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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 28, 2019 2:42am-4:01am PDT

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you are watching floodwaters swamping parts of western australia triggered by a nasty cyclone. heavy rain pounded some areas for 24 hours straight and the rushing water turned red because it mixed with dust from the usually dry region. mother nature also in display in mexico. for the second time in less than a week, a volcano outside mexico city erupted.
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the mountain sent ash and debris nearly two miles away as seven mile perimeter has been set up. nobody was hurt. and then a fraud trial set up for a woman scamming women by pretending to be an heiress. >> investigators say she scammed friends, banks, credit card companies out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. she claimed to have a trust fund of up to 60 million dlarls. she faces at least 15 years in prison if convicted. turning now to that fight in a fifth grade classroom in south carolina that ended up turning deadly. >> a 10-year-old dying in the hospital as another child involved in the fight has been suspended. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: a heartbroken family is struggling to understand how this 10-year-old little girl died as a result of injuries sustained during a classroom fight. it happened at forest hills elementary school on monday. according to police raniya was involved in an altercation with another fifth grade girl.
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her injuries so severe she was left unresponsive and in critical condition and pronounced dead. the family set up this gofundme page. the school district released this statement calling it a tremendous loss, describing her as a wonderful student that loved being a big sister. officials say there were no weapons used in the altercation and an autopsy is now scheduled for friday. as for the other child involved in the fight, she's now suspended pending investigation. linsey davis, abc news, new york. let's lighten it up with sweet and happy news from an nfl star. charger's quarterback, philip rivers and his wife, tiffany, welcomed their ninth child. her name is ana. >> yes, there are now seven girls and two boys in the clan. the parents are devout catholics. that's important to this story, obviously. that tells you why they got so many kids, because i need to explain that apparently. they have known each other since
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middle school and got married after phillip rivers' freshman year in college. i just looked it up. he makes, like, 84 -- he has like an $84 million contract, so if you got that money you can have all those kids. >> he can afford them. yes. nothing wrong with being catholic. >> nothing wrong at all. >> i am catholic. >> are you devout. >> i am not. we discussed this. >> you brought it up, so are you devout? >> i gave up cupcakes and donuts for lint. i am trying. >> they gave up something a lot more to have all those kids. >> it's never too early to start hyping the next chosen one. >> check out the moves on this young ballplayer from the new york city suburb of brentwood on long island. 7-year-old jawan uses the hoop to get to the basket. >> we have the king, and this is the prince, jawan taking it to
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the net. there you go. >> well done. a crossover. >> we will be watching him. you know crossover? >> i didn't but i just saw it. >> i can do it right here. >> do it. >> not right here. it's the space. i don't have a basketball. >> got it. >> we don't all play basketball. coming up, the new controversy sparked by -- did you hear about this, the actress lupita nyongo? >> i did. i did. >> yes. >> so, that story is coming up. also, why one of the voices she used in her new film "us" is getting a thumbs down from some people who share a rare disability. you are watching "world news now." ws now."
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our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. everyone is talking about it. jordan peele's latest nightmare, "us," has already taken in more than $100 million at the box office. >> but one of its stars, lupita nyongo is coming under fire over how she manipulated her voice. here's abc's, amy robach. >> reporter: in the new
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hit horror thriller, "us," lupita nyongo plays both good, and evil. it's one of her character's voices that is getting attention. >> be careful. >> reporter: the 36-year-old actress said to tap into a sense of trauma and fear she turned to a rare disability called spasmodic dysphonia and affects some 50,000 people in the u.s., impairing their speech. >> when they speak, certain words trigger their voicebox to slam shut. >> reporter: she spoke about the condition to "variety" at the premier. >> it creates spasming in the vocal cords, and i worked with an ear, nose and throat doctor a vocal therapist and dialect coach to make sure i could do it and do it safely. >> reporter: but some who live with the condition aren't impressed.
