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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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interstate 80 east. a view of how active the weather was earlier today in the late morning early afternoon. numerous lightning strikes there. producing lightning, thunder and small hail. we have showers in the north bay. temperatures in the upper 50s low 60s. this storm ranks 1 on the impact scale. through tonight into early tomorrow morning. possibly a thunderstorm. and it will be breezy to gusty. i'll give a closer look at over night conditions and the 7-day forecast. >> maybe spring break time but it's still very much flu season. the latest report from the california department of health shows the entire state has elevated flu activity. >> that activity is picking up in the south bay where elementary school is grappling with an out break and it's affecting other schools as well.
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live at simons in san jose. >> this out break is centered here at simon elementary school on a single fout grade classroom. where 50% of the kids are out absent with a flu like illness. >> there are now six confirmed cases of the flu. with 33 students out sick today. >> what we're seeing is higher than expected number of kids that have symptoms. so fever, cough, sore throat. >> california is in the red. according to the state department of health. flu activity is elevated and as you can see on the scale, it's widespread. surveillance program notes that flu viruss are increasing be detected and genetic analysis shows many belong to a new branch of the virus that is not
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well matched to the component in the vaccine. this mom's second grade son caught the flu. >> this was a kid in the clarm was sick before him. i think it just -- and a couple weeks ago the weather is so cold. so i think it's all in the classroom and recess. >> the school district launched an intense cleaning campaign. wiping down desks and light switches which is paying off. >> there's flu out there and you have to be diligent. the flu.eeing more students wit- it hasn't gone away. some years it goes away. this year it hasn't. >> so it's a reminder whether at the grocery store or airport. to wash hands. we don't want to get that kind of spring fever. >> no. certainly not. >> question, it's frustrating. if you have the shot and get
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sick anyway. what are the schools asking parents to do. >> two things. in this would apply to any school district i believe. according to san jose, they'd like parents when they call the chiltd in sick to alert the school as to why. say they have flu like symptoms. it allows them to be on the lookout for pattern. if your kid has the flu. you are supposed to be wait 48 hours until you send them back to school. that way their likely to be not contagious. >> thank you. >> a california state supreme court justice upheld a death penalty conviction today. and condemned capitol punishment. social justice called the states death penalty system dysfunctional and expensive. he said the 2016 voter aprooued measure to speed up execution will not make the system
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workable. he made the comments after upholding the death sentence of a man who killed an elderly couple in 1997. two weeks after a moratorium on capitol punishment in the state. which hasn't executed anyone since 2006. californiaens decide with the governors decision. 62% of californiaens favor life in prison. without parole. in first degree murder cases over capitol punishment. 31% say death sentence. >> we are committed to building a better bay area. affordable housing continues to be a high priority. finding the land on where to put the projects can be an obstacle. >> on peninsula ground was broken for a project sitting amitd million dollar homes and offices. almost next door to the cal tran station. not far from 101 close to the san mateo bridge. >> the former racetrack.
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how this project came together. >> sorry for the interruption there. this is an unusual site. in that many communities affordable housing isn't always embraced immediately. this is next to a private high school. shopping and a station. and near million dollar homes. the year and a half from now, it will be the site of an all affordable housing project. >> san mateo is unique in it's redeveloping 83 acres of what used to be a racetrack. what prime land it is along highway 101. the other key attraction is cal train. over 1,000 luxury homes are built with office and shopping space. an all affordable housing development. >> a lot of people recognize we really do need the housing.
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>> the non-profit group was specializes in affordable housing was selected to create the project. of the 68 units the majority will be set aside for special needs. 12 for formerly homeless veterans. >> it is a requirement of the units the individuals who are living there have experienced acute homelessness within the last year. we are serving people who have experienced homelessness and in a real way. >> what's affordable. it will be $740. a three bedroom unit will be just over 1,200. it won't be finished until last next year. news of the ground breaking generated 100 inquiries. 10,000 applications. >> the housing crisis. this is not normal and never should be normal. let's keep fighting.
