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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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two viewers sent in video of hail. >> hail. that was unexpected. it's a mess in san francisco. you can see the heavy black cloud over. let's get to meteorologist with what's happening now. >> you take a look at the dark skies from the south beach camera. we're not done with the storm. as a matter of fact it's been intensifying. street level radar a short time ago in san francisco, downpours you can see the oranges and rds. heavy rain now moving into the east bay. sacramento. berkeley. tracking the system. on the peninsula seeing moderate pockets of showers. same in the knot bay and east bay. as you look back, we saw the thunderstorms with the light lel 1 system in the north bay. potential for more thunder and
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hail. coming up. i'll let you know exactly how long. >> thank you. now to the other top story. a new focus on reform after the college admissions scandal. >> it's time to get tough on universities. live in san francisco. >> he recognizes legislation alone won't solve the problem. but says it's a good first step. his bill will apply to private and public universities. >> when students amr. to college in california, they want the process to be fair. >> we want to put faith if you work hard, you have a fair shot. because right now you don't. >> several state members today unvailed a package aimed at reforming the system and curtailing abuse. >> for every student admitted through bribery.
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there was a an honest student denied the opportunity to go to college. >> fazing out the use of standardized test. regulate college admission consultants by having them register with the state and require special admissions to be approved by three staff members prior to acceptance. laws won't solve all the problems. but it's a first step. >> we don't know how many donor kid were taken. we want to make sure there's an even playing field. >> it's normally not a good way of educating students. >> they both play volleyball. they support the proposal. especially doing away with testing. >> i think gpa is a much better marker. it's the over all work across time. >> the bill will be introduced
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in the state assembly end of april. >> thank you. a mill valley executive charged in the bribery scandal is scheduled to appear tomorrow in boston. charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. he filed papers today asking the court to return his passport so he can taek a long planned trip with his family. he paid $50,000 to improve his sons answers on the test. he worked as senior executive. we are covering the hearings for some of the parents accused in the operation varsity blues scandal. live coverage begins tomorrow. >> wells fargo ceo suddenly stepped down.
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to help the san francisco company move forward ahid multiple scandals. a national backlash for creating millions of accounts without customer permission. several called for him to step down. who tweeted he should not receive a golden parachute for his termination. >> in the south bay, a local mma fighter and beloved children's marshall arts coach was found in the river close to death. he fell from highway 57. the fact he's still alive is a miracle. >> live at valley medical center with the incredible story. >> quite a remarkable one to tell. he remains in the icu. he's recovering from surgeries. >> on the mend. with a listening way to g.
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recovering after being found alive in the river under the highway 87 over pass. >> being in it over night and surviving that. it's a testament to his fighting spirit. >> the discovery made by a jogger. days after he lost a professional bout over the weekend. >> police believe he fell dozens of feet from highway 87. how he got there is under investigation. >> in addition to hypothermia. he was found with fractures. a collapsed lung. broken vertebrae and swelling in his brain. he's out of a coma but under gone several surgeries since the fall. >> as a beloved children's instructor. his colleagues are planning a number of fundraisers. >> shock and disbelief. people keep walking in is this
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really happening? i hope it's a different sam. it's our sam. >> a family friend also set up a go fund me to help with medical expenses. he's expected to be out of work for several months. >> he wants everybody it know he appreciates the love. but he wants to rest. he's in pain. he'll get through it. >> his circle of support believing his strength and positive out look will make the difference. >> investigators are trying to determine if alcohol was factor. on a lighter note, doctors are optimistic he will be able to walk again. >> thank you. the man detained last night following an accidental shooting that injured a 4 year-old boy in oakland has been arrested. the boyfriend of the boys mother. the 4 year-old was shot in the head. and in critical condition. family members say he was playing when he found the
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unlocked gun. under a bed. >> the dating app grinder is up for sale. amid-u.s. national security concerns. it's owned by a chinese firm. u.s. worried data would be used for blackmailing individuals. why is the u.s. so concerned about a chinese owned company? >> grinder is based here. in the u.s. in west hollywood. therefore the u.s. has every right to pressure them into selling if they think they are a threat to our national security. >> the chinese company has fully owned grinder since 2018. paying a total of $245 million for the gay dating app. when a foreign business wants to buy a u.s. based company like grinder. it can choose go through an acquisition review. with a committee on foreign investment. they by passed that vuntary process. now that committee within the
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treasury department says grinder is a national security risk. and a risk to the u.s. military or intelligence personnel. >> this is the new era that we live in. data era. it's a new frontier. espionage and blackmailing and spying. >> we asked grinder users how they think the information could be used if it fell in the hand of a foreign government. >> just having your face on the app. which signifies you are gay. or queer or by-. dh in other countries can have consequences as far as being put to death. >> a person can submit their hiv status to let others know if they are positive or negative. >> any type of health data is very sensitive information. and i think it's a right to
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maintain that and keep it contained to themselves and doctor or family. >> last year it was revealed that grinder shared the user hiv status data with third parties. kun lun wanted to take it public is now being forced to find a buyer. >> that buyer cannot be another chinese company. the issue is they paid a lot of money. and they're expected to lose a lot of their investment. >> wow. all right. thank you. a federal agency accused facebook of housing discrimination. for its add targeting system. the department of housing and urban development claims the company allowed advertiser to exclude people based on their neighborhood. facebook drew a red line around the neighborhoods giving advertisers the option to exclude sexes and groups. including parents, non-american born and non-christian.
