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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 26, 2019 2:42am-4:00am PDT

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oh, a less than super ending . >> whoa, a less than super ending for a lamborghini at a super event in london. the driver of the wheel lost control, crashed into a wall the car was a smoking mess after suffering major damage to its front and back. no one was hurt except for what i'm feeling right now after seeing this video again and again. >> he didn't seem to be going that fast. thankfully, everybody is okay. breaking overnight, mma champion conner mcgregor is calling it quits, does he mean it? >> he decided to retire today.
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talks returned to ufc in july. he announced his retirement. it was in the news recently for getting into trouble with the law in florida. in atlanta, an urgent manhunt is under way for a man who sprayed an apartment complex with bullets two days in a row. >> they shattered cars and windows and several glass doors. so for, no one has been hurt. here's steve ocountry seam. >> reporter: a man in atlanta, they have no idea who this guy is or where he is hiding. this was the first shooting about a week ago. in under surveillance video from an apartment building, you see this black suv pull into the entrance. then a young manreed in black jumps out with a rifle and for no apparent reason shoots at cars and apartments nearby. sharon bryant was inside with her grandchildren trying to dodge the bullet itself. >> my apartment is downstairs,
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it could have went through me and my grandkid and stuff. >> reporter: police found two shell casings and say it was plain luck. the next morning the gunman was back again, seen terrorizing the same residents with gunfire. >> it's crazy, people around here, they don't. you walking around with a gun that size, you don't care. >> authorities are asking for the public's help and offering a cash reward. residents think this gunman was targeting someone, steve osunsami, and news, atlanta. >> thank you, steve. we are steps closer to having a if you birth control pill, for men. >> scientists stay experimental drug looks to be safe. they say it decreased sperm count without affecting the libidos. included side effects include headaches. >> it's too much. too much to go through. >> too many issues. >> men with big old babies. so, this is too much. >> well, don't go looking for it
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tomorrow. because this is going to take at least ten years. researchers say it will be some time before a drug like this will be available for men. they tested it out on 40 men for 28 days. so, we'll see. now to the new image out of phoenix, everybody is talking about. >> all the nfl head coaches in this picture for the annual nfl owners meeting sat down for this good old class photo. who is that? >> andy reid, the kansas city chiefs coach, former philadelphia eagles coach, sticking out in his red shirt and shorts. >> they are getting heat for looking pretty much like a bunch of middle aged dads. aren't they, though? >> so who needs a birth control pill when you got that? we'll be right back.
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. >> look at that, we are rocking out. it's tuesday. happy tuesday. so many of us are working for the weekend. but there is a growing number of mill len yams who aren't working for the weekend. in fact, they're not even working at all. >> they're figuring it out. they figured out how to put more life into their work life balance by getting work altogether. >> reporter: quitting to hit the slopes is a fantasy many dream of. >> that dream is a reality. she was 38 years ago odd when she retired. >> do you think will you go back in the work force at some point? >> i hope to never have a traditional job again. i don't want to have to go in and be there at 9:00 and leave at 6:00 or 7:00 or 8:00 or 9:00 or whatever it is. >> reporter: they are a part of the trendsh leaving behind the tra official work force for something different. this is picking up steam among
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millennial's, garnering headlines. they are choosing different paths, in different generations, who prioritized starting homes. completely financially independent. >> we earned good incomes. not just letting time do the work. >> reporter: how much time? >> from the time question decided to retire early until we did it was about six years. we definitely saved quickly and aggressively in that time. >> reporter: with very strict budgeting, including wearing parkas inside during the wint tore keep the heating bills down, she and her husband were able to quit stressful political consulting jobs with hefty retirements in place that they are a part of a movement called fire, financial independence to retire early. most people aim to save half their take-homeing in after tax and spend less, picking and choosing exactly where their money goes. but it doesn't take complete financial independence to make
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the jump into an alternative lifestyle. just ask ethan. >> running with the d a euphor feeling. it feels like you are riding a magic carpet. >> he deferred a life in engineering mushing dogs. >> i was ready for something different, a change of pace, taking a little detour. >> reporter: for those looking to take control of their lives and finances, the fire movement is an tractive thought. some like sui sui orman zee say it's unrealistic. >> just don't be unrealistic. >> reporter: naysayers say padding that. workers could be if big trouble later in life. she admits not everyone can achieve financial independence, for her, the free time allows the flexibility to do more fulfilling work. >> if i wrote a book, i write a blog, i do a podcast. all of those look look work, they're packs projects for me. >> reporter: she doesn't think it should be exclusive to the uber wealthier highly educated.
