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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, a new investigation into eight universities including stanford. amy hollyfield is following the latest on the college cheating scandal. good morning to you, it is tuesday march 26th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's check in with mike nicco to see if we need the umbrellas today. >> later on today is really when i think you'll need them. too much moisture in the form of smog. petaluma, penngrove, visibility down to an eighth of a mile. half moon bay we'll keep an eye on that. a look at what you're driving on, richmond side of richmond-san rafael bridge.
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it's pretty wet. 60 at noon, low- to mid-60s at 4:00. just a random shower during the day. once the sun sets the chances increase. good morning, mike. as we mentioned, a little sheen in most areas. you can see a little bit here right at the bay bridge toll plaza. also see quite the stackup on either side of the toll plaza, only changing the last few minutes we do have carpool lanes open. no metering lights. this should happen in the next 15 minutes or so. drive times looking good, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 18 minutes. 10 minutes toll plaza into san francisco on the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo still in the green at 9 minutes. >> thanks, alexis. new developments in the college cheating scandal. we learned overnight the investigation is now expanding. >> the department of education has launched an investigation into eight universities and that includes stanford. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live for us on campus there with details.
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amy. >> hi, jessica. yes, stanford will be under scrutiny in yet another investigation. we are here to see if the university has a response to this latest development. but according to the website, "politico," amy voss has called into an investigation looking into whether they broke any laws related to federal financial aid or any other laws. she has demanded that eight top universities like stanford and yale be investigated. they have been asked to turn over marketing materials and internal admission procedures. this will run parallel to the original investigation. we saw 12 people who have been implicated in that case appear in court yesterday including coaches who are charged in this case. they all pleaded not guilty. the famous actresses accused in this case are due in court next week. reporting live in palo alto, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. this morning attorney
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michael avenatti is confidence he will be exonerated on charges of extortion and bank and wire fraud. the former personal attorney for adult film actress stormy daniels was released on a $300,000 bond following his arrest in new york yesterday. avenatti is accused of trying to extort up to $25 million from nike. prosecutors here in california also say he stole $1.6 million from a client's legal settlement. if convicted in california, avenatti faces up to 50 years in prison. developing news now from washington. democrats are demanding the justice department turn over special counsel robert mueller's full report to congress by next tuesday. democratic members of the house judiciary committee have strongly hinted they will subpoena attorney general william barr if they don't get the report by april 2nd. republicans and the white a dec released sunday said there was no evidence of collusion and no determination whether the
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president obstructed justice. president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani saying it was a cheap shot. >> take a breath and stop. everybody should stop and apologize for accusing him of collusion. he's completely exonerated. there's no evidence of it. >> president trump says he has no objection to the report being made public. yesterday he offered praise for the special counsel saying mueller acted honorably. the trump administration is making moves to strike down the entire affordable care act. the justice department now siding with a federal judge's ruling in texas that found the act to be unconstitutional. the administration is asking a federal appeals court to throw out the entire law. top democrats lashed out at the republican led effort. house speaker nancy pelosi said
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the move was an all out war on affordable health care. state senator kamala harris called to fight back with everything we've got. javier becerra said his office will defend the act every step of the way. governor newsom will hold a roundtable on housing. the rising cost of rent, they will get to share their concerns with the governor. he plans to talk about the first in the nation housing affordability proposals in his budget. the event starts at 12:30 in sacramento. at abc 7 news we're committed to building a better bay area. that includes cleaning up our streets. >> that's not so easy in berkeley where trash is piling up off frontage roads at interstate 80. the city wants it gone but can't get rid of it because it's not their property. abc news reporter bernard is in berkeley with details and possible solutions. the sort of greeting card people see when they first come into town. >> first impressions mean a lot.