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one tweeting, i so appreciate my condition being used for your evil character, not. >> i think the biggest challenge is that it's being associated with the terms creepy and haunting. and the reality is once the movie is over they are still living with this voice disorder. >> reporter: she says she was partially inspired by robert f. kennedy, jr. who lived with the condition for years. >> junk science and real science. >> reporter: kennedy tweeting, not sure what to make of this honor. is it a good thing? robert f. kenny's team sharing this statement, i'm grateful to lupita for shining the spotlight on this condition. in my discussions with her, i have been impressed by her sensitivity and sincerity. >> we would like to make this a positive outcome. again, this is not how we would have wanted to raise awareness about spasmodic dysphonia. it's an opportunity we are going to take full advantage of. >> lupita is an incredible
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actor, oscar award winning actress. i think she did an incredible job and people are being overly sensitive about it, but she brings awareness. >> i was going to say, and here we are talking about it. ihere w it. here we are talking about it. where we are talking about it. ahere we are talking about it. shere we are talking about it. here we are talking about it. gohere we are talking about it. ihere we are talking about it. nghere we are talking about it. here we are talking about it. there we are talking about it. ohere we are talking about it. here we are talking about it. shere we are talking about it. ahere we are talking about it. yhere we are talking about it. ,here we are talking about it. here we are talking about it. ahere we are talking about it. nhere we are talking about it. dhere we are talking about it. here we are talking about it.
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just a beautiful shot of washington, d.c. there on capitol hill. and in washington, sadly it happens all too often for a soldier to be awarded a medal of honor posthumously. >> here is abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: trevor oliver says the true treasure in life is what people say about his father. the nation awarding him the medal of honor, which trevor came to washington to collect. >> i want him to be remembered
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as the best father and also at the same time being the best soldier that anybody could ask for. >> reporter: he was just 11 years old in this heartbreaking photo after a suicide bomber's vest took his dad's life. staff sergeant, travis atkins, from montana and three other soldiers were searching a group of suspected terrorists in june of 2007. >> he was able to apprehend one of them and when he grabbed a hold of him he realized the guy was wearing a suicide vest. >> reporter: sergeant atkins was holding the man down in the dirt. only he could see the suicide vest of explosives that would have taken the lives of all three of his men, but only took his. >> his final moments on earth, travis did not run. he didn't know what it was to run. he did not hesitate and rose to the highest calling and laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warriors. >> the medal is something i take a lot of pride in, but it's the
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words that are the real prize and what really means the most to me. when it comes to my dad, he always had the funniest stories about you guys, and i was a young kid, but he let me know. no, i just feel so close with you and to him with every story i get to hear and i am glad you got to enjoy his love and energy. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> just an incredible tribute to sergeant travis atkins. we appreciate his service to the country and seeing his son there, quite a legacy. >> he was just 11. just heartbreaking. yes, the honor, absolutely well deserved. >> definitely. that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at follow us on facebook at
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this this morning on "world news now," the third largest lottery jackpot, ever. >> the winning numbers have been drawn. there is a winning ticket. we'll tell you where. fallout after the move to drop charges for jussie smollett. a top prosecutor is defending that action as the fbi now looks into the reasons why. the study out, drinking a bottle of wine increases cancer risks as much as smoking ten cigarettes. it's different for men and women. say aloha to the travel blogger whose been to the world east most beautiful places. she's reviewing the trendiest travel destinations. where you won't find crowds to break the bank. it is spring.
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the summer is coming. it's thursday, march 28th. announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm kenneth moton. janai norman is off. making her "world news now" desk co-anchor debut, elizabeth hur. >> thank you, thank you. such a warm welcome. >> welcome. typically, she is reporting for "good morning america." you are in the chair. how does it feel? >> viewers might not know, but we go way back. >> we do go way back. funny you mention that. next week is our anniversary. we have known each other for eight years, worked with each other in philadelphia. >> we have known each other since we were 10. >> she worked for a competing station. i worked for the powerhouse station, abc wpbi channel 6 action news. that picture is from our reporting days in the street.
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we will blur the other reporter in that picture to protect her identity. elizabeth worked for the competitor. i beat you most of the time. right? >> we were competitors. today, we are friends. >> we are friends now. >> you are going to be nice to me. >> she is being nice. you are a great reporter. on the streets of philadelphia, she whooped by butt. >> we don't have to look at that picture anymore. >> she looks like she is yelling at me, but she is trying to diffuse a situation. that's what we do here, we welcome you in style. >> thank you very much. i did not know you had that picture. we are off to a great start. >> we are. i feel like i won the jackpot. somebody actually did win the jackpot, and the power ball jackpot. that is where we begin. life-changing power ball jackpot. it was the third largest in american history. >> the winning numbers were 16, 20, 37, 44 and 62.
3:03 am
the power ball, 12. power ball officials are saying one winning ticket won, was sold in wisconsin. >> wisconsin. okay, the power ball jackpot grew so big because there was not a winner since the day after christmas. the lump sum payout is likely to be more than $465 million before taxes. we are waiting to find out where the other winning ticket is that won a million. obviously missed out on the power ball. here, on "world news now," we had a pool, i have sheets of paper with ticket after ticket after ticket. >> my name is -- >> this is all, no. you see jack back there. jack, tear it up. >> maybe we have friends in wisconsin. new best friends. >> maybe we do. >> i don't. >> i don't think so. so, there you go. >> here we are.
