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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ask for paragard by name. terrifying incident in the south bay. a young boy fell from a fourth floor balcony in sunny vail. >> we're at the fair way apartment complex where it happened. any updates on the boy? >> he's in serious condition. after falling four stories. i have been in touch with the captain of the safety department who tells me right now the boy
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is being treated by doctors. at a hospital. take a look the boy fell around 5:00 tonight from the fourth story of the building. in the apartment complex. investigators taking measurements of the building and the balcony. i spoke to the man who called 911. he lives in the three floors below the unit with the boy fell. they heard a thud and came outside to find the boy unconscious but breathing on their balcony. >> i heard a sound and looked down and there was a kid in the balcony. and we weren't sure which apartment or whom he belonged to. we're glad we were around so we could call 911. i don't know what would have happened otherwise. >> another neighbor in the building showed us their balcony. which has wall and double railing four feet high. we saw several families who live
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here with young children. everyone is very concerned. and praying this boy will be okay. i am told that there was at least one adult family member home when the fall happened. and at this point every indication is that the fall was an accident. just out of protocol child protective services and the district attorney have been notified about the incident. and as soon as we learn anything about the boys condition, we'll update the >> it was the biggest scariest thing i have ever seen in the water in my life. >> imagine coming within feet of a great white shark. and saving surfers in its path. we spoke with the quick thinking hero. >> out of the corner of my eye. >> in his five years as a rescuer. no day was like sunday. in the morning he served.
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and jumped on a jet ski in the afternoon. he noticed something coming strait at him from below. he snapped a photograph. >> it was so bright white. the whole bottom half of it. and i saw his teeth. i saw the giant gray eye. it was the biggest great white i have seen not on tv. >> just an arms length away from what he estimates was a 15 foot shark. in the distance in the water about nine other surfers. one in particular paddling away. catching the attention of the great white. >> it seemed likely the way the shark turned attention to the surfer. it was going after him deliberately. >> he went into rescue mode. he turned on the jet ski and got on top of the shark and revved his motor. he alerted eight other ins the
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water. >> i load the whole crew back to the beach. >> the experience adds to all that mavericks is. in his words, intense, powerful. beautiful and scary. >> we are on storm watch and the showers still keep coming. live doppler 7. i'll get you into street level. they are seeing steady rain from san jose. evergreen. also right around the san mar troind. gilroy and morgan hill. 101 corridor. spotty light showers to dublin. 680 into livermore. and tracking moisture across the peninsula. a wide view here. tonight the showers are still going. tomorrow as we head into the morning commute, do expect some slippery areas. particularly in the south and the east bay. it is a level 1 on the news storm impact scale.
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tonight, tomorrow. scattered showers widespread rain tomorrow night and breezy at times. i'll be back with a time line of the rain approaching. >> live doppler 7 is one of the most popular features on the web site. if you want to track the rain click the blue live box. and check the weather conditions where you live. >> we are committed to building a better bay area. that includes cleaning up the streets. >> it's not so easy in berkeley where trash is piling up. the city wants it gone but can't get rid of it because of a tangled nightmare. >> solutions being discussed. >> many say it is an eyesore. trash is piling up on berkeley city streets. furniture and debris. most of it some of it from illegal dumping. city wants to clean it up. but can't because most of it is
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in state property. >> it's sort of greeting card that people see when they first come into town. >> first impressions mean a lot. this isn't the impression joe wants for his customers. >> it's messy and dirty. and if ought to be cleaned up. >> he owns bay home where the garbage is piling up near the front and back of the store. not far from where several homeless camps popped up. >> we try to clean up. >> he lives in a tent off the exit. he says don't blame him. >> at least 60% of the trash is from people dumping. >> it's gotten so bad some businesses have posted no dumping signs. the city would like to clone it up but can't. most of it is it cal transproperty. >> is bureaucratic run around. >> cal tran is supposed to clean the area about every two weeks
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but hasn't due to limited resources. they are working with the local partners to find solutions to the complex issue of homelessness in the bay area. >> maybe they should organize a community lean up. >> he hopes to find perm nnt housing and a job soon. meantime he wants to do his part. >> even the people that drive by every day. instead of honking and yelling obscenities. give me a trash bag. >> the city says it plans to work with cal tran about ways to clean up the trash by working together. meantime the city counsel approved funding for dutch dumpsters and portable toilets near homeless camps. >> thank you. today oakland was awarded a grant to help with the illegal dumping problem. recycling and recovery is giving the city $160,000 to form a rapid response crew.