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this isn't impssn joeoris >> it ought to be cleaned up. >> his bay home furniture in berkeley where garbage is piling up at the front and back of his store, it's not far from where several homeless camps popped up along the frontage road. matt lives in a tent. he says don't plame him. >> at least 60% is people dumping. >> we found garbage, tvs, furniture on the street. it's gotten so bad some businesses posted no dumping signs. the city of berkeley would like to clean it up but can't because most of it is caltrans property. >> it's sort of a bureaucratic run around. >> the city says caltrans is supposed to clean up every few weeks but hasn't because of limited resources. they tell abc news caltrans is working with all our local th tners to findns
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ssnessn e bay area. some have their own ideas. >> maybe they should organize a community cleanup. matt says he hopes to find permanent housing and a job soon. meantime he wants to do his job. >> even the people that drive by on the freeways every day, instead of honking and yelling obscenities and making me feel worse than i do, they could give me a trash bag. >> they will work on what's to clean up the trash by working together. meantime city council approved funding for dumpters and toilets near homeless accounts. in berkeley, abc 7 news. oakland was just awarded a grant to help with illegal dumping problem. the california department of resources recycling and recovery giving the city of oakland more than $160,000. that money will be used to form a rapid response crew to clear illegal dumping on city owned and managed property. the funds will also expand garbage pickup to apartment buildings. building a better bay area
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can come in many different forms. share your ideas and see what other people think joining our better bay area facebook group. all right. let's take a look at temperatures. they are a little bit milder this morning and that's going to lead to a little bit milder weather this afternoon. 48 castro valley and san leandro, orinda and richmond 49, 50 to 52 along east bayshore. pretty much the same thing from san francisco to south bay. you head to the pacific ocean there, pacifica about 49. mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. the cooles by far as we expected, because you have a little less cloud cover and low 50s in inland east bay neighborhoods. here is a look at golden gate bridge. a little damp. at least it's not raining this morning. a little fog will develop as we get deeper into the forecast. something alexis and i will keep an eye on. if you're out today, you'll need sunglasses more than umbrella. erhe ia athe pea,, mild,
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mid- afternoon with sunshine mixing in with the cloud cover. east bay cloudy and 51 at 7:00. pretty cloudy throughout the morning up until about 3:00 the sun breaks out and will hit the mid 60s. you can see in the south bay no real opportunity for a sure on any of these day parts. mostly cloudy all day starting at 52 at 7:00, reaching 63 at 3:00. so it will be pretty comfortable afternoon and commute. how about this morning's commute. here is alexis. >> pretty comfortable, too, michael, although i have two new issues to talk about. two crashes came in north bay southbound 101 past san antonio road. not many details in yet. two-vehicle collision mostly off on the shoulder. it is partially blocking the slow lanes. as you come down from state route 16 south of there, you can see a bit of a delay maybe for a quarter, half mile. traffic is in the red, waiting to get more information from chp on that one.
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westbound 24 before you get inside caldecott tunnel solo vehicle crash. someone hit a guardrail going 65 miles an hour. that was blocking a slow lane. they have that pushed off to the shoulder now. i'm not seeing any back-up through that stretch. >> thank you, alexis. coming up, the seven things you need to know before you start the day. >> uc students rally at the capital. what they are pushing for when it comes to summer school. >>
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5:13 on the dot if you're just joining us. here are things to know before you go. storm impact scale through today, tonight, a random shower through the day. our heaviest rain is tonight while most of us are sleeping. i'll take an hour by hour look in seven minutes. >> number two, a 4-year-old boy in serious condition after falling from a fourth story of a sunnyvale complex. police say there was at least one adult family member home when it happened. it does appear to be an accident. number three, new developments in the college admission scandal. the department of education is reportedly looking into eight universities including stanford. its investigating recruiting and admissions practices. number four, senator kamala harris is releasing new details
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of her plan to give teachers across the country a $13,000 pay raise. she wants to cra tay r the liplan. demanding justice department turn over special counsel robert mueller's full report to congress by next tuesday. democratic members of congress have hinted they may subpoena attorney general william barr to get it. number six, overall we're looking good on the roads this morning. we've had a handful of minor issues. nothing right now on the san mateo bridge. if you're traveling westbound to hayward and heading to foster city, should take you about 21 minutes. number seven, bts army get ready. you will soon be able to get your very own dolls that look like the group. mattel tweeted this photo, they are set to go on sale in december. cute. making higher education more affordable. hundreds of students marched at the capital yesterday. a list of demands includes
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additional funding for enrollment in summer courses. more resources for students through the dream act. lawmakers are hoping to pass a bill expanding cal grants for summer programs. >> to take away from some of the barriers so students don't have to decide between eating and going to class, between eating and finding a place to stay. >> students also say expanding grants for summer courses will help them get their degrees faster. the coveted plight brought in millions of dollars to sonoma county. reporting the county made $4 million during the two weeks it was available. visitors from 42 states and 14 countries came to try the beer. the money includes spending for hotel stays and gas. this is the 15th year the plight has been released. second shake shack location opens tomorrow in the north bay. >> first location opened in palo alto three months ago.
