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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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so they could help. they weren't sure what would happen if they weren't there. investigators tell us it does appear to be an accident and an adult was home with the child. abc 7 news. >> thank you. our thoughts are with the boy this morning. police arrest add man who attacked a woman on a train. according to the b.a.r.t. spokesperson he hit the woman on the train from daly city to colma stakes. she walked through several cars to get away. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. she was taken to the hospital where she was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. >> it's 4:30 if you're just waking up with us. here is mike nicco with your weather. >> set the stage for today and tonight.
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isolated showers like yesterday. they will be widespread tonight but several hours later than it was yesterday. so the evening commute looks like it could be spared. breezes, they will increase tonight also when those heavier showers started to roll in. here is a look from the roof camera. you can see it's wet on the embarcadero. 47 to 52, 57 to 60, mostly cloudy at noon, mostly cloudy at 4:00. just a random shower, 57 to 64. the chance will start increasing about 7:00 when we hit 55 to 60. once we get to 9:00, it's full on. i'll show you the hour by hour look pretty soon. here is alexis with another look at the commute. >> overall looking good. a live check of walnut creek southbound 680 north of the split. if you are continuing to 24 we have overpass maintenance at caldecott tunnel. both are open this morning. no significant delays across the
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entire stretch. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, that should take you 33 minutes. not terrible but it is in the yellow. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the green at 13. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco also in the green at 15 minutes. new this morning senator kamala harris releasing new details of bold campaign proposal. she wants to give teachers across the country a $13,000 raise. >> you know harris is running for president. she's calling the pay hike the largest investment in teacher pay in u.s. history. i know you're asking, how in the world will we pay for this. senator harris wants to track down on estate tax and loopho s loopholes. her plan would cost $315 billion over 10 years. we also have new developments in the college admission scandal. that's right. "l. a. times" says federal prosecutors have told more parents they are now under investigation. at least 750 parents used the
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services of the man prosecutors say masterminded the cheating and bribery scheme. some of the 33 parents charged so far are being pressured now to cooperate with authorities. "politico" reports eight schools, including stanford, are under investigation by the department of investigation for possible student and aid violations. new details on the investigation of boeing's 737 max. "the new york times" reports during flight simulations, pilots had less than 40 seconds to override an automated system intended to prevent stalls. the pilots were testing a situation similar to what investigators think went wrong in the lion air crash in they believe a malfunction sent the plane into an uncontrollable nosedive before the crew could disengage the system. oweing says it plans to issue a >>ovnit, it is official uber has acquired dubai
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ride share rival kareem. it's a $3.1 billion dollar deal. it's the largest tech deal to ever happen in the middle east. the acquisition comes ahead of uber's expected ipo next month. uber's debut could be one of the biggest ever listings on the new york stock exchange. the company could be valued as much as $120 billion. a bill that would ban long paper receipts has cleared the first hurdle in the legislature. the bill would require businesses that earn more than $1 million a year to give electronic receipts unless the customer asks for a paper one. the measure by san francisco assemblyman passed its first committee vote yesterday. he says it would remove tons of paper from landfills. paper receipts can't be recycled because they are coated with chemicals. imagine coming within a few feet of a great white shark and saving a group of maverick surfers in its path. this quick thinking hero --
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>> reporter: in his five years as a professional surf rescuer, he said no day was like sunday. he suffered mavericks at half moon bay and jumped on a jet ski in the afternoon. that's when he noticed something coming straight at him from below. he snapped this photo. >> it was so distinctly bright white, the bottom half of it. i saw its teeth, its giant gray eye. it was the biggest great white i've seen not on tv. >> stanley just an arm's length away from what he estimates was at the very least a 15 foot great white shark. in the distance in the water nine other surfers, one in particular paddling away catching the attention of the great white. >> it seemed very likely to me the way the shark had turned its attention to the surfer that it was going after him very deliberately and aggressively. >> stanley went into rescue mode. turned on the jet ski, got on
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top of the shark and revved the motor. he alerted surfers. >> everyone climbed onto my ski that could fit and the ones that couldn't held onto the side and i slowly motored the whole crew back to the beach. >> reporter: he said it adds to all that mavericks is. in his words, intense, powerful, beautiful and scary. abc 7 news. take a look at some neighborhood temperatures. good morning at 4:36. we're hovering right around 50 to 52 degrees in most inland east bay neighborhoods. danville and pleasant hill cooler spots, black hawk at 49. 49 pacifica, napa, vallejo, 48 santa rosa. low- to mid-50s, san francisco, oakland, down into the south bay. los gatos in the hills 45. here is a look. yeah, it's still a little wet on the bay bridge. that's what you're going to find this morning. left over wetness from the showers last night. mass transit, there's a random shower today.
