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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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berkeley. maybe you have seen this. homeless people camping nearby. but they say it is not their fault. some of this is illegal dumping. >> the frontage roads are not city properties it belongs to caltrans. >> luz peña is live from berkeley tonight. >> reporter: we are actually standing on berkeley side of the road. across the street, that belongs to caltrans. property owners tell us they are tired of it. it takes one person to make a difference and he wants to be the one. >> imagine it being landscaped.. nice trees, being sloped up. we are going to put flowers and large bushes so they can't sleep in them.
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>> reporter: this is the rendering he and his wife propose to caltrans. you are willing to pay for this? >> oh, yeah. it is cheaper for us to resolve this and make everybody happy than it is to ignore it. >> reporter: bill owns the building across and constantly getting complaints from his tenants. >> garbage from drugs and trash. >> for property that is not our responsibility, it is hard for us to act immediately. but i think we have gotten to a point where the city needs caltrans permission to clean it up. >> reporter: in a statement caltrans said, caltrans is working with our local partners to find solutions to the complex
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issue of the homelessness in the bay area. the city of berkeley explains that caltrans is supposed to clean the area every two weeks but can't get to it due to limited resources. the property owner we spoke to said he is willing to pay the 50,000 to $100,000 to adopt this highway. the insurance company refused to insure them they said they are not going to deal with the trash and homeless encampment across the street. >> we invite you to share your ideas and see what your neighbors think. in the south bay, a measles health alert tonight. santa clara health officials say the tourist caught them abroad.d
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>> reporter: the infected tourists visited 20 stops in the south bay that was between march 16 and the 22nd. the possible exposure is alarming for anyone who hasn't been vaccinated or hasn't had measles before. watch for symptoms. we know the infected tourist visited stores malls and restaurants between palo alto and san jose. >> it's quite frightening, really repulsing. i feel like they should have a big poster announcing we just had an epidemic here, measles.
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>> reporter: the tourist who is from another country visited restaurants and stores. good news county health officials say this is not a public health emergency. the vast majority of people in the county are vaccinated and are protected. still, this is a highly contagious respiratory disease. >> our message is if you are not one of the majority who is protected and you might have been exposed, to know what the symptoms are and watch for them. >> reporter: now, other locations include the great mall in milpitas, macy's, apple valley wall. we have a full list. visit and click on the story. all right. amanda, thank you. what would you do if you were
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notified several seconds before an earthquake was to hit your city. around 11:00 a.m. a portion of the city will be notified via cell phone. >> reporter: we can't predict the date, time or location of an earthquake. but now we have the technology to warn us a few seconds before. >> and this happens within seconds. >> reporter: more than 1600 seismic stations sending data which then alerts the california office of emergency services which will send warnings by push notifications to your cell phone. oakland has been picked to test this technology >> the message is going to show up on the phone and say this is
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a test of the california earthquake warning system. it is going to be clear that it is a test. >> reporter: once the earthquake alert is delivered, it gives you just enough time to drop cover and hold on. and that took me about five seconds and that reduces your risk of being injured. >> the part that we want to know is how quickly will it be delivered once it is handed off. >> reporter: for that, people are asked to record the exact time on which the alert first arrived on its phone. the results will help deliver this technology statewide. oakland was selected because it is a dense area on the fault. rain is approaching the bay area. this is a live look outside from our east bay hills camera.
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we see all of those cloudy conditions out there. meteorologist drew tuma has the latest on when the rain will arrive and how long it will last. >> the big question. how long will it linger around. the clouds have been thickening across the region. live doppler 7 is tracking those returns right now. and you notice some pops of green on your screen. there is moisture up in the atmosphere. and the problem is dry air close to the ground. a lot of this is evaporating. what it is doing is prepping the atmosphere for heavier showers coming your way. outside right now a cloudy look from our emeryville camera. it is a similar set up as we take a look at the south bay right now. we don't have any drops right there either. live doppler 7, our storm system
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is off the coast. future weather as you go hour by hour close to midnight tonight. that is when the storm will get going and tomorrow looking at downpours moving through. we will take a look at how long it sticks around in a few minutes. >> sounds good, and you at home can track it anywhere. customize the app to get the loetest forecast where you live. highway 9 is back open in boulder creek after a mud slide. the california highway patrol sent out this picture this afternoon. debris, trees and wires came down on tt ady. areowopen. major league baseball suspended larry bare for three months. it happened on march first.
