summer courses and resources for students here through the dream act. lawmakers are hoping to pass a bill expanding cal grants for summer programs. >> to take away the barriers so that students don't have to decide between eating and going to class. between eating and finding a place to stay. >> they say expanding grants for summer courses will help get degrees faster. >> another push is underway to extend last call in california to 4:00 a.m. scott wieber's bill could go to a full vote soon and it would let bars in select cities including san francisco and oakland sell alcohol as part of the a test run for the rest of the state and it would start in 2021 and run through 2026. each city would also have to vote to extend last call hours. a similar bill made it all the
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way to then governor jerry brown's desk before he vetoed it. time to get back to our weather because you saw the dreariness come back in. >> and more is coming. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the forecast. >> and live doppler 7 is tracking some heavier rain for those folks in the east bay. that ribbon of moisture overhead is giving us downpours so down to street level we go, you see the bright colors. the orange is even -- and the red around emeryville and oakland and on skyline boulevard. live doppler 7 estimating the rainfall rates approaching an inch per hour so that is a quick downpour working through the east bay. so we'll track it for you. as it moves to the north and east, moving into walnut creek around 6:33 this evening around con court about 6:44 later on tonight. and heavier showers from danville to black hawk, even around san ram on and in the peninsula, san bruno, moderate rain and folks in the south bay you are beginning to see showers
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from milpitas and palo alto, seeing the rain move into the neighborhood. over the past two hours live doppler 7 around san jose, could you see the rain filling in. so finally we're seeing that rain sink to the south. here is a picture outside. that is walnut creek camera right now. you could see the roadways are wet in some spots. especially in the east bay and along the peninsula. so the storm impact scale with this storm not only tonight but lingering into a forecast even tomorrow as well. with the level one system scattered showers and perhaps a few more isolated downpours this evening. winds will be gusty at times, at about 15 to 30 miles per hour as the front moves through. not only the rain is an issue, but visibility will drop along the peninsula and in the east bay with the heavier showers so san carlos down to two miles and make your you have your windshield wipers and your lights as you are out and about. temperature-wise, 50s to low 60s and sinking to the south at this hour. so overnight we continue to track that rain moving through
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the south bay. temperature-wise, 40s to low 50s but fog will be an issue once again especially in our sheltered valleys. the 1-hour day planner, don't put away the rain gear. you have need it for the tuesday forecast. dense fog in spots early on and then we keep the chance of a shower into the forecast into the afternoon and evening. again, they're scattered showers but where one does pop up you could encounter a downpour for a few minutes. temperature-wise in the upper 50s to mid-60s. highs on tuesday with scattered showers about 62. and in oakland, 60 in san francisco and 66 in san jose and 64 the high in fairfield. and snow in the sierra. winter weather advisory in effect there. above 6,000 feet could see eight to 12 inches of snow. some of the highest peaks could see two feet of fresh powder through tomorrow. accuweather seven-day forecast is the next seven days, scattered showers tomorrow. and then a second storm moves in here on wednesday. and that will bring rain and wind and the chance of a
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thundershower and the heaviest in the morning continues into thursday as well and a wet day and then we do a 180 and brighten up on saturday. a lot of sunshine to start out the weekend. >> thanks, drew. well apple is really going for it. breaking out big stars as it announces the ready to take on netflix and other streaming companie even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape?
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big news in tech. apple is making movies, tv shows and a credit card. the unveiling came today in cupertino presented by tim cook and celebrities including jennifer aniston and spielberg and oprah working on apple tv press. the paid ad free streaming service is set to launch this fall and feature original movies. apple said it is revolutionary. >> we partnered with the most award winning group of creative visionaries who have ever come together in one place to create a new service unlike anything that has been done before. >> there has never been a moment quite like this one. >> in addition, apple unveiled a new ad free game subscription called apple arcade and they are overhauling the news app which is the number one news app in the world. apple announced a no-fee credit card. tech analysts say there was
6:26 pm
an ongoing theme throughout the apple announcement today. that they see as a move by apple to separate itself from the pack. we explain. >> that is the one thing we hit over and over. we won't take your data and sell it to other people or sell you ads. that is a big difference from the other tech companies and that will say people will go with them to protect privacy. >> apple looks to make a splash invest kr investors might have been skeptical. the stock drops at $188.74. ras puten music has closed another record stores. [ inaudible ] on powell street in san francisco abruptly closed a few years ago. the same thing happened in stockton as the store closed for good after business yesterday. just up and gone. a quick check of the berky company website shows five locations still in business in the bay area. check your avocados.
