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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fairfield police spent much of the day investigating a threat of violence made tuesday. >> in cooperation with the fairfield police department, we began an investigation to determine the credibility and origin of the threat. >> reporter: the district is remaining tight lipped saying they don't want to to jeopardize their investigation. meanwhile in san francisco, the parents of a black student are speaking out about another incident, this time racial and homophobic graffiti targeting their son found at the same school. >> we told the principal that we wanted the criminals removed from the school because they still had access to our son. they said they could not do that. they were suspended for five days for vandalism. not a hate crime. >> reporter: edwardusll says march hs painted o spos fields trump. the graffiti has since been
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sandblasted on off. he says his family met with the superintendent tuesday, but she refuses to call it a hate crime. >> for the faculty and the administration to turn their head -- or turn their back on my son and his safety, that is a slap in the face to my son. >> reporter: many parents say they are outraged that the district is not being more fort coming with what is happening at their schools. >> parents need to be notified as soon as possible. not through facebook. i want a text message. seriously. scary. >> reporter: now, the superintendent says that they will notify parents by tonight if there will be class tomorrow. >> and we know that the district isn't saying a whole lot, but what do we know about the students who were suspended? >> reporter: yeah, what we know from what we've heard from the parents, we're told there were four student, one a white male,
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two go to school here, one is at a continuation high school, one on independent study. but it is the two students that go to school here that the parents are most concerned with because they can still interact with their son. >> ansar has san, thank you ver much. and facebook is broadening his definition of hate speech. the company previously allowed posts from groups even though it banned supremacists. they say white nationalism and separatism can't be meaningfully separated. one analyst believes tech leaders like md haark zuckerber have not done enough to block hate. >> they make themselves a lot of moneyen a he will say whatever he has to say to keep a positive image of his corporation. but i think at this point i think mark is way in over his
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head. >> facebook's new policy will be officially implemented next week. breaking news now out of oakland, where an investigation is on after a report that young child accidently shot himself in the head. sky 7 is over the scene on ritchie street. now, 10 police vehicles are there. officers say at least one adult was home when the shooting happened and that two people have been detained. the boy is four years old. first responders tell us he is in critical condition. we'll have updates on our app and a live report on the news at 5:00. >> so sad. the man convicted of the deadliest shooting massacre in bay area history is now dead. prison officials confirmed that one goh died in his cell a week ago today. he was 50 years old. cause of death unclear right now. goh shot and killed seven in oakland on april 2 back in 2012. police say that goh was angry with administrators after being
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expelled from the university. he pleaded no contest to seven counts of murder in may of 20 on 17 and was sentenced to seven consecutive life terms. new developments now, a bay area man today won an $80 million verdict in his case claiming that the weed killer roundup caused his cancer. just hours ago, the verdict was announced. a jury in san francisco found that monsanto which bare bought last year failed to and you h y warn of usie released a statement in response saying it has sympathy but maintains that roundup products are safe. abc 7 is trying to help build a better bay area looking for solutions to the issues that you notice every day and one of those is the hopeless. >> and in san francisco there are at least 7500 homeless according to the last homeless
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count. more than a third of those suffer from some kind of emotional condition. 29% have post taraumatic disorder. >> and wiayne freedman has the details. >> reporter: mayor breed has reorganized. the mayor promised to do something about mental health issues in san francisco. and now she has done so. she has appointed a director of mental health reform. from what san francisco critics describe as a dead end in dealing with homelessness borne from mental illness to what mayor breed characterized as a new beginning -- >> that system needs greater coordination focus and accountability. >> reporter: and so her announcement of a new hire to serve as director of men tale health reform, chief of
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psychiatric services at san francisco general hospital. >> we are determined to do more. >> reporter: critics say he has a tall order in rebuilding the system especially if they look just south of market. >> it will just happen. >> reporter: where residents armed with cellphones post pictures of the homeless an mentally ill on twitter and make sure that the mayor sees them. adam who owns a business south of market goes by the name@better soma. >> try to give us some sort of peace as residents, neighbors, businesses. >> reporter: we asked mayor breed if the higher will improve that neighborhood. >> i'm hoping that the hiring of a new director of mental health reform will make a difference all over san francisco. >> reporter: today the mayor cited an additional $3 million and 150 newmen --
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mentally ill alone. steve fields has dealt with the problem of mental illness for half a century. >> it is possible to provide the right service in the right settings for everybody. >> reporter: they are certainly going to try. we asked the doctor for some specifics. and he said he needs to do research. enwants wan he wants to learn why and how san francisco attracts such people and then he says that the key is to deal with them one-on-one. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. if you or someone you know have a mental health issue, find an ally at action. and turning to the weather, we've had a little bit of everything today. the rain was coming down really hard in the east bay. i did not take this video, but this was like it was been i was driving in.