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the funds will also expand garbage pickup to apartment buildings. >> building a better bay area can come in many forms. share your ideas and see what other people think. >> new developments tonight in the college admissions scandal. led to a federal investigation into eight universities. the education department alerted the schools today. including stanford and usc. some of the most prominent in california. if violations are found the schools could lose access to federal student loans. >> stormy daniels former lawyer is under arrest. the charges and which high profile lawyer has been named an alleged tor. >> flower fans. from around the bay area are descending on this backyard. how the labor of love is building a better bay area.
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alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. new details. the former attorney to porn star stormy daniels was released o $300,000 bond today. facing allegations heto mha $20 from nike. we have the latest. >> this was an old fashioned shake down. >> facing federal charges
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including two counts of extortion and two counts of conspiracy to extort. appearing in federal court in new york. not entering a plea. the judge releasing him on $300,000 bond. he must also turn over both his u.s. and italian passport. >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare. i will be fully exonerated. and justice will be done. >> federal prosecutors say the former attorney for adult film star stormy daniels tried to extort $25 million from nike. saying he claimed to have a client a coach who had damaging information about nike payments to high school basketball players and families. and threatened to go public which would negatively affect the market value. in one wiretap, he allegedly warned nike lawyers i'll go take $10 billion off your clients market cap. i'm not -- around.
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he was arrested 15 minutes after this tweet. threatening to disclose a basketball scandal perpetrated by nike. and 3,000 miles away in l.a. a different federal case against him revealed. prosecutors there alleging he stole $1.6 million from a clients legal settlement. we have learned an unnamedunnamd cospiriter. if convicted in california he faces 50 years in prison. nike said it's cooperating with the investigation into ncaa basketball. >> tv is more than just entertainment. it's cultural. >> apple is joining a crowded video streaming market. ceo revealing apple tv plus today. joining him a long list of celebrities working on projects for the new, paid add free streaming service.
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and gaming subscription service called arcade. and apple card. >> a french restaurant that helped establish the fine dining scene in san francisco is closing after nearly two decades in business. last day in business will be april 27. chef tracy wrote a statement saying rather than transform the dining experience to fit the social media era it's time to close shop. she thanked people for years of success. >> a love ov gardening blossomed into a beautiful gesture. >> it's open to the public. >> it's just look at it. it's beautiful. it's incredible. this is something people need to see in person. >> the bulk guy started planting in 1985. >> this year 11,800.
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i have receipts. >> he spent five months creating this botanical oasis. >> it's peace and appreciation. >> the art will be open every day through the end of the month. >> i do kind of get drained. but i get filled the week of the show. when i see it the looks on people faces. it fills me. >> it's free to get in. visitors are encouraged to donate to st. jude children's hospital. >> it's beautiful. how much of a difference one person can make. >> gorgeous. >> the bulb guy raised about $19,000 for charity. over the past three years. >> great project. let's turn attention to the weather. if you're growing flowers they are getting plenty of water. >> that's for sure. and you can turn sprinklers off.