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southern california based henry avocados recalling over possible listeria. they were shipped to california and other states after being packed at several distribution centers. one is in milpitas. to check your avocado, look if they have a sticker on them. they will have organic and california stickers. stay with us. college admission scandal heads to court. who went before a judge today and the elite university that kicked a student out. more details are coming out about the cruise ship that got stuck in norway after hitting really rough weather. but a passenger said the captain told them -- >> do not enter, why a local wildlife center is refusing to take in turkeys. a lot more to bring yo
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a new chapter tonight in the college admission scandal. some of those accused of taking part in the $25 million bribe scheme made the first court appearances today. >> new information in just the last couple of hours on the college admission scandal.
6:31 pm
politico reports the u.s. department of education has opened investigations linked to the scandal, including stanford. >> they'll check to see if the universities broke the law or violated rules around federal student financial aid. and later this week we expect some of the bay area suspects to appear in court. >> and today coaches and test administrators and others went before a judge. maggie rulli has what happened in boston. >> reporter: today we're getting our first look at 12 of the 33 defendants in the college admissions scandal appearing before a judge for the first time inside of this boston courthouse. the attorney for one defendant head volleyball coach william ferguson claiming his innocence. >> no one was admitted to wake forest who didn't earn it. as a student and as an athlete. >> reporter: today's defendants all pleadig not guilty to accusations of an elaborate racketeering conspiracy and including coaches from the top schools in the u.s. and test administrators and associates of rick singer.
6:32 pm
the reported scheme sending shock waves across college campuses. >> it is almost as you feel robbed because you worked so hard to get here and they sort of just bought their way into the school. >> reporter: prosecutors say singer raked in $25 million from dozens of wealthy parents using that money to get their children into elite schools by bribing coaches to recruit them as athletes and rigging tests. >> for every student admitted through fraud, an honest and genuinely talented student was rejected. >> reporter: so far no schools or students have been charged. but yale university has rescinded the admission of one student who was kaz -- who was caught up in the scandal. singer boasted to one parent he boasted with 750 wealthy families but remember so far only 33 people have been indicted. and already there are more court appearances scheduled for here in boston with other high-profile defendants over the next few weeks. in boston, maggie rulli, abc 7 news. attorney michael avenatti
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who may be best known for representing stormy daniels been arrested. prosecutors in new york are accusing him and another attorney of attempting to extort nike. the two allegedly demanded millions of dollars or risk being embarrassed by the sponsorship of an amateur basketball team. in a case out of los angeles, michael avenatti has been charged with bank and wire fraud. now that the russia investigation is over, president trump is not only declaring victory but switched his talking points on robert mueller. abc news reporter elizabeth hur is in washington with the latest twist. >> so 100% -- >> reporter: speaking to reporters after the meeting with the israeli prime minister -- >> what they did, it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. >> reporter: president trump blasting the russia investigation but changing his tune on special counsel robert mueller. >> do you think robert mueller -- >> yes. >> reporter: from insults to
6:34 pm
praised res for -- praises for mueller and in a four-page letter to congress william barr citing mueller conclusion that evidence does not establish collusion between trump or his campaign and the russians during the 2016 election. on allegations of obstruction of justice, no final call from mueller but barr drew his on conclusion saying there is not enough evidence to prove. >> that the reaction from congress, swift and split down party lines. >> the conclusion was firm without eck whiffo case that no one on the trump campaign colluded with the russians. >> the president has not been exonerated by the special counsel yet the attorney general has decided not to go further or apparently to share those findings with democrats even calling into question barr's impartiality noting before he was appointed attorney general he wrote a 19-page memo opposing the russia investigation into collusion calling it fatally
6:35 pm
misconceived. right now barr is tentatively scheduled to appear before congress on april 9th for a hearing on the doj budget but if he hasn't agreed to testify on the mueller report by then, members could ask him about it at that hearing. elizabeth hur, abc news, washington. an investigation launched by norwegian officials into why a cruise ship set sail despite storm warnings. a woman took this dramatic as the viking sky encountered rough seas over the weekend. the woman tells abc 7 news she was sitting at bar when everything went crazy. she adds people for the most part were calm until the captain announced he issued a mayday. hundreds hundreds of passengers were evacuate and some waited for the ship to be towed to part. the number of measles cases in the united states keeps going up. the centers for disease control is received more than 300 reports of measles since the beginning of the year. it has been reported in 15
6:36 pm
states including california. we know of at least three cases so far in the bay area. the largest outbreaks are in new york and washington state. it was eliminated in the united states several years ago but is common overseas. and east bay wildlife center will not care for any wild turkeys because of a virus. they will not take in any wild turkeys for three months after one was infected with new castle disease in redwood city. the virus is transmitted through fecal material and highly contagious. the animals experience respiratory and neurological problems before dying. the wildlife center is asking people with poultry at home to take precautions to avoid infections. >> so if you go into your back yard flock we recommend that you disinfect your shoes and change your clothes before interacting with any other birds that you may have. >> this strain of new castle disease is not effecting other types of wild birds like hawks