5:16 am
the burger chain will be at the marin county in larkspur. shake shack created items exclusive to the bay area. customers waited hours to try the burgers, crinkle cut fries and milkshakes. the palo alto location opened in september. shake shack opens tomorrow morning at 11:00. >> you're favorite place. i don't want even want to get into it. it's fine. >> it is making me hungry this morning. >> yes. a lot of buzz about oprah's visit to apple headquarters in cupertino. she was there with a bunch of celebrities for the big apple announcement yesterday. >> yes. you can also see she rode the spinning elevator. we have the video for you and took some time to meet with employees as well. >> what it's like to eat day in the apple cafeteria. >> i grew up on the show. thank you so much. >> they weren't eating, just
5:17 am
trying to get a hug from oprah. look at that. everyone with their cell phone out, taking pictures. you heard that woman crying there. they were all shocked. we learned oprah will release two documentaries on apple plus. during her visit, oprah was asked about a rumored run for president in 2020. >> this means you're not running for president? >> definitely not running. >> how many times does she have to answer that. >> she answer that is everywhere she goes. she answered on instagram. the media mogul seen ming ling with stars like reese witherspoon. >> i love her, sara bareilles. >> if you missed the announcement, more details coming up at 5:45. stay with us. we'll have much more. >> i recognize this could be a bad take, i'm regressing. i kind of thought the people at the apple cafe would be a little cooler. >> no big deal. we work for apple, we get
5:18 am
celebrities in all the time. >> oprah is the big celebrity so i get it. i thought they would be a little more chill than that. >> yeah, right. oprah walks into the cafe, you take your phone out. >> someone you look up to tremendously if you're crying. >> can you imagine if oprah was in circle 7 cafe. >> i would be like hey, oprah, what's up? >> you would be the first person with a selfie. >> all right. let's talk about what's going n on. >> no lies told. >> i'd offer an umbrella but that's pretty lame. here is a look at what's going on outside right now. it's pretty quiet. mostly cloudy conditions with just a random shower. showers, thunderstorms. we've got a possibility of those increasing tonight all the way through thursday and spring warmth coming at us this weekend. here is a look at our high temperatures today. a lot of 60s out there. warmer than yesterday. we'll have a little more we'll have that rain-cooled air moving in during afternoon and
5:19 am
evening hours. 59 half moon bay, cool spot atl. tonight is a mild one, winds out of the south and blow that rain in. then they will bring us low- to mid-50s in most neighborhoods, mid to upper 40s in the north bay. one of our milder mornings will be tomorrow morning. a few random showers out there as we wind down the morning commute. already at 5:00, best chance of showers in the central valley and over the ocean. notice the flow coming out of the south. when the south wind bumps into our moups, it cntains, it can ce shower. that's why i kept it in the forecast. showers become more widespread and heavier while most of us are sleeping. we're going to wake up to wetness on the roads tomorrow. even a little ponding possible. here we are at 9:00 and still some showers around during the morning commute. accuweather seven-day forecast, a one for today, mainly for tonight. a one tomorrow as a thunderstorm is possible. thursday more rain and then there you go.