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>> all right. somebody is waking up a lucky, lucky person. maybe they won't wait almost a year, like six months like the other person did with the billion dollar one. remember that one? south carolina winner. now, to the developments after charges were dropped against actor jussie smollett. the case may not be over. the fbi is looking into why the charges were dismissed. >> he was accused of making a racist attack against himself, but cleared this week, a decision that stunned chicago's mayor and police rank and file. alex perez reports from chicago. >> reporter: facing fierce backlash, chicago's top prosecutor defending the bombshell decision by her office to drop all charges against jussi smollett. >> our office handles caseses like this in this way, often. many of them, with similar outcomes. that is, in no way indication by this office that he is not guilty of the crime he was accused of.
3:05 am
>> reporter: she recused herself days before because she was in contact with smollett's family and friends. text and e-mail messages show she tried to get the alleged assault case turned over to the fbi, which is what the family wanted. before smollett was considered a suspect, she texted, i make no guarantees, but i'm trying. >> i talk to victims and victims families all the time. unlike other victims i talk to, they don't often go from victim to suspect. >> reporter: the police investigated by the department of justice, the mayor demanding answers, too. >> the state's attorney's office saying he is not exonerated, he committed this. he is saying he is innocent and his words are true. they better get their story straight. this is making a fool of all of us. >> reporter: as for jussie smollett, his attorney telling george on gma, the two men that told police they staged the attack were simply his trainers. >> if the brothers are saying he helped stage the attack, you are
3:06 am
saying the brothers are lying? >> absolutely. >> they are not telling the truth? >> no. >> reporter: a former attorney says they told the truth. law enforcement tells abc news, the fbi is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of the charges against smollett. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> thanks to alex there. the man charged of killing the parents of 13-year-old jayme closs, kidnapping her and holding her captive for 88 days pleading guilty. jake patterson entered his guilty plea in a wisconsin courtroom. he faces life in prison when he is sentenced in may. in a disturbing moment, he said, quote, bye jayme, even though she wasn't there. with that plea, jayme closs won't have to testify about the ordeal. patterson held her in a cabin, depriving her of food and water, until she managed to escape. the report may be complete, but a grand jury is describing a
3:07 am
robust, ongoing investigation. word the panel is working on related matters came days after mueller completed the russia probe. ift was revealed by a federal prosecutor during a hearing to learn the identity of a foreign company that refused to comply with a subpoena from mueller. betsy devos is returning to capitol hill to face senators about the controversial plan to cut funding for special olympics. devos is trying to fend off a flood of criticism saying the government can no longer back the organization. abc's terry moran has more. >> reporter: for more than 50 years, the special olympics have been part of a revolutionary movement putting people with disabilities front and center, in a new light on the world stage. for decades, the government supported the games, but the trump administration wants to eliminate all federal funding. >> i can't understand why you go after disabled children in your budget. you zero that out.
3:08 am
it's appalling. >> reporter: on capitol hill, education secretary, betsy devos under fire, asked how many young athletes would be impacted. >> we had to make difficult decisions with the budget. >> it's a question of kids, not the budget. >> the number of kids -- >> it's 272,000 kids affected. >> one that is well supported by the philanthropic center as well. >> sure. >> reporter: the $17.6 million the games receive from the government is a tiny fraction of trump's proposeed $4.75 trillion bud budget proposal. it represents a significant chunk of the special olympics annual revenue. some charities did get support from the administration. the jack nicklaus children's hospital in miami gets $20 million. nicklaus is a golfing buddy of the president's. they enjoy broad bipartisan support. leaders say there's no chance the funding will be eliminated because of the support and
3:09 am
cutting that $17.6 million wouldn't make a dime's worth of difference in reducing the $1.1 trillion deficit this administration has run up. terry moran, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to terry. someone found a cheesy solution to the southern border wall battle. >> a california artist came up with his own plan. it is a wall made of mexican cheese, specifically a hard cheese. >> yeah, the project is called make america grate again. that's g-r-a-t-e. get it? the artist said he is building a perishable wall so it will dissolve over time, which he believes all walls should, because, quote, walls are fear. apparently, it's spoiled cheese. there you go. coming up, the details about the roller coaster ride aboard a luxury cruise ship. experts are revealing why its four engines shut down. later, this year's hottest vacation trends. we are checking out of the way
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dermatologist tested bounce free and gentle is free of dyes and perfumes. bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static. welcome back. welcome back. in a surprise the woman that pushed her now former friend off a bridge will spend two days in jail. taylor smith received a sentence. the washington state judge tossed the plea deal that would let the 19-year-old avoid jail time. the judge honored the request from the victim's mother. she wanted smith jailed as many days as her daughter was in the hospital. a california man won an $80 million verdict against a company after claiming its roundup weed killer causes cancer.