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hud is pursuing civil charges ad daniemages into the millions >> she won't seek reelection this november. a combination of health. she had knee surgery. and family priority. as reasons. she's a san francisco naetive who joined the department in 1975. her first day christmas eve she reported to the old women's jail. and was put to work immediate le without training. >> never in a million years did i think i would be here 40 years later. and never intended to run for office. i had a very successful career in the sheriff department. as a somebody who came up through the ranks. >> she became the city's first elected female sheriff. in 2015. she'll complete her term in january. >> the bats are out and so are the fans. >> we were in line at 7:00 this
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morning. >> nothing like tailgating. especially for a home opener. the a's return to the coliseum. >> i had a chance to save her. >> he makes it sound so simple. not every kid would jump in to save a drowning kid. >> harvey milk a new distinction. planes, plazas and passenger
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we love that sound. the crack of the bat. they were hot today at practice 'head of the home opener at the coliseum. >> sky 7 was over head. the bats stayed hot during the game.
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>> that baby is gone. >> that's why they call him crush. very good day to be an a's fan. >> live at the coliseum with the excitement. >> i have to ask a question. is this something we did? every time we go live it begins to rain. the good news is the a's won. and the rain held off. baseball is a 162 game season. there's nothing like the first one. at home. >> it must be we're talking about that once a year melody. the baseball flu. in oakland we found an entire parking lot filled with ailing people. must be a plague. >> what is it about opening day? >> wow. it's tradition. it's the opportunity for the fans to get back together. >> like a melting pot, that's randy cooking on a wreck of a grill that survived the loss of
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the house in the tubs fire. >> it's oakland strong. >> not everyone served traditional dishes. how about this. >> frog. >> it tastes like chicken. >> a celebration. for the last standing professional sports franchise in oakland. >> anything for the raiders? >> get out! what's the name of the movie. get out now. >> let's go in where the grass is green and hope springs eternal and life is almost simple. >> on opening day. if we don't feel ageless at least we feel younger. every year. >> how old are you? >> 72. >> how old do you feel? >> 52. >> so in the case of jeff, just going to the game made him feel 20 years younger.
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nice man. he loves his season ticket in the upper deck. he can see the whole field. everything. >> put the hood on. that's what you do in the rain. there you go. get out of the rain. seal you later. >> get out! exactly. >> chris davis saw a special friend. his favorite player last year through the make a wish foundation. in remission from a rare form of cancer made an impression. and wore the autographed jersey. after a signature from hall of failer. he is daviss good luck charm. he hit another homer today. in the win over the angels. davis homered last year when he visited.
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>> giants manager bruce bochy got a standing ovation in san diego against the padres. he started with the padres and retiring at the end of the season. bumgarner gave up one home run in the fifth. fo will myers. but the giants you know the story. no offense. couldn't out score. so they lost 2-0. they have the home openers at oracle park next friday. april 5. against the tampa bay rays. >> need bay to find runs. >> two young brothers being called heros after they saved a young girl from drowning. >> they were actually at a birthday party. a chance to have fun didn't keep them from doing the right thing. >> we have the story from the beach. >> reese and bryce just seven and ten years old had the courage anyone hopes to have when faced with a dangerous situation.
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>> i had the chance to save her. so i did. >> saturday afternoon they were at a birthday party. they were playing in this lagoon. when he noticed a girl who no longer looked like she was playing. >> her head was going under. the water. but her eyes you could see it was like this big. i told him that girl is drowning. >> he didn't hesitate to step in. >> i jump out there. i feel kind of scared. but my brain calms me down. which feels weird. i thought i was going to be scared. >> he carried her back to the sand and her dad ran up to help. >> he laid her on the tummy. and water was spilling out of her mouth. >> their mom is as proud as can be. >> i'm proud they thought of someone else. they acted quickly. >> after that my happiness just
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skyrocketed. >> those kids are heros. >> more kid like that. that's what we need. >> wonderful story. >> time to get the forecast. crazy weather. >> it has been intense. this afternoon the rainfall intensity has been picking up. tracking it with our own radar. in the east bay it is coming down heavily. you will notice right around 880. alameda. across brook dale avenue. also seeing downpours. shifting across the tunnel. highway 24. you will notice the road. watch out. this rain is not done. it will be into walnut creek at 5:22. concord by awe 29. there's a possibility of isolated thunder. on the peninsula. town fire trail. we're seeing moderate pockets there.