5:20 am
the sun comes out friday and the 70s come out this weekend. alexis. >> all right, mike. overall doing pretty well. take you to the north bay, no change, working on getting a tow truck to the scene of two-car crash 101 past san antonio road. that is blocking the right lane. the back-up may be a little slower and longer than last time we checked. we haven't gotten many new details other than a tow truck on the way. bay bridge toll plaza. as of a moment ago we hadn't gotten official work metering lights are on. let me check, nothing yet from chp. carpool lanes open, no slowdown there. drive times good, 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin 15 minutes, even with the crash in the novato area still under an hour at 57. northbound 17 looking good through santa cruz mountains highway 1 to los gatos in the green at 23 minutes. san diego zoo preparing for a bittersweet and furry
5:21 am
good-bye. the last two giant pandas living you said their care will soon be gone because china is taking them back. san diego was the first zoo in the u.s. to get giant pandas from china as part of a conservation loan agreement. the zoo says the program has been a success helping with research and conservation. san diego zoo visitors say they will dearly miss the giant pandas. they will leave at the end of next month, at the end of april. >> that's disappointing. it was always so fun to see them there. >> beautiful creatures. >> coming up, katy perry cries tears of joy. nothing to do with the competition. the moment that brought the "american idol" judge to this.
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5:25 am
morning's commute. here is a quick look what i expect out of the storm tonight. a slight chance of road flooding and a little breezier tonight so trees and power lines may be near the coast and the hills. it's a possibility. >> mike, thank you. rasputin music closed another store. powell street and san francisco closed abruptly a few years ago. same thing happened in stockton as it closed for good on monday. a quick check of berkeley's location shows five locations still in business in the bay area. the tears were flowing on "american idol" and not just because of the competition. >> katy perry keeps crying on the show. i think it's the second time this week. a sacramento man made katy perry cry when he popped the question to his girlfriend. >> you're the love of my life. will you marry me?
5:26 am
>> according to sacramento bee, he had plans to propose in san francisco. but when his girlfriendna jones made it to holiday week, he decided to do it there instead. jones said it was a dream come true. to th top round, top 40. also ashley hess, this is the moment the judges delivered the good news to the group. you can jane us on abc 7. she's quite good. >> congratulations all the way around. nice to see tears of joy. we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including breaking news coming in. a search happening right now for a missing swimmer. also, a plan to get rid of receipts takes a step forward. why one assemblyman is pushing for the change. also marijuana emergencies. what's behind a massive spike in er visits.
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now at 5:30, a little boy falls from a fourth floor balcony. what we've learned about this this morning. >> a $13,000 raise for teachers. the bold proposal senator kamala harris harris revealed overnight. >> also, the beautiful bloom you can check out for free but only if you see it in the next few days. good morning on this tuesday 26th. has sprung. >> i love tulips. >> thanks for joining us. is there rain in the forecast, mike? >> a little bit. not necessarily during the day as much as yesterday but tonight when a lot of us are sleeping, i think that's going to be our best chance with the next round that moves in. good morning, everybody. here is the fog we talked about yesterday. it's developing across the north bay and spreading from petaluma all the way to healdsburg and
5:30 am
windsor, fort ross, dillon beach and marshall. watch out for visibility, less than a mile, down to an eighth of a mile there. as far as what we're seeing, a lot of moisture in the air, a little left on the ground from last night's rain. temperatures running 47 to 51. we head through the accuweather four-hour planner, mostly cloudy with random shower. comfortable at 4:00, comfortable at the coast, mid-60s for the rest of us. the chance of rain starts to increase with temperatures in the upper 50s. alexis. >> good morning, mike. we do have official word now bay bridge metering lights are on. 5:20 the official time this morning. you know the drill if you're paying with cash or fasttrack you'll have your way with no issues. drive times looking pretty good 580, tracy to dublin always the exception. youish in the yellow, not terrible, 48 minutes. westbound 4 westbound antioch to
5:31 am
concord in the green. 101 san rafael to san francisco in the green at 17 minutes. a crash north of there. we'll take a look at that next. >> alexis, thank you. we want to get straight to breaking news from pacifica where a search is on for a swimmer. it's happening at pacifica beach in pacifica. we're told the coast guard was called at 4:45 this morning to help out pacifica police in their search for a swimmer. we have an abc 7 news crew on the scene. we're hoping to bring a live report coming up at the top of the hour at 6:00 a.m. please stay tuned for that. a sunnyvale boy right now being treated in a hospital after falling from a four-story balcony. >> abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live where this happened off camino real. jobina, what more can you tell us about the boy? >> he's 4 years old. i talked to an officer on duty.