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wet roads this morning. i think we'll be dry for the evening commute come the opposite of yesterday and a ferry ride, there's no small craft advisory so it won't be as breezy today. north bay stuck in the 40s through 9:00, 50s up until 1:00, you can see 60. mainly cloudy. a few peaks of sunshine. in the east bay, no chance of a shower on any of these time parts. we're stuck in the 50s until 9:00. look at these low- to mid-60s in the afternoon hours, still at 7:00. last stop will be san francisco. we're pretty much mostly cloudy with peeks of sunshine. 52 at 7:00, reach the 60s around 2:00, hang there until 5:00 and at 7:00, 57 degrees. right after 7:00, that's when the best chance of rain starts to move back into the forecast. we'll take an hour by hour look soon. first i want to bring alexis in to say good morning and welcome back. what are you seeing? >> overall off to a quiet start for tuesday morning drive. so we'll start with our traffic maps and take you up to one
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issue that is on the boards, though it's really not causing much of a delay. we've got a solo vehicle crash, eastbound state route 4 near alhambra and martinez area. sounds like a pickup truck lost control, hit the center divide and was facing the wrong way in one lane. they are working on pushing that off to the shoulder. we may currently have one lane still belonged by emergency crews so waiting for another update from chp. mass transit overall looking good. trains for b.a.r.t. start at 5:00 a.m. the bus bridge in place now. ace 1, 13 minutes late according to their website. i am double-checking. we just talked to them a moment ago. i'm looking at my notes and it sounds like a mechanical issue. they had to switch trains. it will be about 20 minutes by the time they leave stockton. that shouldn't impact any of the ace trains. the first one will be out late. no dplas for capital corridor. homeland security investigating a hacking attack against contra costa county. who was behind it and why it
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failed. flower fans from around the bay area are descending on this backyard. how the owner's labor of love is helping build a better bay area. another showdown is brewing in congress
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thanks to reyndsrap, dinnour quality hasn' reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. all right. let's take a look at what's going on across the state today. it's much quieter than yesterday.
