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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 27, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> baby bird landed on my truck. oh, no. >> you've got a lost baby bird and a kitty on a ledge. >> watch what happens. >> see the small acts of kindness that lead to some big miracles. >> the band is playing -- >> and it sounds like military music. >> the sweet moment it all makes sense. >> jack morant is batting a thousand for this week's best guess. now watch the videos and try to predict >> i hope for flames. something with flames. >> we have christian, ali, charity, nicki and gale breaking
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down the best on thekeep ate se. >> seriously. do you hear how early it is? >> the guy poking fun tt workout baggart. >> you might want to get out there and chop up your shirt. >> i've got two very short clips full of heart and this first one is like a 1:14 disney movie. >> the baby bird flies away, but watch what happens. it doesn't know ohio to fly very well yet. >> no! he's in the trash can. >> oh, no. we have a problem. >> act two. [ bleep ]. i've got to save this bird. don't worry, guys, i've got the bird. don't worry, the bird is safe. this driver went rifling through
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some stranger's trash can. >> mama bird, i found your baby who was dumpster diving. go on. >> now, overwhelming emotion. >> what an emotional roller coaster. i hope that bird is all right, man. i have empty nest syndrome now. >> feelings are strong. >> kitty, stuck on the ledge. ten stories up. fire department. >> oh, no. >> that is crazy. the firemen tried for a while to rescue kitty. they first used a net. that's when the kitty went further away from them. so they got some firefighters on
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the ground to set up a >> it worked, though. >> no reported injuries to the kitty. success. >> the mccallen high school band is transforming in mccallen, texas, because that's what they do. and it sounds like military music. and you see somebody walk in who has military insignia on it. somebody gets called up front. who wants to be called out in class? >> most of the time it's because you're in trouble. >> we're going to find out. they're looking for junior jacob moldanado. >> what grade are you in? >> he walks up front. >> keep going, keep going, turn around. face me. do you know who i am? >> this could be kind of scary. >> this man asks him -- he has two brothers in the militar, bu and he's been overseas. >> he hasn't seen him in about a year. >> he's being respectful.
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he's answering his questions. >> how come you didn't tell me? i have a brother in africa. he's in the army. man, i could have sent him cookies or something. ♪ >> and then -- >> you miss him that bad? is that him right there? >> so that would be yes. >> the class applauds. he cries. they hug. his brother, private garcia is a private second class in the thank you. private garcia, thank you for your service. >> even though we know cameras are everywhere, some people just don't care. these pick pocketers in the czech republic are kind of good at what they do. they follow people around in the store. most of them tend to be seniors.
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>> i didn't even notice they pulled off the heist. >> she didn't notice, either. >> how low do you have to be to perfect this? >> and is no one watching the security video, you know? >> no. they don't have people sitting in a room watching all day long. it's just there to catch people after the fact. >> unfortunately, these people got away with it. in total, they three pick pocketers robbed five people. the people at the store have turned the footage over to authorities. now over to chile where these venezuela yen women are having none of it. here they are in the store where suddenly a hooded man comes hopping over-the-counter and he attempts to rob them. the one fights back and that's when the other on the other side of the up counter grabs him by the hoody. he's still fighting. >> oh, my goodness. >> he would not let go. he makes it back over-the-counter.
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unfortunately, he was able to get away, but they have it on camera. and they're looking for the man. but look at the way she's tagging him. >> i love the other one that's smacking him with that bin, whatever it is. >> authorities are looking for him. he didn't get away with anything. hopefully this will serve as a lesson for him trying to steal from people hard at work minding their own business. >> this bike has been my bike since 2013. i've done a tremendous amount of incredible trips. >> james cameron is selling his tiger rally bike. and it's not just any bike. now, the bike has a solid pedigree. it was the overall win at the 2016 challenge rally which was a 580 mile off road rally in canada. and it's done all kinds of other amazing things. >> yeah. because they do realize that's the site, correct? >> that bike, i'm not going to be winning. >> it turns out this tiger is
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completely dense. he's heard this vince ernt niko is another driver in new york. he's been one of the highest fund-raisers for dgr. back in february, vincent's garage wassel filled with fuel and it ignited and it ended up burning 40% of his body. now the motorcycle community is coming together for him. he h steve has decided to put his bike up on ebay. all of the proceeds are going to go up on to family. you can donate to the gofundme
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page. if you'd like to help them out, just head on over to for that link or check it out on our mobile app. delilah to go out, but -- >> nope. >> it's cold and rainy. no. >> the weather hold up that has her holding it in. >> and a bobsledding adventure featuring yours truly. >> oh, look at you. >> why there's a lot more fun where that came from. >> oh, hey. no way. >> brought to you by hershey. we're on a mission to heart warm the world. a great dishwasher needs a great detergent.
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the dog is injured and this guy is trying to help him out. >> or it's having balance problems. >> yeah. you guys are close. this is actually a family pet. he's been with this family for 20 years. they live in chile and the woman recording this video is doing so to show just how much loves his dog. she sees him walking the dog that is clearly very old and has mobility issues out to the park every day so he can get a little exercise in. >> that's a lot of patience and a lot of love. the owner, abraham, has a brother that needs constant assistance and his mom is of advanced age. soe so he also has to watch out for them, as well.
