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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 28, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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family members say the boy was playing when he found the unlocked gun under a b. gun. mo. >> family members say the boy does not live at that house. breaking overnight. icelandic low cost airline wow air has stopped flying and is now out of business. >> that stranded travelers across north america and europe. this is the message wow air posted online overnight. it tells stranded flyers to arrange travel from other airlines. the carrier struggled to find funding after failed acquisition talks with competitor iceland air and another airline ownership ck way to iceland. wow discontinued its sfo flight last year. >> that is some message. try and find your way home on another airline. >> they're offering full refunds for the passengers stranded
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today. >> good luck with that. >> but that's -- really the least they could do at this point. >> honestly. talk about wow. it is 4:30 if you're just joining us. quick update on your weather and traffic. >> we'll never leave you stranded. we're always here. even less than 7 minutes away all the time. s fewtthondhe bay. you can see near the bay bridge, the san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge. look at the big pictureme. we're getting the last push on shore of the wet weather. it's been creating. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale with scattered showers, a chance of thunderstorms and some gusty breezes again like yesterday. here's a look from the east bay hills. you can see, yep, bouncing around with the breezy conditions. i don't know if alexis noticed it or had the same experience. when i was coming across the bay bridge, it wasn't as bad as yesterday. >> wet weather through 7:00. temperatures below average from the 40s this morning. mid to upper 50s ar
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60 at 4:00. grab a coat thisi don't think i. nothing like yesterday. in fact, we don't have any high wind it should make it -- it could be something any areas. scattered showers this morning. we have that barrier work on golden gate bridge. i wanted to show you this backup here on our traffic maps. you can see about 32 miles an hour. that's your average if you're leaving san francisco and headed into marin county. they should be wrapping that up in 30 minutes. >> westbound 92, we're looking at fairly light volumes and no major blocking issues so far today. thanks, alexis. play ball. thousands of oakland a's fans will be here for the home opener. >> the a's take on the angels. amy hollyfield is live at the coliseum with what fans can look forward to today. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning jessica.
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yes, it is still at the coliseum. not expecting to open the new ballpark until 2023. still here. so you will have some new creature comforts to look forward to at this old stadium. take a look. we want to show you first new speeding options will have three different premium options. one is going to have like a living room-style for you, another will offer luxury wine experience. that's going to happen behind home plate. that changes things up a bit. you're also going to see new food options. lots of food options that might surprise you, including spam musab i. not sure what to expect. adult popsicles will be brought around for anyone to indulge in a popsicle that, you know, has adult beverages tucked away inside the frozen treat. they'll be handing out rally towels since it is theounir for.
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cocorispill be throwing out the first pitch. i checked in with a spokesperson who isailable. if you want to reroute your afternoon and some out and enjoy the game, you still can. you want to bring a bunch of options for clothing. we got a little bit of rain a few seconds ago and then it stopped. it's a bit breezy as well. come prepared. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> throw on the layers today. the giants open their season in san diego against the padres. madison bum gartner will take the mound. the giants play their home opener next friday, april 5th. a lucky powerball player in wisconsin is more than a three quarters of a billion dollars
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au match a six bay area will collect nearly 3 million bucks for matching five of the six numbers. >> congrats. one of the tickets was sold at gateway food and liquor on north bascom avenue in san jose and another in san mateo. here are the winning numbers. 16, 20, 37, 44, and 62. the power number is 12. this morning, pg&e creditors are proposing a $35 billion plan that would allow the utility to exit bankruptcy within a year. bloomberg news reports it would establish a $14 billion trust to pay claims from deadly wildfires in 2017 and 2018, including the north bay and paradise wildfires. pg&e is facing liabilities that could exceed $30 billion because its equipment may have started
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those fires. a new development this morning in the jussie smollett case. the fbi is looking into why newrerttt this orsinim tacto pot a revw n investigation. the state attorney who dismissed the charges smollett did not receive special treatment. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says all the evidence police collected should be unsealed and made public. president trump is now weighing in. this morning, he tweeted, fbi and doj to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it is an embarrassment to our nation. the dmv wasn't ready. that is the verdict from the statewide audit ordered after a wave of long lines at dmv offices up and down california. you'll recall the long lines took place last year as people tried to get their real i.d.s. the audit says an out dated computer system, poor employee training, poor budgeting led to the long line. also, there weren't enough
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employees to staff the service windows. in a statement, the dmv said it's taking action to address the problems. let's take a look at what's going on outside. temperatures down to neighborhood level first. up in the north bay, you can see there's upper 40s in places like guerneville, rohnert park, calistoga, petaluma, napa. low 50s about everywhere else. a little cooler ukiah, mid-40s. mid-40s in redwood city, san jose, the east bay valleys, until brentwood and tracy, 47. alameda, 54. daly city 52. milder. here's a look at the eastern -- western span, excuse me of the bay bridge. caution today, mass transit, driving and ferry rides going to be breezy this afternoon with a chance of showers. let's take a look at the peninsula. our chances not nearly as impressive as yesterday. in fact, in this hourly look here on the peninsula, 11:00, .