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instead, she recommends these tips. be mindful of your expenses, and cut out extra spending. focus on inceilingsing your take-home pay every year, don't spend the new money you are earning, instead, put it into retirement accounts. >> i feel like one of the luckiest people who has ever lived. i think the power weighs in creating place for people to come together and less about what i might happen to know. it's more of saying, okay let's all get together and do this and i don't think that's going to stop. i think for me it's not about something i want to sit at home and sip on umbrella drinks. i want to help make the world better and make this accessible to as many people as possible. >> reporter: she wants everyone to have the freedom to choose to do something they love. for "night line," i'm gloria rivera in colorado. >> some good tips in there, lowing in, highing in, do what's best for you.
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so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. welcome back to "this happened." . welcome back to "this happened." starting with a major scare for a group of surfers off the california coast. >> it happened at mavericks at half moon bay, drake stanley says he saw quote the biggest, scariest thing he has ever seen in the water in his life. can you see it? >> i think see it. it was a 20 foot white shark that swam inches under his jet ski. >> all i can see is his big grey eyes looking up at me. then he started going for the surfer, i thought i was about to watch a shark attack. and that's when i kind of went into safety mode on the jet
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skis, went over it to, throttled the ski really hard over it to few times. >> that spooked it, got it to turn. >> stanley worked fast. he says he managed to rescue eight surfers, evacuating the area. luckily, no one was hurt. >> he also managed to snap a picture. >> exactly. next you might find the next thing is hard to happen. >> or is about to happen in a big way. here's david muir. >> reporter: the image from maine medical center in portland, maine, is about to experience a baby boom. nine baby and delivery nurses at the hospital are expecting babies, themselves. >> after each one of us started to say, we're pregnant. i think it was a happier announcement each time. we were all there for each other. >> reporter: eight of the nurses taking this photos wearing scrubs, holding karsdz, revealing their due dates, all of the babies coming between april and july. we seen images like this before. last time it was the dads
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sounding one fire house. henley, grease, jovie, taylor baden and con. the babies are about a year now. >> we were the first ones, so we started one big family, that's what makes it so special. >> reporter: back in maine, the soon to be moms saying the same thing. it's like family. they have so much support there. >> it's nice coming to work seeing other people pregnant, watching their bellies pop, talking about these experiences that we're going through together. >> babies will have instant friends. >> as they say they're april to july so that means they have to cover a lot of shifts. i was going to say, as they say, something in the water there? >> probably something in the water and congratulations. >> congrats to them. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at
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this mor this morning on "world news now," the battle shifts. >> democrats are vowing to investigate president trump after the mueller report stopped short of exonerating him on obstruction of justice. but the president has plans, too, for the people responsible for the russia probe. also this morning, the adult film star stormy daniels is out on bail after being arrested on federal charges. michael avenotti is accused of trying to extort millions from nike. how investigators are backing up that claim. a major yoga move caused a stroke. the woman warning others. the investigation for gale,
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a prize winning show dog vanished before she was set to board a flight. we are hearing from the owner, . >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone, on this tuesday. that dog is causing quite a stir down there. >> it is, poor gale. >> one of the busiest airports. >> hopefully, she is found soon. >> so our script originally said dog gone. but someone changed it, because they didn't want me to say dog gone. i was ready to sell it with dog gone, someone said, you know what maybe that's not professional for us this morning. >> it is somebody's pet out there. it is a show dog. it's out missing. hopefully, it will be found soon. we will tell you much more about gale coming up in a little bit. >> we will. we begin this half hour with president trump vowing to
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looking into those responsible for the russia investigation now he is cleared of collusion. >> house intelligence chairman adam schiff says there are a lot of open questions and insists his panel will continue to investigate the president. we are learning special counsel mueller told attorney general william barr weeks ago, he would not make a determination of obstruction. >> democrats are seething on the obstruction issue and they now want mueller to turn over the full report by next week. abc'sjohnathan carl has the details. >> reporter: from a president feeling vindicated, an entirely different tone against the special counsel, a man he has long accused of leading a witch hunt. mueller's 22-month investigation concluded definitively, russia interfered in the 2016 election. but he found no collusion between the russians and team trump. attorney general william barr in his four-page letter to congress quotes the special counsel's own words. the investigation did not establish that members of the
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trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in it's election interference activities. >> mr. president, did this turn out to be a witch hunt after all? >> it took a long time. we're glad it's over, it's 1200% 100% the way it could have been. i wish it could have sooner, a lot quicker out there. there are some people out there that did some bad things, i would say treasonous things against our country. we can never let it happen to another president again. i say it very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it. we can never, ever let this happen to another president again. >> reporter: a senior justice department official tells abc news, mueller informed barr three weeks ago, he was not able to reach a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice. in his letter to congress, barr again quotes mueller's words. while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime. it also does not exonerate him.