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the rain was so heavy. and then a few minutes later, it stopped and was cloudy and then sunny. >> yeah, not bad out there. >> a little bit of everything today. and we're still dealing with some downpours in the south bay right now. so live doppler 7 has been tracking the wet weather through the day today. and that downpour, we'll get you to street live. you see the yellow and rnlg on, that is down downpour and that is moving into the east valley. 75 lightning strikes. and we're not done yet. the area of low pressure will scoop by the next 24 hours. so hours radio will remain in the forecast. on the storm impact scale, a level one system continuing tonight and tomorrow. so we will time out the storm system and how it may impact as
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opening day tomorrow and in a few minutes. and if you were in a certain part of downtown oakland at 11:00 this morning, you may have received an earthquake alert. only a test, but an important one. >> lyanne melendez is live with more. and the idea is to try to alert us before an earthquake actually hits. >> absolutely. very exciting. i sort of feel like a geek. i saw how it worked and people who participated in this test were really excited. now, remember when people were only talking about this just a few years ago as a possibility, now it is here. envision this, an earthquake hits pasadena at 11:00 a.m. how long would it take for people in oakland to be warned 370 miles away? there was no way of telling until today. when the first ever trial run of california's early warning system was tested. >> 30 seconds.
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are all right cours in, b there person in pasadena pressing a button at exactly 11:00 a.m. >> what happens after that, the mess and gets september through tthrough -- sent through the pipeline and it comes to the devices. >> reporter: the first alarm sounded four seconds later. people participating in the test recorded the exact time they received the shake alert. an estimated 59,000 people in an area of downtown oakland were supposed to receive the warning. the vast majority did. >> there was a wave, they all came in at once and they were several devices that came in many seconds later. that tells us that we have to look at what were the differences. some of the phones were probably older. some of the really old every phones didn't get the signal at all. phones without sim cards. >> reporter: and the warning system could be in place along
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the entire west coast by the early 2020s. >> if you receive the alert, that is just that many more seconds for you to protect yourself before the shaking happens. >> reporter: we asked people what they would do with the four second warning. >> probably would -- if i was at work, crouch under my desk. >> remember drop, cover and hold on. should you have heard some of the responses that i got today. for example, i have no idea what i would do. i would run. another person said to me, well, i would probably call my family to see how they were doing. i think people really need a refresher course. >> we were just talking about that. would even know, do you dive under your desk? i'm looking above me to see what would fall. >> i think you know what you should do, but when i reality hits, it will be like --now, what will it take to get the
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system sghog. >> it will take more testing and also the shown there for example the state has already invested $25 million since 2016 and the governor has said that this year he will add another $16 million to the pot. so it will happen. >> all right. lianee an an mad, thanks. and the warriors have suspended jordan bell for one game. that announcement came today for conduct detrimental toward the team. although steve kerr was asked about it and he really condition -- he did not elaborate. and a parking problem in one bay area city. >> there is not enough parking and these property owners are making the situation worse. >> the lengths neighbors have gone to in order to save their parking spots. and the ongoing saga overe
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. neighbors are feuding over who can park in front of their homes. private no parking signs are being put up to keep others from using public sparking spaces. david louie is live with this brewing dispute. >> reporter: it is brewing dispute. red wood oaks is ground zero. the area is filled with with wih
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and ga r and there is intense competition for street parking. instead of welcome mats, a sizable number of residents have put up signs that draw a line. who put up the no parking sign? >> my landlord. >> does it work. >> yeah. >> reporter: so far neighbors seem to be complying with the signs. while there are no curbs or sidewalks in this part of tone, the shoulder is public parking. >> there is not enough parking and the property owners are making it worse by not allowing other residents and guests and relatives alike to be able to park here. >> reporter: two neighbors took me for a walk to show me all the signs. some even put our orange cones. they along with their neighborhood assoction w ld m cones removed. the city confirmed this is a flyer drafted but not sent out.