5:32 am
he said when the child left here, that was basically the last they knew of his condition. they are hoping for an update today. according to investigators, an adult family member was home at the time the child fell from the fourth floor balcony. that was at 5:00. it appears this was an accident. investigators were here taking measurements late into the night. the man that called 911 says he lives on the first floor and was with his family when he heard a loud thud from outside. >> i looked down and there was a kid in the balcony. we weren't sure which apartment or whom he belonged to. i saw he was bleeding. i was glad we were there so we could call 911. i don't know what would happen otherwise. >> the neighbor also said the child was bleeding.
5:33 am
cps and district attorney were called and that is protocol. live in sunnyvale, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. b.a.r.t. police arrested a man who attacked a woman on the train. according to the bhairt spokesperson the man hit the woman with an object on the train traveling from daly city to colma. it caused her to bleed. she walked through several train cars to get away from the attacker. police met the man at colma. he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. the victim was taken to sf general where she was treated for life threatening injuries. new this morning kamala harris releasing new details of a very bold campaign proposal. she wants to give teachers across the country a $13,000 raise. >> she's running for president and calling the pay hike the largest in history. how would she pay for this. senator harris wants to crack down on estate tax loopholes.
5:34 am
it would raise $318 billion. the "l. a. times" says federal prosecutors told more parents they are under investigation. 750 parents used the services of the man they say masterminded the cheating and bribery scheme. some of the 33 parents already charged are being pressured to cooperate with the authorities. "politico" reports eight schools, including stanford, are under investigation by the department of education for possible student aid violations. new details in the investigation of boeing 737 max. during flight simulations pilots had less than correct the stall. they believe a malfunction sent the plane into an uncontrollable
5:35 am
nosedive before the crew could disengage the second. boeing plans to issue the software update tomorrow. new this morning uber acquired a ride share in dubai. it comes ahead of uber's ipo next month p. uper's debut could be thing biggest ever from the new york stock exchange. the company could be valued as much as $120 billion. a bill that would ban long paper receipts has cleared the first hurdle in the legislature. the bill would require businesses that earn more than $1 million a year to give electronic receipts unless the customer asks for a printed one. the measure by san francisco assemblyman passed its first committee vote yesterday. he says it would remove tons of paper from landfills. paper receipts can't be recycled because they are coated with chemicals. a french restaurant that helped establish the fine dining scene in san francisco is closing after nearly
5:36 am
in business. the reason is interesting. you'll hear in a second. jardinieres last day in business's last day will be april 7th. traci des jardins wrote a statement saying rather than transforming the restaurant to fit the social media era, it's time to close shop. she thanks staff and customers for the success. a quick thinking her orks a group of suber from the shark. >> he noticed the shark. nine surfers in the distance, one paddling away catching the attention of the great white. he turned on the jet ski he was on, got right on top of the shark and revved his motor changing the course of the great white. >> the way the shark had turned its attention to the surfer, it was going after him very
5:37 am
deliberately and aggressively. everyone climbed onto my ski that could fit and the ones that couldn't held onto the side and i slowly motored the whole crew back to the beach. >> wow, that is terrifying. stanley says he's never seen anything like this before in his five years as a professional surf rescuer. nice job. all right. let's take a look at what's going on. upper 40s to low 50s. that's what we have along the peninsula until half moon bay and membership lo park, 45 and 46. los gatos 47, san ramon 46. same thing in the north bay, mid to upper 40s there with a lot of low 50s along east bayshore. from concord to antioch and livermore. 680 getting dryer as more and more drive on it. a random shower possible. for the most part you'll need the sunglasses for today. as we get through the day the roads will become dryer also. your hardest commute is earlier under the circumstances o