3:13 am
the jury agreed with the 70-year-old that the company was negligent. it's the second $80 million award against them, related to roundup in seven months. both have nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the first case is under appeal. researchers say a study about alcohol and cancer is a good way of communicating the risks of moderate drinking. the british study says drinkers that consume a bottle of wine a week are increasing their cancer by the same amount as smoking five cigarettes per week for men and 10 for women. a medical analyst says the study shows both smoking and drinking can be harmful, but the risks associated with smoking are substantially more hazardous. >> interesting study there. low oil levels are the reason for the cruise ship nightmare. >> it triggered the oil supply
3:14 am
to stop, shutting down the engines. more than 600 americans were on board. hundreds of passengers were evacuated by helicopters before the engine could be restarted. coming up, the world's next travel hot spots. >> we are sitting down with a travel expert next on "world news now." news now." ybut life...can throw them off bbalance.of bacteria, (vo) re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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♪ i want to get a way ♪ i want to fly away ♪ i want to get a way ♪ i want to fly away >> lenny kravitz said it best, right, it's time to get away. that's lenny, right? that's lenny. >> yes. yes. >> you are looking at me, like -- with the weather warming up, so many of us are thinking about where to fly away for spring and summer get aways. >> this year the big vacation trend is getting off the beaten path. our will ganss is here to tell us more. will? >> yeah, hope you are ready for summer travel, spring break action. i have spent enough time on instagram to know that travel blogger and film maker courtney scott is the expert you need to
3:17 am
help you plan your next vacation. she has been to every corner of the globe from new zealand to columbia, to turkey. but, she made a special stop at the plaza hotel here in new york city to tell us about xpedia's top travel destination that is are on the brink of blowing up. here's your sneak peek. ♪ >> every year expedia research shows a few stand-out destinations that are really catching a lot of buzz and rising to the top of a lot of bucket lists. mexico is a top-trending destination, we know that. people tend to love traveling to cancun, cabo, but i recommend hitting isla holbox. it's a car-free island. the way to get around is by golf cart or by bike. the real peak time to visit is during whale, shark season, which is june to september.
3:18 am
that's when you see the biggest crowds but it's spectacular year around. i recommend staying at this small, family-run hotel. incredible design and really affordable, about $200 a night. >> all right. that's our first destination. what else, if mexico is not in the cards, what is next? >> portugal had a huge year in 2018. we saw a lot of buzz about the azores. nine different islands, nine active volcanos, earning them the title of the hawaii of the atlantic. i recommend spending a good amount of time once you get there island hopping. the best time to be there is between april and november. that's when you will have the best weather and most affordable prices and it's about a 2 1/2 hour jaunt from lisbon. if you are already planning a trip to portugal, something to think about. >> azores getaways offers a $600 deal where you get there, get a hotel, includes breakfast.
3:19 am
you don't have to break the bank to start exploring these gorgeous locations. >> absolutely. at expedia we recommend booking a package, bunldling a flight and hotel together is when you see the best savings. >> what is next on the bucket list of travel destinations? >> well, alaska. okay? it's an incredible adventure. a lot of families really want to get to alaska but they don't know how to do it. i recommend going via cruise. the emerald isle of kodiak. it's the place to experience their rich history and cultures in alaska. and the next is kenai. it's the destination for legendary salmon fishing. the summer months are really peak season for alaskan cruises. i recommend going on the other side of summer months for less crowds and more affordable cruises. >> georgia is on your list, right, but not georgia the state?