6:37 pm
or eagles and it is not considered a threat to people. in the sky, a family is demanding answers after their new pet dog on the way to meet them died on the a flight. what the lawyer said he's never seen a case like this one. and us is scaring up more than records at the box office. the fears the movie is creating
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. a southern california family is demanding answers. >> the dog they were adopting died if transport on a flight to their home. >> our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: tragedy in the sky. bare, a 5-month-old shepherd found dead in the cargo hold of a klm jet. the pup was en route from his birth home in greece to his new family in pasadena. a gift from family friends in athens to little alex and anni watching him grow from afar. >> we were waiting for a month to get the puppy. and getting some love -- my kids were waiting for -- i'm sorry. it is very --
6:41 pm
>> reporter: the dad said no answers from klm about what happened. for six days since the plane landed at l.a.x., not even where is bear's body now? >> they didn't give me a chance to see the dog. they didn't give me paperwork of the dog. nothing. >> reporter: now a threat from his attorney. >> we want a criminal investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of bear. >> reporter: klm said the dog's body was examined to ensure there was no public health threat. after this interview and contacting klm with several other questions, we received this statement. we take matters of animal welfare very seriously. klm's cargo department is in contact with the owner of the dog and for reasons of customer confidentiality we cannot release further details. the father said he's never seen a case like this. >> you don't take somebody's property, somebody's family
6:42 pm
member, somebody's pet and just keep it without any kind of explanation. >> reporter: abc 7 news. "us" is doing more than scaring people. >> it is giving people second thoughts about visiting the santa cruz beach boardwalk.
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♪ inside out got ♪ i'm feeling good. ♪ doing it my own way, ♪ every single day. ♪ and it feels good to feel good. ♪ start your day with sunsweet amazin!
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prune juice. and feel good. "us" scared up a record over the weekend at the box office. the film pulled in a whopping $70 million and dethrowned captain marvel and owns the record for a debut by a horror movie. not too bad for a movie that cost $20 million to produce. pretty cheap in film terms. and it was filmed on location at the santa cruz beach boardwalk and it was so scary some people say it will keep them from visiting santa cruz. >> reporter unser hassen has more about the hollywood hype along the boardwalk. >> walk down on the beach down through the step. >> reporter: they live across from the boardwalk and knows the hot spots where the director jordan peele filmed "us." >> being a life long horror fan you could imagine my shock walking out of the door and
6:46 pm
jordan peele is filming his film in front of my house. >> reporter: but people online vowed to stay away from santa cruz and too scared to visit the boardwalk after watching the flick. >> i thought it was hilarious. santa cruz will never be canceled. >> reporter: the film foeg used on a family that visited santa cruz for a vacation. who are attacked by doppelgangers or their body double. locally the buzz is seen as a boost for tourism. >> it premiered on friday and we had a strong weekend. i don't know if there is any relationship between the two but our numbers were up. >> reporter: especially at the haunted attractions he said. >> so i believe what "us" is doing is it may be reaching an audience, but otherwise wouldn't have thought to come to santa cruz. >> it is just fiction. but i hope it is not true. >> reporter: victoria and her friend are touring uc santa cruz and enjoying the hype and said
6:47 pm
it only added to the trip to the boardwalk. >> if you are heffilly influenced by movies, i would say stay away but i'm not that type of person so i'll come back even after the movie. >> you've walked down the boardwalk. >> yeah. >> had a good time. >> yeah. >> didn't feel threatened? >> i didn't see someone that looked like me. >> reporter: in santa cruz,ancer hassan, abc 7 news. >> it is fiction. keep that in mind. well surfers at mavericks were saved by a watchful man on a jet ski yet. take a look. do you see the tail just barely of a shark. you see that little fin. now drake stanley said he was out on the water safety patrol when he saw a shark larger than his jet ski just below the surface. >> looked down and what looked like a whale was seen underneath me and it was the biggest, scariest thing i've ever seen in the water in my life. and then when it started going
6:48 pm
for the surfer i thought i was about to watch a shark attack happen. i thought the guy was going to get bit. >> stanley said he drove toward the group of surfers and throttled the jet ski which scared the shark away. when he told the surfers there was a shark in the water, they latched on to the jet ski and rode to shore unharmed. >> that is a real horror movie. the rain coming down has delayed the start of the game between the a's and the giants. >> let's get a look at doppler 7 with abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. >> and the good news as you look at live doppler 7, the back edge of the storm only four miles away from the ballpark so drier weather is in the forecast. but maybe for the first inning, take the poncho. the wider picture along the peninsula light to moderate rain and similar through martinez and concord, berkeley and orinda and rain through the east bay and the rain just beginning to
6:49 pm
arrive in the south bay. so santa clara, san jose, starting to see rain after seeing a dry day before now. storm impact scale, a level one system not only tonight but lingering tomorrow, scattered showers. the winds are breezy at times. 15 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts so the accuweather forecast, seven-day forecast, another storm on wednesday will bring about more rain in the morning, some stronger winds and the chance of a thundershower popping up. even still some showers on -- thursday before we dry out into the upcoming weekend and looking nice on saturday and temperatures in the 70s. >> sounds good. let's talk sports. we have all kinds of stuff. >> larry. >> you feel strongly this rain will pass through. >> you look at picture right now and -- >> all right. i just know the tarp -- the tarp is still out on the field and they're concerned. any way. bay area favorite jason kidd wants to coach.