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we have a look at the bright side of the storms. cleaning out the air. and also washing away the pollen. let's get you into street level radar. towards the brent wood discovery bay area. seeing light rain. walnut boulevard. lone tree way. and we pan around to other parts of bay area. from oakland. alameda and harbor park way. the bay view. spotty light returns. same in the south bay. from eden vail. across highway 101. hang on to the umbrella. we have a couple more systems to deal with. and they are developing in the pacific. while the main front came through and is pushing on out, we have a few areas of low pressure. that will provide us with more rain. let's look at the rainfall so far. the storm has delivered over an inch. three quarters in santa rose.
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san francisco. 17 hundredths. under a half inch in oakland. coming down concord almost a half inch. san jose 25 hundredths. a third in redwood city. so temperatures right now in the 40s 50s. out the door looking at sales force tower. the clouds are stacked up. showers into tomorrow morning. next storm arrived tomorrow night and wednesday. we'll be drying out this week. tonight, tomorrow we have a level 1. look for scattered showers into the morning hours. widespread rain tomorrow night. and it will be breezy at times. hour by hour into the morning commute. you see the spotty returns. east bay and south bay. 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. there will be slippery roads from tonight's rain. tomorrow morning watch out. 7:30 tomorrow evening we start to see showers develop. coming in from the south. then by 10:00 p.m., rain starts
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to approach the coast and push in by 11:30. about this time tomorrow night. we'll be talking about widespread rain beginning to return. first thing in the horng 30s, ss. slick roadways. tomorrow afternoon you get the big break. in between the two storms. we'll be dry upper 50s to mid-60s. winter weather advisory until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow above 6,000 feet. we have a winter storm warning tomorrow night running 5:00 a.m. thursday above 5,000 feet. make sure you have chains. 7-day forecast. it's a level 1 tomorrow. a few early morning drops. tomorrow night late night the rain returns. level 1 for wednesday. rain, wind possibility of thunder. and more rain with the level one thursday. look what is showing up just in time for the weekend. sunshine friday and saturday
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sunday. milder weather. and then on monday we will bring in a chance of a few showers in the north bay. i think all eyes are on friday through sunday. for those who have been complaining on social media about the rain. >> who would do such a thing? >> thanks. left stunned. see what happens when the driver tried to show off.
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smashing into a wall. the custom built car retails for $300,000. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> just a lot of hurt pride. >> i know how to drive a sports car. watch this. >> sports tonight the giants and a's battle each other in the rain. who will
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you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. good evening. a small by hearty crowd. braving the elements for the game two of the series. dodging rain drops all night in san francisco. scheduled for first pitch at 6:45. delayed until 8:00. two on for the a's in the first.
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new guy. base hit it right. chapman scores. in the seventh, building on the lead. down the line. that's a fair ball. 2-0 game. and later ongoing the opposite way. a double. this is my house. a two more the five nothing lead. giants come back. the just acquired eric krats. ka that's how it ended. 5-4 a's. seasonal final tomorrow night at oracle park. >> trying to snap a five game losing streak. baby shark. let's focus here. we have a -- back hand. hand. then getting behind the sharks defense. it was 3-0 in the third before the sharks got on the board. they add an empty nether.
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dropping their sixth in a row. hall of famer steve young checking out the alma mater. taking on stanford. cardinal trail early and got hot. finished with 19. smith goes for and 14. stanford advances to the sweet 16. 72-63. cal coach the golden bears visiting the lady bears of b bailor. a one seed. a handle like that and a pull up jumper. bailor overwhelms them. lay day bears end the cal season. >> anyway. stanford recruit, with authority. in the power aid jam fest. flying over somebody in a chair.
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she's 6'1". girl can get up. that's fran. with authority. >> all right. he thought he had dinner here. in tampa. no. look out. he went down hard. anyway. a spectator to the rescue. catches the fish and tosses him back into the water. he's nobody's dinner tonight. well, i don't know what happened in the lake. but anyway. sports sponsored by river rock casino. quite a
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we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us. see you >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- bill hader. from "little", regina hall. and music from gunna. and now, the coast is clear, jimmy kimmel. ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us on -- i should say after.


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