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but barr goes on to say both he and deputy attorney rod rosenstein determined the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the president committed an obstruction of defense. the president was asked if the entire mueller report should be made public. >> it's up to the attorney general. it wouldn't bother me at all. >> reporter: white house officials say the president still at this point has not seen the full mueller report or been briefed on its findings beyond bill barr's four-page summary. jonathan karl, anc news, the white house. >> clearly, there were crimes committed by trump campaign individuals paul manafort, michael flynn, lawmakers in walk -- in washington say this is just the beginning. we are watching the attorney in lawsuits against president
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trump, has been arrested for allegedly trying to shake down nike. >> federal prosecutors in new york say michael avenotti tried to extort 20 million from nike threatening to release damaging information about the sports wear company. >> avenotti is accused in california of embezzling a client's money. he tried to defend his reputation last night after he was released on bond. >> i am highly confident that when all of the evidence is laid bare, that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> abc news has learned in an unnamed alleged co-conspirator in the new york case is celebrity attorney mark geragos. but he has not been charged or arrested. there is new tension in the middle east where they have traded fire throughout the night. you can see images there of what's taking place there. israeli airstrikes have hit several hamas buildings, including the headquarters of the group's top leader. ahead of the israeli attacks,
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the top leader of hamas went into hiding. the israeli response followed a surprise rocket attack launched from gaza, which destroyed a home and six people. there was more rocket fire and air raid sirens immediately afterwards. also breaking overnight, there is a major development in the brexit process. hours ago, lawmakers announced they are taking brexit into their own hands in hopes of breaking a month-long deadline. brexit was supposed to happen on friday. now that's been delayed. two communities deeply impacted by the school shootings impacted by the school shootings are dealing with new tragedies two suicides and one suicide, people with direct links to the shootings in parkland, florida and new town, connecticut. >> reporter: the grief stricken father of a child killed in the sandy hook massacre apparently
3:07 am
taking his own life, flowers for 49-year-old jeremy richmond had an office, his body found there monday morning. just last week, richmond was in florida speaking at an anti-violence summit not far from parkland, where two survivors committed suicide within days of each other. one was found less nan a week after sydney aiello killed herself. her mother said she suffered with survivors guilt and ptsd. . >> listen to your teachers and listen to your parents. >> reporter: the mayor saying there was concern the two suicides could lead to more, it is more dangerous not to discuss what happened. >> we have to keep talking to each other and really come together as a community. >> reporter: the memorial outside parkland, continues. there is another meeting later this week.
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they are doing what they can to reach the students. that's been difficult on spring break. >> apple has formally announced its streaming service. it will be called apple tv plus and it debuts in the fall, the service will compete with already well established services like netflix, amazon prime and hulu. neither ceo tim cook nor stars like oprah winfrey and jennifer aniston who were there said how much it will cost. >> you know, when i was watching social media and the apple announcement, i'm not sure i knew what it was about. jennifer garner. i was watching them hang out with each other. did apple actually announce something? >> it's nice to see them kind of regular people and friends. well, giving yourself an allowance. >> one in 12 parents with children 18 or younger have given their kids credit cards. card carrying kids are more likely with families and incomes over $80,000 in the northeast.