3:20 am
>> not the state. the country. particularly the capital city. the hotel is incredible. it is built in a publishing house. they have a rooftop pool with a glass bottom. a very cool property you might not want to leave it, but you should get out and explore. >> we have alaska as a travel destination, and is there anything in the lower 48 that you would recommend or see as a new and trendy travel destination? >> just a short metro ride from the hustle and bustle of d.c. is alexandria, virginia. a very charming city. it's not only in d.c. where you have the famous cherry blossom festivals and experience it. it's also in alexandria, virginia. it's centrally located, pet friendly as most are and $185 a night. in fact, alexandria, when you talk about the best month to be
3:21 am
there, year round it's quite affordable. it's a great destination if you are looking for a lovely, quick escape in the lower 48 in the u.s. >> that sounds so nice. as soon as this interview raps, i'm going to jump on expedia and be, like, all right, where do i want to go? a huge thanks to courtney scott and the plaza hotel for having us. if you thought i was kidding at the end when i said i'm wrapping the interview and getting ready to travel -- >> your bag is packed? >> yes. >> what is happening here? don't go yet, because those were good tips but when i saw alexandria, i was, like, what? >> that's because you live in d.c. for the rest of us -- >> i still live there. >> -- it looks like a really nice spot. >> it is nice. it's beautiful when the cherry blossoms, which are starting to bloom. >> i like portugal. >> oh, my gosh, the hawaii of the atlantic is what they call it, and from here it's only four hours. >> i have been to lisbon. i have had port wine.
3:22 am
>> of course. speaking of port wine and portugal, will ganss, out. >> have fun. >> where did he go? he's gone, everybody. everybody. >> have fun. olay ultra moisture body wash gives skin the nourishment it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology. skin is petal smooth. because your best skin starts with olay.
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♪ time for "the mix" on this thursday. guess what? it's national something on a stick day, everybody! >> whooo. >> just in time for opening day for mlb, and, look, we have, bam, bam, blow pops and popsicles. national something on a stick day. popular foods on a stick includes corn dogs, popsicles, kabobs, lollipops. go ahead, take a bite. >> i was looking forward to this segment. >> go ahead, it's hot. it's hot! >> she doesn't mind eating on tv.
3:26 am
we were warned it was hot. >> it's a little hot. >> enjoy something on a stick. it's national something on a stick day, which is a lot better than something on a pole day. there you go. >> still chewing. i can do this. i haven't had -- that was so good. i was actually hoping it wouldn't be a national cupcake or doughnut day because i gave those up for lent, so i can eat this. >> a nice-tasting corn dog there. >> yay! >> another bite. >> i have to talk. we are moving on to the next story. again, you made fun of me for being over prepared -- >> y'all, she's way over prepared for our mix here. >> the next story. i know. >> we kind of wing it here. >> the asian in me did background research on this story. a 34-year-old man quit his job as an english teacher so he can travel the world so he can make 162 games of mlb. >> oh.
3:27 am
>> major league baseball. >> there you go. opening day. he wants to go to -- this will take 162 games this season will be across three continents. >> yes. >> and he's not even from the u.s. >> he is not. >> he wants to travel all over and see these games. >> yes. >> that's a lot of games. >> can i show off a little bit? my little research. >> yeah. go ahead. >> his family is very supportive, and his coworkers, he think is jealous. how do you think he's financing this trip? >> how? >> he plans to travel with his savings, credit cards and frugal living. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> what is it? >> i didn't get that far, jack. don't do that. don't be mean. >> well, let's move on to nasa apparently paying people to sleep in bed for two months. i think they are going to do more than just sleep, but it's to find out how bodies react to weightlessness.
3:28 am
resting in bed puts people in similar physical states. for 16 -- how much? 24 people for 16,000 euros. >> would you do it? >> sig martin luther king jr.: we hold these truths to be self-evident -- that all men are created equal. john f. kennedy: the torch has been passed to a new generation of americans. barbara jordan: the american dream need not forever be deferred. lyndon johnson: this is the richest and the most powerful country...
3:29 am
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this morning on "world news now," president trump's renewed fight to end obamacare once and for all. the president is vowing that if the courts strike down the law he'll have a far better plan, but not all republicans are on board. also this morning, the admitted neo-nazi accused of running his car into a crowd changed his plea. could this move help him avoid the death penalty? new this half hour, a police raid on a home. >> and armed officers knock down a door to remove a 2-year-old with high fever after the doctor called child protective services. now the parents are speaking out. no matter how you slice it, bagelgate is dividing the internet.
3:31 am
why a man's breakfast order is going viral serving up the next great online debate. it's thursday, march 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." so we've had eating pizza with a fork. we have had other outlandish food things people get all crazy about. now we have a bagel -- >> cut up like a loaf of bread, and it looks so wrong. >> what is this? actually, i agree with it. >> earlier you said -- >> no, yeah, i believe in this. >> oh. >> i believe this is a smart way. >> really? >> now people are going to hate me, right, will ganss? >> yeah. >> yeah. we're going to break the bread here and slice into it. >> i don't know. i'm not a fan. >> elizabeth hur right next to me. janai norman is off this morning.