5:38 am
you get out this morning and drive on the streets. no craft advisory for the north bay. at 4:the fog will start lifting, 60 at 3:00. that's as warm as it gets. rain in the east bay? a mix of stars and sun, mainly cloudy through 11:00, mostly cloudy this afternoon in the mid-60s. how about san francisco. we are going to stay mostly cloudy today. some peeks of sunshine mean you'll need sunglasses. temperatures will be slightly more comfortable than yesterday in the low 60s. all right. so we've got a chance of rain tonight and thunderstorms. an hour by hour look at that coming up. bring alexis in here, good morning. >> good morning. >> how are the roads doing? >> we've been pretty quiet so far today so we don't have major issues. knock on wood. hopefully i did not just jinx things for you. a bit of a slowdown in the north bay. we are improving southbound 101 past san antonio road. two-car collision in the far right lane. they did just clear that a few
5:39 am
moments ago. so that back-up starting to unwind but averaging about 10 miles an hour on the approach. that is adding about 10 minutes total to your commute from state route 116. so we'll check that again in a few minutes. that should continue to thin out. mass transit overall looking good. the only issue we've had is pretty significant delay for ace 1, a mechanical issue early this morning. they had to actually switch trains before they left stockton. they are about 23 minutes behind schedule, not exacting the rest of the trains. ace 3 is out on time. >> thanks, alexis. coming up, the threat of election tampering. the attempt to hack the system in contra costa county. >> changes at mcdonald's drive-through. how your experience will become personalized. >> good morning to viewers streaming us live at and on our abc 7 news app. if you are on the go, you can take abc 7 mornings with you. get up to the minute
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5:42 am
a chance for random showers in south bay and east bay neighborhood. mostly cloudy for the kids at school today and dry. 47 to 56 this morning. mid-50s and near 60 at 11:00. look at that, mid-60s away from the coast, upper 50s. except for monterey, a little warmer, 61 chico, 45 tahoe, a
5:43 am
lot of sunshine, 80s in so cal. winter weather advisory for western slope. starting 11:00 tonight through thursday. 2 to 4 feet of snow is possible in the sierra. it just won't stop, will it? a look at accuweather forecast, finally stops friday, saturday, sunday temporarily. it rains and snows. >> thank you. house democrats will try to over ride president trump's first veto. he i should it early this month. both chambers passed to over or turn. it it will be mostly symbolic. they need a two-thirds vote to overturn the veto and there are not enough votes expected for that to happen. berkeley asking for help finding a sexual battery suspect. you may want to look at this video showing a man trying to grab a woman. he touches her against her will. she then pushes him away.
5:44 am
it happened february 22nd on university avenue near west street. police have released this video in hopes someone will recognize this man. now to the east bay and threat of election tampering. a hacker tried to gain access to contra costa elections office. an employee opened an e-mail from a known sender on thursday but it triggered a cyber security alert that the underlying ip address was not from a known source as it claimed to be. so the system was immediately locked down. the attempt appears to have patterns that match prior attempts at other government offices across the country. >> clearly they are ongoing attempts to get into sensitive government systems, whether just to cause havoc, whether it's to undermine confidence, whether it's an attempt to gather information, it's too early to say what motivation was. no other election offices in california have reported a similar hacking attempt. tv is more than just entertainment, it's cultural.