3:09 am
one in five parents say their children use credit cards without permission at least once, the survey was done by >> who is really getting the bill there, though? >> give your son a credit card. >> he didn't know what to do with it yet. >> so moving on, a fish found a life saving friend at a golf tournament. >> an osprey was carrying the fish off to dinner, watch, watch, after grabbing it from the water at the valspar championship there in tampa. the bird's grip slip itself, the fish falls to the ground, that guy grabs the fish. as you saw, he dropped it back into the water. did the fish survive? we don't know. >> did the fish survive? we actually have some information, an update, once the fish was thrown back in the water a gator got it. >> really? >> no, that's not true. >> gee, c'mon. >> you heard of par for the
3:10 am
course. how about carp for the course. >> look at it from the bird's perspective. >> will ganss is out there. appreciate it. thank you. >> the bird is out there he is trying to eat, trying to live. >> a fish has nine lives. coming up, a young one that suffered a stroke doing yoga, now how she is doing now. >> the entrance scam, they appear in court. the charges they are facing, the pleas they entered, that's coming up, you are watching "world news now." entered, that's coming up, you are watching "world news now." entrance scam all appeared in court. that's coming up next. you are watching "world news now."
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the the first major wave of defendants in that college admissions scandal appeared in court. >> coaches that worked with the confessed mastermind all pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges. here's abc's maggie rulli. >> reporter: we're getting our first look at 12 of the 33 defendants in the college admissions scandal appearing in the courthouse. the wake forest head volleyball coach william ferguson committing his innocence. >> no one admitted to wake
3:14 am
forest didn't earn it as a student and athlete. >> reporter: the defendant and students pleading not guilty, including coaches from some of the top schools in the u.s. test administrators and associates of rick singer, the alleged ring leader. their reported scheme sending shock waves across college campuses. >> it's almost you feel a little robbed because you worked so hard to get here and they sort of bought their way into the school. >> reporter: prosecutors say singer raked in 25 million dollars from wealthy parents by bribing coaches to recruit them as athletes and rigging tests. >> for every student admitted through fraud, an honest genuinely talented student was rejected. >> reporter: so far no schools or students have been charged. but yale university has rescinded at least one student caught up in the scandal. and this is far over.
3:15 am
singer, according to court documents, boasted to parents he worked with 750 wealthy families. so far, 33 people have been indicted. already, there are more court appearances scheduled for high profile defendants over the next few weeks. maggie rulli, abc news. peleton is taking down high energy songs. >> it is being sued by 15 music publishers for more than $150 million. the publishers claim peleton was illegally using their material. a yoga enthusiast is sharing her intense experience. she suffered a massive stroke after doing a massive head stand. >> she is from maryland. she tore a major artery in her neck doing a hollow back neck stand. afterwards, her vision became blurry, her left arm became numb. she suffered a major headaches. >> her husband rushed her to the
3:16 am
hospital two days later, the cat scan revealed she suffered a stroke. >> the 40-year-old cannot speak she says for more than a few minutes, she suffers headache itself daily, she has severe memory loss. she says she is happy to be back on her yoga mat practicing simple moves. the fact that she can touch the fact that she can touch her toes is enough to five her a smile. this is scary. she was 39 when she happened. she was active, a healthy eater, a non-smoker. she thought she was ready to do a move like that. >> you have to be careful with some of those yoga poses, definitely. coming up, the woman that reached a settlement with her husband with back childhood
3:17 am
payment itself. he hasn't made a payment well over 15 years. her daughter now middle age. find out how much he is supposed to work to fork over. up next, the case of the missing show dog. that's coming up next on "world news now." coming up next on "world news now."
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. ♪ baby come back
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♪ any kind of fool could see ♪ there was something in everything about you ♪ >> baby come back. that's what one family is really hoping this morning for their missing show dog in atlanta. >> the two-year-old pitbull vanished after she was checked in for a flight. our very own show boy, are you okay with that title? >> very appropriate. >> will ganss picks it up from here. >> i know, baby come back. baby come back. you guys know how stressful an airport can be. this morning, a desperate search continues for a precious and prize winning pitbull who is all alone at the world's busiest airport. . >> it's horrific to hear that a dog is gone and nobody knows where she is escaping from a secure area. >> reporter: no one knows where she is. the words that no dog owner wants to hear.