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it explains that the road way shoulder is public not private property and urges riz s residt to post signs or cones. and city staff is evaluating this issue further and still working on determining next steps. in the meantime, critics say the signs are proliferating. >> we had a new couple move in just before christmas and within a week they had their own cones. they see other people doing it. >> reporter: and we reached out to police to see you how soon they could resolve the issue and we did not hear back. >> david, thank you. if you live here, you likely know all about the flintstone house. it has been an iconic home for the
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homeowner over changes she made to the home. there is a new revelation just today. >> there is a headline in the news that the town of hillsborough is admitting that no neighbor ever complained. >> so this is a city council initiated act, the lawsuit to try to get the yard cleared or modified? >> yes. in my opinion, they don't like the dinosaurs. they had them put trees up and then they weren't big enough. she has done everything they have asked her to do and this is her happy place. it is her garden. you can't even see it from the street. so quite frankly, she has a first amendment right to have whatever she wants to have in her garden. >> so what is the city claiming here? because i know one of the pieces of language that was used were that there were life safety hazards. >> in her garden. in other words, first of all, there are no life sa
4:19 pm
hazardous. it is her garden. so like it is like having your government come in your backyard he which again can barely be seen even from the house because it is tiered. you see it well from 280, but because it is tiered, you have to go down and see it. and it is her garden. if it was a deck on a house or if it was a safety issue whiches is not, fine. but that is not the situation here. what they really didn't like are the dinosaurs, the mushrooms, and fred flint stone standing in front of the house. they can't stand it. >> who didn't love fred. >> who didn't love dino. >> and you have a counter lawsuit. >> we will counter sue them for various causes at the least of which is the first amendment. she has a right of speech. also we will counter sue with good faith and fair dealing in
4:20 pm
contracting because they have not departmealt with good good g and malice and fraud. >> and we were talking during the break, i'm not an attorney, you'res attorney, this seems like a case that could be settled out of court reasonably. but you say what? >> i say that there is a public policy statement to be made here. people need to be able to enjoy their homes. and i think that if mrs. fang goes to forward with it more people will be able to not be harassed and disturbed on their private roproperty because it wl make a major statement. in a lot of lawsuits, a lot settle and nobody ever hears about the outcome and can't use that outcome to help them in their trials an contribute btrib so yes, it could be settled. i can't guarantee whether it
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settles or go to trial, but i am a trial attorney and i do enjoy trials. >> trial attorneys like to go to trilg. like surgeons like to do surgery. you mentioned all of the other cases that you usually are involved with. would it be safe to say this is one of the stranger cases that you've taken on? >> it is, but i grew up with the flint stones. i entered the contest to name pebbles. it is a different case for me. 80% of my cases are employment discrimination, civil rights. people get fired because they are sick or because they are gay or because they are women. and that is what 85% of my cases are. so it is very different. but i have to tell you, i love it. and i especially love how much mrs. fang loves her home and her garden. >> are tll right. we'll see how it turns out. and now back to our weather. the rain let up in the morning for a little bit to provide a
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great rainbow on the peninsula. sky 7 captured this beautiful shot just before 10:00 this morning. and drew is here with the rest of our weather and what to expect. >> jaw, tomorrow will yeah, tome sun out for moment and then the shower moves through and then the sun comes out. so scattered showers remain in the forecast. we have one lone cell that is slowly drifting to the north and east. it drenched parts of san jose and also now moving in to the foothills and out of the bay area. but the clouds, they do row main. a live picture from our emeryville camera, we had the clouds bubble up once we got sunshine. and the clouds will stick around the next 24 hours and continue to supply us with that chance of rainfall. rainfall over the past 24 hours where we have seen those downpours, we have picked up a quick half of an inch of rain.