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>> applications are not yet being accepted for this unnamed project. we're certain almost with great certainty the demand will far exceed the 68 units. >> all right. bay meadows the home to the horse races for 75 years. see biscuit ran there. with fewer spectators and online gambling the racetrack closed in 2008. turned into one of the largest redevelopment sites in the bay area. >> a federal agency has accused facebook of housing discrimination for the add targeting system. the department of housing claims the company allowed advertiser to exclude people based on their neighborhood. officials say facebook drew a red line around the neighborhoods giving advertisers the option to exclude groups. among others. hud is pursuing civil charges
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and damages into the millions. >> the san francisco police department is looking for your help in trying to identify this woman. police say she got off a bus on february 20. carrying a violin case that didn't belong to her. that case contained a violin that was valued at $1,200. the owner left it when he got off. 9:00 in the morning. the woman grabbed it and exit the bus two minutes later. the case hasn't been turned into police. or the lost and found. >> it is opening day. for baseball fans that is a huge deal. today is the home opener if the a's and opttism is worn on your sleeve. >> very tough assignment. at the coliseum today. with the hot dogs and all. >> only one hot dog. a's won 4-0. how do we know? a hard core fan. opening day it's not just about
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the score. thank you very much. opening day is about all of us. >> on baseball's opening day. we don't look surprises. scores aside we expect a level of perfection. around fresh green grass and youthful renewal. >> how old is that glove? older than me. >> how old do you feel. >> 52. >> exactly. what is it about a day like this with father and son? >> it's special. it's opening day. once a year you do this. whether school or work. >> he's sick. >> call it the baseball flu. entire parking lot filled with ailing people. must be a plague. >> what is it about opening day? >> wow. it's tradition. it's the opportunity to for the
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fans to get together. >> like a melting pot. cooking on a wreck of a grail that survived the loss of his house in the tubs fire. >> it's oakland strong. >> the non-traditionalist. >> frog leg. >> frog dogs. how do they taste? like chicken. what could be better on opening day. in oakland. >> anything for the raiders? >> get out! what's the name of the movie. get out now. >> as we come back live. something else people want to get out. it didn't rain all day. now it has started to rain. it held off. you call that a perfect day. for baseball opening day. live in oakland at the coliseum.
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will you stop harassing the fans. they want to get out of the parking lot. >> they want to be on tv. all right. >> stay dry. the giants how beautiful is petco park. open the season in san diego against the padres. bumgarn bumgarn bumgarner gave up a solo homer and the giants could not score. get used to that. >> they lost 2-0. five hits. the giants opener is april 5 against the tampa bay rays. >> if i have hope we're in trouble. >> there's more news today in the massive college cheating scandal. another suspect in court and more expected tomorrow. >> also a staggering hike in gas prices. up nearly 30 cents in 30 days. what's behind the boost? plus. please sign your ticket. that is the most important thing
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they can do now. >> we are still looking for that lottery winner out of wisconsin. there were two tickets worth a million dollars sold in the bay area. we found one winner. he tells us what he'll d try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. wisconsin lottery officials are waiting for the winner or winners of the nations third largest lottery jackpot ever to come forward. >> somebody bought a ticket in a milwaukee suburb. with the winning numbers. 16, 20, 37, 44, 62 and 12. the jackpot is $768 million.
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>> we don't know who the winner is yet. we certain le do congratulate them. we ask them to please sign the ticket. that is the most important thing they can do right now. please sign your ticket. take ownership of that. >> officials say the winner now has 180 days to claim the prize. like california, wisconsin law requires them to be identified. no staying anonymous. it's the largest in wisconsin history. if they take the lump sum they'll walk away with $477 million. >> they can rename the town. whatever they want with the money. >> two tickets in the bay area match matched five numbers. worth about $5 million. the other was sold at central wood liquor to a man in his 60s. had he shoed up today. he plans to pay off his children's mortgages with the
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winnings. isn't that nice? >> great. the winner told us he buys tickets at that store all the time and never won more than $100 before. we talked to the store owner about the win. >> he has been waiting on this day for 25 years. >> how are you feeling today? >> we were there as the owner opened the doors of his now extra lucky store. they have had smaller wins in the past. but someone's ticket just hit 5 of the six winning numbers and will collect $3 million. they didn't play. >> yesterday i didn't play. >> are you regretting that? >> you can really feel the joy coming off the two. they are living their american dream. they moved to states from india in the 80s and started the store