3:20 am
especially when you are far away. >> we haven't been sleeping that much. because like i said, we're eight hours and about 8,000 miles away and we're trying to find out everything we can. >> reporter: the misplaced pup is gale, a staffordshire who somehow escaped her kennel in atlanta before her klm royal airlines flight back home to amsterdam the two-year-old pooch competing at a dog show before beginning the journey back to the netherlands with a family friend. >> right before the flight left, they had been called to the desk and they were told that their other dog was loaded in, but the kennel gale was empty when they loaded her and they were told to board the plane. >> reporter: and now everyone is digging for clues. >> we've had a lot of volunteers and people wants to help and we're extremely working hard.
3:21 am
also the airport is working really hard. >> reporter: they spotted her once, but they were unable to round her up. >> there the a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness, because there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: waiting as official wild life employees and biologists searched the 4700 acre airport for gale. >> we want her to be safe and back. >> we all want her to be safe and back. fingers crossed they are able to find her and bring her home. the airport says they are working to find gale, which by the way she is microchipped. . >> that was my next question. does she have a collar or micro-chipped? so they should be able track her? >> what if gale was hanging out at the airport? >> chik-filet. >> i think they have a bojangles. the southern folks know all about that. bojangles down there. >> i have some news i want to
3:22 am
share. last week, i introduced you to roxie, the shoot they did last week, well, she's been adopted. a family brought her home. in long island. >> so cool, love her.
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time for "the mix" on this tuesday morning. look, there are a lot of words out there that the kids are using that are a little annoying, but here grandma and grandpa, we're going to try to go through these words right now. >> yeah. >> we got the 2000 american survey for slang words americans love to use but also hate. let's start with number five. ghost as in ghosting. >> getting out of here. >> use gucci in a sentence. go ahead. >> i am so gucci right now. i'm good. >> you are. >> number three, hangry, which is what i am at all times of the morning. and bae as in that's not bae, right there with. what's up, bae? number 1, goat. why is that the most annoying?
3:26 am
michael jordan, beyonce, those are all goats. >> famous of all time, right? use it all in a sentence. >> no, you go ahead. >> wait, wait, you can put up the words again? >> i'm ghosting this place, going home to feed my bae, worth all gucci and you can feed me because i get hangry and my famous. goat. >> you are a goat. you are a goat. so there you go. grandma and grandpa showing how cool we are. >> i'm wearing my j. lo today. >> so gucci. >> from possibly the most annoying words here to possibly one of the most annoying sounds. all right. listen to this people from all around europe converge to participate in the european goat
3:27 am
screeching championship. >> i can't wake up hearing that. >> so in order to win the contest. they have to do their best imitation of a seagull. that's what they're doing. i don't want to judge, but i feel like we can do this the winning prize was a basket of belgium beer. >> go ahead. a test run an all of these stories. >> that sounds like a seal. right? >> your turn. >> okay. >> yeah, it's just kind of annoying. >> that's so hard. . >> all right. this is cool, though. a dangling bicycle kick put the florida timbers to win. look at that. >> that right there is darion esperilla and that uso championship game, that incredible bicycle kick versus los vegas, that's pretty cool. >> all right. awesome.
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martin luther king jr.: we hold these truths to be self-evident -- that all men are created equal. john f. kennedy: the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. barbara jordan: the american dream need not forever be deferred. lyndon johnson: this is the richest and the most powerful country...
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this morning on "world news now," attorney michael avenotti is finding himself on the wrong side of the law. stormy daniels former lawyer is facing fraud and extortion charges. he was speaking out about the charges hours ago. the challenge or obamacare. the trump administration says the entire affordable care act should be thrown out. what that means for the millions of people under the program. new this half hour, the wrong airport and the wrong country. >> passengers thought they were headed to germany. that's not where their flight landed. >> that explanation is coming up. as the judges cut down the competition on "american idol," what made katy perry ugly cry?
3:31 am
the answer is in the "the skinny" on this tuesday, march 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> katy perry can't ugly cry. >> is that an ugly cry? >> ahh. >> yeah. >> i love how she kept calling for her makeup artist, like every singer. she was so touched by it. >> she was so emotional, touched by them. we will get to that. our will ganss will have a lot at that "american idol" showdown. we begin with the lawyer best known for representing porn star stormy daniels, he is now accused of shaking down nike for more than $20 million. >> prosecutors say michael avenotti was threatening the sports wear giant with bad publicity. he is also facing separate charges in california. avenotti who recently flirted with a presidential run is expressing confidence he will be >>ter: a mhael avenotti speakinou wake of charges on both coasts.