3:32 am
great to have you, my friend. >> happy to be here. >> good. we begin this half hour with president trump's plan to obliterate obamacare even though the republicans don't have a replacement. >> there are reports this morning the acting chief of staff, nick mulvaney was instrumental in convincing the president to go through the courts to strike down the entire affordable care act. despite opposition within the administration. abc's jonathan karl has more on the renewed battle. >> reporter: president trump made it crystal clear, he is all in on the legal effort to completely terminate obamacare, including its most popular protections for middle class americans. >> i understand health care now, especially very well. a lot of people don't understand it. we are going to be the republicans, the party of great health care. >> reporter: but republicans in congress were blind-sided by the move, which was opposed by some key players in the president's own administration, including the departments of justice and health and human services.
3:33 am
>> we have a lawsuit right now going where phase one of the lawsuit terminates obamacare, essentially terminates obamacare. if the supreme court rules that obamacare is out, we will have a plan that is far better than obamacare. >> reporter: in fact, there is no plan and if the courts agree to strike down obamacare insurance for millions of americans could be in jeopardy. nearly 13 million people get coverage under obamacare's medicaid expansion, and more than 2 million adults are covered because of the provision that allows them to stay on their parents' plans, and an estimated 52 million people with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed coverage, and in congress republicans are afraid of the political repercussions of doing away with obamacare without replacing it. >> if he has good ideas of improving aca or the system of health care in this country, those initiatives need to be put forth first.
3:34 am
>> reporter: democrats are sounding the alarm. >> this is peoples' life and death, it's health care. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous what they are doing. >> reporter: according to a senior administration official the timing of the move was related to a court-imposed deadline, but there has been real concern expressed by the president's allies about doing this now, and in fact i am told that one top republican leader in congress called the president directly to urge him to hold off until the white house had a plan to replace those obamacare protections. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. a grand jury that heard testimony for nearly two years in the russia investigation is still active. days after special counsel robert mueller submitted his report, a federal prosecutor told a judge that the grand jury is, quote, continuing robustly, but it's not clear exactly what they are working on. the revelation came during a hearing for a media request to learn the identity of a foreign company that refused to comply
3:35 am
with a subpoena from mueller. house lawmakers passed a bill to better protect workers against wage discrimination. it calls for an end to pay secrecy and makes it easier for workers to challenge pay discrimination. democrats renewed the push for equal pay for equal work because women earn 80 cents to the dollar a man makes for the same work. two people are dead after a gunman randomly opened fire in a seattle neighborhood then led them on a high-sped chase. police caught up with the suspect after he crashed the vehicle into another car, killing the driver. he also shot and killed the driver of the vehicle he carjacked. before that he shot and critically injured a woman in another vehicle and then walked down the street and fired at a city bus, and even though the bus driver took a bullet he managed to turn the bus around protecting passengers from the gunman. an avowed white supremacist who was already likely to spend the rest of his life in prison has cut a deal with federal
3:36 am
prosecutors. he pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes stemming from the august 2017 chaos that erupted in charlottesville, virginia. abc's kyra phillips has details. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed neo-nazi accused of creating this horrific scene on the streets of charlottesville, virginia, pleading guilty to 29 hate crimes in federal court. prosecutors say james alex fields was attending the unite the right rally when he rammed his car into counter protesters, killing 32-year-old heather heyer and injuring dozens more. fields was convicted of 29 out of 30 counts, changing his initial plea as part of a deal cut with prosecutors who say they would not pursue the death penalty. given all the facts and circumstances, we believed that life imprison. or the potential life imprison. was an acceptable result and it vindicated and protected those
3:37 am
rights of the victims, and it vindicates the tragic loss of life. >> reporter: last year he was convicted of first-degree murder in state court, and the jurors recommending a sentence of life in prison. comments made by president trump in the aftermath igniting bipartisan backlash. >> yes, i think there's blame on both sides. >> reporter: the mother of heather heyer. >> i don't like that my daughter was the sacrifice, but sadly it took a white girl dying before anybody paid attention to civil rights around here. the civil rights battle has gone on for the black community for 400 years now, and we didn't pay attention. >> reporter: according to the fbi we have seen a dramatic spike in the number of hate