4:23 pm
even had a downpour move through the east bay. close it a quarter of an inch in oakland the past 24 hours. temperature-wise under limited sunshine, a lot of cloud cover, it is cool for this time of year. numbers kurpcurrently in the up 50s or low 60s. so temperatures in the mid-40s tonight to low 50s with the showers. and still dodging parts of the region with some rain here and thre from time to time. storm impact scale tonight and tomorrow, a level one system here will continue that scale number. thunderstorms are possible tomorrow during the day time. so showers scattered downpours and the winds still an issue. it is breezy right now, continue gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. so future weather later on tonight, could track an isolated shower. it is a lot of cloud cover for your evening. for the first part of our day on thursday, showers confined to the north bay.
4:24 pm
but as you go throughou afternoon, those showers look to bit more widespread in nature. so by will:00, you c4:00, everyy so for as, a lot of cloud cover, peeks of sunshine here and there. we have to allow for an isolated shower. does not look like a washout. but take the poncho with you. you may need it. otherwise temperatures first pitch right around 60 degrees and by 4:00, a temperature of 61. thursday a cool 57 in san francisco, 63 in san jose. 61 in oakland. 62 in concord. 57 in santa rosa. winter storm warning continues for the sierra. could see up to 2 feet of snow in the highest peaks. tahoe, the snow will be out of here, enjoy the fresh powder. a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. here is the accuweather forecast back here at home, scattered showers thursday.
4:25 pm
a chance before dawn on friday, otherwise sun and clouds to finish out the week and then the weekend, here we go this, is the payoff especially on sunday, feeling nice, bright and beautiful. temperatures warming into the 70s away from the coast. so payoff certainly going to be both saturday and sunday after all this rain. we told you about the bay area nominees for the beardeardd awards. we'll tell you who made cut. plus how this music
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4:27 pm
. bay area is well represented for the they are given out in may.
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salt, fat, acid heat is up for best television program. she is up for outstanding personality. she lives in berkeley and worked with allege poliice waters. and she and her daughter are hosting a yard sale in front of the famed chez panis. it is this sunday. according to the announcement on instragram, there will be treasures like vintage designer clothes and more. waters will be there to sign works about him. researchers think they have unlocked the secret to making great tasting cheese. and they do it with music. a cheese producer aged eight wheels of swiss cheese exposing each to sefrlg different kivera of music. according to a group of tasters, the cheese exposed to hip hop had a discernible stronger
4:29 pm
smell, stronger and fruitier taste. the song they used was jazz bugging out by tribe called quest. i would have gone classical. >> that was my science growing up only i did plants. hard to remember. but interesting. the faa is under the microscope on capitol hill. the concern over delays in grounding the boeing max 8 and 9 aircraft. plus -- this is not the cops taking down a dangerous criminal. they are after parents and a 2-year-old boy. we'll explain how
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here are the stories making headlines. a 4-year-old boy is in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the head. it happened inside a home in east oakland. a man whose brother was in the house told abc 7 news the boy found the gun under the bed and accidently shot himself. two people have been detained. vanden high school in fairfield was closed because of a threat of violence. officials have investigating. this is three weeks after the school was vandalized with
4:33 pm