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it's something to simple, but it's so full of love. something so simple in this next video, just going potty. >> go potty. >> we've got delilah who needs to go potty and her own, shay butler, is telling her to go potty. >> go potty. you need to go potty. >> i do, but it's raining out. >> oh, yeah. >> go potty. >> no, it's cold and rainy, no. >> so we kind of guess. >> need to go potty? go potty. >> you go out there in feet and go pee. >> need to go potty? go potty. >> don't have to go that bad, actually. >> you know we getab winner olympics. so it's hard to give olympics much thought,
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they built in cities around the world stays there until they're gone. it's something that you don't give a lot of thought to until you are lucky enough to sit in one of these bobsleds and go for a right. >> oh, look at you. >> this, though, gets intense. >> wow. look at that. >> i felt like somebody took me and >> for 5u8 these years, the reason you don't go bobsledding? >> i'm going to say yes.
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this truck is gorgeous. i wasn't the only one. they probably a number of different journalists up to park city. richard williams shot this video. after this was all over, gmc tossed me the keys to one of their brand new sierra fours. watch what this can do. it has two buttons on the back. >> oh, hey. no way. >> look at that. it has six different positions to hold gear. check it out. >> st is it a garage? did you go swimming? >> i did. 95 degrees. it's open at the top. and there you have it, you just relax. >> duke!
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>> thanks so gmc for bringing me out there. >> beautiful proposal in florence, italy. >> it's really a perfect moment. >> her reaction, next right this men. and still cocome, this week's game of best guess. >> let's just jump into it. >> see who strikes out and who scores big. >> oh, man. >> that is not supposed to happen. >> and why this is the perfect place for your booch to make a splash. cidic and then what's happening is the weakening of enamel. now is the perfect time for a toothpaste like the new pronamel repair. this toothpaste takes it to the next level. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the tooth surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel. i do think dentists are going to want to recommend the new pronamel repair toothpaste. it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need.
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there's new gold bond cracked skin relief. precisely fills cracks. 94% saw noticeable improvement. new gold bond cracked skin relief. it's been a couple of weeks since i got to play best guest. jack moore! >> excuse me. >> are you guys ready for another round of best guess? >> it's beautiful. >> let's jump into it. >> video number one, this husband has one simple question for his wife.
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>> can you grab me doritos? >> giving us a lot to work with there, jack. >> she opens up an overflowing mess, husband's strength goes wrong? >> he's clearly setting up a prank, but i have a feeling it's going to go wrong. >> i'm going with b, cute snack thief gets busted. >> i'm going to go with a, overflowing mess. >> i'm going with a. >> i'm picking c. i think thinking he's planning everything and something is going to go awry. >> oh jrchblths. >> look at her. >> i'll take some popcorn. >> so that is the blank, was no door reasritos. >> may is her name, a cute baby holding on to a babb of popcorn. >> video number two. here are your options.
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a, bresive spin, effort landing. cops are looking in the wrong direction or just ends with a bang? >> just ends with a bang. >> impressive spin, unfortunately landsing. >> i'm going for a, too. >> nobody picks it, i'll just go for c. >> here we go. answers are locked in. boom. >> that's not supposed to happen. >> no, it is not. >> oh, that has to hurt. >> at the end of the day, he's okay. just a fun fail. >> video number three is our wild card round where anything goes. >> oh! >> one second of video. man in a barber shop. he's filming, he pans to the right. that is why this is our wild card round. >> they're giving an animal a haircut. >> something comes sxloesing out of the sink.
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>> somebody he gets pink hair. >> a very unstaffed customer. >> it is an animal. >> wow. >> you got one. stop. >> two and one of them was the knockout round. >> if you guessed there would be a big in that barber shop chair, let us know on facebook. >> if you're looking for a place to have your daughter some fun play time, go to saab car closer california, and pool time. it's only $75 a month and not only can they swim, but there is a dog park and you can watch them and dry them. this is one of the first indoor off leak dog schools and i think if you live in the area and you have the type of breed that loves to whim and you don't have
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a pool, this may be value to you. >> when it comes to working out, you have to put it all out there. >> it's 5:15 in the morning. seriously. >> how he's making big gains on his not
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got a t-shirt and he gets his name on a plaque. >> two weeks of illness and injuries kept me out of the gym,
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but i'm happy to say this morning, i managed to get up. what's the point of doing sperzs if you can't tell everybody about it. >> dude. it was insane. >> at this point, trey is an amalgamation of everything you've ever seen on social media when it comes to the gym. because it's all about the showing off. >> i'm out here at a 5:15 in the morning. seriously. did you hear how early it is? >>. >> you anticipate been in a few weeks, but we can tell you the last time you went. >> why do you walk in here going like this? >> because it look good. >> and you're like, did you see my muscles today? >> good morning, guys. if you want to bring home the bacon, you have to go kig the big
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>> get back in the bed and eat some pizza. >> if you're feeling the game, get out there and chop up your shirt. >> so common. we're both good. >> you may start identifying people from your place of work. for example, this is jack. >> he didn't need a stool to get to the top. >> stop? come on. >> it's like they eat, sleep, drik, gym. >> getting into bed at 12:45 a.m. i'll be back on here to brag in a few hours. >> if anyone wants to join me tomorrow, me and renee, we're going to do 30 minutes. a lot of burpees, catch me on instagram tomorrow, it will be lit. >> hope you had fun. catch us next time on an all new rtm.
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breaking news tonight. the hate crime guilty plea. the self-described neo-nazi admitting his guilt in that deadly attack during the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. james fields jr. pleading guilty to 29 federal hate crime charges. why he changed his plea. and will he still face the death penalty? growing backlash in the case against "empire" star jussie smollett. the top prosecutor now speaking out. why she's defending that bombshell decision to drop those charges without explanation. the chilling confession. jayme closs' kidnapper facing a judge. admitting to killing her parents and holding her captive for 88 days. his parting words to jayme as he left that courtroom. the s.w.a.t. team raiding a family home with guns drawn. searching for a sick 2-year-old with a high fever.


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