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from the ground up 25 years ago. all they have wanted is that million dollar banner. for the store front. >> i'm happy. we never sold a million dollar ticket. we need the banner. >> the fact they're not bothered if they get commission or not speaks volumes. >> if you are feeling sad because you didn't win. that's okay. we have done digging and found that you have a bert chance of dating a super-model and finding a pearl inside an oyster. great news. >> okay. gas prices are rising and fast. if you win the lottery you don't care. the statewide average is 3.56 a gallon. up 17 cents from last week. >> live at a shell station. with a look at the problem and why part of it is entirely home grown. >> sometimes you feel like you
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need to win the power ball to fill up your car. the last person here filling up his jeep paid $58. for 16 gallons of fuel. that's because the prices as you mention are rising. and now we'll tell you why. >> $64. >> in walnut creek, 3.73 a gallon. for a thirsty 32 gallon gas tank. he's not the only one with sticker shock. >> i couldn't imagine the price going up. i put 35 in now. i'll fill up two more times before next week. >> she'll she's filling up with regular is 3.79 a gallon. drives are up happy. >> it's going higher sp higher. it's ridiculous. we're not earning that much. >> over the past few days. the last week we have seen a 17 cent jump in gas prices. a quick spike of almost 20 cents
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in a week. >> it's a problem of supply and demand. >> that happens. california has very few producers and we generally run a very tight supply demand balance. >> that is further disrupted when a california refinery is down. in this case. the plant is down while they fix a problem that caused several releases of a by product that could affect peoples health. coupled with higher prices from oil producing countries and special gas formulation. that spells pain for the wallet. >> the formulation is not used anywhere else. it's cleaner burning. but it means we pay more. >> that's for sure. >> $85 even. >> it's not only the refinery that's done. one in southern california is also down. that is making the problem even worse. if you are wondering about the
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forecast for the near future. triple a says there will be fluxuation. but the summer driving season is coming and the blend of fuel as well. >> all right. that's the forecast on the particularly fond of. >> speaking of which. >> i cannot forecast gas prices. i can forecast higher temperatures. we have to deal with the showers right now. here's a look at -- i'm told we'll go to the look at the live doppler 7. is that the deal? okay. that's okay. we'll get instructions sometimes from the control room and have to coordinate. earlier today we had the downpours. lightning strikes and small hail. the downpours were brief. but they were quite impressive. live doppler 7 we have batch of showers offshore.
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up in the north bay we have areas of light to moderate showers over napa county and across the bay. into richmond. showers falling. just south of mill valley. and crossing the bay over towards richmond. the showers are hanging around. much of the area is not experiencing shower activity at the moment. this is the view from the rooftop. clouds over the bay. 59 san francisco. 61 oakland. mid-60s mountain view. 60 at half-moon bay. a view from the east bay hills camera. low clouds there. scattered showers are still developing around the area. concentrated in the north bay. it's cool up there. 49 degrees santa rose. 52 napa. 61 livermore. here's a view of mainly clear skies over the beach at santa
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cruz. scattered showers over night. winding down into the morning. sunny and dry tomorrow afternoon. warmer over the weekend. temperatures will rise. we're dealing with a level one storm. through tonight into tomorrow morning. scattered showers become more widely scattered. thunderstorm may or may not develop. it will be breezy at times. notice how widely scattered the showers will be. many locations will receive no measurable rainfall. it is possible any of the passing showers into the earl will morning hours a brief downpour could occur. we can expect skies to get brighter and brighter. tomorrow night rainfall potential from the current storm. many locations will receive no measurable rain. locations will get a couple hundredths of an inch. lows mid to upper 40s. tomorrow highs generally upper 50s at the coast.
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low to mid-60s everywhere else. 7-day forecast. check out the weekend weather. sunny skies high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. near the bay shoreline and inland. sunday mid-60s on the coast. temperatures will gradually taper off on monday and tuesday. rain comes back into the picture monday tuesday maybe wednesday. and thursday. >> don't feel bad. i often hear voices in my head. it's not the control room. >> i understand. >> all right. we know disney land is a top destination. for those who like to light up. new changes might not make it the happiest place on earth anymore. >> this girl is very -- hot on the