6:50 pm
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>> announcer: now abc 7 sports with larry beil. good evening. game two of the bay bridge series is going to get underway in a few minutes. they are waiting out the rain. drew has staked his reputation on the forecast. much like the giants roster, oracle not ready over the
6:53 pm
ballpark. the new gigantic video screen which they are still testing out. the giants say it will be ready for the home opener on april against tampa bay. who will play in the outfield is a mystery because they didn't do much to bolster the roster in the off season. one night after being crushed at home by the mavericks, the warriors flip the switch again last night and bounce back with a win over detroit led by steph curry. he had a night of rest and the offense was obismal. only four 3's. and last night he went for 26 and kevin durant took only six shots all game but did rack up 11 assists. and a 121-114 victory that moved them back into first place by half a game. and deciding to dish instead of swish and broke out post game humor. >> i'm a well-rounded player and i could still affect the game
6:54 pm
without taking a bunch of shots. i thought i passed the ball well and i know you used to put me in the box as a player but i've grown. >> he's like you, individual. marcus thompson used to put me in a box so i had to let you know, i'm just kind of well versed, you know what i'm saying. well rounded as a human. you know what i mean. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> you did write about that. i appreciate that. my bad. i was talking to the guy next to you then. >> nice to see him having fun. cal needs a new basketball coach after firing viking jones and the lakers may soon need a new coach because they're expected to ax luke walton. jason kid linked to both jobs. he started at cal before going on to hall of fame nba career coached for 4.5 seasons in the nba with the nets and bucs. so-so, combined record of 183 wins 190 losses. coaching the lakers would be more glamorous and lucrative but a lot of guys will be in line
6:55 pm
for that possibility. cal are at rock bottom with wins and attendance both way down. and frankly not all that appealing of a job. kidd was on espn the jump today and made it a point not to tip his hand. >> i'm going to be patient in this process. but what luke has done in l.a. with the injuries and everything that has gone on, i think he's done an incredible job and they have a coach. and so we'll wait until the season is over to see what opportunities come about and hopefully there is one that fits. >> speaking of cal, lindsay gottlieb and the bears visiting baylor and lady bears. early on, smith using the screen and gets the roll on the three. nice bounce there. 10-10 game. smith steal coast to coast. a little hesitation move and pullup and cal was hanging in against the number one seed and things started to go downhill quickly like right here. khloe jackson, 46-27 baylor has
6:56 pm
opened up that lead at the half. and now it is officially official, the nfl approved the raiders lease to play in the coliseum for the 2019 league season and approving the lease deal with the provision that the raiders could play the 2020 season in oakland as well if the new stadium in vegas is not quite complete. so all parties that needed to sign off on this, they have done so. and meanwhile oakland lawsuit against the team and nfl will continue. let's enjoy nature at the valspar championship and an osprey catches a fish and tries to fly away and this guy springs into action and picks up the fish and takes him back to the water. so fishy has been saved -- look at the guy with a cell phone getting the shot of the savior and the good samaritan. it is the circle of life, everybody. their fishy is alive. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 10:00 on kofi. boeing is testing the 737 and
6:57 pm
using real pilots to see if it works and what they found so far. >> and at 11:00, piles and piles of trash next to busy 80 in berkeley. why cleaning it up isn't as easy as you think. >> more for you later but this is this edition of abc 7 news but for breaking news whenever you like on the abc 7 news app. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley and i'm ama daetz. for everyone out there at santa cruz beach boardwalk -- >> say, look out. >> thanks for being here.
6:58 pm
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