3:38 am
crimes in the u.s., an increase of 17% from 2016 to 2017, and as for james fields, he's expected to be sentenced july 3rd, likely spending the rest of his life in prison. kyra phillips, abc news, washington. >> thanks to kyra in washington. that rise in hate crimes is blamed by some on social media and now facebook and instagram say they are doing something about it. the two platforms are no longer allowing content that praises or supports white nationalism and white separatism. the new policy goes into affect next week. democrat stacey abrams says she is still not sure if she will make a 2020 run for president, but during an appearance on "the view" yesterday, abrams made one thing very clear, she has no plans to join the possible campaign of joe biden as his vice president. >> i don't think you run for second place. i do not know if i'm running. i am thinking about everything. part of my opportunity right now
3:39 am
is that i have a number of options i didn't know about before. >> political rumors started swirling after a recent meeting abrams had with biden, and the former vice president denies any deal with abrams was offered. new york city lawmakers standing tall in the record books. >> brooklyn city councilmember is 6'10" tall, and according to the guinness book of world records, that makes him the tallest elected official on the planet. >> wow. >> the achievement was not lost on new york city's 6'5" mayor, bill de blasio. >> today we are here to bring honor to someone who has brought politics to new heights. >> i want to thank you for the opportunity to use my physical attributes or what god gave me
3:40 am
in this package in order to lead and make a difference in the city. >> de blasio getting edged out by a few inches. he was a member of the 1985 final four basketball team before playing professionally in israel and turkey. that's a tall, tall politician there. >> i knew he had to have played basketball. >> don't stereotype that man. >> i knew you were going to say that. that's not what i meant. 6'10", you have to play basketball. >> he definitely does. coming up, bagel abomination. how one man managed to ignite the greatest twitter debate ever after slicing his bagels as so many are saying, the wrong way. as march madness resumes today, how beyonce is said to be inspiring one basketball team. we'll have that story in "the skinny." you are watching "world news now." story in "the skinny." you are watching "world news now." at's next in "the skinny." you are watching "world news now."
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
a wild scene in a florida courtroom in this moment right here, tough to see. ft. lauderdale public defender, julie chase, was punched and knocked to the ground by a defendant. deputies eventually restrained the man. chase was treated and released from the hospital. authorities don't know why she
3:44 am
was attacked. turning now to the growing outrage over a police raid on a home in arizona. armed officers knocked down the door and removed a 2-year-old with a high fever after the boy's doctor called child services. this morning the parents are speaking out. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: when police kicked down this door, their target was not a fugitive but a feverish 2-year-old. hours earlier, sarah beck had taken her sick child to the clinic and the doctor advised her to go straight to the e.r. her 2-year-old had a fever of 105. beck, claimed her son had no vaccines, improved minutes later. >> he was acting normal and dancing with his sisters, and i take his temperature and it was 102. >> reporter: when the family did not show up at the e.r., the doctor called the department of child safety. the police report says they first knocked, spoke with the father on the phone.
3:45 am
when the father refused to comply the police moved in because the child had a potentially life-threatening fever and illness. inside, authorities say the house was a mess. police discovered the couple's daughters were sick, also. one of the girls threw up in her bed. in the parents room, officers discovered a shotgun lying next to the bed, against the wall, it was not locked or secured. when this incident happened in february there was a present danger to the well-being of the 2-year-old that required immediate medical attention is the family and some lawmakers say they went too far. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. it is a big day in sports, starting with baseball's opening day. here in new york, in pursuit of their 28th world series championship against the baltimore orioles. >> the current champions, the boston red sox begin defending their title in seattle. the first games took place in tokyo where the mariners beat the a's twice.
3:46 am
then a sign of march madness with sweet 16. >> only one cinderella reached the regionals. 12 seed oregon meets top seed virginia. there is purdue versus tennessee. in the west, gonzaga meets florida state and texas tech meets michigan. >> we are keeping an eye on the tournaments only perfect bracket. that is greg nigel who is 48 for 48. t.j. holmes will speak with him later on "good morning america." jack, you are our expert. what do you think when it comes to the sweet 16 and opening day? >> looking forward to the opening day. the yankees, clearly going to make it happen again this year, against some other team. >> did you get that nice, close shave, by the way, for opening day to celebrate it? >> it was time for it anyway, and it just happened to coincide. >> spring, by the way.