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east bay valleys, we're in the 50s and cloudy up until 11:00. low 60s thi evening for you. then down in the south bay, the least likely area to have random showers. clouds and sunshine. low 60s this afternoon after starting off in the 40s this morning. most of my commute was dry this morning. that helped out a lot. >> all of mine was dry. no wet pavement today. it wasn't as breezy out on the bridge either. should be easier conditions for you today. looking dry at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're paying cash, i would go to the right side of the toll pla plaza. that seems to be wide open. a decent stack up here. before we get the cash lanes open, that is typically what we see this time of day. no carpool lanes, no metering lights either.
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tracy to dublin, 32 minutes. not terrible out of of the central valley. that's the first drive time in the yellow. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard. in the green at 15 minutes. down to 85. 101 to cupertino. minutes. >> thank you, alexis. a community on the peninsula faces a big parking crunch. now neighbors are breaking the law to save their spots. it's a dream job. you could get paid to lie in bed for two months. >> tell me where to apply.
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valley. it's all the way up to the border with oregon and heading into the high country and turning into snow once again. in so cal, look at this. upper 60s in los angeles. 56 in chico. 61 in sacramento. 46 with rain and snow showers in yosemite. we have the winter storm warning, only for 17:30 minutes. it's going to taper. as it gets breezy, branches could fall down. let's look at the seven-day forecast. we've got sunshine returning and great travel weather tomorrow through sunday. rain monday. becoming snow tuesday. >> thank you, mike. a close call for a woman on the peninsula. a large tree fell on her car in
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pour toe lavalle i.ufnor injuri. they took her they were able to clear the tree and the downed wires nearby as well. we're just one day away from one of the most anticipated ipos of the entire year. >> lyft expq. the company is billion. shares are ex president-elected to be priced -- expected to be $70 and $72. lyft is based in san francisco. we'll have live coverage tomorrow on abc 7 mornings. along the peninsula, residents in a redwood city neighborhood have taken over parking enforcement in order to save street parking in front of their homes. they've put up private no parking signs to create rsup c 7s louie.
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>> there are no parking signs posted up and down the streets ofey saving parking spaces in front of residents' homes. >> they are contributing to the parking problem. they're saving parking for themselves. they're taking it away from the general public. they have no right to do that. >> there are no curbs or sidewalks in this part of redwood city. with their signs and orange cones, residents have claimed the right to bar others from claiming parking spaces. that irks these neighbors who took us for a walk to see how the signs pro litsliferateproli. redwood city has not ordered the signs removed. >> i want the city to pay attention t the problem, to recognize that the redwood oaks area is being ignored. you can go to all other parts of redwood city. you don't see this kind of problem there. >> the city confirm this is a flier drafted but not september out. it explains that the shoulder is public, noterty. it orders residents not to post
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signs or cones. police won't enforce them. >> city staff is ee vail waiting this issue further and is working onetermining nex steps. one resident, a tenant, would not tell us who put up the no parking sign where she lives. others were forthcoming >> who put the sign up in front of your house? >> my landlord. >> does it work? >> yeah, it works well. >> that seems to imply there is some honor among residents. they know the signs are illegal. if the residents obey them, they can get awut repercussions at least for now. in redwood city, david louie, abc 7 news. if you like lying around all day, nasa and the european space agency has a job for you. they're looking for 24 volunteers to remain in bed for two months. scientists are trying to determine if they can keep an astronaut's body in good shape
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by using artificial gravity. now, think about this for a second before you apply. you have to do everything in that laying down position, including eating, washing and going to the bathroom. the job pays 19,000 bucks. if you're interested, we have a link on our website. >> i'm out. >> you're out? >> the beginning i was totally in. now the details, nope. >> i thought you could get up occasionally and -- >> stretch your legs. >> if you can't ever get up -- i'd go stir crazy. >> how about bed sores and stuff like that? >> for two months, i think so. >> i mean, i guess you could turn. quick.urck >> we thought it was a sleeping gig and got a lot of sleep which we all crave. >> sleep deprived four of us. yeah, let's do it. >> then we got to bed sores.