5:45 am
apple is joining a crowded video streaming market. ceo tim cook revealed apple tv plus in cupertino yesterday. a bunch of a-list celebrities were there as he announced projects for the new ad-free streaming video service. it's not clear yet how much it will cost. apple also announced ad-free game subscription service called apple arcade as well as no fee credit card called apple card. it was quite the list of celebrities. steve carell, reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston, oprah, steven spielberg. the list goes on. >> when apple calls, they come. that's for sure. >> they did it big. okay. changes coming to the mcdonald's drive-through. >> mcdonald's partnering with a company that specializes in decision logic to personalize your drive-through experience. the men ux will change displayed
5:46 am
offerings according to time of day, how busy the restaurant is and the weather. it can also suggest items based on your selections. mcdonald's will start rolling out the technology sometime this year. >> now even mcdonald's can read your mind, right? >> yes. even mcdonald's going high-tech. >> isn't that where you kind of want to be anonymous? >> mcdonald's? >> because you're getting, like, 20 piece mcnugget. >> large shake. >> double quarter pounder. >> sunglasses. >> mcrib. >> jessica, is that you? didn't you order that yesterday? >> you forgot your diet coke. >> >> two cheeseburgers. >> let me be. >> drive-through was a good idea yesterday with the rain but you can sit outside because we have mostly cloudy conditions. a third of an inch of rain.
5:47 am
a southern humid breeze will bump into our mountains and that can create a shower. a better chance when a cold front comes through. that will increase our breezes also. it can be noisy for some of us tonight. dry, warmer and much brighter for the weekend. temperatures today, you can see the low- to mid-60s just about everywhere except for lake port and half moon bay, upper 50s for you. tonight is going to be a mild one. we'll have a southerly breeze. temperatures in the low- to mid-50s, except for up in the north bay where the rain will be heavier and cool you more. mid to upper 40s. here is a look at what's going on. look at this, isn't it beautiful? two areas of low pressure spinning right next to each auto other. the effect will spin around each other. one will come our way tonight and the next thursday. that unsettled pat he were is why we'll have a chance of wet weather. high resolution forecast models show pretty much nothing for the entire day today except for close to the east bay and south bay during the afternon hours. by 9:00 tonight, that's when the next front comes in.
5:48 am
you can see the showers, even the possibility of a thunderstorm developing as we head through the overnight hours. also during tomorrow's morning commute. so enjoy today's commutes. they are going to be a little easier than tomorrow morning. a one for wednesday, a one for thursday and then the sunshine breaks out friday and the 70s come back for saturday and sunday. alexis. >> all right. i want to head back it really our biggest issue of the morning so far. a two-car collision in novato. southbound 101 past san antonio road. that is gone. as you can see, back in the green approaching that scene. we're still having a little tougher time as you come through state route 116 interchange. hopefully that will clear out before we really get into the morning rush. that is an improving situation. big soccer match tonight. foot bull, mexican national team taking on paraguay. parking lots open at 1:30, gates open up at 5:00. this is definitely going to be a
5:49 am
big traffic issue. mke that 45,000 coming. i'm checking my notes. definitely plan on some delays this afternoon into this evening. a quick check of walnut creek, reports of a vehicle fire southbound 680 near treat boulevard. i'll work on details and have another update coming up next. thanks, alexis. one man's effort to build a better bay area started with gardening and bloomed into a beautiful gesture. >> this is nice. rick santoro has his own little super bloom going on in his backyard in san jose. yeah, it is open to the public. santoro who goes by the nickname the bulb guy has been planting bulbs since 1985. he's created a botanical oasis, one he hopes to share with neighbors. >> honestly, i do kind of get drained, you know, but i get filled the week of the show. i see the look on people's face, that what fills me. >>ed yard will be open every day
5:50 am
through the end of the month. instead of charging admission, visitors are encouraged to make a donation to saint jude's research hospital. he said he's raised $19,000 for charity so far. that's pretty great. >> yeah, it's great. his garden is impressive. well deserved. >> way to go. >> he should donate. that's a lot of hard work. new at 6:00, the urgent search this morning for a prized show dog missing from one of the nation's busiest airports. >> first is the third time the
5:51 am
5:52 am
bay bridge continues at
5:53 am