3:32 am
>> i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. ecutoe lawyer of trying to extort up to $25 million from apparel giant nike, saying avenotti claimed to have a client, a coach who had damaging information about nike payments to high school basketball players and their families and he threatened go public. in one wiretap, avenotti allegedly warned his lawyer, i'll go take $10 billion off your client's value. i'm not expletive around. one not arrested is celebrity attorney mark geragos. avenotti was arrested just 15 minutes after this tweet threatening to disclose a basketball scandal perpetrated by nike. nike says it's cooperating with the government's investigation into ncaa basketball. and 3,000 miles away in los angeles, prosecutors there unveiling a separate case
3:33 am
against avenotti. . >> the complaint paints a lawless picture of lawless conduct and greed. >> reporter: they allege he stole $1.6 million from a client's legal settlement. stormy daniels cut ties with her lawyer saying knowing what i know now about michael avenotti. i am saddened but not shocked by news reports that he has been criminally charged. >> reporter: the charges here in new york, we're looking at 47 years. if convicted, avenotti could spend the rest of his life behind bars. paula ferris, abc news, new new york. turning now to the showdown stemming from the russia investigation that found no coordination between russia and the trump campaign. >> democrats want to know why
3:34 am
special counsel robert mueller did not reach a conclusion on obstruction of justice. they are asking attorney william barr to turn over the full report by next week. >> reporter: kenneth, stephanie, good morning, president trump isn't just declaring victory. now he is threatening an investigation into the mueller investigation. this as congressional democrats say their fight is just beginning. democrats intensifying their fight for the release of the full mueller report. >> the american people simply want the truth. >> reporter: with the senate's top democrat on monday trying to make a case for the move, but the request blocked by republicans in control of the senate. >> this has been going on for two years. this very extensive investigation took two years to be concluded. >> reporter: now congressional for an all out battle while republicans say, case closed. >> now it's time for them to get over it. they won't get over it. >> there are a lot of open questions. >> reporter: this is the
3:35 am
president trump is changing his tune on special counsel robert mueller saying mueller acted honorably after long accusing him of leading the witch hunt. >> we're glad it's over. it's 100% the way it should have been. >> reporter: the president's response following the release of attorney general william barr's four-page summary letter to congress, citing mueller's conclusions that the evidence did not establish there was collusion between trump and his campaign and the russians during the 2016 election. on allegations of obstruction of justice, no final call from mueller, but barr drew his own conclusions saying there is not enough evidence to prove that right now barr is scheduled to appear before congress on a budget hearing april 9th. that hearing could turn into a showdown on the mueller report, if barr doesn't testify before then. >> our thanks, to elizabeth hur there. the trump administration is telling the appeals court the a
3:36 am
obamacare should be struck down. >> they are trying to get rid of pre-existing conditions, while allowing the rest of the affordable care act to remain in effect. if the administration wins, millions of people could lose their health insurance. congressional democrats have a different confrontation with the president today. the house will vote on overriding his veto of the resolution that terminated the border wall national emergency. it is not expected to get the two-thirds majority needed. buildings in central alabama suffered major structural damage in a severe storm. >> it's believed straight line winds were responsible for the destruction about 40 miles south of birmingham. several parked cars were also seriously damaged. there were no reports of injuries, however. overnight that storm system stretches from the gulf of mexico, along the atlantic coast to virginia as it moves offshore. thunderstorms are possible overnight and during the day, the storms won't be too severe. we are also following several developments regarding the boeing 737 max 8 air crashes.