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alwould you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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about to become smoke free. starting may 1. the decision also applied to disney in anaheim. smoking areas will be available outside parks and entertainment areas. also banning loose or dry ice in coolers. and limiting stroller sizes and banning stroller wagons. >> the company that owns great america is buying the land at the amusement park sits on. $150 million deal. they leased the 112 acre land from the city since the park opened in 1976. good america opened for the season last weekend. some attractions have been touched up. >> it is the latest thing to divide the internet. as if we need more. this is harmless. the sliced bagel. a man tweeted this photograph of vertically sliced bagels. the st. louis secret of ordering
4:27 pm
buy gets. bread sliced. see that? it creates more slices and surface area for cream cheese. a lot of people especially new yorkers aren't buying it. >> rachel ray. weigh inere. >> i will eat bagels whole. i will put it on my arm and chew around. it's about if the bagel is good or not. >> that's right. a bracelet. >> senate minor leader tweeted. think about it though. they are delicious. but not great for you. so if you only eat one slice that's actually better. >> you're okay if you have like a bagel. but you can try different
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varieties. different flavors. pick and choose. >> very true. >> tension is heating up on capitol hill. >> you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. >> adam schiff is fighting back. what he thinks isn't okay. >> another suspect pleading guilty in the college cheating scam. which is not over yet. what is still ahead. the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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here are the stories making headlines. wild weather all across the bay today. including hail in santa rose coming down. some areas saw rain and thunderstorms. you may see showers throughout the night. we're a one on the storm impact scale. san jose elementary school with a flu out break. 50% of the a fourth grade class is out with the flu like illnesses. schools launched intense cleaning campaigns. >> amidthe college admissions scandal. a legislative package aimed at reforming the system. we'll have the story coming up at 5:00. today there was another guilty plea in the scam. this time the former women's soccer coach at yale. live in new york with the
4:32 pm
latest. >> this is the second time this week people accused in the scandal have appeared in a boston courthouse. only this time the coach involved is one that cooperated with authorities and said to be the center of the what brought this thing down. >> reporter: this afternoon another guilty plea in what prosecutors are calling the largest college admissions scam ever. one of the coaches not speaking to the reporters. pleetding guilty to two counts of wire fraud. facing possible jail time and ordered to forfeit $900,000. he received in alleged bribes. the former soccer coach at yale for 20 years was a legacy. the head coaching position endowed in his name. now the guilty plea comes part of an agreement he signed earlier this month. his cooperation was crucial to unraveling the scheme. and leading to accused master mind. singer paid $400,000 for
4:33 pm
recruiting a student who he falsely described as the cocaptain of a soccer team in southern california. despite knowing the applicant didn't ech play soccer. in a separate incident the document state he personally met with the father of an applicant in a boston hotel asking for $450,000 for his childs acceptance into yale. that meeting recorded by the fbi. >> 12 other people involved in this scheme appeared in the courthouse on monday. six were also coaches. but all of them pleaded not guilty. >> we know there's another court appearance tomorrow. what else is still ahead? >> there is a lot still ahead in this case. the court appearance tomorrow and next week. this is a larger investigation. according to court documents the alleged ring leader told one parent that he worked with
4:34 pm
around 750 wealthy families. but if you remember only about 30 families so far have been indicted. not only will we see more court cases. but probably more in the investigation. >> thank you. live in new york. i team reporter will be in boston federal court for th upcoming hearings for some of the parents accused in the operation varsity blues. live coverage begins tomorrow. >> after days of criticism president trump is backing off on budget cuts to the special olympics. he told reporters i have overridden my people for funding the special olympics. the administration 2020 education budget called for completely eliminating the programs $17 million in federal funding. 10% of the non-profit revenue. about 45 minutes ago we heard from the president of the special olympics. who told us they thank all
4:35 pm
supporters who spoke up on behalf of people with disabilities. >> president trump and congressional republicans are demanding california congressman schiff reseen sign. because he said there was evidence that president trump colluded with russia. >> your actions past and present are incompatible with your duty of the chairman of the committee. which alone has the obligation and authority to provide effective over sight of the u.s. intelligence community. >> schiff typically soft spoken. got heated and listed known interactions between trump and russia. >> my colleagues may think it's okay. that the russians offered dirt on a democratic candidate for president part of described the russians government effort to help the trump campaign. you might think it's okay. colleagues might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay.