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can you see the showers developing offshore. 87 palm spring, 70s los angeles, low- to mid-60s through rest of the central valley, monterey and 51 up in yosemite above 6,000 feet a winter weather warning. check this out, i know it's march. we're talking several feet of heavy, wet snow above 5,000 feet starting at 11:00 this evening through 5:00 thursday morning. we've got the entire day wednesday full of snow in the sierra. snow showers as we round out thursday and next chance will be monday. friday, saturday, sunday looking good for travel. >> thank you. house democrats will try to override president trump's first veto. president trump issued the veto last month after both chambers of commerce passed a resolution to overturn his national emergency declaration at the southern border. today's vote is largely symbolic. the house needs a two-thirds vote to overturn trump's veto
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and there's not expected to be enough votes today to make that happ happen. this morning berkeley police are asking for the public's help to find a squall battery suspect. can you see him touching a woman inappropriately against her will. she pushes him away. it happened on 1st street. they are hoping someone will recognize this man. to east bay and a hacker tried to gain access to the office. an employee opened an e-mail. it triggered a security that the ip address wasn't what it claimed to be. it immediately locked down. there are patterns that matched other attempts at other government offices across the country. >> clearly ongoing attempts to
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get into systems whether an attempt to gather information, it's too early to motivation was. >> no others have reported an attempt. a man's love of gardening has blossomed into a beautiful gesture. >> reporter: rick santoro has his own super bloom in his backyard in san jose. it's open to the public purchase look, it's just beautiful. this is something i wanted to see in person and it's stunning. >> the bald guy he calls himself, keeps count. >> this year 11,663, i have receipts. >> he spent five months creatin >> it puts you in a place of
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peace and appreciation. >> it will be open every day through the end of the month. >> honestly, i do kind of get , filled the week of the show. i see the look on people's face, that what fills me. >> it's free to get in but people are urged to make a donation to saint jude's research hospital. >> it's amazing to see how much difference one person can make. >> abc 7 news. the bulb guy says he's raised $19,000 for charity over the last tlhree years with his garden. it is certainly beautiful. i love that story. it makes me jealous. i wish i had a garden like this. >> i like looking at it, i don't want to take care of it. >> those flowers wouldn't look as good if i was in charge purchase it would just be dirt. >> it does take a lot of efforts. kudos to whoever helps him with althat th a great job. sn't it?
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absote we're gogo get s buwel try to keept a during the daylight hours today. let's take a look at what's going on. 101 and 880, you can see a little sheen on this stretch of our commute. also let's find out what's going to happen. mostly cloudy today, grab the sunglasses. a random shower so most of us won't need the umbrella until tonight when the showers and breezes increase. we'll have another chance for thursday. then it will be dry, warmer and brighter this weekend. all right. let's take a look at what's going on with our high temperatures, 57 in lake port, 59 in half moon bay. 60 in san francisco to about 66 in places like fremont and also in san jose. now, as far as what's going on tonight, look at temperatures, low- to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. head to the north bay, mid to upper 40s. all right. here is the setup. you can see the area of low pressure still spinning out to our west, still spinning areas of low pressure at us that grab moisture as they pass over the
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ocean. that's what's going to bring us a chance of a random shower today when you add in the sunlight. here we are at 7:00, light showers in green. those are not a lot on this high resolution forecast map, until we get past 5:00. then look what happens during evening hours. everything opens up and flood gates are there. all during the night while we're sleeping, light to mad rat rain, heaviest in the north bay, widespread. the rest of us dealing with moderate. as we head to tomorrow's commute, a lot of moisture for us to deal with. here we are at 7:00 this morning. then we'll go to 7:30 this evening. notice, no areas of measurable rain, at least not in our reporting stations. as you head to the overnight hours and wake up tomorrow morning, about a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. a one, light on the storm scale for wednesday, slight chance of thunderstorm. thursday more rain and 70s coming for the weekend. alexis o,
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cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza waiting for a few more cash booths to open up this morning. no lanes aren't open yet. no metering lights either. i'll let you know as soon as we get official word. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, not terrible. you are in the yellow, coming in at 36. 680 dublin to mission in the green at 15. northbound 85 highway 101 to cupertino should take you about 15 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. unanswered questions about apple's for ai into streaming services, when it's going to launch and how much it's going to cost. important details. big changes with mcdonald's drive-through. tech bytes. >> big ideas at the annual event. >> apple tv providing streaming,
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available in one place on all devices. it offers smooth new games. the company plans to partner with goldman sachs to launch an apple credit card. mcdonald's partnering with a company called decision logic to personalize your drive-through experience. >> change displayed offerings for time of day, how busy the restaurant is and the weather. a man from lithuania pled guilty to duping two tech companies out of millions. >> he forged invoices and requesting payments for electronics they never bought. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. a famous san francisco restaurant is closing. why its star chef is closing up shop. >> last call for alcohol could get push it where you might be able to get a drink after 2:00 a.m. >> it was a really great flight
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until passengers landed and they looked out their windows.