3:47 am
jack shaves his head. hey, looks good. yeah. >> aerodynamic. >> yeah. >> i needed to lose weight anyway. >> trust me, i know. >> good to know. when we come back, why coach k. is in the beehive. >> and beyonce's sweet serenade to a motown icon. "the skinny" is next. to a motown icon. "the skinny" is next. serenade to a motown icon, next. 60% of women wear the wrong size pad and can experience leaks. you don't have to. with always my fit, try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage day or night. because better coverage means better protection. always
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♪ a little countdown for "the skinny," starting with coach k and the beehive. >> he has been coaching duke's basketball team for nearly 40 years and is widely considered one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. >> he's a goat. >> this morning we are hearing just one of the many reasons why beyonce, former duke star, quinn cook told the road trip podcast that during a down period in their game coach k led the team into a dark theater and showed them a video of beyonce rehearsing. >> coach k was so impressed with queen b's drive and determination, he wanted his own team to model her. quinn says, they got the message
3:50 am
loud and clear and it worked. they had good dance moves on the court. they were synchronized and choreographed. no, i won't say that. when it comes to beyonce, she's one of the hardest working people. >> there was a clip, a documentary where she said it was good, not great. >> whatever it is, it's working. >> i knew i loved coach k. i can't say his last name, but i love him. >> we'll move on. >> yes. >> speaking of beyonce, she paid homage to one of music's legends. >> yes, diana ross celebrated her milestone, 75th birthday on tuesday. that's when this happened. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday >> omg. serenaded by beyonce. >> wow. as you can see the motown icon was blown away.
3:51 am
>> there were so many celebrities there. we saw it on instagram. our friend of the show, gayle king, was there with her son. hey, gayle, both of them looking spectacular. good morning, gayle. >> hello, gayle. next, some d.c. politics in "the skinny." >> former california governor, arnold schwarzenegger was at the supreme court to talk about gerrymandering. >> and going viral was a veteran reporter, walking right up to the terminator like a boss to make sure she got him on mike. >> good for her. arnold schwarzenegger tweeted, it wouldn't be a visit to the supreme court without answering a question from nina totenberg. proud to be her co-star. >> but the headlines just kept coming from the terminator. he stopped by the national press club and it was not until he sat down when the world got a glance at his over-the-top patriotic cowboy boots. >> wow. the black boots depicted a bald
3:52 am
eagle and a great seal of the united states set against the american flag background. >> that's some pretty patriotic boots there from the terminator. i need a pair of those. >> i was going to say, only he can pull it off. no? going to say, only he can pull it off. no?
3:53 am
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it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. ♪ anyway you want it ♪ anyway you want it ♪ that's the way you need it ♪ anyway you want it >> we all like things just the way we want them, but one man who got it his way sparked a firestorm of controversy. >> it all has to do with how he wanted his bagels sliced. our will ganss is here with that story. >> oh, yeah, good morning, you two. good morning to all of you. remember when we were young and naive and thought cynthia nixon's order would be the biggest debate. now, bagelgate divided the
3:56 am
internet in half. you know, the way bagels typically are. a breakfast fit fur the duchess of sussex. >> do you want half of my bagel, too? >> thank you. i'm so sorry. >> but this morning international outrage because of one man's bagel order, or at least it has some twitter users toasty. alec, a st. louis native tweeting this photo with a caption, today, i introduced my co-workers to the st. louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced. it was a hit. the online reaction was swift and what some are calling a smear campaign. one tweeting, we regret to tell you st. louis is canceled. sell st. louis back to france. this man, sure bread sliced bagels are a felony. the reigning queen of the internet, chrissy teigen urging her constituents to vote no on proposition slicing bagels and others spreading a little sarcasm on #bagelgate. some posted pictures of other things.
3:57 am
the internet thrown into bread alert, the likes of which we have not seen since the great dress debate of 2015, and the laurel catastrophe of 2018. >> laurel. laurel. laurel. >> but, as bagelgate goes on, at least for alec, things are getting a little butter. the initial bread sliced bagels, offering the next round on them, sliced oufr he would like them. panera is not the only one coming to alec's defense. we asked some of our twitter followers and some are saying bread-sliced bagels are coming in handy if you are driving and want to dip it into cream cheese. others saying if you want to try a few flavors, you can take some. >> you can share. i don't want to eat a whole, giant slice of it. >> but still -- >> just eat a little bit of it. >> and people are getting really
3:58 am
passionate about this apparently. >> mark is the floor detector and he wants -- oh, he's holding up his hand to countdown, and i thought he wanted a bagel.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the deadly shooting rampage. a man opens fire on a busy city street shooting randomly at cars and a city bus. the driver taking action. >> he acted heroically and put the well-being of his passengers above all else. >> how he prevented even more bloodshed and the chase that followed. breaking news, a budget airline suddenly shuts down today without warning. customers say they've been stranded without notice. health care confusion. president trump speaking overnight about his plan to replace obamacare. what he's now promising and the growing concern from members of his own


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