3:37 am
sourcesay ethiopians have given raw data to the ntsb, faa and boeing. meanwhile, the aircraft manufacturer is meeting with customers today to brief them on its 737 max software update. and southwest airlines has moved all 34 of its 737 max jets to an airport near san bernardino, california. hong kong officials want to snow why an airline allowed a pilot with measles fly four days. the city is seeing a growing outbreak of the disease, 20 cases so far this year. more are likely. five involve airport and airline staff. cathay pacific airlines says it encourages workers who don't feel well to stay at home. well, it was right flight, wrong destination for airline
3:38 am
passengers in great britain. >> british airways flight 3271 was supposed to go from london city airport to dusseldorf, germany. then they said, welcome to edinborough, scotland, the wrong flight plan had been filed. the plane later made it to germany after refueling and getting on their way. you would think before they took you a, you know, the pilot says like where they're going. >> it seems like they skimmed the flight plan. it took them there. it's so automated. >> is that the way it works? hit a few buttons? >> probably. you know what, give thanks for simple blessings. they landed. they landed safely. . >> they landed safely. >> a different city, delayed, but are you alive. >> the weather was better in germany, so they probably went to get the better weather as pr on th
3:39 am
all right, coming up, the case of the dad who didn't make a single child support payment since the early '70s, his daughter is the now he her 50s. hear how much he is now being asked to pay up. later in "the skinny," the night of extreme highs and lows, as hollywood week clears out on "american idol". will ganss joins us. coming up next. rance on a fixed, remember the three p's. fist pumps over there. you are watching "world news now." a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month.
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timing was everything fo group of skiers in europe. take a look at this video from austria. the snow came rumbling down 60 feet away from innisbrooke. no one was hurt. the resort says, no one was in danger. researchers say marijuana-related emergency room visits have tripled since pot was regulated years ago. host troubles were cse smoking the drug. the study itself was triggered by reports of tourists munching on too many marijuana gummies. well, after the legalization
3:43 am
of marijuana, the way people act, i'm sure there is an entire wing at the hospital dedicated for this problem right here. >> well, people are also -- they have those munchies, so the cholesterol is up, doctors office more. there is cheetos dust always on their fingers. it is a thing. >> it is a thing. we are all familiar about stories of so-called dead beat dads who that fall behind on spousal and child support payments. right? >> this morning we have found a women in california reached a settlement from her husband who she says hasn't paid a dime for nearly 50 years. >> reporter: it's a lawsuit half a century on the making. >> i put it on the back burner. >> reporter: she is suing her ex-husband trying to collect child support he was ordered to pay back in the '70s, instead of following the court order. she says he skipped town, moved to canada missing 15 years of payments. >> he was only supposed to give
3:44 am
me like $160 a month. well, that was 50 years ago, well, that was 50 years ago, so that today that's a lot more money. >> reporter: the couple's daughter is well into her 50. thanks to california law, anderson can still collect the money he owes her with interest. >> i realized in the middle of the night, hey, there is no statute of limitations on child support. >> reporter: the agreement in total was $30,000. 10% interest over 50 years, that amount ballooned over $170,000. >> i think he's panicked. i'm very happy. because i've lost panic all these years. no it's his turn. >> reporter: california isn't the only place with statute of limitations. florida, arizona and california allow people to go after dead beat partners after 50 years later. >> i don't think a lot of people
3:45 am
get this. i think they're afraid. >> you owe it. you raised that child. she says they reached a settlement in a private hearing. so he is paying up. >> they should call this grandchild support at this point. 50 years. when times are tough, you start remembering stuff, 12 years later, kenneth, remember that roller skating party, i paid for your skates, pay me back. you start remembering, you start thinking back, wait a minute. kudos to her. she says, you know what, he owes me and here we are. >> here's the thing, though, the 50-year-old daughter, is she going to get a piece of that as well? >> well, i don't know, probably, she should. >> get a little something. . >> i mean it is for her. she was the child, 50 years ago. >> it was for clothes and other things. so when we come back, tears, cheers, and emotional overdrive on "american idol." what martha stewart and
3:46 am
snoop dog did together. that's coming up on "the skinny." skinny." my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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♪ skinny, just give me the
3:48 am