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the tmz sports obtained that video. he has been on leave since march fourth. mlb commissioner issued a statement "i find that mr. baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader he is expected to be a role model for others in his organization and community." members say the punishment is reasonable. >> i appreciate in their statement that they emphasized that it had to be strong consequences because of larry baer's leadership role. >> he also issued a statement today saying "i respect and accept the commissioner's decision and appreciate the fair process by mlb and the giants. i made a serious mistake that ii
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sin serly regret my actions." and next, insider shares the red flags he saw in the
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the federal government just upped the antefor two bay areas for the college cheating scheme. they along with other bay area parents were previously facingig
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mail -- the u.s. attorney's office said it has no comment about the new indictment. many suspects are heading to court this week and hearing from an insider that he saw lots of red flags. >> reporter: alan coe is elite. a move he likens to having more than one doctor. >> he was confident about his ability to get kids in with certainty. and in my work, we don't deal with certainties, we deal with probabilities. and we can never get it to 100%. >> reporter: was he offering 100%? >> he said it was a done deal and i didn't have to worry. >> reporter: the shared client went on to usc.
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his parent is being charged. a couple of years after first meeting singer, c off e reached out to him with advice with a difficulty case. >> looking back, he was offering me the side door. i didn't understand the explanation of it. it didn't make sense to me. he talked about donations to his nonprofit and that nonprofit would make some sort of donation. it seemed to me like a legitimate but misguided development play. >> reporter: he says the development play is when the family donates significant funds to a school in the realm of millions. in this case, coe says singer se was offering a 5,000 to his donation. >> he said they have relationship with the athletic
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department and they could donate it in a way to make a meaningful difference. i couldn't understand it so i walked. >> reporter: coe said he texted singer asking if he wanted to transfer his remaining students with him. >> his response that with enough time things will blow over and thing also >> reporter: at any point did you think i should take this to the authorities?% >> well, no, because i didn't think anything illegal was happening. it was simply explained to me as a donation to the university. it was never a payment would be made to an individual who would pocket the money. >> reporter: he said most college consultants are mentors and educators and hope this
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scandal won't taint their good work. he has one family that they were sorry they were involved and thinking of him. in the news room, melanie woodrow. thank you. stories have been the most searched on our website. valero's shut down of a refinery is fueling a spike in gas prices. forced parts of a plant to tefrp repair shut down and repair the problem. prices have gone up $0.15 i i ii week. dungenness crab season is coming to an early end this month. >> a look at the wide ranging
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impact of this decision. >> reporter: these lines that atta attach buoys that tend to be the problem. under a settlement announced today, crab season will end april 15 this year and even earlier in subsequent years. >> april is important. because when we get to spring, it is the time of year that we have the most whales swimming around with crab gear. >> reporter: the agreement involved the center for diversity agreement. and besideshe shortened crab season, they will come up with ways to end whales from getting trapped. >> they come up with guidelines like limit the amount of extra
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rope, that is a big factor. and the other thing is limiting that surface rope between your main and trailer. >> reporter: california crabbers say they will see their income. >> this is a great victory for us but most importantly for the whales and sea turtles. it will help ensure that they can swim freely and not get tangled up in crab gear. >> reporter: dungenness should be available for thanksgiving, but possibly not at easter. at pillar point harbor, david louie, abc7 news. we did get a little break from some rain today. >> how long will that last? meteorologist drew tuma is here with that. >> live doppler 7 looks pretty
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ominous at this point. i look at all of our measurements at the ground. no buckets of recording rain just yet. we have dry air at the surface. you can feel those drops but adding the cloud coverage to our sky. you can see it is a grey finish to the day but with a wet winter behind us and spring showers in the forecast for the past couple of weeks, pollen has become an issue right now. if you are sniffling and sneezing, mold especially is running at high levels. combined with tree pollen. that is why you are seeing your allergies on the rise. u.v indexo t rise.
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you want to put that sun screen on. numbers ahead of the storming we are tracking, it is mild out there, pretty comfortable. 62 in san francisco, 66 in san jose. 60 that number in napa. tonight, a lot of cloud cover and the big story certainly that rain returns first while many of us are sleeping but will impact the morning commute. on the storm impact scale, level 1. showers could see downpours at times not out of the question. thunderstorms are also possible. we may get dynamics and heating in the afternoon. winds breezy, 20 to 30 miles per hour. 5:00 in the morning, he is going to track that wet weather and it looks like early in the morning the north bay will get hit hardest. the pops of yellow and orange on the screen.
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scattered showers in the peninsula and in the east bay. a ripple of energy works through here. if you are out and about through the lunch break, have the umbrella. you will need it. we could see lightning. in fact the entire bay area has been outlined for risk of a thunderstorm. tomorrow will be in the upper 60s to mid-60s. rainfall .25 to .50. 63 in san jose, 60 in santa rosa. winter storm warning effect 5,000 feet up to three feet in our highest peaks. winter is not over in the mountains. accuweather forecast wet and
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breezy tomorrow. drying out on friday and that gives us a nice weekend. saturday and sunday a taste of spring. >> looks good. thanks. >> did you see the protest by lyft and uber drive
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newer sources for ride share
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drive drivers leads bay watch. lyft will open up maintenance shops for drivers to get their cars repaired. and lyft is expanding its program where drivers can rent cars to use on the ride share apps. lyft is expected to go public this week. and drivers have been protesting lately to asking the company to provide a living wage. layoffs are coming to electric arts. plans on laying off 350 employees. about 9,000 people work at ea nationwide. stock rose slightly on this news. the port of oakland is switching to prius style power..