graffiti. they don't know if the incidents are related. the man accused of running his car into a crowd in charlottesville, virginia has changed his plea to guilty. one woman died in the attack. the plea deal takes the death penalty off the table. an arizona couple is trying to gain custody of their children. scott goldberg has the story. >> this is not video of police looking to take down a dangerous criminal. instead, they are looking for a 2 krld b 2-year-old employ, the poliboy, breaking down the door. it started in february when the parents took the boy to the doctor with a fever of 105. the doctor says take him to the emergency room but the fever broke so they never went. >> he seemed normal and his temperature was 102.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: but the doctor called the department of child safety. and the family getting a visit from police. when they did not answer, police broke down the door. >> like we're holding them hostage or deathly ill. they were perfectly fine. he was in my arms sleeping. as i'm on the phone with the police officer, i took his temperature, it was 100 degrees. there is no reason for me to give up my kid because he las a temperature of 100 and sleeping. >> reporter: arizona state representative played a big role in getting legislation passed requiring dcs to get a search warrant to remove children from their home in a non-emergency situation. >> we need to admit in this situation it was a mistake. there are other situations where there are negts, are neglect, a. >> reporter: all three children were remove from the home, the parents now in court trying to regain custody. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. california senator dianne
4:35 pm
feinstein is calling on william barr it hand over the entire mueller report to the senate by monday. feinstein made the demand on the senate floor monday. she says the summary of the report is not adequate. she says that the american people deserve to know what happened during the 2016 election. >> congress must determine the risks to national security, whether there was in fact misconduct, whether existing laws are sufficient to deter and punish election interference. and what next steps are appropriate. >> according to barr's four page summary of the report, mueller's investigation did not find evidence that president trump or members of his campaign conspired with russia's efforts so-to-sway the election but did not reach a conclusion on obstruction of justice. the family of a fallen soldier received the congressional medal of honor for
4:36 pm
his bravery. travis atkins died in the line of duty in 2007. he and three fellow soldiers confronted a group of insurgents and one wore a bhom vest. atkins tackled the man and pinned him to the ground moments before the bomb exploded. president trump phrased hraiseds bravery. >> travis didn't run. he did not know what it was to run. he did not hesitate. he rose to the highest calling. he laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warriors. >> atkins' son received the melgz in h medal in his father's behalf. he was 11 when his father was killed. >> now to washington. the federal aviation administration is faces questions over its relation with boeing. elaine co chao chao cha co chaoo
4:37 pm
a >> reporter: she defended the sloeks reaction.u.s. was the last country in the world to ground the 737 max after two devastating crashes. >> faa did not have any information which mandated grounding of these aircrafts. >> reporter: it is suspected that software glitch caused the lion air crash in october. and the ethiopian crash in march. she announced that they have launched an investigation in to how the aircraft received its certification. >> i am of course concerned about any allegations of coziness with any company. >> reporter: she is concerned about reports that boeing charged airlines stwra f s stws safety feature. >> you you can't have that not
4:38 pm
on. just wrong. >> reporter: boeing says it is making changes including a software fix, dock wear cockpit more training. >> we've working with regulators around the world to restore faith in our industry and also to reaffirm our commitment to safety. >> reporter: in addition to ordering inspector general's audit, she also formed an advisory group to oversee the faa safety rules. tara mal mepalmeri. abc news. >> and the window for the mavericks season getting smaller every day. and a live look from emeryville, a lot of clouds cover out there, we're not