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welcome back. last game of bay bridge at or cal park. mostly cloudy, 59, dropping down
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to 57 degrees. >> thank you, mike. a french restaurant that helped establish the fine dining scene in san francisco is closing after nearly two decades in business. jardinieres last day in business's last day will be april 7th. traci des jardins wrote a statement saying rather than transform the restaurant to change for the era she's closing the shop. she thanks customers for the success. a new push under way to extend last call in california to 4:00 a.m. state senator scott wiener has made it out of committee and could be on the floor soon. the bill would let bars in select cities, san francisco and oakland sell alcohol as part of a test run. each city would have to approve the last call hours. the trial run would start in 2021 and run through 2026. former governor jerry brown
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vetoed a similar bill last year. the nfl has signed off on the raiders lease to play in the coliseum for the 2019 season. it was the final hurdle for the agreement. it contains a provision the raiders could play the 2020 season in oakland as well if the new stadium in las vegas isn't finished. the giants promised their new $10 million score board will be up and running by home opener april 5th. look at that thing. can you see from sky7 it is three times the size of the old score board. crews are still working on it so fans of game two at the bay bridge city of oakland a's didn't see it in operation last night. the giants beat the a's 5-4. all right. let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7. a reprieve as it's sliding into the mountains and turning into rain and snow there, more so than over us. we still have a chance of a random, random shower today.
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tomorrow when that next storm comes in, all of us, everybody shaded in the lighter green right here, which means we have a chance of thunderstorms. that storm is also going to move to the north. a chance to move into the north bay thursday. my biggest concern over the next day or two with this next system will be road flooding especially tonight through tomorrow morning when that next system comes in. it will bring some breezes in. again, just like yesterdayed system, the chance of trees and power lines coming down is very minimal and everything else not even on the board. all right. let's get a check of that morning commute. what are you watching, alexis? >> not too much. overall we're quiet this morning, mike. we have good news, a crash on eastbound highway 4, solo vehicle, spinout collision around alhambra avenue, that is all clear. i believe emergency crews on the scene. all lanes are open. we never had much of a back-up and certainly do not have one now. that is definitely some good news there. maybe not so good if you're planning on using ace rail this
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morning. although you're already on ace 1 if you're dealing with this issue. they had a mechanical problem this morning, had to switch trains. that means they left 22 minutes late out of stockton. they should be arriving any minute into lathrop. it should not impact 3, 5, or 7. researchers in spain say people keep making new brain cells well into their 90s. that's the red you see in this image. this idea has been debated for a long time. doctors used to think we were born with all the brain cells we would ever have, but scientists at the university of madrid say the process of generating neurons happens every second of our lives. the number of new brain cells trails off with age. i think that means there's hope? >> yeah. >> you're going to wonder about parw a very ng destination.lami embarrassing blunder. a flight that was supposed to land in germany ended up in
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scotland instead yesterday. bewildered passengers quickly realized they weren't where they were supposed to be. the company that chartered the rain submitted the wrong route to air traffic controllers. the flight from london was supposed to go to dusseldorf, germany, instead ended up 520 miles away. the flight refueled and headed onto dusseldorf three hours late. >> doesn't give me a ton of confidence. >> that is so scary. >> i hope there were free drinks. >> i hope no one was trying to get somewhere on time. next at 5:00 a.m., the bay area's second shake shack, how soon you'll be able to visit the burger chain. >> trash piling up. the problem that's making it
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now at 5:00, a new investigation into eight universities including stanford. amy hollyfield is following the latest on the college cheating scandal. good morning to you, it is tuesday march 26th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's check in with mike nicco to see if we need the umbrellas today. >> later on today is really when i think you'll need them. too much moisture in the form of smog. petaluma, penngrove, visibility down to an eighth of a mile. half moon bay we'll keep an eye on that. a look at what you're driving on, richmond s


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