skinny ♪ >> go ahead, "skinny." ♪ kin skinny >> >> a >>ou should be singing every day. >> you should, it's "american idol". >> it is, it is, i auditioned, by the way, years ago. years ago. >> she did? where is that audition, everyone? >> i did not make it in the first round. >> because it was "american idol" last night. we bring in our own idol will ganss. >> it was an amazing night. my morning got incredible after learning you are an "american idol" auditioner. >> you know how many rounds they have? >> you are so good. where you the true "american idol". >> thanks, will, i need new my life every day. >> all right, you all, several different tunes sung on last for one-third of contestants
3:49 am
that came to hollywood, they were left singing a sad song, luke, katy, lionel cutting a huge amount of contestants, breaking bad news to the gorgeous katy bell, remember she was the best auditioner ever. watch pablo sent home and gaba auditioned with her egg donor mom back in idaho. while those were sent packing, other performers sent the judges to their feet. addison vanderburgh from new york tackling an adele song, which is not easy and hitting all the right notes after switching her song last minute. take a look. ♪ holding like a mother to her bred ♪ ♪ give me a menu ♪ take me by the and ♪ while we do what lovers do she i to the round. me a m tti afterwards. she's so good. while that performance was enough to make me emotional, a
3:50 am
23-year-old fast food chef moved katy to tears, for another reason, it had nothing to do with her singing. take a look at what happened when he boyfriend crashed the stage in hollywood. >> joanna, you are the love of my life. >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> love, love, katy full on ugly cried and for the record, that was filmed before orlando bloom proposed to katy, that's why she was extra emotional. we can say aloha to the top 40 sunday night at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. . >> i'm not trying to be a debbie downer, but does anyone cringe for public proposals? >> >> it's sweet. it's so sweet. >> it forces the other person to say yes. >> i think everyone should know the girl is going to say yes if they're going to be so public about it. >> it's sweet, it's sweet. it was sweet. all right.
3:51 am
so next, reese witherspoon, thanks, will, by the way, she gets into a brand-new character, apparently? >> reese is in a new show about morning tv. she reunited with her wrinkle in time oprah winfrey who got her to do her best bff of morning show maven gayle king. >> you need to sit down. >> oprah. >> robert. >> robert. >> robert. . >> robert. >> robert. >> reese. >> you need to do an interview like that. >> i know what. the morning show should get our count up. >> i don't think that's going to be possible, o'. >> great gayle impression. good morning, gayle. that was a good one, reese. speaking of characters, martha stewart and snoop dog are back with their vh-1. >> they had a twist. >> the two recreated that infamous scene of titanic, only in the kitchen with french fries.
3:52 am
>> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> yes, that happened. >> yes. >> they are too much. >> martha, i'm frying. i'm frying, martha.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ >> we know who that is, the one, the only, the incomparable, diana ross is celebrating her 75th birthday today. >> she appeared eternally timeless last month at the grammys. this morning, we are marking the mile the stone by opening up the milestone back to october 1981 when the recording legend sat down with the late abc correspondent sylvia chase. >> billboard magazine has named diana ross female entertainer of the century.
3:56 am
she's the kind of star what has done broadway, movies, records and always stayed on top of current trends, international nightclub acts. she never fails to pay from i to her past. ♪ reporter: the original supremes, florence ballard, diana ross and mary wilson. their act crossed the color line into white america. ♪ c'mon boy ♪ see about me ♪ baby love >> reporter: they were, in large part, responsible for the popularity of what's called the motown sound. a popular tune with an infectious beat. ♪ ain't nobody wide enough >> first year in a row, diana tbrght people to about de. lk i'mi out, it'sy
3:57 am
songs at sg are just saying, i'm here, i'm me, you got to deal with the boss. >> it's kind of interesting that those songs came around at that time in my life when i was opening up or being more aware. it's like my awareness opened up. >> reporter: her feelings for the public are summed up in her biggest hit ever "endless love." ♪ my love shines bright ♪ my endless love >> just incredible. again, that was abc news correspondent sylvia chase who just passed away this past january and just showing diana ross there in her element. ross and motown really changed the game and the landscape of american culture and 75, still looking beautiful, still sounding great. she's incredible. >> absolutely. back in 1993, you want to add the book of guinness records declared ross the most
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> we'll see you tomorrow. making news in america this morning, two new battles raging on capitol hill. first, the mueller report, democrats now issuing a new deadline for the attorney general to hand over mueller's full report as republicans insist the case is closed. >> this is a cheap shot. >> meanwhile, breaking overnight, obamacare back in the spotlight. a dramatic shift from the justice department now insisting the entire health care law should be repealed. extortion charges. michael avenatti is released on bail after allegedly trying to blackmail nike. >> i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> his threat to disclose a college basketball scandal and the $20 million power play that could hand stormy daniels' former lawyer behind bars.


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