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
sxw . not looking good for the mavericks. the swells are not where they need to be. >> and the latest on the deadli deadline count down. >> reporter: the world surf big league tour has been monitoring forecast and the swells aren't delivering. >> people will hang out at the hotel from jacjanuary to apriljr
4:42 pm
>> reporter: and the swells did not live up to run a full day competition.gistical issues regarding permitting. and joshua says no competition isn't good to business. >> there will be a couple main names of surfers here and if they are not here, a lot of people wcod of just affects the life the harbor. >> reporter: officials are still monitoring condition, but unlikely there will be another season bhch t season. the season closes. >> i think there will be that one perfect day stars will align an even will get to do what they want. march 31 is the final day for the mavericks waiting period and so that window is getting very small. jobina fort amazon, abc 7. >> too bad. >> and we are getting a break
4:43 pm
from the rain. >> which will last how long? >> fepd depends where you live. we have showers pushing off to the north and east of livermore. you will likely see another sprinkle around 4:53 this afternoon. so it stays unsettled. we have a level one tonight and tomorrow. scattered downpours at times. and it remains breezy. future weather, tomorrow morning first thing the showers confined to the north bay and then the afternoon everyone is fair game to see the showers pop up. so by 4:00, we'll be tracking the scattered showers by area wide. 7 day forecast, showers in the forecast tomorrow, a chance before today up on p on friday,d temperatures rising saturday and sunday. and then another chance of wet weather on monday. but the weekend will be fantastic. >> 1:00 tomorrow for first
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we're getting closer to closing the gender pay gap. sort of. a ynew study says you only have to wait 51 more gloos doo glass door reviewed more than 4500 salaries. there a half percent improvement. but here are the top five entries with the biggest gender pay gaps. media, retail, construction repair and maintenance, oil, gas energy and utilities followed by the insurance industry. as far as specific careers, pilots and chefs are the jobs with the biggest pay differences. >> more improvements to make. the annual professional business women of california conference is just weeks away and it is already sold out. judy bloom is here with a look at the history of the popular event. thank you so much for coming in.
4:48 pm
>> my pleasure. >> this is a very important event. tell us how it began. >> it began out of another organization. we worked with then the supervisor of the san mateo county jackie speer to put on a women's day and it was for reentry women and because in the early '80s, a lot of women were stopping work when they got married are had their first child, so we did very basic things for them about how to get in the to the workplace. and by the late '80s, most of the friends were all working. we were working, we didn't have a problem getting into the workplace, but we didn't see any examples or role models of people getting into middle management let alone the corner office. so we decided we needed to continue to women's day but also have something for professionalle and business women that could give us exam e examples of where to go next. >> and you've worked closely with jackie speer over the year.
4:49 pm
how has it evolved? you brought the program from the very first one. and many successful years. so talk about how it has grown over the years. >> at the beginning as i said we started out of the small group. and we decided that we had a vision and we actually wrote down our goals. we wanted to be for women who were already working. who had college degrees for most of the jobs that needed that already. and we wanted to be especially for women between about 35 and 55. we built a bell curve and we said how many we wanted to come. and we invited in the top name we could find at the time who had just published a book about when giants learn to dance. and she was head of the harvard business school publication. and so it gave us gravitas.