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thanks inge part to a grant. now officials say the change will cut 45 tons of pollutants annually at the sports. the cranes are the work horses of ports nationwide. they straddle rows of containers. our goal here at abc7 news is to build a better bay area. >> next, see what governor newsom says he will do to help fix the housing crisis. >> it is not a berkeley problem. finding a place for rvs to park. >> plus,
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the california dream is in peril according to our governor. governor newsom blames high housing cost.
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>> as we know the bay area is one of the most expensive areas to live in the country. >> a survey said 44% wants to leave the bay area because of housing affordability. >> 45% site quality of life. >> we are committed to building a better bay area. >> leslie brinkley explains what the governor wants to do so more people are not priced out. >> reporter: the california dream is in peril. >> when you have a third of household spending over 50% of their paycheck on housing that puts the entire economy at risk. >> reporter: so the governor spent time with struggling with rent. >> reporter: and a single mom.
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and a senior. >> i couldn't even report the deposit not only the rent. >> for seniors this is a huge issue. >> reporter: the talk turned to a housing official and a lack of funding. >> every tool that we have available to our tool box is either being marginalized, minimalized or eliminated. >> some of the largest businesses in this state are leaving not just because of regulation, in fact few are leaving because of that, more are leaving because of the cost crisis are driving the commute up, impacting their workforce impacting their cost in terms of salary. >> reporter: tens of thousands of parcels of land that could be made into affordable housing given land swaps and development strategies. in sacramento i am leslie
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brinkley, abc7 news. >> and on the subject happening now in the east bay, debate over rules of rvs. the council is prepared to adopt an ordnance that would ban parking. the city wants to come up with a place where people can park legally and safely. berkeley also wants to provide resources for people that only want to live in their vehicles. >> we have seen dumping of wastes, fires. and we have to balance our compassion with also you know creating a safe community and a decent quality of life for everyone. >> encouraging to find safe
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parking site. first safe parking site which includes a security guard and a bathroom. san francisco is cutting down on the city's most prolific crimes car break-ins dropping by 42%. new equipment called the parking access revenue control system. it includes updated ticket machine, gate arms, lights and more, better technology means a better use of time forage staff. are free to move about the facility. they are able to assist patrons if they need help paying with their ticket if someone needs help being directed to the
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proper stairwell to find the place they are going. they get help with that. and they can do light janitorial work and roving the garage to look for suspicious behavior and point that out as need be. >> the city owns 20 parking garages and nine already have the new equipment and work is in progress to add it to five others. >> senator kamala harris wants to give teaches across the country an average raise of $13,000 a year. so how would she pay for this? she wants to crack down on state tax loopholes. >> the santa clara police chief wants -- the board of supervisor also proposes changes. they be notified when an
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undocumented immigrant is released. the release of inmates who have been charged or convicted of violent or serious felony. >> there has got to be a reasonable way to notify and facilitation all within the confines of sb 54. >> this debate has been renewed following last month's murder of bamby larson. the suspect is in the united states illegally and has a long criminal record. charges against empire actor have been dropped. smollett was accused of lying to police of being the target of a racist homophobic act. >> reporter: the 16 felony
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charges against the empire actor dropped. >> not for a moment was it in vain. >> reporter: chicago police accuse of smollett to lying to investigators and stages his attack. telling police two men attacked him. after investigating, police said smollett orchestrated the attack and paid these two brothers to carry it out. >> do i think justice was served? no. what do i think justice is? i think this city is still owed an apology. >> he did this all in the name of self-promotion and he used the laws of the hate crime>> re he lied about being attacked they dropped the charges saying it was a question of resources.
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>> this was not an exoneration to say that he was exonerated by us or anyone else is not true. >> reporter: smollett is forfeiting his $10,000 bond to the city of chicago. his criminal record will also be sealed. a statement says they are gratified that all charges against smollett have been dismissed. abc7 news news news news news ns still to come, it is poppy apocalypse the sequel. >> next is the pope changing tradition. that is what some
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changing tradition, new video of pope francis casts doubt on a long held custom. cu. repeatedly pulled his hand away when people bend down to kiss his ring. he may simply been trying to speed up the line of people. what about the evening commute?