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>> it was a no. >> that's when you get out. >> that was the final bye, bye. shut the door. move on. talk about weather. all right. here we go. live doppler 7 showing a light shower moving across 80 near be berkeley. thousand oaks boulevard, kensington getting light rain now. we have it on 580 if you're heading through san leandro and up towards oakland and macarthur boulevard. mountain boulevard getting wet. >> walnut creek, it's dry right now on 680 looking south. we have another round of showers and a possibility of thunderstorms today. it will be cooler tonight, showers will linger in a few neighborhoods. it will be dry for a few days before more chances of rain next week. here are temperatures, lakeport, ukiah, low to mid-50s. everybody else around 57 in san francisco to fremont and san jose at about 63 degrees. stillvaeymid to upps for the rtf
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us. here's a l of green dots on th liwhile, yellogh thunder. towards 6:00, it's more scattered once again and lighter. but then as we head towards the overnight hours, keep an eye on just about everywhere with a light shower starting the commute tomorrow at 4:00. it kind of shifts up to the north bay where it's going to stay. any chance we have tomorrow in the mountains there. in the northern part of sonoma county up towards lake and mendocino counties. let's look at the rainfall totals. they're not impressive whatsoever. as you look through today and into tomorrow, yep, less than a quarter of an inch. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. what you're going to see, that rebound in temperatures with sunshine friday, saturday and sunday. but then a chance of rain monday, tuesday, wednesday. they're also 1s. alexis? >> good morning, mike and overall looking good for the start of our thursday morning commute. i do have live doppler 7 on top
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of the traffic maps. you could definitely run into showers here for the morning drive. however, most of our pavement looking pretty dry. we're looking dry here out of the central honestly, pretty good for this stretch. westbound 205, about 27 miles per hour. 22 miles an hour onc580. if you're doing the altamont pass commute. that's typical. maybe each lighter than average. golden gate bridge looking better on the northbound side of 101 when we last checked. we had the cones up on the northbound side. one lane was getting by. they've wrapped that up ahead of schedule. i'm not seeing any more cones or delays. >> thank you alexis. facebook and instagram announce a ban on white nationalists. >> office depot settles charges that it tricked customers into buying computer repair services. here's techbytes. in today's techbytes, a new move against online hate speech. >> facebook and instagram are no longer allowing content which
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praises or supports white nationalism and white separate tichl. they will be forwarded to a group that helps people lead the far right. office tea poe and software supplier agreed to $35 million to settle federal charges. >> the federal trade commission says the company deceived customers with false claims aboutalware and tricking them into buying repair services. samsung is showing how durable its foldable phone is. >> the company released this video showing robots folding their new phone over and over again. samsung promises it will outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds.
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guess what day it is. i was at the coliseum. we've been talking about it all morning. the $400 million man, mike trout coming in with his angels taking on our a's. there is a chance of a scattered shower. it will not cancel the game or delay the game. go out and have some fun. thanks, mike. president trump is scheduled to make a rare visit to california. he's set to headline a campaign fundraiser. it will happen april 5th in l.a. tickets are $15,000 go as high as $150,000 a head.
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>> 15 bay area chefs, restaurants and bars on the short list of finalists for james beard awards. cory lee of benu is up for outstanding chef. the restaurant is up for outstanding wine programs. san francisco's angler is up for best new restaurant and on the media side, salt, fat, acid, heat on netflix is up for best television program. >> wrote the book of the same name and she's up for outstanding personality. the james beard awards given out in may. we have a complete list on we are getting a front row seat to a spectacular killer whale sight monterey. there are even two little babies in this group. princess monterrey whale watching shared video of this encounter. a boat spotted a more active group of four about a half mile away. the two groups eventually came
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together. >> i've always wanted to see that. got to make that happen. >> beautiful animals. i know there's shark week. could we do whale week? >> we just invented it. >> i like it. let me know what i can do to help. this is how it looked yesterday afternoon. this is the way it looks a lot today. the clouds may be a little -- yesterday we didn't have a lot of showers. today, kind of the reverse. we were busy yesterday morning, early afternoon. we're going to be quiet early morning, afternoon, just scattered showers. then the possibility of intensifying. biggest concern as it has been all week is just ponding on the roadways. trees and power lines down. a slight chance that we just outrted ifaking and youswayin alexis and see
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if there's any hotspots this morning. >> not really. not unless you're paying cash t lanes. a backup on the right side. nothing compared to the left side. that is the side to go to. fastrak users not having any issues. no metering lights yet. that should happen closer to about 5:20 here this morning. taking a look at drive times, richmond-san rafael bridge, in the green at seven minutes. i am seeing a slowdown eastbound due to roadwork. san mateo bridge, 14, westbound 84 across the dumbarton bridge looking good at eight minutes. thank you, alexis. >> yead hebt mmunitsoierri exhi which was aprsive attro
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society. it doesn't shy away from sexually explicit merials asf they like. >> interesting. the pictures are stunning. next at 5:00 a.m., a big shock for any east bay homeowners. squatters trash her place. even chang
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it's 5:00 a.m. have you checked your powerball tickets. there are two big winners in the bay area. the stores that sold tickets woh 3illi buckciose wh o th th. >> there definitely feeling good on this thursday morning. you're never more than seven
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minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. we can't get away from the rain. >> no, you are correct on tha one. we cannot get away from the rain. scattered showers, a chance of thunderstorms and some gusty conditions. i think we had a report of hail in pleasanton yesterday. we could have small hail again today. here's a look at the stronger downpours. half moon bay towards la honda and through the santa cruz mountains, get ready for wet weather here. here's what to expect with the accuweather 12-hour planner. a 1 on the impact scale. it's cooler this morning. you have to dress warmer. temperatures mainly in the 40s. we'll be 56 to 60 at noon. 56 to 61 at 4:00. then by 7:00, the chance of storms are still around. unlike yesterday when it was pretty much over, we'll be in the mid to


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