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going akrcross 80. moderate pockets of rain as well. in the north bay that saw the thunderstorms develop earlier today. saw hail. that purple is actually an indication of the hail that moved through thor area. and there's still certainly the possibility of seeing more. here's why. wider perspective. low pressure is still spinning off the coast. until that moves through we'll keep the instability there. especially until the sun goes down. a light level 1. showers briefly heavy. breezy to gusty. a live look from the camera now. it was coming down. seeing clouds and sun. 55 san francisco. 57 oakland. from our roof camera. no doubt about it. still very dark skies right now. low 50s.
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look at the view. hang on to the umbrella. hour by hour look. 6:00 still some showers passing through. very scattered in nature. 7:30 tonight we go into 10:00 p.m. another batch develops in the north bay. and slide into the east bay. this system winds down but in the early morning hours we can't rule out a sprinkle or shower. then the storm is done. first thing tomorrow morning 30s 40s for temperature. there could be slippery spots out there. we're not expecting the kind of rain we're experiencing now. tomorrow afternoon 50s 60s. a few sprinkles. other than that the rest of you drying out for your friday. and looking ahead to the weekend. there's plenty of sun and warmer weather. 7-day forecast. clouds and sun on friday. basically the sunshine later in the day. milder for saturday. and spring warmth sunday. those temperatures will be
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rising late day rain chance on monday. it's a light level one. going with a wet pattern tuesday. a few showers wednesday. and thursday here comes another storm. who said we were done with winter? we're heading into april. but not completely done with this rainy pattern. we have a weak el nino we have been experiencing. >> this is weak? >> prediction expects it to continue into spring. just because it's weak doesn't mean we're just going to see lighter storms vs. stronger sfwl it's not that simple. >> it's complex. that's why we need her. >> i'm simple. >> thank you. >> all right. they are the law enforcement of the bay area sea. tonight they have a new boss. that story is next.
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the truth about the dmv. what a new audit turned up.
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honoring gay activists and former san francisco supervisor harvey milk. his image is gracing the tail fin. the latest in the heros on the carriers fleet. one of many ways he has been honored. plans for the new plaza are scheduled to be complete in 2020. a u.s. fa vi shipped named after him in 2016. he served as a diving officer during the korean war.
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and terminal one was renamed for him in 2018. >> a new commander at the helm. >> taking over command of the u.s. coast guard san francisco. the ceremony took place at the coast guard station center. besides san francisco bay the commander is responsible for 2,000 miles of shore and coastline. stretching from oregon border. >> there's windy and there's this. a man in southern turkey went on a woold ride after strong wind lifted him and the umbrella he was on into the air. a dozen feet. he jumped down. they were trying to stop it from blowing away. when the wind gust hit. and he was mary poppens for a few seconds. >> or the movie up. >> a dad sings for his daughter and the whole world is listening. that's next. >> we want to thank ryan for the picture of the rolling green hills of the bay area.
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share your pictures with us. and you may see it on air or online. boufl. tto harrison, the wine tcollection..
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to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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coming up at 6:00. governor newsom unloads on pg&e. from the i team. why he's out raged over the new board of director utility considering. also the flu season is over? think again. the out break sweeping the state
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and one place being hit hard now. >> who is to blame for the huge spike in gas prices? up 30 cents in 30 days. all coming up in half hour. >> see you then. a daughters request to hear her father sing is going viral this evening. >> you have to hear this. listen for a few seconds and you'll understand why. >> holy moly. he was staying at disney world with his family. his daughter asked the pianoist if he could sing along. >> he needs to be on american idol. he did it justice.
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>> he is a volunteer firefighter. he teaches singing and music. he has been trained before. >> we couldn't do that. >> world news is next. tonight, the battle over the mueller report. president trump hitting the road to rally supporters, again claiming complete vindication. and for the first time we're now learning just how long that report was -- more than 300 pages. outraged democrats demanding americans get to see all of it. the deadly shooting spree. a suspect opening fire, hitting a city bus driver, carjacking another vehicle. two people killed before officers moved in. tonight, that bus driver who was shot but still managed to get his passengers to safety, speaking out. also new tonight, chaos for fliers after an airline unexpectedly shuts down. thousands of passengers stranded with little or no notice.


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