4:36 pm
you might think that's okay. i don't. you might think that's okay. i don't. you might think it's okay. you might think it's okay. you might say that's all okay. you might say that's just what you need to do to win. i don't think it's okay. >> schiff using a variation of term 24 times in about three and a half minutes. part of a larger effort to hold democrats and mode ya responsible for trying to spin a false narrative that the trump campaign colluded with russia. >> the california horse racing board proposed some new safety and medication rules in the wake of 22 horse deaths. if approved, they would become
4:37 pm
the first race tacks to impose such restrictions. >> reporter: after 22 horses died, today the california horse racing board proposed new safety rules controlling use of medication. >> horses should only be allowed to race when free from the influence of medication. >> unless it's necessary to keep the horse or rider safe. it would be among the first in the country to introduce such restrictions. >> the horse must come first. >> they lost nearly two dozen horses in a three month period. officials are hoping the standards will satisfy concerned animal right activists. >> we have a lot of the beautiful animals dead now. who's going to answer to that? >> track officials looking for an end to the racing suspension instituted march 25. the board saying outside experts say the injuries were
4:38 pm
multi-factorial. preexisting conditions that were nearly undetectable. racing is scheduled to resume this friday. >> coming uch. getting a credit card can be tough. upcoming changes might help. we have a look at the new scoring system. >> lots of dark clouds around
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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getting the first credit card can be a challenge. >> there's a new credit scoring system that will debut this summer that might be able to help. we have the details. >> it's part of being an adult. using a credit card to make purchases or go out to dinner. 18 year-old says having a credit card is also important for his establishing a credit history. so one day he can rent or buy a home and a car. so far his applications for a credit card have gone nowhere. >> getting rejected is definitely frustrating. especially considering there's nothing else i can do about it. >> to get a credit card you need a credit score. the main scoring system banks use bases the score on how well you have handled loans in the past. what if you have never taken out a loan? a new type of scoring system
4:42 pm
called ultra will debut this summer and won't depend on loan history. >> the system is going to base the score on how people used traditional savings and checking accounts. they are easy to set up. those kind of accounts can be a good choice for somebody with a weak credit history. or no credit history. to build up credit. >> consumer reports caution. you'll have to op in and share confidential information about your banking account. such as how often you withdraw and deposit. and it's an open question as to whether lenders are ready to buy into the score. >> we have another concern. that is making credit easier to get may cause some people to get in over their heads. and may not be able to pay back the debt. >> he has a checking and savings. and careful with his money. heading back to college he says he wants a chance to show he can handle credit. responsibly. >> college kids especially need
4:43 pm
to be careful. consumer report says the ultra scoring system isn't necessary for people who already have good credit and well established history. they should stick to the traditional scoring system. >> all right. turning attention to the weather. we had crazy toustuff today. >> i got word it's pouring outside right now. you can see we have a line of downpours. reaching from north to south. from richmond through san francisco. and san mateo. into half-moon bay. near oakland and right now we have heavy downpours. they'll be brief. it will be wet for a while. the storm ranks 1 on the scale. storm of light intensity. but it's vigorous right now through tonight we can expect scattered showers. there's a possibility still of isolated thunderstorm or two. over night lows will be in the upper 40s.
4:44 pm
highs tomorrow once things settle down will be in the low to mid-60s. 7-day forecast. we can expect a sunny and dry and warmer weekend with high temperatures around the bay and inland in the low to mid-70s. showers and light rain will come back. beginning next week. and looks like every day early next week we can expect some rainfall. >> thank you. >> getting down to business with tech in the bay area. from twitter and beyond. we'll get caught up with an expert. >> the secret to a good mood. what you need oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed
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twitter is considering labeling tweets that violate its rules including tweets by president trump. this is according to the companies head of legal policy trust and safety. she made the comments at a washington post sponsored event in san francisco. some say the tweets often violate the rules against bullying and threatening harm. a tech policy reporter with the "washington post." in san francisco. for the technology 202 event. how was the event? >> it was wonderful.
4:48 pm
thank you for having me. we had execs from twitter and facebook. it was great to get a sense of how tech companies are thinking about regulation. >> let's talk about this. twitter is walking a fine line. they say they want to stop bullying. they don't want to delete some of the president's tweets because that would initiate another conflict. >> that's right. twitter is in a tough space. they see themselves a public square. officials and people like donald trump and come and share newsworthy information. at the same time they are under pressure to be content moderators. think about what is harmful or violent on the platform and take action. what we heard about yesterday this plan they're considering to label tweets that they would take down if they were weren't for a public official. it shows they are taking a bigger step toward making editorial decisions. and going to be providing more context for information that people are sharing.