4:50 pm
and we met our goals and so we decided that it would put us out of business, by 2000. but that wasn't to be. >> no, we're still going. and is this a nonprofit? >> yes, it was started by jackie speer and a group of us who volunteered all of our time. and it has always been very important to us to continue to be a nonprofanprofit and made u other women trying to find their way, manage the changes, balance their careers. and hopefully reach beyond what was just said on the air about the difference that we have now with the pay equity of men and women. >> absolutely. and usually usually there helping out because abc 7 is a big supporter. and so many people attend and get so much out of it. that i think that they would all like to thank you and all the
4:51 pm
others who help put this on. >> thank you. it is always a pleasure to be one of 5,000 as we've had in the past or this year 7,000 women. mostly women. and men supporters. men supporters are very important. and as we go forward, we are involving men more and more because we need men to see how important it is to have women partners in every job at every level. >> absolutely. judy, thank pup t thank you. the conference is april 23. thanks for coming in. and a report from the "new york times" paints an interesting picture of the demographics of cities especially here in the bay area. first check this out, 24.4% of mountain view's residents are between the ages of 25 and 34, that is the most for that group in the state. san francisco a close second at 23 pp 23.5%. the tech industry the connection. and when it comes to the cities with the most under 40, none top
4:52 pm
the list. paris had largest share, whooping 69.9%. and lake elsinore has 67.6%. the and the key differences? children and cheaper housing. families are seeking out places where they can afford to live. this data is from the california department of finance. the oakland museum of california preparing a new exhibit about the lgbtq experience unlike anything shown before. abc 7 got an inside look at the space while it is being built. it focuses on women, minorities an transgender. that is more than just historical photos. visitors can see costumes and not shying away from showing sexually explicit material. >> the idea of presenting another sterilized neutered version of this history in which
4:53 pm
the aspects of sexuality and gender with such a vital part, we couldn't leave them out. >> we should point out the exhibit will be set up on visitors can avoid the explicit material if they want to. year. >> caller: tonight's power ball is $750 million. and odds are 292 million to one. we will accepted out a push alert with the winning numbers right after the drawing. download the app now. >> did you feel lucky? liquor store won a winning tick account last night. we were at medical oigmel oi's in august, another winner bought
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a ticket there. so if you want the extra edge, look no further than we have listed the luckiest places to buy your lottery ticket in the bay area. and a robot getting to work whipping up smoothies. >> it is spreading other opportunities. >> so not everything is going so smoothly. details up next. and kristen has what is ahead at 5:00. and new at 5:00, the foef home for two baby sea otters rescued off the coast. plus lawmakers are trying to prevent another college admission scandal from happening here in california. and also the long sales slip when you buy only one thing, a world with no paper receipts may be closer than you think. and local godfathers who just won a big priz
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silicon valley is automating the food world with artificial intelligence. a startup called blended launched a smoothly making robot. >> and kate larsen went to the campus to test out the new technology. >> reporter: chef b isn't a chef, at least not of the human variety. it is artificial intelligence that can blend up to 45 smoothies per hour with a robot arm that dispenses ingredients, washes dishes and pours with
4:58 pm
precision. >> it handles mundane tasks. in the process you create high quality high paying jobs. this is what robotics does. >> reporter: the ceo and co-founder of blended, a startup that is testing this first on the usf campus. we met this freshman while he was enjoying his first ai smoothie. >> it might replace someone who blends your juice, but it is spreading other opportunityoppo. >> reporter: plea brianna disagrees. >> i think it just crashed and a lot of people actually didn't end up getting the smoothie that they ordered. so you have to question the reliability and whether or not it is the moral thing to do for people looking for jobs. >> reporter: blended has hired five student ambassadors to educate customers about the technology. kate larsen, abc 7 news.
4:59 pm
>> i think we have to simple the smoothie to know how good an idea that really is. i think the machine costs like $70,000. that will do it for this edition of the are news. thanks for joining us. >> and abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. a child shot in the head, we're live at the scene. >> and a high school shut down after a threat a parent says has their son constantly looking over his shoulder. and trains are loud, but union pacific says it has no choice. >> and the battle over special olympics. and neck on land, sky 7 zooms into the neighborhood where a little boy was shot sadly and he is now fighting for his life. the shooting was a ritchie street and that is where lau la.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: this is still a very active scene. we can show you the house where it happened, thishind me. you can see there are several police officers out front. police say they don't know for sure yet if the boy shot himself or if something else happened. but the brother of the man who lives here says this boy wandered into a bedroom and found a gun hidden under a bed. >> it is my brother's house. >> reporter: anthony wilson says the house is his brother's home. and wilson claims the shooting was an accident. >> everybody was in the living room. the little boy went in the back of the room, crawled under the bed and heard the gun go off. >> reporter: police would not confirm that the boy shot himself, only that he was shot in the head insiddetain. thiss
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