oracle park in san francisco, a's across the bridge to take on the giants. first pitch 59, droppig to 57 under mostly cloudy sky. mike, thank you. now to a startling new study about marijuana. >> edibles are apparently leading to a spike in emergency room visits in colorado. recreational marijuana has been legal in colorado since 2014. edibles make up only .3% of all pot sales. researchers found they are linked to more than 10% of all er visits. abc news reporter is covering the story. >> reporter: one of the reasons this is happening, when you smoke marijuana you feel the effects immediately. when you eat the marijuana product, the high can take three hours to reach its peak. because it's not kicking in, they take more and more and that can lead to an overdose. >> wow, the marijuana industry is urging people to follow directions and dosage instructions especially when it comes to candy and cookies. keep them out of the reach of
5:54 am
children. the number of measles cases in the united states is still rising and the center for disease control says there have been 46 new cases in the last week. this brings the total to 314 since the beginning of the year. measles are reported in 15 states including california. we know of at least three cases so far in the bay area and the largest outbreaks are in new york and washington state. >> researchers in spain say people keep making new brain cells well into their 90s. that's the red you see in the image. this idea has been debated for a long time. doctors used to think we were born with all brain cells we will have. scientists at the university of madrid say the process of generating neurons happens every second of our lives. the number of new brain krems trails off with age. >> does it trail off when you're on the morning shiftars? >> we are officially brain dead. no one if you realized that. >> i don't feel like i'm making
5:55 am
any new ones. >> no. >> okay. let's take a look at traffic here this morning. we do have one new issue in the east bay, westbound 880 near mcbryde. four vehicles involved blocking far left lane. still waiting on details from chp but bad spot to have any lanes down. we have a back-up forming. a quick check of walnut creek southbound 680 north of treat boulevard we have reports of a vehicle fire. i believe if you look toward the middle top portion of your screen, you can see flashing lights there. the vehicle fire was off on the shoulder. everyone got out okay. i believe the emergency crews are there. slowing down to take a look at that. you are heavy in pleasant hill. let's check in with mike nicco. >> you see absolutely no rain out there. the rain dances around us in the south bay, east bay and north bay. tonight you can see the rain overtaking all of us by 9:00 tomorrow morning. right now it's pretty quiet with the rain moving into the high country. we do have a chance of
5:56 am
thunderstorms tonight through tomorrow. that chance moves to the north as we head into the thursday as the system starts to depart thursday finally and we'll see trier weather starting friday. until then storm concerns not only today but for tonight there can be some ponding on the roadways. >> all right. thanks, mike. perhaps the third time is the charm. a new push is once again under way to extend last call in california to 4:00 a.m. state senator scott wiener's bill made it out of committee and could be up for a vote on the floor soon. the bill would let bars in select cities including san francisco and oakland sell alcohol as part of a test run. each city would have to approve the last call hours. the trial would start in 2021 and go through 2026. by the way, former governor jerry brown vetoed a similar bill last year. the giants promise their new $10 million score board will be up and running by their home opener on april 5th. you can see it from sky7. it's three times the size of the old score board. crews are still working on it so
5:57 am
fans of game two bay bridge series oakland a's didn't get to see it in operation last night. by the way the a's beat the giants 5-4. >> impressive. next at 6:00 a.m., trash piling up in one area and the problem that's making it tricky to clean up. >> breaking news this morning. the surge for a missing swimmer off the coast of pack, arpacif. here is a live look from sk
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news from the peninsula. sky7 is over pacifica where a search is on for a swimmer missing in the ocean. we're told the coast guard was called at 4:45 to help out pacifica police in their search for that missing swimmer. you see there a coast guard helicopter is assisting the search. you can see from sky map 7 some of the roads we're talking about
6:00 am
following the coastal highway. we see sky7 follow this helicopter, and it looks like there's a spotlight on a portion of the beach. >> long coast highway there. this is happening near pacifica and rockaway beaches. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is arriving at the scene shortly. she'll have a live report as soon as she gets there. again, if you're headed out, you can always find breaking news on abc 7 news app as we continue to watch this search. as can you see there are emergency personnel around the area. see that coast guard helicopter there circling, eventually making its way back to the ocean where that missing swimmer was reported earlier at 4:45 is when that call came in. enable push alerts on the app as we continue to get updates on the storwillas them along to you. >> right now a check of the forecast with abc meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi, guys.


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