4:49 pm
>> who would decide what is quote on quote offensive? that's obviously very subjective. >> that's something the companies are already doing. they have all developed more strict content policy. rules like you said banning bullying. so both human content moderators and the companies are building technology to detect the conduct. and make decisions. whether it's to not show them in search results or remove them. this is something that the company is doeng over time. but it's a big shift for twitter to say they're going to be taking steps labeling tweets that we're seeing from big news makers. people like the president. >> we saw this issue with facebook. in connection with with the attack in new zealand. they're trying to monitor the two billion accounts. and hoping that some form of
4:50 pm
humans and ai will get it done. it's hard. and twitter is talking about the universe is 320 million. how can you police all of these accounts? >> that's a major challenge. the companies are grappling with. twitter particularly doesn't have the same resources a facebook or google has. and are smaller. we saw certainly with the new zealand shooting the number of variations of that video. that were spreading throughout the platforms. they're playing a game of whack a mole. it's clear the tech nol and human content moderators. if another event happened next week i'm not sure the results would be very different. >> let's talk about something other than twitter. lift is in the news. they set the price today at $72 a share. you have background in venture capital. i want to get your thoughts. to this date they lost about $3
4:51 pm
billion. why am i buying lift stock? when they are losing billions. >> it's great question. lift is really just the first in parade of tech companies going out with the types of losses and i think there's going to be a lot of initial interest. this is a company that people will very familiar with. we all have these apps in the palm of our hand. and are familiar with ordering a car through uber or lift. there's a lot of excitement. we have seen in the past with some tech companies, snap a recent example. groupen. there's a lot of excitement initially about the brand. and wall street tires quickly of the loss quarter after quarter. they have to find a quick path to profitability. >> thanks for coming in. from the "washington post." >> thanks for having me. >> a new study suggest if you
4:52 pm
want to improve your mood start by trying to connect with others. iowa state university enlisted the hep of 500 students to walk around campus. some were told to wish others well. and think about how they might be connected to other students. others were told if they might be better off than others and some were instructed to lock at fashion. the team found the students who wished others well felt better. >> the biggest surprise was that we could see this effect in a short time. ten or 12 minutes of walking around doing this. changed their mood, lessened anxiety. improved social connection. >> all good stuff. he says the practice of mindfulness helps break out of or thinking and pay attention to what's happening and doing in the moment. >> connect more? or disconnect more. >> connect. >> i got it.
4:53 pm
4 year-old girl has become an internet sensation. >> it's not hard. >> she's adorable. her amazing skills and how she got to be so good. >> i wish yo both a lot of happiness. new at 5:00. >> i had a chance so save her. and i decided i should have. >> how he makes it sound so simple. not every boy would jump in to save a drowning girl. and. >> i came to watch them fight. and he's fighting for his life. >> a professional fighter now battling to recover after falling from a freeway over pass. these stories and more.
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a 4 year-old is already an internet sen saegs. video of the tiny cheer leading prodigy from texas went viral after her older sister recorded her practicing with the cheer coach.
4:57 pm
>> i would definitely describe her as a stand out. >> it's not hard. >> my name is candy. i'm 4 years old. >> she has her own instagram page that i monitor. and people requesting to watch her videos. >> i'm her coach. we ended up playing around. her sister recorded it and sent to me. i sent it. and posted it on facebook. and i woke up the next day and it blew up. >> they called me an hour into posting it. it had like thousands of views. >> over a week. almost 3 million views. over night sensation. >> that's crazy. >> that's a routine she learned from watching our routine. she taught me. i don't really know the stunt as well as she does. i'm the student in this
4:58 pm
situation. >> she picked it up on her own. nobody teaches her. she knows. from here to here. her sisters help. >> she's been watching since she was one. we have been in the gym for six years. >> we're here almost every da of the week. >> our competition is divided into age groups. you can be that young and skillful. but it's very rare to have a child like that. i'm ready to put her on a team now. but she's too young. >> they made her an honorary member of the team. >> i like to fly. >> before she joined the tam she was already animated like that. it was something she does. the first thing people say is wow. she's an amazing athlete. >> how adorable. all right.
4:59 pm
you can check out facebook and intstagram. thank you for joining us. the news at 5:00 starts now. >> we want to put faith back into the admissions policy. >> turning anger into action. the push for reform in the college cheating scandal. >> mma mystery. a professional fighter out of a coma. did he really fall 50 feet from the freeway. >> a dating app becomes a national security issue. why the california company may be sold. >> she was the fist woman elected to san francisco sheriff. she's planning to step down. >> the bois of summer. back home. it is time to celebrate. >> wild weather all across the bay area today.
5:00 pm
two viewers sent in video of hail. >> hail. that was unexpected. it's a mess in san francisco. you can see the heavy black cloud over. let's get to meteorologist with what's happening now. >> you take a look at the dark skies from the south beach camera. we're not done with the storm. as a matter of fact it's been intensifying. street level radar a short time ago in san francisco, downpours you can see the oranges and rds. heavy rain now moving into the east bay. sacramento. berkeley. tracking the system. on the peninsula seeing moderate pockets of showers. same in the knot bay and east bay. as you look back, we saw the thunderstorms with the light lel 1 system in the north bay. potential for more thunder and


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