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new at 6:00, video shows a rescue of a group of maverick surfers in the path of great white sharks. you can see him gather together the group of surfers just feet away from a shark and lead everyone to safety on the shore. stanley was on patrol sunday when he noticed a shark about an
6:45 pm
arms length of surfers. he says he has never seen anything like this before. annual tradition is blooming. a napa woman has started painting cal la lily alley. the paint is environmentally safe and says it doesn't hurt the plant or the bees. >> i could have as many as 250 painted at one time. >> they come out really nice. >> you can check it out near sutherland park. a sea of orange has filled another spot in california. a second poppy super bloom going on just outside of >> it is lake elsinore meets
6:46 pm
griffith park. when you have this kind of springtime scenery, you would expect to get these kinds of crowds as well. >> we forgot it was spring break. >> i thought it was going to be a little bit less but pretty crowded. >> reporter: many of the parking restrictions that are in place are not in place right now. so no need to pay $10 to take the shuttle to take in this incredible view. >> lots of pictures. >> it is beautiful. >> god, it is amazing. unexpected. it is like i was, i didn't realize how beautiful >> the flowers are great. i love them. >> reporter: even little abigail didn't think too much of the line of cars waiting to get in. >> not too good. and the traffic wasn't too good on the way here. >> reporter: we also saw a medical call this afternoon.
6:47 pm
one visitor taken away by ambulance for minor injuries. some people we talked with told us it was not that bad because they were expecting it to be even worse. >> it is not as bad as i thought. >> it is beautiful. it is beautiful. it is worth the trip. >> abc7 news. it is worth the trip. >> definitely. we had decent weather again. >> always changing. meteorologist drew tuma is back with the forecast. >> beginning to see showers reach the ground especially in the south bay. you see the shark tank and you see the drops on the lenses. finally starting to see showers reach the surface. live doppler 7 showing you that rain right now. i want to zoom into the south bay. from san jose, campbell,
6:48 pm
cupertino, sunnyvale. a similar set up in redwood city with light return. moisture offshore that will move in over the next six to 12 hours and that brings in a wet morning commute. the main event will be wednesday. tomorrow showers heavy at times with this level 1 storm. thunderstorms possible as well. will be windy as times. future weather, tomorrow morning seeing showers dotting the landscape. as you go into later morning or early afternoon, you see another batch of downpours working through much of the bay area. and in the afternoon, we have a chance of thunder showers popping up. we will keep tracking it. and you can track it with the abc7 news app.
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accuweather forecast. wet and breezy tomorrow. we finish the week dry and that sets a nice weekend with upper 60s to mid-70s. >> thank you. baseball dodging the rain drops. >> and you are confident again. >> we will have the game, maybe a drop or two. >> he was right yesterday. >> dead on. never question drew tuma. getting set for the weather permitting.
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good evening, giants and the a's wrap up the bay bridge series tonight in san francisco including spring training that rased more questions than answers for both teams. making a series of mini moves that leaves them where they were last year. projected record is 73 and 89. the a's have a patchwork pitching staff and also lost their first baseman to a wrist surgery. projects record 83 and 79. >> reporter: it has been a long spring and the a's two games into regular season. there are things that both the a's and the giants hope to
6:53 pm
accomplish. >> more than anything it is getting out of this game healthy. we want to get some of our guys at bat but bottom line is health. >> to have everyone healthy, get healthy and get to san diego and get the season started. >> there is a lot of excitement and you know, the expectations are higher but ready for it. we are ready for that challenge. we have the target on our back which is different from last year. it is going to be a fun year. >> reporter: bob melvin says he will decide the fifth starter rotation. mindi bach abc7 news sports. the giants
6:54 pm
blach. on to football, the oakland raiders busy this off season. bringing in some big name players. antonio brown, trent brown to name a couple of by the way, can be seen here on on on on on on n they would like to have cook back. tight end was the raider's top receiver last year. the departure of players like cook and cooper have set them up for a bright future. >> we needed the draft capital to get younger, young emerging players and add the cap space, the men that we did because we felt we had a lot of needs and
6:55 pm
doing the best we can. it is now known as the saint's rule. voting to make offensive and defensive pass interference including noncalls to be subject to review. the saints would have gotten a call, that was an obvious pass interference. they would have likely gone onto the super bowl. finally, the oakland a's visited the oakland a's. oh, it is out of a's mascot and stomper brought the kids goodies. looks like some of our script actually. no. mine. >> that's funny. >> thanks larry. >> and the raiders making a lot of decisions. >> a lot of changes and they
6:56 pm
need to. trying to get more key players for las vegas. we can't go in four and 12, three and 13. >> join us tonight kofy-tv 20. getting the restaurant no one expected. >> then a smoothie making robot debuts. technology or job killer? tonight at 8:00, catch american housewife followed by the kids are all right. blackish and at 10:00, the rookie. and stay tune for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for this edition. look for breaking news any time on the abc7 news app. i'm ama daetz. >> and i am dan ashley and for drew tuma.
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